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The 13th Disciple

Benjamin Ng



  • December 28, 2013
    11:30 AM


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but as is my custom was exhausting you please once more Bali has meaningfully given to the women gone our Lord and Savior as we are about to open your holy Bible maybe please troll close to us father I pray that you would hedge about this building and hedge about this room your holy angels when you cost out the devil old Lord made of the no room for him in this place holler over us with your Holy Spirit in the you speak to us directly from I was this morning we pray in Jesus name amen all topics in full this morning is entitled the thirteenth disciple the thirteenth disciple and friends before we open the Bible I want to share with you something that has stuck in my mind ever since I began my internship difficult to finish all complete my theology degree I went to a trust of breach and that often noon the senior class of the church there in Atlanta Georgia change a shed of raising with us all the young people that was sitting there and this phrase has forevermore stopped in my mind and I want to share with you this morning friends maybe you already notice but there is no commitment without sacrifice there is no such thing as genuine commitment if it does not involve some sort of sacrifice along the way and you understand that please say a map as a bride walks down the aisle as she looks at the man that is a balance of the our husband she knows of that sacrifice people and at that man is standing there looking at his beautiful bride walking down the alcoholism he knows that it was also the sacrifice involved the agreed was an American artist chosen a single bluntness that is as well as sacrifice is involved in a marriage now I hope it is good sacrificing thinking about yet the sacrifice you read it gives single and you sleep on a double veteran king-size bed less yet to sacrifice your money right only one is going yet the sacrifice you'll find my guy friends I'm sorry as I would my wife but at any stage of the narration do you go like this and he only does it is the ground is that a daddy like I have to sacrifice like that I have decided my life I have to sacrifice the sorry guys I really wanted to white if you feel that way if you feel that way you need marriage counseling there is no such thing as commitments and no sacrifice Condoleezza Genesis Chapter two Genesis chapter two creation of Adam has already taken like one of picking it up eighteen and a lot of indicators of us my dear sister growing up in the law God said it is not good that man should be alone amen I'll make an help meet for him as you should know by now green single she made it very clear in the report but you know that is a promise by God the God that created each and every one of you is that it is not good at anything it is not good for man to be alone he also means that it's all good balloons of the alone suit a man because he's not talking about men with men it is not good to be alone I will make an help meet with him he says that it was nineteen out of the log out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every file via air and brought them up to Adam to see what he would call them and whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof Adam gave names to all the cattle and to the file will be as every beast of the field look for other there was not found in help needs for as all the animals by Adam without one hundred percent rating our world is to be naming all the animals edited Althouse via the OS of accident going alone Olson belonged there's only one of the and God put the desire and the need for him to root have companionship in his arms and Dennis says in the twenty one of the morning call God caused a deep sleep the ball on Adam and he slams anything one of his rims and closed up the flesh instead thereof in order for Adam to become minutes that is what did you have to sacrifice is written do you think Adam got up and he wasn't happy with his operation give me my rhythm back no right came in for God 's that he was missing a written because the woman in front of him was so beautiful anyone while man commitments and sacrifice go hand in hand Genesis chapter twelve moving along Genesis chapter twelve looking at Abraham the great father of our phase starting in verse one the Bible says no more God has set up than a grand the out of the country from thy kindred and from my father 's house unto a land that I will show the and omega of the great nation and old Leslie and make money grains and thou shalt be a blessing and I will bless them that bless me and because in that coast at the end and being shall all families of the earth be blessed possible so Abraham departed as the Lord had spoken unto him and lots went with him and Abraham was seventy and five years old when he deposited out of a run friends when God called Abraham at the very beginning in order for a brand to show and demonstrate physical Lindsay God one video to sacrifice his hometown his friends and all his relatives and maybe there is some here that God might call you one day and you might have to leave this country while some will be a good thing because many are trying to lead this country anyway not paid enough higher crime rate I don't know what it is that God might call you to leave the very ones that you love and the place that has been familiar to you for seventy five year there is no commitments without sacrifice Hebrews chapter eleven Hebrews chapter eleven the great Hall of faith speaking about the man Moses was starting a bus twenty four Hebrews eleven adverse twenty four the Bible says you by faith Moses when he was currently he has reviewed us to be called the son of Pharaoh 's thoughts of choosing wrong to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season friends and a lot of promos is to become coming that since the God I believe the children of Israel out of Egypt what really happened what did he have to sacrifice the pleasures of sin for a season but it was one's opponents in the tangible things he said that home from being cold is a federal stone as you know that inspiration tells us that Moses was the nation 's prime Moses was not some little unknown man in Egypt he was regarded at all most people to be the next success of the barrel he was what agents put all their own this man will make our nation great this was the sort of decisions that Moses had to be it wasn't just leaving a job that paid him one thousand ringgit he was the richness of old inheritance is there he had everything at his disposal but as yet he never forgot the fullest twelve euros of his voltage parents do never never underestimate the importance of what you are doing from years one to twelve classes we don't own much but you know what might go through is more valuable to me than anything if we have to be pulled for the sake of trading my daughter up I will do it because this inspiration tells us know great film book has never been coded so that and that praise the Lord for your mothers and all amen and we are all here because among others today but Moses him himself gone and yes he gave all the pleasures of sin but he gave a lecture as all three things that life has to offer in order to do what you have a million people called in once installed and blame him for every statement they came across but yet he will still be the God of cold and friends there was no commitments without without come with me to Matthew chapter four Matthew chapter four this is shortly after Jesus has been baptized he went up the mountain and he was tempted of the devil as he was praying level forty days about the mission of the love that God has set before him the devil came in as an Jesus had been three and he calls down the mountain and the very first thing he does in verse nineteen Matthew chapter four and was nineteen and so then he saith unto them following me and I will make you fishers of men Jesus calls Peter James John Andrew all these brothers and friends and what's amazing is less twenty and strengthen way they left their nets and followed straightaway there was no commitments without sacrifice do you know what the pen of inspiration minds about Peter Peter the vision care was one of the disciples that left their next straightaway to follow Jesus that have inspiration lights that hand he was that he was married that we know this because and Mark chapter one piece he went he brought Jesus 's house and he healed his mother-in-law pizza was a married man we don't know whether he had children on but that inspiration writes that he had people under him that relied on their lives sustenance for their livelihood regional when he had a strong although you had to show he must've been thinking about it writing about it and when the call came he was ready but when he saw his vision he does not have a million dollars on waivers them they will rely on an salute friends brother systems maybe your commitments on one-day course you believe your loved ones behind I laid out with you and God I bring my phone with me but when these begins in place requirements on Jesus that we shortchange what you can do for us in our life is what we begins a saving of that law I'm a little following monthly invention provide a solidity now is not inherent in asking what Jesus do evil should be remembered let down unit on one side of what happened the fishes was selling lots hello again to what you think you know how much that would be and what of his days he probably couldn't stop fishing for a whole year and in the fish out of the limousine is exegesis when we went to the market you sell all my vision is that I'll hopefully sometimes when Jesus comes along the left of us with financial wealth we saved Jesus just when let me get it totally is that was an alcoholic but that was not what happened with Peter he gave him the biggest catch of his life in the test came and immediately the Bible says that they got the shore and they left things behind his father also get a good father it was like that where you going clean the methods but he even fossil his father was a very interesting is when you go alone Lisa Matthew nine Matthew chapter nine endless nine is a MacCallum the disciples were all very similar in how Jesus calls them Matthew chapter nine and speaking of himself Matthew writes and is easily possible from thence he sort of mandate Matthew sitting at the receipt of custom adhesive to him follow me and he arose and followed every time Jesus was looking for his disciples he said he followed only following what do you know was very interesting above the call of Judas Lisa Matthew eight back one chapter and will think of it was eighteen this is many believe to be the call of Jesus all wrong the lack of the call of Jesus plus eighteen now with Jesus all great multitudes about him he greatly once an apartment to the other side at a certain scribe came and settled him on the RIAA will follow the weather so and now goes plus twenty and Jesus said to him the foxes have holes and the blood of the air have nests but the son of man hath not where the latest what was Jesus is essentially telling Judas Judas I'm poor I have nothing are you sure you want to follow me what was Jesus essentially telling Judas is going to require line of Jesus never called you this but amazingly yet he still pulled out his Spirit upon him should is that had the power to heal diseases the cast out demons yet he was never cold of Jesus Jesus never rejected a friends Jesus always has a what what everybody it has been yard but there was one man in the Bible that Jesus and said that clearly home following and yes you never did let's look at him this morning Matthew chapter nineteen Matthew chapter nineteen and was I was sixteen Matthew chapter nineteen and when you get to listen is not reading your essay all I know this story Matthew nineteen plus sixteen the Bible begins and behold one came and said is in good monster what show what good thing shall I do that I may inherit it's on a life but he says and why call us now me good there is none good but one that is God but if thou wilt enter into life keep the comeuppance so he says to this young rule of King but what commodities and he sent him branch while Jesus which one I descended thou shalt do no better valve shall not commit adultery thou shalt not steal thou shalt not well been false witness honor thy father and thy mother and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself no friends Jesus quotes that the ten Commandments minus the first always results in the right anything to the very end lonely neighbor as thyself but there is one but he kept out which one will knows what but he kept out okay so follow me that's the lesson was eighteen thou shalt do no Moto one numbers that six thou shall not commit adultery what is that seven oh good you know you come almonds thou shall not feel what is that eighties thou shall not battle women's plus nineteen honor thy father and thy mother what come out of the Jesus not quotes which is what thou shall not come notably further I want to define untypical understanding of consciousness causes as the hospital letting his wife or his house always goods or anything is unable to write what does consciousness me I see what you have I don't want that so that you know that consciousness the agreement you agree music and of busy all evening let me know that consciousness is a very hot since it is because more often than not it means us to bring one of the other night I wonder what you have so bad I'm actually be with me I want what you have so bad that I will I will work extra days to money offering the Sabbath dislike to see that or I want what you have so that honesty was the consciousness for the most part involves the breaking of the other nine Bush are in Matthew Jesus is about to give us an illustrative example of what consciousness we first twenty the young man save them to handle all these things have I kept from my youth what lack I yet bus twenty one Jesus said to him if thou wilt be one when we looking at as living review things now if thou wilt be perfect go and sell all that thou hast get his floor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven and on and she is cold and busy guy these in the Bible Jesus came to me conveyance of the hoping the jewel but do you know those requirements in order to be his disciple it was the whole bus that we just read if you want to be puppets going to what so all of you have given to the floor and then you'll treasure in heaven and on one come follow me sacrifice commitment yeshiva friends there is no such thing as commitments without sacrifice this applies in all human relationships this applies in your job this applies in your religion commitments and sacrifice always go together but when the young man heard the saying he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions Jesus was not successful in calling all the disciples that he wants you to thought Amanda was so famous by now it was somehow whole with miracles and all these things people would be clamoring urgently wanting to be the next chief who's right the following human being just like everything we associated what you know of his friend in Jesus Kozlowski but in this land last sorrowful because he had one she had a great possession I told you as we walked down the narrow road to have we have to shed more with the goal of all things our life has to be some consciousness what is this subtle consciousness is not only typically vilified think about what consequences consciousness is when you have riches but you're not willing to let go of the sake of Jesus I consciousness is the situation that we ourselves sometimes for ourselves and that we are so used was such a lifestyle mean we have such a nice column which I love coaches we have such nice coffee table with a beautiful car that when you go the bombs in your eye sees is that if you want to follow me by the country you're like you got to be kidding me why what will people think of me are the five CDs overnight anointed by the Malaysian rent you lose the respect of me God how can I knew witness to these people how can I be an example that you can be threefold still have always will I don't know whether Jesus actually reason with the Scotland Regis a sellout friends are you willing to give up everything and anything for Jesus if you are not willing to do that embracing the tents this could have been the thirteenth dislike and I believe that throughout the schools of day many of them looking the site in a nice house in a nice car and a wonderful home for model son grandson all the results of beautiful thing glass this week for your wallets of some is nothing wrong with them but are you willing to give it all up for Jesus that takes a lot of soul-searching it takes a lots of commitment but you cannot come into somebody you don't know is an outright to get married in a week often knowing this girl I'm sorry everybody even in worlds under 's what happened we drunk right you have to know the manager committing to I believe most of you not all of you know this man because he was committed to loss and he sacrificed the whole heaven just to be with you me this was how much Jesus was committed the great economist he says all of heaven was supported in this one Jesus Christ do you know that every free back on but have given has been given you know that she cannot do anything more than a month and I've already could figure out a breast getting when you would why is he loves he was compensated for the house and years of sin never changed his company two thousand years later the day that God is still the same but how about you friends how much do you love Jesus how much are you committed to the unknown God 's call to us is not such such as superhigh quality that we get scared of it you know that I met many people they look at me and said I don't want to live life like you as a note warning ten years ago item above the life like me to I just have to slide the influence before I share with you my story out to meets with sex found in blocks shots into him says is that a lot of passage all we read about the mock chapter ten this rich young ruler is to combine and he just walked away and Peter while all the disciples be like while I'm one of the disciples shall surely I must have this experience look at verse twenty eight this is off of the original rules away computer began to send an long we have left all and followed the view is even more one hundred and one is Jesus a verily I say and see there is no map that hath left house all brethren or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my sake and the Gospels but he shall receive what all hundredfold now when now in this time houses and brethren and sisters and mothers and children and lands and prosecutions in the world coming suddenly persecutions for another day the review but have tossed out as fast as Jesus would argue about everything in Jesus in no way has done nobody but that he gives a little blessing because if you do you will receive how much one hundred and four West you know those Amanda Solis is all this promiscuity to the one thousand nine to put it will often have you know that a hundredfold gone is not a get rich quick scheme okay he is not the stock market he knows the last thing that comes for those that you have read the is a blessing that you will see in this lifetime how do I know of experience I graduated in two thousand from a scholarship course in Australia Swinburne University for those of insults really before they paid me for three years the study in other regard for three 's nineteen ninety eight two thousand four you yesterday I didn't know what I wanted that no I didn't want to do medicine because of the smart enough right I got to this cause amazingly scholarship costs eighty nine thousand Australian idea to study buddy and when I graduated from University of Asia twenty I paid on the Toyota Camry at a car I got a good job amazingly it was the only child I was able to get my grades up so bad but I got a good job and good company Price Waterhouse Coopers as a IT consultant wine because it interviews uninhabitable because of my great I guess it is accepted by God into a good job the Lord blessed me with all these things had a car paid off coming into work again a safe and aborted an apartment in the city with my brother and not we lived right there for one year life was great I absolutely was not long everything was going well financial the ones being in my life I was troubling it was my job I told you I did I see because I like to play computer games when you start coding to create computer games lots of fun anymore I think that my job I was the latest I could be to look at the earliest I could leave from work I was not interested in corporate I don't care about going to the bar and drink with my manager and you know whatever it was I wasn't even interested in clinical but I hasten like to and during this time as well something else happened in my life the company that I will fully seventy two US from Australian betraying full one month to six weeks and it was then that I threw out everything I ever believe during my university days my life is voting in Osborne as a result and I began to pull you know when this croissants with the pork meat in there all alone because people are taking it out I disputed along with the enlightened business dinners that we had brought cost fingers of wine everyone's drinking okay let me drink with them don't drink too much you can drive home when I was only begins a syllabus for some reason my conscience never troubled me until I got to work and they sent us off to Florida to train a in IT stuff to get us up to speed and it was then that I stopped going to church play golf on Sabbath I went to the bagel to remember that what one place what they go international and what I would steal seven thanks some more I brought my Bible with me but I never opened it and it was that the that the judge elected me to be the usually I came back as I knew that it was hypocrites that told people of the church and synagogue I don't want to feel like I'm going to charge them all good at holding because friends it's so easy to play church so easy all my life my malevolently wet jeans the charge have to go in and I and and and I sure so going on is very easy to shut high whatever Mozart was a big deal in my hearts but so I went from being the use leader I came back in a synagogue the real when you're not I'm going to give you what you collect don't want to spend all my time going to church and not following you I know when that end up in hell Sloan might as well have fun going argue with me because there is something you young people that are here that you grown up and schedule your life when you come to judge and a half good habits that you don't know who Jesus and when you say you won't even always I don't go to church today is able to be sold over the Sabbath is the back side here in the visible peace University going to children all of a sudden you don't know you feel that even though I was thinking it was always breaking the Sabbath when unable to trust I came to my senses alone this religion is not applying or I don't want at all it is always yes I went to church because my you know when I was younger visiting his old address and no longer a choice months is what would you say get in the car you go what I want you going to change it wasn't even a choice but these things at my young age help me develop good habits a map of good habits of thoughts on it my daughter comes in the dress clothes and you go to church all things that go same thing by the way I love my daughter I don't abuse their the Bible says don't spend on your child amen amen and over get this lesson but finally I arrived in two thousand one I wonder this religion to be real I wanted to stop playing church so synagogue or other real or you're not I'm giving you your I'm going to study the Bible don't think I was some slot personals on I did not read the Bible from cover to cover at the taste of the seven series apostle that come and call us one-on-one all these case on why but I will in a series on Daniel I began to listen to it and we had to write all his words down my goal is was what inspired when I had to watch sports with the Bible check this is what this was the beginning of my Bible study and should I say my journey Jesus and Haughey I'm a libertarian and I would go to movies another eight months we saw the looking for training I was meant to go to US at one euro from my work two thousand and two January to go and study and the school closed down one at this time what is it about Augustine will go to another school okay taking a month off made application they said what's your major so I don't have a major on this coming here to study and then off the one year I'm going home back to work in my IT job as a know you promote was easier to choose a major okay which is abominable to Bible classes hospital evangelism okay nothing I quit my job and my parents thought I was crazy I think his stock in life is going so well when you do not it's as if I let like that among such as the discussion before it gets worse luckily I was supportive brother and sister my dad is very supportive of what they did I did today you know that it is because of my father talked that today as I told you in two thousand three at the end of two thousand two I quit my job I went to study in this theology school and also full month I knew that this is what belongs I found the joy that I never had an IQ book I finished another finishing the degree of been selling the loan ever since I met my wife she said all I don't want to be apostles like you know so don't worry I don't be possible I was cold I want to be a chaplain for a high school possibility was my pasta you still like pasta even though he only let people growing he married us my wife and I went to Taiwan he was a possibility he was leaving sent and wanted to try fostering is no know I want you to just give it a try to no thought of making plans to come at Malaysia find IT job over the kindergarten finds a way to earn money because my daughter was about solutions on the way she was cooking so I wanted to provide for my family and my dad to eroticism what you doing the same that is what you doing when I put my aikido he said if you don't be a positive wind writings also many years ago and I felt like that was the Holy Spirit speaking to me I kid you not it was the cause of mine that I gave posturing for trial and my wife gave tossed his wife I try I think she does a total letter writing my the Lord confirmed me in this ministry was living in April this year someone I really only been seriously posturing for two yes there are people living booking as of half the eighty nine ten dozen is the longing what a blessing upon both legal maze God has led my life today we don't even own a TV in our house we got our incident recently just use a phone and I want today I'm living with my in-laws I don't even have a hole in my own people in my life and so you know what I want such a life well you're missing the joy of what comes with selling the Lord amen I believe there have been numerous blessings that God has given Sydney since I quit I see I thought of looking for him you know in his San Diego my brother as my witness and my wife has another witness at his life as a witness we lived in a ten thousand square foot mansion for free fall living rooms a fountain inside the master bedroom classroom is the given my bedrooms and when you follow God you cannot out give a man just when you think this is it for life for the rest of the life he gives you something that you could never even afford not how hard you worked the blessings from God have come real in my life but friends I did not follow Jesus for those blessings I did not even know that Bible text what I left everything I just wanted peace in my heart I hated my job and God gave me something fulfill I like the life that I was living and he guided me in the right because I said Lord I'm giving you one I just want to know who you are I just want to know what a true Christian is I giving you want to ten friends at one yeah still continuing every day with every time I changed job or I go to different places new challenges and it's still testing friends are you willing to give God a serious try in your life Jesus is it any man comes up to me he must take up his cross his own crops and followed there is a cross for us to carry if you want to follow Jesus I'm not trying to just paying you all the good things because in Luke the model told us you need to count the cost of following Jesus if you don't want to go all the way then why are you even sacrificing a little is like this if your relationship and you know what you don't like this girl why do you continue to spend money on right just breaking off cry events move on but many people have one hand with Jesus at one of the world and their scatological or even friends why not give it a try and see something so you have what you have to lose it all and I gave my one G 's unilateralism think maybe just a bit of time to study what I lost nothing but in my network agencies as I tried what you have to lose heaven and the companionship of provinces of euros and a ten thousand square foot mansion what you have to lose when you say God permitting everything today one hundred percent on the delete my gain from that I throw out everything else under the change in everything that easily change today I'm giving you one hundred percent friends are you willing are you willing to give God in everything that you have if you are willing please say that will actually stand up if you are willing to tell God this afternoon in two thousand and thirteen before the clock ticks over is a God I am not sure about my outcome but I'm willing to give you one hundred percent distance pace you see what you want to think one of songs that evil is a eight says taste and see the Lord is blessed is the man that trust the and him at this moment as you remain standing Rosie is a singsong but I really want you to think about this commitment that should make of Jesus I have another call please don't sit down please don't run off but as they call now and share this song I want you to think about the commitments that you're making to Jesus in comparison to the one that he made for you many years ago this is cool for roadways who will not also on his status and for a seeing you in sanctuary you have no way will be in an I use him as long as a de novo name I thought my as you and is that an go and in and in and you eight is all so and as I is you are a Ruby is an English on your home he is a close society do poem is in you is the time is to raise in my soul is as a young age is that is your is not in and see you as so as to low and is so I will not as a on this is a is a you are longing for you will I do I is in seeing a longing to go and you know and I him to and is a you is will is is a will is a is a and you all will is that is is more than anything else you desire today it is you don't know got a note well enough to say I really asking you to say that I must see whether you willing to give God a serious try maybe there is some care that you read the table before you haven't read it and no to say yes I'm willing to give you everything but this morning you will say no one no more office gone no one often through Bible study because the only place that can give us contribute to his gear is not as you do the component is principal of blessing system is her come for cause unknown the Savior of no not enough to say I'm an even one hundred percent someone studied compounds of the sites my right side of the field as a social these appeals and often everybody wants you to be honest in your position the angels of heaven are writing these decisions I want to be serious when you come for life is too short to be playing around to show very real this is you know what color challenge unevenly baptize somehow somewhere my heart out there ready to get a hundred percent someone studies is anybody is coupled at this time I decided that I won't appeal to this even walking this Christian life for a while and maybe like me somewhere along the way you getting tired of studying getting tired of the work because this is the one will you allow slogan will study is not sure when God is leading and guiding your life you run the crossroads where I was twelve years and you like to take a break road is long you know what is going to know what I knows you will guide and lauded and guided me back to my studies I will go back only are you guided me back to my what to look an ideal whatever was that wasn't my decision twelve years ago Lord if you push me back to the ID Michael's arts and be happy doing it I just want to know that that's what you want and so you willing to take a break to come out and study the laws with the Bible and then get involved in his work friends not everybody is called the apostle wrote full-time missionary Daniels Hernandez for corporate people the still profits but I believe that many God calls to the full-time ministers for their scalable will not asking you to come forward to be a pastor or minister or a full-time welcome forgone I posses to give gone just one year of your life before the school plans that we have on us seven any money you are as long as I am willing to give you one year of my life I will call me to full-time work that's okay I can go back I know your blessings will be even more abundant but I just say in is there anybody else is a long I realize now I been playing with a one oh two I want to come out and along the series I'm giving you one you of my life since my chest and shell the Holy Spirit calling you and your frame the colorful the dorsal but I want you to come forward because it takes a serious commitment to move those legs of humans a health scare you my budget doing it for Jesus amen amen brothers and sisters are a you have the support of people here know what is going because were all the same boat together friends we need a Savior and that he loves and he's waiting Monticello nine cents but because my mother the harvest is ready we don't need new methods we don't need mutual we need work we welcome is that an unknown person with Jesus than on membership and our tendons will moment the rain and is there anybody is willing to give their life just for one year for just one year from Jesus gave his life just one year anybody who rule if you feel the start calling friends don't push it away taste and see the loan is anybody got bless you brother God bless you unless you I don't know what the future holds for you the language of prayer in your lives in the hands of God who knows the beginning from the end he will guide you on with this decision you have me as only him Sony kingdoms to talk to your life as father Lord of glory thank you so much for this in spite of all that we've gotten use the she is also revealed it was smiling and reasoning what we've said in our actions and how we have lived you are still giving us another time on police be with my brothers and sisters heal for those that want to study the Bible the reuse satisfied the hungry and long for those who come forward to give you one you know Craig that when this conference and for that fire would not dine that as we follow-up with law that you would give them a blessed experience in law did you lead them back to their work and their studies I'm craving you more about your blessing upon the role of a skillful we stood because we want to give you everything everything that we had all that we why because Jesus is better than anything that we can ever call her or you give us space is something we pray to Jesus in a media was brought by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe the more certain that please visit www. on universal .org


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