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03-Congenital Christianity

David Kim


David shares his personal testimony of the Lord delivering him of his disease of "congenital Christianity".


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 31, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Lorne God our father is merciful Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the same I pray that you would speak for your service and that you and only you would be glorified Lord I pray that through my testimony that each and every person would catch a glimpse of your power and how you can transform life I pray Lord that the Holy Spirit and his convicting power to send upon each and every one of us I pray this in the lovely name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and I'm suffering an address any Korean immigrants here I was just a Masonic crane emanates an elder brother husband father a former professional talent corporate executive yet as important in defining each of these effects my identity there is one fact which is even more important the most important fact in my life is that I'm a survivor of a crime and disease millions around the world have this is the it runs in families and is passed on through heredity it is a silent killer there is no known cure for this condition a liberal America humble Arkansas I'm a survivor of congenital Christianity congenital Christianity is a spiritual condition which in some ways resembles true him Christianity is for superficial and laughing authenticating relationship with Christ to make sure that we share a common understanding of this condition I want to share with you a nonexhaustive list of symptoms would you like to know what the symptoms are well at least when you must want to the rest of easy listening I would encourage you to interact the present of their Canada number one you avoid talking about your faith because you don't want to have to explain what you believe because you're little bit embarrassed by Joe you know that Saturday what's the big deal is made you heard that we have distinctive Biblical beliefs about how the sanctuary but you're not quite sure what they are when for your people talking about the spirit of prophecy which are ambivalent about the direction at any of the five note beast on the prophecy seminar flyer strange and bizarre you and you gotten a six usually dominated church down the street is way more fun way more interesting they got great programs they got a great band they got donuts and coffee he's a detonator charges guilty to seven you abstain from all unclean meat except for pepperoni bacon insurance is a case of the him all okay well little bit of beer because socially won the hearts that only when you make in our future as because they hated and I ate you dutifully wait until after sundown on Saturday before you head out to the multiplex to see twilight in IMAX 3-D nine you go out to lunch after church services were surely God would not want to start and what they got it all isn't nearly as garlic bread sticks and hang this is the last message is mostly because you want your case you have exposure to the faith you have any personal investment is just a sample is an idea what were talking about the sound familiar to you course not you have to plan or family member classmate Eddie Churchman while good news bad with your thank you because that's where it the bad news is that untreated in Canada Louisiana he needs to internal data one hundred percent but that is allowed to cast down the cure is not you cannot say my parents say that you must ultimately choose be sure this will get better that's the bad who want to our thirtieth him or her at your last stand before you today as living proof I testify that I think your life will call the good news is not directly a day usually in an appealing as it relates not too late for you even if human suffering under the war she was applying as a congenital Christianity is a document review and settling down in Rome and Kaiser Harkin cellular glass I know it is really getting to me my story three generations ago in the early nineteen hundreds when my great-grandfather was the second ever ordained Korean Seventh-day Adventist pastor his son my grandfather also went to the pastoral ministry and he became the first native Korean to become president of the Korean Union conference his son my father did not enter the pastoral ministry but he attended Seventh-day Adventist school of all of his life until medical school at which point he scored number one in the entire country on the medical board exams I hear all the while skipping class on Saturdays observing the Sabbath in a country which require going to class on Saturdays and you know Koreans study to be number one in Korea on the medical board exams that mean something and that's where I coming as if I was just four months old when my father mother to suit you as a showed up in Boston to pursue his residency so while I'm on one five generation Korean-American I'm a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist Christian my roots in the faith my faith has been passed down to me from its earliest days in Korea while many blessings come from having this history and the church it also comes with it a predisposition towards congenital Christianity my earliest virtual memory goes back to when I was just four years old I would walk downstairs early on Sunday mornings while my parents still slept watched TV and it didn't take me long to notice as he every channel he turned to on Sunday mornings would be playing a broadcasting a church service and I was totally confused by that because even at that age of four I knew that Saturday is the Sabbath that didn't take long for me before I decide that I would get to the bottom of this so I walked in the kitchen my mother and I said why are all these people going to church on Sunday don't they know that Saturday is allegorically what happened I have to give you some context my mother is a godly woman she is a prayer warrior a church planter a Bible worker amongst the Korean immigrant community I thank the Lord for my mother 's faith but at the time of this event she was in a different place spiritually and so back to the kitchen four years old I walked into the kitchen unless the incumbent she's doing the dishes have to unlock why are you people going to church on Sunday building on a Saturday façade and she says to me something to the effect of more law I don't know now with the end of that among other courses like higher than mine I don't know and left it at that is why she said that maybe she was too busy after all she was a young mother of a four -year-old and two -year-old boy that's probably pretty busy today she was too busy and she didn't know what to say Asia's non- understanding and explanation of the reason what all I know is that I walk away from that conversation completely confused and scratching my head one of the primary risk factors for congenital Christianity is confusion from my earliest childhood experience I was confused and did not receive proper instruction in the home this is why the Lord in his divine wisdom told us in Deuteronomy chapter six verses six and seven and he words which I command you today shall be in your heart you shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them you sit in your house you walk by the way when you stick it down and when you rise up in Bible language for all the time if you leave your children confused even when they are in kindergarten or beginners there are primary if you leave the children confused you increase their risk of congenital Christianity you may think that they're too young to care about their not paying attention but they are paying attention much more than you know you have the opportunity given them a firm foundation age-appropriate Bible Center foundation or leave them dangerously on shifting sands of confusion ensuing years of my childhood and adolescence read like a textbook case of congenital Christianity in the sixth grade I was pulled out of our Seventh-day Adventist school for two reasons of what PDAs on the part of the high school kids of the co- located Academy I'm not talking about personal digital assistants I found the problem the problem with public displays of affection and it had gotten to the point where my parents no longer eligible having her sixth grade and fourth grade son attending that school that was the first reason the second reason was the academic becoming more classroom I need more child and so from the sixth grade through high school I was told out and put into the common schools which was quite good for me academically but my faith was under assault from all sides continually specifically my fate was under assault from the curriculum the extracurricular and the peer pressure but talk about each one the curriculum the curriculum was one hundred percent secular and humanistic from English literature to biology worse right turn the curriculum was lifting a humanistic ideas and carried out God no don't get me wrong I'm a passion for witnessing to the wealthy worldly and well-educated we talked about that this morning and we're going to talk about them more this afternoon as missionaries to this group we need you to understand the culture and to speak that language yet exposure to these worldviews can be dangerous if you're not firmly grounded in the reality of God and the truth of his letter might be holding you become changed and if all your beholding is Darwin caught so and Richard Dawkins and you're not beholding most lists Daniel John Paul the only thing will be okay at a minimum you set yourself up for confusion and more likely than not you'll end up in outright apostasy or even atheism we all know people who've gone down that road the curriculum but beyond the curriculum would be extracurricular activities whether sports club arts were even academic if you live everything conflicting the Sabbath and my unconverted heart struggled greatly with this because I wanted to achieve great things in this world and I thought in order to achieve I needed the the the approval of this world the recognition rather than relying on my right arm of the Lord my case I was gaining success as a child I was one of the best in the state of California as considering cello performance as a career when she parts of establishing a track record in music is the competition circuit but time after time after time I had to decline participation because the Sabbath and it was an excruciating struggle in my teenage mind the struggle is compounded by the fact that they were members of our own Seventh-day Adventist church were encouraging me to be a lever forget one Sabbath afternoon this week what woman she was one of the pillars of our church in a strong supporter of the local music scene when she took me aside after the sermon in the afternoon and said it would be okay if you compete Alyssa genomic genomic health to the occasion competed on the Sabbath which is one your claim good classical music Festival she said it would be okay because I play classical music into his eye will be glorifying God with my talent as well I believe in my heart that she meant well but well-intentioned church member was causing even more confusing for me him me offer compromise and ultimately full blown congenital Christianity we would do well to recall Jesus 's words in Matthew Chapter eighteen verse six whoever causes one of these little ones who believe anything it would be better for him or her if they know stone were hollow around her neck as she worked while in route to the you have to be blood related to explain their congenital Christianity via well-meaning church member but be careful because you may make yourself a contributing factor to someone else's congenital Christianity and Lord have mercy on you Jesus so we talked about the curriculum and how it undermined with talk about the extracurricular and how to create a conflict in my heart but the third force the most powerful force assaulting my faith through my formative years was appear Russia beginning in the sixth grade through my tears I was exposed to the rain I feel in wickedness of reinforcement consider a normal part of growing up between a school bus the sleep of the field to the cafeteria the popular media and various and sundry other setting wherever you turn singing with there to teach me what things are pleasurable and desirable and required for social standing with client for emotional fulfillment required for physical gratification and ultimately required for happiness being a little bit delicate here because this is a G rated so I hope you understand what exact markings younger from the news media today it's even worse not a day goes by when there's not enough the station also what story about what's some young people did they get into when where and how often in the locker room in the dorm in the frat house I went can with a cell phone on Facebook of course there are exceptions but for every young person who is managed to navigate your precious emergency and others hold multiple of that number see here to stay and inhale all substances it is media and have many other experiences narrated experiences which will be D a medical emotional and even physical star for the rest of their lives there may be some of you right here in this room knows what I'm talking about you've been there you've done that and you walk through life bearing the guilt shame and fear of what you've been through Satan uses these experiences and emotions that make you wonder by leaving their entities there is even care the character sees even capable of delivering you from this body of death Satan infiltrates your thinking and even pushing to the point where you would wish that God is killed on your mind because if God did exist and if you were if you were as pure and holy and just as the Bible says he is in you would surely be destined for nothing other than eternal loss and so you decide that you're going to take that point of view with with this mindset that I went my way through high school all this hurt Shane and conflicted emotion hidden behind a façade of perfect grades I will always admission to world-class schools like Stanford University 's school of music I was chasing the world and doing extremely well highest standards but all the while I was ambivalent towards God resentful towards his church and completely spiritually ungrounded cathode-ray NSC a secularism necessary drop I went off to the east of whom you like any freshman I was looking for a sense of affiliation belonging in one of the places that I went to get a sense of affiliation belonging was the local chapter of the inter- varsity Christian Fellowship wasn't administered by campus but that really didn't matter to me because of the Sabbath keeping I really didn't understand that there was any different I'll never forget the first Bible study that I attended their autonomous there it was led by senior his name is Drew a French born player we went around the group introduced herself name where you from your siding and a little bit nicer background so it came to me a dialogue ensued and when a little something like this on my name 's David Jim from San Luis Obispo California and are studying cello performance and my spiritual background is so bad and Druze and Sunni hopes of damages but interesting what had happened how did you because of the question to him while I like my family simply administrate I grew up in the church and I also think it's pretty clear from the Bible that Saturday's game worship the sun and Andrew Sesame while the Colossians two sixteen I looked at him blankly I caution you have to help me out that was what was Colossians two sixteen and he says in a comment was together illustrated together I want right person okay well I know I knew the Bible well enough to know this is New Testament even though there was a Colossians two sixteen is in the New Testament and I have an afternoon to tell me where it is go eat popcorn Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians going popcorn so Colossians two sixteen foot through there together your sense of what it was like for me so we went there to go ahead and read this I read it so let no one judge you in food or drink anything I'm thinking about a Canadian submission will no judge of food or drink or regarding a festival or a new moon or found in secure Microsoft integer five my pilot the status so I read that Andrew looks at me he says right but being so focused on keeping the Sabbath suggesting legalist Jesus free us from the law I will never forget I was mortified I was horrified I never seen that person my life and no clue what to think you would think that someone with a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist grandson of the president of the Korean Union conference would understand the difference between ceremonial status in the south of the fourth of May but or see proper instruction in the home and by the way to understand what I just said we need to go talk to Kurt and so I felt confused betrayed and humiliated I never went back to Bible study and I checked out of church completely by congenital Christianity and a half and while I never gave up on the idea of God I had no idea who he was I had no idea which church was the right one I know I do want to believe I was spiritually bewildered I completed the next fourteen years were a blur I was in hot pursuit of worldly success I was succeeding over that period of time I earned my bachelors and Masters degrees from top music schools with scholarship I performed all over the world until the most prestigious venues under world-class conductors and orchestras I earned an MBA from a liftoff programs in the world and I worked in some of the most prestigious companies in capitalism on the personal front I married my beautiful wife who unfortunately is not here today and my two lovely children I felt like I had to achieve the American dream while I Houston I have a white picket fence I did have authority swimming pool and given the choice I'll take the pool over the years here's the Lord had told me back in the church I was I met my wife in church in Chicago and I was serving as an owner in California where we moved us for business school and after the but I was not your heart converted I was still just as prideful and conscious ambitious for worldly things as ever my theology in my lifestyle were a mess the church of something I did for my children just in case just in case industry I would assume the world to cut off all off I've been diagnosed with a degenerative bone condition in both of my hips now suffering through multiple unsuccessful surgeries for the better part and years I walked with a combination of crutches canes and pain but I don't have this today praise the Lord amen that time as far as I can tell God is leading me on my own to suffer through this and I was angry at yet through all this God was trying to reach me there would be times in church when I would hear a song or testimony or something the sermon my heart would be times in my eyes and become wet with tears but in those moments out quickly wiped of the ways inconspicuously as possible I didn't want anyone to know what God was doing in my life I don't want to admit myself I knew the Holy Spirit is trying to reach me but I refuse to yield I was still too proud to angry to consume by the world and I didn't know God much less trust I do understand the Bible and understand the message it didn't make any sense to me I was congenitally Christian but my heart was unconverted snooze in the spiritual context that I was sitting in a church board meeting yes this congenital Christian was serving as an elder of the church board it was spring of two thousand eight were talking about putting on the first evangelistic series in over a decade at this church and the pastor was talking about how all the members need to show up and attend all the meetings to support the meetings I remember thinking to myself to what you're saying is you want us to be a church five nights per week for five weeks to listen to preaching seriously who has time for that I know the weekend I'll definitely come on the Sabbath part of the weekend on Friday night well definitely on Saturday but the rest of the day I'm too busy for a tight well already check already that's how all support the meetings I'm all about writing the check little did I know that God had other plans for me November two thousand eight not only was I not busy at work I've been told that I needed to find a new job which is a total shock as things are going well but I like many others have been caught in the undertow of the global financial crisis so that is like that I have to look for a job during one of the worst financial crises in history the good news was bad plenty of time to attend the meeting I praise the Lord I thank God for that opportunity to steer the entire God will message in a systematic way as the evangelist in full message step by step night after night I could see for the first time the logic called hearings and reliability of the Bible and our God message for the first time I could cut the old clichés and phrases an assumption that we tie up with our Christian faith I can see that the Bible can be trusted I can see why all-powerful and all loving God would allow evil and suffering to this first season I could see that this is a salvation why Jesus died in one him me I think that God has shown us everything we need to know to get from here to the second college and through encouraging his prosthetic for if only we would meet a asphyxiate on the do 's and don'ts that we commonly associate with God 's law and his commandments and even things like how message that God is picking an arbitrary mean in the hunt is preparing for a literal eternity in which we live in his direct pricing is why for the first time God was real to me because for the first time in a perfect sense I'll never forget how I felt sitting in the hall looking up at the PowerPoint realizing for the very first time that the seventy weeks prophecy in Daniel chapter nine perfectly foretold the beginning of Christ's ministry at his baptism in the fifteen year of Tiberius Caesar and if you don't understand what I just said again go talk to current and to mediate the first solace while this is really true my second thought was while this is true either do something about it my life has never been the same the Lord put me on the road to recovery from congenital Christianity and never can the next month with you my sister has a negative opportunity to become a local bus guide and it was a small step for that for that which is a small step but everything I've never done anything evangelistic in my entire life I thought I could handle being a little less that is anyone here ever been a local UIC and a couple people over her while was different about being local left eye and UIC is that unlike the canvases you have to get on a and I actually adore your job estimation of the bus goes and picks up and dropped off correctly I is that I did I survived that attack after looking for other opportunities other ways to learn how I can share my faith I can ask of amazing facts at how to go which is a four-day program where I learned how to get personal Bible studies and I accompanied my church is my worker to follow-up on leads and your Bible studies after July see this on the job front God was faithful in the midst of the worst job market in at least a generation if not more I received not just one not just to not just three not just for not just fine but six excellent job opportunities one of which brought me to the Philadelphia area where I am today and as I embark on a new job in a new place where I didn't know anybody it's almost as if God gave me a new opportunity to clean seeing opportunity to start my life again in a result of my heart I resolved my heart that I would bring everything together my personal professional my faith bring it all together in service of his glory and it has made all the difference today I have a regular devotional life on a level of depth and consistency which I never had before in particular I am praying more than I ever have before when I was a congenital Christian I struggled to pray for more than a minute or maybe two minutes and I'm not even counting like thank you for this food and it was just a struggle I didn't pray effectively I didn't pray that my walk with the Lord is even he's built it all started out five minutes in the ten fifteen and even else thirty minutes or more I will spend on my knees with the Lord in prayer the Lord is teaching me how to phrase David and Saul the Lord is teaching me how to confess specific sins so I gave from Dartmouth in my heart that I need Jesus they are saying switch and that this has so many benefits when the benefit is there things I used to have to confess all the time which by the grace of God and gone away and there also seems that these have to confess all the time which I still have to confess all the time but it shows me it shows me what things are most deeply seated in my heart I praise the Lord for the change is making me a new person the Lord is teaching me how to pray for others intercessory prayer gets us out of our unselfishness and puts us in the garden of the seventy were Jesus pray for the Lord is also giving you the boldness just spiritual conversations with everyone around me he has hot me how to approach this conversation really natural easy way I've been having a dozen or more or more of these spiritual conversations per week with people in my sphere of influence so we spiritual conversations turn in the Bible studies over the last few years the Lord is giving the opportunity statement on why range of backgrounds and education including atheists agnostics Buddhist evangelicals are PhD 's MBAs lawyers and others federal result of these experiences I found that getting a society which received some information about you learn more about this afternoon it's an ministry focused on reaching the wealthy worldly well-educated the Lord is also changed my family life I used to rush out the door in the morning before the kids rather than someone back in in the evening after they are already asleep today we gather every morning for family worship family prayer every night I come home and we as family worship together the Lord continue to even my appreciation for what it means to be a godly husband and God the father he has taught me how to pray every morning that I love my wife as Christ loves the church being willing to give myself for her and treat her as a member of my own body God is merciful and good I'm so thankful that he reached my heart while my children were still young by God 's grace my congenital Christian stocks I'm a gnome is perfect but better than a city by the grace of God only more like Jesus every day day by day from face to face are from glory to glory so what about you what about you are you suffering from congenital Christianity is your religious experience dry formulaic Baron use of your I think when Christianity were passed down to my genealogical heritage from your parents or grandparents or perhaps you can later sufficiently long adverse law I have good news for you because you have the opportunity indeed you have the obligation to make your own decision for Christ her own decision revival you cannot be saved by her parents they cannot recertify your husband or wife stay the same my graduating class I can give you and everybody cannot be his salvation the choice is up to you that you readily available to you Jesus is waiting for you soon get out the door he wants to come if you want to reach down and destroyed by Janelle Christianity course gourmet replacing with his dating life is knows her heart know your confusion her deal with her shame of your resentment is always felt unplugging at your heart he felt the desire to respond his precious gift of only believe that only you can see if you can only breakthrough barriers which are holding you back from your Lord and Savior so I want to make a few of you the first question I have for you this morning and you will in my area that I cannot comprehend the healing related to my experience of congenital Christianity I would ask you to raise your hand right where your if you can relate my experience of congenital Christianity I would ask you to raise your hand right were lucky to keep your hand if you've never felt congenital Christianity in your life God bless you for making that admission my second appeal is a very specific one that is you believe that you are congested and currently suffering from congenital Christianity if you are in the grip of this guy is driving a today and I would go for to stand up right now where you're not acknowledged before God that you suffer from congenital Christianity don't worry about surrounding don't think about that but if you are suffering from congenital Christianity today I begging you to stand up and acknowledged before your Lord that you have this disease because you can be sure until your knowledge praise the Lord my third and final appeal to very specific for those of you who have acknowledged before heaven and earth that you suffer from congenital Christianity today if you are willing today to resolve before your Lord and Savior they no longer want this disease if you today I reached down your heart and make a new and I would beg you I would plead with you to come forward to come forward for a special prayer come forward and acknowledged before Jesus Christ who died for you and you no longer want diseases even suffering under a for years or even decades those of you who are standing you already said you have to and I am inviting you to tell the I don't want it anymore I don't want it anymore if that's you for a special prayer of dedication come for meeting workspace press all the way to the front press all the way to the front is plenty of room you want to say before God that you don't want your congenital Christianity and you've been there done that you've had your heat straddling between God and the world for decades principal praise the Lord is perfect Lord God our father we must assume you saved me from my congenital chancy and Lord you can see your other children and stood there come forward and they are acknowledging you are not only that the have this disease but more importantly that they want you to change the more I pray that this would not be just one token is an important tilting the displaced nearly as their desire to follow humans dealing with all their hearts I pray Lord that this token would be emblematic of a deeper spiritual conviction and desire to be fully re-created to be made new I pray Lord that through this church and through other programs at the college and wherever they are that they would start plugging in that they would look deeper that we would gain deeper in our spiritual life and we would get up in the morning and dedicate her life to you first thing Mark is such a blessing is such a blessing as you're so merciful to us Lord I pray for each and every one of these people that this would be the beginning the first day of their internal life their internal walk with you to pray this is precious and loving name of Jesus Christ our Lord will mean that a media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive please visit www. audio tours .org


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