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Unnatural Inclinations

Benjamin Ng



  • December 27, 2013
    7:45 PM


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the ceiling on solving is entitled unnatural inclinations unnatural inclinations full humans as well as velocity please once again body has before father in heaven thank you so much for bringing us to this moment your Sabbath day father thank you all for watching over us throughout these past few days as we've been together for thank you that you kept us in good health and strength Lord even now I want to pray for those that might be on their way and loyal so I pray that you please be with us now as we open your world once again we please guide and bless our time together we pray in Jesus name amen please send with me Woolston Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five is going to be reading the lost books of Matthew chapter five chapter five and less foresee a Matthew chapter five and were rating was forty eighth the Bible here says be careful of fact even as your father in heaven is perfect quite a life that ended for us as humans dozens of yes yes thank you but I know that the God of the Bible does not require something a loss that we through this strength are able to obtain a man a man thank you and yet we also see examples of the I will be accompanying them I will send Job Job chapter one we see examples that God himself declares that there are both great people all that Lisa and I there were both things Jones happens to be the first book written in the Bible although it is not the first book listed in the Bible but it was Moses who wrote this book as he was sitting there taking care of the sheep and goats and whatever else that was out there in the wilderness forty years before he let the children of Israel out of Egypt but in John chapter one and was one the Bible says this there was a man in the land was whose name was Job and Batman was called back and all rights one that feared God and eschew evil friends the Bible records that their lives but that people in times and it was possible in the class with men and woman who walked with God surely it is possible today amen you don't sound convince a man a man but yet it even comes down I mean this is Moses Wright thing about Joe but if you come down with me to plus six now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among the loss of the Satan whence comest thou then safe and onto the lawn and said from going through and from the and from walking up and down and it was a long set of the Satan hast thou considered my servant Job but there is none like him to be back and right man won your honesty was evil sure Claude declares Job of you don't get a better recommendation than that event look at your friends the above things right but when God says you up now my friends that is something that comes if you can't declare as you both things that no one else can stand in the way a method this God himself declares of Joe a man while living on the and friends I believe with all my heart today the God of the Bible still the same the pen of inspiration writes that there are Enoch 's livings living amongst us today I believe in office of the otherwise how could this man walk straight in the head and then they run Enoch 's systole declares living amongst us today so the question that I have this evening for us is how is that possible if you think it is not possible then you shortchange yourself already just setting yourself up for a failure to you with me this is the power of the mind when you think it on this is I mean let me give you an example I will no no another response an anomalous as you want when you devotedly as you know my dad of the Doctor Mama Linda L Cagle Thomas Abdullah understood down to be a doctor in Australia the entrance exam of the entrance will you have to get is ninety nine something Roosevelt is I really really admire you but all my life I just knew it I was not smart enough probably not hard-working enough to be able and sure enough and about ninety nine percent I was always happy to be but when you think that when you cytosol corporate failure don't you when you say I can't do it well then your mind does not try as hard as an outright as of this evening I wanted to start off by presenting you a very clear picture in the Bible that it is possible a man it is possible to the affects amen the weaker on me but I believe with all my heart that it is possible now than you probably wondering woven what is a definition of perfect I leave that with you I want you to come with me to Romans chapter eight okay Romans chapter eight the class something along similar lines Romans chapter eight and reading this one Romans chapter race and will looking at plus one the Bible says there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walked onto the flash without the spirit now friends if you don't have any condemnation the thing that's like describing for just a note what you think yes right I mean if you have no condemnation at all and is as you are in Christ Jesus you'll heal the spirit the likelihood of you because it is pretty close to one hundred percent in in thank you please see Rollins Osama bin Laden describes something very interesting about human nature which I'm sure all of us can relate to please come back with me to Romans chapter seven and will get busted people to stop there okay and I know that some people when they read this they go while that's describing me and that calls you think will left him so how can we be public it even Paul the apostle the prophet wrote most of the New Testament a thing is exactly glad who I have plus fifteen for that which I do all assaying I allow not full what I loaded that do I not know what I hate that do I you confused but let's go through this again okay maybe would let me give Roman seven for little while for that which I do what I am doing using that which I do present tense i.e. allowing all in other words I would not allowing anybody else you and me for what I wanted that he wants to do he doesn't do it but what I hate I do it have you ever had this extensible I know what is right but I don't do it and I know what is all I see millions I Y Haynes and I know was wrong but I paid it a beautiful valley before you know what Olson is like that's if you haven't please consult you might be an eagle you need to be up here and I need to sit down but less 16-bit continues is then I do that which I would not and I was it is as a result if I'm doing that which I don't want to do was sixteen I consent unto the Lord that it is good now then it is normal that I do it but what but send what dwells in me plus eighteen for I know that in me that is in my flash as well as no good thing for the will is present with me but how to perform that which is good if I know I don't know Paul is saying I don't know how to do that which is good what does that sound like friends to me it sounds like a man or woman trapped on the same enslaved to sin and any ends in verse nineteen by saying this for the good that I would I do not once again repeats it but the evil which I would not that I do fear no my friends that this is natural to all this evening off topic will looking at is unnatural inclination every one of our hearts ring out readouts as you read this because this has been our experience for every one of us who have tasted sent a man possessing an agreement is not that you are one you can be like this when you say amen to Paul says he's had this experience and this is the cry of an unconverted man this is a cry of a man who is addicted to send any sin that anybody commits is all just like this I know what is good I don't do it I know what is bad etiquette doing it sin must be based upon knowledge James Chuck the faultless seventeen accords you before fitting that knowest to do good and do not fit images seven if you know what is good and you don't do it it sounds exactly like the men Romans seven amen I lost you somewhere lost you somewhere you understand when I pull delightful to Fox delightful with a weird accents must I taught my domination if you would meekly saying them and they should I know that Romans seven is talking about unconverted man because of the end of Romans seven he says this was twenty four over wretched man that I am now be thinking wretched man is a good manner that the talking to demand of all the wretched man that I am clueless shall deliver me from the plotting of this that and then he says in verse twenty five I thank God through Jesus Christ Bible but any reverts back to his old self so then with the mind eyes of the law God will bless the Lorentzen but then we comes what we read in Romans chapter eight is endless one there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit so friends what doesn't mean to walk after the spirits that we might stop doing the things that we know are bad and begin to apply the things that we know are going in that what that means a walk in the spirit left him going bust and for the lore of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Lord of sin and death friends before you think that this is setting us free from within moments very wrong but the lore of the spread of life in Christ Jesus it has set us all free from the Larson and that's why because we are no longer under its condemnation that is clearly saying that in a you show you understand bus three for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sending he condemned sin in the flesh but it wasn't in what we could not do as human beings the ANOVA six thousand years we have proved one thing and one thing only human being without goggles and the other Jesus did not come two thousand years ago to prove that human beings without God will send keychains approved human being with God will not sit if you does life as well the law could not do it was weak through the flesh is flesh our flash God has a son Jesus just like you and me to show that you know what you and be of a man bus for that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in the office who walk not after the flesh but the spirit what you go again what does it mean to walk out the spirit was keep going bus five for they that are often the flesh do mind the things of the flesh but they that are also the spirit of the things of the spirit for to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace because the carnal mind is enmity and a lot of it is inferred if an enemy against God for it is not subject to the Lord God neither indeed can be friends if we have a condo mind we cannot walk in the spirit in our mind 's O'Connell mind it is more with God you see that so something to do with the mind is related to walking in the blessings so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God but you are not in the flesh but in the spirit now wait a minute while you will ghost no was still human you're not in the flesh but in the Spirit if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ she is not of this endless and is on keywords and if Christ be in you body is dead because of sin but the Spirit is life because of what righteousness friends what does it mean to walk off the spirit we somehow know that walking off the spirit is opposite to the carnal mind the Spirit of God must be in the butt of us tentative fix it very clearly who must be in Jesus Christ this is unnatural to us because everything about a human body cries out to send the other you don't need to teach baby to send labels and automatically let me let me verify what I love verify the correct bit of what I'm saying clarify a few things here a baby is not one and send one in babies and him once and are you telling me that the God of love and glory who allows a baby with no will of their own to come to this world and they die at one minute old abandoned but until we know why because the definition of sin the refining James four seventeen second that knows to do good and doesn't not in medicine the baby does not know good or evil just read Romans chapter ten is existing in order for us to have victory over sin in order for us to start doing the things we know is good and to stop doing the things we know is evil we must have Chrysler Dennis how can we have in Jesus agreements the meets and John chapter fifteen John chapter fifteen this is the beginning of one of the longest speech as if I could say of Jesus Christ it actually began a chapter before that but most of what you find and fourteen fifteen and sixteen is pretty long sermon of Jesus as well and in chapter fifteen the concept of divine and the brunches is brought out it begins invest one I am the true vine and my father is the husbandman every branch in me that there is not fruit he taketh away and every bronze that there is food he posited that it may bring for small fruits the story now you are clean through the blood which I've spoken to you abide in me and what I in you as a bronze channel investment of itself except it abide in the no more can you accept you abide in so in order for Jesus to dwell in us like Romans chapter eight is talking about in order for Jesus to be in us we must dwell in him is not clear that is clear police say a man thank you now come down with me to bus seven CR is where we get the understanding of what it means to walk in the spirit if you abide in me and my wife loads abide in you you shall ask what you will should be gone until you friends if we parallel bus three was four plus seven what does it mean for Christ to dwell in us it is is what was that must well and costs I wanted that means a walk in the Spirit as Romans chapter eight is talking about putting me for my class that I have to refresh this but I want to show you very quickly that the Bible and thus the Holy Spirit many times you will see them together Ephesians chapter six verse seventeen the Bible says and take the love the helmet of salvation and the know what this sort of the spirit which is one of the spirit which I'm sure is a Holy Spirit amen and would've gone John seventeen seventeen sanctify them through thy truth by wide history so sanctified by the Bible economy to fuss Peter chapter one and plus three plus Theatre and got your ass with the sense that one with me plus Peter chapter one and bus to rob a the Bible says it lets according to the foreknowledge of God the father through sanctification of the Spirit so in John seventeen seventeenth the word of God sanctifies us in first Peter chapter one of us to the Holy Spirit sanctifies us in other words what was seeing is a cooperation a collaboration between the Bible and the Holy Spirit you can rarely if ever a separate these two and that's why in a second class would deliver the kind of the Holy Spirit potato showbread the Bible they walk together in harmony with one another that is clear please say so when it comes to walking and dust spirits really is also in Sue walking in the public and then so nonetheless in order to walk in the Spirit 's water lilies a walk in the words of you must know what the Bible says and the new ones apply it to your life friends simply puts this is how we have victory over sin because they had a note to be good friends when you find perfect goodness is called the Bible a method in the Bible you find perfect goodness is as valid to look ill thou shall not commit adultery thou shall not steal online of comets wouldn't you like to live in a world like that you know Taiwan this came back from this country that I actually find pretty safe very different to Malaysia wouldn't you like to know one stole from each other until the children you can leave your full wide open we would have to live in apartments with securities would have to live in letter properties with dogs that's perfect goodness and this is what it means to walk in the spirit because as we learn to apply the words of God 's love lives the Holy Spirit begin soon love in your hearts become a means of Philippians chapter two I wanted to see this this is what we call salvation by cooperation Philippians chapter two and will looking at plus swell Philippians chapter two and bus twelve the Bible says wherefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not in my presence on but now much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling work out your own salvation with fear and trembling that's all a global old me plus the team for it is for it is God which welcomed in you both to will and do all of his good pleasure friends we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling for the fact that your life begins to change is the revelation that God is working in your life why because human beings cannot live the Lord God the fact that you can stop lighting shows that the Holy Spirit is working in your life when you read the Bible loses all know I have the sideline but I will rely all my life God help me on this they are learned on this outlying and the fact that you stop lying shows that Jesus is working in your hearts what does it mean to work out your own salvation friends you have to decide Jesus cannot decide for you you must decide whether you want to follow what is written in the what of God or not you know we splitting Satan for too many things for Satan the devil does not make you do it you chose to do what you want to do and when you say it's because huge hole was to do it argue with me we have choices to make in this life you have choices that are within your capability to make I'm not saying that it is by your own out word that you will have victory but God can only look with your choices that is clear please say friends what choices are you making today how is its that the Bible can give us victory over sin Psalms a hundred nineteen and plus eleven sans a hundred nineteen in verse eleven unless they can apology to my site for students to feel like I'm using recycled leveled texts for the whole herd in the past two days sounds a hundred nineteen in verse eleven the Bible says by word and I hid in my heart that I might not sin against friends how can we have a perfect experience with Jesus Christ we must learn to high the word of God in a hot little practice was John took the three most nine we look at yesterday but it was expounded too much because then you are going to look at it this evening that would meet the bus John chapter three verse nine in the next few minutes as we wrap it up I want to make this as practical as possible for you and for me to go back to first John three nine the Bible says whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin for his seat remain if anything and he cannot sin because he is what born of God and yesterday I asked you all whoever is born of God or another was another way of saying it whoever is baptized we stand and you all stood on the most part but ask who has been after you about Saddam all of us including myself we sent what was the problem the seed does not remain what is the seed political the seed the word of God when we sin it is because somewhere along our day after spending time in our devotion political disputes it doesn't remain once doesn't mean remain was another word for remain stay anything else in the old ways of relating with me for today lives here applied if you abide in me and my words abide in you July twenty one be given unto you that experience all the lighting is what it means to walk in the spirit the word of God must remain in our hearts in order for us to have the field is set so original practical showing what does it mean for the Bible to remain on me off to this question every thing that you do everywhere that you go does the Bible remain in the bottle remain when you're watching a movie about Star Wars or Star Trek or the science fiction movies that are opened in the Bible remain to follow no I'm in a you a you are you watching the movie and fulfill the legal deposit until you do that will remain when you're sitting there in the nightclub of listening away to techno music yes I know most of you don't know the Bible remain when you're sitting there in a nightclub listening to this loud something using ethanol does Apollo remain when you're a businessman and you say okay we'll let me make this transaction note the legal journal when you much has been the social as well remain in all out of the dilemma when I was in high school I went to touch them I use class is a guy that was in the same class at school and sometimes I saw him seven days a week the following is this guy knew what I was like at school and he knew what I was like a church and like Gary was speaking about this morning it is so easily church all yesterday was hung among reason this is an emerald rings or the boy right food in all likelihood I like it so easy to play chess in other but my friend knew what I was licensed one side of the wall in a coast down the other side of an fights fistfight she was pretty much the same at school in a church friends does the seed of the word of God remained wary of the Yugo this is the word of God remain when you something on the Internet is a sea of the word of God remain as just sitting there with your phones playing friends I still love computer games my brother can tell you that I was pretty good he sitting amendment was not another all of you look to the site along play computer games and you know what I graduate from university I sleep when we go one step back even when I don't finish high school I told you I knew I was too dumb to be medicine an additional one wanted to do so okay a lot can I see okay also the ideas while but in there I I love computer games but are not the same thing even when I graduated from university and got into a good job working in the professional fellow components of the computer bejeweled and I quit after a while condolences studied theology and help theology students do not play the insult of things and then I came out in the world was different we have these mobile phones touchscreens and I got back into playing computer games on a smaller device friends I don't think Jesus created angry birds I believe is the invention of the devil is quite serious I don't think Jesus created plants versus zombies you might think is a harmless game but do you think the seed of the word of God remains when you doing whispering in a step closer colonies in Galatians three sixty Galatians chapter three and verse you see what is the scene it is one of God but it's something else as well but the Bible tells about in Galatians chapter three and verse sixteen Galatians three plus sixteen the Bible says now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made to say if anything is not and to seeds as of many but as of one and to advise seeing which is which is Christ friends does it Jesus Christ remained with you wherever you go I want to you must make it impractical on you proud to bring Jesus with you wherever you go if your job does not create an environment where you are comfortable with Jesus being that you need to stop if you are studying things in University that goes against the expressed will of God is thought the unknown that angels do not go into movie theaters until him up the good angel the pen of inspiration says no man would wish to find there are citizen 's license that God is holy and do not even in Simmons nevermind Jesus and in one university student when I mentioned this they were really smart with it wait a minute home on our home surroundsound sixty eight seventy TV scold home theater is Jesus with you whatever you do how you spend your time your hobbies you work your studies is Jesus with you does this seem to remain when you cry out to God for help that you voluntarily put yourself in that position I use it feels when you're funny I thought to help is it any wonder maybe today that we are not experiencing victory over sin is Jesus with the friends I am do this evening have you ended up on whole economy with Jesus by Hillside is Jesus right next to you this evening my brothers and sisters does the word of God remained wherever you go the word of God not living what is Jesus Christ himself just the Bible says he will never leave us nor forsake us amen we forget that many times we leave him and we forsake him for the pleasures of this world we say Jesus right now right now just give me five minutes with this woman just get a thirty minutes with my game just anyone out work with this this is the along content like five and twenty for that offering on right now friends is Jesus with you where ever how can you have Jesus with you friends is very simple love to spend time in his work I want to us you told me to one wall texts I don't remember if I've said I've been to give you a lost text yet not invited please forgive me but this will be a loss text for the seat Romans chapter thirteen and plus fourteen Romans chapter thirteen and plus fourteen the Bible says but put ye on the Lord Jesus truly we can put Jesus on the economics and make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof the Bible says when we put on Jesus we should not make provision for the flesh you know what that word provision means it means full thoughts thinking it is not don't make plans for the flesh thus put it simply do not make plans do you know most things need to be plan there are some that don't like Sultan but I don't get up I cannot have a bad temper but I don't get up in the morning I go to lose my temper and my wife today at three o'clock is likely most of its most sins required planning you know that if you want to steal something you should plan Orosi very stupid are you with me when you commit adultery do not take a lot of planning and optical vehicle you have stupid and plan are you with me when when you wanted sheets it takes a lot of planning there was one was in high school a sitting judge while my final exam and this guy he say about the chair that he crawled over to my desk I was I was flattered that wasn't very smart but cheating takes a lot of planning you know killing takes a lot of planning the Bible says we should not plan the flesh should not plan for sin but while the friends have you planned for Jesus the trees hold yourself that I don't care what can happen but also this meeting and then go back and I'm going to read my Bible have you planned for Jesus but you say look I don't care what time I sleep tonight I am going to get up at six o'clock and spend time with Jesus at least for twenty minutes thinking of the twenty minutes to get ready in another ten minutes the walking of you plan for Jesus told yourself that all stood there is this a alive in all this means that you go back and you look somebody that can give you a Bible study because you have no idea about what the Bible says and plans for Jesus only are you expecting somewhere along the way here hoping that the Holy Spirit will strike you with lightning and you can become some holy human being friends that is only found in movies you've been watching too much movies and planning for Jesus friends do you know how long Jesus planned to dine across when sin came in the world he had a plan in place already can you make an appointment with Jesus today and regulate a person is usually late regularly to jungle loops too late can you make an appointment with Jesus today Sabbath law okay I'm planned and I and all my heart I wanted to get up at six o'clock Massachusetts five sitting all day getting worn out I spent I haven't gotten it was asleep at Olson 's opinion actually since I landed on Sunday and eight hours but a Thomas of the pointlessly but another dissolving when I get up and if I miss when I get up in my blood is awake and she's running around in my whole daisies on Waxman is it okay Lord which he goes to sleep in the middle of the day I will spend time with you plan no we make plans for everything except Jesus you plan from Monday to Friday to get up early to go to work to get to school on time to study and only need to do an end Saturday rolls around you have no plan to get just by eleven o'clock morning devotion the closest partition off because not many people morning devotion I don't what happens to you after dinner I made up the Indus appeal or maybe someone you don't even come to breakfast at a plan for Jesus to be no life have you mapped out what you want Jesus to do in your it will not get any easier as you get older about ten to twelve years ago ice began making plans for Jesus said Lord I want to get the Daniel to be whole year but I went to the Daniel and I realized that there was only so much time I could plan for Jesus so Euros inadequate by Jonathan Long now I have all the time and in a place enough physiology school I found that even though that was the only school who did everything but study the Bible in a plan so that possible in a plan for the singing mini plan for the socializing and dating and that he came out it's like okay on you to go Thomas is not because no one wants the pygmy of the pasta as I don't know anything then they go Thomas is close in a study study study but it's like all these people will know Jesus open under Hamas is the divinity showdown with me Jesus somewhere along the way no friends even as theology students you half to plan for Jesus seven thousand and and he made a plan to say about going to sleep late activities no one I came back in I quit my job I had a pretty good job I was looking for IBM I quit my job to want to know Jesus when I got there for about a year I fooled around abundance of relationship of all things enough of that is a long but with my time anymore I need to plan and Sabbath afternoons I made sure even then I would come back and put on some audio listen to some summons elapsed as laypeople in the art to this question do you have Sabbath afternoons for yes on ethanol some say no because the possibilities they were a mile whatever it is right but for the most fun you have free time yes the most liable to go to sleep yes come on now I'm unit administers long enough but can you make plans the Jesus of the eye he was Jesus came out to all else and when he came down in human form in the flesh of a human with all the sinful tendencies specific this human hearts this human flesh cried out Lord I don't want to die police they're ungrateful father it would be possible he cried out what they missed corporately believes in nevertheless not as I will but without friends how important is Jesus to use offense he comes in sings the song as you ponder upon his lips have an appeal against the use well into the think how Jesus and the crops which was that just a moment before think about what he's done for you think about what yet the plan in order to save costs from sin and then maybe just maybe you can plan for him is using him a him and him and for the moon and the him and him to an hand is a say in him he is a will you him will him and him him I will resume in him and him and him know I is him so I will and I and him and him to him a him and friends the receiving and he's fighting for your time this evening 's been waiting for over a hundred and sixty euros maybe he's been waiting all your life just so that you can give him friends this evening are you willing to plan some time for Jesus today tomorrow they often are you willing not to just give Jesus some time when you're free but can you walk him into your schedule and everything else around the second you will do that run you cannot decide to spend you can just work some time into your busy schedule yes I know we're busy with studies with luck than anything long today I'm going to make an appointment with you I guarantee you Jesus will make that appointment even though there are hundred or thousand other people that make that same time he will be there for you he will give you all his attention to before I continue with my appeal on Oscar Possis to come forward apostasy on the Malaysian mission these are people who weren't inside of you but this will in her appeal is very specific I don't know which classes you is in which judges the pasta that I'm here this evening I do want one of them because friends you conference is normally is a high experience when you go home it's a very low I want you to make an apology just today yes and tomorrow under the author while he was here this evening also I called my pastas friends up here because I want you to make an appointment with them when you go home you would tell them before now I'm before you get them today he will tell them I want to study the Bible as your pastor is not here this evening is not represented with all the year I know there may be some floating around out there possible after that was out there somewhere but you said you know what long I want to make disappointed with you I want to keep his appointment but somehow I don't know what to read I don't know what the study season until the pasta of the study with you on having study with you but I'm only one that is is there anybody here this evening is one of the laws this is a very specific field friends appeal I want to listen very carefully using the given your life to Jesus using never been baptized with July was a study to be baptized all you like to study to know more about Jesus the size of the component was fine doesn't matter the apostate is not here will take your name will make sure that somebody studies of is there anybody out there has never given Bill Leister Jesus was alone yes somewhere along the way human at spending the last few nights humans had in the morning devotionals and human looking and hearing all these seminars throughout the day and somewhere along the way the Lord has spoken to use a lawn I don't know but something about it was so appealing on each of the know more about you is there anybody else you've never given your life to Jesus you never been baptized before we get tonight you want to give your life and by saying I want to know more because I want to know the Savior that I'm getting give my life to our system is there anybody come forth from form is composed eleven of appeal to me for maybe to some of you here have been baptized but you still don't know who Jesus is and baptize baby for ten years and selling the charts but the discomfort is realizing now laud them knew who you will I'm organizing a re- baptism unless informing humans this study looks friends is there anybody here that would like to study people into the wood of God yes you fosters not here but there are some that you and you'd like to go deep the doctor goals that you've never study Daniel or revelation of putting a high estimate what would you want to study more scuffle maybe you think you don't know how whoever's in a study with you is not for you to figure out restaurants you come sale and no more loyal I realize that I really told no you will study anybody else God bless you brother systems for blessing is there anybody becoming fallen so to finish you friends near making up an appointment with Jesus beyond these next few days becoming for you because you know what in your own strength you won't even forget when you go home friends we will watch out for you is anybody else that wants to study more to know more about Jesus 's decisive components like I said this is a very specific it's not for everybody but an overall spending because we want to get a life against Jesus Embassy is there anybody else that would like to study unwanted license when to use the Jedi Nemo Morville involved in a anybody else is not the smaller heads for depression and thank you so much for Jesus Linda let us go clearly not even let one below thousands of years ago Lord in heaven and that counsel between you and your son he made a plan for our salvation and I believe that want to follow through with it even though all thousand years off by you still okay thank you this evening father we want to know more about you we would like to study beaver and says what I'm born there are some of my young problems and systems who never given her life to you but tonight they stood on income fall with saying that he wants to know more about this father please shall close to each of us will be bolstered because we want to make appointments with you today and by the grace of God make me you please help us to keep that appointment more please give us your spirits being with my brothers Shia lipolysis that as we feed this law that surely Jesus might be seen in every way low on me please continue to abide with us throughout the remainder of this evening we would all of us you are even younger and have her and is a rule of this media was brought by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is 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