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2. Really Resting in the Cross (Hebrews 3-4)

Clinton Wahlen


Clinton Wahlen

Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC will get started note that some are still coming in but time is limited and we want to make the best use of the time that we have so thank you for coming we had quiet wonderful first hour looking at Hebrews chapters one and two and were going to move on beginning and chapters three and four in this seminar let's just before we begin let's start heads for prayer loving father thank you so much for Jesus the word made wealth among us who gives for us today you're right hand bless us as we study your word guide us in the seminar this morning in Jesus name we pray in our first seminar just by way of the briefest summary we found that it was essential the cross was essential for saving us because only one who is he with God vertically reaching his throne and one who is horizontal fully human could take could touch our humanity and experience our temptations could sympathize with us only one who is fully divine and fully human could save us and this is the Savior that we half has become to Hebrews chapter three it's again against with Jesus hubris three therefore holy run-on partakers of the heavenly calling consider the apostle and high Priest of our confession will deal with that more and seminar three about leadership will come back to these verses in chapter three consider the apostle and high Priest of our confession Christ Jesus who was faithful to him who appointed him as Moses also was faithful in all his house for this one has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses inasmuch as he who built the house is Jesus is the creator course he who built the house has more honor than the house for every house is built by someone but he who built all things is God and Moses indeed was faithful in all his house as a servant for a testimony of those things which would be spoken afterward but Christ as a sign over his own house whose house we are if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing the hope firm to the end so as Moses was leaving the house of Israel Jesus now is leader and head of the house of new Israel yet as Paul says here Jesus has more honor than most this just as the one who made the house has more honor than house most didn't create Israel God created God brought into existence through the Exodus bringing them out of Egypt leading them into the promised land leading them through the wilderness and as Paul says in prescriptions ten it was Jesus who led it was Jesus who was that rock in the wilderness why is this important for us to know why this Hebrews talk about it at this point because like Moses Jesus is leading his people he's leading us through the wilderness of this sinful planet to the heavenly King and saw the warning in Hebrews three and four is very serious for us to so that we do not follow after Israel's bad example by hardening our hearts and rebelling against the Lord you know Paul has also thinking it first contains ten very similar message he goes through and we won't take the time to look at this passage because our passages he received for but I just want to point out the parallel because Paul in Hebrews is trying about the same thing as he does in prescriptions ten where he goes through the experience of Israel in the wilderness and he says in verse six now these things were our examples to the intent that we should not last effort evil things as they also lost and so on here per se commit fornication someone committed person I neither let us tempt Christ to some of them also tempted verse ten neither murmur years some of them also murmured verse eleven now all these things happen and then for examples and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come so but was written then about their experience the wilderness is instructive for us upon whom the ends of the world are come this is the same message as in Hebrews chapter three and four and the warning here is very serious now you might think while we can make the same mistakes Israel destroyed we have you will learn from you know we we see various brands and what it led to an more than that we have more than they had we have the New Testament we have Jesus in his life and his Word through his apostles the one thing we learn from history is we don't learn from history the one thing we learn from history it is we don't learn from history any historian will tell you that we may if we're not careful repeat the mistakes Israel made in fact it's already happened to a certain extent we could say because we are still here we should not be still here but were still here were told that Jesus could've come back a hundred and seventy years ago had a address after the great disappointment in eighteen forty four help out their faith and thought I'd unitedly in the opening province about receiving the message of the third angel and in the power the Holy Spirit proclaiming into the world they would have seen the salvation of God the Lord would've rocked mightily with their efforts the work would have been completed and Christ would have come ere this to receive his people to their reward it was not the will of God that the coming of Christ should be thus delaying for forty years did unbelief murmuring and River Valley shutout ancient Israel from the land of pain the same sins what were they unbelievers murmuring and rebellion the same sins have delayed at the entrance of modern Israel into the heaven McCain in neither case where the prom God involved is the notice says the unbelief the worldliness the consecration and strife among the Lords professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years had statement that is well worth pondering over for some time that we we don't have time to dwell on Israel wanted to turn back in Egypt and we have to keep in mind you know what Egypt was at that time Egypt was the most civilized place on the planet all we have to do is look at Egypt modern Egypt today and look at the contrast you would think that modern Egypt today would be even more advanced right but as one person said who was on a tour with me of Egypt you know looking at the buildings that were crumbling she said I can't tell whether the building is going up or coming down and we didn't go to look at those buildings we went to look at the pure meds and the palaces of Karnak and the tombs of the kings and queens the pharaohs of Egypt and the glories of that civilization was a marvelous civilization it was a very advanced civilization and it was comfortable there good food and all the living conference that went with the most advanced nation in the world while of course they were slaves to an somehow yet they somehow in the wilderness when they were no relying on God for their water and there food they came to forget that that they were slaves and so Egypt in Scripture it minuses I believe epitomizes unbelief yet over and over what we do we read in the in the books of Moses they wanted to return they wanted to go back and so Hebrews by contrast encourages us to hold our confidence firm and steadfast to be in verse six but if we hold fast the confidence and rejoice in hope for a monthly and verse fourteen for we are made partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the how do we do that how do we do that how can we avoid following the misguided example of Israel fortifying the testimonies page one fifty DOS they manifested their disrespect for God and for the leaders he had appointed to conduct them they took matters into their own hands feeling themselves confident to manage their affairs without divine aid the words of of Hebrews three verse fifteen servers fourteen if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfastly endure important that that word if they could be translated if then or if and only if it I worth there is a fairly strong probability that believers today will repeat Israel's mistake unless they hold fast the confidence if and only if we hold fast our confidence rejoicing firm to the end will we be saved God does not chain on us to the cross he never forces us to stay in his presence longer than we are willing is not an on-again off-again experience because the holy spirit convicts us and we sin he doesn't leave us instantaneously he comes to us in the still small voice you know when I do something wrong my say something or do something I regret the Holy Spirit speaks to me and I hear you I don't care an audible voice but you know I think what I mean ice I something like Clinton you really shouldn't have done you really should say you're sorry sometimes even my children he is my children's town now when the Holy Spirit says that to me I have a choice I can soften my heart or I can harden I can refuse if I refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit then I am bordering on Dolly and my Christian experience will begin to disappear it's important to listen when the Holy Spirit speaks to us notice that it is in fact the Holy Spirit that his and his speaking is focused on here in Hebrews three and verse seven where some ninety five misquoted therefore as the Holy Spirit sabbaths as the holy spirit sass this is not just a song from long ago Israel they are dead and gone but the Holy Spirit is speaking through some ninety five it's emphasized by the present tense in Greek not as the Holy Spirit sad but says and the fact that this is still the Holy Spirit speaking present now I significance is also emphasized by reference to this generation here in this in this passage some ninety five refers to that generation we would go back to the past and she's quoting here but when he quotes it he says the word actually is this generation in Greek and expression is twenty times in the New Testament besides its use here and every time always when this expression this generation is used in the New Testament it refers to the generation that rejected Jesus and that was going to perish in the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in A.D. seventy and so there's a strong warning here not to follow the example of those who perished in the wilderness of the time of Moses and we could probably rip recalled by the way that this was written just a few years before seventy probably just almost forty years since Jesus died on the cross and gave these warnings to Israel about this generation just the forty years was about and there's a strong warning her not to follow the example of those who perished in the wilderness of the time most of us who wandered in the wilderness for forty years and even stronger warning not to join the generation that was doomed to destruction because they rejected Jesus this parallel in other words between the generation of the time of Moses wandering the wilderness forty years that generation that perished and the generation that rejected Jesus then and was destroyed when Jerusalem was destroyed by wrong and interestingly if we would study carefully Matthew twenty four were Jesus predicts the destruction of Jerusalem he uses that same image as a time is coming destruction four years ahead of time he's pointing forward but he uses that to point forward to the destruction of the world just before he and the time of his coming and the events that the immediately preceding so he is he's drawing the parallel Jesus draws a parallel enough to twenty four between the destruction and seventy and in the world here in Hebrews three we have a parallel of the wilderness generation with those that Jesus is speaking to and warning of the destruction and of course we can understand that applies even more to class today that some ninety five and the book of Hebrews calls for us to learn from Israel's failure in the wilderness and Israel's failure time of Jesus and to make a different choice versus seven and eight today if you will hear his voice do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion in the day of trial in the wilderness so what was the problem Hebrews emphasizes that the problem was a heart problem harden not your hearts it says in verse eight verse ten they do always err in their heart and verse twelve take heed brethren lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God unbelief is dangerous maybe it would be better to call it not unbelief but a little closer to the waiters and Greek on faith on faith because it's the opposite of faith rather than trusting five we downtown we doubt his word we doubt his profits we doubt that God will really do what he says he will do does that sound too strong Israel instead of putting their faith in God 's promise and obeying his word from the heart filled with love for how we save them from bondage complained and rebel faith in God and his word is the key but what is say what we mean by take God 's word K believe what he says but what is it to believe what does it mean to trust him and you know may be sound in defining faith will immediately quotes another person Hebrews Chapter 11 verse one faith is substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen right but what does that mean you have a thought that through Paul spends actually the rest of that chapter Hebrews eleven illustrating what it means basically someone has faith if they are perfect prepared to act on something they don't have as if they hadn't already there prepared to act on something they don't have as if they hadn't already noticed Hebrews eleven thirteen verse thirteen these all died in faith not having received the promises not having received the promises but having seen them afar off and were persuaded of them and embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth notice what Paul says about Abraham a few verses later here in Hebrews eleven versus seventy nineteen by faith Abraham when he was tried offered up Isaac he was willing to offer up Isaac on the altar because he believed that God raised him back from the dad notice it says in verse nineteen accounting that God was able to raise him up even from the dead from whence also he received him in figuring a way so Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac because he he knew where Isaac came from in the first place he was a miracle child was he not Abraham waited for years and years and years and Sarah and neighbor him they were they were past the time of childbearing and so it was a miracle child so God gave him in the first place he could give him back again that was Abrahams faith and of course God provided in a another a substitute as Abraham raised that the knife to sacrifice Isaac and Angel held back his arms and concert know now and there was a RAM ticket took his place of course this was pointing forward parable as it says here in verse seven and six first nineteen a figure comparable symbol of Jesus that he is our substitute and Paul in Romans four uses the same example of Abraham and his faith illustrate what faith really is but he goes back instead of at the end of a Rams life in an and Isaac do not sacrifice the sacrifice of Isaac he points forward to Isaac 's birth in Romans chapter four verse nineteen and be not weak in faith he considered not his own body now dad when he was about a hundred years old neither yet the deadness of Sarah 's womb notice death death death here but God is the source of light is not a problem for him so he can bring life out of death and so verse twenty one being fully persuaded that what God had promised he was able also to perform that's my favorite definition different definition of faith in all the Bible believing being fully persuaded that what God had promised he that is God was able also to perform God can do and will do what he promises Hebrews eleven seventeen says Abraham believed in God as the one who gives life to the dead start Romans four seventeen says that God gives life to the dead and calls those things into existence that do not exist he calls into existence the things that do not exist do you remember that this happened easily it seems in Genesis one but therapy light and so on he calls into existence what does not exist for God like that nothing is impossible even though Sarah 's womb was dad in Abraham 's body about the same no problem God can bring life Isaac on it Jack the deadness of Sarah 's room and call things that do not exist into existence and so even Abraham who is childless could be the father of many nations which is what Abraham means the father of many nations the father of all who believe as Paul says here in Romans for this is who years the nations all of us who believe as Abraham believed so when we go back to the experience of Israel in the wilderness when it came to Cadiz Narnia facing the Giants no problem right cities reaching to heaven they can come crumbling down all that is needed is say being fully persuaded that what God had promised he was able all super to perform it doesn't depend on us it depends on him down hardens our hearts faith allows the Holy Spirit to soften them and mold them into instruments God can use coming back to Hebrews the warning in chapter three verse fourteen chapter three verse thirteen is very important it says but exhort one another daily while it is called today while it is called today we need to realize that we really don't know how long today will last your today may not even be as long as my today even though if Jesus doesn't come as likely be longer than my today but it may not be and so we should encourage one another and we should not allow our hearts to be heart by sin sin hardens our hearts soon as deceitful noses talks at the deceitfulness of sin in verse thirteen cents deceitful in at least two ways number one it distorts our view of truth and the distorted view of truth hardens our hearts because we cannot understand it anymore that's why truth is vitally important wrong ideas will lead us down the wrong path making it harder and harder for us to find our way back that is why Israel failed a caged Bernita they believe Satan 's lives but the Giants in the land were stronger than God and that the high walled cities were really invincible number two sin is disabled because of silence as the voice of the Spirit so that we don't even hear the truth anymore we may have issues in our life that the spirit is deeply speaking to us about and yet unable to correct us on because we no longer hear his voice both of these effects a distorted view of truth and issues in our life tend to harden our hearts because the spirit and truth no longer affect us as they should really resting on the cross means believing what God tells us in his word and to do that we have to spend time you have to spend time there it also means trusting in God and his power not our own to overcome soon reject the lies that soon tells us the word used to describe the heart is hardened in Greek the word is Clay Bruneau it means to be stubborn and obstinate especially with regard to the truth to be stubborn and obstinate especially in regards to the truth Israelites had seen God 's power that experiences miraculous deliverance the Red Sea thing they had seen miracle after miracle draft day with the manna falling from heaven they knew his power they had the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night yet they doubted they distrusted and the rebels their hearts were hardened it sounds harsh but are we any different how different are we in actual fact our future possession the promised land is far more secure than Israel's last because Jesus has already gained it in our behalf that was a point made very strongly in our first seminar that Jesus is equal with God chapter one terrible things and he's made purification for sins by his death by his sacrifice and he has gained in the salvation for us through being fully God and fully human that's why he is son of God and man he's earned the right one the Dominion back that Adam lost he won the inheritance back in order that we might be heirs with him by identifying ourselves with him by faith we gain the right to share his inheritance and share his victory he has overcome sin and death entered the heavenly inheritance already as our forerunner and this is the point that Hebrews chapter six versus six nine nineteen and twenty he says God within the veil we are hope she goes within the bellwether the forerunner for us is entered and that's something we will look at more in summer five but we have not come into the possession of our inheritance yet as Hebrew one fourteen points out the Angels are appointed to minister to Christ followers when one parent salvation is going again and in chapter nine verse fifteen calls an internal inheritance and in Hebrews eleven we have this long list of faithful of those faithful means of course those who have faith and that they desire a better and heavenly country verse sixteen of Hebrews eleven they look forward to entering the city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God Hebrews eleven verse ten Hebrews explains why we haven't received this inheritance because we have not followed Jesus all the way to the end of the journey like Israel we have arrived at the borders of the promised land and we seem to be in a holding pattern there we have not yet entered in to the promised land because we're not fully entered God 's rest according to Hebrew screen for still halting between two opinions shall we enter in shall we stay here and in fact I think we have to face it there are things in this world that are attractive to us that although Iraq's I've heard people say that there are certain things that they would like to do before Jesus comes some experiences they would like to have some things I would like to enjoy maybe the oil you fill in the blank what is but I think that that's why Jesus spoke of heaven so concretely and clearly we see a specimen book preparation very clear picture of what heaven is like you Jesus said that there would Angels to have known that I would not be marrying and giving in marriage and having children as we do here Mark chapter twelve verse twenty five and other parallel passages so we don't know all the details of what happens like we we know that the relationships we have there will be even better than the relationships we have we want to be ready for Jesus to come but we might also have a list of things to do before that they arise things would like to try experience that probably none of you have ever had talked here maybe you know I'm not speaking to the right people but we have no idea we have really no idea no concept of what heaven is like one of the most beautiful passages in the book great controversy is where online describes so beautifully the new earth and she says it can be known only by those who beholds that she beheld she's hot she is actually wished in the Lord let me stay here to remember you should one be taken out of vision to see the you can come back to this dark dark world there is great conversely page six six seventy seven bear the grandest enterprises may be carried forward the loftiest aspirations reached the highest ambitions realized and still there will arise new heights to surmount new wonders to admire new truths to comprehend fresh objects to call forth the powers of mind and soul and body beautiful beautiful picture we don't become perfect instantaneously even when Jesus comes you know yes he transforms this simple body to be like his glorious body but no profession is a up halfway it begins here already we follow Jesus and he continues after worrying in heaven and on the new Earth still there will arise new heights to some new wonders to admire new truths she's also says in the same context the more men learn of God the greater will be admiration of his character isn't it true imagine when we see him face to face what will be like we need to keep in mind these images of what the heaven is that we seek if we really want to go there and if we really want to enter and this is what he persisting but we renewed our hearts transformed the problem his real face is summarized in chapter four verse two for to us the gospel was preached as well as unto them but the word which they occurred did not profit them not being mixed with faith in those that heard it they had the worst they had the Scriptures but it did not profit them why because it was not mixed with me is not mixed with pain the gospel was preached to them too but it did not help the gospel is preached to the net generation the willingness the water from the rock was a parable of the gospel banana that came day by day was a parable of the gospel as Jesus makes clear in John chapter six the bread from heaven but they didn't comprehend it was not mixed with faith the Pentagon's rest but the good news is as he was for verse one tells us is that the promise remains for us that we can enter that rest the assurance that we can enter is still available and he makes the appeal today in verse seven again he lends a certain day saying in David today chapter four verse seven after so long a time as this said today if you will hear his voice harden not your hearts the conclusion follows in verse nine there remains therefore a rest for the people of God now this is not just any rest in fact it's a very special word used here is used only here in the whole New Testament is the word for rest in Greek is something to use mocks sawbuck tees feature the word Sabbath there it means that keeping of the Sabbath or a Sabbath rest is specifically focusing on the Sabbath of the seventh day the seventh day weekly Sabbath because verse four mentions specifically the seventh day God did rest the seventh day from all his works and we know that is still valid because Hebrews quotes Psalm ninety five urging us to enter that rest today so Hebrews four focuses on the spiritual significance of the Southwest some people try to say well you know we can have some principle of rest one day seven but that is never the way God got slow works he always goes to the heart of the matter you know it's not just a matter of our outward observance but how we are answered in our hearts toward the line that counts really having faith in acting on them they've got commence all we reached the heart because that's where real obedience begins and begins here begins in our hearts that was Jesus focus in the sermon on the Mount right when he said if someone is angry with his brother what is already merge sort if someone lusts after a woman walked already committed adultery similarly we can only really keep the Sabbath on the outside if we are entered God 's rest on the inside in our hearts it doesn't it doesn't engage keeping the Sabbath any more than not lusting me know how can you must not lust after someone and get committed adultery is not possible on you can't murder someone in the Hague you know you do go together and so there's a connection between the outward and inward obedience the Sabbath is God 's gift to us to draw us back to EE so that we can know God and draw closer to designed to prepare us and others to see him face-to-face this was for me ever since I became sent out as shared in the previous seminar how that happened I was not a Christian I was an atheist but for me the Sabbath is always been a very special gift because it's a gift of time with God to know him better to study his word to pray to read the wonderful writings spurred prophecy that we house to draw closer to him and so it's designed the Sabbath is designed to Paris for heaven that is why there is a reading emphasis in the last days on the Sabbath hello that is why in Revelation thirteen and fourteen emphasizes that the market piece on the one hand and the seal of God forty four thousand on the other that is in the end time that the sound business you why because we are preparing for heaven were preparing for eternity salad spinner hearts the seventh message is of the last missed last day message and it's all about face-to-face fellowship with God like you so that we can see him face-to-face when it comes God gave us out that it needs to teach the same lesson that rest comes first notice you know when Anthony were created what what what came next if you have a six-day creation analysts on an atom this making us the ground at he's notices to know that there's no two of every kind of animal but he looks around doesn't anyone like him there got Nino has him name the animals just so he comes to this realization and then he puts them to sleep and creates and then what happens is the sixth day I what's next day seven seventh day Sabbath the first full day that Adam and Eve have is not a damn work it's a day of rest that is why Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man is the only thing it was made after many were made is that was the only thing made is made for man is to teach us that rest comes first we must know Jesus and the rescue gives us then as we put our faith in him we can enter into the rest only then are we ready to live for him and work for him in the right way resting and uses rest in faith and what he has done his re-created work to make us you are free accordance with his law now the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church is inseparable unity as we look at our church history we can see some important and valuable lessons that were told we have nothing to fear for the future except as what we forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history you know our history as Seventh-day Adventists is a lesson book for us and to someone and that's it next may seem a little surprising but also anyway it is not centered in cross it is centered in the three Angels messages and the revelation fourteen commission that he has given us is centered in Christ who is coming again he's no longer there is no longer on the cross he is at God 's right hand ministering as a high priest and heavenly sanctuary and coming again praise God is no longer there on the cross anymore he is living Savior he is coming again and got some message our pioneer saw that God had intervened to raise up this anti- movement to proclaim the same message as was given by John the Baptist prepare the way of the Lord and I have handouts on you who were in the first seminar maybe so that is an article from Helen white 's in eighteen ninety one Herald that I think is really really important and making reference to it throughout these seminars and it's always a moment until you have received an look with me there divided into paragraphs and unnoticed on page two paragraph eleven page two eleven John was called to special work he was to the Lord to make straight his paths the Lord did not send him to the school of prophets and rabbis he took him away from this assembly is a man of the desert that he might learn of nature and nature 's God God did not desire him to have the molded priests and rulers he was called to do a special work the Lord gave him his message to go to the priests and rulers and ask if you might proclaim his message no God put him away from them that he might be influenced by their spirit but not be influenced by their spirit and teaching he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare you the way of the Lord make straight in the desert a highway for about skipping the complaints this is the very message that must be given to our people this is the very message that must be given to our people we are near the end of time and the message is clear the king 's highway gather out the stones raise up a standard for the people of the people must be awakened it is no time now to cry peace and safety nor timely this end time work is symbolized in Revelation twelve by the remnant of the woman sued to keep the commandments of God and testimony of Jesus Revelation twelve or seventeen all subsequent Bible teachings were adopted as they could be understood within this and timeframe where we don't have time to go into the context of this letter that is actually summarizing a morning talk that she gave in Battle Creek which is at the headquarter was the headquarters of some demonstrated time junk conference is located near the review Harold was located there the don't resent Terry am of course was located there so she was speaking to church leaders but that they had to everything had to be fit in with hot in our understand who we are as something of its the great controversy between Christ and Satan are work of health reform which aims at the sanctification of the Holst 's soul and spirit and body through the soon coming of Christ which is exemplified by John the Baptist and his simple lifestyle and reforms education and establishment up in schools likewise a pair of people for time and for eternity and so in eighteen eighty eight at-bats came to understand the truth of justification by faith and how this fit within the and time framework of the three Angels messages that only one equal of the law could atone for its transgression the message reminded out Messick Christ not the law is the focus of salvation it was to bring more commonly before the wealthy uplifted Savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which notice is made manifest how in obedience to all the commandments of God this is the message of righteousness by faith that it by faith we received Christ's righteousness we receive it all is forgiveness of our sins in his power to overcome sin we are saved from sin and cleansed from sin this gradual unfolding of truth and I've just run out of time this time is not enough it's already time to quit but in a bear with me just a couple more minutes I want to share something very important because you know our history as I said is a lesson book one was that we didn't understand these things right away you know you are pioneers which led step-by-step interruption truth is not just through the eighteen forties and fifties and sixties but all also in eighteen eighty eight we see the same in the Bible you know we see that as Hebrews presents into chapter one two Jesus is equal with the father and fully God and fully human we see this in the New Testament clearly but it's not clear in the Old Testament there are hints of the Trinity knowing in Genesis one God said let us make man in our image and Isaiah when he's called to be a prophet communities and their staccato into the heavenly sanctuary and God says shall we send to Johnson who will go for us to God is speaking is one but he's more than one so we'll even there is a inclination intimation of the Trinity in the Old Testament is not clear why because we really don't need to know about until Jesus comes but when Jesus comes and he is revealed as equal with God as one with the father which of course they almost one stone him more than once for this for making himself God he really didn't he was well but you into revealing himself that way he had to reveal himself that what is only that was a way we could understand him who is our Savior who is our Savior same thing in a Canadian actually as in the eighteen eighty eight and assessment years that it came very very clear who Jesus is as equal with the father and although some are pioneers not believe that a fully knowing that in the when the Bible teaches they came to understand as so clearly known start pages published nineteen ninety eight in him was life original on borrowed on the rise speaking of Jesus life original on borrowed and right so it was unfolded clearly in order that we might know who it is that came to save us and actually the work of the Holy Spirit and latter rain pouring the Holy Spirit that the statements we read about this predominantly from the eighteen nineties because it's the message of righteousness by faith only says that is the light that is to lighten the whole earth with its glorious revelation the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation one of God 's character of love price object class it is Revelation eighteen is where we see the perfect life with God 's glory through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit she says and start pages page six seventy one a K is the mighty agency of the third person of the Godhead who makes a factual the work Jesus accomplished on the cross in other words just as the apostles came to understand the nature of the Trinity through Christ's work of salvation and the outpouring the Holy Spirit can only see that actions are revealed toward the end of Jesus ministry John chapter fourteen to sixteen he opens to them the work of the Holy Spirit because they are to be baptized with the Holy Spirit C so he reveals that when they need to know and so also in our history the connection of justification by faith with our commission in Revelation fourteen and neither the Holy Spirit to fulfill that commission came very commonly and we still need to understand the fact that we haven't understood is why we are still here we haven't understood fully is why we are still here why has God raised up this movement why has he raised us up at the end of time to prepare the world for Christ second company and we do it by resting in God 's work resting means believing that what God has promised he is able also to perform is not our work it's his work it's not our power is his power finish his work this is what it means to really rest and cross while our times already been very patient I don't have time to finish our populace her father in heaven thank you for your words bless us as we continue her study of Hebrews in the afternoon Jesus in this message was recorded in Key West twenty fourteen call for Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists seeks a spying on the Bible faith Sullivan questions download Texas other resources like this visit us online at www. 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