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01-Emergency Landing

David Kim


David shares a harrowing personal experience from a commercial flight gone wrong, and how it shaped his personal commitment to Jesus.


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 30, 2015
    7:30 PM
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work on her father we come apart we still the voices the bustle the busyness of this week as we enter into Sabbath Lord what joy it is to come together as a body of believers to celebrate the love and salvation and victory that we have in Jesus Christ the Lord this evening as I share a little story I pray that your Holy Spirit will be with us that every word from my lips would be from you that each individual here would hear exactly that which he or she needs to hear a word from on high or were not here by accident we're here because you've given us life is giving us opportunity and Lord let that opportunity not go to waste we pray Lord that our hearts or minds would be fully engaged in this act of worship and we pray this in Jesus is precious and holy name amen this weekend as Kurt thank you Kurt for your announcement by your introduction weekend were going to talk about a lot of things but they're going to center around living for Christ living for Christ bringing Christ to everything in your life and him are going to take it in you are for me exactly two of the part are really going to be testimony in which I will share with you how the Lord 's work in my life that's tonight and that the sermon divine worship tomorrow than the other two parts are going to be about how the Lord has been using me to be a light in my sphere of influence and sharing with you things that you might be able to do in your spheres of influence and so were really taking it in two parts but it's all about living for Christ as of this evening I like to share with your story the true story and it's one that is probably think it's the most meaningful memory that I have maybe second only to my heart conversion and of course my wedding and this is an audio verso my wife is Vanessa unfortunately they cannot be here this weekend and this is prevention I'm a corporate executive I work at a large financial services firm as part of my job I travel as many business people do we travel we go to different places generally on airplanes until I fly a lot and people ask me how much I fly and I found that the best way to answer that question is a fly enough to be silver but not enough legal although I get very close I get very close and maybe there's your make it and so because I was so much it's it's quite a normal thing that I do on a quite decent I have a routine if I'm not one of the people who is afraid of flying I know that factually that flying is perhaps the most of the safest mode of transportation out there except perhaps your feet off-line and I'd like to take you back to just over a year ago December fourth twenty thirteen December fourth twenty thirteen it was United and US Airways US every time from Philadelphia which means you flying with their USA for eighteen twenty two and I was flying from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach PVI for those of you who are IATA code enables from PHO PBI and was a ten a.m. flight ten a.m. flight three hours in December fourth is a good time to be flying in West Palm Beach it was an uneventful it was an uneventful morning at ten a.m. flight so I I did my usual thing I got up at about four thirty I worked out I had my devotional time with the Lord I drank my green smoothie that you have prayed with my family and then I got my car and I drove the forty five minutes to the airport the traffic was normal very normal day everything was normal about it drove about forty five minutes fifteen minutes my flight was departing out of terminal B but there's never any parking interminably as that's when the US air terminals so I can get a terminal D which is generally where I park went to terminal D got out of the car walked into the terminal went through security shoeshine the Koreans for some reason own all the shoeshine stand in wealth airport so I got my shoeshine in terminal D then I walked over to terminal C because C is in between DNA and the and when I got terminal C I went to John McCain and I got a large skillet Green Berets without the Greek yogurt not that I'm vegan vegan I'm aspirational he perhaps but it's just too hard to do when you're out and about traveling but I just didn't care to have a yogurt forgot to tell Hillary embraces no yogurt that was in terminal C and then I went over to terminal B for my flight because there's no geometries interminably on the terminal C in terminal D like I said after the silver but not enough people start to the terminal I got to the gate and it was a very interesting crowd at the gate going to West Palm Beach on December fourth and I was going for a conference conference of top advisers top advisors from around the country people who is infectious it was winning top women advisors these are people who managed hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars on behalf of their clients we had a lot of professional financial advisor types we had other financial services types like myself were trying to get in front of these financial visors and then we had a lot of snowbirds read a lot of wheelchairs I think they wield down you know when they first call for those who need assistance to in way I think the plane was wheeled down the jetway it was quite amazing because I'm silver I got to go on relatively early which means I get overhead space wheels in first of course and so I found my seat I sat down and I I just got out my routine so when I sit in the plane when I'm ready for a trip I take out my my your plug my phone your plugs my those noise cancellation headset I'd like to double up sometimes and by eyeing so that I can relax if not sleep usually I end up losing somewhere between sleep and being away I pulled all that out and next to me straggled then in zone five the core zone five people young man whom he couldn't have been more than twenty five very tall very slim very lanky crazy wild hair can't imagine looking lots of kind of a scraggly beard apparently that seems to be popular these days the longest time I noticed that some of the younger folks in my office would have that is a three-day or five-day beard I'm not sure which day it is a something like that and for the longest time he thought wow think they might need to get a sharper razor something that I realized that they are doing it on purpose so he looked very tired he looked like he'd been up all night and so he got into the window seat I was on the island because I always like to be on file very high paying a little bit of a control freak for half and so I I I was Allawi letter name and he immediately crashed immediately crashed out very call to fill sorry for him one of the advantages of being five seven is that economy is not so bad it's okay so it was a very normal flight and we took off everything was great I had my my noise cancellation headset on my high mass I had the Lamb wins plane they were no mental ramblings here couple people she is if you haven't heard about you need to check it out it's a two CD set original music all covering the book of Revelation and it will give you a completely new perspective on the prophecies of the book of Revelation see you can go to the Lamb wins .com or you can look it up on iTunes I don't get any proceeds from it I just think it's an incredible musical project I also play cello on a few of the tracks but it was all volunteer was listening to tunes and I had my get on and I was just I was dosing in a really high I don't know I think I must've fallen asleep is about ninety minutes into the flight I started feeling the plane banking to the right and I didn't think much of it although I did think it odd that it would think so sharply and so much and then filter that I took my eye mask off and I could see out the windows I could see the sun the sun moving and I thought while turning around but I didn't think much of it is because I fly a lot I thought well maybe air-traffic controllers just slowing down coming into Palm Beach not a big deal is later I saw the flight attendants start to go up and down the aisles but they didn't have a beverage cart with them they were just going up and down the aisles and wanting more briskly than I would normally see the flight attendant walking and I made note of that but I didn't think much of it then a few minutes later I saw slight attending go up to a pilot who is sitting maybe two rows ahead of me on the other I'll pay you you know how when the crews of these commercial carriers need to reposition to get to a different flight it is off-line the extra seats on a plane and nothing was happening with this pilot and I saw off like a stewardess walked up to this comment bend over say something to him like I didn't know what was I say something to him in hushed tones in she immediately went back to the back of the plane and he followed her got out of his seat followed her but I made note of it back I didn't think much of it in then the highlight came on the PA since I took my headset off because I want to hear what you say instead good morning folks this is the pilot from the cockpit the captain from the cockpit I just want to let you know were turning around to go back to Philadelphia now I was really listening and I heard the grounds of already ninety minutes into the slang were halfway through Palm Beach were turning around to hear the murmur rippled plan the way we were turning around Philadelphia because we have a little bit of a mechanical situation okay let's find out what this is he says there is a and an indicator light indicator light for the parking brake has flipped off and we can get it to turn off now most likely is this happens to me in my car browser has happened to you sometimes the indicator light indicator light will do funny things and often times for no reason and in this case he said the most likely scenario is that there's just something wrong with the sensor that is triggering the indicator light on the parking brake in which case will have a very normal landing that's not incentive but the other possibility is that for some reason the parking brakes may have engaged while the landing gear was inside the plane if this is the case when we land the tires will explode on impact and we won't slide the rest of the way in on the landing on her belly but that's not a big deal I don't know about you but he had me at hires exploding on impact and all that are off as we said ninety nine percent it's a faulty sensor but just in case we are turning around Philadelphia and so on no now everyone was silent all the murmurings on and it was quiet on the airplane except for the roar of the engines of course he proceeded to tell us that we would be circling for a while because we needed to burn off as much fuel as possible so that the plane would be as light as possible so that we could land as soon as slow airspeed as slow as possible which would increase our odds if something were actually wrong is a pretty serious to me and it got even more serious when the flight attendants made after the pilot was on the flight attendants began instructing us on emergency landing procedures and so the first thing they said was find the nearest emergency exit and I think it was behind me I was sort of halfway between two so I can be the last one getting off that way so far the nearest emergency exit and then they started briefing us on the brace position there were no position is that whatever can talk with the brace position is on an airplane will God bless you that's not something you want to have to learn physician is you put your arms on the seat in front of you and you bend over with your flash against your hands position and you just wait for over him they also told us that under no circumstances can you take any luggage off the plane the word or phrase these was if it doesn't fit in your pocket he can't take it with you because they don't want people fumbling around trying to get stuff because the the other thing they told us was afterward in case of an emergency landing when we get off the plane needs to be evacuated within ninety seconds so this is big claim probably hundred fifty people on evacuated ninety seconds so we got everything we got the training and then we waited we waited we circled I could I could see the circling is that the sun the sun would come in one side of the plane and then it would do it at accuracy of traveling across that the wall and then eventually would be on the other side of claim you just see that circling you could feel it we're up therefore I'm probably at least two hours of burning fuel burning fuel that we could be like in slow I'm going to go ahead and tell you what happened just in a hold you in suspense we lit him to the flames finally stopped circling in the pilot announced that we're going to be making our approach told the that that flight attendants prepare the cabin for emergency landing and he also got on instead not to worry because the runways have all been cleared no I think in the way and all the first responders are parked right by the runway just in case something happens you don't worry about so then the flight attendant came back they reminded us of the security not the security emergency protocol and they told us what the signal was the signal to get into the brace position in the signal was this all of the flight attendants in unison started chanting to him as he is our literally literally they do they know it's kind of like a fire alarm of fire drills except it was voices with voices and so we're approaching for landing and they told us to assume the brace position is everything they stay back and feel the descent and a first lower than the brace position were descending I tried to connect peek out of the side of my to the out the window to see how little we're getting but I realized that I can't actually be in the brace position and looked outside the window at the same time so I stopped doing that I just had no idea how low we were where we were relative to the ground I had no idea like I could feel the descent I could hear the chanting and then finally the highlight comes back on and he says race for landing I thought okay here we come here we go and meanwhile I see they literally sit there like Hannibal him physician the race for landing and I just waiting waiting to see what would happen and there's something about it but I don't know how to explain but when you're just jealous before the wheels first Koch there's something happens you can feel it and I felt that I thought here we go I felt the first touch and in the second and then it settled out and landed a thought to myself thank God a normal landing normal landing and so everyone was really excited so happy so ecstatic and start taxiing towards the gate then halfway between the runway and the gate the plane stopped again when we just stopped okay with going on now than it highly gets on and says the pilot gets on and says folks we you might be wondering why we stopped here and it's because this is the plane won't steer that these the different the front landing gear acid but don't worry we're going to use differential thrusting to maneuver the plane and then if that doesn't work don't get a tow truck for us while him we got back in the terminal everyone is shaking up but in daily got another plane sent out a couple hours later we're back to West Palm that's what happened like a circle that knowing talk with you about people 's reactions to the situation specifically I'd like to talk with you about five different reactions that I personally am aware of from that ordeal cannot allow you I was the first time I'd ever been in a situation on an airplane before I think it's pretty rare that something I think that was really even more rare about it is when when I am when those people when we were sitting on that plane and the pilot was telling us that ninety nine percent it's just a faulty sensor but one percent it could be hires exploding on impact I think we all felt like this could be a really big deal this could end really badly maybe injury or even death but the funny thing about these kinds of situations when you're facing death is my observation is that they come in two flavors one is when you face death it just comes out of the blue you get hit by car you have time to think about anything maybe don't even have time to react death just comes now the other in the spectrum I think you generally happy situations where you know you're going to die rethinking a guy but you have days weeks months or even years to prepare for there are very few situations in life I think where you are facing your death and you're going to know the outcome within two or three hours seventy cents this dichotomy of talking about the in my mind once I grasp what I was saying I quickly came to the realization that I had three hours between that moment and potentially something really awful happening or even death the question is is what goes through your mind when you have two or three hours before something like that might happen she and our share with you five different responses personal young man who was sitting next to me I don't know what he did the night before but he was wiped out he fell asleep almost as soon as he got on the plane and he slept through everything except at the end when the stewardess 's weight will come off because he had to assume the brace position and I'm pretty sure he had no idea why he was in a very talkative mood mood and neither was I but he spent that last few moments before that landing first of all sleeping and then completely and utterly confused at what situation he now found himself in that's the first response second response I will share with you there was an old couple sitting right behind me and they were really easier stare at all old married couple of the wife we must abandon their eighties life was very talkative talking to her husband the whole flight you really kind of grinder you have one word responses that once this happened she was asking him things like what's going on what's happening to us where the grandkids going to do what our kids going to do are you afraid in the husband was really here just ask the right thing giving her monosyllabic reply and at one point he did say that he was very afraid that I was about the most used once we landed and everyone realized that it was a safe landing he immediately started complaining he harangued a flight attendant about why did we turn around and say continuing to Palm Beach we could've landed there or they can have another plane for us what dear leader via how always been okay when I was in a land where we get back to Palm Beach the instant that he realized that he was no longer in danger it was business as usual for him the second response the third response came from a financial advisor back to is that they later perhaps she recognized me from the plane she came up to me and start talking about it talk talking about how frightening it was as she she has said to me now when when I realized what was happening I was so afraid and I tried to just really call myself and mentally go to that place where she meant was mentally go to see what happens after you die she said I wanted to go to that place just sat there quietly and I close my eyes I try to mentally go to that place but I couldn't see anything and nobody was there and I was the third response the response was from a young woman actually coworker of mine and she was also extremely frightened when we're talking later shoes explains the extremely frightened and she said no I believe in God and I was I was praying I was talking to God full-time and was saying to him God you know I know I have to die someday but today should be that day this is what he was saying and she said God I know that you and I are on the best terms right now and I know I should be doing other things I should be better and I should be I should attend more in new intend church and I I know I should be doing those things God but it will have that conversation but just not today not right now because you need to get me out of this was the fourth response the fifth response was man who once he had reconciled himself to the situation and realized what was going on and what the potential stakes but only observing his own emotional mentor response to the situation and what he realized was that he felt peace he realized that he had complete confidence in his salvation that was his first realization and the second realization was what will happen to my family 's second realization was and it wasn't about material well-being because he's worth more dead than alive according to the life insurance companies but it was this deep longing to be there and wondering what would happen to his family knowing that he would no longer be there to be the spiritual leader of his household and so for the remainder of that two to three hours this man was in prayer over his family and thanking God for his own confidence in his salvation and you probably guessed that was me that was me it was such a powerful experience realizing that I had perhaps two to three hours separating me from potential death and having the confidence in salvation I believe that the Lord newsletter indicator light to bring us back to Philadelphia because there was something seriously wrong without playing I don't know what was unfortunately we can't play out the alternative scenarios perhaps until just having but this indicator light comes on and then halfway to the gate the steering goes out there was something that that that plane was off or something not right about that plane and I believe that the Lord use the indicator light to take us back to safety before something worse happened but it was such a powerful experience to be in that situation because now I know now I know that having faced death I know this the state of my heart I praise the Lord for giving me that experience revealed to have that confidence in my salvation and having lived through an experience of longing for my family salvation so this evening I want to ask you which of those people on the flight are you are you the young man three sleeping is sleeping it off the sleeping off in one day have to wake up you're going to have to assume the real race physician because this world is coming to an end and unlike his scenario which ended out ended up well that Winsock in and out so well for those who are sleeping or perhaps you're the old couple that old man while in the air he was avoiding reality in meeting his fear but refusing to confront refusing to engage in and then once having been shown the mercy of God just starting to complain and moan and act as if it's business as usual all over again from that old man you know what situation you're but you don't want to confront one ignore it and you seen the hand of God in your life but as soon as I situation resolved it's what you done for me lately God and you move on or perhaps your financial advisor who try to see what would happen after death and was utterly in the dark and extremely disturbed maybe you don't know where things are headed maybe don't know how salvation works and you don't know these things praise the Lord you have an opportunity as long as your breath to learn or maybe you're that young woman who was bargaining with God maybe your relationship with God is more of a negotiation negotiating corner and then you're on your knees asking for his mercy his grace and forgiveness I seem to get you out of the situation but recognizing that things are right between your God for you not to have that conversation with them today or do you have peace give confidence to your heart for the others in your life you have a desire to share with them the piece that you the confidence that you which of these five people you want to be which of these five people you want to be because that's up to you that's up to you you can blame your parents for what they did you can blame your church can blame church member who can blame your school your class names the reason why I don't believe is filling your life but ultimately it's up to you which one of these five people you are is up to you and here this weekend not only tonight but tomorrow morning and afternoon to meet with you decide you're going to be decide you're going to be James told us that your paper tomorrow is not promised to us I got up that morning at four thirty work out in my devotional drank my green smoothies prayed with my family drove to the airport parking terminal D shoeshine went to John that use went to the gate everything was perfectly normal I had no idea what I was going to experience that day and none of us had any idea what we're going to experience on any given day and to the extent that we are here healthy and sound mind and body is by the mercy and grace of God for which I thank him so were going to talk about a lot of things this week and I hope that you will join us this evening think deeply consider deeply which of those five people are and if you don't like which person you are and make a decision tonight this weekend make a decision to be that person you want to be full of confidence and a heart for others in their salvation let us pray Lord got her father you are so merciful every breath we take our strength our health mental faculties or material blessings without you we are not fingerprint dust how are we different in forgiveness love forgiveness when we don't know the end from the beginning we need and we can have confidence in our salvation if only we will believe I thank you Lord for giving me that experience that I may have a blessing and blessing of confidential salvation in what Christ did for me and my acceptance of the Lord there are people in this room who do not have that confidence their young men and women in this room who do not have that confidence in the Lord I pray for them each and every one of them or exceed for them because you are a God of choice you do not create us to the robots do not create the automatons love can only be freely given and you've given each and every one of us a choice of which of these people we will be the Lord we rejoice in the Sabbath at the same time I pray this evening in each and every person here would take some time to think deeply deeply about who they are they want to buy the grace of God and Jesus Christ and this media was not as audio nurse the website is God 's word through reading audio and much more than you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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