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Overcoming Doubt and Skepticism

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films




  • March 2, 2015
    7:00 PM
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him this message is entitled overcoming doubt and skepticism I was thinking about this just a couple days ago how some of the biggest decisions of my life have been influenced by skeptics eight years I lived in a couple of the most easiest to countries on the planet and growing up my very best friend was an atheist and because of him I gave my life to Jesus because of another are C because of different skeptics and atheists we started film company anchor point films and strangely enough as I look at my life some of the biggest decisions of my life or affected by skeptics and if so when I went overcoming skepticism I love atheists and I'm not saying this is not about overcoming people just talking about overcoming these struggle in our own life vessel really dealing with nine and before we begin I decided to environment the paperwork prayer heavenly father thank you for the time to open your word I printed your Holy Spirit would be here in a special way I pray that you would teach us to pray that Jesus would be seen for its in his name we pray and there is a very strange group of people meeting to call him Junior these group of people earlier at one point in a land called Egypt they were slaves there in this reason obviously was a very distinct movies from the rest the most little world to see while they were native Egyptians believed in different gods all kinds of different thoughts you know they had gone the sun the sun God they had the River God they had to frog you will not want his costs and human resources Google people called is the Elias sports Hebrews after they laugh as these strange individuals is usually on the early that there was only there is only one God this is unusual now the norm from a place called him and over into what we now call is real Mesopotamia and bemoaned in this area and seeing along the land there were similar to me is not the same God who those people who believe in a multiplicity of God 's vaguely new mail in a believe in our any other God Mesopotamia and so you have these very strange people in ancient history and somehow all the religion out of religions around and see the least system and want on their strange beliefs when you look at these Israelites as they looked off into the cosmos any insight of having an example of lease because the religions around them when you look at the relations of the people around them most people person is out to be universe and someone always exists the universally spending and self-care you have these Israelites the young men had a different perspective also once again the people around you know the universe is then here on the blog used pre-existing matter of making informed what is around us in a universe so you can't have an eternal universe when God sealed I came out at some point in these five young use a pre-existing matter any as strange perspective of these models use those believers in one God the Israelites they had a different perspective they claim that in one God is pre-existing matter money actually hating was a console in the world into existence when a strange idea how this is from all the people around them this is luckily this is what the Israelites they leave and then something happened then after that Christianity took hold of this and then later on you have to slump takes hold of one the Bible has taught me know in the creation being you made my one creator at all in what we know as you look back through history and you see that the general terribly through Western society was the idea that you have been eternal universe with with ever existing matter what the Jews Christians and Muslims held this idea that the ancient Hebrews had about what's fascinating if you come to the to the turn of the twentieth century something began to have been a shakeup to place inside the scientific world they began to look at what I assigned all his theory of relativity and as they were looking at as they began to discover that actually the University seems to exist for eternity that the universe actually had me beginning if this was hard for some of the scientists this is hard for the some of the scientists that if the universe had a beginning how do you happen hunting this actually happened what I'm enabling to why they believed it was an insult when he finally came to the conclusion of the universe is starting somehow one of the scientists they read here that all babies is a theoretical physicist he said the universe is like a clock all I suffice how do you know in the first place in the universe is in the first place anything is going down is working his way down and had more energy the more energy is a little insulator the Internet the energy in the universal is sometimes resulting in this is actually struggled to some of the atheistic ones that I find it really means that the universe had a beginning because anything is a negative question I have how it happened my natural processes at the question and the answer to that according to magazines like Discover magazine any number you see here on the screen on this as this is from a secular periodical of universal burst into something from salute leave nothing zero not as I got bigger imaging film was even more and from salute me know where how is that possible eligibility is very inflation helps explain everything that a universal burst into something from one absolutely nothing let's think about this for a moment now so we are scientists you are being agnostic himself Sir Fred Hoyle Sir Fred Hoyle was not unwavering on when he will decide the end of the universe came from absolutely nothing to see that the idea is that there was a time when there was mostly a matter or energy and then there was an explosion from absolutely nothing worked I is basically an end so right now I don't the agnostic astronomer mathematician he says that the universe is supposed to have begun this particular time actually nothing from where the usual answer he says surely an unsatisfactory one is from nothing so this agnosticism and I don't find at the same I have an absolutely nothing and something that nothing became something and something in the Navy in here we are the same size as a business this is what are some of these skeptics and was struggling with and when we look at a man by the name of Anthony flew was one of the foremost philosophical a use of the twentieth century and handling line had an opportunity to read a book that he had written you will call there is no God and on the Congress crossed out now and it says there is a God Anthony flew this man who had written books on atheism skepticism this man went from saying there is no law there is no logical reason to believe that there is a God in Seattle as he continued Sartini starting from accepting for the added meaning into changing his mind spinning as things are different than I originally perceive them to be things are a bit different notice what he says Anthony José is steamed speaking on the idea that the universe had a beginning this is that cosmologists were patrolling a scientific proof providing a scientific proof of what St. Thomas Aquinas contended could not be proved philosophically namely that the universe had a beginning basically what you're saying is it interesting that a scientist begins of control the Bible had said all along that there was a beginning to this universe and there actually was nothing at one point in time the Bible says obviously in Genesis chapter one in the beginning God was created to heaven and here we are taught and what time there were no there was no pre-existing matter there was absolutely nothing will the world into existence and so that you have a losing at exactly what the Bible has said all along was on the say this Anthony Lewis is now I believe that the universe was brought into existence the businessman was one of the foremost philosophical issues on the planet and these as I now believe that the universe was brought into existence by him meanwhile intelligence running the universe and universes intraday loss manifests in what scientists call the mind of God I believe that life and reproduction originated in a divine notice what he says oh after that he does I stress that my discovery of the divine on has proceeded in on the particularly natural level without reference to supernatural phenomena it has been an exercise in what is traditionally called natural theology so that handles from one of the foremost philosophical issues on the planet and before he got piece is missing Johnson studying the science and what he had a thing as these as I always base my belief on the idea that we can follow the evidence wherever it leads the Senate has the following and e-mailing them we went to say listen even if this goes against everything I believe this is true we ought to follow the evidence wherever it means anything this perspective is everything through my life and disrespected he is actually caused me to come to the belief in a creator God very interesting very interesting now it's one thing to believe there is a God but there's more to believing in God and just wow okay there's this being easy existing youngest start started sparking every Oregon he does his thing we knew he you know when you are just using you understand how it's interesting building so I guess the most popular and easiest on the planet today coincidentally I be the most popular atheist on the planet a economic talking try and use the Louisiana this man he lives with her against religion and Christianity doesn't really matter what religion really like the farmer against religion and sometime ago he was in a debate when demanding John S and John lines I'm not I'm not a real believer and the second is the necessity for more in their perspective he does become more spontaneity but nonetheless it was a debate when the mammoth remains online and on Linux is this teddy bear of an old brick is a British man I very kindly awesome lighting and hammering on August the twenty disgusting and innovate together and Houston are leading the meeting together John Lennox asked the question that I think is kind of surprising it almost seems and why would you affect anything it wasn't like I can approve something to talk is a simple question to the asset is that on the planet let me ask you to continue whatever you feel the desire to worship not a weird question unaware classmate asked the biggest thing on the planet even after anything that you ever feel the desire to worship notice with me what the response was Richard Dawkins debating John Lennox said he said I think that when you consider this as Richard Dawkins I think that when you consider the beauty in the world and you wonder how it came to be what it is you are naturally overwhelmed when with a feeling of all a feeling of admiration and you almost feel a desire to you while worship something as I feel this I recognize that other scientists as Carl Sagan field is Einstein felt it was unassuming all of us share a kind of religious reverence for the newbies in the universal as I is you is a living cosmos in a zone of geological time when Richard Dawkins is that you feel the need to worship as they go along call your Creator in this is a man seeking to understand Mister Dawkins is Amanda thinks big questions see week in the life where we are so busy with our iPhones we're so busy with Facebook and reasons are batted in the South over the result is a with these things we don't think about the bigger questions of life Mister Dawkins actually thinks about the bigger questions of what he loves the complexity of the South Elizabeth in a sheer magnitude in the universe it is about time anything is an obviously see that the greatest traffic on the planet when you think about those times is hardly believe his heart actually I was out and he wants to worship some is not interesting in the Bible tells us that the Bible tells us in Romans chapter one the creator that is through the creation we can see that there is a God we can see that there is a God so Richard Dawkins basically says you know I sense that desire to worship the human side of many basically want to say something like but then I remember that the theory of evolution I just lost I just lost the desire very interesting to me very interesting addition to have this desire he had this desire to worship something inside of you which philosophical atheist versus listen now I believe there is a God I believe there's a reason on science and then we have some of my darting through the ice into my heart of hearts in the worst hit are the gel the Bible says in Psalm chapter thirty four in verse eight is an old piece in seeds of the Lord why are the glass ceiling is a man shot him before we talk about the first on the last part is that last season and addressing him to learn last means what does it mean you know immediately having actually says that when you trust in God and brings happiness into your life that it actually brings joy brings visa brings happiness into your life these are something that we are all set here is first is an old space and see that the Lord is good with me for a moment I'm not here I just come back from some tropical island in your my friend and I come back and I had is one of the agent was eroding he will never never handle at once it is amazing top-of-the-line and I think that hero is absolutely amazing the detritus this is the best film I have ever had he is so tasty it is so using that when you when you taste it is just aging us anything is you never have a end and he was editing the chat I have happens and I think I is not but you got to try this and you think it is also green salsa and I think I will do the right thing to do but listen sure why this is absolutely amazing is the best program ever known would you know what we tasted the S&L the only way for you to discover is it actually what I am claiming is a lot tasty and see it's interesting that the Bible says is much more than just believe that actually wants us to experience him and it's interesting that every human I believe has the opportunity to at this financial help to stay away from the bottom universe God is still speaking to his soul speaking to the Museum most hearts and I remember times in my life when I was not following God in our member line that I if I can even remember going commando for sure I woke up in the morning I was in I was not fulfilled I was living a life full of crazy is and I wasn't happy with some fine for the time and only got an Olympian out I was writing I was fighting with his battle with God within you really think about anything a lot about women is taking place so yeah I was in this struggle and bottomless sinkhole is in C that the Lord is going but I was thinking maybe I should maybe I will sometimes we have all these questions we always are as well can we really trust anything on what the Bible to talk about all different kinds of the engine we really even trust in the Bible are now going out leaving a glistening change maybe it's not trustworthy and maybe overt arguments like this one you know the Bible and has some nice stories it's nice literature and literature reading me literature to read something you some no moral fiber in their great wonderful you you can't trust anything about these books were written years ago scene of the Old Testament and even if you are than two thousand years ago and he's voted to recognize surely would've been changed over time because you must inflate itself only before I ever play the telephone game four yes no are swell with regard of the rest of you maybe I can explain it to you I think most of us don't work like that I don't want to go in the front row and I think I whispered something into your ear and your whispers of young lady next again young lady there is little while we were on the roof of the him hello I wanted his young lady in the very front and you say something like this is absolutely freezing in Southern California and was around the room Wisconsin this young lady here and I think I want that I say in this fellow in the front row and she says something like purple bunnies look nice in the sun is enter yes or no is now the Kmart in sports like another everything that is anything again now is not in the Miramar not an afterthought apparently everything I know nothing about any idea if this will you claim is in inspired the inspired Word of God sharply after the nearly very same thing when it sounds pretty convincing nothing it's an amazing mythological but let's think this through this sounded like an almost unreadable arguments unseal a little time after the year nineteen forty seven something very interesting happened there was a young Muslim boy by the name of Mohammed in the end this young boy was a gold card error in an area called Qumran as he was going around as he was there in the desert he was going along with this achievement as a result rather and there's only so many things to do when you're hurting don't try as we fix up something like a rocking wings it into a chosen ability and to his surprise Senior six your something Shanna Potter so young Mohammed goes into the cave is young Muslim boy giggles in phase and he discovers he stole a fetus from at least a couple and neck pain he brought them out into a series of at this morning it all happening was this was the discovery of the beginning of the discovery of what will and any known as the dead sea while scrolls now here was a very interesting turning point in history now we can test the Old Testament at least now because he is a single battery single little portions anyway on every single book from the Old Testament excluding the multimaster every single portions of every single book in the Old Testament were discovered acceptable to ask her so now we can find out how seems in the Bible had become over the course of at least two thousand years because obviously had the Old Testament in four five thousand years old and so here are your copies never another thousand years older than at least enough even more so they were being wrongly and actually range from a number of the something like I know hundred fiftieth EBC and some evening into the mediation he and this picture we have now we can find out what happened in these books have been changed and transformed so that it is that we really are totally different than the things that were originally intended by the original authors so we found these things called me in the scroll is a novel question comes to you and to me and the question is can we trust the facts and easy trot sexy trusting notice what we read here is is as Notre Dame professor Eugene Woolrich she's better editor of the cool nonbiblical texts for the Oxford discoveries in the Judean Desert series observed the scrolls have been shown that are transitional table has been amazingly accurately preserved moreover while two thousand years meaning that basically what unit you see is the mistake that they find most of them are spelling mistakes will at your changes here and there but virtually nothing changes the actual meaning of the text virtually nothing so you have this message and come down to less than a enemy of over two thousand years old at a season in acts that were being used in a time of the Jesus so when he sees us went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day according to Scriptures and therefore when Jesus went into the synagogue instead of reading and he will announce the opening of the scroll of the terminal of looking red from the synagogue Isaiah and guess what what scroll is the most well preserved in any of the scrolls they discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls the book of Isaiah and in reading Isaiah scroll is and how they can compare now have a compare and we do it when we look at the beautiful passage of something like I had a German talk more about adding another nice when we learned we are living in the same passage the same passage that was two thousand plus years ago is the same message that you are creasing and opening up to me when you read your Bible friends I think the units I found from personal things we can trust the word of God what is status is true God has given us these things using given us he is more than many people struggle via struggled with skepticism and doubt at all cries of opinions out there there are meters I see if there was a man by the name of Sir William Mitchell Ramsey this man struggled with us he actually came to the conclusion that you could not trust the Bible especially young people even in archaeology figured it would just be wrong historically and geographically naturally these guys were just fully innate immunology writing and this is the perspective he went into Re: change you as he handed me an archaeologist but after actually testing what the say all I will sign what a archaeology had discovered notice what he says a needle specifically to the woman who sorry that scream is a little funky there is is is loosely in the envelope of the Luke Jesus is a historian of the first rank the early artist statements of fact trustworthy this author locate the place along with the very greatest of what historians as I seem to the Bible with a skeptical viewpoint but actually actually after testing it myself my mind has been changed I see things differently now now I actually recognize that I can trust this book brings we can see if you're willing to put it in the past five years and not edited nothing there's always enough evidence angered out upon ounce upon if you want about there's always enough to do it without anything human how do your parents to write your representative in all kinds of excuses why is not dramatic but the reality is finally is announced and is willing to look if you're willing to look on God is willing to give us enough evidence to this idea the idea for long times recently that the universe is eternal so there's no need for a broad and in the Bible comes along in the book of Hebrews in numerous Chapter 11 and you may remember those very special one for popular words in English Chapter 11 verse one S as they see see is that some states of Maine's home for the attaches of things not seen him catch this with me for a moment notice those words right there Chapter 11 you tell me is the worst safety scientific or a religious word is a religious work so it was a really good for you handling it okay to take a religious definition for it is not just makes sense so that I think is a religious word the definition the Bible Institute is is also something home or we handle it is a means not while seeing so one aspect of baby is believing in something you have never one scene and any of you ever seen God yes or no so if you believe in him you have failed not to rush the anyone see the Big Bang yes or no so if someone believe that they would leave and based upon face he is not hurting anybody now not not by any stretch of imagination but you realize that you believe in something you have never seen according to libel the religious sort of a nation believe in something actively doing this is why the Sabbath but assisted in the substance of things hoped for the names of things not seen the viewing of the lingo that is something you never think that you still like definition while still the reality is is that every human being has been given the Bible tells us in Romans chapter for every human being he has been given a measure of think we all have we all have but in the end where will we where will we put our faith the Bible tells us in Heber Chapter 11 conversely this is so they we understand that the world work brain meaning the universe was framed by the word of God will so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear different picture of what it tells us in Hebrews Chapter 11 if you believe in creation we believe it based upon what say you believe in yes the worldwide leader based upon but also the site and access of things that are seen the things that usually were made of things that you have never seen which is fatal nobody saw not create the world but they can ultimately result in six it tells us what we know they need is impossible to please God I cannot believe that he is meeting you I must leave this and that he is on the Warner of them that diligently seek him the text says the Bible tells us that we are completely not if we believe in God we're going to leave and I think and what it says simply is this is that without faith it is impossible to believe that these all without they actually are please go to my spiritual victories in your life without pain free the Bible is not a negative one every human has an recognizing and say something believing in something I have not seen the reality is as authorities much more linked to stroke it were just thrown while I write a lot of things are determining factor life right you don't really care about a lot of things they don't effectively with the word of God Jesus himself was what does much more than just don't shrill because I am the way to ensure the life no one comes to the father but by me Jesus is much more than just help to the disciples media personalization may be needed to make disciples just whine about the whole thing the resurrection meaning they were following Jesus and they got the only felt really bad their so-called Messiah got killed so they are you know Doug 's body out of the tomb and shoved them into somewhere else in and yelled at me you see what was a sister if they did that they knew it was a lie etc. they would be liars they lied about the resurrection of Jesus and he knew it I want you to think about this when we formally if you want to start assessing your designer religion economists are religious I Natalie is I would have everything I wanted money grand houses that make sense if you disguise the real dark ones are the same in humans are related right you want something they will related us feel as a starter religion they will be calling is able to follow them you want to live him all these things are living about this one what benefit did the site is yes from when they get out of line it was a lot noticed what happened through their lives the idea clear as a result of believing is seeking as Peter was crucified Angela was crucified was filled with assorted history tells us anyway John Dryden a natural death is the only one of the eleven and I naturally but he was talking himself on his recess appointment of oil James the son of wealthy is one of the disciples crucified Philip Sousa pipeline was crucified and killed by arrows James the brother of Jesus that we don't discover Thomas was guiltless only was crucified Jesus son of Sigmund Stephanie was killed in the sort of thing the history says this now traditions as if the thing about these guys immediately Jesus did not rise again they knew it revealed that at least one of them as they were going to their death women know they can listen are you willing to recant your believes in indigenous INA claim raised from the dead leaving one woman say you know we had up we made it up because we wanted to start some great religion and every single one of them will be willing to sacrifice their own life for lying us know initial question people die for lies in that half of her sister yes no absolutely there was a guy relies generally they actually what they believe those lies as if these guys knew Jesus and not risen from and after they've stolen his body away at least some him what does he want to save face as well you are ten out of eleven on five for one thing I'll never actually most of these men will leave you with all their heart because guess what made him after the resurrection he knows that initially is ridiculous when one is doing when one came in and they will very well sure Mary Magdalene makes much sense enables them again right right but then actually Jesus appeared in and is and why did you why did you come and even Thomas Wright is all I have a fabulous life for my hand my fingers into his hands and thrust my hand into his side I will not believe anyone will end in the Messiah she is also the resurrected Lord Pearson of the affairs and what happens if you need to think his centenary Borges Paul Thomas is my Lord and my make-believe it would therefore opts within me to intervene they believe that we look at Peter Peter something about this man he actually came to the point where he was going to be crucified for his Lord Jesus Christ the testimony of Jesus and a single to his resume can you imagine it is an opportunity he knows he has been president resurrected what the ligaments only thing that I really did sorry I made out like you originally did he said I am not afraid to die like my Lord but he said it's too shameful for me to be crucified as my Savior would you please crucify me what outside the system installing a man who is afraid to die why do you think these guys rolling a die because they knew of the resurrected Lord had risen from today and because he well knew that someday when becoming a mechanical cause of the day to be resurrected that was nothing this is her business and finance the economy by the name of the apostle 's all actually recall him apostle while on apostle Paul the apostle Paul was a fascinating man who is himself integrity is remember serving as you were my manner of life when I was in Judaism I persecuted the church of God with surpassing zeal in Iraq and kill Christians that was my job that's what I see I hated Christianity he says and I progress enthusiasm beyond many my contemporaries in my race being much more sellers of the traditions of my father is I love you I love our faith I wanted nothing to do with his so called Christianity these Christians the way I wanted nothing to do with them and you know two professors from Oxford University Lord Littleton and Gilbert West set out to this rule portions of Scripture more than a thousand of that assault never converted to Christianity Gilbert West said to prove the fallacy of the resurrection actually want to study the study will get these things never happen at all never converted to Christianity at all never converted Rossini and Jesus never rose from the dead and a face on with all their might to prove these things wrong both of these men came to the opposite they actually discovered that Paul was converted that Jesus did rise from the best evidence that Jesus did actually rise from the grave and Lord Littleton said person and apostleship of St. Paul alone is considered was of itself he demonstrated sufficient for Christianity to be a divine revelation and while insane I think I'll call this guy 's dog was persecuting the Christians killing them and wanting nothing to do after seeking them out and telling him he was on weight on the Damascus what president and he saw how life he heard this voice saying Saul Saul why are you persecuting me anything are you alone we discovered that Jesus himself was talking to him and he said why are you persecuting me it is hard for you to kick against the pricks why are you doing this Saul 's life was changed and you know what the strange thing is you know you want a win-win solver he went blind for a great many received this item in during this time he was tall like Jesus that you are going to have to suffer many things for myself to things happen as also I saw after he gave his life to Jesus Christ everything in with the resurrected Lord this man who hated Christianity and Jesus himself the reality is they came face-to-face with his wife he was going to be stoned multiple times for Jesus Christ he was beaten with rods and you know what definitely when you're stoned in the one-time experience I only do they stress I want tonight right after that you are not the reality is he actually made it through miraculously thought you may find was that he left for dead he came back up deleted after we remain still in one sitting electricity in later donated one hundred three thirty one and he believed in what he was raising he wasn't getting anything out of it from a wildly standpoint except that he was believing that the people believed this message will receive the internal I asked the movie enough money sacrifice their life for the Savior Jesus Christ the one they knew had risen from the grave these men overcame in the power of Jesus Christ she's also has the power to last over please will see their doubts and skepticism Lord Littleton was skeptical but he's starting someone out there answers my questions in the Bible the apostle I rise in the brain and these men say they were scattered they will eliminate the resurrected Lord they lost their skepticism they are changing and they are phentermine based on a mission Jesus is all claim to be anything less than a scientific is not really a scientific back he is the Lord of all creation Jesus does something much more powerful than just shows us human beings Jesus changes lives my printer is a story of a man by the name of the monkey was a man who came to his evangelistic meetings he had been in a wider gang he was one of those guys who love to take the Nautilus fitness interested in somebody's face on the weekend it was a rough time and pains of the evangelistic meeting and I see her the word of God there was something powerful about not just actual battery life seems in your mouth yes I was through many changes are in this heart of South Asia in phases like diseases of these meetings after hitting his life phases of building something there was this is little man young Armenian businessman are on you know an intelligent guy with glasses or whatever it became and he was angry at Mark Finley insults became of this preacher and he was angry he starts sticking his finger in his face but he was standing on the side Marguerite said bhakti turned by the Zimbabwe we can take care of this guy this is a little lucky there is and will remain as annual as I anyone and I got lots of the monkey says listen Mister he said if this would have been a few days ago and was stuck your finger in my friend 's face him to a real estate deal I had my way with you since you better be happy there's a thought because now all I want to do with how you need as recently as the guy something much more powerful than just the facts of the Bible the power in the word of God is the changing power is something that changed my life I always trust in the Bible but only stages of being in understanding the beginning as they began to open a baby and change my life there's power in the word of God for twenty challenge opened up so the living word of God the word that created all things in the time and was were here today from someone and challenge you to be in now or let's close with a work of the auditing every word thank you for this time together on I think you that you give us enough evidence to base our freedom on for Faith is believing in something we've never seen but you can evidence the father is looking more evidence and as we look at finding things really we see how our minds dedicated to give us victory over temptations arrive at one of our sins on the trials and struggles that we have tribulation father I pray that you would unite us with yourself to dispute with philosophy as we read your word on minds would be transformed lord we commit our lives to you the name of Jesus if you would like audio errors in the website that God were an audio and much more to know more about our numbers the more assertive in the www. audio person or


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