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  • January 25, 2014
    11:30 AM
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him you bless us but not just left a week we want to be useful to you we want to be we want to be possessed of heaven and of the Spirit of God we want to do what you want us to do and to be instruments in your head bless us we pray and we thank you in Jesus name you probably noticed looking into the bulletin that the title is intoxicated not really the title isn't fictional intoxicated but that's the lesson we want to teach this morning and it's about intoxication and we all have ideas of what the word means and I suppose I wouldn't have to pull anyone to try to understand if you understand the word we usually think of it in terms of people who have drunk too much alcohol and they are intoxicated I wanted to note is that in the very middle of that word we found we find the root word to be toxic right you see that don't you in the word intoxicated and so the word toxic in my mind in any case I didn't take the time to look it up in the dictionary but it means poison and so it's possible to be poisoned by drinking too much alcohol of poison to the point of impairment and so we use that word also alcohol poisoning can impair us can impair all our faculties of the whole person for that matter you can see people 's staggering around because the drunk alcohol physically they're not able to do well when they could do easily if they were not impaired the same thing happens socially a person who is drinking a lot of all call usually becomes very free or very angry or very what ever because of the alcohol the mental capacities are impaired as well but worse than that were all then I know that it is through the frontal lobe he is compromised and we become far less inhibited and so our consciences hurt in our judgment in our decision powers are all impaired because of alcohol poisoning were weakened altogether I've seen it is no doubt in my mind that using it you've experienced it out of the first and somehow if not yourself maybe someone close to you using the people I think I've told this story before but a lot let me tell you fell it again I was working in the mines when I was twenty five years old I spent nine years working underground in a nickel copper mine and for one reason or another and I don't remember the reason I came home he early one nine eleven thirty and I should've come up at twelve and I came up at eleven thirty showered and I don't know why got in my car I was driving home and I found myself in the city at one point on a four lane highway in the inside lane and I was driving down what we call LaSalle Boulevard over there in the city of Sudbury and about a mile or hour or more ahead I saw a little white nova which is a General Motors car of the light nova turn a corner and hit the curb and lose control he would like this all over the road and I thought to myself if that guy is a carefully done hit somebody will anyway he straightened out that he kept on coming down the road and as he got closer to me he hit the curb again and he lost control again and he crossed over the one leg and into my lane and we had a head-on collision and my car was kicked across the next laying into the ditch into the field and was on fire I remember getting up off the seat the car was on fire and I got out the passenger door I'd even try the drivers door and I fell down while as far as I am concerned I got up right away I did my thing I felt down I got up apparently I been unconscious for some time on the ground there because when I got up there was a huge crowd of people around and so I made my way back to the highway and a fellow who had been in the other car was lying down the road and he was he was dead the man had lost control because he had been drinking and to find out later on he'd been drinking with my cousin now if this is I unaltered has any bearing on anything but he'd been drinking with my cousin and he got good as drunk and he and all his wife after having a fight sometime in the afternoon that she would never see him alive again well he never did he never did he lost his head and he die value and I are not likely to be in danger of this kind of intoxication are we now I don't think so but friends that isn't the only kind of intoxication that there is there is out there are intoxication 's that are far more dangerous far more prevalent far more poisonous impairing and deceptive so I had to turn to Ezekiel chapter twenty eight rebuttable right back to the beginning or looking at Lucifer we just want to look at a few words in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight looking at verse eighteen speaking about Lucifer when he was in heaven before he fell really it says a nine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty now you can keep your finger here in the because I want to come back it is very versed our goal to Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen in IE you know these things are all very familiar the Seventh-day Adventists are going to look at verses thirteen and fourteen to see the outcome of the fact that this individual somehow looked in a mirror and saw him so the more beautiful than anything else probably need everything in life and it was himself now hear the outcome verse thirteen and fourteen in Isaiah fourteen or thou hast said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high I want to be like God now think of it this is a created being who intends just simply because he has seen himself to be glorious and he is as glorious as anything he's ever seen and he begins to equate himself to the creator God he is a created being and he comes it comes to his mind that maybe he can have the creators position the creators thrown so he's going to usurp the throne of God now friends really if you think about it it's absolute insanity in the jar it's akin to a one of you mothers making a little ragdoll for your daughter and somewhere down the road the ragdoll decide that she is going to be in control of this house of this family while that doesn't make any sense at all the total insanity but you know the incentive is not far away because the little girl who owns the dollars only two years old Matthew Matt at year you got us some lessons on child-rearing this morning now little girl that's that's two years old has this same thing in her head sure and it's insanity that insanity goes almost of the human brain practically immediately when we are born yell well using I was drunk that they well he was intoxicated you go back to Ezekiel chapter twenty eight Ezekiel chapter twenty eight were we were looking at verse seventeen will look at that does the next phrase in the burst heart was lifted up because of thy duty thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness he looks at himself in the mirror he's altogether Gloria sees altogether bright and what happens in his brain his brain is impaired it's corrupted into DC and this is what's happening in that poor guys brain burn we need to Galatians chapter six Galatians chapter six run a look at the first seven in just first three words actually in Galatians chapter six verse seven these are quotations that I use a lot if you've ever heard me preach you heard me say this this is Galatians chapter six looking at verse seven the first three words it's a direct command from God and it says the non- DC this is God 's will for all of us without a claim this is a promise not to think now is a man deceive what if you look at verse three in Galatians chapter six we find the very foundation of all deceptions I preach this forever and I love it because we need to know first three or if a man thinks himself to be something like Lucifer thought himself to be something if a man thinks himself to be something when he is nothing he watched the disease and felt that the very foundation of all deception if you and I never thought ourselves anything we could not be deceived because we would not lean on something else than ourselves you see it but when we put confidence in ourselves we're putting confidence in what how much confidence do we put in nothing while thing we should put very much but that's the problem from the very beginning duty in this is the thing that we face as human beings and so the individual that thinks themselves something when he is nothing is intoxicated by the poison of Elkhart right really what it's all about and then what happens next is his thinking is impaired its compromise and you can think right you think very highly of yourself please don't do it oh yeah what do you know how educated I am you not all that I have learnt you know how famous I am generally much money I've got in the bank you know on and on and on all the things that we could put confidence in the apostle Paul knew all about that he could want confident in the fact that he was circumcised now who would put confidence in that delay but confident in the fact that he was a Vegemite he was an Israelite that he was a persecutor of the church an act concerning the long he was blameless self righteously so and so the human psyche is well able to put confidence in all kinds of nonsense until of course Paul came to his senses about all of this when I left you're just a month ago I preached two sermons on justification and I asked together we established several facts of course and I don't have time to go back over all of the things that we talked about but the one thing I like to talk just to repeat or remind us of is the word justify itself is a compound word the word supply comes from the Greek to me that's what it is you said you know I was unified that means you were made beautiful right now if something is clarified it is made clear and solid to justify these two being made just or to be made right that's what it's all about and that's what it means now it isn't what most Christians in the world believe of course they believe that is yet to be justified or is to be accounted righteous in some heavenly ledger even though the person is not really right lateral now it's not true the question is when God justifies when God makes is right are we really made right in reality are we just accounted right even though were not right for me right you think God wastes his words now he doesn't waste is right but somebody might same away the minute you know if he ever a man next somebody does altogether absolutely right in all things while friends know I haven't but you know that there's a problem here we don't see correctly and were not looking at the right being either a man who is justified his behavior doesn't become perfect overnight but has nothing been made right all friends listen something has been made right the Bible says he is a new creature all old things are passed away all things are become new how many things are become new is that a change that's a change but how is it that we can't always see it in the life while because were not looking at the right think the thing that's become new is the mind and not necessarily the behaviors that behavior changes the behavior catches up the behavior is aware of a lifetime it begins now it keeps right on going because there is no way to reach the pinnacle to reach the bar because it's it's a long way to become perfectly the light but we changed Dave I Dave because our minds are changed because we are fully intention to do it right and we do the best we can to do it right it falls short but it's acceptable to God because he makes up our differences with his own right is not a blessing that's what it means to be justified because it means that our names are accounted on some leisure out there that we are righteous even though were not righteous on on all now when we are justified we are made right in our minds and from then on were going in the right direction and we want to do God 's will face in works one oh three two eight and works one oh three to harden and justification are one and the same things over talking about justification here through faith the believer passes from the position of a rebel a child of sin and Satan to the position of a loyal subject of Jesus Christ now friends does he pass from being a rebel to being a loyal child of God in reality or is it just accounted so on some kind of strange accounting no-no he passes in reality you become a child of God if you have a true experience and all you have to do is look at your own experience and say there was a time when I was a rebel there was a time that I relished seeing there was a time that I hated the things of God and I love the things of the world and then there was a time when all of a change in my mind I wanted to do right I wanted to be a blessing I wanted to serve God I was anxious to share with someone else what Jesus meant to me now I can look at my behavior as they get what you're still a rod or really well just throw things out and don't change really easy always on time in every person 's heart but you shouldn't know me forty years ago was a lot different than when either Romans chapter to twelve Romans chapter twelve were going to look at verse two in Romans chapter twelve were looking at verse two this is the apostle Paul's admonition for us the non- conform to this world don't be like this world okay soul what are we supposed to do well then he goes on to say be he transformed BG change how by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God and if you look at verse three you will see a picture of an individual who has been transformed and you will also see where he has been transformed look at verse three for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith I wanted to notice in that verse but the word to think happens twice here now when a person is justified in his mind is transformed because it is renewed he becomes so worth you see the word is over in that in that first he begins to think soberly he no longer thinks highly more highly of himself than he ought he is no longer going to be deceived or intoxicated are poisoned in his mind by thinking more highly of himself him he ought to think his intentions are perfect he wants to glorify God in Bonn and in word and in action and like I said earlier his behavior will catch up because of the work of a lifetime and you can't do the behavior because you don't know all about it anyway you don't know all all you know something is on things change radically right at the beginning but it's not the end of the story now there's all kinds of examples in the Bible of people who have intoxicated themselves with pride on purpose our item same purpose turn with me to first Daniel chapter fifteen verse seventeen first Samuel chapter fifteen and were looking at verse seventeen you'll recognize the story right away and you can almost easily CD intoxication that this individual had his mind impaired with verse seventeen it the prophet Samuel said talking to students all when you were little in your own site were you not name the head of the tribes of Israel and the Lord anointed you king over Israel in other words Samuel was saying this off when you are thinking right were you not exalted to be king in my kingdom was a true your member the story of Saul God had chosen him to be right God had chosen him to be king and God has said this is all call your way and catch up with his sons of the prophets and when you're walking with the sons of the prophets you are going to be given a king 's heart what a miracle that was I love reading it I'd like to have aching heart someday by certainly I don't need a king 's heart because I'm not a king right so whatever it is that the Lord wants you to be able for you to be in that position that what he did for things off and fell here the young man who was so humble that he was hiding among the stuff went on the very day of coronation you have to go looking for him and the Lord have to tell the problem where he was fighting that he had hidden so well he was get among the stop it said he was so humble not said that my man because he has so little confidence in himself he will be teachable that's the issue is the and then as time went on and his position went to his head isn't kept growing and growing and growing until he was able to disobey God because he had become bigger than his bridge because he thought more highly of himself than he ought because he thought he knew better than God and so he began to disobey God and sold the Lord sent the profit to him is so back to Romans chapter twelve Romans chapter twelve I didn't take delivered even though I could easily have done it the look at a lot of examples in the Bible where Romans chapter twelve of us look again at verse three this is what I wanted to hear in Romans chapter twelve or I say through the grace given among given unto me to every man that is among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly we've been talking about intoxication and worse over by the way is the opposite right and so do not impair yourself do not intoxicate yourself with pride but a rather sober okay think soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith you see in this verse that humility leads to sobriety now right-thinking you see that it is verse that sobriety leads to faith in God when a person feels his nothingness he faces a sober reality at Hitler come face-to-face with your nothingness it hurts amazing to me that humanity has the idea that they are something I'm going to be a wheel someday I'm going to be somebody really is a song by the nineteen forty yeah when we accept our nothingness then we accept to be dependent on someone outside of herself because we know him we can do nothing John fifteen verse five because first Corinthians chapter eight verse two says I know nothing as I often know it because John chapter three verse twenty seven says a man can receive nothing except it's given him from God and Galatians six verse three we've already seen if a man thinks he's something when he is nothing he deceived himself we are nothing we can do nothing we have nothing we know nothing and were proud that doesn't make any sense thus it makes any sense whatsoever with humanities both friends there intoxicated with the gifts that God has given them I sold one man has the gift of strength in X-Men of the gift of intelligence the next man has has education and good the one area might be and we knew we relax onto these things and we say that's UIM by ballot in the right was not quite that way by friends it's intoxicating enough that it impairs our and then we don't have to write because we can't relate to life correctly understood to share with you a spirit of prophecy quotation that I didn't write down my paper but I know where it is in my Bible I got it in Psalms fifty one bundle point your turning their despair prophecy quotation is and what it says this is Prophets and Kings one seventy four and five have been will not fail them in their day of adversity now who is it that heaven won't fail what nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible and the soul that yielded nothing and relies wholly upon God humanity will look at nothingness as a negative terrible are you saying that I am nothing you know that Alan light in one quotation and I just read it yesterday calls us worthless human beings worthless well the large saw enough worth enough to die in the cross of Calvary but in and of ourselves apart from the cross of Calvary we are worthless or worse than worthless were enemies of God were enemies of right were enemies of success were enemies of happiness were enemies of everything is worse than worthless don't get me a man by the name of Robert Foster which I don't know Robin Foster is that just when we make ourselves more than nothing we make God less than everything because God should be everything to all that he was what a blessing it would be Andrew Murray said it somewhat the same as long as we are something God cannot be every five lady doesn't use the word everything he said as long as we are something God cannot be all but in my mind they didn't resound right the guy did not write a monkey into so humility leads to sobriety right-thinking and sobriety leads to dependence upon God that is leads to faith but the opposite of that is exactly the opposite pride leads to intoxication wrong thinking and wrong thinking leads to unbelief that is putting confidence in ourselves rather than putting confidence in God but old Obadiah Obadiah Chapter one the book in the minor prophets which are in is not always easy to find his right after Amos is right before Jonah or Nabokov Obadiah and were looking at just the fifth the first phrase actually well know will look at the whole verse I think let's see here Obadiah Chapter one look at verse three the pride of thine heart has received the now that dwellest in the clefts of the rock whose habitation is high that says in his heart who shall bring me down to the ground and he ever heard men say I am the greatest out of the top of the heap either King of rock Elvis Presley I'm the King of Pop 's name Michael Jackson yeah I was flying across from across the ocean the other day and I looked at a few minutes of the film on the life of Princess Diana and decided that it was not working to build the new youthful lady one hundred and greening really however game and of course her life was snuffed them that he can measure negative meso not here's a man is if any man should boast I suppose he has something to boast about you 's ingenious militarily he was a genius architecturally he was a genius agriculturally he's the one that created the hanging Gardens of Babylon one of the seven wonders of the world and he was King of the Golden Kingdom and even God said he was the Golden game ride now he might've gone around my guess is the problem was he did he did so God sent a dream to him in Daniel chapter four and any it was a dream about a tree that had the whole world under its branches and the tree gets cut down they can understand a dream so he calls all his wise men in his magician then he used Chaldeans in his astrologers and all the rest if I'd interpreted dreamed a dream cannot be interpreted by the people go the Lord won't let it happen finally as a last resort and I don't know why Daniel would be a last resort but anyway he called in Daniel Daniel gives them some advice to be good to be good the and then and he takes the advice for twelve months or twelve months he is good doesn't mistreat anybody and he doesn't blow his own horn and all the rest of twelve months later he says am I not the greatest thing the car standing on the balcony looking at Babylon and the sun is shining just right the city appears to be soul also glorious and he said they might not the guy who built all the thing for my glory my mind and God said I told you not now open world and that because neither you nor he ended up we ended up eating grasshopper seventy go to Daniel chapter four Daniel chapter four does the very last outbursts in Daniel chapter four I love the birds because I claimant from Daniel chapter four verse thirty seven now live this is after seven years and he is reinstated as king in his intelligences returned in no longer a maniac now I had to get another praise and extol and honor the King of heaven all whose works are truth and his ways judgment watch now and those that walked in pride he is able with me though toxic agent we've been sell he is able to sober up took seven years to sober him up I wonder how long it would take to sober you up or to silver media and you think that if God could humble Nebuchadnezzar who has a thousand times more reason to be proud and I you think that he could unbelief you want to all you are you and I hope he does he has booth altogether painful now of what a blessing it is what a blessing it is one time I spent two years in Lesotho and I was asked to preach in Moody Hospital Chapel on a Sabbath morning and I preached a very good sermon as everyone was very happy with the sermons preached the next weekend we were there and there was an union official letter was preaching and I was scheduled to present very next week and he chose the very same subject that I was going to preach on the very next week so of course that's okay I sat there in the audience and he was a lousy not really you will and I'm listening to him I'm saying to myself the reason the things that it needs we you watch what I do and I was sure and I prepared a sermon and I went there the next week and I was going to show them somebody who can preach body of the Internet you know that I have a father in heaven who won't let me go there now praise God I tell you what I never done that if you you think you're going to get me talking against the preacher you know before going to exalt ourselves he is going to what knock it down in it that's when I thought fairly meek if you live in chapter three we got a couple of them two more I think Bible verses to look at Philippians chapter three were looking at the life of Paul here in Philippians chapter three and I just just looking at verse three in Philippians chapter three I want you to notice something this is the great apostle Paul for we are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit and rejoice in Christ Jesus and watch now and have no confidence in the plan I'm with confidence at all having himself none awaited is one of the smartest individuals that we know he was very good oratory he was highly educated he was in the Sanhedrin and he became the great apostle Paul and he had one no-confidence in you know that that's why he was the great apostle Paul and he had had any confidence in himself God could not have blessed him it would have been proportionate the more confidence you put in yourself the less confidence you what in the market rate you have in yourself the less they you haven't done it proportionate and so you have something that you're so good at that you have confidence in yourself because of it you are destroying your faith is amazing but that's how of course how it works and go to have a Habakkuk chapter two Habakkuk chapter two and looking at personal advocate chapter two behold his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him if you guess that behold he whose soul is listed up is not right in his mind because he's intoxicated these impact he can't think right because he thinks too highly of himself a friend we all have that Brown have you ever had an opinion that you won't give up that you know you're right that you will not change no matter who it is that says something come to the contrary is not a fact more to the contrary that the speak the stronger you hold your own opinion behold his soul which is lifted up is not right in Madison thinking who is at the things right well the rest of the phrases are the the opposite they just those who are right held by my place again the just shall live by his if you know who digests are they are the people who have lost confidence in himself for people who put their faith in God because he cannot put their faith in himself because they know that they are nothing this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith our friends listen before putting confidence in God that is before having faith in God we need to lose confidence in ourselves we need to think soberly about this reality before we can think soberly we need to become humble though who is it that humble the what is justification by faith testimonies to ministers for fifty six you know I might answer the question it is gone and doing the work I've actually says it is God 's work I think what is God 's work is to justify us to make us right and how does he do it to thing the second thing is he does for us what we cannot do for ourselves all but before he can do that is going to do the first thing which is to lay the glory of man praise God let them do it you think you've got something to hang on to the event nothing to hang you deny all of us put together amount to nothing and when we come to that place we finally get to the place where we think right the CEO of a five hundred Fortune Fortune five hundred company CEO and his wife are driving people into filling station you can yes he goes into the filling station he pays his bill and when he comes about he see that his wife is outside as he is talking to the gas station attendant and probably that's a guy who filled the car with gasoline he goes out they get into the car to drive away and the man has a very smug look on his thing riding down the road he doesn't say anything filing after a while he breaks the silence and he says I bet I know what you're thinking it turns out that the man she was talking the gas station attendant to the one who's filling the gas used to be an old boyfriend when they were in high school so he says to her I'd bet I know what you are thinking and she says what he says you're probably thinking that you're glad you married me in Fortune five hundred CEO is says that matter fact I was I was thinking that if I had married him if he would be a five Fortune five hundred CLA he will be a gas station attendant now in this story the two people are intoxicated with pride that I know what you're thinking what really I don't know what to think that he ever had the idea that God should be glad that you're on his team no you know what a mess we are and how much we need not under the new if a man thinks he is something when he is nothing you see without mean Jesus that you can do nothing John the Baptist says an entity received nothing since has given him from heaven and Paul said a man knows nothing I don't think we have the right to be proud and to think too highly of ourselves but what a blessing if we can come to the place while being nothing to hold on all our then God can and does a two a specialist brought a Spybot 's website spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more if you would like to know more about horse is like the more certain it is www. audio source .org


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