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3. A GLOW Marathon: How to Effectively Jumpstart Your Local Church to begin GLOWing With a 26-day "GLOW-a-thon"

Kamil Metz


Kamil Metz, a native of the Czech Republic, serves as Director of Publishing Ministries for the Michigan Conferenceof Seventh-day Adventists where he has served since 2003. He also serves as the GLOW International coordinator. Heand his wife, Annette, have two children—Rebekah and Micah.



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are and businesses in the GUI seems than crumbs in Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this is online at www. .us he is in someone with all of you let's start with prayer before you begin for a fun heaven will be thinking again for the time to come together and so we can talk about how we can get our local church involved in literature distribution and I just pray that you will bless our time pray for your presence we also pray for the Holy Spirit your instructor today preferring Jesus name amen we will be talking Boston Globe Martha on how to get church one which was started in the Google Ministry and one of initiatives that we have started a local church is a global marathon parties review what we have done over where looked at a subject entitled from the eighteen forties to glow so we have looked at our history of the publishing what we have learned that the good the literature ministry was detrimental in Spain in the starting of the all of the church the development of the church in in many parts of the world and the second seminar we talked about twelve different ways how we can assure glow on a personal level and I will be talking about how we can get glow ministries started on a church level couple years ago there was a lady who was attending a bond listing meetings in Texas and she was little suspicious about this whole thing up as those new things that the present there was presenting and she was not sure whether she should come back as a shipwright to show her whether she should come back and these are not she went to bed the night at three o'clock in the morning she woke up she walked to her library as she reached for three books she opened the books one of them was the great controversy she opened the books I should read about the site out of she stayed up Nigel she went back to bed that evening the evangelist was preaching and on the Sabbath and she accepted the message the point is that God cannot use the literature that we are not shared right and gotten use literature that is not shared no the lowest one exciting way to share with others this this took place in eighteen forty eight White had a vision and God told her that we as the church need to stop publishing books and tracts and papers this is what she said I have a message for you she's talking to her husband James I have a message for you you must began to print a little paper magazine and send out to the people let it be small at first but as the people read they will send you a means with which to print and it will be successful in the first many things began with small thing and then he goes and summed so much bigger right when she says from this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light they want clear around the world shoulder that though the beginnings may be small the BN will be magnificent and that's what James White her husband did him steamrolled a little paper on the Sabbath and and then they have sure that now the reason we are here today is because we continue the legacy on the literature ministry in two thousand seven Nelson earns twenty years old young man came out with the idea of starting goal of ministry he was reading in and publishing ministry written by a white I talked about books papers and tracks he was a Cole Porter and he was selling books he was sharing among the nations but he never sure tracks so what can we do this your tracks and as he thought about it God plays a special burden on his heart session build something that we today we know as the low tracks so it started in September of two thousand seven says that we have printed forty two million low tracks in the amazing I young man seven years ago had an idea of today forty two million tracks later we're doing this so the glow ministry I see one reason why people like Coelho in our churches because the attractive women the good nice covers else is not relevant it was this is being trust in many languages and there was somebody was to be no we really should write only distracts when you wish in the use globe should use our own make it more relevant for own country but the answer is below trucks are biblical and because the biblical data relevant right anywhere we go you early in the below ministry God gave us a really really neat story just as the powerful story there was a you lady she was working the hospital as a nurse and to she's one evening she's heading to the hospital to work she noticed Lisa Getty gas so she pulled in a gas station should prepay in a supposedly prepay for gas right she looked inside the gas station she saw several men she thought she picked up some Botox and she walked inside the gas station not belies the she was walking in the midst of the armed robbery and that one of the robbers had a gun pointing and the owner of the the back of the owner of the gas station and she walked up to the owner to do that to the Robert Jesus Sarah are you he looked at her is like i.e. crazy this is a robbery she says I know what you pay for gas on the lake for a federal pay and I get my gas and he starts screaming and cursing at her she looked at him she said that was a very nice here you need this and she gets her out of giving the rock rental to the other Robert starts screaming at her as well and and and and he and and she just simply just just have the closer together God Mrs. Cheney did want to this will make you a better man and you know what else you need to believe this man alone you should make an honest living they looked at each other 's universities crazy she's got turtles and we'd better get out of here in his runoff you can imagine the only begotten just shaken up you know he was being dropped this is what we because whatever you have saved my life as she should be left stackable truck gas station he said he will be sharing those with others now I work at a conference level and so I is want to give you an idea how I use below at the conference level and then we'll talk about the church local church level I believe Bob I believe in working with other departments so here's an example of what we do in the conference for some ministries is a department and they they focus on bonds was in Bible studies stuff like that and so we fought we been focusing on reaching major cities so we have used Botox for that at times only a special training weekends and so we use below their that we have used weekends we have either Alex and for the afternoon outreach we use the low trucks summer camps which have a glow rack at our summer camp and the younger label to Google try convicted with them home and share with others by finders we've been using for four different outreach projects with the box on his Botox some school classes you know one of the reasons why Sabbath school classes exist one is to study the lesson right another one is to focus on missions and so we get some classes involved in in getting Google ministry going as well woman's ministry 's department the conference love the conference we had women's ministries weekends and this last year we had outdated special social media Google and Banjul is a monthly buddy just look at is pretty exciting public campus ministries are university students are sharing Botox as well and then we have education our schools our church school not only do mega- ministry but also luminous years ago door-to-door checking MacBooks are raising money for different project mission trips our computer lab whatever they need else assured both tracks you are they pay bills write and so we put we are I talked to the Treasury Department bought placing flowcharts in every envelope you know you descend you send a check inside and then you send also load low track then the secretary of the vice president for demonstration overseas came eating and so we would promote galore the committee level plus ASI ASI is a supporting ministry where you have businesspeople from spread the word as well as the wheat we work the with the business people about placing Google racks in their businesses and promoting that as well so I guess you develop a job of doing glow at the conference level I has a story from K meeting how this was a team at tenth I think and I I was not really aware of what was happening except I just walked out of the main hole I was ready to leave and go to work with my making students day was Sunday morning sermon it was a plane flying over the caning grounds it was a mission plane and as I watched the plane suddenly something dropped fun playing it was in mission pocket and so I'm saying I'll see what's going on here all that only young people were doubting around and the victor box about a pack package and they brought inside of those who are eager to find out what was inside the package now they wouldn't teach and something in the mission field you may drop a mission package and then a mission box used for missions right so they said whatever we find inside will have to use for the mission what is well just with a file all jacks and so that the young people then took those and they were sharing back home let's talk you finding below and your local church is the process you want to talk your pastor for W processor you know we've heard this guy talk about glow and was starting below ministry of the church faces once glow and so you tell them what once was glacial and samples of both Johnson and this is what we what we can do and the next thing that he will have to do you'll save with the thick of the church for that now if you feel like you cannot talk to the pastor Young is a big guy I don't have the courage to talk to the doctor somebody that can talk to the pastor does make sense and then of course of going into the church board of the reason he needs to go which is important because you will be off for a couple things number one will be asking for time and number two you'll be asked for money are you will you always need time to promote low ministry and of course note the bike all you need money for glow stick in an idea what it may cost an average church may invest two hundred and fifty dollars in three months for glow in the three months two hundred fifty dollars that's five thousand Botox the coolness you will either take off where you may need more about that time the pastor of the church will be excited to know be happy to give more money towards glow or that's all you will need and so you're asking for time for some ministry 's time and then you need to budget for glow now you are doing church service you have different things let me pick up an offspring you have children's story a you see what Elzie do we resist preaching up while your mission skirmishes are usually drink some time but but not every tree dust is a business you really really important having personal ministries time it's like witnessing time it's it's sharing time we talk about what God has done I'm a friend file states and you cannot grow your George without personal ministry 's time you cannot come to the church and just worship God having all song surveyors and offering time in prayer and every other word in preaching and then the treatment was go on to something else has to be there to be inspired by that to be inspired by some nice testimony in the churches has hate I walk in the gas station and there was couple robbers there and I get Google tries in a runaway get you some new light on the right now when you start global industry of the local church records you need Botox and you need to let single racks mutely need a global rack you need a little Lola Glo holder we have different options you can have one holds twelve wonderful sixteen but it can either be placed on the table or on the wall now when you are making those decisions keep in mind that you want to play single rack where the traffic gets you don't want to place it in a closet or anybody go to the closet googling Google tracks no so you want to look with a heavy traffic is if you have no idea what heavy traffic is look at the carpet that's what the cover is worn out of square okay we walked right so make sure the people they want on the century you want to place and were able to pick up on the way how and then you want to promote the global industry images simply by telling stories stories stories this is what really works and they started it was a lady set and all she was not a baptized member yet but she was speeding speeding and soon she saw the light behind her just pulled over by police and of course he came over you will see her drive losses and registration she opened the golf argument than and she pulled out the registration by global trends were stuck to it and it she will start blossoming Eldon and mortals as the stock itself is just hunted him that licenses the registration in the glow tracks and you would liken this vehicle and process they make a magazine on what you go today and is by the way thank you for those Christian shocks he said I've been I've been impressed by God that I need to something on my life and this is done use you can reach me today in the way I like to kick off Google ministry local children and in a large will liken in a big way is glow -athon it's a globe marathons instead of Marathon it's a glow of dawn and instead of twenty six miles it's twenty six days twenty six days when we engage in the ministry goal number one three goals number goal number one is to share it Google docs like we have never done before so we do it intentionally with widespread we give somebody only been in place since goal number two is to get every department of a local church involved in the distributions every ministry can use is the reason is because Google tries literature is at school so whether you are going on the nursing home you can use no trucks it on the prison you can use Botox to washing cars audio video have a ministry we actually do oil change you can use below tracks skip off my music and go tribes the school and entered school and before before we kick uncle autonomy going through the school classes and we tell them pay is coming to town right and and then we give them thermometers we get each class a thermometer glow thermometer and the cosmos of their own goal of the church will send their own goal but also the screen the class themselves as will set a goal as well we'll talk about this and just little bit that is golden but you know Google number one is to share as much literature as possible number two is this is done by getting everybody involved all the ministries and goal number three is to educate ourselves about the big good days back in the days when we are publishing people so we talk about how our church always believed in the literature and we cover some of that and early today now this is a core from Mister Rittenberg my own light this is one church members will realize the importance of the situation of our literature they will devote more time to this war is only what he really I will let you make the difference that is one lushly do more for spreading spring literature so I come to church and we establish a global presence I'm history some pictures here you see a glow booth it is a goal a rack on on will stand on this is a very fiscal autonomy did as a use of the global reasonable rack when you see those clipboards on the table and then we use that for people to sign up for newsletter Gloria's letter will will talk about and just loaded as well because some of the pictures from the left on and then after the service and I'll explain a little more to the church arborist but this man he's a doctor he thought he's wondering how what can I do how can I use a global rack place in my place of influence which will be a doctor 's office and is in a man he is said the Bible is explained to him that you know you can take those two pockets ensure those those sites with others this is this is another just look at this look at all the drawers filled with Botox are they excited by the lower watch of this was doing blow up on time as well those twenty six days of glow and so again we have a globe with on the other side filled with low tracks and and the clipboards to sign up for newsletter and the first part of the boat people can speak of a pocket of glowing thickened with them now there was a church member there and she approached the pastor say would be possible for me to take the Google booth the whole booth and take it to my local university and shared low tracks there is like honor no they asked me I said of course we needed for Sabbath but hey during the week yes the free shape to the booth local university the cost pasta called me up say she sure twelve hundred Wilcox Thursday that she did once a week of fishing a couple people to help her second week she go RT bust out twenty four hundred block trucks and then the time came because what I do is I common set of the booth and and not with a keep forty six days and off towards I come back to pick up all my stuff and and it was a prayer meeting time in the past is like having your heavier a single no to the last time she went to the University she passed out fifty four hundred low shacks amazing isn't it to looking at establishing a global presence during the lots on reestablishing hope present in the local church and its either by having a globalist or we also had the producing symbol banners I guess one because only seventy five dollars and the church can have a American music of course we also have thermometer this posted and every week as we take a tally of the votes I spoke of the week we record those and we mark them up so the church can see how it doing below you can see those clipboards people sign up for free newsletter and in the pockets pockets to go is very easy fortune on which the comment pick up one pocket and you will notice here on the next picture bottom left on the pews we also place those right there okay so people of the members can just come in and pick them up I like this picture right here and the top left corner you see some young people that happy right and what a happy is no other glowing at the Fisher glow the top right corner came after she came from a lady she is not a seventy she was not a synonym this is about time and she only talked about the commission taken goal rack need to place in your office a scenario use of six spots in one she's running the twelfth pocket rack is so I guess you next to the printer to the right she said it was amazing she says I'm never talked about God before with people but now she works in the house pushes it off is that she says when people walk in her office she so we always talk about God our people are scapegoats which sat juices off my God rock goods and then when the conscience as well it see what can meet your needs what can we do to serve you and then the big low tracks so to run your own glow of dawn this is what you need you need gold shocks of course right on Botox then it's nice to establish some Google presence as I thought about just just just men go by and global bats is that the conference has a goldfish it's easy to do if not acting the best way to do this is heavy and gold banner and I personally like in the church I have one better by the table in the back none and one bright day where I preach then we also have dual pockets and then we can do is to be losing just a little bit little pockets and found says minds of carding gold talk of car that and then also the thermometer that I just mentioned so that ago something else you will need is the six pocketable racks and Odyssey can encourage people to get in laundromats Susan Doctor 's offices anywhere where they can have some obvious ones in placing those racks you'll sit on the tables you back table of tables worm you placed racks he plays the glow chocks the pockets of Botox and also the newsletter sign-ups out what's really cool about getting names for the newsletter is that every Friday they will receive a letter the website is called global news .com Google News .com and every every Friday you will receive one story so if you happen to be the goal yet the local church and you'll always have a story itself unless some reels in the church has a story then no cuisine of the clipboards for the newsletter and anyone has some same polls and newsletters several stores as well so they can say this is the store looks on swindle receive one every Friday and then a photographer we like to have interest from church members has a timeline it all starts with the pastor and the church board right need to get approval from from the church board to Google left on you want to ask for a full cyber of the first Sabbath was we were electing the Church church service over and the next three sabbaths we ask for ten minutes during the personal ministry 's time is later have personal issues time in the church that he was to simply say our auto request a glow minute it's a ten minute things perfect minute okay nine decides that I just didn't I stay to go up on one church at it was weird being the church service they had no personal ministry stock and he says his love what we do as a while we asked Google phenol fantasy but the upshot of the field try to not waste time don't talk forever just to stick five minutes Anderson blowup on end it an adhesive that we do now to ask for more gold total minutes solve right now they have Goldman is going on till the next church board where he will ask can we trust for the gold minute into personal history style but every church needs a personal ministry Stein you cannot get the treatment was excited without that now next three sabbaths ye want to have some personal goal testimonies and here's here's a better way to do this I forgot to share old brother so-and-so talks forever you want to share what you come up at his death said people can just talk and talk and talk right the better way is sister fair and well you before you know she had a good story and so you are prearranged sister said I will becoming a front shall be telling insistently to see what to say here K testimonies of course you updating them how things are going and we'll talk about how to get those updates how to get those numbers and then I think what's really important is to show how the church can work together it's not like personal ministries doing the own thing and children ministries during the own thing and businesses going this direction under you hey why why not all work together and doing Goldman and globe lost on you can show it to them so one that is approved then you talk to the person ministry steam whoever's in charge of bundles and Annie you set a date when we could cover both on the menu block levels twenty six days the next day Sabbath and all that and that he would think about comedic outreach ways to hello so when you think about is what are some of the events of the city one of the summer some ways we can we can distribute glow in a big way joining you think about where the defendant not only my own ministries what can we do but what's happening in the world what can we do to connect glow with them as well and then for this anyone make sure that everybody understands the rules so whether it's personally see Stallman some as telling a story but specially after the service is over and we have a table with the goal banner will make sure that those people understand what the role is so the preparation time you you set up a global presence matured to get the Google pack is ready you make sure everybody understands what's happening and then you have communication process ready as well the church uses Facebook to use e-mails they cool used one now what recourse to get a phone call from the pastor of the mess for semester 's director middle of the week and say this is just a little this is your little apostate year is reminding you to keep glowing this week okay now something something others really cool we are we asked the church members have smart phones the big pictures of the gloat either be left behind either give somebody only devices right so you go out to eat and you leave that with a tip that the picture and then wherever you are ensuring below you you you take pictures of that and you send it to the person ministries leader and then you may be the one he may be the goalie of the church and then on Sabbath doing that for some it is used on the will slide show going on with all the different places that the global and the first Sabbath we do a lot of our global and we really try to emphasize a sign-up for the newsletter because I was one way how we can how below will stay in touch with individual member had them the team approved at the booth at the table ready talk to people following three weeks they it's time to celebrate the success of glow of dawn below inspiring stories and it can be not only by bringing people up front and then telling a story is not only you are reading a star that is a received the day before we has some videos that they can they can watch as well it has some glow will be visited they can watch as well and they get here showing the synergy of the church after the glow authorities over you you encourage the lifestyle of sharing below so here's the schedule again one month before go off on us kicked off stopped funding below in other words you need to have a church board approval probably one month before you pick up the level two to three weeks before the lock on escaped off you want to have a bulletin insert in in the bulletin announcing that go off on us coming and explain what the left on this and you're saying how can all of how can I do this mean you notice a lot of similar to do well we are preparing a special page on our goal as the eight website below as Diego Orrick and that he will be Marathon and will have all the resources available there must will behold resources Westville designing all his stuff so is not there yet but it will be soon as a confession download the blood of insert you can download the thermometer revealed by the listings as well but it will be available for download as well and then the Friday the day before some before blowout on we set up the tables with the tracks and that the packets morning we like to go in the summer school and take the mission 's time what we share those stories would also like to visit the sounds class instructed by a wider lunch you as a Sabbath class and you own goal for the next twenty six days and so they may be a group of six of you and your succulents let's pray for some legal chucks for the laptop church service time but I could take personal ministry Steinman that's when we introduce the goal we take the thermometer we say our church decided to set a goal off ten thousand vote shocks how do you decide how many Botox into we follow with all of this member here ten Botox per attendee of the church per week okay so if you have hundred members of hundred people from the church times ten that's what those one thousand four four weeks that's four thousand so your goal is four thousand leather chairs like none but we would love to be active will raise up to six thousand something good but I would raise it to sixty thousand we are realistic right so you set a goal and then ideally it would be nice if you can have people from local church telling old stories how to be shingle already number two we are we have none approach Eldon Wilson but we know he will this Farsi have a video done by Elder Wilson took office president he will say as you embark on a journey of twenty six states let's share looser like never before Solaris right children's story I what I do is I tell it like I should show the story and then I get each each child a global Google charts and some of us of the stuff inside and then during the seventh time I shared a spiritual message for a seventy minutes then I talk about the literature ministry history and Alex quotes for a seventy minutes we also working on having a bulletin insert that will go over the history of the publishing work in our church and then we explain how to get an hobbit of sharing below how to establish a mindset of being a galore the following sabbaths just within minutes we talk about the glow minutes right and and then drink offering time is when people report M McSpadden just looked at was really cool by below in a month explain this to his apostles the spark its like if you look you know that glow has a message inside right it has a message but then but that in the back people get people read it again but she we read it then we share it and then they will that will read it and then they will contact the goal office and they will request Bible studies a literature and the church members are able to follow-up and then we can see about the cents and this is what we hand out to the church members several hold talks inside you'll find the blue card called the global mindset car and some will explain to them how to get hobbit you read the tracks for yourself you find a location in the house or in the car in a holidays viewport of the closet out of mind out of out of sight out of mind right but she placed somewhere at the entry of the house it will remind you up to the guests and low today and unsure with somebody and you pray for divine appointments right God loves to answer those you plan you set a goal establish at five Botox day and then you hand them out then on the other side of the car you see the waste to share different ideas how you can share the last thing is the responsible rack and here is one of those six pocketable racks laundromat medical offices business offices Christian bookstores there was in a Christian books there was a man who I want the honest people who placed a goal right and a Christian bookstore one of the tracks was on Sabbath one day man walked in and he fonts I will try to pick it up you read it and he went back Christian author Christian bookstore and uses you know you guys have the literature year by Google follow what the literature says that open the Sabbath it's a good low tribe and read it now back pretty awesome is that then you see the other cognizable tracker is an awesome guys every member will get those then and this is how you can get through the as the glow .org smartphone website because you get to get those old factors the members will record every day on a ghost on the other side you see that you said own goal and that is so important outlets as many whom God is qualified to do excellent work accomplished very little because you sent only try little he is a thermometer the church will set a goal and the church but he is a bulletin insert and a Genesis I design Summit design and so we can have is professionally designed when you will notice in the bottom right corner there is a eco- chic hair off that space and you will put how many goats I keep us on this week 's I remember doesn't and then when the offering plate comes around the place a little little note in the often played not how we know how many flowcharts were busstop below newsletter of course is what we emphasize and then we not only share physical Botox but also you can should Botox online is really neat story marched you we we post a solid track online that this is what our website traffic look enraged people and they they repulsive the Sabbath target sixty eight people visit our website the next day was two and forty nine on I was only because of sabotage was also a Facebook page the next day was thirty two hundred people questioned click to read the salad try the next day sixty five hundred I was getting excited you know the next day it was sixteen thousand in one day one day finally it was nineteen thousand or nineteen thousand people came to read the soundtrack is one it was a sixty thousand people in one day double walled map lit up like that the verbal areas this people that actually went to a website I felt like you know people from all over were on Facebook reading the Sabbath drive right Philippines thirteen hundred Zimbabwe 's sixty eight South Africa two thousand Saudi I will fortify and then one week in the United States of course forty nine thousand so you can see how evil social media was we offer Bible studies on the above bottom of the track Alex was one of those guys he was attending theological seminary he read about the Sabbath couple years earlier but he found a track on on social media he read it and he rolled us to let us know that now he keeps samples as well I blowup it is an exciting way to get the church excited by global industry how one church finished a lot on the signal we want to keep doing global ministry and they did and they were approached by a church the left is a pastor 's ministry seems on the keeping church they said we want to adopt global ministry and old church unaccountably sure the whole story of what is really interesting is this labor here you see this book right here buff got careless Cole Porter sold the pastor got scared book just a few months earlier we can see God is working amen few resources for you as the glow .org marked on will cover the Doug Lowenthal which talked about Goldline is the main website that would tell you Bob does may have seen this book the open door of the website for that is the open door book .com some of the books I recommend is the printed profits powerful book the printed profits another one is SN Haskell a man of auction the man who started the truck ministry in our church I highly recommend this book open ministry and that was the open door thanks so much for your time I think it's time for us to pray and that if you have questions then we will go to the sinus of those heaven will thank you again for the law ministry and how we have used Nelson earns when he was twenty years old I believe it was inspired by you so this ministry and I know all of us can play a part in Shane Bowman a single charge with others as well Lord I know the harvest will be plentiful because we are sharing many go twice with others Lord help us to be faithful we pray for the Jesus name I will business it was reported that she was twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the sympathetic and said seat none faith and so when I download other resources like this is online at www. USC with the


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