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8. Proverbs: Words of Wisdom

The Ambassador Group


  • February 16, 2015
    8:21 AM

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I will symbolize an introduction to cover to stop beating any audio by the messaging exploration age words of wisdom most men will proclaim each his own goodness but who can find a faithful man Proverbs twenty verse six new King James version to some degree a great degree actually we are all products of our environment though heredity plays a big role the values we hold come to ask for what is around us our home our education in our culture from infancy we are impacted by what we see and hear unfortunately when we see and hear isn't always what is the best for us the world around us is falling in every way and you cannot help impacting negatively nevertheless we had been given the promise of the Holy Spirit will have gods word which points us to something higher and better than the world does this exploration we will consider various proverb in the practical truth they express true that if taking to heart and followed can indeed help us overcome the negativity of this fallen world and prepare us for a better world or to error in her we are all equal let's listen to what comments twenty first twelve him valuable humans the hearing ear and the Seeing Eye the Lord hath made even both of them I like the theory of evolution which considers us all to be nothing but chance products in a mindless cosmos the Bible teaches that all humans are created by God at seventeen verse twenty six times a half made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and have determined the times before appointed in the bounds of their habitation it is no accident either that the American historical figure known for his integrity Thomas Jefferson believed in the equality of all humans precisely because they were created by God it's in the Lord and in him alone every half hour equality now that we all have the same maker this doesn't mean we are all the same even identical twins don't wind up behaving exactly like in Corinthians Paul talks about our differences and stress is that they should not lead to a sense of superiority but should instead help us see our need for one another he says the eye cannot say to the hand I have no need of you nor again the head to defeat I have no need of you his words are found in first Corinthians twelve verse twenty one the King James version but what else makes us all equal listen to what Proverbs twenty verse nine says who can say I have made my heart clean I am sure for my sin sin is another universal equalizer to the rhetorical question of the proverb the answer no one points to the tragic and hopeless condition and humankind humans are all weak and mournful and all the money and how world will not change that yet in the context of the Scriptures this reference to human sinfulness should not lead to despair because Jesus 's death on the cross and his resurrection has paved the way for anyone to matter how sinful to have the promise of eternal life and this life comes solely through faith in him not by our works Ellen G White page twenty of her small thin book entitled faith and works wrote if men cannot I any of his good works merit salvation then it must be holy of greenies received by man as a sinner because he receives and believes in Jesus it is wholly free gift justification by faith is placed beyond controversy and all this controversy is ended as soon as the matter is settled that the merits of fallen man in his good works can never procure eternal life for him do you ever find yourself feeling superior or inferior to other people if you do remembering Jesus 's words in John three sixteen ask yourself what the cost tells you about the quality of us all to her road will turn a light speaking about to reward the righteous revelation fourteen verse thirteen says in the new King James version their works follow them only the future will testify to the real value of the individual people may boast now have a wealth and knowledge their physical prowess and maybe this is all true but what does it him God so often the traits and accomplishments and deeds that humans have left as important or impressive are shown to be the meaningless jocks that they really are after all but some of the despicable characters often in the entertainment industry who all but worshiped and adored by fans when we idolize and worship present a powerful testimony to how fallen we are let's listen to three texts that reveal what is of true value to God the first text is Proverbs twenty first six which says many claim to have unfailing love but a faithful person who can find this text says that God values faithful people the second text is Jamia nine versus twenty three and twenty four this is what the Lord says let not the wise boast of their wisdom by the strong boast of their strength or the rich most of their riches and let the one who boasts boast about this that they have the understanding to know me that I am the Lord exercises kindness and justice and righteousness are friend these I delight declares the Lord this text says that God values that we understand and know him and the third text is not verse thirty five which says sitting down Jesus called the twelve and said anyone who wants to be first must be the very last in the servant of all this text says that God values the heart of a servant so summarizing these discoveries we can conclude that it is not the single sensational act of love a sacrifice that will demonstrate high quality of your relationships but the long and regular series of small actions that we perform day by day patient name surely the daily meal served to your spouse the constant attention to a sick parent continued effort in your job all these humble acts throughout life are the evidence that your faith is authentic enjoying faithfulness is more valuable than intense but rare accident last this principle holds true for our relationship with God as well it is more difficult and more valuable to live for God than to die for him if for no other reason than that living takes more time the night the same two lives for God is greater than the martyr who dies for him anyone can claim to believe in God and to serve him the question is does it last Jesus said he'd win juries to the end shall be saved the reference for those words is Matthew twenty four verse thirteen new King James version how to have patience kindness and willingness to meet others' needs can you reveal to someone something of the character of Christ how willing are you to do this no matter the cost to yourself or your return here is a detective question for you the question is what practical lessons can we find in these texts Proverbs twenty first seventeen twenty one verse five primers twenty first seventeen fans Brad and deceit is sweetener but afterwards his mouth shall be filled gravel and Proverbs twenty one verse five says the thoughts of the diligent tend only to consciousness but everyone that is hasty only to want the thief who steals bread gets it faster than the ones West to work for it sales people who like to sell their bad merchandise may become rich faster than the hottest merchant yet according to the proverb the future will turn the sweetness into gravel and the hastily acquired wealth will become poverty the text gives a number of examples to illustrate the accuracy of this observation in the one Proverbs twenty verse twenty one says inheritance may be gotten hastily at the beginning of the end thereof shall not be blessed Proverbs twenty three twenty one speaks of the inheritance dimension of inheritance of teams to quickly implying that the parents are still alive follows the condemnation of the one who curses his parents as told in the previous verse covers twenty verse twenty which says whoso curses his father or his mother his land shall be put out even scare darkness the association of these two Proverbs is significant is as if the sun or the daughter curses the parents and also wishes than that the child may even have plotted the death of the parents in order to get the inheritance the prospect of this behavior is tragic the lamp he is presently enjoying first twenty minutes and James version ones will become deep darkness in his curse against his parents will turn on him for as verse twenty one in the same translation said he will not be blessed at the end number shoe verse twenty two speaks ever men's insiders say not now I will recompense evil but wait on the Lord and he shall safety this time the proverb addresses the victim who may be tempted to seek revenge for the evil has been committed against him the Council was just to wait for the Lord new King James version only then will you be saved which implies a you do seek revenge taking a serious risk Proverbs twenty five twenty one twenty two emphasizes the same instruction using the metaphor of heaping coals of fire on the enemy 's head of Egyptian ritual expressing repentance and conversion Proverbs twenty five verses twenty one and twenty Tuesday is fine and maybe hungry give him bread to eat and if he be thirsty give him water to drink for thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head the Lord shall reward the AV refrain from revenge you will be saved by the Lord and in the process you will save your enemy as overcoming evil with good as Romans twelve twenty one says be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good how can you learn to emulate the character of Christ more closely when it comes to overcoming evil with good why is this so contrary to our inherent nature why is death to self the only way to achieve this end and him and him and him a him or a person 's character is measured last by wisdom or even religious commitments and my readiness to help the poor and the needy it is not what you have that makes her character but when you give to your neighbor who you are to your neighbor is a measure of character in the well-known parable of the good Samaritan told by Jesus as imagine you save his neighbor is closer to the kingdom of God and the spiritual priest the book of Proverbs emphasizes and explains the two main reasons for living a purposeful life for God 's sake the first reason to make this a priority fighting got himself who prefers human compassion for the poor of our religious zeal Proverbs nineteen number seventeen says he that hath pity upon the poor landless unto the Lord and that which he hath given will he pay him again and Proverbs twenty one verse thirteen says Clouseau stopping his earrings at the cry of the poor she also shall cry himself but shall not be hurt your sensitivity to the poor and new concrete deeds on their behalf will count more with God than will any of your highest acts in fact God is personally invested in network so much so that when we give to the poor it is as if we had given to God himself we are still in search for the two reasons to live a purpose driven life let's consider what principle Jesus gave to help us bring our second and real purpose into focus Matthew twenty five versus thirty five to forty says for I was on hunger and you gave me was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me in making clothes and I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came unto me then shall the righteous answer him saying Lord when saw we thee an hundred and seventy or thirsty and gave the drink when saw we thee a stranger and took the end when naked and closely or when saw we beset or in prison and came unto me and the King shall answer and say unto them verily I say into you inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me what do these verses tell us about how Jesus identifies so closely with those in need how do his words impact how you relate to people the second reason that impacts your purpose to them life for the sake of the poor it's true the second reason lies in the poor person who got has created as much as the rich person has been Proverbs twenty two verse two says the rich and poor meet together on the Lord is the maker of them all the equality between humans based on the fact that God has created them all makes the poor as worthy of attention at the rich person we should love our neighbors for who they are beings made in the image of God at the same time think about how much good it does you to help those in need our basic majors are selfish by default weekend to look out for ourselves over and about others by giving of ourselves we learn to die to self and to better reflect Christ's character and what is of more value to us than that in what ways do you get a greater sense of press him him from helping others he mean than only doing things for yourself or a move to a her education this is where education comes from awakenings to build up to begin off these meanings are contained in the Hebrew idea education only train up a child harvest twenty two six we build up we begin we laid the groundwork for the future parents and educators are therefore responsible for their children's future and by implication the future of the world what we do with our children today will impact society for generations to come there is another gem of wisdom Proverbs twenty two verse six train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it what does this say about the importance of educating children correctly it is significant that the Hebrew word for educate is a very worthy use for the dedication of the Temple in first Kings eight verse sixty three and Solomon offered a sacrifice of peace offerings which he offered the Lord to twenty thousand oxen in one hundred and twenty thousand sheep so the king and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the Lord early education means to dedicate our children to God in the same way that the temple is dedicated it has an impact on our salvation even the owner of my two parents is committed the great work of educating and training their children for the future in modern life Ellen why guidance page thirty eight such education has an internal effect the apostle Paul seems to allude to this tax when he commends committee for his early training in the knowledge of the holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation second Timothy three fifteen new King James version Proverbs twenty two versus eight and fifteen say he sell his iniquity shall reap vanity and the rod of his anger some fail bullishness is bound in the heart of a child but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him a person can expect to harvest based upon the seed or seeds of the plant we are naturally foolish and focused on directional discipline disciple making our two nations mentoring can change our innate foolishness education can be compared to the activity of selling the future of our society and our children depends on what we so FRC was iniquity their education the rod will fail and we shall be in trouble if RC touched the hearts of the children in the monitor education will drive the children's foolishness far from we so often teach others especially children by our example think about your example what kind of legacy are you leaving her to her will you exploring parents should be models of truthfulness for this is the daily lesson to be impressed upon the heart of the child undeviating principles should govern parents in all the affairs of life especially in the education and training of their children parents never prevaricate never tell an untruth in precept or an example if you want your child to be truthful be truthful yourself some priceless admonitions of Ellen G White on page one fifty one in her innovative book child guidance in the same book on page thirty eight she wrote many fathers and mothers seem to think that if they feed and clothe their little ones and educate them according to the standard of the world they have done their duty they are too much occupied with business or pleasure to make the education of their children the study of their life they do not seek to train them so that they will employ their talents for the honor of their Redeemer Solomon did not say tell a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it but train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it let's reconsider pop-ups twenty two six which says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it why should you be careful in how you apply this many parents have been a good job in raising their children and yet as adults those children make wrong choices we have to remember the reality of free will and the reality of the great controversy as we look at the meaning of this text let's revisit an earlier question from this exploration the question we thought about was in what we do a greater sense of personal satisfaction from helping others in need and only doing things for yourself before we process this question looking for the ways we felt satisfaction now consider another facet what does the question tell us about ourselves as to why we get such a sense of satisfaction from helping people especially when we get nothing in return that seems to indicate when the personalized incentives getting something in return are taken out of the equation there is even the potential for negative return on investment so to speak or worse we don't receive accolades for altruism what is her motivation for doing it can you summarize a personal truth based on your own experience what would you say what does this truth to help you better understand why so many people who have so much of the world 's riches are miserable nonetheless a few more questions same topic another angle or that we are not all equal in talent education experience and so forth we all are equal in the most important thing that is we all need to cross for salvation what does this teach you about the basic equality and worth of all human beings even more so from now on how will this truth impact how you treat all people with limited time let's pray the way you want to emulate your life I want to value people want to be willing to sacrifice for their needs whoever they are my friends my family especially those who need my personal interaction please ask your spirit to help me to know when and how to do this thinking in Jesus name amen will return her at a time of marching or a loon to a a a is is is is is is that God 's word to free audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more so than if please visit www. .net verse .org


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