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4. Romans: Power To Face The Final Conflict

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC Arredondo is a short break I apologize for that but I want to get it right back into it here so I will I'm looking at my assistant there were do we have any more of those lessons okay someone was one E one appear an semi and no one here to read a couple more just hold your hands up to make sure you get one I am happy through this lecture so I'm happy for you to have them already if you don't mind us to hold your hand lady right up your wants one front row or a letter back to the text right now and and and see where this is going to take us all right to demonstrate his new backup you disobey God verse twenty four being justified freely by his grace I will say this that there is that there is nothing that Jesus Satan under this way that Jesus saves you Jesus justifies you plus nothing thank you and justifies us plus nothing I wish you say hallelujah RA verse twenty four chapter three being justified freely by his grace through the recent tension that is in Christ Jesus whom God set forth as perpetuation dissatisfied is justice that God set set forth God since it provided his own sacrifice by his blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness some I was just asking the again if Jesus what went when the when Jesus is not by will on not my will but thy will be done didn't Jesus have to go to Calvary 's cross in the answer that is no God could destroy the world and still been just yes or no absolutely Jesus didn't have to go through that he went there of his own free will because it was the only way that you could say already looking at twenty seven verse stream down to the dentist of verse twenty six to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of the back up to twenty four again verse twenty four being justified freely by his grace in this context grace is not something that is poured into you at in the end the Roman church grace is something that's poured into you and then you do good works and that becomes the justifying factor that's not true according to the apostle the grace here is grace that was something done for you outside of you and without your permission how many of you were Calvary 's cross spirit you can all right when Jesus died on Calvary 's cross as the sacrifice the perpetuation that was God 's grace doing that outside of us so in this context of justification it's something that God does for us because we cannot do it ourselves and there's nothing you can brain forgot to do that for you now that doesn't mean if there's not another context of grace with God gives you his grace to be obedient up talk about that but that's not a grace that justifies that the grace that is sanctifying out talk about the difference between justification and syncopation just a little later the lobby but that was confused in fact I worry now days that people don't get sanctification and they don't understand the relationship between justification sanctification all right or make sure that I didn't miss that somewhere or a verse twenty seven where is boasting then is excluded by what law of works is her anything that you did to offer that sacrifice on Congress cross the answer that is nothing so there's no boasting not by the law of faith no but by the law of faith therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith we could put in Christ justified by faith in Christ apart from the deeds of the law or is he the God of the Jews only is he not also the God of the Gentiles yes of the Gentiles also Paul is saying this because it was everybody to understand that Jesus died on Congress cross that he did not die just for Jewish people he died for everybody in the whole world yes Jews are Gentiles also verse thirty 's there is one God who will justify the circumcised or the Jews by faith and the uncircumcised Gentiles by faith that he asked his powerful question without they discount the punchline in in the book of Romans do we then make void the law through faith and he doesn't just say no he doesn't just say God forbid he doesn't just say certainly not he says God forbid you a way to establish the law and years were Seventh-day Adventist need to be so sharing with our friends and our neighbor the truth is the law of God is established on Calvary 's cross and by what Jesus did on Calvary 's cross how is it established will give on that finish again and I'm out here and arable laws don't you want to me is a silly kill me it is not to be established in my heart that is going to kill me and my right but if I am in Christ act on calories cross Jesus established the law by doing two things first of all he wipes out my sins hallelujah and then he gives me power to obey him and obey him is to obey the law of God another words it's the living Christ who comes into my heart into my life supernaturally and produces in me a living faith I live in obedience that is impossible to do if I have just the law alone but if I have Christ's is the living law these the sum of the law is everything the law is and more these not only the moral law is also the ceremonial law cannot be saved without the ceremonial law why don't all due respect to those who do that's why don't believe in people going back and celebrating all the old sanctuary feast days why should I do that what I need to do that Jesus is the ceremonial he fulfilled all every feast that were celebrating mouthy reality of the day of atonement I have to go back to their family background but on the drag a land not sacrifice that somewhere Jesus to fulfill this part of the ceremonial law hallelujah he filled the hollow because he is the moral law it was never done away Jesus is done away with the moral laws done away with Jesus letters moral wallets and if the message of the Adventist church to the world around us I had some friends and save me a little while been done away with us and just for sake of argument but to say you're right I just say you're right the battle question for you we only do with the heavenly ten Commandments that John Saul invasion and jet Revelation Chapter 11 in the heavenly sanctuary at the end that in the ark of the testimony what has noted that you can save your site most of all is done away with all I had a wonderful Angela happily can command that something even more for you we undo the living Christ the use that you accept in your heart and he declares himself to be the living law we go to do Jesus lives along wins and a Jesus lives in J Gallimore and move the new law lives in you and the good news eyes wonderful things got tight on me God wants me to fulfill the righteous requirements of law because he wants me to live rather and that is the essence on the board that went okay let's get back to this doing tonight for the law through faith certainly not on the contrary we establish the law chapter for which we say the announcement is exhibit a which we say then that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh if Abraham was justified by works he has something to boast about but not before God while seesawing up Jewish in my exhibit a Abraham and he says something to Abraham that are very interesting I'll think most users ever thought about some of our Christians have about either chapter four of us were at and let me get right over there trying to follow some of this but I if I'm going to get through Mozilla have six sessions were need to go then we have to keep the six sessions have two four six yeah right all right so a big part of this is to get done today suite a keep moving here I don't go so fast evolution but I'm going to move along faster on chapter four unlike to get into chapter five before done for the session okay if I'm going to fast wave your hands he lost me come back down to earth and in late me back down okay all right verse three for what is a Scripture say eight believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness now to him who works wages are not counted as grace but is that if you worked eight hours in your paper the eight hours if someone is being nice to you is a disgrace on his giving to you argue on your earned any simply saying that Abraham did not earn it but Abraham God accounted to his account as Grace verse five with a Hindi does not work but believes in him Christ justifies the ungodly Splenda already is faith is accounted as righteousness now I'm going to right now my wife is a CPA she has two loves in life one of one of her love is she loves to do taxes why should I don't know she likes to do it so that's great I don't have to do on your site she is assigned here I signed here which is pretty nice but she has another pass she loves kids and she loves children's ministries from Dartmouth the accounting part right now if at UTC and Paul using that we got big problems sinners have a big problem first of all our first problem is that we're in that all right what we were not just your hand is zero in your bank account you in the whole way in the whole year so far know that you will never ever be able to pay it out you never really get out you way down so what Jesus did on Congress cross Izzy added enormous value to our lives he created value was at an Sunday was a walk how did Jesus create value on Congress cross question and answer is who is what is worth more on our worldly the sysop what's worth more the artist are the artwork and he said he artist you write wisely artists worth more than the art is the creator right so what Swarthmore the creator of the created the creator is worth more out like to suggest to you that John chapter one in the beginning was the word the Jehovah witness our friends agree with that even the Muslim friends will prevent I think and the Word was with God and they have no problem with that then here's what we all are ways and the word was God and there was nothing that was created that was not great without Christ Christ is the creator therefore he is a worse if they carefully he's worth more than everybody in this room is worth more than anybody that's ever lived altogether and he is worth more than all the living beings right now is worth more than anybody that all that will be borne on the sum total of entire universe he is worth more so when Jesus gives his life and place of our life he created value because he's worth more and so therefore he can apply what he earned on Calvert Cross reported that way to my account is not good news wow I think I sent Christ as my Savior he not only gets me out a whole but he also gives me riches on which the lien he doesn't is merely bring my cane make it count up to zero he puts in the posits in me the power to live a holy life for the rest of eternity you open it when you when we are saying is down the sea of glass this is the tragedy of sin we lost our righteousness did we not gone and it's gone like the prodigal son you ain't going to get it back the only way that you have any righteousness is of Jesus gives you of his own and through the ceaseless ages of eternity I will always be covered in his righteousness and I will always be grateful so it wasn't just to get you paid your debt he also put planning in their free live for eternity which is good news for all of us anything silly the brain use this as a counting thing with Abraham and I wanted to get to use that by the way that's you'll buy a house without real money MRI and you're not saved without the real debt being paid would you still cameras cost was real money surreal thing all right moving on through him verse seven according from Psalms Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven and their sins covered blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute send our site held a lead of the half I mean I'm a sinner but being covered with the blood of Christ there's no imputation that God doesn't impute sin to me is require me that is forgiven and your son does this blessedness is blessed blessing does this come upon the circumcised Jews only are upon the Gentiles the uncircumcised also we know the answer to that now here's his argument with Abraham for we say that faith was accounted to Abraham for righteousness and how was it accounted while he was circumcised or uncircumcised was the answer while he was uncircumcised other words Abraham was saved by faith before it was ever certain size that's why the apostle Paul has a problem in Galatians with a group of Christians that were coming around I was at ongoing delays I love Galatians oh discussing money punchlines and the real punchline Galatians is Jerusalem above is our mother not get back at another time another place but in Galatians he was he was so he was so upset with Peter because Peter had understood the gospel and then these guys came along and they said look yes Jesus saves you he paid the price but in order to be saved you still need to be set to circumcise and that's what I said earlier Jesus saves you plus nothing that plus nothing and so he's saying here the Gentiles don't have to be circumcised in order to be say they're saying it except Jesus by faith just as the Jews said Jesus by faith and their site already him down just because of time here because I want to get some of this I think that you can get into but I wanted on first fourteen and fifteen for if those who are of the law are heirs faith is made void and the promises of no effect of us sometimes you do have a hard time with that peace is not hard it simply saying that the Jews or anyone who believes that they are justified by keeping the law but they make faith void that makes sense is not is not against the law of God is against the way they're using the law of God or not they're not time not using them appropriately verse fifteen is a very interesting discussion because the law brings about what wrath or justice for there is no long there is no transgression question and answer what is sin the only answer that Scripture gives is that sin is the transgression of the law but we do have a bigger problem in all right Chris you wait for me to get this mess because we are born in sin the true so is being born in sin sin was a big debate I want tell you what I think sometimes truth is not a circle with one sometimes truth is elliptical with two points that are held in a beautiful tension it's like a husband and wife were different but there held in tension in a good way God 's way not there fighting and fussing but there's different roles within that home sometimes truth is that way as well someone give you what I think is a truth since I only have one definition of what sin is sin is a transgression of the law than sin means that when you transgress God 's law but that's when you're held guilty you're not held guilty for having a carnal nature but that doesn't mean you don't need to be rescued from the make sense why do you need to be rescued from a carnal nature because the carnal nature year that you're born with gives you a bit to send us a bout will babies eventually say grow up is not matter if they will send it only a matter of and that's not because the carnal nature which is there if you please always had time talk about temptation of obstacles on talk about it is not the tip Tatian that sin it's the yielding right take a few minutes to talk about temptation anything that would be for just a minute on that one there are two different sources three different sources were temptation comes from if you were lucid in the kingdom of heaven there was only one source of temptation and that's what I call and another person calls G Campbell Morgan calls the temptation from with in because Lucifer like all of you and myself were created as free moral agents which means that we can choose not to serve God and all right you're not create his robots God doesn't want robots he wants children I mean Dr. Dre else all robots but when you dig a big hug and be the speed tape recorder repair with the tape recorder I will not sign my daughter gets me a hug they give me one because they choose to they'll have to so God created Jones liked it a huge risk to do this so there's a natural temptation with and nothing got bills the temptation is not God tempting anybody is just there because we are one of free beings so Lucifer came to the place that he decided to tempt himself if you please and eventually he sin not because of any outside force and not because he was not created perfectly yet no carnal nature that is not true in your case in my case temptation comes to us from three different sources were still free moral agent so that is also an issue MRI a also another issue in that as we have a bit to send in our genes and the every generation goes by makes it worse so there is a bit to Sanders a predisposition to sin so the carnal nature is there to tip me as well and then I got the devil is evil angels who are also working to tip me he had two sources the temptation were then she did not have a carnal nature nor did Adam but then there was another temptation which was the devil does evil angels to three sources of temptation the temptation from within of the free moral agent the carnal nature now that were born in sin along with Cain Abel and sat and the devil of his evil angels who been banned this earth we really need the grace of God we have to have the grace of God temptation is not sin some people get confused I don't raise your hand every human being has ever had bad thoughts that you had what that's not sin it's what you do with the bad thoughts with me by the way you can control your thinking yet people so I can control my thinking I just have to think whatever comes my mind that you don't I give you come out of the ICU had to be decided on a coming on Grayling Michigan were campus I was at the have a bit waste axons in the interstate they are the tells about the snow whatever temperature and one day it had a sign up in signs up there and said it if the deer jumps on front you don't swerve why did tell me that if you go seventy miles an hour the interstate and you jerk your steering will you know what's liable to happen is each in your life is at stake so what are they tell me that was the benefit of them telling me that now before there's no dear drive me yet human nature exactly right so how my going to avoid that time I might avoid the human nature the natural you please ask my body got reset it predetermined you have to make up to tell me that socket makeup on my edit follow me another words it if I'm not if I'm not going to yield to the natural that one have to make up my mind ahead of time and say the deer jumps out in front of me is seventy miles an hour I'm not going to swerve Beatles actually elsewhere I'm telling you with Christ Jesus you need to take them in the garden and you need to let him tell you where your weaknesses are and you and he'd together in the early morning prayer need to make a decision that when the deer jumps out in front you you may be prepared by his grace and that's what I've had the Lord Jesus help me with this have a certain weakness I many weaknesses and Bavasi Lord Jesus I know that is not a matter of effective Pages come on just know it's going to come and you've got to help me I'm telling you over and over again the Lord Jesus exercises supernatural power to help me with my willpower not to swerve the other thing is you can't think of more than one thing at a time sorry ladies in our site because sometimes they say ladies can do multitask on to saying that you really can't think of more than one thing at a time you want to do awful things which can think of more than one thing at a time so is something evil comes in your mind then change the subject as a Lord Jesus that's why should do memory if I should remember the Ross Scripture you can start quoting a solving start quoting something else why because it but something else in your mind especially as you should learn the great gospel pins because you can start seeing those hands and put something else in your mind it's at learning to control your mind is absolutely key and you need the power of the Lord Jesus they say Lord Jesus I would think these things I don't I reject those things I do not choose those things and symbolic grace of God you are not to think to start thinking about this Jesus and even the comes in a thousand times rejected a thousand times in the name of Jesus all right ourselves in hands he also you back your first look among here right that's right it's what you do with the temptation and so yes you speak of wound someone like you and you okay you well that's where prayer comes in and wants important that we fight the battle that we must find someone to make sure that we understood that but that doesn't mean that the carnal nature still doesn't need to be dealt with how many of you will wake up on resurrection morning with a carnal nature if you do you're the wrong resurrection of get into that why get into chapter six I really get into a lot more but right now I want to continue because I want to so much get into chapter five here and I think a lot of this and chapter four is really good the really want to go up to the first twenty ten chapter for talking still about Abraham they gotcha back up to verse nineteen at I'm in that chapter four on site if you find it difficult to chapter four verse nineteen and not being weak in faith he Abraham did not consider his own body already dead since he was about a hundred years old and the deadness of Sarah 's womb he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief promise to do for you I have a friend Doctor Ray Holmes and he pieces for we have to have is not an intellectual faith we need know the truth but he says we must have a believing faith was a difference between a believing faith and intellectual faith believing faith believes that Jesus really did save me on commerce crossed believing faith believes that Jesus will save me for eternity otherwise I'm just using Christianity as a nice social thing and I'm just really focused on the here and now this world is not your home we are pilgrims and strangers here I don't know what will happen we may die early God forbid we may die we may live a long time I'm not sure always that the best thing in the world but at whatever it doesn't matter maybe difficulties come for all of us what really matters is do we have a believing faith we believe that Jesus himself will save us we comes again we believe that is also what he didn't encompass cross is a difference between intellectual faith and believing in he's got a great book you never read that called it sought my Ernie sends a wonderful book many women get back to this Abraham had us believing faith verse twenty says Abraham he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief I read that Boston will lord how can you say Abraham not wavered I thought long thought about that similar beginning to show me something here that I have seen the truth is that Abraham didn't try to help God out a little bit effective cardio got a lot won the first thing he says I know you promised me to sign it is not shown up I'm getting pretty old here and how about my sermon Eleazar Gaza sorriest not want to become from you your own body and got to come from my own body and Sarah must that have long talks about this thing I wish our regulations I would give you I would share some wonderful things here that just been such a blessing to me personally but I can go there right now but the Soviet Union no and then Sarah suggests that one you want to say Sarah will do that but she suggests her young handmaiden said she can have a baby my will instead she can have a baby let's Abraham must do this labor and went down that road and it was not good and God shows up and a rent schedule and nuts is not sorry Sarah God never made the promise to Abraham ladies listen up this is beautiful God made promise to Abraham United Center because God counted them as cheap to visit air according to the promise sorry not additional either send them away talk about bringing sorrow for years difficulties your bachelors in a way were the only acting this conclusion you never didn't waver to believe the promise is kept on help God out and never wavered about the promise how many times we've done that got ourselves involved with Haggar do what I mean by that I'm these men symbolic sense is very difficult to break off the results fix the power of God I have time to go there first twenty Hee Abraham did not waver the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith how does Abraham strengthen his faith with the next sentence if you don't get anything out of this was after the hubby get this with an anyone a stronger faith anyone a mighty faith will here it is and here's how strengthen his faith here's the formula for here it is he did not waver the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened by faith doing what giving glory to God we don't give God glory we don't thank you enough we need to praise and more if we praised them more and we gave him glory our faith will be strengthened because as you recount what God has done for you your faith is strengthened and verse twenty one and being fully convinced Abraham that what God had promised he had promised that God he was also able to open to perform you believe that God forbid that you have to die before Jesus comes but that day comes can you stared at the plate I say people affected his Seventh-day Adventist and we'll say this enough we don't want to die a man interesting that when Reston life but listen to me we should not be afraid to die in our young people should not be afraid to die a set of freight it was it was John Wesley on boat to America and the Moravians understood the gospel and John Wesley did not horrible storm everybody was crying and screaming the Englishman was crying and screaming the Moravians were calm peaceful and singing after was all over John Wesley goes over to the Moravian and he says to the Moravian nanny says were you afraid I said no we were afraid this is what your women are afraid so now our women were not afraid your children afraid he said no our children are afraid of why Mister Mister Wesley we all died this morning regarding price that morning and they trusted him that they with their life therefore they were not afraid to die they want to do was affect they like to live the work Friday the gospel of Christ should make us unafraid to die why because were fully convinced of what God has promised he's able to what performed he resurrected from the dead a Weiss is to us it's a big here's thing is my words but then God is not hard verse twenty three am thankful for now it was not written for his sake alone that was imputed to him for Abraham was a rent second long but for all small so it shall be imputed to us who believe in him who raised up our Lord Jesus from the dead aren't you glad it was written for you to who Christ Jesus verse twenty five who was delivered up our crucified because of our offenses are sins and was raised because of our justification not told you earlier that I love that old song Jesus paid it would Jesus bomb Congress cross was not enough the was the text say the text so when Jesus died on covers cross it wasn't enough he had to have a resurrection BC we even pay all encounters cross but it was worthless unless you came to life we do not serve a dead Christ we several living Christ is the living Christ in the heavenly sanctuary that takes what Jesus what he did on Calvary 's cross in a plastic firelight out of free will that was minister one time and and we were talking about some things he has members they are living coming to my meeting and just happened to show up there outsource are we wrote Betty's that's who it is now is right and that and we went and and he would begin to have questions back and forth very nice conversation is very nice person bangs Dennis and in the course of that conversation pieces was one thing I just don't understand about you add venison says that you have this atonement going on up in heaven he says what was that he says I don't think that's right Jesus paid it all on Congress cross was finished across the ceiling ask a question is not which asked me more questions we ask we gotten to the Sabbath and adhesives okay let me ask you a question he says if my members and nonmembers do not and if I don't keep the Sabbath and I would be lost as a tough question and because if I said no I lost my case on a little application if I said yes he's going to leave the legalist or whatever just let me ask you a question before not only his answer my question it's not ask a question I said is free Will Baptist ministers on a love talking to I said you are your members sitting over here I said they take God 's name in vain and they continue to take God 's name in vain and they don't repent and they keep taking nothing in vain are legally lost yesterday for five minutes he tried to fit in cursing and I finally said Dennis Alito be lost or not you can be lost some less archaeology on Sabbath drew his family asked me this question about were being finish sauce and let me ask a question simply for asking the question asked that you understand Jesus Metheny 's a great question are not just a stupid question but good questions he's these wonderful questioner Jesus was they like I said to him so I so agree with you that what Jesus did on Cox calls that she paid for the sins of the world 's monastic question when did Jesus apply that to your life he said now that's salty at Mister saying he's in heaven applying what he did back there are like now completing the work in us by his grace or can I get off on that sneak a few more minutes here is yet legal have got really one punch down this he was delivered up there are fences raise our justification chapter five therefore because he was crucified for our sins and raise our justification can be justified without living Christ first one therefore having been justified by faith was at work justified meeting it means we put in harmony with God you cannot be justified without being in harmony with God here's my play the piano it's our harmony no I don't want that year that either you want me playing the piano because I can make it harmonized even my mother tried for three years some people have and some people don't therefore having been put into harmony with God by faith in Christ was a difference between faith and belief the devils believe and solicitor their belief in our faith is little devils believe they hate God or not evolutionists was unaware all came from the Hayden Christian faith and belief our faith we love God we believe in and we love you that's right all right and we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ because were in harmony with God there's peace through Jesus Christ and I like to take some time to ever talked about how much Jesus is worse who is this Jesus is the creator worth more than all of us put together through whom we have access into this faith into this grace in which we stand how do you get access into this grace in which we stand my wife and I some years ago she is not in evidence there was a anonymous friend of ours when we want to sell we had a house in the suburbs and we won a house in the country and we had a mortgage on the house and so I have the money to you and you either we go through the wood only color bridge loan all the companies risky stuff anyway her friend found out about our friend found out about it and he came to us and he said don't worry I'll just bought a house and you sell your house to get new mortgage payment all of us it really you do that this year so they the closing your closing assessment that today you get the house so we go to the closing the realtor circles rooms we get paid and and we come in there's no mortgage and we can elicit down and the closing people there and our friend comes in and sits down on settings other real and the realtor looks at him and he leans over to me and he says who's that I said without him there's no deal is also his saucer that so-and-so disperses deceased now but just wanted to tell me I was worried because the minute I said his name he knew he was able to perform the promise in at the closing man pulls out his checkbook and writes a check and we have access into this new home not new but new to us that's what Jesus did on Congress cross he wrote the check so that now you have access into the grace of God in which you now stand spending and God 's grace is not an all and often get experience and yet is not cheap grace either standing in God 's grace many use another illustration I'll come back to standing in God 's grace and the you got through the day yes like to marry you if you're married okay I can't deliver at that drillbit in my head so yeah we we doubt we go to this woman and we say to her you know I love you tell her all the things I make a wonderful life for you if you just marry me I'll put my covering over you and we make staged only and we mean every word of it and she looks at us and talk about proverbial kinds of things here she looks at us and she she how decision-making right and the decision is wishing trust you are not this should trust you're not as you trust what you say and finally succumbs the decisions uses okay I trust you believe you and yes all Marriott so everybody's happy you get married and now let me ask you question is she a free moral agent yesterday now can she get a divorce I think she's just attention the answer that is because he is a serious spending and God 's grace is like a covenant relationship is not an all in all things but can you get a divorce from Christ and how do you get a divorce Christ I need a good divorce Christ although the grace of God you never want to get a divorce but you can get a divorce two ways one you can set all love you anymore walked around this relationship and the other one it even get a divorce like they got a divorce in Matthew chapter seven first twenty where Jesus on the day of judgment says to a bunch of Christians I don't know who you are what you hear them in here the reaction emotional reaction what you may weekend visit your work miracles in your name it always comes wonderful things in your name please so known Lawrence begun divorce how do they get a divorce because they conscientiously premeditated late resisted the appeals of the spirit of God to repent and eventually convince themselves that Jesus didn't care our people say well Damon David when he did his terrible thing he was still say us and really that was premeditated pre- thought out free everything and I'm here to tell you that I believe that David was a lost man but behold the grace of God behold the grace of God it was the grace of God that Captain Gallant with the devil children but God kept him alive it was the grace of God that race that Nathan the prophet it was the grace of God this is the Holy Spirit to David to convicting of sin and went the grace of God draw the lesson home it was David who fell in repentance behold the grace of God my dear brothers and sisters the grace of God is not a trickle the grace of God is like an ocean fill in the grace of God pursues us he does not like all of us very easy thing God that we can stand in the grace of God and by all means don't get a divorce because if you do have everything to lose and nothing to gain our heads father in heaven thank you for your love and mercy to us thank you for helping us every direction and operate as we can back tomorrow and you will be our helper and our teacher Jesus and in this message was included in Key West twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the simvastatin sister seeks to inspire young revival faith and someone to download patches out of resources like this is online at www. 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