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6. Cross-Movement: I Want It To Matter That I Lived

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 3, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC and afternoon CYC for those of you who are remaining here for the seminar the stock will have much time and so we are going to go-ahead and begin with the word of prayer those of you that are exiting at exit as quietly as possible that would be wonderful and the rest of us will bow our heads together in prayer let us break mighty God everlasting father we are so grateful for the gift of life the gift of your words the gift of the Holy Spirit to understand that words and to apply that words one wanted to transform us by thy words we pray in the name of Jesus the name that is above every name that in the name of Jesus for there is no other name given among men whereby we must be seen that in the name of Jesus she would banish every unclean spirit from this place and that in his name you may speak to loss this afternoon that you may change us that you may inspire us this is our prayer and we trust that you will help us to be our experience for we ask in Jesus 's name amen the title of our final session is cross movements I wanted to matter I I wanted to matter that I leave there is a website that is very common and very popular it's called I matter not .com I matter not .com members of this website is to allow people to anonymously write why does your livestock that's what the website says it's completely anonymous and people type and I just like to read a couple entries to you and that's okay it says I'm forty one I have never been on a date I've been asked but every single time it was just a cruel joke I am fat and ugly and worthless garbage ask anybody on the original doormats I am put down and laugh that everyone I love my job to care for my mom full time since her stroke leaving living off my retirement funds and selling my belongings my siblings don't care that it's killing me they all have lives of their own I am deeply depressed but if I tried to talk about it my family calls me selfish I cry all night I have migraines I was hospitalized with my gallbladder ruptured and nobody care my sisters were angry because they had to help mom while I had surgery I just give up on this world it doesn't get better on my life I was ignored picked on light to push the site and laugh that I help everyone but nobody helps me my so-called friends stole from me and talked about me behind my back my boss dumped tons of work on me for other departments into credit for my work any time I stood up for myself it just made things worse I prayed so hard and so long for God to help me but I think he's laughing at my paying to use word out exhausted and miserable I just want to die I just want to lay down and close my eyes and ceased to exist I don't even care if there is an afterlife or not I just wanted all to stop on so very tired I matter not .com you see a person created this website and this is the most recent entry into this website because people wanted to matter that they live people wanted to matter that they haven't since the they want to know that when they traversed the sands of time it won't be washed away by the oceans that followed them you see there was a book put out by Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman it was called the M factor this was about four or five years ago and they were discussing the issue of the millennial generation and how to make sense of them in the business world and they said you can divide the world into four different generations that are currently living on the earth which now it's five with this book is a little bit old it says people were born before nineteen forty six they were called traditionalists they were called the work traditionalists and down all idea of finding purpose in life was to make a better future for those that they love the children were called the baby boomers nineteen forty six the nineteen sixty four the most educated generation and the way that they found meaning in life was to achieve success in meaningful roles of society so that they can institute change their children were generation X nineteen sixty five to nineteen eighty one there's a lot of debate on those dates but that's roughly what it comes down to this generation said we need to find meaning and purpose in life beyond our work so this of the generation that was obsessed with hobbies extreme sports family vacations and major travel and their children looking at their parents taking family vacations but this is the most connected generation because as they go on to social media as they watch the news as they find videos being shared by their friends they discovered that mom and dad it's hard to sit here on the beach in Thailand five star resort when I know that Jeff on the other side boys and girls are being sold for sex they are a generation that is looking for purpose but they're the only generation that has no agreed-upon answer of how to find meaning in life you see they said that meaningful meaningful work is a must have for a millennial they want to partner with their parents that want to partner with their teachers they want to partner with their pastors and their predominant concern is a searchable purpose they say that the millennial 's they want to make a difference in the world because people wanted to matter that they laid the millennial said they want to feel they are contributing to some greater purpose or some greater aim because people wanted to matter that they laid the millennialist said that they want to be heard millennial Sabbath they want to be innovators they don't want to continue more of the same because people wanted to matter that they need they want to be able to express who they are in their work because people wanted to matter that they leave but the interesting thing about this generation according to Lynn Lancaster is that this generation is suffering from over optimism that fifty eight percent of them eat junk food several times a week fifty percent do not get enough sleep and they said that the top three medications for this generation are birth-control allergies and antidepressants they said if you are born after nineteen eighty two you're probably thinking one of these three medications and they said this is a commentary upon the times and the life in which we are living that people wanted to matter that they live and the question is what does the cross has per on how for us to answer the question of the meaning in life and so I take you to the book of Hebrews chapter twelve when you're there you could say that you're not very congested have mercy Hebrews chapter twelve ago to begin inverse to be there we don't have a lot of time Hebrews Chapter twelve the Bible says commenting on Jesus after talking about the faithful it says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith will the GRE that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God the Bible says that for people who are afraid of becoming discouraged or becoming weary who recognize that they have a long journey ahead of them they have arranged to go the apostle said you should be looking unto Jesus will you recognize did not choose the cross Jesus chose the joy that was set before him the Bible says Jesus endured the cross even shows the cross he endured the cross and what this tells us is that the cross was a means to an end you see Jesus found something that he loved more than his own life I saw what the Bible is trying to counsel us on a generation that is looking for a cross movement is because the cross speaks to us about Amanda desired something so badly that he was willing to be spit upon to achieve it the cross is a story about Amanda says on my tombstone when it says eighty four eighty thirty one Jesus as my life is the in the middle and I wanted to matter that I live in an order for it to matter I need to find something that I'm willing to die for in order to achieve and so Christ cross said yes it's painful yes it hurts but if you are not wanted to matter that we lived the story of the cross is you don't find something that you are willing to be spit upon which he UNR got to find something that were willing to be betrayed to achieve you and I have to find something that were willing to be falsely accused to achieve you and I need to find something that we are willing to be miss understood in order to achieve you and I need to find something we are willing to humble ourselves in order to achieve we need to find something that we are willing to be mocked to achieve we need to find something that were willing to be crucified to achieve there is a motivational speaker thanks Eric Thomas he tells a story about he says a business guru was very successful and he says this young man came to him and he says you know I went to be successful like you all make a lot of money like you make a solid the guru told him he says okay allegedly near the beach tomorrow so we came down to the beach is assumed you walk down an old man said comment of the water and as they walked into the water he was about waist deep and he was again what is this guy trying to do so they says little farther and not give young man said listen and I came to learn how to be successful on the communist women assume all men looked at me since I thought you wanted to be successful he says I don't want to be successful then a little more further into the water and when he stopped out in the water began to hit his neck the old man started holding him under the water as he was trying to come up out of the water the man was holding him holding him until father Pascal and that am above the water a look that this young man as he pulled him up and he says when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe right now then you'll be successful and the cost tells us brothers and sisters that when Jesus was hanging up on the cross and his lungs were collapsing when he was suffering the wounds of crucifixion Jesus said I've found something that I want more than I want to read and that something was close that something with you sitting in the audience can you imagine that the God of the universe when he humbled himself and he came down he looks and he says I found something that I want more than I want to bring young person today have you found something that you want more than it is the breed there was a famous rapper not to say his name tonight on a promoting the bottom as he was coming he said he was making a movie and then after he was done making the movie he was all that recording music Billy wasn't recording music he was doing concerts and it wasn't really conscious he was writing more songs and the people looked at him and they said listen when do you sleep asexually this estimate is for people who are broke he says how can I sleep when I'm so close to fulfilling my own dreams and goals brothers and sisters you see there's a lot of some of us want to be godly some of us want to see the work finished in this generation but we don't want it bad enough you see some of us we want to finish the work we want to see the gospel boat while the world we want to see our children have been we want to be able to develop a Christlike character we wanted to see our hometown our local church on fire for Christ but we just don't want it as bad want to be popular wanted as bad as we want to make money we don't want it as bad as we won our conference we don't want it as bad as Jesus wanted because the cross Charles offs that Jesus was a man who says I wanted to matter that I and the way that Jesus achieved it was because Jesus had found something that mattered enough to him that he was willing to die to achieve you see brothers and sisters I was applying in G Y C when the opening remarks of the conference was never existed they and the Seventh-day Adventist church and army of young people on a mission for the Lord as I like to inform the three ABN audience General conference leaders that don't exist today but when I look at the costs and I see the general I see the one that is led us from victory on to victory the one that has carried us from generation to generation and then you look behind the generality what is the Army that is following that how can an army lead an army to victory when the Army doesn't have as much dedication as the general went to Genoa says let me tell you how bad I wanted willing to suffer crucifixion to get Eileen shows the cross I can do with the cross so young person how do we found something that we are willing to endure cross to which he when you and I find something that we look in our largest it makes us stay up late at night when we tell you something is going to stop playing these games a lot of us stay up late playing games on our cell phones a lot of us they stalking PeopleSoft Facebook a lot of us they are late watching YouTube videos a lot of our stay up late watching Netflix and all kinds of my favorite television series when was the last time we stayed up late to study and understand the sanctuary that's all you know I want it bad enough more than I want Netflix more than I want the latest Air Jordan 's more than I want to make it into the NBA it doesn't make sense that Amanda wants to play basketball has more discipline and more dedication than the Christian who is searching for an eternal crown brothers and sisters all know about you but J why she was called to be across movement God did not raise us up the beginning of the kind of movement except across movements and across movement is a moment of young people that have the same spirit that was in Jesus that said this is how bad we want peace that I'm willing to endure the cross I don't choose it anybody that's been on the seriousness and treadmills while talking about you think I want to sleep on dirt you think I want to bathe in a crate full of mosquitoes Arnold shows this but I enjoyed it because that's all that I want souls and brothers and sisters God is looking on the earth right now and God wants to institute a cross movement is looking for some young person that says I wanted to matter that I live in if we wanted to matter that we lived there's only one thing we need to do is find something that matters so much to us that we wanted more than we want to bring allotted more than I want to I wanted more than I want to be comfortable I wanted more than I want to have a nice house I wanted more than anything there is a hymn that tells us ought rather have Jesus died to be the king of a vast domain or be held in cities dread sway I'd rather have Jesus that anything the world affords today is another hand that says take a while but give me Jesus all its joys all but ending at anything that keeps us from going all the way for our Lord God went all the way down to the depths and the abyss of death for us because we don't want it bad enough brothers and sisters we are not done enter the kingdom of God by being average listen average people don't become superstars in the NBA average players don't become football stars average singers don't sell records an average Christians don't finish the work so right here right now today you and I have to make a decision either I am going to be average and accept my fate and resolved that it is meant for another generation or elsewhere but it aside in our hearts right now right here in this room and this seminal Lloyd I found something that I want more than once a brief I found something that I want more than I want a husband or wife I found something that I want more to look cool or to be accepted I found something and when I found this thing I can in this brother when I close my eyes upon Jesus the things of this world they grew strangely did I can't see anything else because I found something have you found something we are told that success in any line demands a definite in a few would achieve true success in life you can get all A's and flock life do one achieve true success in life must give the aim where the others endeavor steadily in view and then the profit just tells us flat out such an aim has been said before the youth of our day that have been appointed purpose of carrying the gospel to all the world in this generation is the most noble a docking appeal to any human being sometimes I wonder if we know where we come from his absences the people that come before us people who starve themselves just the plant more tracks people who sold their silverware just a personal book describe the sanctuary message people who took an extra job just to support an evangelist to continue to carry the message that is our heritage that's where we come from there was a time where a person singular Seventh-day Adventists that meant something immediately they know something about your character so now remember my mother 's Jamaican the first time I got an invitation to go preach and Jamaica I was thinking okay finally I get to see my people it was like Moses coming back from the wilderness so I thought was fine on the plane I arrived at the airport went there in my models that you know brother Sebastian was so excited to have you was so touched that you are able to comment to know that euro Jamaican heritage leisure family fun so we began to exchange as we were talking I said you know this does mean a lot to me as I said you know I want to take you somewhere exist as you don't understand brother Sebastian that for every Jamaican boy into making girl when they see you on three ABN when they see a sermon 's online when they hear the things that God has done in your life it does something for them to know that he's Jamaican to so I want to take you somewhere I said no problem so he took me to history right near the University and as I looked at the sign it just says the name of this monument and we sat down next to the Sydnor mystery according to get my arms around the trunk of the tree and he says brother Sebastian this is the spot one of the spots that when they were bringing slaves from Africa to Jamaica they would sing them the district while they waited to sell and so the fact that the bark is missing on the street it's because that's where the slaves would try to break free and the change would want off the mark that's all he told me that he walked away back to the car he left me there to see and as I sat and looked at the three Doctor Marcel but there was a point in time there was a young Jamaican boy and young Jamaican girl Jamaican mom Jamaican father which tainted history treated as property denied education cannot be opportunity to read but not the opportunity to pursue life and liberty and happiness and to know that there is street right here what these people went through in order to get to a point where I could even read and yet I would drop and say I don't want to read that these people would be denied freedom to choose their own destiny delivered by their own values their own principle that their lives mattered that they were also made in the image of God but God also had eternal purpose for them on the arts as well as it had been and that I would go to waste my life away and just be another average Jamaican born something began to come up in my heart to say not only do you only to your Lord what you only to the slaves out with you to know that what would that slaves have done if his change was struck off and you could read whatever you wanted to read what went at slave rep Don if he knew he could marry whoever he wanted to marry if you choose a career he could write a book he could actually stand up and speak and teach and so Jesus when you go back to that tree and usage by patch and you remember and I as we sit by veteran James the nails the spinning the mocking their hatred the collapsing of his lungs before thinking of God and is said by Doctor Ava member that when the Lord couldn't bring when the Lord said I thirst that the thing that kept him on the cross what he says Sebastian I wanted you more than I wanted to brief how can leach results in a less silly young person I implore you this afternoon you say I came to the seminar not just because I was curious not be just because I wanted to hear preaching when we sincerely came to the seminar to sing a lot I wanted to matter that I then if you and I wanted to matter that we lived we need to get involved in across movement because the life that mattered the most the life that mattered the most is the life that was poured out upon the cross and that he would actually extend the invitation to us as they follow me and take up your cross you don't just think of across the taken up you think of a cost because you found a joy that is set before you this is not a new phenomenon and I'm praising God that is not a new phenomenon you can take your Bibles were almost done but with he accepted twenty the book of acts in the twentieth chapter acts chapter twenty the Bible says are you there when verse twenty two it says ACLU now I go around and the Spirit to Jerusalem not knowing the things that will happen to me there except that the Holy Spirit testifies in every city saying that shades and tribulations await me but none of these things move me nor do I count my life dear to myself so that I may finish my race with joy and the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus to testify to the gospel of the grace of God see Paul understood that I didn't just join the church I joined across movement and when Paul said here I am just like Jesus bowing down to Jerusalem here I am knowing that my own countrymen are plotting my death here I am driving down to Jerusalem and he says the only thing I know is what the Holy Spirit has told me and that is that chains and tribulations await the book Paul says none of these things move why that I may finish my race with joy and a ministry that has been committed on to me from the Lord Jesus Christ Paul says I was so committed I found something that mattered to me so much I'm willing to die for it the history that Jesus committed unto me all are so that even if I know that sending tribulations await me none of these things move because I wanted more than I want to breathe so scattering me what tribulations scamming me with persecution and go to work that's when this movement this tube IC movement will become unstoppable because the young people that attend the conference have not come to sit down in the pews in this instrument talk they came here because they represent an ideal and a mindset of thinking that we are an army of young people that have found the cause that we found a purpose we found something that mattered so much to us were willing to dot equivalent to bring a money were willing to dress less than what the modern-day world is asking us to do because I found something that I want more you and I sit and sit down and think about the money we spend just going out to eat if every single person in this room decided for one entire month I will not eat out and the money that I spent on eating out to donate strictly forbade Jews we would have more than enough money so people would be saying I'd love to go on mission there is no soap there is no funding the money would be the MRI money we spent on purchasing apps and in app purchases and we said you know what I'm going to give this money for the work because I found something I want more than I want the latest application or the latest Apple phone or the latest product on the latest shoes or the latest jacket whenever ratings on we were limited to generation I call this the upgrade generation everything we happen when Aubrey will you know what you are seeing it's time for us to look at our dedication to look at our commitment to look at our financial sacrifices and upgrade would have Jesus is coming to us this afternoon it says I'd like an upgrade this is what you offered me last year at UIC this is what you offered me in twenty fourteen this year I'd like an upgrade so right here right now there's no need for me to talk anymore talk about any of the Bible text is time to make a decision you paid the money you got on the plane is slept in the hotel you ate the food so now what Jesus is coming as a twenty fifteen not great so is there anyone here to session a lot more I been playing games I've been half stepping I've been sleeping and I don't know about you but I'm not good at let no secular rapper out dedicate me was more dedicated to money and I entered the maker of the universe so if anyone earmarked to make you bow your head I'm not enough for any hard spit stringing tugging songs this is you and your clear and right mind sober minded this afternoon to say Lord I'm ready to be a part of a cross movement is anyone here come you say Lord I'm you cabin upgrade this year I'm ready to be a part of a cross movement are not coming here to be average to be another Seventh-day Adventists to be another G Y C keep asking ourselves the question when will this end it we are young and we wanted to matter that we live on the dime and say all Sebastian was born nineteen eighty there's anything the is your life so that dashes my life what are people go to say about the you think this girl was sold out the course this girl was Wednesday on Jesus she was giving him as you have nothing else to do she was bringing it when she had nothing else coming in theory was going on this is when you didn't even know how he would pay for and where he was coming home to that's the God we worship that Jesus nowhere to lay his head the godly thing to follow but we are embarrassed that we don't know exactly what was thing in crisis you're embarrassed of me you will deny me before men I will did not get before my father Jesus is looking for cross move in brothers and sisters are three I sincerely pray we do not just come appear out of an emotional story but that deep in our minds and hearts we've made a decision to say you know what I want this more than I want to bring and guess what that kind of dedication is not natural back on the dedication has to be inspired if you want to be inspired to go back and look at the cross again every time he was spit upon every time he was suffering to breathe every time he said I thirst every President Malkin and remember that what kept him on the cross he was looking at you it is thought in his mind he says you can spit you can betray you can forsake can you imagine Jesus wanted off more than he one of the presence of his father in our response to crisis to give him less than all this is what Christ was across our heads together father in heaven this defining moment this is the moment in which something is going to change on your this is the moment that some historians is going to look back upon they say it was in this particular moment that this young person and that young person and that young person from thirty different countries all fifty states they made a decision that began a wave of evangelism of service of righteousness that is completely ushering us in to the final movements of persistent when we decided were going to be across move father on this kind of dedication is not natural and so help us to always keep the cross before us that has across movement we said Lord I found something that I want more than I want to bring a find something that I want more than I want to be comfortable that I want to be successful than I want money I found it and I'm never going to let it go I will not fail and I will not be discouraged father it is my prayer that only your spirit can entrench discount of dedication in our hearts only you can give us such a burden for Christ for his coming but it keeps us up at night studying his word and praying only the Spirit of God can awaken in our souls this is not a work of the flesh that is not a work of human effort this is a super natural spirit Lord help us not to leave this altered thinking where to do it ourselves but helpless to leave with the Council that the apostle began us with looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of who for the joy set before father thank you for speaking to our hearts we offer this prayer to this message was recorded in Key West the twenty fourteen call for Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists as he is buying on the Bible faith someone or download resources like to visit us online at www. USC when the


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