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2. The Real Emerging Church

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC apostle Paul talked about how he believes the church in Corinth in reviewing his work there is that I caught you with dial a tricky match the is what I was going for the title of this seminar the real emerging church now I know when you hear that language emerging church already would become them all mailing about the blueprint by prayer some other prayer thing I wanted nearby candles and incense and labyrinthine spirituality and mysticism all of that by the way I'm not saying that that's not a problem you wrestle with that is but that's not the emerging church which are not here the reason that might be an adult isn't it people who address that issue studied up yourself be unbeaten informed person is no problem but the real emerging church when discussing here is the one that is already emerging seven Dennis Church is not a danger out on the horizon is the one with already here and we need to be aware of and many of us are completely nondefective it's great and the real emerging church who are interested now out of curiosity raise your hand if you hear the lack of raising you are not here in the last session all right you are forgiven I'm going to build on some of the principles that we had last month of its confusing I hurried how do you say that while you got in the middle of the eligibility but were to continue not that I've been promised the handouts are still coming at the end of this session we should be helpful so please I got your will you leave your own paper I wish I could provide some point now take a pen deliverability studying the word of God and were to be doing a bit of a sampling of Adventist church history was good profitability place but before we do any studying of course was the first thing we need to do was do so now power has been heavenly father we thank you so much for giving us instruction in your word and Lord now we asked for understanding of that word and application of its principles and practices in online help us to be faithful and useful for you we pray in Jesus name amen and seventy and is eventually to talk to the state of the dead I don't care where you benefit a small group of Bible study one what are they public campaign everywhere you go every evangelism is worth his salt is going to have to explain the misplaced in Jesus conversation with the people across correct I if you change that one which of course is one of them is lunch which wasn't an original but you you have to that's better you got a deal of it right the Bible writers but in the Bible it transmitted to put that in there now are stuck with it as we do and of course one person says today he will be with me in paradise the other one says when I come in paradise I'll bring it with me in the sense of the sentence changes with that one it's the difference between Sunday grandpa versus it's time to eat grandpa same exact words exact same order that little that emphasis changes the meaning yes were all very aware of that missed place but there's another one I want to make you aware of probably in your Bibles today please go to Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four starting with verse eleven hopefully very familiar passage to all of us here as with anything himself of course behavior were talked about here is Christ in his establishment of the church which was a big part of our hike last time and he himself gave some to be apostles some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and teachers clearly defining different job descriptions different titles of positions of leadership in the church and not everybody is all of those things would be of some apostles fundamental some passages you get the picture now the kid a critical part of the verse twelve for what purpose nothing arranges you from the King James have any ever-changing today great translation about the please understand punctuation is not inspired what's with for what purposes they have all these different jobs in the church for the perfecting of faith for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ how many jobs do these people have three how do you know the sales Lisa their first job is perfect thanks then either when you're done with that or at the same time they should also be working on another project doing the work of ministry and in their spare time they should be edifying the body of Christ 's unanimous incident you have these people do these things for this purpose of protecting the site for the list of three to drop the work of ministry the fun part cracked up what the new King James does have a new King James reality of your allegiances ASAP have a Bible you same verse verse twelve now from the new King James for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying the body of Christ difference how exactly I listed to for the edifying of the for the purpose of equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying the body of Christ I know this can be heresy but I think that's even still slightly pregnant over to better I think the new international version sums up the meaning most accurately what's this to equip his people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up one job to equip his people for works of service so that the body of Christ to the building of the body of Christ is simply the result of everybody working which is what the job of the leadership is a citizen workings of the bodies the highlight how I had the audacity to stand here and say that King James in this particular instance not in the wording on agreement by the punctuation has given us improper reading the text how do you determine a text validity we look at the context do not as we talk about Alaska most of the Bible problems that we have to be solved of you have this one simple principle just keep reading degrading social back memory from the new King James of the same wording is basically nineteen James Welp but if you go back to the context of this passage with December first twelve again for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying the body of Christ after we all come to the unity of faith and knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man the measure the steps of the full is a Christ we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men and cunning craftiness in deceitful plotting but speaking the truth in love may grow up in all things into him who is the head Christ follow the hoping started out it was he himself who gave these were still talk about our headship of Christ and the church in a problem with that what's this from whom the whole body joined and knit together by what by what every joint supplies according to the effective working by which every part does its share causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself that will drag in the context the way the church grows and stays healthy but doctrinally an evangelistic mean all the things that were tasked with doing is not by having people do it for us but I haven't those people train us that we can be workers be clear on this is what the apostle Paul had in mind we disagree we see that with look at the second Timothy second Timothy C-section there chapter four in verse one of any new government with ordination service for a minister the gospel is that Dennis Church of the good habitat many times a big deal and every single time I promise you you will hear or see this printed or spoken this passage Paul charges protégé Timothy begins in verse one I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who will judge the living and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom is quite a pro upper preamble is not in what is there to do preach the word and everything we limit amen and as the church is a different having a bit of a believing that we need a pastor he has embraced the word right price alert is my question to home let's keep reading because it is noticed there's a temptation to start speculating and I got an opinion with distributing preach the word ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and teaching the question is to undermine the time will come when they know what I will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have itching ears they will heap up for themselves teachers and they will turn to areas away from the truth and be turned aside to fables but you'd be watchful in all things endure afflictions do the work about what oven evangelists fulfill your ministry question for you good evangelist preached to believers or nonbelievers church members or prospective church members are sure they can preach to the locals I'm talking right now not often as fine talk to each other what's the primary role but Paul is giving him go preach the churches are very set up for those new ones by being an evangelist preach the word be an evangelist which brings me to this first segment organism I almost guarantee beginning of work references to the spirit of prophecy in this particular seminar session you've ever heard in one hour no here's the first the upward look at page two six four UL two six four my brethren and sisters there is something more for you to do than to sit in your churches Sabbath after Sabbath and listen to the preaching of the word you have a work to do for your friends and neighbors God requires anytime God requires you should then yes she continues that you visit these families and seek to create an interest of the truth this time praise the Lord notes are here I'm not attributable to see the fact that he is this is a teaching moment I'm not distribute them on a new distributor amen the last what do the Lord intervened to did to the left with the thought and he let it about the music if other people do as we would very quickly I was talking talking back to living up to sixty four requires that you visit these families and seek to create an interest in the truth of this type you are not laboring together with God if you neglect the work of helping others to take hold monetary outings eternal realities here's the thing though even here on your own but you don't say our ministers are not to be encouraged to hover about the churches to repeat to the believers week after week the same truths preached the word everyone in the audience as yet when you have to become possibly just that no one is talking about grades the word I don't know iodine look at the handouts are you getting session one who fed the five thousand study that later pay attention now okay hopefully another one is coming to regaining the time but we keep marching the width of the book of Titus disregard the worksheet for now Titus chapter one stability section just a few pages over Titus chapter one about the ball to another protégé says in verse five for this reason I left you in Crete that you should set in order the things that are lacking either the picture that Paul has never been traveling with Titus and at some point pocket going even to use the year why do you believe in their hotels and for this reason I left you in Crete that you should set in order the things that are lacking so apparently there was a lack of order that needed to be corrected you get the picture deposited an evangelistic campaign even a missionary journey is preach the word people been convicted converted and ready to go and then they just kind of disorganized Bethany leads arthritis use them back the reason I left you therewith to put things in order I need to keep doing this but I pointed you over this business very asked up a six inch right quantity over the and how do you put things in order in the local church and appoint elders in every city as I commanded you these are party taught you this but now you put in practice increase but only in order to cultures that doesn't mean I want you to pastor all the churches I want you to organize the churches and in your Python is that elders in every church in every city interest to notice the part of what Titus wasn't left their for one church for one job and I know your job is to go organize this area the district 's territory appoint elders and make sure they're running operating well and equipping the saints for the work of ministry as most of you over and over we see this going to go to seven Baptist Church history in eighteen eighty six walk us through just a little bit this is a dramatic this is not acting I'm literally just to walk a little bit this can help you in Libya timeline a living time I would start here with early and over there is later or more recent shows eighteen eighty six Elder GB 's star was asked by the Wabash and airplanes dealer about the growth of the seven Dennis Church remember the seven churches only officially organized eighteen sixty three so this is only twenty plus years after that organization and already they were just rolling profusely unless enough so that AAA a secular press the secular newspaperman and energy one of our church leaders that time is a hobby that blows off with this question by what means of you carry forward your work so rapidly was the exact wording yes was this well in the first place we have no settled pastors and well and living the very first thing I can think to say what we don't have any settled pastors are churches are taught to take care of themselves while nearly all our ministers worked at the evangelist in new fields of eighteen eighty six before this is not proportional nineteen twelve General conference president Aji Daniels making address and believe it is a Los Angeles design we have not settled our ministers over churches as pastors to any large extent to difference it if it's not here very few but some and some of the very large churches we have elected pastor but as a rule we have held ourselves ready for field service evangelistic work in our brethren and sisters have held themselves ready to maintain their church services and carry forward their church work without settled pastor and I hope as he looks to the future I hope this will never cease to be the order of affairs in this denomination for when we cease our forward movement forward movement work and begin to settle over our churches to stay by them and do their thinking and their praying and that work that is to be done within our churches will begin to weaken and to lose their life and spirit become paralyzed and fossilized and our work will be on a retreat before nineteen fifty seven ageless Richard Singer speaking to some severe symptoms on the time up to many of our preachers instead being occupied with carrying the message into new fields is taken up in settling church difficulties in labeling for men and women who should be towers of strength and status subject to labor and he goes way back in his Time Machine brain when I was baptized and later became a young preacher we looked upon churches and by that he does not meet other local seven demonstrators on the other denominations of churches we look upon churches that had to have settled pastors over every flock as being decadent most of our preaches radical firing line holding meetings winning Linda Christ and raising a new churches then every few months they would come around visit the churches that had already been established this seemed to be according to our view of it the plan of the apostolic church nineteen fifty seven he starting to limit something he seen change or for the purpose of today emerged instead of his church nineteen ninety four this is from the Seventh-day Adventist elder 's handbook page twenty three it's not the one Google find now the one you find now is blue that was green but at the Greenland to find the statement on page twenty three got a little and got a lot during the Middle Ages the clergy largely took over the work of the church Seventh-day Adventist church still struggles to overcome that medieval tradition and seeks to restore the biblical concept that all believers are sisters members in general and elders in particular neither greater vision of their significance and responsibility of the church at work the nineteen eighty four they looking the strain of history and the like somehow we've gotten off track and become pastor dependent in our local churches we need to train our members and elders in particular to be the leaders in local churches now I want to make this presentation is exact presentation at a place and I forgot to bring my green elders and says on the front of ABC and pick up another copy it was the blue which is not a single others have booked the role of saying it's awful it is uninspired and then it's a good great guide of the prince was a good thing that it is still primarily from but that's my caveat two thousand thirteen the new this is on page twenty eight CP notice of change and Henry the seventh and his church is growing rapidly and many churches are understaffed within the code would remain understaffed I don't have enough pastors for all these churches what's is now in such situations there may be large multi- church districts where pastors are shared among several churches and it is and is able to visit each church only once every two or three months member that every few months the footage was Richard nineteen fifty seven failing he remember that's what the typical way now it's a sport understaffed churches it is the faithful service of local elders that helps keep these churches strong and growing the implication is as soon as they are properly staffed good this friends I believe is the real emerging church again nothing against the premises I think those are valid things to study and be aware of sure this is the one that already emerged as one when I know my visit Angel Araiza it's here I can almost guarantee it in your local church evangelism page three eighty one that thus begins our training of statements and inspiration evangelism page three eight one if the proper instruction were given if the proper proper methods were followed every church member would do his work as a member of the body he would do Christian missionary work but the churches are dying and they want to minister to preach to them statement continues they should be taught that unless they can stand alone without a minister they need to be converted a new and baptized anew re- baptism battle she was meaning that literally urges using Bloglines but either way it's a serious issue they need to be born again she's ministry of healing page one forty nine every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give Bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath school class is going to start with were doing good to get a teacher which was trained she should actually do teaching S was less a matter of how to teach us a lesson in it all best to help the poor and to care for the sick how to work for the unconverted work then converted care for the poor the sick teachings have a schooled all these things issues listed which was begun by the membership by the conference of appointed leadership compass point leadership is get them to do their work test was the church volume seven pages nineteen and twenty the greatest help they can be given our people is to teach them to work for God and then on him not on the ministers let the minister devote more of his time to educating them to preaching let them teach the people how to give to others the knowledge they have received their locations every member the church is already received the message and has no problem continue to learn as everyone to be an ongoing student of the Scriptures would you get from you Mister or negative from your daily devotions between you and the Lord in his inspired word that location as you heard the messenger in the message is struggling is not given to someone else civic and recorder April twenty four nineteen oh two oh oh what a work there is before us our ministers are not to hover over those who have received the message just as soon as the church is organized let the minister set the members to work the newly formed churches will need to be educated the minister should devote more of his time to educating them to preaching he should teach the people how to extend the knowledge of the truth church should be school reconnect that little bit valid prep in your mind your church should be a school to train you to do something for the Lord but you think something is not the smiling or neighbor gets aggressive intentional intelligent evangelism by our laborers when members of excellent that you can use these the new ones yes I was the one from the press are Atlantic Union Gleaner January eight nineteen oh two the same year as the Pacific and recorded a son on the other side the other ocean the Atlantic Union Gleaner January eight nineteen oh two ago we were on page two at and up the good towards the bottom there should not be a call to have settled pastors over our churches but let the life-giving power of the truth impress the individual members to act leading them to labor interestedly to carry on efficient missionary work in each locality as the hand of God the church is to be educated and trained to do effective service its members are to be the Lords devoted Christian workers I fear that your structure we now have enough structures up what we've built what we've come to believe that it is to have a church full of watchers the workers are few review and Herald October twenty two eighteen eighty nine youth church members are educated to be silent and useless members instead benefiting the church they will be a hindrance to its advancement and growth not a poverty of ideas to these the think in such a powerful and sick every church should be a training center and then it dawned on me after reading the statement to every church already is a training center the question is what are we training the people to do look at the litigants are you gotten your hand you can do that Church members are agitated to be what silent and use of the implication is you have to be part out of the quiet and useless it doesn't come naturally the natural convert apartments to talk to everybody yes it can hold and then somehow summoned out of long-term numbers are real good at holding it what happens they had gone through a course of education and talked to be silent and be useless what but that independent to me there's a lot of good news in their ever met someone is a brand-new convert just into the first revelation seminar they can keep their mouth shut ever they go to seminary at the workplace about the game is about the market of the study what do you know about in a lot of pain but related seals are overrepresented in a just and that all the jargon in one sermon on the market agrees that they can't even outshot right you can get a devoted seven at his long-term and to tell anybody but the marketplace what happens you know what happens they learn by example they just come to find a place on the future so required on the nobody's fish don't you think the cold blankets wrapped around them either way so in looking guy six months after his conversion back in six years where is the zeal back another six years then he might even hold office by then physician to further educate but the situation is amazing there even are new converts anymore the ministry viewing page one forty seven everywhere there's a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual effort human wisdom tends to consolidation and centralization to the building of a great church as an institution multitudes leads institutions and organizations the work of benevolence it simply needs doing good for others they excuse themselves from contact with the world of the heart 's grow cold they become self-absorbed and unenforceable love for God and man back out of the soul Christ commits to his followers an individual work a work that cannot be done by proxy ministry to the sick and the poor the giving of the gospel to the law is not to be left to committees organized charities individual responsibility individual effort personal sacrifice is the requirement of the gospel how many times about all the good thing is I don't have to really good bread whenever I was in a given out after nothing wrong with that phone adapter but if that were called it was just from a distance now I'm thinking to go after and go bring read your neighbor but there has to be personal personal article was sold without an evangelist and seven months I'll pray for his success is very nice and honest it's a very good thing to do but it can also be a very pious excuse for not doing anything to look up prayer and work sometimes but those two words and conduct me to putting a look at real CD-ROM Bradley never work in the Jesus prayer is the place of video at page three eighty two if the ministers would get out of the way her words not mine if the ministers would get out of the way if they would go for the new field the members would be obliged to bear responsibilities and their capabilities would increase by what use opportunities they wanted to go with it so wanted to give a Bible study wanted to go shirtless margins if you discover responses offers longer a very pious and that's not my gift and they know is true because they took amendment for the checklist to meditate a little online quiz to tell you what your spirit in this regard our theology of spiritual gifts is killing the church as Mark Finley jumped on other neighbors on these in a temporary witnessing is not a gift payment in the in the Christian life sharing the gospel with others is standard equipment it just comes something that all we have special witness or people over here I just don't don't don't ever been is a worker but we taken that out of the realm that somebody else's job my job is to hope they do well a bit and noticed that their capabilities would increase the implication is number one but their capabilities are pretty low but be honest because they believe that they don't have to get to have and exercise what isn't the gift and they are either their muscles atrophy you probably aren't good at giving Bible studies so before I send you out I got to teach you him go out effectively yes now I don't know many good physical therapists who if they found a lame leg or so and any past spring of six months is the meta- in the leg muscle that attribute is reluctant to come a week they would say all know what the best diagnosis that leg is bed rest don't put any weight on it don't don't stretch it don't do anything just sit tight now what are they to say exercise and elbow room to run Ironman in there yet but start with what you have and build on the little bit of good will but more daily weekly monthly and become what God intends you to be apparently even in the spiritual realm capabilities increase by use if you go out not good doorknocking I validate my concern I do not get to know if evidence you need to do it again to get right review and Herald July sixteen nineteen oh eight there are many who never heard from the word never heard from the word the reasons for our faith and yet some of our ministers feel a burden to hover over little companies the believers in an effort to hold them together the best way to hold them together is to induce them to maintain a living connection with God and to exert their influence in seeking to draw others to the best thing you can do is note oblige induce that those are not comfortable words no I was giving birth they have to induce labor it's painful and you might get kickback from your church you're not doing your job well pastor know you're just uncomfortable you'll like the therapy it's good for you theater coworkers page one ninety seven is the correct in some respects the pastor occupies a position similar to that of the formidable gang laboring man or the captain of the ship 's crew they are expected to see that the men over whom they are set do the work assigned to them correctly and promptly and only in case of emergency are they to execute in detail she gives an example of this the owner of a large middle once found his superintendent in a wheel pit making some simple repairs knowing against me the owner comes in and he tired a superintendent who superintend other laborers yes the chain of command or the owner comes and finds the superintendent where in the wheel bit making some simple repairs while a half dozen workmen in the line were standing by idly looking on to the pictures the one guy the pit was the superintendent e-mail work and the others are standing around watching getting paid no doubt she comes that would prohibit what the proprietor that is the owner after learning the facts so as to be sure that no injustice was done call the form into his office and handed him his discharge with full pay think of it I saw a working apps working really hard but in recommending it backwards I'll get before you go broke with your fire when you be shocked you working you the one warrior 's life I enjoy misfired on one explanation in surprise the foreman asked for an explanation I would it was given in these words I implore you to keeps network I found the six Idol and you doing the work about one your work could have been done just as well by anyone of the six Québec minister just as well by anyone six I cannot for to pay the wages of seven seven paychecks that around right there only one of them doing work can afford to pay the wages of seven for you to what that word speech he was a teaching assistant will be doing the work with the teaching teaching how by his example that's right by his work he was teaching how not to work I cannot afford to pay the wages of seven for unit teaches the six how to be idle this incident may be applicable in some cases in and not others just think every churches like this but she had enough of a concern she wrote it down button many pastors fail and not knowing how or not in trying it or not trying to get the full membership of the church actively engaged in the various departments of church work if pastors would give more attention to getting and keeping their flock actively engaged at work they would accomplish more good have more time for study and religious visiting and also avoid many causes of friction and amazing look at that what are the things that would be remedied by this change in thinking they were slow more good just in general right and more time for studying get when he does come around to get better sermons out of an religious visiting I will look into the members and nonmembers but there be more personal work by the pastor of other people do in person and also avoid many causes of friction review and Herald August twenty six nineteen oh two our ministers are to go forth to a life of everybody talk about that debuted on just as well there is another subtle implications here well I would do the work but we had a pastor he doesn't much better than I could write I mean I I I totally could give a biosynthesis is what he gets paid to do this thing right so my question is that what he is paid as an individual Christian he should be getting Bible studies discuss what every Christian should do but as his job his job is not to do them for you his job as a trainee when do the brothers new job to be done just as well but anyone with six don't think the pastor is Superman can do spiritual things Minnesota at the priest without we have pastors is a difference pastor is not any closer to God than you should live an exemplary life he should be effective worker in his own right initially trader and quiver of others but he's properly train and equip you you can do what he does just as well enter review and Herald August twenty six nineteen oh two our ministers were to go forth to proclaim the message of present truth to those who have not heard it in our churches should not feel jealous and neglected that they do not receive ministerial labor at your notice that this is a progression you can see them and in that in the darkness we had a hell of church becomes is together the whole thing about how a bill becomes a law this whole process right the same thing how does a company become a church group gathering the image as well as a process right to be a company and during that time you don't have a pastor son being a part of a mother church that is intended to homicide but you have to demonstrate a few things if you demonstrate a certain amount of attendance every week is about evangelism certain type rejected under the rubric there's a curriculum that followed become a full-fledged church and all of those things are I demonstration that your good actual legitimate church is self-sufficiency being how the five dollars are coming in and makes a financial center out of operation of an up of membership in attendance yet at this you can actually be standing on your own right and that's what you look for them but as soon as we become a church with God now we've earned the pastor we jumped through all the hoops that we got ourselves a pastor now a real search in of that search would continue to grow know we need investors I don't have it including hereby guaranteed to look this up almost verbatim it does a church no good to have two or three ministers waiting for spirit prophecy believers direct for big as a church no good I don't recall something at look at the map but is there it doesn't you're no good to have two or three ministers waiting for unwed bigger church gets to a tree looks pale you need a half-dozen in some cases a dozen or more than one church and they start giving of the work I this is the be the one who does the preaching is the ministry of oneness is kicking off the Internet one this is the children one and you don't have youth you have children and then you and you have like I don't know where else to every little demographic misses the thirty four -year-old pastor the five euro pastor the again review and Herald August six nineteen oh two the surgery don't want to proclaim the message of present fruits of those is not heard in our churches should not feel jealous and neglect that they not receive Mister labor they should themselves take up the burden and labor most earnestly for souls believers are to have root in themselves striking affirmative Christ they may bear much fruit of his glory as a one man they are to strive to attain one object the salvation of souls that is the single purpose for your local church is the agency for the winning of souls and the enlarging of Christ's kingdom it is not the city continues God 's purpose that minister should be left to do the greatest part of the work of selling the see the truth many were called to the gospel ministry are to be encouraged to labor for their master according to their several ability hundreds of men and women now I hope could do acceptable service by caring truth into the homes of their neighbors and friends they could do work for the master God is no respect or persons he will use humble devoted Christians who have a love of the truth in their hearts let such ones engage in service for him by doing house to house work sitting by the fireside such men if humble discrete godly can do more to meet the real needs of families then could administer to recognize that there are people that you have access to and you're likely to pastor will never see not only a geographical territory that is physically closer you have an emotional connection have you had you had this kind of you have a relationship you have influenced that he won't have an enlightened not go to the public campaign is nothing wrong with public manuals again we should be doing that that's all we should be doing will come later but if there was one works if you had to choose between public and personal letter to be the person go win souls soul winning is retail not wholesale one by one may help you are you coming back what can I do for you that Cosco got a truckload of soldier with no one by one house to house person-to-person gospel workers three fifty two the work of God in the earth can never be finished by the way glad there's no there would be awful that was the understatement it was discouraging spare profit roughing it can be done as per the work of God in the earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and uniting their efforts with those of ministers and church we all go on and on about finishing working with sheet finishing the work starting the work I've never yet completed a task I haven't started to make sense you got to church for the watchers but will we need as a church full of workers which brings news closing doing the wrong job well some yes once the diagnosis how to fix this was the issue I don't think we may be clear that I do not think it's because we're bad pastors or bad judgment the thinking was bad enough throw anyone under a bus be clear about that but I do think we have the wrong expectations of pastors and church members both behind the pastors and by the church members they in recent years many avengers and training schools about the bow the country around the world is that everywhere and I'm really torn about this part really praise the Lord is a place were people in the Vatican Bible studies but as a pastor the other part of me is in Paris but they have to exist in the first place how is it Bollinger band member the lifelong member the church for eighteen thirty fifteen years and you have to go somewhere and pay the money on top of the time you may return the offerings you generously give to take you out and give a Bible study so part of my job as a pastor is to send the below schools back again and bring them home and train people here's like a run at school out of business yes I do love them I'm told this person with the leaders of these that not everyone in the nineties broken things but for the most primitive document I love the fact that we have no Emmanuel student arises and sold all the different nets whatever that whatever acronym for four letters on the wall and nuclear name of the ministry I love it they exist I do but his local seven Dennis churches we should be doing their work statistically though perhaps counterintuitively territories with fewer pastors almost always grow faster go to the Adventist statistics by paycheck and you'd think that Google would look up if you get all the breakdowns by division and commune in an conference of local drinking all the statistics are right there is usually one or two years old is very fresh and just add them up it will calculated that I did with the statistics inherently to take it home and look mean look at the different territory just pick one territory estate in the Western world one territory in the NHL you how many churches each pastor at work on the average and typically the ones that have fewer pastors for individual church or more churches individual pastor let's say the more church is the one pastor has the faster the territories were not of very reasonable argue it could be made and I want to be clear I am not making this argument but he could be made statistically pastors to churches killed into the harm but I don't think is because the bad pastors that opening to doing a bad job I think as it is in the wrong job very well in most cases they are doing your job and you are doing any job it's a wrong expectation of pastors by the pastors and selves by the members perhaps even by the conference leadership that was inspiration has warned in history has demonstrated that settled pastors lead to settled elders settled deacons settled membership in seven Dennis church member should mean missionary news am a member of the seventh at his church that should imply that you are a soul winner for the Lord bringing people into the seven data 's church as his last everywhere people to go back to Matthew chapter nine as we close Matthew chapter nine versus thirty six to thirty eight double check by the way make sure it's always in your Bible back to chapter nine versus thirty six to thirty eight when he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion for them what was Jesus doing by the way verse thirty five or before that when Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness of every disease among the people he was personally doing labor he was exemplifying the type of work that should be done preaching teaching and healing not necessarily that order but the crowds get getting bigger and bigger and bigger and more than he can handle it was just too much of the multitudes and when he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion for them they were weary and scattered like sheep having no shepherd was wandering around aimlessly then he said to his disciples the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest we should not be praying that the Lord would slow down the work to meet our pace which can be increasing our labor to match the need to send forth laborers into the harvest not have time for Q&A Renaldo an answer this one question is what we've been talking up and clear as it made sense conversion praise the Lord with our heads and with father I thank you thank you so much you have entrusted to us this tremendous responsibility of giving your gospel especially in the days in which we're now living up in the birth history to all the world Lord help us to no longer be satisfied beaming watchers the Lord make us your workers we now know how to get along constantly done some that have atrophied muscles the Lord train us exercise us build us into workers ordinance the primitive remember at least in this room will leave with a zeal for new missionary hastening the coming of Christ all in Jesus as our own this message was wanted to see what is wanting from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the sympathetic and just as satisfying young to be viable in question and so when I download other resources like this is the phone line is done to USC with the


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