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04-Witnessing to the Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated Pt. 2 and Q&A

David Kim


This presentation shares practical tips of how to share your faith in a natural, but positive way to the W3 segment of society.  This includes a speaker question and answer session.


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 31, 2015
    2:30 PM
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will thank you for the Santa Fe this time for us to come apart convenient this afternoon Lord you learn practical methods for reaching the W threes the wealthy the worldly and well-educated Lord I pray that you would put upon each and every one of our hearts to use these to engage with this material and to come away equipped just spiritual conversations with anyone we meet we pray this in the powerful name of Jesus and this afternoon we're going to continue this last weekend that you testimony segments and completed this morning is out of school for those of you who are air they are one of the witnesses said the same seminar in which we went through the Bible spirit of prophecy the all diets and exhortation and an admonition about how we need to be sharing our faith with what I call the wealthy worldly well educated or the W series what were going to do this afternoon 's were going to talk about practical methods tactical tangible things that you can apply immediately to anyone who is the deadliest reserves are frankly anybody at all in sharing your faith and sharing the gospel is going to do is afternoon for the next hour or so I would invite you to be very interactive here I feel kind of funny being up here in front but I think this is needed for the video soundtrack feat but I would love to listen the more question-and-answer driven I got a few slides to structure the conversation will renounce but I would find you have any time to raise your hand and ask questions and as I explained this morning for those of you who earlier when you ask a question on either answer immediately or to hold it until of later part of the presentation itself were headed or I may ask you to come and discuss that with me off-line but in any case I would really appreciate your interests your engagement and dialogue over this this topic because really the idea here is for you to come away with very practical tangible methods that you can apply immediately to start I like to ask you a question and that is have you and you know anyone in your life in your sphere of influence who you would consider a W3C or someone who is wealthy worldly well educated that anyone okay just about everyone here does and have you ever tried to talk to that person about spiritual things or faith has anyone ever tried to do that quite a few of you a smaller number of a quite a few for those of you who are try it you find that difficult or easy both physical and easy for different people or at the same time different people okay so when his difficult life is difficult sure okay so it's easy to have these conversations someone is ready for them but is difficult when they're not ready three one were going to get very directly here other comments about the challenges of sharing spiritual things with this specific demographic him a jury can be challenging because where they come from very different from where you're coming from and it really is I imagine this morning about the culture and language of the ministries actually is a a culture it's a language if the people some people go and try to reach the the aborigines in Australia some people go and try to reach the Eskimo peoples of the far north others go to China or Indonesia or whatever people group and pastries are every bit as much of a people group as one of those groups because they do have their own culture to have their own language they might still be speaking English but it sounds very different elevating can be very different and awaited vacation information process information is very different and so it really it is not his account is a challenge because if he went to China to try to be an evangelist but you don't speak Chinese you wouldn't get very far so that's a great point thank you so sounds like those those are some of the challenges and what were going to do today is I'm going to share with you some methods that the Lord has taught me over time and have made being a witness in my life being a witness as easy and as natural as talking about the weather does that sound attractive you would you like to be able to talk about your faith with MP3s in such a way where it feels just as easy and natural asking about the weather I want to show you methods that do just that I'm also going to share with you methods that have allowed by the great privilege of having personal Bible studies I mentioned that this morning personal Bible study with a wide range of people from the seventy three seconds and except for the very first Bible study in which I ask the individual if they would be interested in signing with me subsequently every person that I've ever study the Bible with that need for Bible studies rather than me having to ask and so I'm going to share with you ways that we doesn't does that sound attractive and interesting you would you like to be in a position where going freeze in your sphere of influence are actually asking you to study with that rather than you having to put them in a headlock and try to sell you a self-critical the end so that you were going to talk about this afternoon first question posed is when you are trying to be a witness are you actually being a witness are you just witnessing and I pose this question what are these people doing up here at striker playing basketball there are there are together again in the park somewhere to playing basketball now this person here what is your sharp while he is advertising on what is he physically doing is like that halted right now is there a difference between what Lebron is doing and what these guys are doing over there what's the difference nice day that's for sure is for sure but the witness I would want to direct this view is that while the people are playing basketball Lebron is a basketball player in your letter because all are playing basketball the Lebron is a gospel player in the difference is that Lebron never stopped being a basketball player but nonetheless they play basketball in the and when they stop there no longer anything to do with basketball while the point is that we should not be witnessing we should be witnesses because being a witness to something you are who you are it doesn't turn on and turn off turn on an internal where witnessing is an activity that you do and then you stop in the Navy some more and then you stop we need to be witnesses not witnessing the excess that distinction and I guess I was so ready that Lebron says we are only so I'd like to share with you the core framework for how I think about being a witness I call it a virtuous cycle but it's a term that is often used when you have a set of self reinforcing actions or strategies that ultimately sees each other and create momentum and so let's start with experiencing heart conversion this is really at the core and in fact I don't have this there's a different seminar that we should be presenting this afternoon if you're not part converted you need to get Hartford because that's really where it all started so think about this when we talk about being a witness sharing something sharing the gospel sharing Christ and here I share something you don't have I can I cashier if you need some money I can't share money with you I have one that is pretty obvious isn't it enough like our conversion is so important the next thing once you are converting to start with a Christlike life as you have your morning walk with the Lord as you see yourself in his work as you walk with the Lord and deepen your relationship with annual start becoming more like Christ that's a promise and so as your heart converted research a little more Christlike life that leads to you be able to attract spiritual interests if you're here this morning I shared a few actives will share some more related this afternoon but as you become more like Christ people will notice and they won't want when you have been so you'll attract spiritual interests some of those spiritual interests will turn into personal Bible studies this morning we heard from the spirit of prophecy that this group is not easily reached through literature I think they were here this morning remember that she just hit the add-on is not literature but his personal efforts that they need drawing closer with relationship not Catholic plaintiffs and so this is a this is not a mass scale manufacturing type of operation region the new series is not filling the stadium and appetizing hundreds of thousands of people at the end just as this is not my opinion the spirit of prophecy it is a one by one by one handcrafted every unique Karen relationship will type never answer some of the spiritual interest or drive over time will become personal model studies as you study the Bible with people you will receive your real-life conference now this is a very difficult thing to really and you heard this morning it takes a fixed determination but God is faithful and over time you will realize Oliver and you realize I'm hurt and as you participate and cooperate with the Lord in their conversion experience if you can jerk on our conversion and not for the self reinforcing mechanism comes so will happen with your ago okay so you experience our conversion you live a Christlike life you track spiritual interests some of the common Bible study and then some of those people he studied with not all but some will also become converted as you cooperate in their conversion it will deepen your partners and this is the plan of the Lord have any questions about this framework no room of the questions keep coming to talk about each one must start with our conversion in John chapter three Nicodemus came to our Lord Jesus Christ by and does anyone remember when they talk about I know most of you remember when they talk about how to be born again thank you brother-in-law easily straighten it encased in case I need a lifetime I get to my brother Paul you you will him how to morning and Jesus says in order to inherit you must be born again of the Spirit into our member that now and ask it reads that the spirit will make as a witness in Jerusalem and Uganda and Samaria and to the end of the essays you do the simple math on that you quickly realize that if you are converted if you are born again you will be a witness you see that relationship that the Bible if you are converting you will be a witness but we also know from the long line at the conference if if something is true than the cost positive of that is true in other words if a then B if that's true then it cannot be the knocking that is also true so if you are converting you will be a witness is true which we seem from the Bible that it is that if you are not a witness when you're not heartburn I said that it had if they are converted means that he will be a witness which is what the Bible says that means that if you are not a witness you are not are converted and so your witness is a critical barometer of your salvation and he let that sink in your witness is the critical barometer the acid test of your cell I will tell you maybe thinking to yourself while I'm in a lot of trouble if that's what you're thinking to yourself and praise the Lord they were here to your because now you know what you recognize that you're not heart converted and there things that you can do in order to become her converted by giving your life to Christ in question rests on you and decide yesterday it's a good question that's a good question and I think that everything has to start of the desired you have the desire before you can actually be a witness what will talk about today is how you can actually that desire into reality so what I say is crazy lower it for anyone who has a desire to witness Chris Lord and yet in another theologian of an MVA as a former cellist so they can have been here when I say is if you desire to witness which never actually come to fruition I will go so far say you are converted but I think there's some questions that you would need to ask yourself about what is thank you for that question any other questions yes why did you identify so the question was if you're going around the wheel that you don't quite get all the way to the top that you backup and around what we will need a lot of different things depending on which note is that and why stop there so for example where I lost my job are so for example let's say your experiences your heart converted a your living writer walking with the Lord but for some reason you're not having conversation people while it could be because you don't know anybody out of the gym but actually you don't know anybody you don't get out much then perhaps I follow the exit go out and meet more people or maybe a variation that may yield only people you know are other tests manually between RRS so there's no one around to have these kinds of conversations and although as I shared with you this morning there is an gentle Christian Monterey but so you can see there could be different explanations of what's going on depending on which node of that framework were talking about there but thank you for that question our arrival let's keep going back please raise your hand anytime with questions and wise heart convergence so important the first way that he is confidence we live in a society especially enabled by social media and things like that of recommending things need to see if there icons and things like yelp Twitter and Facebook are always recommending things were passing things along sharing things were clicking like now has anyone made a recommendation to someone in your life what ever recommended in a you are receiving the recommendation while you practice at the very base level this is not a fair question why do you recommend something because the work for you that's right because it works for you and because you believe that based on what you know that person it wouldn't add value to what you recommend and heart conversion gives you confidence because if you're converting you live in an experience in my life in Christ and so because the work for you you can pass it along and recommend it to someone but if you haven't had that experience law and you have nothing to recommend how can I recommend a restaurant that I've never been to I can tell you I've heard it's really good but is not as powerful as saying I went there myself and it was the best meal I have an of course you see the difference is one of the reasons why her conversion is so important and what your heart converted you will have the boldness of this young woman on the screen I don't know what she's saying but she was very confident the other thing that her merchandise is that it provokes a sense of urgency the picture of your up your courses there is a gentleman whose tie down on the railroad track a young woman whose desperately trying to untie him and there's a freight train barreling down while as you heard this morning that is exactly the situation we're in very dropped he talked about how the wealthy worldly well him for all outside Christ we are in mortal danger it's like one of the metaphors that Ellen White use was rushing over a precipice to understand and so this picture of the freight train barreling down on this this gentleman is actually quite for the situation if anyone finds themselves in when they are apart from Christ and you agree with that and so when you are converting when you realize this when you understand this then you'll have a sense of urgency to untie that person from all relevant to share the gospel don't have to purchase taken another way how much would you have to hate someone not held about the gospel if you knew them to be true how much would I have to hate my coworker not tell the individual that this world is coming to an end that Jesus Christ is the only way to life who do you hate in your sphere of influence so much that you wouldn't willingly and knowingly and intentionally with all that information from wealthier Harvard you know the truth of that statement and I give you a sense of urgency but if you don't have a sense of urgency is perhaps because you are not covered so that's our conversion let's not talk about living a Christlike life as shared about this with you this morning and I want to reiterate that as you walk with the Lord Christ will change I will he will change his if you only allow the Holy Spirit can do to sanctify work in your life as I enumerated here are a few different ways that we can log Lord the first one is developing daily devotional walk with him the second is as you do that you gain her development and victory over sin you also pray for others in your life that changes you and then you sir you serve your church in your community that's another way to God the military on his changes to talk about each one of these things the first thing I would have to say about devotionals is have them I did not have devotional before and if I believe the statistics that I read there is some vast majority of people even in a church do not have daily devotional or I will ask you to raise your hands here but if you're not I would implore you to deeply consider why that is not the case with respect to daily devotional prayer is a nonspeaking review prayer and as I shared with you this morning I went from praying not at all to pray for twenty thirty or more minutes on a daily basis prayer is when you can praise God we learn how to praise God when you learn how to be thankful to God God uses that she just and then confessing sin will will will relate a prayer is the first ingredient the word of Scripture the Bible that is the other critical ingredient must be spending time in the word Catholic and I have restricted anyone ever heard of Frederick Kuiper while I think about ten people raised their hands United young topless United .com I don't always type of way I have nothing to do with it other than I is is an app for your iPhone or android in which you can load the Bible verses that you want to learn and then he has it basically it's a it's a Scripture memorization trainer it tells me every day which scriptures argue for me to review I can download from all different kinds of versions it's a really really wonderful school and I recommend that you strongly if you got Pandora 's bona fide Google maps or any other act on their own messenger diaper you are missing an essential for your phone because the Scriptures hyper I got I want wholeness of the exact number but I probably got about a hundred and fifty different verses under my belt after about a year of use not to say I can produce them on demand right now but some of my foot and others are moving more in the deep storage but they're there we can find there they are we need to be memorizing Scripture need to be hiding the Word in our hearts that we might not sin against God hello you have that right word to see in our lifetime so prayer the word of God the last thing I'll say here is unique in the file and adding a picture on the screen is four nine yes three say what is ailing used P90 asked her thing is wonderful I see one and as I told you this morning I spent ten years on some combination of crutches canes and pain medication rest two years ago the Lord freely from that answer thankful and after that point one of the things of the Lord is allowed to do is work out six days a week using P90 asked in the sixteen hundreds three and other things like I just got a pair apparently there's a new one out from him insanity Saturday the thirty and it is insane but the reliant on or because they have a new feature modify attract no wind so even someone with two hip replacements like myself can now take advantage of that kind of exercise but one with Tony Horton who is the is is the fellow who is the trainer for P90 asked a series seeking out and raised the video and three is that everyone is thirty minutes the original some of the work out of fifteen minutes sixty minutes with one another within ninety minutes so you if you have to take a timeout to make excuses for yourself that they are united through everywhere thirty minutes and so one of the things that are important always says is no excuses just push play age of and in doing even when you don't want after the same thing about the spirit of your daily walk with the Lord I don't get up every morning there were times in my devotional time when I did fall asleep in the know my prayer is understood I'm sure many of you have that experience but the Lord still less the Lords the less you show up he just doesn't do it especially when you don't want to and over time to become something that you don't want to miss it on something that your vinegar to be willing to get up at four thirty a.m. CT Nishida everything and so that's the way that our spiritual walk with the Lord needs to be needs unity pray you need to begin the work preferably memorized the world were NEG consist needs to be consistent and that's how God changes us and if you're not doing that you're not allowing God to change sometimes I I am an elder at my church in an ever since I started speaking with without rude likeness of questions likewise and not doing such and such in my life why do I feel so distant from God why and if you have questions the first question always asking how your devotional life and then the person always kind of puts her head down and says something like well it's not what it should be without fail every single time and then I turned the question back on itself to the questionnaire asked these wires and not helping me XYZ way really the question is will the Lord why are you surprised frankly if you got help you when you're not walking with him that's a true mirror that's the grace of God which is in your deaths the question that people should be asking is why I love walking the canal again I got my health I got my every breath I take I got blessings and prosperity how is that the real question the question of why is God not helping me in such and such a way when I'm not walking with him that's obvious I'm not saying that God is intentionally trying to do something each of these cases but when I may need to be walking with the Lord in a sort of on this one should be yet it's something that we never did are often do and pointing at myself until six years ago I had no clue about the stuff not that I didn't know that I should devotional is a congenital Christian is a rest that their devotional life any questions about comments now okay character development and victory over sin desktop you yeah yeah I think that's a great question on because it's roster susceptible to myself included there are a few things I would say one is prayer is that critical reading because you're like me and experiences you meet people people around here have circumstances we face new challenges your life is always changing whenever you ask someone what they are and they say nothing you know there like you is always something in your prayers are actively engaged with your life I think that one way that a it stays fresh because you are praying about the things that are happening to you and others in your sphere of influence and fast-changing manager not really engage with your prayer life because otherwise your prayers and ravenous type of prayer and having a prayer be really relevant to what's going on in your life the other thing I'd say is when it comes to your Scripture the devotional material whatever your reading and changing it up changing enough at times maybe you're reading out of straight out of Scripture for some period of time the Navy has a devotional book you might use or maybe even go to the concept of the Asia series just keeping things changing going back to Tony Martin P90 asked one of the principles that he is thousands in training people is called muscle confusion the idea is that any muscle when you work at the same way for a long time to get acclimated eyes are accustomed to that kind of stress is putting on muscle and its plateau the only change in and act different exercises in different angles and different approaches to confuse the public muscle confusion to confuse your muscles so that there always have you are growing your based on the simulation giving as we are so I was a similar thing when you're emotional I keep it fresh keep it different to try different things I asked him to do this accusing her the top of my head for Europe it is a risk I find one of the risks in my life frankly that I'm struggling with is that as I have I guess I'm on elderly church we don't have a pastor announced on preaching a lot I have two regular Bible studies that I'm giving you coworkers for weekly is the intent and something not quite weekly like regular and then I go and I do presentations with groups like were here today it seems I'm always preparing for something when you're always preparing for something sometimes you don't have the time to take a step back and just be in the work to just be in the world it's like the difference between if any of you are in a field that has research and development and there's applied R&D and then there's sure research recently without distinction applied R&D is why we make this gadget I would make it better faster cheaper sugar researches I will just expand the knowledge of this particular field not knowing necessarily how it will be applied any healthy R&D program needs both and sometimes I feel like I'm always doing applied devotionals and not doing sure open-ended devotionals and that's something that I'm struggling with just from a time perspective but I think that's another example I have checked the box ultimately I would say however checking the box is better than not showing up it really is as if you feel like you're in a rut with your devotional but you're still having emotional slippery floor and asked him how you can how he can revitalize your devotional life you're you're you're at least showing up and that is at least eighty percent of thanks for the question in any other questions Mister yes so the question is is what happens when your prayer life becomes routine and just about exercise what I would say that his journal it's kind of effect I comment earlier about how life changes and so your prayer life changed because usually praying about people places and things in your life and so really the natural thing should be in your prayers so for example I have a meeting I have a meeting with the managing director and CEO coming out will actually pray about now once that's over I don't even frame about it anymore but there might be something else going on the and so if your prayer life is in tune with the rhythm of your daily life then it won't be sent so-and-so is if your prayer life is sad because you're not thinking hard you're not thinking through the nukes and crannies of your life and how about this prayer about I is the next slide community together prayer over victory over sin I taken after services approach to Master services agreement approach to fashion than when in the legal field or have any experience Master services agreement now on services agreement is when two organizations do a lot of business together like transaction and I want to have a contract for every single interaction facility put in place as a Master services agreement which governs at an overall level ninety percent of the transactions that they will have and they might need to do a one-off contractor something special and so under the services agreement approach confession sounds a little something like this dear God forgive me for my sins you know what they are I know what they are this is going to do any were just saying a blanket generic forgive me for my sins the Master services agreement approach to confession by contrast we need to be confessing specific sins so how to keep your preference when I'm in my prayer posture in the morning I am thinking about the last twenty four hours since I was last there and thinking about Lord Eischen said I could've said that in a different way Lord I should have had that thought that was not right a more done differently or should have done that at all spending time concentrated time in prayer seeking redefined the last twenty four hours in identifying specific things that you do said that the Holy Spirit impress upon you I wasn't that wasn't right I was writing and then I can confess that and so the things that we sent on a day-to-day basis change so again if your prayer is not changing because you're not engaged with your life you're not engaging your prayer with your life does that make sense and so that's why if our prayer life is stagnant is because we're not thinking hard roughly so be specific and assist you purposes you heard them perhaps in my testimony this morning it really takes us face once more why we need Jesus because I can't keep my patients and check time because when my son possibly sometimes in a something he's interested in I'm too busy checking my e-mail and Lord I need to confess that before you and teach you Lord how do you like the things that delight parts of my children and that's just one example but specific things in it impresses upon us that we need Jesus but also shows us what things are going away there are literally things in my life which I used to have real problems with and no longer have problems with praise Lord in their things in my life which are still raw they're getting better overall filling tediously more about online and healthy to focus in on those things in my life which are just there in their binary and give permission to the Lord every morning to pull them out is really important I can't emphasize enough specificity in your professional life and death the other thing I would say this is not a shopping check box legalistic endeavor keep calling you got every positive lifestyle change every positive character development every victory over sin I've ever had in my life is not because of my will significant even if the Lord of beauty some examples one is I did not grow a vegetarian I've only been vegetarian for the last two years I was hardcover six years ago if you do the math I think instantaneously become a vegetarian furthermore I've tried being a vegetarian before and in fact even a vegan in fact I even attended the eighteen day programming model SF next year after I was there I analyzed for about six months maximum University in things too hard to even cafeteria restaurant referred business needless to control every morsel of food in your body you can't do what they recommend to you the length type became a vegetarian where I would be very nasty piece of yellow era law of vegetarians out of the world in our church who really aren't any dear I know is it's really true it's true I said after that as I started I said I'm in Indonesia here week after one year and then I saw nothing that might dislike someone myself I can do this for one year and I saw while a couple years after that the Lord started working on my heart and sympathy lastly how did you get off your pain medication and why is it that you he went from being Michael McCain to be held to do in San Diego thirty which is frankly under its American and I told him first the first time as well as in prayer is actually is the second count is the only other thing that I can point to is that I started drinking greens because I was at ASI years ago and I was actually talking to my brother on and I was really interested in this juicy thing is really popular I thought passing the uncut interest and using but I think I get hungry all the time and he says to me or wants justice movies instead is the only differences of fiber is healthy safe all and I thought what and so I started doing green smoothies and within about two or three or four months after that I started feeling better now I lost ten pounds just for making that when change I'm sure that you have a difference but as I start doing the grace of the vessel was a vegetarian and what kind of putting all my heart and David you can go the next step here to finally I said to him in my prayer life I said I know I can fill you want to change my diet you need to do it I cannot do it I've proven myself over and over so if you want to change my diet you change that was my prayer and I've been vegetarian for over two years I don't even have cravings for I knew that something he can profoundly change when I have the opportunity to go to Los Angeles business if you know anything about Los Angeles you know that it is the epicenter of Korean barbecue and I love Korean barbecue I really did as I was on the business in Los Angeles and means motive and opportunity to go get some driving I knew exactly what is chosen I knew exactly where I go but when it came time for dinner now if I myself might have to drag someone along the meeting was an intimate when it came time for dinner I looked at my watch that works I go for dinner together tonight and I had no desire for no craving was dissolved at that point I knew something really profound that happened in my life so I went to go get some Google instead vegetarians will of course that's just a small example I could enumerate more example that we had time but every change in my life every positive lifestyle change in the area that has improved and not come because I just reason myself a low-power myself doing it because in my prayers are hereby given to the Lord and I see you want to do this you need to change it and God is faithful praying for others we talk alone about this course in the middle of the slide is my family and present a crazy family but then around ran all the other pictures you have liked my church family of here you have my sons karate teacher over here you have your classmates and professors over here you have your coworkers over here in your neighborhood over here and you even have political government no world to pray for there are so many people places and things that we could be training should be granted there is no shortage it's no wonder that Jesus could pray all night he had the burden of the entire world honestly there are times when it's not that I've run out of things to pray for that lifestyle I still have a more timely to get to work so there are so many people places and things to pray for think about intercessory prayer think about your neighbors think about your coworkers think that your classmates if you don't know something they need to be praying for them about that probably says something about the level of engaging you have a Northwest service to other sci-fi relationships and having the deep relationships with others we are really interested in their lives it's part of our walk with the Lord because you know that that friend is struggling with something thank you know that family member this is something you can pray for iPhone coworkers that I will pray for and now some of my coworkers they know that I'm I'm not a praying man don't tell me that the greater region but prayer for others is critical if you want the Lord and victory over sin and character and a servant serving others this is very important because it becomes fodder for what were going to go in connection to spiritual conversations but if you are doing things in your life for the Lord when that are religious or RN she's a spiritually oriented spiritually minded and you won't have anything to share with others you won't have anything to say to others obviously service is valuable inherently because you are serving others and improving their lives spiritually physically and all the way but it is also father for spiritual conversation we'll talk about that next before we go on any questions about our conversion walking with the Lord victory over sin character development these areas any questions comments observations etc. will certainly the reason why I'm asking is because I understand that all that has been done on our behalf my surefire explicitly make mention of Gethsemane for example on a routine basis my prayers is that what you mean a very well you say is a wonderful point leveling is bringing our knowledge and understanding of the century service in the Christ's sacrifice that's really why we confess that's why we can confess enough one can have forgiveness of it is that I plan on understanding is so important on me I'll share with you I was studying I like to have the final studies in one dollars my statement is an atheist and I had a study with him on a sanctuary that talk about the two chambers I talk about the articles of furniture in the meaning behind all that and I said to women who had gone through all that together makes perfect sense and I ascertain you like I will lay enactment object lesson for the children of Israel aces you what makes perfect sense why God is a single line why is that like why does an atheist data it would make perfect sense for God to create a sanctuary and services around the sanctuary as an object with any sense to me will be presenting slaves for four hundred years who knows if they were even later as an atheist but when we explain her message it clicks we have the strongest message out there I have no fear today of engaging with anybody on spiritual topics not that I know all the answers but if you know how to talk about things if you just know what you know know what you don't know don't get those confused and know how to talk about other things and you can be bold and so for the sanctuary sacrifice of course that is at the core of why we confess anything out I will keep going now some backtracking spiritual interests what is this page I have honestly flyfishing thank you thank you flyfishing and what's different about flyfishing and other kinds of fishing start filling raise your hand and tell us know fly fishers yes yeah that's right and you need to have a lot of information and knowledge about the environment that's right and what's different about casting and reeling start yet you're trying to attract the fish but one of things is as a lane and I am a fly fisher but I like this picture like the metaphor is fly fishers are always casting the pulling back when casting of going back when casting a pulling back with your doing traditional fishing with a bopper and await this cast down with old one of the key principles or methods of attracting spiritual interest is that you always your second casting and you're looking for hungry fish recover whose writings not ready with the W threes you heard this morning LOI says that he can't force them into the boat yet enthralling draw limit attracts them need to find hungry fish is a success hungry business one way and just a casting away for them to come back this is in contrast to what is this him realize that fishing industrialized fishing where they cast the net they drag you through the ocean and then they pull out whatever is found in there by force this is not really when we're sharing the gospel we are flyfishing were looking for hungry fish were casting all the time to find we are not industrialized fishing were trying to force people into the inner son excess another metaphor what is this childhood picking apples right picking apples with this child is not doing is taking a tractor harvester going down the line of apple trees enforcing all the apples and then now when you are picking apples one of the time why did you know why was it why would be better to pick out one at a time because you know the right right because you can look at it and Snelling you can come gently and see if it's wrong if you can't get a piece of fruit in his right bill just fall off in your hand through the time that is not ripe yet but you yank it off anyway by force what will happen after it dies it never ripens and is not good for anything except these were we don't want to we want to be walking through the orchard looking for right fruits those are the people who are ready to hear the message that's why of all these people I been emphasizing with excessive the first one they all asked me to study without because in a very interesting and I engage with them in a set of spiritual conversations that led them to a point where they are they like to talk with me more about spiritual matters there was one gentleman who I studied with her sometime we don't study currently but there is one gentleman who I stay with her sometime very accomplished top MBA rising star at her firm and we had a number of spiritual conversations he has an evangelical background and the key phrase when you have someone who's interested so who's hungry hungry fish the key phrases if you'd ever like to talk more about these things just let me know because this is one of my favorite things to talk about so at the time I said that this gentlemen he said hey thanks in other words not bad but six months later of course we're coworkers colleagues friends we continue to have engagement and dialogue and relationship six months later over lunch just out of the blue he says he even remember how we talk about these things and talk about it be happy to talk more about the Bible and Bible studies your member I said oh yeah sure I remember that exist to me like you to start is at sure you check my calendar that's how that's how I've been getting Bible studies they asked me and if you're living a Christlike life in the sea the power in your life and you have spiritual conversations which will get you the hungry fish will come to come to you you will is just hanging in front of them and we went until they buy really the fourth especially with carburetor metrics of the most difficult and they think they know they don't really but they kind of inoculating themselves against authentic relationship with Christ and so the key for the people as he prayed for them keeping me in front of them and hopefully by the grace of God one day but you can't force he can generate down their throat and you can harangue them but you can imagine a little bit from time to time that's how you have to wait for them to be hungry but will never go hungry if you don't hang me so it's a give-and-take that help other questions are you going are so how do you do this how you engage in spiritual conversations first of all you have to build personal credibility Yahoo purposeful about it second you have to spiritual experiences on a regular basis because because that the father for your spiritual conversations and then you can eat naturally engage in the spiritual conversations because of personal credit credibility is the really important one if you don't have personal credibility with one of the study threes you're not going to get off first base your opinion get a first base as you are the author setting where the fact that you're really know you're not very good at your job your sort of mediocre at best I will listen to anything that they're going to think there are people who I have conversations with not because and this is not to glorify myself I'm just telling you waited which is there are people who will have conversation with me because they know that I graduated from Stanford business school work at Bain and Company and an executive anger and that's final give me the time of day there baby me the time of day I have pursued the other dimensions of my life of excellence so say what are you going to do so that's why we need to build personal credibility and so we need for the students here need to be excellent and for people who are the workers need to be asked we need to be the head and not the tail we need to be like Daniel and Joseph but he adheres in the not for our personal gratification not for our personal ambition not for personal glory but for the opportunity to engage in spiritual conversations with others and have them listen as one of the big changes in my life when I used to pray for success why not pray there was a certain prayer circuitry for success with our home it doesn't quite feel right I said while Lord give me success to the extent that you think I can handle it seemed like a more clients for pedestal pray for success while I write either eventually I landed out more just for me where you want me the character development and glorification and ambition is one of those in prime condition one of their six things in my life which are extremely somehow in two of those are prime we have to flip the switch when the biggest regrets of my life is that when I spent two years at Stanford business school I was not converted and I was ashamed of my faith I really didn't know I believe I spent all my time trying to straddle between my church life and the world flying below the radar screens I would stick out notices as we are Christian person frankly it may be a worthless I couldn't bring my authentic self this is one of the biggest regrets of my life is how many people might I have engaged with on a spiritual basis went now lost the opportunity to something were always face but I hope for you especially younger among us your college and school are in school don't make that mistake I was thirty six years before my conversion there is an ocean of people who passed by me going could have impacted for the gospel you don't have to make that mistake you might have already lived twenty years pass these the last sixteen on me start to build personal credibility and have spiritual experiences so let's talk about your conversations what is a spiritual conversation I hate when people think about the I pray for conversation I think it's something really need really personal really happy that I turn in a DNA sample a spiritual conversation what are you doing this weekend even alone on Saturday I went to church and then I send them going to cost I just had a spiritual conversation with the hungry fish that were to go to church officials not hungry says we are just went to Costco and now you have more information you know who's hungry and not ever that person who's hungry you cannot future conversation they might say oh are you going to spend the holidays and I can say conference at my church and it was around of the shares in Phoenix so were going to spend the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve at this conference call G Lacey and they might say all Weigel at that conference if they're hungry and then I say the great speakers seminars breakout sessions and a really great time of year to be introspective and try to think about the big picture of life and never had anyone disagree with every single person I never said that she says no you're right it's a really great time of year to the Eagles even new age are there different kinds of people in instilling knowledge that it's a great time of year to think big and think introspective at the spiritual conversation that someone was even more hungry my say well what would you guys talk about what was will they go on their last year in Orlando I was able to say well you know I'm going to the conference I'm actually presenting a really long what are you presenting I say while I'm I'm I'm going to present on how to live an authentic life on your face like how you live your faith life authentically on the workplace in your neighborhood so in other words not us not blowing away your faith from the rest of your life that I want to talk about and the hungry officials say the really interesting and so on and so forth these assertive conversations but if you're having spiritual experiences you say it can be as simple as I went to church and the hungry fish says how is that it will just take her and I when we talk about what you talk about some of his experiences as a businessman and bringing facing work is pretty interesting spiritual experience spiritual discussion search of conversation and we string Anopheles together on a study in Bible study interests when they had the flu and that's that's where the spiritual conversation naturally come there because years ago not too many years ago when someone asked me what I did over the weekend I would say well I like half the and I would say anything about you and I spent half my weekend recorder of my weekend applies to church related activities frankly that was an unnatural answer it would be more natural how people react to the question in your how many times and even in conversation now this is science I don't know the answers will be different but when I was in business school or when I was in game in the workplace sometimes you want to Vanguard is not really that way and other kinds of the places I've been to only give you over the weekend all I will crawl out from far far far as beer oh yeah we've got really what is it you know that conversation you ever been in one of those conversations and what I'll say is a luck if I have to listen to talk about your pub crawl and listen to music that I should voice their site you asked the question if you don't plan to USA visa with spiritual conversation the most natural thing now what is a listing it wasn't like it was easy from the very beginning the first time I started doing this early on now that you say went to church so I would say wait nothing that ever happened to me and that over time I got more used to it and now something I can do in fact it would be completely strange if I were to leave out the spiritual elements of my life when someone asking a simple question like how was your weekend or where you going on vacation this area on the hospitality is really important and powerful part of this is what wife that the hospitality and being on being a nice person it's really important it's really important and you don't have to get them all the way and sometimes I think about witnessing significant from first conversation instant baptistery than two hours for the session myself is not how it works somehow thank you so here are the list of questions all of which can lead to spiritual conversation we talked about the first couple hours or weekend away with a free weekend a vacation plan how did your wife while in the correct church in Chicago but the spiritual conversation that I asked them about giving your life they say Akbar they're always looking to diesel that it shall I use the latest I do couple things one is I I teach my son on his cello teacher an issue is connected with this Christian singer-songwriter and she wrote this little incredible alcohol but you are CDL with all original music that draws from the book of Revelation is likely shallow on a number of tracks to because I had that active service in that spiritual experience I was then able to use that as fodder for a spiritual conversation you see the connection but if I don't do things like that that I have nothing to say what for the one you grew we run a funeral funeral for the father of one of our colleagues at work a lot more people went to support a few and funerals and weddings are actually great for spiritual conversations because you're already in a setting in a context that sort of files of bigger picture spiritual matters and so the other good thing about advances that there is one milling around the small talk to me and so this call colleague of mine comes up he's standing together milling around he says any so what does David Kennedy for five message while most of my extra curricular activities have to do user with my family or with my faith my church he said yeah I love spending time with my family for what it is he's not interested in religiously so I didn't know to sweet talk a little bit about family things to do going to the architecture etc. then I said to him so you have any sort of churches who are religious background is only fair that I volunteered that part of the conversation was very natural question for me to know and he said to me well now I'm an atheist ethanol this wiry uneasiness financial question shouldn't assume that I know the answer winds and I've no idea what he would say that while released because of all the science yahoo in science so that's why atheism can't believe all this creation stuff origins theory of origins origins and I gave him my take on which we could go into it I was going for a while so be respectful toward a theory of origins and why I think as a fetus as a believer I think that that's a very responsible and reasonable scenario and then a woman sitting to my right and this is the physics PhD from an Ivy League school I talked about this morning she leans over and says hey wait I thought about it I said okay where were just talking about what we do for fun and theory of origins should allow well you know I'm an atheist I surrounded by it should I'm an atheist I said to her but I hate her Hawaii unity for living and working there this morning on the recount story and she's well because I'm a scientist I believe in science and also because I'm from China their atheists over there so we've got but then he said something completely unexpected she said but I often wish there were nurses were what I think I wish there was a God is very easy stuff this is not a trick question and she said well to reason why because I'm a physicist and I can see the universe and how finely calibrated is just really hard to explain without a higher power this is a physics PhD from an Ivy League school telling me that I didn't tell her anything you catch that she was telling me that because she's a hungry fish so that's the first reason the second reason is sometimes she feels very lonely the first if we're the only ones here at the spiritual conversation it all started from when you view the file literally I said only the area is in Philadelphia or selling pretty well on your weddings and church that help that spiritual conversation why do you homeschool and how do socialization while we homeschool for a variety of reasons but one of the reasons is manager seems like every day you see another new story about what goes on her schools today just seems really awful and they often say yeah I totally agree with you and then how did you get socialization all around me they have their activities that these were distraught at the ballet class we also have her church and their kids there spiritual conversations and hungry fish will latch onto that the fish were not hungry with just one way and it's okay this is a doozy how do you manage your ambition versus your desire for worklife at work on the mentor and coach to a variety of people in my firm the question for me to finish a story first of I mentor a number of people anymore conversation a young woman asked the and I told her couple very mundane secular types of things very efficient and well in the thirteenth century was honestly the most important thing the most useful helpful thing in my life and ambition is my prayer and how you feel about that kind of thing but that's what works for me I went to a set of conversations Atlanta a study the Bible together personal myositis and she has been baptized at by a coincidentally she found a boyfriend who was raised Adventist foot is not practicing currently and she also asked me for a referral to his church in the city is so gone over yes yes I many think I think the first thing I said was while that's really interesting you can only go anywhere you want me that's really interesting and what are some examples of where I probably said something what are some examples of the finely calibrated University see you just build a conversation that and then I went into the twenty three hundred days nor do you have what you're building a relationship what is the really important point your building relationships with people and their many bases upon which you can have relationships with you can relationship because you from the same family and relationships because your missing interest in relationships because of the missing school beginner relationships because you enjoy the same on and now injecting and I can have a relationship with you on the basis of the fact that we have spiritual interests that will talk about a very focus on relationship building is in an guy I mean sisters alloys aluminum differing only in general when I say this is all about fishing is not about that and so I just sprinkle into this conversation is the more conversations like this you have the stronger connection you're building on a spiritual basis and then at some point if they like what they're hearing they will ask you to study the Bible and sell a lot of things I do are intended to be a little bit humor but to be a little bit edgy so here's an example of Easter is great because the weekend after the ceremony when you do for his and so when I say is I know we need is when you have a special sunrise and we went to church as usual celebrating Easter that way and I are the things that Mister are thinking of weekend my son I can't remember maybe you know to do is show up in the gospel of Matthew or the gospel of Luke and this is for people who are Christians who have some knowledge of the Easter course will definitely find estate and I think I'm joking when I say thing like the survivors income from the Lugar Matthew and you can see being lighthearted and humorous but was a little anxious and trying to make them think about what they just did for Easter families so that's what I mean by having these purposeful spiritual conversation we can kind of creates a set of interactions that lead him to think differently without telling him telling Jenny Jenny consulting down their throat or whatnot not doing anything like that thanks for the question are ours I think when you get the idea of a spiritual conversation this point in this work were coming in on that and is hereby I said in the beginning this is this is a custom work this is a unique work person by person and are here to help the people you are sure your Facebook friends in your LinkedIn connections can tell you how many people you know while also because every NBA have to create you like to you can have your conversations you have a few of them already I have recast my conversations of the conversation and eighty three yet I literally hundreds probably have a dozen of these spiritual conversation in doing this are probably going on for years so you hundreds and hundreds of the spiritual conversations on which precious human contact because in this segment again and I hear evangelistic series drawn out they can curious and interesting things and asking questions a few become studies and even fewer silicone conference but ever so and like it or not my experience spirit of prophecy I was so happy to see Francis this is a one by one work person by person work personal relationships spiritual conversation that means you personal Bible study where you can present the gospel to them because there do listen to you they know you they respect you they trust you and they like you but if you just give them and I mean no disrespect to literature ministries I think that they're in court work been done Eric tried and true method but when I will say every time I given literature to a wealthy whelming well-educated whether the book would track the video it never works and it's always been the end of the conversation and I I have some views on why Mrs. and I think it's because these people are highly skeptical and very accomplished and psychophysical things what is I think frankly the production values of the things that we have off-the-shelf digital appeal to the site so that's what I'll say about that but the other thing is even so things I think are well done but I didn't people don't don't hear lots of assertions lots of statements and their critically going through that as they take it into their asking questions and here's the thing as soon as I hear something that they disagree with the shutdown thing Allawi can trust the same but if I'm in conversation if I'm in a personal Bible study with you and you have a question and you can ask the real-time and I can give you a plausible answer in real time and I can break that barrier down so that you don't have a chance to build it back up and that's what personal work is so important with W3C 's are inquisitive skeptical or critical thinkers and they need someone there to be knocking down the barriers as a second and a static piece of literature can't do that mean this on delicious fall just is not built into the people can do but that's how this works it's one person by one person by one person at this way I would like to share a brief video that is you an overview of the nicotine the society which is a ministry that I found to try to identify like-minded Seventh-day Adventists have heartburn for the W3C semester that's an overview meeting society is a saying mission field but I feel very deeply and passionately about just getting started some of things that were doing or thinking about doing an executive education style program on how to witness to W3C but their life direction that we're thinking about race are about I think at this point when I would ask is if any of you have found this to be interesting and useful and you'd like to stay informed on how things develop I know this clipboard is going around but to make sure that you just sign up so that we can e-mail you and inform you as we develop different all of this I am with that I just want to wrap up by summarizing star by evaluating your conversion and ego young and I hope you get off the fence on the side of belief and confidence in Christ because I believe that when you send it out the only rational thing to choose second I was a lot of the Lord and let him transform you so you can be a living epistle engagingly spiritual conversations and then again sign up either only supports were one or more of our website which is negating the society .org intravenous society .org and we had the same sign-up form on our website is in so with that you've been great you've been very patient I know it's it's late evening going for some time if anyone has anymore questions I'd be happy to take them for a few more minutes otherwise prayer enter so does anyone have a question yesterday sure while I think there a lot of different components that I will say briefly right now is that you need to find a place to integrate all the different components in a way that works for you for example when I was in business school the two traditional tracks coming out of business school would be going to be a consultant or an investment banker for me of course is more than the stereotypical tracks while investment bankers were over a hundred hours per week that's just what they do and you can't work a hundred dollars per week and avoid working on the Sabbath day maybe someone here is very difficult and so I never wanted to be investment banker this is not something I want to do I went to consulting with daily work seventy hours which actually makes a difference but the point is we have to find a situation that allows us to be integrated both our faith and our professional life the other reasons it could be that eighty euros situation where you're just not very well suited for that this is and it's a struggle maybe more of a struggle for you in that discipline than for someone else as more aptitude for that is not a top conversation to have with yourself but you might have to say you something else over here and I'm better at me background more more aptitude for and that will help me to be more effective and efficient there so that I can be more integrated with all the other aspects of my life so there's a lot of ways to solve that problem but it is kind of and an optimization problem they have to fit the puzzle together thanks for the question yes this is not going to make it a word I will and yours will is in the and I don't know probably a day I heard this was the school of hard trial and error I finally said in a one one nine is catchy phrase is one thing I cannot find is what is your question to answer ratio in question and in other words for every cashier giving how many questions are you getting in your ratio should be much very exalted in the favor of a number of questions are asking you should ask for everyone after you try to question something like that but just seeking online and develop their self-awareness about that I think is the first argument meeting was just that question but I thank you for that observation is that it had a horror of how you have just so I'll has a hard question for the obvious reasons if I were a politician I would say I don't deal with hypotheticals but what I will say is this I believe in again when the nice things about being a layman is that I conservatively and no one else is paying and what I will say is I believe that there is a and in balance there is as you in our denomination in terms of career choice I think that we all know that I will know what that is and is noticed that the curriculum in healthcare ministry education is all very worldly endeavors and I should say press that they can be perceived in a very worth the way not everyone is as and the verve endeavors but what happens is that we lack therefore been out in the background and skill set and capabilities in these other areas like business for example now I know networks that I haven't found too many people in our church you have a similar background to what I do a few but not with anything you so I I think that I would encourage anybody if you have an interest in a different career then the traditional ones I would encourage you to pursue them in your if you can approach them from the missionary mindset if you can approach them from missionary mice if you can not a place I'd say don't do those but if you can I would highly encourage you by the way corporate America is very satisfying the place you pick your company at the picture spot in the figure functional area that I've never had status issues in corporate America there are reasons that one is because there's so much diversity can pick so I just see that investment banking example ha ha well no I'm not going to come in and I have because I think it might be almost one hundred percent sure that it might be almost impossible to observe the Sabbath faithfully as an investment banker part of the reason why the cello as a profession is just so far to navigation issues as a orchestral performer and teacher or professor there are other methods such as black eye I found corporate America to be very as accommodating that the second part is the second most politically correct institution in the United States is corporate America the first is the anger thing is is that if I tell someone if I tell my bosses supervisor work on do that because I know I is no problem they won't have sent a couple I find that with shopkeepers or aspiring Sabbath keepers who have trouble with Sabbath in the workplace learning managerial roles not front-line retail something that is a different story when you're in a managerial role in English always keeping it's either because you're in the wrong company for the wrong job was because you just know to just say no me their people I will say you know why I can't make that meeting because I have taken my I go to my sons in New England twice now their companies and industries without we can pick your spot and and so I don't know how to answer questions start writing something different but what when we'll see if any of you are interested was as long as you approach of the missionary spirit I would really encourage you to do that we need a diverse group of backgrounds and skill capabilities thank you Iraq what would that wrap it up with a word of prayer and will adjust Lord God father fierce individualist is a good lesson that you have given us a role-play in the plan of salvation and young Lord is difficult for many of us myself included would you moment in teaching how to do the last few years and in now or by your grace by the Holy Spirit is something that is enjoyed and is natural to do the Lord in prayer for each and every person here that a issue would be up to bring their faith together with the rest of their life in a way that brings that our conversion that they would walk with you at a little more Christlike life which would attract spiritual interests some of which shall become final studies and in Congress which seasons there are conversion where I pray that we might call me on this virtuous cycle that human and that we would see the fruit of that labor not just now but especially we pray as far as this media was gone audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about numbers is much more so than please visit www. audio tours


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