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1. Who Fed the 5,000?

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 1, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC what we're discussing the entire seminar series is training center churches and you might've heard that phrase before perhaps somewhere in your going to Adventism you for the phrase pop up but today we want to start off with a effect the entire seminar is good how to track to another part of the organ development from the more philosophical theological framework to the practical nuts and bolts how to take this home extreme start wide input on the final delete landed home to offer that makes entire picture in my mind I can help on the ground in my local church okay so before you start of course with any study before let's begin with the word of prayer and be off to the races okay started Emily father thank you so much for this day thank you for this opportunity that you give us to come together as a people to study your word and to understand better why you wanted to do what you what you wanted to and how more important to do it faithfully blessed us in this time we pray in Jesus name amen are in the very first thing that this this particular session is entitled who fed the five thousand who fed the five thousand that's a reference to something we get to in the middle of our discourse today but I would begin the even broader let's go to the book of Revelation the book of Revelation where to start in chapter five Revelation chapter five I'm assuming a relative familiarity with the Bible the books of the Bible and some of the themes within each book so what I say when you revelations four and five I should have a picture what's already there that I've explained everything from the grassroots right but just a quick overview revelation for John is told to come up into heaven and he would be shown things right and he sees the throne of God you see the seven spirits of God using the four living creatures is the twenty four elders and basically this is God 's command center of heaven and there is no God himself enthroned in the middle and all the other beings around him in his throne room and all the attention and most of the discourses that we could find on revelation four and five are on those very people and entities you have gotten father on the throne the Holy Spirit as the seven lamps in the seven spirits of God you have the war living creatures the twenty four elders we probably heard sermons on each of those entities each of those beings as handsome as lectures workshops they are the main focus but I want to ten and the picture out all about essentially but was right around the throne but what I want to show is Revelation five there is a reference to another group of beings we often lose track of when were looking so closely that point were eligible egregious and course of treatment was with God after Christ comes into the picture Revelation chapter five everything focuses around him as well and songs are sung and we go to verse eleven is what I want to draw your attention today then I looked and heard the voice of many watts Angels and not so farming we know that there is the father son the Holy Spirit is the three members of the got any other four living creatures the twenty four elders everything is numbered and then he gets to the Angels images as they are many is that all it says is about to give us a number two but only to see this I heard the voice of many angels around the throne the living creatures and the elders and the number of them was what a thousand times anyone know what ten thousand times ten thousand tenths one hundred million but that's not all and what in thousands and thousands is to remember the garden four living creatures and twenty four elders we get all the focus on them but apparently those that small group of individuals is completely surrounded by this enormous see of unnamed angels all hundred and eighty four to take that literally which I don't know there's literally but it's a whole lot even if it's not a literal hundred plus million it's big enough that it was represented by a number of two thousand and seven thousand four thousand thousand issue the vast majority of heaven 's population is not constituted by the numbers the Godhead that will encourage and twenty four dollars have been is populated by a C of Angels pet of the picture in your head now what is the job is returning to the Hebrews chapter one Hebrews chapter one in discussing the supremacy of Christ over created beings all here I believe in Hebrews chapter one talks about his relation to the Angels and how is higher than the Angels but in describing set price appropriate over the Angels he mentions the job description of a we find this in verse fourteen he asked rhetorically about the Angels are they not all what ministering spirits sent for to minister for those who will inherit salvation so there's a hundred million dollars to say lots angels in heaven and apparently according to Scripture how many of them our ministering for the lost all of all of the take anything away from the father son who is good nothing which would nothing went that way for elders but there's a particular role debate angel host of heaven are supposed to play in God 's government they are the foot soldiers they are that go get them they're the ones working for government farm they have a specific hash in the plan of salvation so back to Genesis chapter twenty eight this flesh this out a little bit juices after twenty eight this is a dream the J capacity lays his head down on that stone and what does he see in verse twelve as he laid his head on the stone in verse eleven the linens frequently to find a verse twelve Bennie hey dream of it and behold a white latter was set up on the earth and its top reach to where heaven is a ladder from earth to heaven as well what you got been revoked and what angels of God were a sending that means going up and be sending is coming down on it so that he saw this vision with his latter and the Angels were up and down into the update it's a superhighway for Angels that was holding and if I'm not mistaken that's the last reference receipt of this latter almost an entire Bible into a good of the gospel of John let us go there very quickly in John chapter one Jesus is beginning his ministry and collecting his very first disciples I wanted more time here than other text will but more context is because it's fascinating conversely five Philip found Nathaniel he said to him we have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph individuals said to him can anything good come out of Nazareth Philip said to him come and see which is a great thing all argument world is probably not been when someone over with the weapon expensive looking suit themselves children just come and seek Jesus on Nathanael coming toward them instead of him behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no distinct thing is that the how do you know me and Jesus answered and said to him before Philip called you when you are under the fig tree I saw you that this is one of the least to some miracles of Christ ministry the ability to see I love this bar or around the corner however over the no but it was enough of a supernatural thing that Nathaniel has his doubts relieved you know I was under sure you don't talk to me you know what country it was all floods his life and out of his mouth comes this opinion answering said to reflect you are the son of God you are the king of Israel I can imagine almost that Jesus was like how I was busy I hope the rest of the ministry goes the swimmingly well in quantity was that bigotry thing in your onboard visible crisis Jesus answered and said and because I said I saw you under the fig tree do believe that's the miracle you will see greater things than these Canada started the day minutes ago Nokia socks off into things nothing too blind seeing lame walk storms called the missing a lot of stuff and then he acts and he said to him most assuredly no one clear about this he's talking about the context of performing miracles as an evidence of the divinity most assuredly say to you hereafter you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man was the world of Jesus talk about that latter and the Angels when he was talking about miracles that opens the middle and then he would say a filtered water they invoke the latter reference and the Angels when he was talking about miracles that he was going to see you don't look after seven Luke chapter seven starting with verse six now when you infect with bewilderment into the husband Matthew a renewed for second time in a shorter version of this okay back to chapter eight Matthew chapter eight starting with verse five recorded a couple places but that the quicker version of fewer details in Matthew five some very salient details or Luke seven which don't have time for Matthew chapter eight starting with verse five is the story of the Centurion who had a six servant Jesus healed now first but when Jesus had entered Capernaum a centurion came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant is lying home paralyzed dreadfully tormented by Linda Seo I need to find Luke is that he actually Albert you sent someone to say that he sent this through a messenger method could set up that it would definitely got the best ignorant mean that's pretty important detail okay but was quickly and Jesus said to him I will come and heal him the centurion answered and said Lord in notices to reasons for refusing Jesus offer of coming to his house number one Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my wood roof but only speak a word in my servant will be healed what did Jesus mean when what was what was this guy talking been meaning to your word has magical properties that can do the healing from long-distance I tend to believe in God 's word has power and if you want to speak a world into existence of course he can do that I'm not limiting the power of God 's word but is that with these guys talking about here no how do we know that because he explains himself degrading but let us look at the resolution of most every difficult Bible prop just keep reading and uses exhalation versa for I also am a man under what authority is like I've got boxes over me and he goes on to say having soldiers under me is that God is just talking chain of command is enough under authority and his people to listen my authority goes on and I say to this one go in he goes into another company comes into my servant do this and he doesn't he says Jesus you don't have to come to my house you have people who do that kind of thing for you what I'm asking is well below your pay grade and is not often that you see Jesus astonished he says he seven Jesus said astonished other people but very rarely do you see Jesus taken aback what's this when Jesus heard it he would network marble while and said to those who bodies of Jim McGinnis assuredly I say to you I have not found such great faith not even in Israel if I was in Israel to be like yes you have to come discuss Microsoft that were the outcome not in Israel second of all I know how you work you have to come you have people who do that for you to send one of them she's like this guy gets commenting on this we read in the desire of ages page three one six hope you notetakers DA three one six she puts a dozen first-person from the perspective of the Centurion sank as I represent the power of Rome and my soldiers recognize my authority is supreme so it is our represent the power of the infinite God the chain of command and authority and all created things obey thy word thou canst command the disease don't part in a shallow baby so that's one option you have you could just speak it would work right audios on the sick Gow can subtly by heavenly messengers and they shall impart healing virtue speak with the word and my servant shall be healed for the messengers who were the servants that this guy knew Jesus had under his command Angels because there are all they not all ministering spirits review and Herald now listen listen very carefully breathing Herald January twenty one eighteen seventy three you find up up up a version of this in the desire of ages but there's one keyword that is missing the desire of ages is seated in original source yes Rh Jan twenty one one eight seven three the Angels of God are ever moving up and down from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth all the miracles of Christ performed for the afflicted and suffering whereby the power of God through the ministration of angels all next week she continued all the blessings from God to man or through the ministration of holy Angels the purpose of this very first seminar is to lay the framework of how have been works there's a chain of command his organization and most things that God does he doesn't do personally he does through an agent but it is any less God work right I built the house I didn't hammer the sarin in the database somebody that he paid the money needed to either the eyes of the Lord by the end of the day some sixty note of the White House when you specify it in advance I built a house with my authority with my money I chose the spot I I hired whatever my house and such a thing same thing with the miracles of Christ fascinating now Christ took that same heavenly model of his commanding of the angel as he brought your in his ministry exemplified this among his disciples this were transitioning next of Christ works through people but that the John Chapter 11 John Chapter 11 the story of Lazarus this is the one of course were Jesus stayed away on purpose and he said he was glad that Lazarus die I was really messed up sentiment is right in the Bible look at verse fourteen and Jesus said to them plainly Lazarus is dead and I and what glad is it glad for Lazarus estate home is not proposing for your sake that I was not there is good but I stayed away for this one up at this point do they believe in Jesus and the figtree kind of miracle sure they believe he can drink water one walk on the water to be we need to make sick people well yes what about raising the dead I mean the really dead now let it go for a while then it recently them on that's how it works right prices this is this is an opportunity for you to learn less plentiful as a split-second end in death so go get over you need to learn this so they have something to learn your essay goes on will Jesus encounters the sisters coming toward them and I want you to notice both of their identically worded refrains as they see Jesus their lamentation upon receiving Christ look at verse twenty now Marcus and as you heard that Jesus was coming went and met him but Mary was sitting in the house now Martha said to Jesus Lord if you had been here my brother would not have what died if she believed Jesus could heal last deaths as you believe Jesus can raise last another step up but even now I know that whatever you ask of God God will give you honestly God can raise the dead but you Jesus said to her your brother will rise again as well as Ms. encoded symbolic language is about to wake up she said to him I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day you know when God doesn't we don't have any we just have you best Jesus says to her and sometimes I think we think of these famous statement of Jesus is that always in a pastor in a placid and vacant I think is genuinely frustrated look as if my system Jesus center I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in him though he die shall live I can't make language and later suffered a spiritualizing lady was dead and I would awaken up over the Mary for thirty two then when Mary came where Jesus was and saw him she fell down at his feet singing Lord it even been here my brother would not indict it is possible to the latest operative had the same frustration when Jesus like I thought he loved it I thought is that as of yesterday we can't center and heard Jesus offer all of the user don't worry about it and I just have to get here Jesus purposely stays away lips and I said I'm glad it happened this is a teaching moment so that was not seeking for the disciples of all supermarket and Mary I'm guessing everybody else in the household Warner's whatnot stages big she says the exact same thing everybody and this is the point of all this everybody thinks Jesus is strong and powerful but not strong in the half or powerful enough you can take care sick but dad is a whole other class of thing everybody's doubting his strength his power his ability is the context of the which brings this point verse thirty eight Emory but he's expecting G you fail to see the week and Jesus again groaning in himself came to the tomb was a cave and a stone lay against it I get what is everyone doubting strength power his ability to do what needs to get done they first thing he encounters his large obstacle a stone right and Jesus wants to demonstrate his divine authority of divine power you can vaporize obliterate that stone but he stands it with everyone watching he says and can somebody get the news of big rock is something going super awkward moment on or and thus they start to protest right Martha the sisters and was density and lured by this time there's extension threes been dead for days let's don't know and we forgiven for being late Jesus did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God still than you would think that move the rock supremacist father in verse twenty three now when he said these things he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come for the God delegate the letters marketing videos note that when he does direct what's the and he who would dive came out bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face was wrapped with a cloth Jesus said to him them loose and let them go as I've always thought about if the PRC like maybe some great clothes on and that is kind of it comes out of the tent was a great life but the Bible specifically says he found it lists all the body parts that were tied up which were hands and feet and his face a mythic logistics how to get out of doing what and if I don't do anything what are my options for getting out of it soon what you could hop lover the Bible says he hopped a system I meekly got to do a shimmy kind of a side thing or you can do the least dignified of alternative roll out to Jesus and loosen and let them know why did Jesus if you're going to raise the dead go the extra step can help make the whole thing looks that science of finance running is wrong but it's a good one I like good wrong answer some of the big Valley service live it is five thirty five Christ could have commanded the stones remove and it would've obeyed his voice he has that power to get moving lyrics of a could of been in the Angels recommends another modus operandi to new topics and angels he could've been Ms. Angels who are close but decide to do this being overrated alone obeys commands but it is in some amendments on either at his bidding invisible hands would move the stone but it was taken away by human hands plus Christ would show the humanity is to cooperate with divinity and hear them in my little notes of your hands italicized with my adding is an important point what human power can do divine power is not summoned to do to get that what human power can do I was not summoned to give what you can do God want desire of ages five thirty five which human power can do Howard is not something to God does not dispense with man's a key strength is in cooperating with him as he uses the powers and capabilities given him to strengthen you to use your power but he wants you to be the active agent to does the thing to watch work a minimum 's training center churches consequently using how God operates in heaven and on easier price operated on earth it should be a lesson for how the church operates today was good one bookmark chapter six Mark chapter six beginning with verse thirty eight this is the story of the feeding of the five thousand and you know the story leading up to David it is a great big day no one brought food and there were discussing what we do with his great credit people in the first options were send them away out of the town to buy food yada yada and Jesus is one of this as a teaching opportunity in verse thirty seven p.m. to the them you give them something to eat I said shall we go and buy two hundred and worth of bread and give them something to eat charity was a couple million dollars no problem all sarcastic staffing Jesus is probably not the right thing to do but he said to them how many loaves do you have biopic notice how intensely practical visits before you get the big picture of Howard Peter start with what you got to find out what your actual situation is the combat report renews this is a project going see which took a while despite other people probably get all of the big public event visit five and two fish is working on to finish then what every step of this figure then he commanded them whose of them is a easy talk to the crowd of disciples the disciples then to make them out was that there the crowd Jesus did not stand up and say everyone with one to three sets on that short women taken divine power to do that now just open his human mouth and said everyone sit down and I'm guessing everyone would've obeyed the call of Jesus but he doesn't know that those are disciples the project make them sit down to today say I got this everybody says well why not because sitting down was not the only objective debut bliss it is no problem getting listed in order what's this now make them all sit down in groups on the green grass and even identified up in groups so they sat down in the language in ranks the picture come to think of ranks of people who think up I can Armenia think of organization you think of either lines or clusters were some sort of structure this leave this link that directs at the root make them sit down in ranks they can sit down in ranks any specific about this in hundreds and in fifties of large groups of small groups five thousand plus women and children sitting down in ranks and groups of fifteen hundred this is not economically is a project and then verse forty one and when he had taken the five loaves and the two bread he looked up to heaven blessed and broke the loaves and gave them to his disciples to set before them and the two fish he divided among them all why did he have done groups and ranks in hundreds of fifties why was this organized because think about it a bit negative the picture had this kind of mess of the people out there in the disciples and wandering through the crowd handing out food to outwork no it was organized very detailed organization now really inserting the spirit of prophecy near and in this study were to go right up to the edge of speculation and peer off over the ledge but when talking to jump become close regular review and Herald March twenty nine R H March twenty nine eighteen ninety eight when Christ fed the multitude each one of the disciples was given a part in the work Christ as his father 's blessing on the food and he came with the work was not left to one man each one was given something to do the disciple to his watch Jesus do ministry Jesus was a living breathing training center for Christian workers he was always teaching affected far more teaching and preaching of the relic regular preacher Jesus was a teacher each one was given some new so it is now God is given to every man his work and he expects all to do their part faithfully now desire of ages three sixty nine DA three six nine in Christ's act of supplying the temporal necessities of a hungry multitude is wrapped up a deep spiritual lesson for all his workers and she outlines the chain of command no even notice the part that we have not yet talked about Christ received from the father he imparted to the disciples they imparted to the multitude we would assume it would stop there what's this one more step and the people to one another it is my contention of the study that there were many then I'd say the vast majority of those five thousand plus who never personally came in contact with Jesus or his disciples and yet they were filled just as much as anybody else which brings me to my question who fed the five thousand will have a loaded question obviously the miracles provided by God through his man servant Jesus Christ and he had leaders call disciples and they organized the work is distributed to the leaders of those groups of what you think each group had a leader with probably the start of his witnesses were when I think about it end of the day each one of the other one this is how God wants his work to do he doesn't want any watchers in the church to church full of workers in every aspect now here's limited of the speculation part was to have fun regulated adore part-time but it's a really interesting study five five share with you this is USC we want that extra thing only education page two eighty six consider the part acted by the disciples in the Savior 's miracle for the feeding of the bypass of feeding of the multitude of food multiplied in the hands of Christ and thought about that where the actual duplication take place within the basket and price region only he can see the revenue of this note is little and he does this and how sometimes that maybe clearly there was multiplication happening in the hands of Christ the food multiplied in the hands of Christ but the disciples received the lows and gave the waiting throng to the love that's disclosed right there the multiplication happened in hands of Jesus and they just received and distributed manuscript release him are four twenty one MR twenty one twenty one M R page one three eight Jesus gave thanks and distributed the bread and low the loaves multiplied in their distribution the fish increased in the hands of those who distributed them in the fragments were gathered up after five thousand and satisfied civilians multiply it and hence price meeting as of then and it continued to multiply as they gave up the Herald January eighteen nineteen twelve Rh January ten one nine one two that little morsel of food which with Christ blessing upon it multiplied in the hands of the disciples until that which remained after all were satisfied was greater than the original supply automatically visit very deep spiritual lesson is the wife why would we make extra one of exactly enough for only those who imitate we can talk about this one test most of the church volume six page two sixty three was the last one feeding upon no doubt many remarks were made as to the impossibility of satisfying the five thousand hungry men besides women and children from the scanty store when Jesus gave thanks and place the food in the hands of the disciples to be distributed they gave to the multitude the food increasing in their hands of the difficulty here is we have they then applied to different groups and were not sure which one it is the group of disciples with a group of the multitude and when the multitude that the disciples themselves that vanity with Christ of the heaven imparted store this is a precious lesson for everyone Christ's followers so I'm looking to speculate in multiply him and the people received it in the leaders they are distributed I don't know but we do know is that both location happen it deftly happen in price and it also happens like that and they gave the multitude and it just kept going that's as far to let the speculation of one ago but it definitely puts a different picture with the five thousand weeks for me to just sit down to start their own outbred willy-nilly it's not like McDonnell accepted for what lessons the disciples the government Jesus was training his disciples draw that's right with the Lazarus thing that I'm glad for your sakes I had teachers and think that my how I work that we come to the feeding of the five thousand visiting similar for the disciples you guys have to learn this wideband awareness because Jesus is going to lead guests now they're going to be running the worst images of the work that I do your duty when greater than these you are their influence lab I was writing or even go around the world you better learn how I work now that when I leave you ready to go accepted for what right after the famous passage about praying for boldness in the house there were things shaken we look at verse thirty three next chapter four what happens and with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all nor was there anyone among them who lacked for all who were possessors of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of the things that were sold and laid them at the what the apostles feet and they distributed to each one as anyone had need get the picture is very early in the book of acts this multiplication is happening people are convicted of sin they wanting him to the cause of a cell that is that they bring the money they bring the resources they put it at the apostles Peter and the apostles pick up and start distributing it MSN did anything wrong but we know that they changed happened turn your Bible over to ask chapter six verse one now in those days when the number of the most disciples was multiplying there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists so the church is going is what I desire you know it has actually become a church now is people complaining because their widows were neglected in the what daily industry go to distribute all the resources of the debacle at a drive-in of Scripture they brought up the okay and ascended bodily into the vicinity do something that's what you do for the rest of your life the first thing you get married whatever side of the protesters the personal would repeal you sit on a three to whatever structure whatever form whatever thing is instituted initially it has inertia for eternity some of bronze our churches and schools what not the only solution I can humanly see is the building of a time machine and go back and don't do it in the first place is once again started this is what we do hard to get out of people 's mark their bringing stuff to the possible Gallipoli lifetime right that's what you know you're the apostles your job is to distribute to us the little tag for our next seminar what is the role of an apostle was the role of the pastor seven lead give of the resources and you distribute them take care of us who did last time I have a feeling this little hunch that day with the five thousand came back to their mind or will we are starting to very dangerous path if we do this were to be people who just do this never again get to that in the twelve sum and the multitude of the disciples of the Christ was the only Christ had twelve disciples now the apostles of taken that role may have disciples say no we need to do here put you to work the twelve sum and the multitude of the disciples and said it is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables is there anything wrong with serving tables training this role will this does not become a job as your job in fact if not it is desirable that we would be hindered it would also hurt you if we just keep going on and on to solve a lot of problems for people to come back to London tomorrow in a few minutes therefore brother seek out from among you that's a very keeping see capital but higher someone from outside it summoned from inside you take it as problem someone from among you seven men of good reputation full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom whom we may appoint over this business but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word and here's where the little miracle about one comes in and the saying pleased the whole multitude and goes on the list to the chosen course Stephen is most notable among the least and church history we understand that in verse seven then the word of God and what spread and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith that if they did not quickly set up an organizational structure that got the membership of discipleship involved in the ministry the ministry be entered we have to do this as a result the word of God spread they had a structure that worked at the apostles page ninety one the organization of the church of Jerusalem was to serve as a model for the organization of churches in every other place were messengers of truth should win converts to the gospel content later in the history of the early church when various parts of the world many groups of believers had been formed into churches the organization of the church was further perfected so that order and harmonious action might be maintained every member was exhorted to act well his part each was to make a wise use of the talents entrusted to every member was supposed to be doing ministry work that's what Christ that in heaven with the Angels all ministering spirits of what individuals will have salvation is limited with his disciples that he trained them to set up the early church and the early church to be a model for less picture which brings it back methotrexate were almost done here from Matthew chapter six verses nine and ten Matthew chapter six in this manner therefore pray our father in heaven hallowed be your name I noticed was the next thing pray for you working them come your will be done on earth as it is in what does that mean that his work would be done his will would be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven does that mean as in the sense of the same time that is going on they are to go on here I don't think he's done a time I think he's talking up the manner of the work itself the same way that your kingdom operates and they are Lord it was the prayer of Jesus our Lord let's see that on earth to on earth as it is in heaven profitability statements acts of the apostles page nine the purpose of the church the church is God 's appointed agency for the salvation of men it was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world from the beginning it has been God 's plan but through his church shall be reflected to the world 's fullness of the sufficiency of the members of the church but the leaders of the church of the pastors a church though members of the church those whom he is called out of darkness into his marvelous light show forth his glory the church is God 's appointed agency it was organized for service with a mission to carry the gospel the world and the members are supposed to be showing glorified and gone back to the Lord 's prayer historical sketches snorkel sketches page two eight seven how can you who repeat the Lord 's prayer thy kingdom come I will be done on earth as it is in heaven sit at ease in your homes without helping carry the torch of truth to others of a rebuke is not a game pray Lord let your work begun here like it is there while you're not doing anything how can you lift up your hands before God and ask his blessing upon yourself to your families when you are doing so little to help the heavenly messengers are doing their work with his heavily messengers Angels right there doing their work what are we doing brothers and sisters God calls upon you to regain the top burden of this first message today is to show how God works in heaven and how Christ when he came to earth set up replication of that same model of industry the same operating principle to the kingdom there you try to implant younger than a disciple to build and build the church on the Lord messenger last day said that heavenly was brought to earth needs to be continued forever to finish the work and returned to make sense of our appraisals are henceforward for ever a father thank you so much for being a God who communicates your will you give us a book would lead us to let us read it and understand it and I just understand putting practice helps me not only hears but doers of the word is to see how you work and in that economy Lord give us our place our sphere of responsibility make us faithful and useful for you to pray to Jesus and our moon this message was looted in Key West to twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the ceiling this independence is just as satisfying on the Bible and Tyson so when I download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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