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Overcoming, Victory, and the Brain

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films




  • March 7, 2015
    11:00 AM
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facility no money was cruiser. my wife is funny is that we have been carrying this restoration series here and it's been a real blessing. so far, my wife and I we have a ministry called anchor point films we produce documentaries, legal runs, archaeologists, historians, theologians, scholars, health professionals, and we make documentaries both about the Bible about history and were making a health documentary. presently, what can be done soon and we've been traveling around for years and a traveling on for probably close to fourteen years and we live full-time in a motorhome anything here in Loma Linda, Celina and Loma Linda for the next few weeks, cinema move onto the next place we know and is a real blessing- silver glass to be a part of these meetings here we are really going on every day this coming week. every weekday that is Monday through Friday will be here in an unsound to let you know my thing we have one engine at the Randall amphitheater. and that message in particular is called sexuality pornography insecurity were to look at the science behind some of these things religious on the spiritual aspects revealed to what happens in the brains of individuals as they become addicts and pornography. it is amazing to see what happens in the human brain is probably the most prominent addiction in society today in the Western world in Morgantown back in the evening. right here is original amphitheater at noon every day of the week NNS seven o'clock right here at the campus culture and not anywhere to be looking at overcoming the temptations we all struggle with. that'll be right here, seven o'clock, Monday, and then this message right now is entitled the injury in the green victory in the brain really talking a bit about the brain this morning before we do. I just has a good bow your heads with me for a word of prayer is five heavenly father. I am thankful for the opportunity to share father and the reality is we desperately need Jesus. we need a deeper experience- and father. we need your Holy Spirit to do that which we cannot do. we cannot change ourselves. we can't make ourselves naturally better in some capacity. we need a supernatural influence to change us as on pleading with you that your Holy Spirit will rain down just now. father were living too late interest history for us to come to a service like this and just leave the same person I came sans training your spirit would touch my mind in my mouth that would only speak that which is glorifying today is us, and it shouldn't hear 's hearts as you alone can do with your Holy Spirit. we clean this announcement is not because of our worthiness, but because of yours, and we believe this because of our great need. we pray in Jesus name amen. I am fascinated with science. I love to look around and learn new things. I like this study and what are its things in health science on fascinating with. I love to learn about the science of health and one of the last frontiers of science is really understanding more more about the brain. how does the brain work and really weird. we are just on the edge of discovering we really don't know times about our learning more and more every year, scientists are discovering more and more, and there was an idea formerly taught simply that the rain at a certain age as you get older. obviously the brain grows and so forth. when we got to a certain age. basically, your brain became the just kind she just stopped at that point knows about the end of it, and you couldn't change if you are born a certain way that would probably be my fastest something out of them. when asked who you are. don't deny yourself. that's just who you are at the brainless base is has become antiquated idea. now we realize there are several different many different experiments. the brain actually can be changed. one experiment that was done I was looking at the minds of people. the brains of people who work teachers outlined sheltering in Spain. these of these figures what it is. it is very interesting. they wanted in these features and experience of what it is like to be blind not as different kinds of wine is this legally blind readers still see a little bit and it is a you know I'm a friend whose legally binding his extreme television series called wine with a disability might still actually read a computer screen. the design phase until quite that's a form of Linux, but when you think of total blindness and summary was totally one has no real light or dark his life and no idea. it doesn't even register because they've never experienced that is what they wanted to do is get a good idea to these features of one of his life to be so lonely, utterly blind and so what they did is they come in there I thought this was a simple blindfold is now my eyes are closed. I can tell it's brighter up your Christmas lights up there and I can tell it's darker tone. the miser close the light steel penetrating my eyelids, making into the reckoning. going back to the rear portion of the brain. the occipital low and so I can still see that so they wanted an inexpensive null light whatsoever is a completely cover their eyes so intense and so dark that note, informational stimuli was coming into the back of the brain when it happens very rapidly. within days they began to have a heightened sense of hearing very interesting. now, unfortunately that we typically more complex than this with an example. typically we think of the information going to the rear portion of the brain. the occipital lobe with a portion of the brain has to do with site and what was that part of the brain see information. any whatsoever to the woman, maybe just one format, but actually what happened is within just a couple days. yes… we eventually something happen. the information that took place from the tactile sense that is the sense of touch or feeling began to be released in the occipital loan and also the sense of hearing also began to be related to the occipital lobe, consult this idea that a brainless is just stock after this is not true. the brain can actually be change the brain can be transformed. they did another study that also gives us some more insight into plasticity and this study was done in London. how many of your governmental London and a good amount of now one minute. if you remember the streets of London are different in places like New York City, has anybody ever been to New York City in New York City. the streets are parallel and perpendicular, never a simple and it's not that complex. the figure something out a few notes on history and history. it's agreed instantly figure out what in London is different because it is more of an ancient city and being updated plan all-out just became what it was in the streets of Kirby and there is not a lot allotted to them, and an opportunity to be the most cities are to travel to most cities and not what they discovered was in order to become a driver in London Academy in London, you have to take a particular task to prove that you can navigate the system. they are in London. they want to make sure that you can do this before you become a cabdriver said the thing is that which they have to be quite proficient with the old workings. they are in London and increasing and so he takes a lot of thinking. in essence, they have to have a minimum mental map and integrated part of your brain has to do with memory and spatial abilities is something called the hippocampus and hippocampus has different functions and so, in the course of the laughable campus has to do with your linguistic ability, your memory, language, and so forth. of course, in the right side has to do with your ability to remember spatial things things. maybe, like maps and even understandable working on the system. consult the inability stands on the brains of London drivers and what they discovered was very fascinating. they discovered that one of how drivers physically larger hippocampus, I mean or average individuals in the world now we could account for this fire one of either two different things. either of these individuals were born destined to become County drivers in London, or they were what they were thinking about actually changed the physiology. the physical structure of their brain and obviously it is the second of those two options right, what we think about and actually change our dreams. we are not stuck the people we were born. we can be changed. we are talking about the brain this morning and there is an aspect about it. that is, physiology, but there is also a spiritual component to this transformation on wants to do. he wants to work a miracle in our life informed of this kind of a recipe, I believe I don't even know that he intended it, but there is a recipe for being transformed in Ephesians chapter four of you have your Bibles directly to Ephesians relations East Asians were looking into Ephesians chapter four and the most important part of the equation begins in verse twenty one, Ephesians, chapter, or verse twenty one as the former twenty one, when you're there with you. please say a man all right, let's look at this business at the former 's twenty one says, if so, Lieberman is starting really midsentence born in Morgan and Morgan find something your thesis. if so be that you have heard him if you have heard Christ and have been taught by ACM as the truth is, in law, Jesus the first part of our equation that Paul talks about them being transformed in becoming a new creature and being totally changed in our minds is to learn from who do you sense that we learn from Jesus. we need to be taught me the winning note that Charlotte as it is in Jesus. this is the center of everything in our life that Jesus is what we look for Jesus is our greatest desire and passion. nothing to think about when we wake up in the morning. we need to learn from Jesus. this is the key to all things in our spiritual life. Jesus becomes the center that we know the truth, but the truth without Jesus can be dead and lifeless. is that true outside of Christ. the truth can be an ugly thing, because we can. we can teach in a way that can harm people repent true believing the truth as it is in Jesus, we can gain something in the sunshine on a daily basis with our Savior. we can talk about a bit during the week. Jesus gave all cross Jesus and his lifestyle on the Bible says in Mark chapter one verse thirty five and he went out and departed into a solitary print place in their trade. Jesus had a connection daily with his heavenly father, we need to learn of Jesus on a day by day basis. we need to be changed, but in the passage goes on us in Ephesians chapter four verse twenty two. Paul says that you put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lots also, you will easily offer from a conversational one is an Internet that old English their network conversation all uses at least that we reading the English anyway network means your lifestyle, your former manner of living ceiling for your old lifestyle seen many times we discover there are characteristics in our life that are not right. we want to change the sweetest for them often. Paul says that you put off concerning the former conversation the old man, behold myself forgot away anything that has deceitful loss. another reason their deceitful is because what happens is when we all understand me believe that those sins are to bring some happiness. sometimes what the Bible says that it's actually deceitful because they don't really bring us what we were looking for. we don't find peace. we don't find you like, we don't find the happiness that we thought we might somehow choir as a result of all grabbing hold of that sin is put off the old man, which is corrupt according to its deceitful officer for the old lifestyle, not the trouble is, sometimes we try to do that. so let's say you have a characteristic communication, maybe just some negative habit that you have admitted something anybody knows about, you know that you have it in your struggle winning essays as a side effect undone. this can never do it again if these the site after I'm done nothing and then you will maybe you have is that in my life where I decided enough nothing to do this anymore and maybe he'll make anything until maybe it will make it illegal not to fall back into that very same scene. I'll bet I'm not the only person that is experienced that because it doesn't end there. if we just try to put off the old man, we just try to change ourselves. that is not enough. notice what he says they are in verse twenty three and verse twenty three, he says, and you know, in the spirit of our mind. you have to have a minute and change our greenhouse ceviche in order for us to find true victory if we just continue down the same path without knocking on the ideal is for me something I don't even enjoy doing anyone totally. but we all actively and Paul says listen to the charges. this is reason number one learn from Christ immunoglobulin myself, but then you need to have a change of mind. your mind has to be transformed and a notice out what happens as a result of having a mind change. this is a first twenty four. this is an annual point on why new man in an man, which after God is created in righteousness and true while holiness civilization Gigabit Ethernet to repeat it again by way of repetition, repetition deepens impression that you begin my calling to know Christ is with him on a daily basis. you can't afford to miss a day we can afford to miss a day without Jesus is the first of all, we learn of Christ and as a result, we recognize when their things in my life that I got to go. I have his old lifestyle that has developed on the electoral but I need to be transformed in the spirit of my mind. my mind needs to be transformed and as a result, I will become a new man to become a new one. I got most of the office this experience ready totally transforms our minds. the parallel bars that all use is that all describes the co-op to the church in Colossae, he says, in Colossians chapter three verse ten is almost the same thing as we just read in verse twenty four, he says, and have flipped on and causes after three percent and a flight on the new man, which is when new in now what after the image of him that created him. this is what on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge. knowledge is actually transforming we need the truth as it is in Jesus. and when we discover: Jesus is when we behold this life. when we look at there on the four Gospels when we when we realized beautiful character in books like maybe the desire of ages, we see what Jesus is like anatomy, behold his life. we needed to be changed, but you know what, as we look at the life of Christ. we also begin to learn things about ourselves. not only do we learn about our own sanity and our own filthiness, but we also needed to discover how much Jesus loves us we needed to realize the compassionate. he has that he was willing to give up every single link and the more we realize are working. Jesus, that in my own selfishness on my own prime, not like that would mean we recognize how much you care for me. in addition, transforming in addition, transform all of us. that's what the Bible says that this is meaning to be renewed in knowledge. knowledge changes us and we discovered in modern science and knowledge actually physiologically change the human brain knowledge to actually change your bring a keep in mind when a shot of what's all stimuli to the eyes. it did not just shut down portions of the brain, but that brain area was actually yelled something to the place of that which was taken away, you understand. so if you let go of something, something is going to let former brain space, you will see something will come back to that area so that the general area of the brain and in the same way when we are coming to him. we just want to stop doing bad things and we don't even feel like his work in our thoughts to listen to him and filled with some at a lonely hill with something. I think after twenty odd message on the following verses forty three minutes and talk about these these demons and what is says this is when a man when he leaves an individual team lost in dry places, seeking rest, and finds none and is assigned. I was told in a house with typing from the Internet original individual may remember that the illustration Jesus. they visit and you want to find us and solitary places seeking rest, we find not find anything I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he was in his return, he finds that house MD swept and garnished. the Bible says the individual is empty. they put off till lifestyle, but they haven't been sealed. they haven't been filled with an experience with Jesus and they haven't been in the field with an experience with the word of God. and so it says that the result of that man is worse than he was in the beginning we need to learn of Christ. yes, we need to put off the old myself, we need to be transformed in our minds and support on the new man we need to put on the new mandated and other study, this time with monkeys and in this particular study what they did was think of these monkeys. not a very nice idea, but they get it unrelated to what they did was this each of these monkeys and in the standard green and looked at the brain mapping of it lately discovered okay this, I'm just giving you making up what was imagined. this is where regularly thinking is lighting up as I move my pointer finger to the looking of the monkey and a fine display of plates that that buyers as they move the pointer finger and as the monkey moves into middle finger right next to it directly next to it. another portion of the brain fires for the middle finger salute those bills. divorce is a you are here, but also close to each other touching in the brain. what you doing. last so they are aware out to be portion of the brain was that was moving and inspiring when the monkey was moving his fingers, I should say and what they did was similar to those monkeys in his sole. their fingers together number a nice visit with a soul among these fingers together and now what can happen with those fingers they can only move together. obviously right that those leaders can only look to what is happening and say that we still brain areas right next to each other, middle finger to the main point regarding the name you happen them firing separately when each finger. most, but when they can only fire together what happened is the end the losing and they became, as it were, as a scientist because they can only hold together a scientist came up with a phrase that they say those things that fire together wire together those things that wire together wire together. now this is interesting. any physiological sense meaning just for things like fingers, but we can actually see the children are personal experience to that there are certain things in our life Francis on my. my mother was a smoker in my data and he wasn't most of my life, and started thinking of Saddam 's insult when I was a teenager. my grandfather was over, my uncles were all in the family was over and they were all smoking cigars together instantly decided to give me my person are so I smoke my first cigar and I thought I would never ever become addicted to anything. I was a strong-willed individual I can do whatever I want with my far right as I sold my first cigar. then I got into a number of forms of tobacco, and ultimately, I became addicted to tobacco and what I pulled up in the morning he became connected to me that wrestling I needed is a cigarette. when I got are what I needed was a cigarette if I was not in a stressful situation. the Internet would come to mind was a cigarette, you could say that what was beginning to happen in my life is those things that were wiring together began to wire together, you get the point and we can have this feeling many different ways people can have as many on your wife says something really triggers anger, no think that fire together wire together, you begin to become connected in those ways you have anytime you go onto the Internet, your first thought is pornography. those things that fire together wire together a man may see a lady in a short skirt. his first law is a lost full body can be vice versa. you understand the point being is that things in our lives become connecting any of these ecologically, a part of who we are seeing is physically a part of who you are. it is spiritual. also, but it is literally a part of who you are. that's why to save your denying yourself. that's exactly what you're doing because it's physically. we want you are actually a sinner. the scientists then scientists and fun-loving dudes last name becomes a monkey and remember those divorces the brain pointer on healthier pointer finger work used together as it were and what they need as they came in with a scalpel and he talked the scalpel and a cut apart the two fingers of the mouse fingers could move independent one from the other thing is to move independent one from the other so what happened is those divorces of rain had become one now. as a result of cutting apart the fingers began to move on their own and they began to wish they went back to being able to fire on their own and so the scientist came up with another Grace at fire off our wider apart. these things can actually be separated. something that is united with the new can actually become separated somehow and sometimes they think God would just come in and just cut that for part of me just cut out a library right when any nice has no history of simple prayer by the state. all other plantations. when I would be one of which is that you are a very often. you know it's a long forgotten all my temptations await them. well, I can walk through life feeling pretty good and not the reality is gone. you know that we are an absolute modern need of him, and we need a continual connection with him that what you have is not to separate the things of the world, the Bible says, speaking of Jesus, oblivious to versus five three is what is mine to be in you which was also in Christ Jesus be in the form of God ought it not robbery to be with God, but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a service and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. the Bible says that we need to begin to have the same mind that Jesus has because online is actually naturally selfish. we want to look out for number one. we want to think about self. we want to think about this. what am I did receive what will I benefit out of a situation in the Bible teaches us that we need to have the mind of Christ Jesus, so we had everything all the pleasures of heaven is down for our sake became a human being sacrifice himself for the good of others. Jesus became a servant of servants for humanity. Jesus gave all that he is for me and for you and him experience that he is Jesus while he was on her also. we talked about during the meetings already misses up opulent point anyway. Jesus when he was in the in the wilderness temptation that is the temptations came at each time the doublethink and my guess is there in Matthew chapter one beginning in verse one is as then was Jesus led up on this year 's into the wilderness to be tempted on the depth and when he is lasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward an hungry. and when it came to visit it now. loving the son of God, community stones, the main drag and he answered and said it is these meats, Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Jesus calling in his free time and patience of the work to the word of God is that I live my software on my own strength, not one on my own power. because John five thirty Jesus said that I did on my own self do nothing. he was clinging to his father, so any deficiency. he claimed he would cling to the father and see the difference is with us. we are seeing the artist is soliciting is just a part of who we are, how much more we need God 's word to replace the temptations that we had gone to actually change our pre-existing, we have things in our life. so for me stress became united with tobacco that was conspiring together and wired together my life getting in the car. I was that was connected with having a cigarette waking up in the morning and was connected with a cigarette. we do have other addictions that are maybe not even sold you know politically incorrect as smoking or drinking or drugs. we can just have some kind of sin, and nobody knows about but it becomes so connected to. we are just. we are one and the same in this result connected with me just to get away from the reality is I had a scientism is, I think they shut off our brains would be the best Taliban office to us, now, and let us reason he wants us to use our minds/ up-and-down. he wants to. he wants us to let go of the old man, and he wants to change our minds. he wants to fill the mind with something better so that we can be transformed that we would have the mind of Christ and we would have his mind. we would be transformed and so God doesn't use a scalpel to cut away our sin, but he does. he was eighty four. God uses a sword to cut away our sin. the Bible tells us a new version of the former twelve for the word of God is quick and powerful, or the new translations in the Lord of life and living, and asking and sharper than any two and sword, piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow, and is a dishonor on the ending is on the heart. the power in the word of God is to discern the thoughts you discover who you really are. the Bible is changed every transform with the word of God, and what is happening is when the temptations, so I ended up discovering I went to a Bible seminar is still actually chewing tobacco. I will back and forth between chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. I could quit anytime I would just have to go to the other form of tobacco, every, every time I got to quit day of July, God is like smoking my and many times that's what people do with their addictions is at your legal one addiction to another, God was a fiscal one addition to assess for you. so what is happening less so. I learned that Jesus was released after three verse twenty seven. six. Jesus actually wanted me to get the victory so far, so I was learning of Christ, and so as you begin to come to the word of God. it opens your mind to something new. you begin to learn of Christ, and you put off the old man and then have to spend time in God 's word I see you becoming a preacher gone. we does that change your brain. I love smoking. I don't love anyone that's divine change, it's not me that I tried over and over and quit smoking. it was a divine transformation of the place changes began to think what I know about all this health may want to focus things for me. they told me about clean in uncleanness, and I thought you crazy vegetarians. farmland is kept owning my fourth affidavit and you know what the first time I went back to need. I got sick and I thought, hey, no big deal. I went on when needed again and guess what happened. I got sick again God. God was of news being merciful on me and allowing me to suffer the consequences immediately mighty benevolence of the study this, as I began to change. I couldn't really going to change me to change my mind needed to change my heart and God will bring us of what you have some temptation. it's all part of the, every time you want to think about pornography or your computer is just a part of God was to separate those things that have become united in you. he wants his word to collect your mind so that you find the victory is that you are transformed that he was safe. Jesus, I can diligently and any other temptation can't even remember scriptures can come to my wedding on the old idea listed the idea that Jesus had to overcome is the exact way that we need to have overcome ironically, this is not a magic trick. it is not a magic trick that you just cool universe, and then all temptations just evaporate is not a magic trick to try off anybody ever try to claim a promising entire life reason that several of us have you ever tried to claim from New England from sneezing anyway, I have inseminated but how does it work the Bible tells us English out of Fort Worth, while the context and jump between into chapter four is that the Israelites are wandering around in the wilderness, there being tempted, but are falling under temptation in English performers do his will unto us was the gospel preached the modern Hebrews as well as on sent them to the ancient Hebrews is but the word preached did not profit them, the word of God, did not prompt the Israelites why I thought where God is powerful and sharper than any slaves are criticizing the war did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it when we were not worth what we say Montague said he was the building of the victory is that you can change my mind was that somehow you'll probably must stay in first review ten thirteen and they can be victorious Fatherland, trusting in your promise is going to God by faith, trusting anything else thinks those great scenes that are disconnected who you are and you can separate them so that you are a new person. Jesus wants to give us a bigger share one simple experience of my life. Jesus is calling us have the same line. Paul says, listen meaning of the minor keys. Jesus was always trusting in his father is that I can on my own self do nothing. is it what you can do nothing and gone in the class, but the point is, Jesus became a human and acid was a human see if anyone worked miracles for himself. we can also be doing because he thought I handled it uncivil, but the point is Jesus. as he became a man, he actually became a man. and what all the strengths of divinity him suffer through planner is just like you have to and just like I have to recommend in the whole way through Jesus was clinging to his heavenly father, saying, I know my own self do nothing. I had an experience before I was married, but I was riding with who became my life on it. he was there with me after she was driving, and we were going to visit some people. and as we were driving there and I think this is when California also. I was in Oregon at the time, and we don't have this initiative. I'm originally from Michigan. the only time we really worry a bit about driving. as of this no real snowy or icy. if it rains, we don't even think about it is trying to does not really an issue, but I know at least in Oregon and I think is probably too hereto that it hasn't rained for real long time it rains the role becomes extremely slick. like I is out in California. I never really experienced that before. my wife was driving when driving on the road to currently have a like on Rocky Mount, but curvy road in the hills and as for going around these curves are my wife begins to fishtailing even feeling you realize how you slice out here were going quite as still as a surrogate Ishmael. she tries to correct what he over corrects and we start spinning the other way and then we start spinning the other way, which was where I was in the passenger seat is in our cars going sideways down the road with me. the passenger, you know, the first thing coming toward the accident. why is that money so I'm coming for you, never wanting on the rolled sideways. I see mailbox that looks like a and is coming right at me, but exactly night I was at my perspective. obviously, as I was coming for it we are all that is right where I am insightful. I decide I want my elbow up to block the impact and I still have the scars to prove it has a glass shattering the glass shot in your own in-home monitors are the airbags deployed in his smoke arises and you know you did such a dramatic exterior is that you come to and assist smoky in there and I imagine a positive light on fire- to have a car. I jump out of a window for the Windows window but I don't follow it. I climb up. it never occurred to me to does open the door and get out whatever, but so I jump out the window and leaving blood is coming down my head and my wife might now call me home. I think my girlfriend and my friend is there with me and she's looking at me in blood is like coming seemingly out of my ears and she looked at me to start crying because all this blood looks like me got destroyed my ruptured eardrums or something for his life. that wasn't the case. the impact for her costar, it began to it for her redness, so she had to go have laser surgery done on her eyes to try to start a certificate help on a long story short, after you know every notion leading inside of her eyes and she went to the hospital and I normally I do not insurance, and I'm not meeting of the conference webpage formula siding on the hospital and myself wanting to write so that my start. I will not afterwards she came out of the hospital later on we brought her to have dry surgery is massive because businesses. my last thought before we see attached before we came to the accident as I'm going like this in China blocked the impact the very last words that went through my mind with these theists is going to hurt. I remember that him, how they if I find my journal last loss in my entire life when the menu. this is going to hurt. I had a friend I isolated in Iceland for year license of the most atheistic countries in the well-defined lionizing these working as a sailor in the North Atlantic up there and if you leave your ship goes down in the North Atlantic is pretty much a death sentence. it wasn't easier to just you don't did you very, very quickly. this is very cold and he tells me the story that his ship was going down, and he knew they were going under and he says the war started going up, his body as the ship is going underwater to the very last words that went through his head were I forgot to pay my phone bill. how worthless is that I your potential laugh on planet earth. it is absolutely utterly worthless. but when I later thought about my last thoughts of this is going to her needing to be reasonable, are my thoughts. I realize looking back in my life right after I have always trusted in myself in difficult situations in great trial/ number being younger and having situations where we were in dangerous situations, and only thought of myself. I never ever thought I once thought about a growing. I only thought about myself and how I can get on him and thought of ways that I could somehow overcome incident was just a part of who I was on my own. any troubled me that I was now even my wife and I and yet I still wasn't putting in person. the greatest thousand one, and so what is happening. this is no massive testimony. this is just a simple expense of my life that I didn't know Jesus more. I spent more time at his word in your day, Monday- salesman in Simon 's word and praying and I was getting to know him more and I was getting to know Jesus, I can simply tell you that as I press for him. he became a part of my thought process trusting the Lord Dave, I think the time has come him situations. one will easily close call in an accident in the very first author come to my mind more healthy is not even a greater vessel is just so simple as the rain is a point where we really really really don't put Jesus first. God wants us to have that reward happened when I think I'm daily in his learning me changed my his Gospel meeting to be looking at Jesus spending time and at times, organizations, we can put to work, we does a father feels that there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man on his baseball will not suffer you to be tempted above that are able, but will with the temptation also make a weed escape, and you may be able to bear. finally, you said if I trust you and I'm thanking you, not because I feel it now because I do sense that I could overcome that. I know I can put you trusting my face in your promises and insulin shots that we cling to our Savior, we begin to have the mind of Jesus. let this mind in you. as far as meeting. there has been in issue in your life something, something that has been hindering your relationship with Jesus Christ. maybe is not an addiction, like drugs. maybe it is it is not tobacco smoking, but maybe this either way. maybe there's some seeing you have any. nobody knows what people do know when Jesus is calling into a transformed life. God is calling you to have the mind of Jesus, you need to number one besetting found his work in the number two to me to be cleaned to Jesus through prayer and bringing him his promises and say, but I trust you, not as I feel it so we do even half the only ever-changing by believing and promising a more powerful than I is if someone here this this afternoon now where God is calling you. we say this and you have not been putting me first. you've been putting in your marriage. maybe your bickering and arguing with spouse because, really, he found it is about me. first, or maybe somebody is struggling with some sin, NSC, this is never bring you happiness with God Salazar was such a great business that they are constantly in your entire heart, Jesus wants the status freezer. someone was saying God is calling me to victory in a sense that this morning and will all heads are bowed in all eyes are closed. you simply want to raise your hands. the Jesus I need student to read in my life, would you like to raise your hand just now, father UCR hands were reaching them out. I know for a fact that you father are reaching down to us just now that your hand is reaching down saying I know you can't even stand up on your you can't find a victory on your own and the father is saying this. I want to lift you walk just like a loving parent lives of their child that is fallen down. father I pray that you would give us a free that Jesus would become the central theme of our life. yes, we can be the person you called us to be. we can be a lawyer. we can be a doctor we can be unearthly to be whatever you called us to be really me. you actually be the center of it all and we actually put you first in all of our plans figure the first limited when we wake up with lots of anything else that immediately we would begin the day with you instead of the other things that the Internet would not come first, but you would come, first heavenly father. and as we do these things as we begin to will him to win the changes in the spirit of our minds that we would be put on the new man and that we would learn the truth as he views in Jesus. this is not just some psychology experiments. this is divine, that you have made the human mind, and as you change it if you just think it just based on science you have supernatural power to come in and change our hearts and our minds. we need your Holy Spirit to change is pleading for this in the name of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. amen. media was brought by audio, a website dedicated to the gods were reading sermon audio and much more. you would like to know more about our universe. the more certain it is www.. audio person or


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