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9. Proverbs: Words of Truth

The Ambassador Group


  • February 22, 2015
    3:22 PM

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will criminalize an introduction to the cover by Doctor Jack Beatty a dysthymia by the messaging exploration nine words of truth by not written few excellent things of councils and knowledge that I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth in the answer words of truth to those who send to you Proverbs twenty two versus twenty and twenty one new King James version some of this explorations conference closer parallels with Egyptian text under inspiration Solomon might have slipped these texts according to a specifically Hebrew perspective when we hear his Proverbs the words of the Egyptians meet the spirit of Israel's God and thus they became divine revelation this observation is important for reminders of the universal character of truth what is true for the Israelite should also be true for the dejection otherwise it would not be the truth some choose apply universally to everyone the domain of these admonitions is common to both communities that is whoever you are whether a believer or not and where ever you live there are some things that you should not do her error and her knowledge of truth let's listen to comments twenty two verse seventeen and he will now nine year and she had a word to the wise and the Pearl nine heart and to my knowledge for it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them within the patient was all befitted in direct what are you being told about how truth should impact your life the first duty of the student is to listen and pay attention incline your ear and here are seventeen in other words concentrate the crucial point is that the seeker of truth must be our next must truly want to learn what is right and then do it but it is not enough for the student to listen or even to understand intellectually what is being talked some people who have a lot of biblical facts in their heads have no real knowledge or experience with the truth itself as Jesus said that he was a source of flight experience John fourteen six instead truth should reach the innermost part of the human being the Hebrew phrase in Proverbs twenty two verse eighteen within the new King James version refers to the stomach the lesson should not stay on the surface it has to be digested and assimilated and become an inner part of our beings once the message has gone deep into our system and becomes rooted within us it will then rise to our lips and we can have a powerful testimony now let's add pumps twenty two verses nineteen to twenty one asking what might an experience in truth do for us number one date first nineteen the first goal of the teaching of wisdom is not wisdom per se times does not aim at making more intelligent and more skillful disciples the teacher 's objective is to strengthen the disciples trust in the Lord to conviction verse twenty one students know why these words of truth new King James version are searching they should know why they believe what they do things by definition is belief in what we don't fully understand enough of the less we still should have good reasons for not paying number three responsibility verse twenty one the last step of education is to share with others those words of truth we have received new King James version this is central to our whole calling of the people take a few moments to think about how logical is your fate can you explain the reasons why you believe what you believe what psychological reasons for your beliefs do you feel compelled to share your beliefs with your friends and family whether they are your immediate or distant family what's your persuasive angle or strategy or her to will and her writing floor is a warning in these verses comments twenty two versus twenty two and twenty three say but not the poor because he is poor neither oppress the afflicted in the gate for the Lord will plead their cause and spoil the soul of those of them have asked twenty three verse ten says we move not the old landmark and enter not into the fields of the fatherless what is the combined warnings repeated in both texts though it's always wrong to steal this prohibition concerns stealing from the poor and the oppressed who are the most vulnerable they are truly helpless and therefore they qualify for God special concern as it is alleged date is twenty two versus twenty one twenty seven thousand need to ask a stranger nor press him for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt he shall not affect any widow or fatherless child if thou afflicted them in any wise and they cry all into me I will surely hear their cry and my rational wax hot and I will kill you with the sword and your wives shall be reduced in your children fatherless if thou lend money to any of my people that is poor baby thou shalt not be to him as an user neither shalt thou lay upon the users if not I'll take the neighbors remain to pledge thou shalt deliver it to him by that the sun goes down for that is his covering only in his arraignment for his skin where in show he sleep initial come to pass when he cried unto me that I will hear for I in gracious the case of David could kill your wire in order to steal his wife and Nathan 's parable of the UIM second Samuel twelve verses one to four come to mind robbing from the poor is not just a criminal act second Samuel twelve verse thirteen tells us it is a sin against the Lord to take from someone who has less than what you have is worse than stealing it is also an act of cowardice do these days think God doesn't see their actions indeed Proverbs twenty two twenty three in saying if thou affect them in any wise in a quiet all unto me I will surely hear their cry implies that even if the thief gets away with no human punishment gone over pay the reference to the Redeemer the go wow Proverbs twenty three eleven may even allude to the divine scenario of end time judgment to have nights twenty five so this morning along with others in the Bible speaks against those who are interested only in the media games in their actions and not the long-term results they take possession and enlarge their properties at the expense of others and they are willing to cheat and to kill for that purpose they may enjoy it now but they will pay later this reasoning should not only discourage a thief it should show that our ethical values are intricately tied to the sovereignty of God in England some atheists have the following slogan placed on city buses there's probably no God now stop worrying and enjoy your life though there are many retorts one could give in response think about this one if there were no God and those who steal from the poor and are getting away with it now really have nothing to worry about indeed all those have done great evil and seem to have gotten away with it will in fact have really gotten away with it does your faith in God and his promises of judgment help keep you peace of mind regarding all the injustice you see in the world now in her jealous of duplicate pilots twenty three verse seventeen says let not thine heart envy sinners but be valid Mister the only game on Proverbs to receive warning to say my son if I will receive my words and how my commandments with the set value claim and year-end wisdom and apply thine heart to understanding and Proverbs twenty four versus nineteen and twenty say fret not thyself because of evil men neither be thou envious of the wicked for their Shelby Miller wore to the evil man the candle of the wicked shall be put out why would someone envy the wicked most likely it's not because of the actual sins that they might be committing rather it's usually because of the immediate gain wealth success and power that they achieve through their wickedness that people often covet for themselves though of course not every successful or rich person is wicked some are and they are probably the kind of people we are being warned about in these verses we see their good life from our perspective especially if we are struggling ourselves it's easy to envy what they have this now is a very narrow and shortsighted view of things after all the temptation of Sunnis that it's rewarded immediate we enjoy the present gratification a perspective beyond the present can protect us from temptation that is we need to look beyond the immediate gains of our sin and think through the long-term consequences besides hasn't seen just how destructive cynics we never get away with it we might be able to hide it from others so no one even those closest to us has a clue about what we're doing that sooner or later they catch on only not be able to do it ourselves into thinking our sins are not my after all look at how many people do worse things but sooner or later one way or another soon catches we should hate sin because it is so we should hate it because of what it has done to us to our world and to our Lord if we want to see the real cost of sin look at Jesus on the cross this is where sin has cost that realization alone should be enough though still often isn't to make us want to avoid sin and to keep away as much as possible from those who could lead us into it have you ever struggled with envy over someone's access what does the Bible say is the best remedy for the spiritually deadly problem let's listen to Ephesians five verse twenty giving thanks always for all things unto God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in a van and him and what we put in and out it is no accident that the first human temptation concerned food Genesis three three eight was by being disobedient and eating on the wrong thing that brought sin and death into the world we shouldn't miss that hard facts to that the first mention of wine drinking in the Bible is presented in a terribly negative and degrading story referring to Noah in Genesis nine twenty one and he drank of the wine and was drunken and he was uncovered within his tent gets another reference in Proverbs twenty three twenty nine to thirty five how is the use of alcohol presented in these verses twelve who hath sorrow who hath contentions who hath babbling to happen with or without cause who hath redness of eyes they met Terry line of the wine they can go to seek mixed wine look down upon the wine when it is read when you get his color and cut when it moving itself upright at the last and I dislike a separate and seems like an adder thine eyes shall behold strange women and then hot cider perverse things Yang thou shall be actually my life down in the midst of the sea or as he got life upon the top of the mast they have stricken the shutdown state and I was not sick they have beaten me and I felt that not once I await I will seek it yet again who hasn't seen personally just how devastating alcohol can be sure not everyone who drinks becomes a drunk in the gutter but most likely drunks in the gutter never imagined the first time he took a drink especially eventually wind up in the gutter the man who has formed the habit of drinking intoxicating liquor is in desperate situation he cannot be reasoned with a personal agency denied himself the indulgence is and brain disease his willpower is weekend and his appetite uncontrollable the Prince of the powers of darkness holds them in bondage that he has no power to break those are LNG white comments in the SDA Bible commentary volume three on page one one six two products twenty three one two eight says when thou sit us to eat with a ruler consider the human race before the knife to my throat be a man given to appetite is not desirous of these dainties for they are deceitful meat labor not to be rich ceased from mine own wisdom thou set thine eyes upon that which is not for riches certainly make themselves wings they fly away as an eagle toward heaven each town not the bread of him that hath an evil eye needs a desire about his dinky meets Frankie think given his heart so is he eat and drink that he could be but his heart is not with the more so which thou hast eaten shot of vomit up and was I see words what reasons did you hear advising you to control your appetite this admonition is about more than table manners the biblical text as a warning to those who like to eat another great appetites Proverbs twenty three two the metaphor of putting a knife to one's throat is particularly strong it not only means curbing the appetite but also suggests the risk to your health and even your life could be represented by food the Hebrew word been translated consider carefully expresses the idea of careful discernment between various kinds of food the same word is used by Solomon when he asks for wisdom to help them discern between good and evil first Kings three nine needs and James version the inspired writer has more in mind than just the issue of appetite control his counsel may also concerned banquets and social drinking Proverbs twenty three three new King James version when you are pressured and tempted to desire his delicacies do you know anyone whose life has been destroyed by alcohol example alone enough to help you understand why you should never put that poisoning your body her her how her responsibilities Ezekiel thirty three eight new King James version when I see the wiki a wicked man you shall surely die and you not speak to warn the wicked from his way that wicked man shall die in his iniquity by his blood I will require your hand but basic spiritual principles revealed does this firstly anything to you about your influence and responsibility to tell someone what God is directing you to say to them how would you apply this concept to your life years ago in a Midwestern city a woman was being attacked at night on the street she cried out for help dozens hurt her that no one even bothered to call the police most people look out the window and then went back to whatever they were doing soon the woman's cries stopped later she was found dead stems numerous times when the people who heard her cries became nothing responsible for her death though they hadn't attach themselves did there in action kilter proverbs twenty four persons eleven twelve and twenty three through twenty eight offer important messages if thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn into death and those are ready to be slain if thou sanest behold we would not does not he that pondering the hearts consider it and he that keep advice hello not knowing and shall not he render to every man according to his works these things also belong to the wise is not good to have respective persons in judgment he that saith to the wicked thou art righteous hymns of the people curse nations shall abhor him but to them I reviewed him shall be the light and the great blessings to come upon them every man shall kiss his lips they give the right answer prepared by work without a make it fit for thyself in the field and afterwards build thine house being a witness against a neighbor without cause and deceive not with direct what important messages did you hear the law of Moses clearly warns that those who fail to report what the witness will bear guilt Leviticus five one we may not be able to act against crime but if we keep silent about we see we then share the guilt with the criminal by our silence we become accomplices on the other hand if we report the truth in our testimony getting the right answer proverbs twenty four twenty six we respond appropriately to behave as responsible people this act is compared to a kiss on the lips meaning that the person cares about the other one it's tragic enough to remain silent and do nothing as a woman is being murdered on your street but what about many of the other evils in the world hunger war injustice racism and economic oppression what are our responsibilities to her or her a will the lens continue so as you must you may see on a panel not happily to the we all have an influence that tells for the chain or against it I desired to carry with me unmistakable evidences that I and one of Christ's disciples we want something besides that the religion we need the living principle entering daily feel individual responsibility this is shunned by many and the fruit is carelessness in different a lack of watchfulness and spirituality that reference for those words is Ellen G White testimonies for the church volume one page ninety nine in her book our high calling on page twenty she says Hoxie Nancy cultivate love to God evidence to the world all that Jesus is to you magnify his holy name tell of his goodness top of his mercy and tell of his power what are ways that you can build up your faith in God 's word the Bible and what it teaches some approach number two things Christ died for you and you will one day die in the context of our responsibility to live and tell the truth seven God 's word and how the Bible teaches that we will have to answer for sin one way or another what crucial lessons should we take away from this fact remember the quote that was put on the massive in London there's probably no God now stop playing and enjoying life in addition to what is exploration talked about what other problems do you find with that sentiment why would God 's existence be something that would make people way to begin what does this sentiment tell you about how well seen has distorted character of God in the minds of many people how would you respond to that slogan can you come up with some slogans that help people see the hope that you have in God today will you redefine your friends and your coworkers opinions by revealing God 's true character I have loyalty to him and by speaking in his behalf to her horror ambassador group .org a bar and a of this media was not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more and if you would like to know more about hot house is like this more so than please visit www. audio source or


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