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The Flawed Word, Part 2

Steven Grabiner


Since we don't have the original writings of the Scriptures, how can we be sure that the Bible we have is reliable? Learn how the Old and New Testaments were meticulously copied over the years.


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • January 17, 2015
    11:00 AM
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him this morning is this whole question now really interesting when the last time and we began to explore that we looked a little bit and some of the Pyrrhic contradiction in Scripture but how many of them are easy to be explained it will take a little time to look at the full picture don't misunderstand me I'm not saying all of them are that easily explain but we as we look at things in the word of God we really can come away with a sense of the arguments that people make for not trusting it really don't carry a lot of weight sometimes we might ask for Sunday night asked us know why you think I really should depend on the word of God and often times will respond with an appropriate response which might be something like this because the word of God has changed my life could you say that certainly I think that each one of us I pray these things each one of us and if it's not true I have shield to you to open your hearts to the Holy Spirit 's work of God and let him change your life there is power in the word of God to transform us and that power is through the Holy Spirit which inspired the word of God is oftentimes will respond like that and say no I sensed God speaking to me and that's true however a Muslim might say the same thing I sensed a girl on speaking to me war and pay him more than one of their maintaining that they would come to visit you in your home they would share something and then they would say no Joan she really says something moving in your life and so is a little bit of a danger of the subjective no sign you see my point there now that's not to say the subject of personal is an important is but we really say the word of God is reliable we really depend on there are lots of answers to this question on certainly the Bible is very different than say the Koran war the book of Mormon in terms of this howling communicates actual historical events in the Bible claims to deal with events that took place in history particularly the greatest event which was what the what across the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the greatest event where we really see what Donna's life really do history like this to us through the Word of God I turn to Revelation chapter twenty two readings explore this question is a Bible reliable again and appreciate Richard reading that he's got a great reading list as so her great speaking voice his elder insurance you should preach really nice size and Revelation chapter twenty two starting in verse eighteen the end of this great prophetic book where John says I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy is interesting Revelation opens Revelation one three with the blessing on those who hear the words of the prophecy and see the things which are written in it for the time is exhale and John in the same way I'm testifying to everyone who hears the words prophecies on this and many does this warning if you want to add something to the book if you want to win Dallas we could say what will be added to you play morning as both don't add anything there is a warning for us to be very careful how we interpret prophecy and then he goes on to say in verse nineteen and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy in other words if we want a lesson the meaning of it what will be the result you will hear part in the tree of life and the holy cities and all the things that are written in here will be taken as way as well verse twenty two you testifies these things says yes I am coming quickly existing in this one chapter seven times the word is used to jump back to verse seven and behold I'm coming quickly let's is seeing who he the words of the prophecy has brought this book verse twelve in all I am coming quickly he says his reward is with him verse seventeen the Spirit and the bride say here come and let the one who hears say and let the one who is thirsty come but the one who wishes take the water of life freely to this great invitation to come in the setting of the return of Jesus Christ behold I'm coming quickly he's coming quickly even so Lord Jesus and so it is setting at the end of the block where you talking about the second coming and urging us to be ready inviting us in sleeping on to take the water of life this is true verse warning don't tamper with the word of God really important especially as we were drawing closer to the end and time more important as we see the day of Christ approaching it as I mentioned last week there are many people that you question can you really have confidence in the word of God and without contradictions are or what about this and what about that select and continue to explore that before you let me just give you some background about this don't answer don't take away from John is really referencing three passages in the book of Deuteronomy and earrings you can jot this down and return their money and those in the first two passages Moses as he wrote the book of Deuteronomy said something very similar to an end don't take away with me to get early chapter twelve let's look at that texture on the twelfth thirty two was one of the three is also Deuteronomy four versus wanting to an Deuteronomy twenty nine nineteen to twenty let's look at Deuteronomy twelve verse thirty two notice how God recounts the words of Moses Deuteronomy twelve verse thirty two whatever I command you use shall be careful to do the following Deuteronomy twelve thirty two you shall not add to it or take away from this same thought how very important but what's really intriguing is the next verse and in some of the ancient Hebrew manuscripts chapter thirteen actually begins with the last verse of chapter twelve because there's a connection here chapter thirteen begins to talk about false prophets and false teachings and study of the setting this warning to okay Joe and unit in expanding the Scripture is really talking about false prophetic teachings on misrepresentation of God 's word and is talking about a false idolatry and false worship all these things John is warning again did you see the chapter twenty two Revelation as we look at this person will work closely together in this passage Revelation twenty two verse eighteen no there is a in the whole passage rather there is the blessing versus e-learning the word of God verse eighteen I testified earlier this year as the word of prophecy there is a blessing there offenders that negative warning don't add don't take away my fishing is a major revelation thirteen times John is told to write who's telling John to write about sometimes it's the father speaking and sometimes it's Jesus speaking thirteen times the book is told right right that's right this ripeness rightness not a different least if we believe John and that's a good question forced by Johnstone the site and make this out God is telling me to write and one of the great places chapter twenty one he says right because these words are faithful and true there is indeed an end to this world of sorrow there is Indian and suffering Jesus is getting on God 's people are busy and face-to-face and it's almost like I can hardly believe that and it says right because these baseball Andrew rushed twenty one five is older then reread your revelation is this insistence that this is really God 's word and it is dependable we can depend upon the evidence and lastly on this article need the Newsweek magazine one of the questions of people raising up the word of God is no it's just been copied so many times we don't have the original writings and because they don't have the original writing we know that there are differences in the Philippines of the writings we have money for this loan was strong we don't have the original writing we have copies right but we don't have copies of the original learning that copies of copies of the original really renowned copies of copies of copies of the original meters there is it with the originals are law when deciding some downward archaeologist and a near drowning Egypt in outbound Paul's handwriting on everything I saw that there are differences in the that we do have enough leads some people to conclude that the Bible is not reliable let's explore that idea together and you think you is really charming sounds very persuasive and we really don't know what the original was because there were all these different copies out there and they disagree and how can trust the Bible so couple things first let's ignore the Old Testament how was the Old Testament this is really a shrinking as the Old Testament was copied by very professional strong and there's good evidence that the ancient Jewish brides that personal account number of times a later I heard in particular book signed by the Genesis account newsletter and enabling make sure they knew the number of letters in them and they can't even think of that count every letter they would go back and don't every letter they would like Google and Miami letters range Genesis they would go back to know to make sure that match the is pretty amazing but the only thing that the executive describes that space in the middle letter of the Pentateuch that's the first five books of the Bible of the Torah and its letters involved in the book of Leviticus insurance that and they would find a letter in the new account in Haryana okay this manuscript is to anybody that kind of detail here verse Christensen 's sorry I lost my connection and they also identify the middle level letter of the whole Hebrew Bible items you want to figure that out it also very intentional in fact when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered they compare them with the copies of the book of Isaiah that we know Isaiah fifty three the only differences were totally miniscule there is like one letter difference very very amazing how the Old Testament Hebrew scholars transcribe the Old Testament and New Testament is a slightly different tastes to the New Testament there were two different ways sometimes you get agree a group of scribes together and they would be a road and suddenly stand up and we no we do right down prison beyond their name would be reading from the book of Revelation Revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show you respond servants the things Mister soon to take place anything communicated this by serving junk and they were just right as they were going to the process strives would have a manuscript in front of them and they would begin to transcribe it by hand just so you can visualize this one of the scribes wrote in the margin of the Bible he was working on was telling us the weather and he says it was a big snowstorm I was doing this it was so cold ice froze my fingers froze and the pen dropped from my mentor these guys are working away in theory difficult conditions wouldn't be surprising if they made a mistake not really so let's think about that one guy wrote at the end of the book in the little margin he said end of the book thanks be to God I'm finished now and I is yeah and then this is what you feel you are writing this very painstaking no lights some old and New Testament scribes actually were professionals in the little dots along the side of their manuscripts and those dots indicating what they would be paid for that was unprofessional than we do slightly better job some people say yes but if someone is copying and they are copying and their copy isn't that like playing the game of telephone that when you know you know him telephone I whisper something in some easier all all all were in illustrations were you drunk picture is known again so if you figure out what what this means in your writing something gets lost in translation right and so say you cannot depend on what's wrong with that illustration what's the difference between telephone and the way these copies are being replicated table right now this is written those are two very different things of things written I can always go back to chat on the telephone I whisper something to all it's one person to one person writing copying manuscripts it's one manuscript five people .com and in those five people have finally people copied data on multiplication now is it possible that there could be mistakes of courses possible again the number of manuscripts is really astonishing novena for some of you with all the statistics but it's really amazing how this works infiltrated in illustration from my Christian by name of Greg Kugel and he uses this illustration call and Sally Saltz was actually have an aunt Sally and you don't she has this dream one night where she figures out a certain elixir that will be like a fountain of youth to have the morning and she does the kitchen she gets it she stirs it up and he puts on her face and window screens and in our next issue with loading this is really fantastic T cells into March Sherry they start using it in their shots and and and select what you should tell some friends about this continues the north and then even some friends of theirs and then one day Sally Dawn the rest of the Sally culture for friends and this is my dog ate the recipes you have it anger for friends and you are not vigorously but they all gave those copies to some friends and all get together friendly about twenty six copies back into the house as they compare the copies they notice a couple of things in the misnomer somebody wrote Nixon shock instead of chop and mix somebody had an ingredient than the others had to think if you compare those twenty six and be able to figure out what the original once sure really really close Utah in a chopper next Nixon shop will of course you shop before you next so that's a mistake and this one as an ingredient in many others gives out always think that's a mistake and find out this person doesn't know how to spell whatever and so you'd be able to put together what the original was or at least they beaten ninety nine nine percent sure of what the original 's that's very similar to the way it is with the New Testament there are differences in these things but the confidence which you I can have that this is what God inspired people to say is through the roof it is so not what let's let alone that at some of the errors that people might make what I think of some of the mistakes and some you might not might make first of all the are you feeding your bleachers neuronal cell someplace as most scribes were monastics sure it's very neat little twenty thousand single and and you didn't have such nice glasses when it also makes some mistakes of eyesight of course many are that you are reading a line in the word and one line ends with the words finished in the and for the workstation rotation and you look down and then you just lie there there are mistakes of eyesight that happen in Scriptures maybe if you were in when the placement of somebody was reading and they were reading out loud several examples they said the word there are spelled out the trends on contact like that you could spell the repair different ways if you like minority Protestant multiple went back and you know you could just spirit and make a mistake and so that happened is it possible that you could switch some letters around me give you some real examples throughout this from John chapter one thirty one of you I'm sure will have in your translations electronic or otherwise the first mistake is John one thirty John saying and in the bottom part is what your Bible say Anthony comes a what after me comes a man known as the Greek letters of them appear for him and notices for them in the air after we comes what an air there is a manuscript that says Anthony comes in well obviously what happened he dropped off the new which looks like the no why doesn't your Bible translated that way within the conference and Wallace on the difference is most of those opposing areas are like this and easily spelled something wrong maybe you just really little little changes that are almost not almost they are inconsequential you never want first on one four twenty ten your translation will depend on how please have some of you your translation will read your July may befall other translations will read our July night with my people in English what's the difference one letter on the top of their ingrate it's not exact request like that it's it's fairly similar does it really changed in any console most of everything is really like this there were accidental slips as these people are doing what they could to transcribe the word of God believing that he has power to change people 's lives they were trying to be really careful thought they were fallible just like you and me here I asked to misspell something after other errors were or other exchanges let's say were intentional this gets people nervous because if it's intentional that means the other had a reason why they're doing this and and people on both the conservative on the liberal spectrum can think of very interesting conspiracies as to why people would change things what are some of the reasons that people would regional change would put a couple of examples together interestingly enough there is a manuscript and the consumers where one of the scribe was changed something in another scribe who was transcribing long and he wrote in the margin you need more attention leave the older being alone making noticed that this guy had changed it back what changes either well first of all there are grammatical change as people read through certain parts of the New Testament particularly the book of Revelation there is some grandeur that seems unusual socially wanted to change very innocuous harmless change sometimes describe wanted to try to make things clear and I think this is an clear I want to clarify for you is limited to an example of that in Mark chapter one Mark chapter one and verse two summary that one inverse to wow nice and clear enough in the mid- first part of that depending on your translation with your translation once I ESA in the standard version is adding is written in I have lived from anywhere in seven different translation as it is written in the prophets up a secure the difference as it is written in Isaiah the prophet or as it is written the problem doesn't make a big deal is it's really fairly inconsequential but why would this change take place in floatation in verse two comes from where it comes from the book of Malachi the quotation in first grade comes in the book of Isaiah some are uses two different Old Testament sources now cut in Isaiah but he at least according to that translation this is my say in the prophet Isaiah now live coming along reading that could think well that's not right that's not Isaiah the prophet Malachi and so can you change that to the province and sell used shines and make things clear the sixteenth eighty now is it what Mark originally wrote from Mark Foley wrote in Isaiah because Isaiah and Marquis probably thinking big picture here sometimes vital writers try to compare and try to harmonize passages of Scripture let's look at one of these examples turn with me or something with me anywhere yet but the gospel of Luke sorry during the Luke and never looking at here is Matthew six nineteen fourteen and Luke eleven but don't read it yet just put your finger in the objective or that they are electronically nuclear don't look at it because this is where the Lord 's prayer is an Winchester memory the Lord prayer go tell me what I thought at the beginning loop chapter eleven verse two someone else read that from a more modern translation okay did you notice when you pray say what's missing owner well it's Mary Matthews read Matthew six of their house while they were joined in heaven I'll be his name as we usually memorize it but certainly when you wrote his gospel he didn't write the word power there was some sky thinking well really it's very Matthews let you guys know he would write the word our authority again is that threatening to any teaching that threatening the integrity of the word about of course not what describes there was no organized things make things better in the Navy they noted unconsciously not have to single express hardly to say father who is in heaven of our father because that's when we memorized the scribe named on the same thing as well the last intentional changes the tribes may have made were doctrinal and this is you know where the biggest question comes from and again people could sail panels are two theories as to why they made these doctrinal changes let me give you a couple of examples let's turn to Luke chapter twenty three using the shoe verse thirty three two verse thirty three and somebody that has the King James would you rate up or slip to verse thirty three I think I think that's exactly right what does it say I'm jealous and his mother marveled that anyone don't have a modern translation the dream knows the difference one fans jealous mother the other sad his father and his mother which one do you think somebody would have changed didn't somebody would've changed Joseph to his father or you think they would've changed his father Joseph why is he the son of God not wanting to even begin to think that Joseph is his father now later on in the evening contains the questions of his father to make the change wasn't very consistent but the point is somebody's thinking I really want to be careful here with the divinity of Christ and sell me change this to make it harmonize as a couple of other examples like that one more major one turn with me to first John chapter five groanings are in first John chapter five verses seven and eight the movie does to versus first on five seventy and what was that scheduling translation is that international standard version very short seems like something is missing the mouth of the conditions regularly and you notice there is a large phrase there that's included in London on the other was included there is their history and has been the father the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one that's a very old chaps but it's not found in any of these great copies of the letter first John somebody apparently thought it would make good sense and it does make the they probably wrote it in a margin and eventually migrating into the text to try to make a point so naturally fooled can we give evidence that the father son and Holy Spirit are coeternal throughout eternity without this Bible verse of course we can in our understanding of the nature of the Godhead doesn't depend on this one verse but most of the changes were either accidental and those that were intentional are very inconsequential there's a handful less than a handful really on and you have any kind of significant but none of them lower our confidence in the word of God and that's really important one because the word of God does have power to change your life and when the future looks perplexing and you can't see God 's plan trust his word matter what happens the matter what kind of criticisms or questions that come one or issues that we can wrestle with you and trust the word of God the same word that spoke this world into existence I think how I think green power is in the word of God as you come in contact with the word of God it has power to change us the Holy Spirit molds our life and we put into action what he teaches us let's go back to the revelation the question for us and my growing by word of God and interesting quotation here and written in the eighteen hundreds some say don't you think that there might have been some mistake in the copyists or in the translator all were probable and the mind that will have to change some limit this would just would be just as ready to stumble over the mysteries of the inspired word because they are not seen the purposes because some copies made a mistake doesn't undermine the confidence that you do not in God 's word through the end of the book of Revelation there is all this called to us behold I am coming quickly my reward is with me I'm coming quickly Lord Jesus come Lord Jesus I'm coming quickly even so the crucible the Lord Jesus be with you all a matter is you and I are moving closer and closer to that date of the second coming question is are we being more responsive to the word of God are we allowing the word of God to have full reign full control full forming to our in each one of our lines relation twenty two in verse twenty she would testify to these things says yes I am coming quickly what's the response of the church in their column Lord Jesus in response of our hearts more and want you want your word to break the power that the attractions of the world have over my life in which a word to have transformative effect in which a word to to guide me when I'm in dark places I went to work to be a source of comfort for me when everything else is perplexing brothers and sisters there is going to come a time when every person support will be cut off Paul will depend his becoming more familiar with that word right now with studying and relearning everything in our minds and our hearts and memorizing it I week making it applicable to our individual line item we do fly bottle now the Bible 's not flawed my character is flawed is flawed in and out I set myself up valentines I can show our characters are flawed by God 's word is not in his power to make us right and keep us that way we are in this new year but in time knowing God here was a spring together by their entire desire it's our choice this morning to be fitted to live with you for eternity pray father that she would lead us in the past that you receive vast to accomplish that choice thank you again for your word namely R nine are convert and will Longhorn will inform our line is a a media was brought in by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in the WW W audio person or


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