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6. Relentless Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 3, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC went on to a seminar on relentless prayer like to thank the Lord for giving us the time that today use a lot the last loss station and I would do believe that God has blessed us and as promised we are going to continue with Bobby face and out we will have a season of prayer on the engine of a laceration to date before we start we would like to our heads as we pray our gondola father we thank you so much for the support JD to talk about prayer relentless prayer how to communicate with you all to listen to your voice would pray father that visa lasts station would be a great blessing for every one of us thank you for considering our prayers because we have lost in the name of Jesus amen yesterday we talked about a free understand the time for us to receive an onset blowup prayer without conditions God loves us and he has revealed to us how to have our prayers on said adjust a little summary for our friends probably be out for the first time on we talked about O clinicians were brought about mainly their friendship DuPont I'm shift how to how well a player consent using its landing the Bible usually starting to be clogged all the prayers in the Bible most of the present of my boat the onset was yes and we have some exceptions are we have studied that and we said that the way to reach that level used to do little research long relationship with God to a copy of friendship of God we become used friends and he will reveal his secret to honest Rocinante remember that I'm gone he seems piling our prayers through the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit it was fine what do I ask and whatnot on I'm waiting was saying after the disputed of prophecy said God delights in onset those kind of prayer and we talked about also all the faith to pray healthy Wheelock faith but we are not despotic because as we said God does beloved in the analyses them when he manufactured costs a measure of faith that means we just need to activate that ruled the power of God and the Holy Spirit it and the Bible and we said for I will plan our faith to be strong we must pray like your father all day but his son they did Sean was seek as it helped me increase my faith that means fool prayer we need to pray follow-up triathlon faith to be strong and then we talked about the Bible it will just thought we often makes a lot of we would be one of God and one we saturate our minds and the White House would be one of God then see would be strong so we need to spend time on my knees spend time studying toward a then we continue to find a way for our faith to be strong listened to this and this is from the spirit of prophecy pages not from either a boondoggle but kind of a self-help lawyer kind of talking to your South this is from disputed a prophecy first Google testimony page six hundred and ninety nine I was so excited when I discovered this because I really want in life is to be stronger and I would like my prayers will be a concept under the goal of us that is a lot deepest design that digs previous of the lowest in the Bible people in the Bible will be our own expediency as well so I was flying as a told you I was trying to find a way what is the best way for us to have a workaround since I do discover that these statements is said gave you what faith talk three talk hopefully cheerfully and then in manuscript seven page four hundred and thirty faith I mean you will have faith a word of that these is what disputed prophecy tells us and then in Christ's object lesson a book that is very funny guy but sometimes we see segments saw was so excited and wanted this at least from this rental property that it is possible to increase our faith I does it talk and I are you fuel faith was invincible that's an additional data that go talk and act on your fuel face was invincible so this is a way for our faith to be strong and then in another statement managed to all hitting many still feeling pain is wanted and fifty three when words express these in the monthly when you think then you speak yes or no doctors away by Cisco White says that when words express thoughts it is also school thoughts for words to flow would cancel more expiration of a lot three when a short hop mold three this is a science this is a secret I would praise the Lord qualities that means if you want to believe in something when you talk about this is what disputed a prophecy tells us to do if it weren't words express thoughts it is also two thoughts for the words if we became more expiration of all things we should have more this is that we want to allow Faith to be strong we should refrain from talking we should do now be experiencing some people have been expected how do I see videos related grant signs of intelligence things so in a mozzarella religion was not entertained out of course he learned inside his learning some of the things we must question for us to know but when it comes underwater on one blog says something we should believe I got dizzy signs of linkages in a much appropriate just believe she is gone Sara said I believe it is in their want of God I believe I read Dick's place then our faith would be strong feeling and faith he rankings grade seventy two failing is not free thought is pretty critical you may think all I don't feel like being my feeling right now I have little doubt that I is that you may have some doubt in your mind but you don't express it it dawns localized because when you say it in the reinforces it it becomes not stronger and stronger if you just like that of some some children unfortunately the province a you are stupid and you can then keep on repeating that fidelity is outside one billion and the fact is from one out of a person saying it but we I was so we've got most located ourselves ship all items at least you adopt a dog and duck and finally you be leaving this is what disputed province using bonuses that you would rather believe what constitutes an Wayne costs they would beats and said he really is not faith the school on distinct tools there is warmed and Conan as they promised blessing before it is realized and felt it is free naked faith to believe that we received the blessing here before you license when the promised blessing is realized that enjoyed the use of these profound it is an exercise speed of the exercise that we need to need to do in the Bible it is clear that this talking thing for guidelines you'll think it is important to speak and vocalize a wealthy in monthly chapter twelve verse thirty seven in Hebrew top performers wanted to we are told why the unfaithful ones failed to engage on the desert me in the wilderness saying you did not mix the promise we've just spoken faith a lifetime is not unlimited but it is explained why the laws in the wilderness it would not make it to Canada and explain a shiny start visiting the doctor said that's all gone unacknowledged on all we can't go there they express thought no way will die if we go there and she is an interesting thinking nonetheless chapter thirteen and fourteen on we made just it's up to fourteen because of time and verse twenty eight but VCs this is very profound this is very convenient when it is but these I was happy but this in time I tremble this we did together let's open our Bibles in non- butts up to fourteen I first twenty eight in the new green gems versions and interlinking sentencing gems version it is even all computer the way it is expressed chapter fourteen and first twenty eight this is now the case the case all the children of Israel when it commons tool then across the Joe done Reva and this is what causes through Moses we can't even read from verse twenty six give us the contacts I do not squawk to Moses and our own Saint Paul outside I plan with these evil congregation won't claim that gives me I have heard the confidence which are children of Israel make against me said to them on Alexis Saito that are set in these shares General John 's eyes you are going in my viewing so I wouldn't do to you their carcasses of you know what I open that gives me shall slay Linda wilderness or the aware what number are pointing to your entire number from twenty years old and up on his accordance here the children of Israel is it aspires twelve of them just like talent top of the group and ended ten ten Coldplay said no McConnell one it don't just go back to Egypt there is no way we come going to go back to Egypt and Joseph Y cat catnip did everything but James Young mine but no way unfortunately there prevailed and God said okay since you say that you will know what will you are not going to come out I would just do the you wouldn't know all your thoughts and wanted to go to come and go and that's why already among the generation that grew only candidate in Jewish law leads Kannan because God said very gently RCD saves you ask to save saves them all onto us for pending my mind he is so will I do to you so what of you will say I'm these are amazing with God got busy okay fine since this is what he wants it then we would do it I would delete for advice four eyes but speak would pull the kind of doors will achieve great things for God for a summary of chapter seventy first forty five two forty seven like you could take note of Doctor Duke Henri but because of our limited time I would not rated by theses about deadbeat left you remember had a discussion between Debbie no discussion the exchange between density and color I give you analyze BAs that the Amendola David called free to say this is what caught us down for me being a separate ID said today it would be done we also did you did not top on yet but there is a talk they believed that God God is going to go that exactly that kind what David said it but it is not just a way for a laugh that he took home the fact is that while what he thought policies to be strong and in Asia was so tall faith even than by the prey of Elijah Lorraine it was heart attack you have to have been relentless in praying sinks finds nothing and then is seven times what happened there was these because I'll be size of lots of the update of the island using old Kenya have you must run now because you feed then you would be stopped by rate the cloud was just so small there was no rain for the for the last three and a half years but he said Hudson so is it going around you talked face note doubted you didn't say well I don't know what will happen is a little flower bed but maybe it would be something very soon know it's your closet and seek him you must run of alliance the rain will stop you because it days you already does sound a little rain there was no sound of the rain yet but he talked you need to buy so for our faithful beasts along the we must fix for six we must vocalize each these is not the psychological cubic it is from the Bible as you see I'm from disputing the prophecy we need to practice this in a practical way if you are in a group or just you you also don't entertain the unique to the dawn stock bonus personalizing prompting they would've thought we and what you believe even though it is not happening yet lack the case of Elijah then you'll see would be strong physically that is what God wants us to do now we talked about faith and I think for you we will have to do major things that we do today with talk about how to structure our prayer life and then we would put by Marseille said we need we need to allow God tool uses ice enough 's through faith and its pull Faith and the award of God now we have been talking about relentless prayer meetings to be a praying man and Ukraine in man and he will in no way that means how to be in and a woman of perhaps I'll will have these courses is developed model shop to one verse thirty five pricing not a great while before D you went out and departed deeply so that the replace and their right that is what Jesus need a new red velvet D digital pages page eighty nine there are a morning out often found you mean some say could you please maintain things searching the Scriptures wall in prayer from these quiet how was he would be declared reason for him to take off his duties at the eye and to give an example of patient and he is I say us up to fifty verse four eighteen how do you do that but Jesus Birdie morning this is because the VCs be our big key to these life out we still have two suits come and save said do all you in Isaiah chapter fifty and restful he said thought Oz given me big time all they learn that I still didn't know how to speak a word Susan can move really out way comes in the morning by morning Yahweh goes my idea who he caused and learned in the book Christ object lesson you just commented page one hundred and fifty nine not for himself that is for Jesus Jesus Christ but for all those believed and thought and prayed for him I was and we bought a can for the morning by morning to agreeing you like to have than two men daily daily you received if baptism of the Holy Spirit in the early outlaws of the new date very long I went and viewed from these numbers and he sold ID snoops with anointed with grace docking my coupon office VCs and experience that I would like us to to allow up to half the cost of going to wake us up in the morning that Jesus Christ to remember these Aussies always humble they allow iPhone Jesus must be a Walkman I really am amazed by the prayer life of Jesus I remember we certainly cannot claim to be busy and on Jesus we can't not find an excuse while unsold music so I can't not talk to pray a life of Jesus and use this is fun walking and an this is for our encouragement these is what I'm trying to do I was going to wake me a free morning and that the Lord is doing that on but for us to do that we need to pray and act at the same time we need to keep out what you think because we are awake we need to ask the blood to help Boston Monday July evening I thought I seem to morning we are not awake of lithic on one list that you lose unarmed people it's not a scene to use a long talk it's okay but not in season Brett you want himself I'm not condemning for those using alarm clock I read it we are flexible but we are talking about the rest following the example of Jesus Christ the Lord because not in itself is an experience that today God will meet my father woke me on I remember I would know what children was Susan will then we were there on Montauk with them is that God will be cooler I remember when I started this is not it will be an interesting thing to become like I have the morning so she allow morning I what evening that means half in the morning court the relationship with blogging good morning we house much I went evening if that means we should get a minute of those things that we adopt the soul us and then will make a cost not to sleep early enough yet again Gertie is subject independence your early might not be mine Bhatt it should be earned in not even for you saw that you can't well come early enough so I don't want to say you go to bed this time war where copies find but I'm just stating the general principle and the Holy Spirit he then gone and you'll lose when will these but the principle of these go to bed early enough in the mandate those things and before you go to Ukraine not I'm going to sleep now I really would like you to wake you know my body you know how much sleep I need to know you made me on you know me I am not silent so I depend on you this week for our because these is I want appointment we have we but one loafing and then you go to great knowing that your heavenly father is watching over you because he's not sleeping I'm wondering when time comes soon with my daughter when mice we need to talk they spend time to back in the fifties you expedients would but I warn you you may miss some of the mornings but don't give up don't you all I was I wouldn't have the correct I would have an existing know if you miss one trying again to INT ask God and God would just do that the fact is that what you experienced so structure structure just is not now throughout the day you seem to have a nice appointment of Guardian Monday morning throughout the day we need to come to read these continues with God on his re- walk as we work as a start DIC talk relates household has been a lot of the time this difficult these prayer life all the time that's that is the way the comment pray without ceasing will be implementing clear with that season and then you will probably need the relentless right now I am what time is it on the short we are saying that we are going to pray we are going to pray to the eye does want us to talk about the this a lot the relentless prayer he is also pretty big I welcome on using credit cards in Jeremiah chapter thirty two verse twenty seven since I don't believe on the log of all mankind is anything too hard for me that is the question that is the question of a question asked under the onset inverse on their phone and the first seventeen years verse seventeen getting a chapter fifty two verse seventeen awesome friend Lord you want me to heavens and earth by your great power and outstretched arm no thing is hot for you I love gone easy great God and yet is a great statement is outrageous great six hundred and sixty eight and it is also in the book Christian service then law these the Southpointe when these people listed all estimate upon themselves and these well Tony is one remaining infinity harness demands on him without they may glorify his name then they expect the launch things used to have faith in these prompts if yes is willing to want assess more prayers but us when we ask big things is what companies I think he said he had is one that is the when they make that means us are very high his demands up on you that they may glorify his name this is for his glory not followed only they may spend long things yes Dave how is there how faith in these promises so what other things that we are asking for in a book power of prayer these other things that give a we pray it is not according to the will of God we should never doubt it is listed only do not click on costs is it visited here first for the iPod done all season one Johannes fulfilled given this belief that the broad arts for youth and questions that is one widely physical said one in the list for a Christ like Tampa this is good news for those optional template is sinful Christ I can but I know so for the last we need to do tend to all Jesus Christ for a Christ like Tampa 's always donated instruments to dual his work is powerful said for any gift yes from based on was it blonde chick now we may ask advantage we are to believe that we lease is and delete enzymes to call that we have received so we were going to ask for possibility given this some more scenes for the Holy Spirit footing Christ for wisdom and strength and for a new gift and the easiest for me it's a favorite encouraging is said here Jesus seizes food fetish on the earth was greatly astonished I need to call when it would begin in Dacron welcome saving souls the years that pass presented in conversation and I what I'm omnipotent purpose God consent can't not resist the opportunity when you are asked for the conversion of the soul I'm using really appreciated to let John Knox understand God I think you said he no longer give me this way obviously depressed and not easily hop interface that's joining outside when you play again before long wish I'd have success you cannot give me sport landlord on our time and when we take hold of the work and rest and we've got think I must counsel 's I will never give up the struggle we that God wouldn't appoint away a funds transfer these is what ripping to ask Festival I was spewed I will walk with God pre- if the pain that God was reported to me look hope to be in a while while Scott got I don't decent week walk with God we want to be strong the twenty focus in these tough questions but to some of the Holy Spirit Christ that means a work contract exists to toolbox work it has been promised and then we stuff soloists friends family members chilled what do five from then on God when opening miracles autonomies rather limited in we have to go soon but we will engage ourselves now we upside know the relentless in that we have been standing for the last six stations so what will you do we divide our creating coupons that this part would be a silent you and you ought just talk to your affinity for dish product is relentless spend about three minutes and then when you let down to the one next to you and pray for one another share for one minute your needs your request and then wait for one and a half tool I have to leave because I'm going to up being off script would lead the prayer the main wood you told him but my wife will conclude with prayer while we finish yes yes and gives ideas via e-mail to use you probably what wound do is not our you use the e-mail tool my wife's and we will love when woke with the organizers how to make it happen because probably got these for now the best that we are going to money just so that you can be like to find out for you that attended attendant and that the all and probably will cut and make it available in the website also Isaac was announced so we will love you try to go back and give me this is a single paper and yeah all right of we employee meeting tool to pray silent prayer or no one needs him this is what was seen as a seed Arizona Jean Lessie supporting the teeth in the sense that this is just as satisfying on the vital faith the Sullivan Christians download other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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