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How to Postpone Your Funeral

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 9, 2014
    11:00 AM
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they were continue our sermon series about practical Christian living and on specific councils for us from God 's Word and Spirit property about how Christianity looks in real life like what it we had I believe a tremendous financier of the review meeting but you can only cover so many things in such amount of time to continue on reaching from God 's word practical things that we need to know that he expects from us from his from his law but before we get started any study of God 's word of course you want to begin with the word of prayer so let's bow our heads and we thought of thank you 's so much for this beautiful Sabbath day thank you that we can be in your house and thank you in fellowship together and now Lord we can study from your work we have to use in the Holy Spirit to bless our study today teach us today we prayed in Jesus name a Leica message entitled today how to do what postponing your funeral how postpone your vehicle with course know that unless Jesus comes first every one of us will die for you not many a man does not arousing thing to say that with the fact that unless Jesus comes first were all going to die but the question is in the light that we have now has the Lord given us instructions of how to have a longer better better in quantity and better in quality life that we can serve them more effectively in the answer of course is a resounding yes to see it directly from God 's Word today I have a hunch however that a great many Christians view physical well-being physical health and your physical body as being subordinate or perhaps even irrelevant to the greater ideal of spiritual well-being I know what makes her the night spiritual nature is not my physical nature I doesn't matter anyway were always been a diamond is that right well the problem with this position if it is based on a faulty premise that you have these two lives you have this physical body the city of a while but then you have this immortal so oh no but you offer my studies already be demonstrated you don't have a you don't have a soul you are a soul and so your body physically is connected to use spiritually just as much of anything else so it matters spiritually what you do ethically because we hat we are sold out you've probably heard the phrase your body is a temple right or that will initiate a day where that originates from an accident claimant company policy all are any of your populism through Jesus himself slip of the book of John John chapter two Jesus 's far as I know in Scripture is the first to employ this metaphor of the body being a simple notice what he says John chapter two hundred and get in verse nineteen the subtle context of this is I get a beautiful sound of the pages turning is that little context for this Jesus is being as he always is tested in product and pushed by the religious leaders of his time and here we get to eavesdrop on another one of those conversations John John chapter two and verse nineteen Jesus answered and said to them destroy this with that word Temple and in three days I will raise it up other standing in front of the physical Temple it took years to build enough with exactly a response notice this in verse twenty then the Jews said it is taken forty six years to build this temple and will you raise it up in three days but look at verse twenty one but he was speaking of the Temple of his wife his body which is that this Temple he was talking about himself putting his physical body that would give course be slain but then raised back to life in three days the apostle Paul Ben picks up on that metaphor throughout the New Testament we can see several examples of data mobility these rather briefly just got a little bit of an in-depth study today hopefully it will be clear and concise everyone conceived in from the beginning but in first Corinthians chapter six in verse nineteen Internet superscript in step six verse nineteen the apostle Paul is dealing with some people who were challenged with some immorality in their lives they were being sexually into your and he wanted to explain to them that it doesn't matter what you do physically with your body as it relates to your spiritual well-being and he lays out this beautiful principle for scrapings chapter six in verse nineteen he writes do you not know anything anytime Paul says do you not know he's assumed that you already know this but this is Christianity one oh one do you not know he writes that your body is not what temple of the Holy Spirit who is where and you know that doesn't make you God doth it now but it makes you a dwelling forgotten he wants to be a you want you to be a temple for his glory so goes on whom you have from God and notices and you are not what your own beautiful principle you are not yours you are not yours according to Scripture nothing about this logically there are multiple reasons why God has rights to you and you don't first of all did you make you know you just showed up and had to have the story told to the right but God bit down and made humanity forms in the da Vinci Christ one man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being reliving sole right so God owns it has a patent on you yet that is the trademark stamped on you he made you with his own bare hands of personally owned you that what the second of all when we ran away from his obedience and disobeyed and send it that these only son to stay with them to be bought back so you may have been the first baseman he bought us again he's another dwell in you your body and your automated second law buyback thirdly I now dwell in it to what you do affects your relationship me please is do you not know your body is not your own Romans chapter twelve still the apostle Paul now writing the book of Romans chapter twelve as with our Scripture reading red verses one and two he gives this beautiful principle of our body in relationship to spiritual matters Romans chapter twelve and will begin with verse one he opens with the words I beseech you what is a synonym does anyone know it's another word for BCH Bay lead exactly occurs using please listen to me on this I'm begging you I beseech you therefore brother and by the mercies of God that you present your lot body is a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your reasonable service it makes sense this is logical it only makes sense and he goes on to state what he says they are all a living sacrifice that Jesus Christ with our sacrifice that died yes but now that he's taken our place we should be just as much a sacrifice but a landing one of the deputy took from us we should not take for granted and just go die again even all even eliminate sacrifice in what condition wholly and pleasing to God and he goes on to say in verse two and do not be conformed to what this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and only you see these two verses are right next to each other I believe so on purpose even I want you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice and don't be conformed to this world they a few question do you believe that if God has a plan for how to treat your body correctly do you think this world has a plan to abuse your body if so anything that got after the truth Satan has a counterfeit so God says I want you to treat your body this way you think that Donovan aware of anybody you limit however you want you are your you do for you you take care of you the price words that you were not your own therefore present your bodies a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God very simple premise the one that would lead to a lot of self-examination hopefully so back in first Corinthians for scripting chapter ten again Paul is explaining this in the UK he outlines a very simple principle very simple hopefully what you'll see from today's message my aim my objective is to demonstrate that God 's plan for our bodies is very simple very clear and here Paul lays out a beautiful principle it's easy to remember first Corinthians chapter ten in verse thirty one therefore he says whatever you choose or drink or whatever you do do all to the what the glory of God you're not your own religion itself as a living sacrifice therefore don't think about what you want think about what God wants for you do all to the glory but it's interesting the includes eating and drinking in this done in any context he reports he renders that he was talking about food sacrificed to idols and whatnot and just as he was talking of sexual immorality but also goes to food and will see that very clearly that how we live our healthfulness is either giving Lori God was not sure if there's a way that we can eat and greet drink to the glory of God it only makes sense that there's a way to eat and drink that would not honor and glorify God apparently it does according to God 's word matter what you do with your physical body it does matter so did Scriptures clearly we have a responsibility gotten up to some mysterious spiritual way but physically in our daily lives so let's go and examine what the Bible says starting with the book of Genesis chapter one about what God 's plan for our bodies is believe it or not this is one of the very very very first things addressed in Scripture is God 's plan for our body physically what how to take care of that sort simple maintenance if you will I wanted to maintain the body he's given us or leave on loan to us right now in Genesis chapter one we see the creation week the work week if you will could you notice there's no seventh day in the first chapter of Genesis that they want to 3.5" six and he recounts with the working week of God and on the very last day it talks about the creation of man in God 's image and a lot of attention gets paid to chapters twenty chapter one verses twenty six twenty seven twenty eight listening better image beneath one man front of them it gave him dominion over the planet over every fish in every burden of the creature all the things we know that but look at verse twenty nine add the back conjunction and means in addition to write also not just the stuff we just read but also this as well as God said see I have given you every herb that yields what seed which is on the face of all the earth Bob in every tree whose fruit you'll see to you it shall be for what the exact asset you up over the whole kingdom but when you bring all the animals to Adam you'll see that in Chapter two and the name them but not to keep them on up at the beautiful to the bottom it makes me hungry he brings it all to name them at ease at dominion over them all but he said now in addition to having dominion over the planet here's what I want you to know look around anything that has a seed in it that your boot anything on the face of your advocacy drawing it that's your boot very simple thing and every tree whose fruit yields the usual beeper boot now look at verse thirty also a needs in addition to still right he's continuing his instruction also to every beast of on the earth to every bird of the air and everything that creeps on the earth in which there is life I have given every what green herb for food and it was so then burst thirty one God saw everything that he had made it indeed it was very good that evening the morning with a sixty how many times we reference the creation account where God formed man in his own image reasonable rather life and everything was good it can be skipped right over not only the creation of the body but the maintenance of the body that he gave to write in the beginning the Bible is a couple things I want you to notice this number one first of all there was a different diet for man and beast by humans and animals had different diets never see everything had been seated the animals were everything on the surface of the ground which is graph is the herb of the field right so that while they were the difference however between those who died what do they both have in common they're both client base they're both vegetarian vegetarian I've been now you say what we don't live in the Garden of Eden we send those were the glory of God so here we are but through and that didn't happen sadly too long after what we read here you have one good chapter and chapter two will afternoon we have Genesis chapter three zero seven three of course records the rebellion of Adam and his wife and their consequences given to them by God and Ellen you notice something starting with verse seventeen of Genesis chapter three now where we were chapter one hour chapter three debates the right and verse seventeen then to Adam he said because you have heeded the voice of your wife now pause right there gentlemen that does not mean all I should not listen to my wife what it does mean is you should listen to your wife only as it accords with the will of the Lord right your primary allegiance for both men and women is the Lord right but in this context the thing you listened your life instead of my instruction as we keep reading because you leave the voice of your wife and have eaten from the tree of which I commanded you same you shall not eat of it cursed is the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life to notice even now you been eating from out of the ground or before it was every tree everything that you see we help feedback apparently the gardening was a really great place to eat everything was perfectly healthy and eat you didn't have to work for your freedom toilet waited of planning that rocketed all the different things but now the change person the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat of it all days by the way the ground is an often we now look at verse eighteen both thorns and vessels it shall bring forth for you so put a little pen that by the way just because it comes from the earth doesn't mean it's good for you I've met you have a dumping plant some things that will alter their mind and what not if it's okay if natural from your that doesn't mean that Billy had to be discerning something before thumping right it was easy before now it's harder about going and you shall eighth know what herb of the field have we seen a phrase the herb of the field before when conjunction with eating S for whom animals notice apparently we've taken a step down the food latter you're now eating animal food for the oil of animal food great is still valid outright in the sweat of your face you see Brad is the bread is something that at the plant and cultivate and harvest them into the whole process work and sweat with hard work everything is fake in the sweat of your face you Shelley Bradley returned to the ground out of your taken for dust you are and to dust you shall return the notice against two important points number one man diet has shifted as a result of sin we now eat animal food however notice it does not say that we eat animals as food to the difference even after the fall into sin God 's ideal is for plant -based vegetarian diet so where did this idea of eating meat comment well we keep going in the book of Genesis go to the right now Genesis chapter nine Genesis chapter nine the earth has just been wiped out because the wickedness of man has increased so much that the every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time according to Genesis six then chapter six seven eight go on with the story of the flood and now Noah and his family stepped out of the completely desolate earth into the abyss of a place in the Lord gives instructions and notice how strikingly similar to the instructions in Genesis nine are to what we saw in Genesis one and two so God blessed Noah and verse one Genesis nine so God blessed Noah and his sons instead of them be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth the heavy command that someone else yes Adam and Eve right the problem is they had filled the earth of the office building wickedness so the Lord wipeout pure the starting over and he comes up to new empty world and says now let's start again you feel the earth goes on numbers to end the fear of you and the dread of you shall be on every beast of the art on every bird of the air and all the move on the earth and all the fish of the sea they are given into your hand that's a little bit different than the first time remember when godly dominion and you have all the animals come forward to Adam so he could name them now is that while the animals coming to man all the animals in a runaway from man why because they are quote given into your hand I'm giving you what this verse three every moving thing that lives shall be food for you I have given you all things even as the lots the greeters notice is a continuation you see the green herbs mentioned three times first there animal food then they are people food as a result of then and now is that just like I gave you the green herbs before taking one more step down I'm allowing you to eat those things that eat green herbs right animals else oftentimes lithic off-topic areas the Bible Genesis chapter nine firstly everything that moves if it has uphold its dinner event the face is that the mom on the net that think about the logical reasons why the Lord might make this allowance now in the story of history stream of history why would that be the case well first of all he wanted to step off the ark and what condition is the earth in its completely sandblasted clean right is that a massive flood every mountain was washed away everything was and then he said all right goalie all the harvest you find or go plant and waves X many months bro but wait a minute that's a problem and you notice that the Lord prepared for this eventuality before the flood came I have yet to see a drawing a cartoon a movie or anything about the blood get this point right but first of all the animals were gone and shepherded by Noah in the boat the Lord brought them to know what it's like you brought them out for what they are they were all two by two I know that Bobby am I like there's no Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but it's right there in the Bible they were all brought into by two settler brought in by twos but others were brought in by seven eight now why the distinction well the ones that were unclean were brought in by twos and ones that were clean were brought in by seven they were far more more than double the clean then the unclean and the notice that the way asking this question was Noah Jewish no it was no nation of Israel yet it was Noah's descendent Abraham who got to call the paper than Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and the sons of Jacob even the tribes of the just like Adam wasn't Jewish neither was Noah but the distinction between clean and unclean was given along the border with the Jewish nation when they went into the flood before what do you think you were there and got tempted to the flood so that when they came out they be ready for the situation it would find themselves in the clean animals were used for two specific thing one for sacrifices and number two for food but also look at the next very next eyelid is always that hermeneutic principle in a clearer something in Scripture just keep reading a look at Genesis chapter nine again again verse three every moving thing that lives should be good for you I've given you all things even if the green earth by you like all good now I get that slow down if the stipulation but you shall not eat flesh with his life that is it's what but so we are a distinguished between clean and unclean and he said and if you delete the clean it has to be in this condition without the blood again this is before there was a Jewish nation 's predates the commenting on this particular occurrence when no no less step out of the art and the instruction was given we finally inspired record in future profits the corresponding commentary from the spirit proxy on the first part of the Bible page one hundred and seventy three trucks and profits before this time that is the time of the flood God had given man no permission to eat animal food the intended that the race should subsist wholly upon the productions of the earth but now that every green thing had been destroyed he allow them to eat the flesh of the clean beasts that had been preserved in the art and once the sink everything we just took five minutes essay wrote down something neat and clean but as is so often the case people of you will not allow you that that is the standard viewport you notice what would you allow all of them becomes the new norm friends it was romantic and I can begin an example of this Jesus Christ was a visit nothing after nineteen and as you're going to let me ask you a question does the Bible allow for divorce does the Bible allow for divorce yet in very narrow parameters right but it does allow court lo and behold when Jesus showed been a day the thing that was allowed for had become just what you do look at Matthew chapter nineteen Jesus faced this movie look at verse three the Pharisees came to him testing him and saying to him it is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife and notice with added for just any reason fairly nowadays like you can get divorced it sounds like the bandmates that were living in now will follow anything up from just that long as you both shall live as long as you I don't know Lieber and that those who knows what reason is that okay is that party along the news of Jesus that his methodology not methodology for answering these difficult questions as always in the back of the Scripture and go back to the original ideal and work from there what verse or any exit instead of them have you not what red light have you not read it I like Paul do you not know have you not read and I think that the busy talking to the teachers of the law right describing the people who have the books is like when you have the book have you looked in the shipment and sometimes it will help clear up these issues goes on to say he said that having read that he who made them when the beginning made them male and female and said with this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined with white and the two shall become what one flat so that now he makes practical application I love Jesus met the Bible that he was back to the earliest Scripture works from there and start to explain so then because it says this here's the application so then they are no longer two but one flesh therefore what God has joined together let not man separate then they said to him percent to sound like you're saying we shouldn't divorce at all because the present in person visit them why then did Moses command to give a certificate of divorce and a putter away electronic copies of the year brought back to the original idea but Moses after the fall said he could do that without Jesus Jesus explains he said that Moses because of the lot hardness of your heart permit it you to divorce your wife live in contrast to that from the beginning it was not so the God-given allowance you can do this within these narrow parameters but by the time it comes long it becomes what everybody in crisis led me back to that and go back to the original ideal that the two would become one flesh not to be separated that's the goal to shoot for the same thing happens with our delegates we should go as far back to that original ideal as possible councils on diets and foods page three seventy three we read this inspired counsel after the flood the people ate largely of animal food there was no allows performance and the blouse damages became we do all the ways of men were corrupt and that he was disposed to exalt himself proudly against the reader and balding inclinations of his own heart and he permitted that long-lived race to eat animal food to shorten their sinful live soon after the blood rates begin to be rapidly decrease in size and length of years to find all allowance and you'll get what comes you'll have less quantity and less quality of life now we go back to the Old Testament in the Lord in fact with you that was the one passenger Exodus chapter fifteen when the Lord did have a nation of Israel and all that I'll be up to councils about foodie find in books like Leviticus and Deuteronomy once the nation of Israel were established were simply reiteration and clarifications of previous counsel of the Lord given his work so we talked about here is the clean here the unclean get our distinguished clean from unclean but now he itemizes matrix methods and ethnicity breakdown and so when we get into that counsel it's simply radiant red duration of what he already given but at this chapter fifteen when God is calling the nation of Israel out of Egypt look what he says the biblical promise to give to them if they will follow his laws is six and said if you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his site give ear to dramatically keep all his statutes I will put none of the diseases on you which I brought on the Egyptian apparently they goes on for I am the Lord who does what fuels you so badly our Creator is also our healer he built the body and he knows how to maintain it best to give laws to give ordinances if the same thing happens when I buy a lawnmower if you follow the instructions and give the maintenance of the I promise you it will last longer now it will last forever but it will last longer and run better if you follow the instructions same thing the Lord says no the typical Hebrew diet was very basic and we can get reflection of that archaeologists study this out and found that they really didn't eat each meet pretty much at all but very sparsely debated was always clean meeting of the fission of sites available on Fox largely was vegetable-based and you recall when Daniel went to Babylon not on vacation but as a prisoner you again but he purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the Kings what food and sure enough that they've they got there and they were going to beat she killed there to be treated like kings right back to that was the whole plan was to brainwash these Judeans and make them Babylonians is someday they could rule over Babylon so they were in team training if you will as it brought them all the delicacies of the land before them there would start eating liking but Daniel and his three friends purpose than their heart not to defile himself with the king 's food and they asked for alternative diet like the one big gun for home and you recall what the Bible says that they asked what it's go to Daniel and find out in her chapter one chapter one and verse eight but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not the file himself with a portion of the king 's delicacies note the wine which he drank therefore he requested the chief of the UNIX that he might not the file itself and he goes on to explain how the chief unit was very afraid but what this this is an interesting concept the chief unit having impression of the family all Babylonians did this through the pickings eight was the best to you now have access to anything that you want and you will be healthier happier if you eat as well Daniels a minute out the simple is better the most natural is better than the argument but not argument but notice what verse ten energy community said to Daniel I fear my lord the king who has appointed your food and drink for why she needs to your faces looking what works than the young men who are your age is a liberal is what you delete the king 's delicacies all of his rich housing study with a mighty healthy foods on the bouncy right but you will in turn be helping her because my fear is that I have been put in charge of food and intimacy you sit in Berkeley and pale and weak and whatnot but with the same aches you exist today people are afraid that if I eat according to God 's way that I will be sick and pale and miserable and in fit into abuses be done the people all the time I had a conversation is very weak about the concept of eating according to Bible 's plan and not eating meat but eating plants the way God intended and the question was raised what about protein how I get my protein I will be week I'll be in a seated all be paying all be frail I need to be robust and healthy this was the same question was asked of Daniel is identifiable here's a video was tested just try it and see what happens and of course the Lord blessed and sure enough they appeared ten times better at the end of the pole test after years of doing this diet even after ten days they appeared healthier than their other counterparts about the way an interesting news report out today Riley mentioned how I thought that I would not bring any of the diseases on you down this is from July thirty one two thousand fourteen Paris Opera they did a really interesting study the Lord brought them out of Egypt recalled that there will be a distinction if you follow my commands between your help and their health a note believe it or not they have taken Egyptian mummies which only was the royalty and whatnot to be mummified the Kings were not and have run through MRI machines see what was there help like what was going on in your found they didn't find some weird like extraterrestrial veto the amount heart disease clog daughter arteries the same type of thing that we get from our modern diet they had got the look want to follow my way of living and I'll give you longer better life it may not make sense of the world but according my word trust assessing and by the way on the question of protein the biggest help for just the second just a little interesting facts there's more protein in a seven ounce baked potato than an eight ounce glass of milk I buy the web never in my life one time ever seen someone lacking from protein penalties the boogie men were all afraid of but I've never seen anyone suffer from now see people suffer from excess protein continuing the diet of beans lentils nuts whole grains like brown rice lots of vegetables will automatically give you help your body while ensuring that you're getting all your protein all the other nutrients your body needs to work properly pretty much all fruit and vegetables have protein in you get the right for the hundred believer not a hundred calories of broccoli has more protein than a hundred calories mistake to think the same hundred calories next to each other in the protein level the higher the broccoli and you know what's great about broccoli and all the other fruits grains nuts vegetables legumes whatever you can eat all you want and I don't know about you but I'm a big fan of the I love it when I sit down in front of me is some food right but you know which food will you will knew about which one is the best forming but if you make the right decisions all it's a better life I anyway will continue on with this at the gauntlet by Lake King Solomon warned about heating like it came in and that we live in a very interesting turn of the proper authorities something underwent Solomon warned us to the car Proverbs twenty three and I want you to see that this is actually in your Bible to Robert twenty three and under well if you notice something up is not so far away even and are even in our current position if you get low on money if your finances are tight it starts changing the waistband and especially spend on food you start eating for food right rice beans and grains the basic and buy in bulk and how do I cook somebody you know you go to the unit that the refrigerator the cabinets like all to see ingredients but I don't see food in a type of food is looking at all the basics basic staples of life not teens however in the Old Testament time and much anytime now could eat whatever they want anytime and that you know it's interesting to continue studying the book of Daniel when Daniel was from and Lyons the then King Darius who was on the phone at that time refused to have any music brought to him I'd love to be in a position weather turned down the nightly music bottom out that teens do anything they wanted any time you want something you got you want the music it was somebody that no problem I could live with no restraint whatsoever and if you notice food wise we can pretty much do the same thing now believe it or not when it's February in Michigan I can go down the street and buy a line that is not normal but we can have anything we want anytime of the day or night available ubiquitously advertised read listlessly we would like King for the most part we speak hand it's accessible to look at with that in mind but Proverbs twenty three we shake them against the book of Proverbs this of course being the injured the most intelligent man the wisest man to ever live we find this counsel after twenty three verse one when you sit down to eat with a ruler consider carefully what is before you and you might be living on that poor staple diet food but then they bring this bountiful harvest of your eyes go bigger like all men very theological term to Google on this is considered think about before you and look at verse two I never make a few of the strong you're welcome and put a knife to your throat if you're a man given to appetite you see that big smorgasbord for you to start at half is that before you that you'd be better off with a nice trip wrote say this is clinic will be nothing like this right tonight you could be amended and aptly goes on the state do not desire his delicacies for they are look at that beautiful term is set to you is deceptive it looks like flu but is not you know we live in a society mingled by a lot of stuff the claim to be food eternally in three of the fact that life is made in a test tube what is this thing it's not even if the food like substance it's some sort of quasi food experiment right deceptive food got actually make him that the king 's delicacies are all prepared the way they all of a sudden it's not really food any with deceptive Bhutanese that you'd better put a knife you know consider what you go to eat fascinating look at another one Ecclesiastes chapter ten just over one book Ecclesiastes chapter to the right now this counsel is given to an entire nation for how to choose their leaders but look at one of prerequisites again for leaders who would have access to anything they want to keep BSE chapter ten over seventeen says Blessed are you a land when your King is the son of noble than your princes these at the what proper time it was the time to eat I thought what would one of the best restaurant is now in our advertisers fourth meal I didn't eat all day all night open twenty four hours they compete on an notice why they wanted the for what strengths and not for drunkenness the night is eating Philip Eaton don't care about the results they want strength they want with them they want help so that you the right time to eat the right foods because of laziness the building decay 's and two islands of hands the house leaks a feast is made for laughter in wine makes very don't worry money answers everything I can't think of a more accurate prophetic description of the day and age in which we live I can do whatever I want even whenever I want to have out-of-the-box and a worried they'll fix me there's a pill there's a thing with open but it's describing a society where the land rich and increasing goods like it would run one no restraint is the careful when you come in this situation consider carefully about Proverbs again Proverbs twenty three twenty three starting with verse nineteen here my son and the whys and guide your heart away do not do much and not mixed with wine virus or with gluttonous eaters meet for the drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty and drowsiness will clothe a man with ride notices of equivalents therebetween drunkenness and gluttony adhesive they both in the same thing right you get lazy and forget like I can't really function that well you know I'm just afraid of people driving after a big meal thereafter having a small drink their voters real I've been there you don't like Otto Kerby drinking up against a big meal and beverage drives open about how interesting the conversation is an interesting whatnot and that's not the goal of food is to be an intoxicant to get you weight right is granted to keep you strong and healthy shark watch out the Bible repeatedly parallel drunkenness the gluttony yet somehow there many Christians were teetotalers about alcohol which we should be right but drink drunk gluttony like is not a big deal was like one whispered in the now obviously I'm not saying you're right we should raise our drunkenness to match our gluttony sounds like now we should decrease both so that they don't exist amen I'm saying we should look at health holistically not just as a list of certain things to avoid long as I'm living out on fire as long as I'm not eating unclean needs as long as I'm not doing that then I'm fine with that these are my note of everything else these methods about health and not merely vegetarianism care for the body that is not yours requires more than merely avoiding drugs and meets you and even all I'll throw this out there is meant to be popular but even veganism is the goal line on my money I think veganism is a great thing okay I think vegetarianism was fantastic I'm a vegetarian and aiming for veganism even on the however you can be a vegan and eat Oreo cookies and drink Coca-Cola and talk about eleven health message everyone resentencing this is not just merely making is not avoid these things and then limited the net amount there are simple biblical principles for healthy living that we need to abide by this thought came to me one time I was back in Idaho when I originally started paper and I realized that I was a vegetarian who ate deep-fried cheese sticks and the bitter rants thoughts you know with the Doctor Pepper on the side but if something like a lean turkey sandwich I like all while you don't have the health message and I realize you know maybe were both missing the mark somehow me just as much as then yes then again I've said this before OpenOffice again I'm constantly amazed how many seven that is myself included are often vegetarians who don't really eat vegetables with everything else right but the concept of just eat the most basic simple helpful whole foods come from the ground is like her seven then as it had got health methods were hundred and fifty years plus nobody went than ever notice the win some new health trend comes up in the world atoms jump on it like his newfound treasure all U.S. News & World Report said at National Geographic said we would all know which brings me to this interesting site from countless diets and foods page two sixty seven and was written in nineteen oh two and animals are becoming more and more disease but think it has been eradicated that problem right and it will not be long until animal food will be discarded by many beside seventh Avenue like you watch the world of Star Trek and have you noticed the hippest coolest thing to be by the way is a vegan music and plant -based helpful whole foods diet as what's in the best of the ranges and we've had it for a hundred years will be like until the school we can go down by the way is a really fun thing you can Google vegan athletes from the most top premier athletes in the world I think of a guy that apparently there's a baseball team and in Michigan he does not play in Detroit and added others like it but their first baseman the vegetarian Prince Fielder ever even as Dana going down converting Carl Lewis in of the great Olympian athlete Thursday this guy at a beach of aggressive think his name is Dave Scott out of the government and probably not but he holds the record for most Ironman championships and any we've heard of an iron and let me tell you what's involved in Ironman updated two four mile swim in the ocean when I be done but a hundred we get out of the water you climb on a bicycle and ride per hundred and sixteen miles and then you start your marathon of twenty six mile run in two four miles hundred and sixty mile bike ride twenty six mile run this one iron the men was the most championships and that is U.S. News & World Report February two thousand nine its list of top ten healthful habits that can keep you living to one hundred number eight which should've been number one live like a Seventh-day Adventist goes on to say followers typically stick to a vegetarian diet based on fruit spectacles beans and nuts and get plenty of exercise they are also focused on family and community Corsican member the two thousand five National Geographic special about the blue zones of cultures of longevity those people who lived two hundred or longer they report by far the most surprising fact that I took away from the story is that Seventh-day Adventists outlived their American counterparts by about ten years what are they doing so literally unless the boss that you were Jesus comes first I barring some ridiculous other thing will live longer if we follow God help us is just simple science fact now goes on to say it appeared about seven that is your vegetarian non-smoker nondrinker to take the Sabbath every Saturday for one whole day you have just unplugged it looking up is simple how beautiful and where of you been hiding as a going to say because of the other cultures of longevity are starting to lose their longevity edge because McDonald's has found them interesting the seven habits are the only culture of longevity revisited who are not losing their longevity at the plan God will demonstrate his wisdom through us so let's get simple emergency number one put the veggies back in vegetarianism the real food real simply very very simple Ms. revealing two ninety six grains fruits nuts and vegetables cost to the diet chosen for us by our Creator these foods prepared in a simple and natural a manner as possible are the most helpful and nourishing they impart a strength or power of endurance and of vigor of intellect that are not supported by more complex and stimulating diet by the deceptive food number two meeting is allowed by Scripture but it's not preferred if you do you clean neat and orderly neat product only occasionally need and then clearing three start a regular drinking water this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio source .org


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