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4. Soul-Winning DNA, Part 2

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 1, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC LifeLock it's three oh eight that's plenty of time to start at three o'clock meeting yes I this one if I'm not mistaken is the one with the color chart on the front of a Mrs. soul winning DNA part two session four and our training center church curriculum here and I'm sorry these shorter time blocks are really thrown me off a little bit I like I just don't like the time is up five minutes ago as one of you had myself a hammer so let's not make that happen but would you get started and were to try to take all these principles and put the night what with the cycle of evangelism look like in the local church how would I operate how is your church supposed to operate are we talking about some rebellious newfangled craze these off-the-wall thing or is this legitimate effort on honest convertible message today at this time but for you started with a quick report heavenly father again we thank you so much for the privilege of coming together and working for you teach us how to do it well and help our local churches to be centers of evangelism across this world and Jesus thing in again we see the great commission there was the whole purpose the church is a pretty big loaded question for the purpose of the church is when souls and all authority the gate of heaven or the beginning of me therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the father and the son of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you and low I'm with you always even to begin create the apostles page nine the church vitality of the opening words of the book actually boggles hopefully familiar with that sure if God appointed agency for the salvation of man it was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel the world the members of the church those of me is called out of darkness into his marvelous light to show forth his glory so that we had the Bible with its mission statement for the churches go make disciples we have spirit of prophecy saying this is the purpose of the church is the members would go and make disciples and then was go to the official seven evidence church mission statement the mission of the seven Dennis Church is to do what make disciples when they come up with that from the great commission the thought is a retooling the great commission in the context of course of the three Angels messages to make disciples of all people communicating the everlasting gospel in the context of the three Angels messages of Revelation fourteen six of twelve leading them to accept Jesus as personal Savior and unite with his Roman church discipling them to serve him as Lord and preparing them for his soon return discipling them I'm looking to get on my soapbox right now but that's not an actual word discipling but in any word processor and click define the night no entries found the word we made up but we'll talk about that in another but what would this look like a local church will only go through is basically help you understand the local church structure will be reading from the church manual another set things in a way to see what a local church by our own admission by her own documentation is designed to be like a note what this charges we looking at this is simply a picture JPEG is stuck in the air of a document that I made two years ago that you consider bottom quarter there was updated to and three fourteen thirteen two thousand thirteen call Susan were coming up on our nominate on again beginning this next year so keep us in prayer but what you can see here is that the I was very frustrated at as the larger church before this one and the denominator committee report was several pages long it was a solid black and white it was just all these names and offices and stuff and you like on page three years one of the positions on page four years the other one I don't know what is between any digital really nice basically just a list of names with jobs names jumping stuff particularly organize that well with the church ride from an innocent will here I'm missing a passive thing I want understand and organize myself that the wife is away that we could take the entire nominated report notices for church by the way of two hundred membership and on sadly about a hundred hundred twenty insight such as to give you an idea this is a good cross-section of Adventism there's a good number of churches followed by a good number but that's about the average church that now the church the highest authority in the local church is what or whom it is the church body right that means together in a thing called a church business session the board is not the highest authority in the church the board works for the business session the pastor is not the high-scoring local church he's a conference employee is assigned to an area that has your church in its highest authority governing wise course aside from Jesus Christ and the Word of God he understood a thing but earthly was ecclesiological is the church and business session but every time you have to spend some money one thing you don't call it through the business meeting that would be impractical so you have a thing called the church board it is a representative body working on behalf of the church and business session and so think about it this way it helped to put everything in terms of money for some reason but if you wanted to spend less a fifty dollars an year on the personal ministries team and interpersonal issues leaderless than fifty dollars you have to call a church business meeting to get the authority to do that I hope not this it's just endless it's ridiculous to even have to go to a church board meeting spent fifty dollars at your own department hope no one if you want to spend five thousand dollars well okay okay you would then even need to go to the church in business session was that kind of depends on how big your whole church budget is for the most part maybe not but the definitely go the church board but they won't spend fifty thousand dollars you call a business session you advertise your people noticed that we got to talk about the midst of this certain things that are good for the whole church to look at other things like that we trust you take care of it just go do you think this is how the churches organize the church in business or suppository that since the church board working on their behalf no who is on the church board the church board is constituted of the department leaders basically it's a pastor and elders and all the department leaders take for instance and this was in this is that like I said this is not just made up names this is an Joe Smith and John Sally whether this is real people I didn't put their phone numbers and addresses on its own harassment but they really exist I'm actually pass through this church there are seven elders you can see there and all of the elders are on the board the you have taken Antigonus cyberculture children's ministry in on around you can see how it works communication director per semester director yada yada yada and these people in the blue other ones on the board but why are they on the board as you know by the way that being on the board is not a job in itself it just comes with a job you're doing that's an important distinction can put them on the board no you don't put people on the board that to be there because they're leading the things have to be part of the department right so for the head deacon is on there because there is a board of deacons that he goes and answers to have their own meetings any discounts of the board to represent the something with the deaconesses since it was at his culture and all the different things so inside everybody that's on the board should be leading out in a bit of a department of the church one facet of the church work and you can see how that breaks down the reason I like this picture version is a because you know what you know things are aboard position because they're on the board level you know things are in a ministry level which is great but most of the people in church are not on the church more temperatures more than fifty people in your church is seventy people systems off the hospice work but they should be involved in the ministries of the church that the Board governance so well as Xers and SJ church manual what is the purpose of the church board what if you could summarize the what is the main work are you look ahead and she should've told you about it awaiting death what is the primary purpose of the church board evangelism analysis phase this is the pastor well done that you best euro it is not finances not as in there but his weight on the line and everything under show you is literally take from Richard Daniel I would implore you beseech you beg of you taken a church manual everything that I say today is from documentation the stop of the church expects as a reward to anyone right there we don't invent the wheel does drive the car regarding human it is the gospel commission of Jesus makes evangelism proclaiming the good news the gospel of the primary function of the church it is therefore also the primary function of the Lord which serves as the chief committee of the church when the board to vote its first interests and highest energies to every member eventual book fundamentals of every member so not just evangelism in general but specifically getting every member involved in the nasal process when the boredom of the first interesting it is every member events is the most problems are alleviated or prevented in a strong positive influence is felt in the spiritual life and growth of members have you ever noticed that your church gets along better in the middle of a big evangelism push and as soon as is done I will have the devils workshop and all of a sudden you're like the carpet color onion what happens while you stop looking up at this objective the goal working on and you lose your focus about the belittling surfing negative number one again this is cut and paste judgment of the most important item on the agenda should be planning the evangelization of the outreach of mission territory of the church in addition once each quarter now this four quarters and year out twelve months the pennies every third meeting every third board meeting should have one item on the agenda in addition once each quarter and entire meeting should be devoted to plans for evangelism that's a pretty radical concept that is the manual is on what the board will stay conference recommendations for evangelism program methods and how they can be implemented locally the pastor and the board will initiate and develop plans for public evangelistic campaigns of the first on a legend that one out of every three meeting ships that just about alone number two Cold War needing outreach programs of departments two things I want to highlight from that sentence number one they are not to be leaving out of and in doing and they're just coordinating the one for the other people are doing makes sense and also implies that all the departments are doing what outrage you actually doing something I would evaluate what are some of the departments of the programs of the church exist I know there's always do this without it put me know you have anyone to think in addition onto the church board is responsible for coordinating the work of all church departments each department develops its plans for outreach within its own sphere to avoid conflict in timing and competition in securing volunteers and to achieve maximum beneficial result submit coordination is essential an extensive arrays like they oldest the great day they were good but than Jonathan or ministries take the same day and try to pull through this area unless both of the board is theirs to coordinate their work not to do the work and coordinate picture doesn't turn unless you listen to this before completing and announcing plans for any program each department should submit plans to the board for approval the department also report to the board on the progress and results of their outreach programs so before the health ministries doesn't think they should actually sit down and plan what is our objective for this thing how much money will it cost how much time will be about having people we need to make up a plan submitted to the church board I say all it's great that you know we also have this thing the patient should direct in a coordinated and implemented him and come back to the board with a hat account and be honestly black fleece but twice as much money we had happens when people will don't do it the same way do something different but you just keep working on but a lot of times there's very little accountability opportunities this thing okay six months whatever happened nothing wrong this is lost the purpose is make sure that doesn't happen a fifteen million the board may suggest how department programs can contribute to the preparation conduct a follow-up of a public evangelistic campaign they like let's greatly help ministries know how a second part of the cycle so that we can get the harvest they should worship operative the harvest of you and make sure that all the work leading up to it is coordinated well number three is the itemized list and the numbers are still there not my suggestion this is from the church manual itself in the water literally copied and pasted here encouraging the personal ministries department to enlist all members and children in some form of personal outreach missionary service training classes should be conducted in various lines of outreach ministry notice we haven't talked about money yet but once the finances and apparently one out of every three meetings is all about of Angels and coordinate outreach program and then went to Courtney to those eloquent not just the church as a whole and not just the department of the individual members what are they doing down to the little children what are the children doing to win souls for Christ I don't know when that question has last been asking my own board this is a rebuke to me training classes be conducted in various lines of outreach ministry currently the board needs to make sure that the training we been talking about is actually occurring number four encouraging the interest coordinator asked for show and there's probably some of his religion you know that was a job right at court hitter that's interesting what is I mean well it's a pretty on the nose job description is coordinates all the interests with church people who are interested in coming to church interested in Bible studies who came to your help music interventions the campaign and it is out with neither floating around go get him nature some things on it right encouraging the interest or need to ensure that every interest is personally and promptly followed up by the pastor is that what it says that if a elder they taken the day and assigned layperson we had thirty new people come to this thing right now the interest for Nader takes is interested Shiite south we need to go Bob we need to go there in January to visit go-getter make sure we didn't just hold this event spend money time and energy and excitement and at the end of the day we don't know what happened people okay then intrasquad emphasis on the board and that's the fourth item in a region number five encouraging each department to report at least quarterly to the board and some members at business meetings or in Sabbath means you'll have to go around every department every tongue of award-winning just make sure that schedules that have a regular board by the way deaconesses this quarter happiness to the right cool number six in the last of the visit last six receiving regular reports the board should consider details of church business and receive regular reports of the treasurer of the church 's finances the board should study the membership record and inquire into the spiritual standing of all members and provide for business to set discourage or backslidden members other officer should periodically report now that is the next sentence the board should permit no other business to interfere with planning for evangelism should other bit this being too time-consuming the board should appoint committees to care for specific areas of church business such as finance or church building projects can imagine of you in the middle of a big building project with they are building a parking lot our roof for some good project and the board didn't talk about it in a hey amen says the CPA if I'm not mistaken right now usually her next visit but now that's not to say the work isn't getting done but it's just something out there taking care that they're taking it until the report back hey how the building that was used is okay how can we help next and but you keep your eye on the ball of evangelism you keep this picture of the cycle with the harvest in view and everything that's that it is in that illustration is different sized rocks and one size jar gently the only way to get them all the fittings you put the big rock in first the big rock in the local church jar is evangelism make sure that they get and then everything else goes in and goes along it's supporting that but when we lose focus of the whole purpose is to do evangelism solely than other things become the bigger rocks or we could build a whole jar full of other little rocks and there's no time for business no time for the care find the time to recalibrate the thing with a big rock in first now let's go to the personal ministries again this is from the Xers from the Church manual two thousand ten edition verse pages versus pages ninety seven ninety the personal ministries Council guides the outreach or missionary efforts of the church and works under the direction of the board so again the board has representation from all fields of the church but then there's the personal ministry 's department and it is the sub board if you will test with evangelism and the goal of evangelist has everyone working in some the event is less whole purpose of the personal ministries committee personal ministry 's counsel the Council should meet at least once each month at least gives you the option of meeting even more than once a month guest the Council should meet at least once each month and should consist of the pastor and elder the treasure and leaders of other departments and auxiliary services functioning in the congregation so it's a little stripped-down version of the board the personal ministries leader trains and directs members and outreach missionary service and shares the personal mistress counsel the leader reports in the monthly count church outreach missionary Sabbath service and business meetings about total outreach mission activities of the congregation pause right here with look at this incident would probably just breeze right but the leader the personal history 's leader reports in some monthly church outreach Sabbath service is another living thing it just implies that we know every church has there at you every month you have your outreach Sabbath when you report of all the good things are going on at Houston I was building lesser money calendar for the China big fan of having surmised calendars for the whole year like that a lot it really helps and I realize and I bet every Sabbath holy discrete recruitment reach and mostly just me I know that if I don't only hear about it from the window at the one of these and that we have to credit we do finally have the last year so we been having a personal ministry 's feature inside of each Sabbath service and they get a few minutes to say with going on in the highlight is a new go check out her years with going on if you wanted to do to come to this nonpersonal mistress functions with an entire Sabbath we just talk about the plans were going on and you share the test was what has been going on with that implies that there's stuff going on enough to talk about it that frequently by the pretty strong implication that once a month you get whole health Sabbath will outreach ministry reports that be cool but it's not as little scary plan that is doing what it is like making an appeal what if no one comes down and undisguised DataMirror with no one around but edition strong implications of their stuff going on a assistance may be assigned to coordinate the Bible correspondence school Bible evangelism literature distributional ingathering or equivalent appeals small-group ministries member training and other soul winning programs and all of this is on the umbrella of the personal ministry spark to the board lays these big picture plans and sets the stage for the whole thing and then the departments go to work supporting it and one of those department is the personal ministry department and they're getting every member on board with what's going on giving them the resources they need the training that they need whatever it takes to get them doing things so living DNA of the church to another the backlit interest coronary from going forward and that the interest for Nader against the furniture 's manual and interest coworker neighbor should be elected to make sure that interests developed through the churches missionary outreach are cared for promptly this person is a member of the board and the personal ministries Council and works directly with the pastor and chairperson of the Council duties of this office include what keeping an organized list of all interests received by the church I don't know if you've ever imagined but let's say that you do have a big outreach campaign and they got was a get out of debt thing or big health symposium something and have thirty people from the community show up in the Philip Bloom Carbonell was also glad to hear username and information and you have this card okay the event is over four o'clock undertaking in the tables are weaklings up and goes home what happens to the stack of cards leavened his will I did my part I checked the blood pressure is done okay but now what and nobody seems to know we just can't I think people blithely assumed that the dish somebody can pick up that pilot cards and take it to the pastor and he is good to follow up with them and will see them get baptized and for something of interest witnesses take those efforts will make a list and in and have an organized list of not only to the interest are but who are moved with the church members were working with those interest when they come to me that what was the name of the event with the help of it what things can we do more to help and make sure that there's someone to follow up with MG would you like by things like your next event you don't have a BBS program for children with having his campaign cookies revelation in that follow-up by an assigned layperson but I can tell you that they are interest lists in churches right now their dusty on shelves and drawers will be to know what was supposed to do with her to assisting the pastor and chairperson Mister Mistry 's counselor listing in recruiting qualified members for follow-up service three presenting to the board a monthly report of the number of interest received and followed up again there's a strong application every month you were supposed to have new interests when interest is sufficiently developed it should be shared with the pastor that's interesting so the list this book is a perfect right to health ministries is led the layperson of a plan is submitted to the board he was full of laypeople and horses go for the great plan behind you will pray for you will give you whatever money you need makeup and they go into the thing and they coordinate all the new people who come in greatly get the list of names interests it was of interest corners and edges were negative the fullest people they start doing a Saturday actual title studies they give the Bible studies as a pastor only gets involved when according this there sufficiently developed to call a pastor it's been all lay all the way through you know there are places in the world of pastors goes around the circuit and they had baptisms ready to go and he clears them is there anything you like as a being music mixer were on the same page for dinner worked well in oversight and baptizes and then push them in the discipleship ministry break there's arty plan for that to the pastor doesn't execute in detail he's not down the well will wield it it's interesting these ideas we been espousing the last couple of meetings are writing in the Church manual now I I I trust that you will go on and read beyond the next section the typical church ministry structure and if you need to resistant patient put a piece of paper over the bottom part of the page okay let's start with the top part most seven Dennis churches probably function this way at first glance everything seems fine it was the look of the little chart here you have three boxes the top of his preparation for ministry the behind-the-scenes work this is everything for and even with the district wants to do evangelism they want to see souls what was it like a hard it rebellious group they want to do good things this is typically how to go about doing a personal UB personal spiritual preparation island be sure that I'm good with the Lord and his Word to you everyday with oceans and things you also business meetings the focus happened in board meetings in the departments have their meetings and then there's other various administrative duties that occur as all the behind-the-scenes work but at some point have to do a thing and we typically divide that into two categories the things we do for the church of the things we do for the community of course the things we do for the church a community is coming always welcome to the welcome to come to prayer meeting recondite bolos for members only cover printing or our church service please I hope that the case but we don't typically advertising dignity like it's a community centered events so we do things ministry to the church let's say here with an open invitation to the committee allowed to come worship service prayer meeting Sabbath school church school social events they might bring a neighbor or something you should convert your social but is not primarily advertisement for the church but then it all we did was that we say we need to get out the community to reach out we have a commission to go when souls so we do ministries outside the church ministries to the community with an open invitation a church can participate Bible seminars and events including evangelistic campaigns we advertisement for that group outreach events we might do some big literature distribution campaign manager the knee great controversy proctor her globe marathon Lowenthal is the you health seminars advertising community healthy cooking finger stop smoking class and get out of debt sooner with vacation Bible school for children community service centers and we want to get our name out there and get our building of people aware of it all these different things in his lungs were doing things for the church and for the community will that start to Spears right were doing and we kind is a faint little line in between the two we hope somehow the people to mentor evangelist demeanor helps in our letter will come a however meaning that is closer to become an mostly done look at this up administrative organs being cared for their ministry to the church family and the community going on this plenty of an act of activities and programs and even public evangelism is happening perhaps there's even steady ties stable membership and a healthy budget so what's wrong with this church well as you remove your hands you'll sue there's a whole section of the church is not being employed as a short it's the personal work of the numbers personal ministries in a training center church the primary objective is training equipping and employing all numbers and personal soul winning labor and care for each other the first work of the board 's evangelism in all its phases in the spiritual nurture of all members we were direct quote from the church manual classes are held for all members to be affected personal soul winners should remember that the first one there's no personal training whatsoever no training classes which probably represents most of our churches here is a personal training going on K and all corporate outreach events including evangelistic campaigns simply augment ongoing personal work of the individual church members they are there to support with already being done by the individuals not to take the place of it it augmented it doesn't supplant me so if you take a look at it you still have the same preparation for ministry behind-the-scenes work personal spiritual prep to go business means working as part of a limited industry now imagine the here the agenda of the church board in church business meeting zero of the differences are focuses on evangelism we still have the meetings we are talking a different thing to have a different priority structure but you add one more thing in here that's training classes the board will make sure that that's happening is a personal ministry as we need this person is physics executes so that you still have minister to the church worship service prayer meetings at school church school social venture at the membership of stuff to the community all the different things it was there before what's missing here personal ministry every member ministry personal invitations to events how to get people to evangelistic campaign organized enough liars it's good to buy billboard to get radio after something that but I was just talking with penalties in the room or not Thomas Buhl who runs the disciples interest tracker software they are now starting to do statistics on how many meetings people will come to related to how they got invited to the meetings and so they were saying that the typical person who heard a radio ad consummately was two or three meetings good but we want full thing right the typical person who gets a flyer in the mail I think if it comes to five meetings the personal invitation group comes eight half meetings with me nothing big but between two and eight that's over to inhabit over four times right four times longer from the personal invitation so I'm not advocating things on the Billboard the mailers just go shake hands known in certain I can tell you from our last eventually campaign we didn't skate with several people who came and eventually were baptized I skied a couple quick stories it was the multiple factors was a day just on the one lady said I was driving on the Billboard assault advertisement but I didn't catch all the details where was the phone number in website stoppages solid than I thought it looked interesting then I went to work and couple of guys that I work with actually go to Windows church was doing that event they were talking it up myself against the thing I saw on the Billboard job in memory then they went home and there was an advertiser mailbox and I can know what I think the Lord is always on now it is and if any one of those that happen I would probably discarded was that money back but without the data pictures that I got to go to the now in addition that other person that same person came to the first night was first letter second neither one of the early night the end typically what we think is it off it in light with great Google map and adore a woman wrong I think I left in front but I wanted I went to these people 's door late they didn't answer first as if I was from a different denomination but they're like oh that's the kind of debate you're the one speaking up there on the thing in your here at our house was like yeah I noticed the one here at the church so I came to you serving okay in the very first thing for several alcohol it were as you think you know how you meet we start immediately missed that one night and then it's another thinking about this assignment to be going back but it's really haven't looked at as when it is my make sure that I hadn't stepped in your toes if everything 's okay there's any questions I can answer but would love to have you come back to pray with usage of Illinois and she came back the next night and the next and the next night and two months later baptized it was great but I thought the one that works for every single time but now we have at least one sample in a church and or other pointing others to but this is one who weakens chart from nothing to seem to campaign visiting this is not going through and having a personal visit and should set if someone hadn't come to my door and coming drag me back I wouldn't go it wasn't because of that it just fell off my radar screen is like your e-mail inbox once you get past the first twenty is gone if you don't get in the first week is not happen help you I feel solidarity like to get that e-mail I think so maybe I'd only will if I been replied to happen the same thing in real life work got to go get him anyway personal invitation to that person the literature dissertation I don't mean by that just taking a pile of cloak tracks as we had one dear saint you know anyway you don't just take a stack of them and leave them on the counter at a place and say I distributed five hundred contracts no you didn't know it means literally looking someone in the eye at the seams I was peeved this is really this has been a really packed with Internet at a convenience to matter especially if you know something is gone on their life that do this natural disaster things is the personal trauma there's questions about that you know whatever the thing is and this has been really helpful for me I think it is appropriate for you to do its thing but personally distribute dungeon Masters division go to them individually personally personal and small group Bible studies and the other model of their there's no mention of individuals doing Bible studies with new interests there's no mention of it all and yet I think most of us would be totally fine but never happen because we don't have that expectation or heads DVD and correspondence studies guy we've noticed this and outreach someone to lose track of time again are okay as a notice is an inner outreach events we have a intrasquad interchurch and he's on the personal ministries team they have every week except for the one week we have a potluck so three out of four weeks or four out of five weeks there is an outreach door-to-door witnessing activity in our church on Sabbath meant but the notice is okay we have a hundred and twenty people in church on Sabbath and everybody likes a personal interest or special gift of baptism cultures the thing that is wonderful and then twelve will show up the bank and I'll mind by the well-known saying that everybody succumbed everything we don't come to everything we do just pick some things into faithfully but this is why we might as well the difference weld each week but it finally possible that the island when people and twelve that means only once every ten weeks do you actually show up into a thing it have different twelve every time reasonable formula but one of the things that discourages people from from going door to door and asking for Bible studies is number one people are there's one group of people that are afraid of strangers and their afraid of getting rejected which I believe is almost entirely false I think that the things we say that we don't actually mean I think people are far more afraid of getting accepted they are rejected right what would happen if you knock of the Missouri like I was a group of Christians Regina Edward Norton as Shaughnessy is not a good way to do it but let's just say they did it that way in their lives wondering if you'd be interested in some Bible studies and they actually said yes they like all praise the Lord I shall spend in prayer about this I wanted to understand the Bible more not never really had I have this Bible like I would think that you need to come in right now it in the negative I actually don't know what I'm die I don't know how to give loses in theory Justine and maybe someday you might like to know I think the farm I think of undoubted light up the amended at this in a notice validates that is not for me I just terrified and so they're afraid of that and then there's the other group it is the canoe drop off things here's a DVD with other Gottfried Sollecito 's combat Mexican trucking can do little things like that is better than nothing and then you got a long-term commitment you can technically the next week or next week that's twenty six weeks or something right there and how that can at times when they don't mind on the ice is Artie been broken so there's people who are great at one time breaking the ice with it long continent is other people afraid of the yes of the know they need things established first in the no follow-up at all the time in the world they're afraid of new people so what we would've got a group of knock on the doors and got the interest in and into another group would come follow-up with them in a book they've Artie said yes you don't have to be afraid here's the course of a table to do just I just need somebody to go this week the next week and next week that long slow cultivating work and you okay so were trying even on church to hone it to People's 's gifts will be clear about that but willingness to never visitation and I thought that was kind of implied and the other was just the pastor doesn't write that is not among pastor should visit the members but that should not be the primary work is he should make sure that member care is tended to but how do it with witches werewolves and of course new member mentorship the new people they need to follow up and would have a whole house seminar session on that called disciple shows a close-up of discipline and member care is what I like this one report this kind of reviews the things we party scene before God uses created beings as his ministers to care for the needs of each other we saw in Revelation chapter five with the Angels that God created the hundred million plus of them go in minister to all those who will inherit salvation Chapter six an administrator on the earth Jesus had been disciples make the people sit down in groups and who fed the five thousand well at the end of the day big at each other again and desire of ages in Christ acts upon the temporal necessities of hungry multitude is wrapped up in deep spiritualism for all the workers price received with father he imparted the disciples made them part of the multitude of the people to one another there are many people that day never came in direct contact with Jesus or his disciples yet they were fed so all who are united in Chrysler received from him the bread of life pen with the to impart to others in heavenly places to Jordan to twenty three in heaven none will think of self nor seek their own pleasure but all from pure genuine love will seek the happiness of the heavenly beings around him if we wish to enjoy heavenly society and the earth made new we must be governed by heavenly principles here pastor isn't hired to care for you is hard to teach you how to care for each other and I want to demonstrate limits make us up when we get some exercise judgment about because the pastors appointed to the position in the church by the conference of the pastor serves the church as a conference employee is responsible to the conference committee and maintains a sympathetic and cooperative relation to works to end works in harmony with all the plans and policies local church that implies that their plans and policies of local church that are separate from a pastor he just helps coordinate elders who are elected by the church are responsible to that body into its board so that primary leadership of the local church is not necessarily copied pastor if the elders who were elected from within that membership so let's look at the role of the elder strafing manual the pastor should not assume the lines of responsibility but should share these with the elders and other officers just the Olympic store all work of the church should be shared by the pastor and the elders in counsel with the pastor the elders should visit members minister to the sick foster prayer ministries range and lead out and anointing services and child dedication encourage this heart and assisted other pastoral responsibilities when it be weird if somebody beside the pastor to do baby dedication or anointing service of someone but in James it doesn't say coffin passes a call for the elders but in the Bible that the term is interchangeable with the local leaders spiritual cabinet of the church but I contacted me near the literally times when they don't have church members who won't start the potluck unless I pray for the food I love the sand making that up as a hyperbole and a thing to be funny but it's literal happen I've been literally talking with a new person a visitor in the church foyer after the service and the Deaconess will well intended pastor we need you over there in the gym I would have to start the potluck I've is the door locked I don't understand with what is the problem you know what we need to have the blessing is a Catholic priest lines right Dickinson deaconesses in many churches visitation is arranged by distributing membership by districts and assigning addicted to each district with the expectation that he will visit each home at least once a quarter that you think while the pastor should be visiting members but I find a site with elders but the elders have their hands and every other thing that goes on in the church to court in the manual the primary role of the deacon is in the primary role of visitation the considerable elders participate in it too and coordinate the work of the deacons in the past to make sure it's all happening in a case of emergency executes in detail church manual page seventy eight if the church elects several deaconesses should record a should organize the board of deaconesses chaired by the headedness and other and another deacon serving secretary this board is authorized to assign duties to individual deaconesses and cooperates closely with the board of deacons especially in welcoming members and visitors and in home visitation again later on deacons and deaconesses are charged with assisting the sick poor and unfortunate and should keep the church informed of their needs and enlist the support of members so in visiting the sick and caring for the members they shouldn't just have Elder Dieter Deaconess they should make sure that other members come along to the notice that in the evangelism for outreach for nonbelievers you should incorporate all the members to work for lost souls and in the care for the people inside the church you should incorporate all the members under the direction of the leaders that were elected by the Dominic you notice that leadership positions in the church are not to do the work there to organize train and equip the members to do the work that's with the missing element in a lot of our church functional structures as is we have these grand ideas and principles we'll have the laborers are few finally the STL example of planning for home visitation should be a regular part of the elders meeting visitation can be assigned to lead church members gifted entrained in a particular ministry says program tropical character under shipper plan where membership is usually divided into geographic zones and Elder assisted by a dignity in this could be in charge repair so the pastor and elders lead out in the visitation plan another programs that build spiritual strength in the church so basically the picture that you have this quick examples are close going back to our church membership right now on the books we have two hundred and ten Friday we went up to eleven but was really nice went to ten that one person is bad for two hundred and ten and we had seven elders so you think we're starting Harris planned pastor can respond to the two hundred and ten people every quarter that's just insane so we really divided among the elders okay so that any people are no methanol to ten divides evenly with seven writing you get thirty of these okay so there's thirty people under each elder that the much less numbered in fact one exactly one seventh of November but thirty people is still of rather large chunk of people to care for personally but that's it and that's just a bizarre pastor and then spreads up the elders but you forgot about the Dickinson deaconesses and what the bacon and bacon this is when they gone visitation make sure the other members do with what Allison 's present way across the nice write nobody false truths not problem so basically just done and were implementing one or get right back to the church in Michigan so we divided up into the geographical zones the elders and deacons and because I had a big meeting with a listing is the visit gave listened sermon and and everybody's on board so there's now a team of elder deacon and a deaconess and they of course can pull their spouses and as they see fit and they can pull other church members in but inside of this group of three there's thirty people so divides evenly ten a piece and of that ten if only say half of your church membership is actually attending church your list of active participant with the odds are done with five to seven range that's doable any start little bit of a small group taking care of each other type of thing led out by the pastor elders deacons affect Kevin by the membership as far as possible amongst himself now the city were two jobs we second the second one is let's say that there's in church discipline needed her time to clean the books and we got hundred people on the books we haven't seen in years as a question how do we know definitively that we haven't seen in years we keep in attendance every week of the back of people 's heads we know how many people were in the church but we don't do attendance from the front of their head I can know which individuals were actually there so how even a note which people came to church every week by the way are we going to track the attendance of every member Bouygues what's wrong with that we have no problem doing it for perspective members at me with him when I don't eventually can we really didn't achieve a barcode thing achieve all that explain unlike one this is not the mark of the beast will get to whatever promises not piece of plastic in Muskegon is not backing of the book of Revelation is a culminate here but we have no problem saying I how many in the had little meetings working for three nights and you get somebody on the track those interest listens to become a member when I ask anything anymore if yes then your nosy but structure and organization is not is not a sign of impersonal work it's actually shows were trying to take care for us I doubt you've ever been to a church that had a greater and you were offended you probably was a happy Sabbath is it your job while going well I mean kind but I mean I really do want to say happy Sabbath I just want to make sure you take care of the eatable it needs to get as this one is open the door for hearing up but yes it is my job to be here today no one ever thinks like with your bulletin and then offended you I thank you for thinking ahead and making appliances on taking care of appreciate that organization organization actually fosters personal work instead of entering organization isn't anti- spiritual God is a God of order out of chaos anyway these are lots of thought the clinical straggly and apologize that and once again we run overtime but if you would start to work for my father would please help us to be the church he wants to be open to take seriously the great commission to develop a soul winning culture DNA within our local churches built around caring for each other in winning souls to Christ teaches our individual responsibilities train us where we may not know what quick bus where we may not have encourages where it might be afraid the Lord more than keeping this faithful make us useful for you for you created your own business it was avoided in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the Seventh-day Adventists seeks to inspire young and vital faith question so I download patches and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with double


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