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The Greatest Spiritual Gift

Sebastien Braxton
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"In this second part of Paul's argument as to why the gift of tongues is not the supreme evidence of the Spirit's working, Paul sets very clearly that love is the greatest spiritual gift.  It is greater than tongues b/c it brings it is valuable, visible, and its vitality."


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • October 12, 2014
    11:00 AM
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I serve as president when organization bring on our three stands for redeeming rational and radical is a nonprofit organization on that seems to create opportunities for young people to be mobilized into meaningful service there is a lot of opportunities is a lot of young people but connecting those two is why this organization exists we recognize that there's a lot of inspiration there's a lot of training but there's not a lot of service and services what is actually going to finish the work that actually was going to hasten the coming of Jesus at a low volume but I'm ready to go home and so I result on this is why our three was created Mrs. White continues to exist on our screen is all very young organization you probably haven't heard of it because we are not advertising have an reason for that is we are in the process of building things and also recognize you cannot ask young people to do when you yourself are not doing inside a result as most of our board members we are actively doing the very thing that would try to encourage young people to do and so what we've been building and building for the past year and a half almost two years I'll be off for departments we have immediate apartments related directors there in the back of the camera good-looking fellow from London and on since Clive are we also have my wife Candace she oversees the music department I wish he was here she could bless you with a song on what she felt it best to stay home because we may be heading to Dubai onto the Middle East for the two-month project there on Monday or so on also we have our last low he is from Hungary he's actually worsen our technology department web development applications on mobile phones and things like this that we can utilize obsolete offer God 's work and also on me have the missions the pockets of and this is run by Calvin Valley is already there in the middle east right now getting everything set up with a mission to start on October fifteen on alongside the cofounder name is Katie on as well as our clients wife Charlene and she's the one it oversees our special projects on which I can tell you about because their special and so you have to wait until we finish the project in the introduce the Bogardus be good to us it are three we have no complaints as since we started this organization we've seen lots can open doors and continue to create opportunities to do what he's called us to do on some of you may also know that I used to serve as a general vice president for G Y C generation use Christ its North American division conference on his organized annually on which started in two thousand two which is two hundred are people young people organizers said let's invite our friends invite our favorite creatures since that time it is now aired on three again on since two thousand four it is grown to over six seven thousand annually we've also established a conference in Europe on Joomla! Seo which happened in Lynn 's Austria earlier this year optimal information go to YouTube online July see web work on so now is also the organization of a servant for many many years and continue to partner with them as well as concrete opportunities for the but the reality is it starts there is a huge egos of document our church in that vacuum is there are no young people this church was started by it has been perpetuated by you and continues to be beholden by the fact of where are the youth is really the pulse of the church the full Senate voting is not in one of the older people delay are they able to change jobs the real test is what can our young people the so whether the knowledge and areas that older individuals in the church that has been passed down having been trained how they been taught this was a result or three exists simply for this purpose is not to create an organization not degraded institution to create a movement to instead kind of increasing inception of the collective state of mind that we could actually be that generation that sees Jesus come in our lifetime too many individuals don't believe that any recognized that if we do what the previous generation has done will be here another generation and therefore if we want something we've never obtained before we have to do something never done before and that means they take decisions and steps of faith that our parents and our forefathers did not take and that is exactly what we represent and so as a result if anyone has tips for interest work desires to give their talents and all that they aren't already happening to work more than happy to talk to you to support you into encouragement to partner with you so that we can finish this work we can go home and we can see what England looks like as God intended it to look like they say that it's beautiful but is not as beautiful as what God intended so let's pray together as we start sending for this morning heavenly father we are nothing before you and yet you've given everything to redeem us all of heaven in one case what wondrous love instance Lord we pray that I support our local points the person of Jesus that as we gather here about your feet and you would take this man who was what dusting your site that you would speak through him was pray father that Jesus may be seen in a word may be exalted in that when we leave this place was more ardent desire to see God to know him to love him and to serve this is our prayer and trust that he will help us to be our experience we offer this prayer from our hearts in crossing and then take your Bibles in turn to the book of first Corinthians chapter twelve the Taliban message is the greatest spiritual gifts the greatest spiritual gifts first Corinthians chapter twelve same then you're not there to say have mercy for us Philippians chapter twelve we began last night I was at Northampton church and started a series of messages entitled life with the spirit the Holy Spirit is a topic that is all essential and yet not often discussed as a result of this weekend I decided for my theme is subject of meditation to talk about the Holy Spirit in very limited and specific and personal ways so we began in first grade in chapter twelve and we saw that the Bible says in verse four that there are diverse and ease-of-use but it is the same spirit in other words although there is a diversity of the abilities of the tolerance in the church in Corinth Paul says they are all given by the same spirit they are all equal manifestations of the third person of the Godhead and that this concept of insulting certain gifts in certain positions over others is not biblical to think that because someone is the pastor or the preacher that they have more of the Holy Spirit in you is incorrect in his inappropriate theology is on biblical on volume came out of their own consumption of things Paul says where the preacher wondering when the pineapple for potluck when the bottoms collect any offering when the element is visiting the members or the passing is going to the hospital to visit the sick and the shouting it is all a manifestation of this instrument there is no difference and because of this these addressing the issue and call it that they would think the gift of tongues is the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit that you do not speak in tongues you will not have the Holy Spirit hope that sounds familiar to many of us because it is still a concept and idea that is perpetrated today through the movement of the charismatic movement and the Pentecostal church denomination which is not affected over forty other denominations because of this concept that certainly gives manifesto spirit and others do not Paul says that is not true speaking by authority of law he says there are diverse of these objects it is the same and because it is the same spirit it requires just as much of the Holy Spirit to preach a sermon after Dustin T cells but so many of us look at certain gift and estate if I'm not just give than there's no point in the serving if I'm not invincible there's no point in me started because my college is not this person 's tongue and Paul begins to address this look down with me in verse eight also has foretold one is given the word of wisdom through the spirit that Paul says to another the word of knowledge and the one the same spirit as to another faith by the same spirit are you getting the repetition Paul says whether it's with the weather in Spain whether it is worth of work the proclamation support funds it is all in the same spirit he was given again by the same person Audubon hit as a result he is in verse eleven by saying but one and the same Spirit works all these things so when the weather gets up and teaching upon this lesson it is the spirit working these things when you find a sister praying for you in a new job hard to trust Jesus it is the spirit working these things is not just the spirit behind the bullpen is not just the spirit that inspires us it is the spirit behind every ministry of the church and the reason why the church suffers and dies is because we have focused only on some gives and neglected others and just to go to pulse point in verse twelve Paul says as the body is one and has many members but all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is Christ for by how many spirits by what is spirit what happened we were all baptized into one body whether Jews or Greeks whether slaves or free and have all been made to drink into one Spirit verse fourteen four in fact the body is not one member but what many is a natural so when you look at the human body Paul says the human body teaches us an object lesson of how the church is the function all of a sudden it certainly says the body is one body but it is made up of many members and injured those members having will have a place a happy contribution to make to the proper function of the body to do what we designed the new because godly in the human body and does not waste oneself he did not waste one molecule did not have one electron that was not necessary to function at everything in man was designed for a very specific purpose in mind and also as if this is true of the physical body it is also true of the spiritual body of Christ and so he makes the point in verse fifteen if the foot should say because I am not a hand I am not of the body is therefore not of the body and if the ear should say because I am and I I am not an unknown of the body is therefore not of the body so in other words quality saying well you know what doesn't say what I'm not the handgun on them from the body I'm not really a part of the church because I'm not on the board because I'm not the individual who is collecting the offering because I'm not the person out there doing intercessory prayer therefore I'm not of the body I'm not a part of his local congregation because I'm not serving in the specific areas and Paul says if the whole body were an eye where was the hearing can you imagine of the human body was one big eyeball no eyelids no eyebrows no nothing the body makes less because there's no stomach is justifiable it won't be able to breathe because it has no lungs is justifiable in this ridiculous absurdities that we are discussing is exactly the mindset that is entrenched itself in the church that we can say is just a pastor I think that's the whole church no no not the past the elders as if that's the whole church in the whole body was elders whose abilities I was in everybody's a preacher and was listening to Congregationalism that is if everybody is another essay on right are really going to what is actually going to the children because we decided in our minds these are the gifts that make up the body therefore if I don't do this I'm not of the body Paul says that is not true and I use this illustration last night how ridiculous would it be in the molds that I'm not the sign therefore I will shine in the small little lady says I'm not the mighty times therefore I won't blow because I'm not the ocean I'm not a body of water because the blade of grass am not a rose that will not appoint everything has its role in nature everything has its role in the universe why is inevitably going to the church that cannot be true we don't want to take this role we want to take that role or no role but that doesn't work you know what happens when people are born with extra fingers they cut it off I followed this is excess we don't mean this what happens when you find cancer human moving when you have a cyst on ovary you were moving that's not supposed to be there it serves no function no purpose to the body so if we can't exactly say why I'm not this I'm not as well if your access here because on the physical body you want an extra skin just grow you cut it all but we expect to come to the judgment of the extra skin excessive growth one more finger we didn't need and it wasn't designed to have some kind of green departments or activities not never intended under the new charge of the gardening industry there is no gardening ministry there is no bargaining department but I'm not saying someone sitting the authors think we should beautify the grounds of God 's house as always we shall but the problem comes up with the fact that we things and say I want to start when the church needs you know that when your body is injured the rest of the parts of your body to send reinforcements to view this morning upon the heart doesn't say what the hand this is one copyleft hopeful drizzly when I dissent anything this field is wound up but this is the mindset we bring into the church we so well you're the one overwhelmed sorry family I can help you too busy with great honor not an adult substitution on the children some schoolteacher know we move according to the needs of the buddy goes on to say in verse eighteen but now God has set the members each one of them in the body just as please please he believes NASA H that law solely Labounty said how do I get the kids that I have verse eleven total despair decided which when you receive that is a what's my role in church bodies the one that sent you so we don't accept it is far too long the church has been crippled and disabled and handicapped by the very fact that people get into their mind we have superstar preachers superstar pastors superstar elders this is what it's all about you thinking to yourself that is not how the judge goes forward we all move on because we are powerful elders when you read the book of acts even with the DJ you don't know Dick is back and read like that today was engaging three thousand baptized in Samaria filled with the Holy Spirit through the vision eleven you will always the distributions of the Grecian widows have time for evangelism no other thing we always on this business may surely reason widows in their appropriate will anyone out which is the understood as a Deacon Paul didn't say Jules Imad was over six feet tall who can lift heavy things to be a big no no no no no boss asked you seven men among you filled with the Holy Spirit to the Odessa probably chose we also allow anonymous stuff up and it's even more incumbent upon us the more spiritual we are no longer that we've been in the faith we should be the ones leaving the example but we are not on significant backseat just like the support I like to encourage that other people step know we need to take responsibility we are past the time can you imagine I look at my wife and I say to myself on stronger than you I've been in the Marine Corps physically developed in the waves all the time which innovate on the city to the backseat unit 's luggage also fortunate I want to see you develop no that is not how it works the way of our citizens because I'm stronger I lift the bags because I'm stronger has nothing to do with my wife's inability has everything to do with this is my responsibility and it has to be done boldly called the volatile specimens there was no person in this world will respect a leader that does not step up to the position state houses God the president of the company houses got the CEO house is gone the Prime Minister he's knocking the stuffing abuse of religious speech how to get elected bafflingly telling ourselves without some criticize the government only coming here how is this person often doing was supposed to be the because the reality is we criticize other people for the very things we do and it's unfortunate that with all the problems in the secular government it's the one better and more efficient they got us using all those people and Parliament want to go to those hours and hours of discussions and in these all yes I enjoy the snow they don't want to regulate because that's what I signed up for when I second the position to be a part of Parliament it comes with the territory what happens when we decided to give my life to Jesus in baptism it comes with the territory that's what we signed up for Paul says God sent us the way you please not believe me please not only things that bring us report was some sort of reputational prestige classes I gave you visited so that you can serve the way that iTunes written to serve therefore it is not an issue of what you accept the nominating committees suggestion is God calling you to serve in on that starting the church on serving Christ but too often times we fall into this mistake focusing always on the human element forgetting the divine I learned his lesson in my marriage because people sit down and say well I don't know what to serve the church on the phone again I have a lot of things going on I'm saying to myself when I look at my wife and we've had our disagreements as every American who does example of this is how disposable your learning communication and the canceled what was it was using the simple of August if I look at things as well my wife didn't iron my close so therefore I'm not been able carry her back outside she can carry Susan Wonderland has passed all over the place so I'll let them know what Washington note regarding the doctrine of Virginia well your next out of the government within the dirty clothes in our civilization and watched myself down marketing locking his no date I forget that no special time I'm too busy washing my clothes this is how the cycle comes so then I look at we looked at each other and said listen this anger to work we will never last in his approach so the decision we had a meeting was we don't do things based upon what the other person does so Houston instead of my supplements and how my body because she could not my close and watch them etc. etc. no I do it for pricing I love because he first loved me has nothing to do with whether you like me or not so the reality is when you call me say that I want to do this I feel the need for this I am not in the fact that she did English UK Nagano that's a non- viewpoint you do it for pricing why my doing it because Jesus did this for therefore what happens when parents completely transform so all of a sudden greater appreciation greater unity greater commitment greater efficiency of no one sitting in the house saying to themselves on his respondent would you do not just out of the back of what you said no what I'm doing is saying on doing this because of Jesus she is doing it because of Jesus therefore it is going with the joyful spirit because we newly appointed to offer us anything was a well well-run home has nothing to do with because my wife is amazing because my husband is amazing those because Jesus is amazing that students so why is it any different in the church a house divided against itself cannot stand cannot will not weather the family whether via marriage within the church whether it be a nation whether the organization whether the movement whether it be a society it doesn't matter what it takes it in his eye it will not last it will will destroy itself because you're costing the state of civil war whenever one besides you know what for classic but not here to serve the Wellingborough Church on here to serve Jesus Frank told me one time said Sebastian you travel so much in so many opportunities to speaking invitations wanted to get local churches and mission just to big events and look at this person I said why would I do that will listen and get to a certain level when you will need to speak at local churches that's too small for you while doing a lot of research and Bible study analyses the speeds of thirty people when you can be speaking at three thousand I said you think I signed up to preach because of numbers are a sign of her numbers I was told I called to preach you great like the bridge I said it will follow that model he was never going to Nick NetMeeting opinion in the gospel is never going to Africa Largo to the desert when talking about I baptized three thousand I don't go to the desert is nobody in the desert no Philip goals Jesus tells and because he does with Jesus Tauzin to do then you see the miracle of God and because of engaging are you hearing because of the DVD the Gospel of Africa will obey the voice of the Holy Spirit but anyone doesn't respect the continent digging into the continent of Africa because of the manga not obey the Spirit of God was concerned with numbers and was concerned with what procedures and would never have gone to this continent so I was a result we can send down this morning and can look in the situations of our lives the situations of our families the situations of our churches and we can sit and face up to the music and say I have a decision to make and that decision is what am I going to do with the gift of God what is Jesus calling leads into an object to serve Jesus I don't care what the church when a local church elder that was my mantra on Kimberly determinant of the church board meeting magazines are forever people hardly be more Christlike I might all of what you're saying is true but I decided to serve them I signed up to serve Christ and therefore I will go to the board meeting and every time they don't become Christlike I will tell them I wouldn't and I will tell them this is what the Bible says and I will tell them this is what God expects of us and it started working Dylan wants to do my job as an elder is that going to church now twenty one old days at home business but I've done when I'm supposed to do and I will visit the members and I will pray with them and I will give the Bible studies and I will spend with their kids and I will tell them baby dedication is not baby dedication dedication this child does not raise itself so completely to my altar talking about my son-in-law you raised so this baby dedication of the volume coming to Jesus you giving your life to God and to raise her children to fear God by your example first the words come second nominated leave the church and apparently got altered a single woman cursed each other up cursing people in the car on the motorway because the comfortable and are interesting to your Christian all year this is what it needs to serve Jesus I see the power of the gospel transforming your life so with all the difficulties that stand before us as a church why would anyone want to serve except the person who was asking because Jesus ask you a very simple question this morning form one good until the off my nose right now this is not what I was intended to produce but the question you ask yourself is what is it that you would not do for Jesus about congregations before went to sleep on dirt for two weeks for Jesus Destino was really exact Jesus called to in a dream is that I want to go to this place this label and dirt for two weeks for me was really one volatile village right in the center of Iraq five miles from where I is is for Jesus one hundred percent certain or children to listen the shaking would you doing for Jesus simply don't understand the stop enabling or that we preach because I read in the most of the Christ people think it hard to get all to Jesus when he has given all that she says I'm ashamed to think it I'm ashamed to write because we don't understand across because we don't understand what Jesus engaged in laying down across related on the preprinted Jesus gave us the holy home it gives us all of heaven we given the left over ten minutes of my day for devotion he says here's my robe of righteousness which will save your eternal soul Gabler I'll give you my little racks the church Saint Michael the club and for my wedding mice so no surprise that Paul writing to the church in Corinth all you know I won't do that for Jesus it is a wonder that we can actually stand before God in worship of so much prior before him he humbled himself and became asleep and say no I will not do this for you in the face of self-sacrificing it's always and I wonder sometimes what I'm going to Asia I said you know what I think it is in the Western world we don't understand the concept of looking we don't have the concert got prime ministers presidents CEOs of Yankees there because he helps run the organization well that's all we talk about leadership but back in the day they were kings and when you go to Asia and you see these places that are still monarchies you recognize the problem they said the King is coming a year in advance cleaning the city of human events and is a smart this is the path that the cable travel and they rose petals along the whole Street notables as that is my regarding illusion of Hawaii he's looking that they are there for almost before the king even left the house ready to meet him and I have specially made clothing specifically for this even a new bow before the king gets in front of you as soon as someone says the King is over there about there's no question and you don't look at the King is on you don't speak anything unless the King speaks to you and his word is law who was this person want to dress like this remover no one can argue selecting is unjust is the key energy trying to keep up our old friend and why her to argue crazy you'll get us all to because of your point such as into the cases unlike their life Sebastian this is what it means not looking so we talk about Jesus and we like to see right on King Jesus Riddell no man shall not hinder you bullet on Othello talking about we'll see Jesus as a key which item as in our nice little cousin at our favorite cousin I hope this only when trouble SL introduces bananas again and when the McCain calls and says I need you to serving in this capacity utilization again you know your Majesty this is not really a good fit for me you'll note there is no discussion the fact that the king asks you is because raises in the manager when he decided to ask you because that's the kind of person I am and when he asked and called the outline you deserve me in my palace in this way people would think of themselves now known on the iPod I think you have the wrong person I think this is not really my thing but thank you so much I'll talk to you later although back to my regularly scheduled program to looking you wouldn't but because they don't understand that concept of the King of Lord of master slaves don't argue with Masters but this is how we look across impulses this is a problem this is that people are not taking the roles in the body of Christ because there is also not serving in these roles are not serving on the more helpless little too much longer Paul says in verse twenty seven the speed towards what I want to address and specificity now you are the body of Christ and members individually and God has appointed these in the church first apostles second prophets third teachers after that miracles and gives of feelings helps administrations varieties of problems verse twenty nine are all apostles all profits are all teachers of all workers of miracles do all have gifts of feelings Wall Street with phones do all interpret there is a certain way of writing in the Greek language where the answer is assumed to be no end these are examples of that when Paul says are all apostles what is the answer now using the Caribbean judge doesn't know are all apostles that they can call as an apostle Peter 's apostle for sure all of us are not apostles okay are all prophets know are all teachers know all workers of miracles no chest wall is dealing with his first thoughts on the continent of identity are you a profit are you an apostle are you a teacher by identity that he goes into ability and he says do all speak with tongues Westchester no so the very idea that runs again that is the true manifestation of the Holy Spirit and therefore every member of the church must possess it is nonsensical because all do not speak with tongues just as all our nonprofits just as all are not apostles and all do not interpret the Paul adds in verse thirty one he says but earnestly desire the one that messages and yet I shall more excellently I like this because when Paul gives this phrase I show you a more excellent way it is the great incomes of the Greek word late teens and I would encompass it similar to the English word hyperbole this will begin the work on because I feel in great looks like a why but in English we say hyperbole and great basin will verbally so now the article AA comes into words and Greek at the compound word over me all over the ladies to throw something to go beyond so now as Paul is saying here altogether to looking at anything you should come in earnestly the best use when you commonly shall and even more excellently all these other gives a mountain there is a wall he says these gives the lesser inducements there is something that will be on using the word hyperbole needs to exaggerate and my family is of Caribbean heritage and Caribbean people not to exaggerate everything we do is exaggeration sought out of all the time that the mother does something one time he does it all the time and we have all the difference in integrating selectman disperses always in your business they asked one question but now this is a solitary butyl contrast properly while you just likable because in another trial little extreme don't you think you're exaggerating no men know when not exaggerating so the cause of exaggeration is to take something to its extreme to make a point very clear that is the idea of an exaggeration to divisive right so when we talk about exaggeration we use certain keywords to build exaggeration for example privately young lady was there in a document saying excuse me sister I been watching for a long time becoming subchapter seven and I really do like the hottest meaning in the leading us to be together since is that I get some of his tribe it didn't work out not of the Willingboro seventy Vince Churchill you love him and he says even if you were the last man on earth and I'm using American children to perpetuate human race I was not married is the point she's not saying you are the last man right because clearly you're not and she's not saying that Mary Newell is a question of will be perpetuated in the species is not the issue what she's using an exaggeration to say if it were the case I seldom don't want to be with you that if the human race depending upon need besides being I would agree with you but my wife sent me a first but to recognize the fact that it is this mindset Paul says I am about to exaggerate right now I'm about to show you something that is clearly an exaggeration so notice with me first Greg is chapter thirteen in verse one Paul says though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels but have not love I am become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal I'll hope you'll begin to notice the exaggeration there are over six thousand five hundred human languages Paul says if I spoke with all the tongues of men and of angels he's not saying there are angelic languages using even if there were angelic languages I spoke with the tongues of men and I was researching acid or the person at the world record for the most languages that they can speak and I was is gone I think his name is Eileen Farhat supposedly this guy can speak fifty nine languages supposedly now I met some conflicting reports some people said they tested him and South America the basement is language and he was using Croatian with Russian with some like Gaelic language and icon are not enough in the right languages but other people said is that UN meetings at all openings in the program and discussed policy and economics and science and fifty one knowledge is the bottleneck if you could speak with all the tongues of men and of angels right that's a useful six thousand five hundred images Google places of gospel in any country there is no person on the streets of England or any nation on the article could not speak of the wonderful works of language is no longer a barrier for you and Paul says if you spoke with all the tongues of men and you don't have a your become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal now this this idea of sounding brass or a clanging cymbal the idea comes on the fact that any quality there is huge amounts of paganism and a part of their vegetables for these pagans with the pain this metal over and over and over repeated throughout your walking and going you could hear it all the time one hundred percent of the time every single day all day long and obscene can imagine this would be very annoying right to circling metal all day long and is consequently throughout the city but this is what the priest would do the work themselves up into a frenzy in order to have a spiritual encounter and Paul is saying if you speak with the tongs of May and of angels and you don't have a your empty sound to the degree that it becomes a nuisance to you I can't even listen to the song anymore is just noise because what is the purpose of not getting diphthongs definitely went a lot like the artist the Spanish and French and the Mount Vernon only everything is in Croatian authors to sentence in Spanish and also the next sentence in Latvian why officially can Paul says what is the one begin to pump if you have no message when they receive the gift of tongues it was so that they could speak of the wonderful works of God and Paul says he was an exaggeration you could have the gift opposed to its ultimate capacity the full manifestation of the executive you how this can love goes far beyond in fact love is what gives meaning that gives it any value what is the fact that the law is what gives value but him and explain this a little bit further look at verse two he says and though I have the gift of prophecy and understand how many mysteries all mysteries and how much knowledge and know-how how much faith so that I could remove mountains but have not love I am one nothing collected up father was very close Paul says if I had to get the prompt and you can tell the future and I understood how many mysteries all that is there is nothing that he fit into me and how much knowledge on knowledge now this is interesting that Paul says if you have all knowledge you understand all mysteries and you know the future enough of a that you can literally do anything and you don't have to love it another thing you can do nothing he says you are nothing your value is not all knowledge is understanding all mysteries plus prophecy must all minor flaw in zero one who was the being in the universe that all knowledge who only want us who understand all mysteries by itself followed closely if you have an iPad God 's knowledge and the understanding and ultimately develop you certainly don't have Islam are nothing Paul was commenting on the divine itself I don't understand what it means that God is God anyone makes gone gone when they say God is not that he knows all things it is not that he understands all things it is as well because the value of a theme is a measurement of the amount of all that it contains the only promising the universe understands his love all these talent induced and you and I will pull a kill and push ourselves to publish scholarly journals to make sure that we're getting a promotion that were going on in our organization and our career and boxes in your almanac you don't have a you are nothing not even a little bit you're not even are not told you are not an ounce Graham who are nothing because you don't have enough in the amazing thing is only one who was once understand almost all knowledge Lucifer when you recognize that he wanted to be like going to a nearly realized he didn't really want to be Michael he wanted his knowledge and wanted his understanding in power but he doesn't want his love because most of the day not understand what made Christ Christ in the vein of a Jesus about him was because of his knowledge Jesus was any innermost councils of the most most of forgiveness you think it's because of his abilities it is because of his guests you're wrong what makes him God is that God is not knowledge God is not power God is not ability God is not God 's will and because God is love there is no value away from God there is no value away from the so in this sense how then do you and I is you are we judge our value and are worth based on what based on what we have to based on the positions we hold responding affirmation in the activities of other people and we say now have value now I have more impulses no you don't the question is the how much love love is the greatest manifestation of this with out love we have no speedily moved to my conclusion is at times against us we talked about the value of love a little to my second point which is the visual with the visibility of love the Bible says in verse four love suffers long and is kind love does not envy love does not parade itself it's not it does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not remarkable thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all Paul looks at Lombardy says love is visible love manifests itself in shifts there is a behavior to love there are surveys and I will do in a savings love won't get any continues the back only to this day that when the apostle Paul is writing about such a profound truth of love the first thing out of his mouth is not kindness is not think so able is not that it doesn't rejoice in iniquity or that it rejoices in the truth or that it bears all things that are spent out of his mouth is love suffers long and have done a lot of NSF the anonymous author short given us suffer long anyone was ever love the child knows what I'm talking about an ill chosen optimizations lab we choose the path of pain because love suffers long English patient love is used to dealing with long periods of time love affects the way we understand the needs in years and millennia of the Muslim life and godliness our seniors want anyway six thousand because of what had taken with seven years for Rachel because of love him as I think it would basically because of low because love completely shifts and enforceable consequences this is nothing God says six thousand years and we understand why Paul writes Mister or Peter writes me account the long-suffering of God 's salvation God is not willing that any should God is long-suffering God is long-suffering when he goes to Moses on the mountain to declare the glory of the Lord and he says he's abundant in goodness and truth he's long soft if you really want to understand love you understand patients so when young people come a talk about relationships I say they can't wait if you can't wait to see it's infatuation that am not Catholic and Taymor look at her half-brother and she said if you just wait and go to the king he will give me to do it at Kmart for the rest of his life knowing that the reset no I want to know any brings his half-sister even though the Bible says he loved her so much that he was sick and upper that is not love because love suffers long you can wait when this love when you have young people they can't wait to get married now we have to date down we have to do this was the rush I waited almost two years before and even my wife beating and she know I was interested what's the loss why all of a sudden you're not ready that's why Salazar says do not awaken well before it is time but you got people thirteen fourteen years old they love each other and understand what you waited like two weeks old he was asked the girl on the first day but I one that's how you know that I'm really interested in her foolishness fourteen years old and profitably on interested in is wrong interested in the Hydro if you really want to understand love you must understand and use when I talk to people particularly young people about this issue of patients become a state court to advise a single you don't issue not really want your advice on what your input what you think about you no possibility of a relationship I said if you're not willing to hear and know that we have no point in talking to be there when I'm rubberstamped a relationship of capital approved you counsel with brothers out there Sebastian now I'm not signing my name on eighteen that have not approved by the board but that's only one so when people are interested in loving devoted people to tell them yes yes yes kisses great event a beautiful couple living together and ultimately without I like it is a little less you might want to slow it down have you really thought about this one about your ex-boyfriend you would just suddenly you still have feelings for him how you move into a new relationship and I can go on and on and on because it all comes down to what Paul says love suffers long love is visual you can see in the first link I love manifests itself as patients if there's any way that you and I know that God loves us is because each page you cannot understand law without patience when a mother loves her job never when I took my NASCAR I think that you can drive my car and I was driving back to doing some rap music loud speeding on the highway I was going over a hundred miles an hour assuming the SUV Toyota four Runner Windows now balding this music all over I always think it's with the car went on a sign I hit the railing on one side bounce of the other railing on the other side bounce back to the other women on the other side regard .net on his wheels is not enrolling it was clearly something was wrong the car was going like this as I was going down the highway are called thinking on the Modesto murder we just get the job so they can outline my body this is where he was killed single out anyone that I wanted to get out of the car to see the damage unlike my life is over that's all I was thinking it was over and somehow some as I'm getting on the garner finally check this thing in my bag on the two highways crossing so there is no gas station is nothing so I'm dressed up dress shoes and everything walked into grasp this time in the mornings with all covered and you saw what I walk miles to get to this gas station on the hotel which by the way this was born wanting so not resulted so either wait outside this Marriott hotel till they open the way so I call my dad is like our gal come and get you whatever will have it towed get the car told police the car I drive the car home whatever problem continues to give me his D-Day after you see the sun setting to start singing the hymn where you there him and him and I we get into the driveway I get out of the car go inside the house that says nothing to nothing not one of the Nyhan on the shoulder not a son we need to talk nothing but continue to be more rightly displayed by building a community setting meal is waiting for him I have a happy day is on the inside when just take me out blackout so I was on my back and I said said that his goal really sorry about the car like etc. etc. etc. my dad looked at me he says long as you are right that's what matters is if you want to thank me do something with your life always what I wanted to college and eventually when I became a Christian and I was reflecting on these expenses are thinking to myself you know my siblings of the libidinal daddy loves me on diminishing arcades are you are you much appearance and you have different perspectives on the special viewer reason Christian but I thought to myself how can I say my dad does not love me when I think of the patients patients and when you and I look at our lives and how many times we persist in sin how many times we rebelled against his grace how many times we despised his goodness he will bless us we will think you will pray in the Thessalonian church and go back to our regularly simple lives and that the work is so patient and will wait a long time for us and then when we come he doesn't even bring up the existence of a new life how can we question whether God loves received since blogger misunderstood phenomenon from longtime and we do not sit and reflect as a local church in Wellingborough is a theocracy the patience of God to say that God doesn't love the searchers align because he's been patient with but we cannot continue forever despising scripts so love is visible it will always manifest itself in acts of love and kindness it will avoid gossip and someone at Google to my final point says in verse eight love never fails but whether there are prophecies they will fail whether there are times that will cease whether there is knowledgeable vanish away for we know in part and we prophesy in part of any policy or Paul Lisa's love never fails focusing weddings but is not saying we can use it love never fails their love will last forever for better for worse this novel policy Paul uses this word never fails when he sang his love will always be useful no one never come again with the giving of the law is useless but prophecy that will come a day when it will be useless Charles day is useless because I wasn't about the fact that when you go to heaven and I were walking into the pearly gates I thought we would like the airport when you go through security line besides you can bring on the plane so you put your luggage on the bout you walk the line what happens when you walk when you got meddling of there is our comeback check your pockets jumped to humans that is all since there is anything a man Dalton is not much anyone isn't on the third one initially because you cannot bring any sharp objects you cannot bring liquids about this many houses you got it we value but this is my jail I don't do what it needs fiscal stabilizers at the airport in the trash and I tell people when it comes to spiritual gifts when you cannot get the early days you can walk in the beginning of his Burnaby backup you can bring other near we got no use for processing we got no use for the house we got no use for this one would anyone knock we can talk to him directly what we need you to prophesy in the gift of prophecy is from the side the result Paul says but there's one thing we can get to the conveyor belt it will always go through the hassle of him and when we get to heaven and loud neutrality will be useful and Paul goes on to argue that love is a sign of maturity because he says we know in part and we prophesy in part it isn't a completely but in person he says but when that which is perfect has come then that which is in part will be done away because all this is our little parcel pieces of it what you will picture his love he says in fact we should've learned this from childhood because when I was a child I spoke as a child understood as a child I thought as a child when I became a man I put away childish things Paul says when you when I get to heaven when you looking to get some job listings the way this is the majority down there on this article were growing back into the image of God best children's playthings but here this is from the German that's lost you put away childish because level never be useless but there comes a time when we stop playing with toys because of our cars are not being that you put on a little racetrack and you pushed your house you drive past the Realty a put away childish whatever the story of the power of love I was in Botswana preaching about ten years ago and I will organize the event his wife never came to any monies but you can't talk about is what I might listen medicine week you can talk about why I've never seen a white she averages what's the situation yes she's out of this but she won't so why will she come as well if you got time I got tell me the story she said well before I met my wife my wife was young she was growing up in this church she was dating this other avenues young men during their relationship she eventually became pregnant outside of marriage as a result the church 's fellowship there while she was pregnant did not dispose of the guy they got married her best friend in the same church happily married received by the church but the woman disfellowshipped then I see this fellowship should be one the market should be walking to the store and charter members will see her and we just can drive not know much about what's wanted to Hockley 's and she's walking with his baby time to a discharge members would literally dry by this woman walking miles to the market went of the so now one day she's walking he told me as she was walking a car pulled over it was a woman and woman since you are going to the market she said yes and going to the market just as well once you jump in competitor to a lot of one of the emerging with the baby she says you're not a burden please just jump in I'm going to the marketing so forth talking Internet to ten mile walk or drive I'll get in the car so she got the car she got to the market the lady say just get whatever you need to get I'll drop you suggest to carry on the groceries that you probably don't buy a lot because you won't believe you are not she can buy whatever you so this woman is filling up the car guess of the register they scan all the groceries and everything on the market and then she says a wallet to pay and she's like oh I don't know if I can afford all of these items he said Aldo learned body so maybe Artie paid for so what did the lady over there pay for your groceries have a nice day so she pushes the cart out she tells they wanted to pay you should take much as displeased the Lord will vision goals put the groceries and vision tells her she says you know what I was going to take the car for the week I'll call my husband he can pick me up and operating fix me up I'll get home you can keep the car just meet me here in two weeks right here at the store and I can get the car back from just like there's no activator Garth uses Yahoo choice my husband and the big meal right now so she gives her her car for two weeks now obviously the person in your garden possibly disappeared the only time they had a feeding so she shows up Julie's later aftermarket with the car goes back into the store the lady says avascular shopping for two weeks get back in the car whatever whatever saving half of those who are certainly pay for your groceries wisely to Billings shielding an opening that she put her groceries in the car she tells her listen my husband and I have prayed about this we realize we have to course is not right for you and your baby can walk so as to give you this my husband and I will share our car the girl doesn't even know what to say he told me he said some I want to look at he said them I cannot take a car is not she searched the web I will pay the insurance will pay everything I know what you worried about fees and on the stump will cover just keep the car and just so you know where from the local Pentecostal congregation and you and your baby are always welcome you look at me he said soldiers which are from West Coast the Pentecostal church not because she agrees with the doctrines and I said tell your wife to come Saturday night I'm going to preach from first Corinthians thirteen and when she came in after I preach for the end of the survey form may be appealed I said love is more powerful than truth people go to church the children ring with the teaching of problems doesn't agree with Sunday signals the Melissa education but were supposed to worship where she is not because we can have all the things that the church and we love to tell people we have the truth and we knew but if you don't have love we can judge the value of our congregation based on how much not our documents not our attendance on the love every head is bowed every eyes closed to conclude the service is anyone here this morning as we pray it doesn't close the service that heavenly father we recognize that Polish trying to argue that love is the greatest spiritual this is the greatest manifestation of the Spirit of God but Lord love does not come from us if it is a special gift it only comes from heaven you cannot bring a clean thing out of an unclean it is because of your grace that love can be planted in horse 's so far but maybe there's someone here this morning that says I have not been as lovely as Goss called us to be I haven't been as loving as God has called us to be in my Joshua I want to say regardless of what the rest of the church may do or not do as for me in my house we will seek to be aligned to be a place where people can come in contact with loved that is your desire when might you say to your feet if you want to make that decision this morning I have not been as loving as I know God is called us to be but I want to be a person in this charge regardless of what the rest of the church dust people will know God 's love through me he has is still bound on system includes not one more invitation and that invitation is for someone who says I have been hurt by the church by someone in the church maybe not discharged maybe it is Mister maybe another church which would been hurt and as a result he struggled to find that kind of love in the church and to establish in your essay this morning Laura bring it up to the altar cloth to let this thing go not to suffer under the weight of how I have been mistreated or neglect or forgot in this morning I want to bring back to the altar similar this whole situation is worse this whole situation as yours I will invite you to just meet me right up here up front at this altar this is a serious invitation this can take some serious current but up into an altar just in the that people have been hurt consistent obviously anyone else ever had is about every eyes closed we like to look as he was coming when I think of our own lives this eventually you'll need Jesus say someone in the church has certain and him bring in a situation to the altar this morning in the church right here in the middle because these are the decisions that make all the difference we cannot love when we have not been overly so that we've been neglected slightly forgotten unlocked we cannot love other people and that's why we say forgive us as we forgive we have to take those situations and bringing to Jesus maybe you've been the victim of gossip many people have tried to criticize you whatever it is we don't need to know the details this between you and the master of the universe this is going to you and your father in college in the state I'm done with this this is your 's I'm not in a fight this thing anymore cannot argue I'm not to sit here and retell the story can relive the pain over and over and over and frustration on brilliance of Jesus this morning to say Lord I'm letting it go on putting it at your altar this is not my battling this is not much this is costs and you can trust that Jesus will heal and God will never wish to pay as promised anyone else since I've been hurt bring them to the last invitation is for anyone who say this morning this afternoon I have not given myself fully to serving up and resisting his call to service this morning I'm saying Lord I surrender and I want to make myself available for you and for your king what you just raise your right hand to the said Lord I haven't made myself available to make myself available from here on out I haven't really surrendered myself to your service on seizure hence policies or hands father in heaven you see the hands that arranged community was single and we will serve Jesus we choose to serve and to recognize that whatever you call us to do in this church is for you father we've also come forward to this altar to lay down our burdens into follow what the hymn writer has written to come he disconsolate wherever Bush to come to the Mercy seat and fervently here bring a wounded heart here tell your English for Earth has no solid that have been technology would you see each soul that is standing at this old pray that they would find that there is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin six father we pray that as we have stood to respond to say we have not manifested your love is and so we pray the Lord you would teach us how to love as we ought give us that flame that burned the horror Jesus is love for God and his love from and what made this charge be known in this community as a place where you are loved when you are accepted you were in college when you can be used for greater purpose even on this I just wanted Congress to go for SRA is a disobedient was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse in your life is more certain that please visit www. .net verse .org


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