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Lessons From the Flood- Part 1

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 29, 2014
    8:45 AM
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him setting where Don and studying is the word that we will do all we always begin with the word prayer so I might as I had me pray together this morning finally had we had come together at this early hour because we want men are from head and Lloyd I'm afraid that this morning we will be there with heavenly food lawyer please see your children which words in my mouth as she said to Moses teaching when I should say where we live in a solemn time of the Earth 's history the time when you are calling us to come up higher and as we look at this example of a wonderful man in the Old Testament may be desired a higher walk with you thank you in Jesus mobility and he would suggest is the sixth chapter genesis of the six chapter this is where going to be spending the time this morning and tomorrow morning the next few worships will be a part one and part two Genesis this is chapter annual universe that seen shifters is this any whole I even to bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh where he is the bread of life from under heaven everything that is in the birth shall die when I is passage it seems to be an awesome moron that God would sleep something like this it is contrary to the character of God when you read this verse that he would destroy everything on the face of the year while such a harsh announcement of the structure why did God say that he would destroy all flash that it would not injure men and women after all that were created in his likeness he created them as an expression of his character in the image of God they were created the crowning act of creation week and now just several hundred years from when not read anything the rest of ravens in how to go the bread of life he is now pronouncing the sentence of execution upon the very thing that he had created in love helpers wanted to a Genesis chapter six give us a little portal into wine God makes this pronouncement and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of year that the daughter that and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair took them wives of all which they chose as being in our Q&A session yesterday in a rampant all whole time together the idea of marrying outside of faith and is eloquently stated a couple of nights ago this is the only sin that is recorded in Genesis chapter six that is the reason why God wants the destruction of the earth the flood of destruction upon your no question was obviously this is a lot of specifically stated the intermarrying between the sons of God with the daughters of men sons of God being the lineage of set the daughters of men being the lineage of pain pain they saw each other at again you intermarry as a result of this the Bible tells us in verse five and God saw the wickedness of man that it was the wickedness of man was greatest in the earth and is finished every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was what only evil continually now my sister Margie and makes a very interesting statement here it says the Hebrew words signify not only the imagination but also the purposes and desires the thought of nanny imaginations Amanda purposes of man were only evil continually everything that man's thought at that time was evil continually good piece of advice was given to us in second greetings Jennifer Jennifer 's five the Bible says casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing them to catch you see every thought to the obedience of crimes imagination is a wonderful gift that God was given two months it's a fantastic gift that God is given to us in fact the imagination when it is we use only you know what the thinking is wrong the sooner closer to Xavier sorry friends but I cannot sorry but anything further in nineteen eighty one had a going that ennobles and enriches our spiritual life when we spend time in nineteen one was when Jesus went to the cross and gave his life as a sacrifice that is enriching and ennobling in the imagination as a powerful tool to draw us closer to him if you have some extra time some time and you find yourself in need of something to do take your Bible and read through the passages of Scripture that describe what heaven is going to be like read through the story of the last forty eight hours of the life of Christ and then in your imagination let your imagination grassroots scene by scene I guarantee that it on richer spiritual life this is not always happen in the end of the movie and world the Bible says they were using their imagination for that which is opposed to God their thoughts were only evil continually this unholy alliance between the suspects in the Canaanites was responsible for the rapid increase of immorality and wickedness in the world that was so prevalent in the kind of life that caused God can make a pronouncement I will destroy the earth with the flow now I hope this afternoon we get zero questions on this issue in our Q&A session because I believe it abundantly clear we don't even talk about the issue in a long the flood story stands as testimony I very between believers and nonbelievers as any other questions just read the story yourself and pray and ask God speaking I want to notice the emphasis here is eleven twelve continues the explanation of the condition of your says this all was well Europe is what before God and the earth was filled with violence and God looked upon the earth and behold it was corrupt for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the other was corrupted under the blankets and yes and no yes three times into mercies God says draw corrupt corrupt it was violent imagination of the document was only evil continually versus and it repented which literally means in Hebrew to be sorrow to be sorry forward to regret it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart I cannot imagine how we did it must of been forgot to get to the point where he was sorry that he had created he was remorseful that he had created man and list cell widget and the crowning of God 's creation that was written in the image of God had more dogs imaged so much that God was sorrowful that he had created man submits the state in person and the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the base of your both men and beasts and creeping thing and found a year for repetitive mean that I have made me Lord said he would destroy them will you little more of an impact here from inspired commentary tracks and profits page ninety one does this mean of the marriage relation nor the righteous property were respected talking about the flood whoever wanted to know why this or the possessions of his neighbor to them by force and then exalted deeds of violence fingerlike in destroying the life of the animals and the use of flesh for food rent and him still more cruel and bloodthirsty till they came to regard human life with astonishingly astonishing that was the flight that I was beautiful vast amounts of wickedness and that's what it's always jotted down you know that Matthew twenty four versus thirty eight when it is over before the flood they were eating drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that you know what entered into the ark and there's nothing wrong with eating drinking marrying and giving in marriage is wrong that what they were doing to such an extent that that that that perversion of these things became became hideous and grotesque in the eyes of God they are so much as a blessing that was in there at one time had an taken away so God said I will destroy the earth with a flood I think you're right I hope you seen the parallels between what we just looked at so far in the time that we are living in today we find that seeing is very popular in our society we got each other's possessions our cars property are jobs we got each other's spouses husbands and why it's we look at things that we should not be looking at we take me maybe I see life with us honestly in difference and friends it's not just those in the world reply life with astonishingly is astonishing in different ways in the Church of God Seventh-day Adventist who regard human life with astonishing indifference because we're not out there working for the salvation of the soul than people in the world throne and wishes desires not spending the time devoted in service to the Lord my preceding statement was said in the Q&A panel yesterday 's illustration of the example of folks that were ninety plus hour and still find time in their schedule a free Bible studies when one is the priority when embedded in the absolutely world that let me bring things into perspective and focus where the direction I'm going this morning the Jefferson scene let's go there please keep your fingers Genesis like that with just seventeen nineteen Mark Luke seventeen in verse twenty six says this week seventeen twenty six were familiar with this text that says and as it was in the days of Nola so shall it be also in the days of the one the Son of Man juices making parallels here Matthew twenty one Chapter seventeen between the destruction of the earlier kind of the flood and destruction of Europe in the end of the sports history anti-Semitism was on the news and no social immunities of the coming of the Son of Man if you want an idea of what will be like in the time of this and in the end of this registry look at a flat that story Jesus you say him him what it will be like in the last days now if that is true which I believe it is I find it interesting that Intel is spending time trying to rewrite the story of Noah I'm not an waste your time watching the movie no it is not what is other ways of hiding when it I didn't watch the movie I just read our articles on and things like that and it was so twisted in so you know the only thing that was true to the Bible account is that there was a guy by the name of Noah built above prebudget the rest of it was just kind of confident in the line of some Hollywood producer account of his facile story and Christians flocked to the movie theaters as if I was a religious theme and it's true seeing their understanding of this final account that God is less than a clear perspective of what the condition of the Earth is going to be like in the end of this Earth history and invasion is that God is righteous man of God as some sort of reigning Olympic and it was an angry at the world trying to keep people from getting on the art and set appealing for them to come on your time then that we would waste time as Christians spending time with foolishness but you know most times when we look at the story of life is a long time that is spent on the description of the wickedness of the world is a little time here this morning looking only for context but when you do this morning is this is the fly is an illustration of what the earth will be like in the end of this first history that means that no one is a representation of what people will be like in the end of the superstition I've always been this way if the salon is an illustration of what the wickedness of the world will be like in the end in this first history then no one is a representation of how the people would live their life in the time of awakening is busy and this is so ironic he was on a look at a brief biography of no one the Bible gives us quite a bit of a description of his character and worth time they can look at something that you would be Genesis chapter six and while you are turning their the word know what they know was simply means rests and after that was going to bring in a short period of time of rest upon the earth rests from the wickedness from the antediluvian world had been destroyed by the flood he had a great grand father 's father his grandfather was Methuselah the magnet the longest on this earth his great-grandfather in the newsletters dad was enough the man who walked with God could you imagine what it would be like to have a great-grandfather like Noah's great-grandfather with enough knowledge in descended from Adam and he was the second father of the human race team with four hundred and eighty years old when God said no I have a job no as the nine hundred and fifty years old sitting in that no one was in the middle of his life when God attacked him up to do this great work for him another solicitor in the audience that are little more older in age and not simply as an illustration for us that God even has a great work for us to do in the line of our life not just denying you in him to people that means that maybe now gone not ready for you to do any work for him of course he always has something for you to do the meeting the great work that he has the unit is somewhere later on down in your life in front of your life so we must find time to always been willing to give God 's bidding whether it's early in our life in the middle of our life like the end of my life we never know when God is going to attack us up and call it what you will race work for him was the prime of his life and God says I have a great work for you Mercedes and Genesis chapter six the Bible says that but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord will not find anyone point me in the Lord Soviet Union how many one of my grace in the eyes of the Lord praise God so everyone is going crazy I like me we ask yourself the question how do you know that his life so that he found grace in the eyes of the Lord in the Bible gives a description of his character in verse nine eighty one one survival underlined his verse if you're not than just putting star next week in your notes Genesis chapter six in verse nine looking at the biography of knowing here if you says these are the generations of Noah Noah was a one he was a black Joss man and wife perfect wedding what generations know that it would generation he was just he was perfect in his generations and no longer walk with God hunting you would like to see written about you when you're in your words just perfect in your generation and one who walked with God is that even if you're thinking about this but Susan always adjusted in the original context you're the original language is a literally means that no one was a righteous man what does it mean he was a righteous man and I'll come right out and said in Genesis chapter seven a verse one assesses the Lord said unto Noah come thou and all my house into the art will be I have seen or have I seen it what righteous before me in the theater is organizing this morning as we continue to move through this biography of know what is the theme of righteousness runs in his life is like is like AC Helmer thread that runs through the life of know what may he was just in his generation I was as he was a just man he was a righteous man he was a man of moral integrity that fear God more than he feared man he was a modern day not hire with moral courage doing what God said instead of what the man said and what men the whole sermon talking about moral integrity and courage we won't go into that any longer but he was not a lead man he was a man of strong conviction he was a man who said whatever the Lord says that will I do listen to this matrix is probably ninety two it says under the prevailing corruption that there is a lot of Nola and many others labor what a video they labored to keep alive the knowledge of the true God and to say that I moral evil no I was friends with his life grandfather and in an and perhaps others the Bible says there many other species as there are many others who labor to keep alive the knowledge of God and when salmon swimming upstream in the time they were living there seems when I was in British Columbia and it was a salmon run my life and I went to watch the seven run in the rivers running one direction any salmon have a focused and going in the opposite direction they had at final destination that you want to get you home I know very few strong no waterfall is too high no obstacle is to be they keep going and going and going to the final destination even if it costs them their life was no trying to save the time of moral evil in the world what you doing what are you doing a young person can contribute to keeping alive knowledge of God in the country of Malaysia are you doing what you doing what you're doing sustained a child moral evil in your family what are you going to stay the time of moral evil in your home and your church and your own personal life what barriers are you putting out what is protection are you putting in your life to keep that moral evil from invading your spiritual life your family your community and your country all from more no less in the day and age that we live in then Bible says he was a righteous man he was just the right and moral integrity the Bible is not an SSN all was after he was just why was that he was perfect and I how do we mean by the author here it doesn't just stop with perfect but he says he was perfect in his generation and there is a movement of people and within Christianity think that it is seriously impossible for us to be perfect but the Bible tells us that no one living in the most wicked kind of artistry that he was currently in a generation that ended in a Hebron where there needs to be hall or complaint don't like you might think that anything only nursing all day and all short of the glory of God but I still call to a perfect man he was call he was complained because he was submitted to God 's relationship with perfect and no one was perfect in his generation remember no one is a representation of what God was an illustration of how God 's people will live their life in the end of Mister 's history and you know what everything a generation they were singing humanizing improving in our generation by having that whole and complete relationship with God absolute surrender to him when he's a man he was just the Bible says he was perfect he was surrendered to God and the Bible goes on it is as accurate as he was just he was a perfect man in his generations and the Bible says that you know what it was long gone now this is interesting to me because there's only one other character in the Bible that we would think of when we think of the idea of watching the God who is that the question is the first thing the consumer is not what it died on what to wear anything and we innocently come in his his his translation to the kingdom of heaven and as an example out of me I live my life as they would know when using known was one about sixty nine years after the non- translated to heaven as I mentioned in his great-grandfather and I'm sure I believe it is been lately I've been editing that no one had talked to him principles that you not using his spiritual walk with the Lord I can't leave those those examples in his own personal life and I wanted one record that no one walks with God those of us that anything that is a little bit longer this spiritual walk with the lawyer getting young people living in getting them an example I know I had a sample of what it means a lot when I explained them to explain to them the beauty and love how do you want the law is illustrated in possessing your life and I guarantee you will love it anyway I know what was the indicated in the arctic because of Enoch 's example by the city want to know as I thought about this is something known as short as one may not want to die and got Jason Noel Watson God and he has a point to be myself and all I know I hear it known that he and I got an easy walk with God the only thing that I now is there haven't heard Bella Watson God and God is okay with you from twenty years and tell everybody what they're doing is wrong and if they don't get in the Arctic women died because me him I meditated on these two men whom I will send one if they had vastly different outcomes would be the conclusion that I think you with this we aren't and while I know what you want and not but we are currently in the and the results of that walking was not in God 's hand because God has something different for every single one of these children he may choose you because you indicated in the freezer overnight this is because no one is making me a prisoner liking them in the Kia I don't know what he's going to accuse reunion but we need to be faithful and not in walking with him K J after Damon so looking at the characteristics of knowing here is biography the Bible says and what he was a one-man he was a just energy the Bible says he was a perfect way to generate innovative reliable so that he was walk with josh I gay if you if the flight is an illustration of the end of this Earth history than know what is an illustration of how God 's people will live their life in the correctness of this world history for right or he was just righteous he was perfect in his generation and he walked off the top of page ninety six Mister Grassley says this no one stood like a rock under the Texas surrounded by popular contempt and ridicule he distinguished himself by his holy a training routine and on wavering you are listening to this description of his character she says he had a holy integrity and unwavering faithfulness Howard Kennedy 's words for it was the voice of God through man to his service connecting with man as I can I think God was made in connection with God they hinged wrong in this strain will be strong in the strength of infinite power connection with you no as I thought about this there's no way that no one could have done what he did is know I have not been feeling walking with the more and we all want to use us to do great things for his kingdom from these types of events because they want to have a deeper relationship with God we all want to be used by him to be modern-day reformers not draw only selfish sanitation budget for the kingdom but it all starts with MySQL and Sun morning together with the Lord each morning walking together in the Scriptures and Bible study and prayer Noah would never have been able to do what he did he not been walking with the Lord it would've been a different story when I called just now feeling I think calling perfect man he would not have been called one who walked with God if he hadn't done his each morning each day walking with the Lord 's last question how would you want Austin really good right now because your round with about eight one one four is really good right now because the administrative and standing up and challenging us to get a halfhearted motions of the Khmer life the Lord in service to him right now with the right instrument for you go home tomorrow everybody's going to be gone you will be home alone in the stillness of your house where will you be there we're what you want to be where we are commitment and devotion to the morning have you made a determination to serve the Lord based on the people that you are around or is based upon your personal experience in the son of God no one have to encourage them along the review but not many know and learn how to walk on his own the Bible doesn't stop with these three descriptions of Noah's character he goes on the last verse of Genesis chapter six the Bible says this about Noah persuasive us didn't know what according to according to all that God commanded him so the what we call obedience and pretty in fact the Bible doesn't even Amber seven chapter seven verse five Bible restatement restates beginner and repeats it again it says and Noah did according unto all that the Lord had not commanded him what we call that obedience what was knowing he was a he was obedient servant it's one thing to walk with the morning and emotional time in the morning it's another thing to take the war tells you to do and do it it's one thing to be chosen by God to be a minister for him not to minister in the strictest sense of the term as I am a pastor in a church but ministers of God in sharing the truth of his Word is passed around and define that yesterday in a Q&A session but it's another thing to actually take that calling and to put into this in our lives in the Bible tells us that no one was an obedient man he was just he was perfect he walked with a lawyer and in the Bible says he did not hesitate we all want to manage him even if you cannot make sense to him knowing he remember inspirations tell that this time there had been no rain on the earth the water that what I wanted to run FEMA hasn't missed from the ground that had been no one it had fallen from heaven I know freaking this message brought in twenty years that there's getting why not that falls from the heavens that will come in the highest these will cover every piece of ground on this earth is the only place of safety was inside you may sense according as you know was obedient to God and this is my young friend he does not make sense in the eyes of the world to serve the Lord but it doesn't matter what makes sense for them it would make sense to God obedience to the Lord 's calling in your life we go where he calls you to go to the same thing seven oh percent you may view a way all of the commandments of the Lord will have it tomorrow morning worship tonight before you go to bed and say Lord I want to be like Noah I want to follow all and you can name I want to be written in the leisure of heaven that I am a shot a perfect man or woman and one who walks with the Lord and his obedience what I want to experience no was able to walk in the time and I want to walk in the wickedness that pervades in the world today what else do we know about no no vital something else in second Peter Jackson to second Peter it says something else about Noah's Jericho music and computers if you jump into and diversify yes no was character and minuses this infusion to refine since they are not the old world but saved means the guard and protect no one saved Noah protect no unguarded the person in his family a preacher online molesting a preacher of righteousness bringing in the fly upon the world of the ungodly so remember there is this this is to read this golden thread of righteousness that is running from the likability and I'm since he was adjustment when he was a righteous man and how it only makes sense that he was a just and righteous men that he would be a preacher makes sense so now he's delivering a message of righteousness the message that no one delivered in the title of life that will be destroyed pointing out soon called and calling people and are was a message of life is consolidation becoming the man of righteousness he was a preacher of righteousness here's the interesting thing to me for a hundred and twenty years no one treats the same message day after day after day after day as they are hitting your density are the Earth is likely to strike a flood of water is coming to a place of safety is in the art he brings the same message saying out a day after day for a hundred and twenty years and never got hired because that was the message of what some in our checks are always looking for new and fanciful theology something that single line in the imagination they get tired of the old ways marks of Bible truth that our present truth for this time they weary of hearing the message and where you are hearing the message on the Sabbath reform in the importance of keeping the seventh day Sabbath holy from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday and weary of hearing the message of how we are to keep our bodies is your healthy as the temple of God making weary of hearing rising through the message and mingle seeking the assistance of Babylon looking for something new and exciting but that wasn't no no one was injured same message faithful day after day after day after day because that was the message that needed to be heard at a time missing young people don't ever be tired of the wonderful Gospel everlasting gospel that God is given to us in Revelation chapter fourteen sixty twelve there is nothing more perfect the time emulating and that portion of Scripture and I think you get tired rest of the Lord awaiting your prototype phase a lawyer change this passage in my life and they trust and revived in my life and help me to see things in this house is that I have never seen even though I read it as if not hundreds of times he shall live my life because this is the essence of the world that the problems in the world and people spend time talking about how to reach the postmodern world with all these fancy little ill ways of reaching out to the postmodern world it's very simple friends the message that will be the postmodern world if the message of the three angels message of Revelation chapter fourteen point blank basically that's what we that will reach the message that the rising gospel let us not be weary of preaching this message as Noah was not weary of preaching hits the results of Noah's evangelistic series you will he was a righteous man he was a perfect man he walked with the Lord he was obedient he was a preacher of righteousness any prescribed written twenty years most of my evangelistic series that I do it for me and at the end of those four weeks I wasted I cannot infringe international security poignant and Hilton are and stand back and what is you the results of Noah's unanimously series how they were state-of-the-art in early and receive New York out of the hundreds and thousands of people that were on the earth that time so it is a numerical value Nola was not very successful once he is the man as the eyes of man observed his success but remember the story of know what is an illustration of what otherwise of the individual and little illustration they are a effectiveness of note was a nationalistic series that they were only eight people that were sending your integrated guide to family only got helplessly nonfamily members into the kingdom of heaven even some of the hardest people to reach our below is my business that in the last days contrary to popular opinion the majority of the people will not be saved the vast majority of people will make tomorrow morning as we continue to massage this story will be more willing to look at the face of the weekends crew were in that group of people outside the building is very interesting things tomorrow but in terms of human success no was not very successful along with him joy in who will be lost not seeing Jesus is on the way that we can do the talking and they never even knowing there was narrow is the way that we did on the life eternal unity John tells us in Revelation chapter twenty of the season run and in a prophetic panorama as he sees me and the one thousand years in relationship to twenty in person I decided to wing it when other sands of the sea we don't grasp that humans can't understand how many people are actually going to be long and leaving there were really okay when we might thought raising there and we think back about the wasted opportunities that we could and he is with us all into the kingdom and work for our own selfish is change our hearts and listen for profound love for other people to waste no time in the reaching out for the same time in our prayer was interceding to move man through prayer by John powerful thing that Sigmund moved by God through prayer so nasty and wrapping this up you look at Noah's biography by Manasseh question question is this what we are symbolizing the story violin explicitly state is begin looking at the parallels of it that it is their net parallels between the story of Noah and the end times what does the art represent in the spirit of prophecy only does not come right out pointedly and tell us what the Ark represented by it you read about the artistry of prophecy timing timing yes you first see our our safety what you call it the art of safety so I asked the question what we are provide for the end of the movie world in providing what safety safety from one from destruction from the rest of the women asking more questions what ultimately if you do still miss the message of new announcements implicitly like in the simplest of the of his message what was Noah's message simply put the message of Noah was given to the art and in a single no message was getting to be our now for the alluvial world to come in the art they first had to come all the world and coming into the our the arc of one now is peculiar to me that a relationship breaking up into this yesterday in the Q&A session that in Revelation chapter eighteen God is making a specific call and he's calling for people to come out of Babylon and it's the same message that no one freaks in the Bolivian time it was calling the absolutely worldly house of the world and into the ark of safety got been marginalized they are calling people to come how of Babylon into the art of safety of the everlasting gospel that will translate us by God 's grace of heaven it will be by the time I close there were two groups in the world around leaders to holiday ones on the outside and the ones on the inside this is no less message was polarizing its entire world down into two groups in the next-door probation close and no was sitting inside of New York for seven days waiting for that like to come the entire world knew when it will live those on the outside were ridiculing the man of God those on the inside will be in the document even though it did not make sense to them no as message to the world right down the middle of friends let me tell you something this morning the message of the some of the administrative no different interests that the world right down the middle in Minnesota last place you'll be a line of demarcation that will be drawn in the sand in all the world will know where we stand whether we stand on the side of righteousness always done inside of unrighteousness now is the time to study that message to the world now is the time to implement in your life now is the time to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God now is the time don't wait until you close that side of the door closing but make a decision now to obey God 's word and to follow the example of no elected notice one more characteristic in Hebrews Chapter 11 Hebrews Chapter 11 Hebrews eleven chapter and the sudden bursts this is the chapter of faith those that are counted as having great faith the Bible says by faith Noah being warned of God of things to not yet seen or not seen as yet moved with fear and prepared an ark to the saving of the house this sitting in his house by the which he condemned the world and became a air of the righteousness which is by faith in he was a righteous man he was a preacher of righteousness he was an air of righteousness no I has this theme was his way of righteousness that runs through his life but here's the thing knowing not just talk the talk but no one will give a presentation in a new Bible studies is always and say things that are very eloquent and very nice and very convincing but the question is are you walking the walk no I just can't talk to anyone who want in the final tells us that one in my second-guessing the world is that no one will read the passage by which he condemned the world it was the building of the ark and condemnation because the building of the art and the invitation that delegate was indication of safety they rejected and safety in themselves the spirit nonsense is this bigger capacity ninety five minus is this seed Nola 's godly man he gave the world an example when to begin the world the game the world an example of believing just what God says faith Faith is believing that God 's word will do what God 's word says it will be even as you gain the world an example of believing just what God says is this listening all I want on I is all all all a process in a VR when the Flyers game knowing I have a house that was destroyed in New York because all he had invested in New York when the flood came no one did not own any property is destroyed in the flood because when the flight is all that he had invested in okay no no as money was floating in the flood of the water because all they know what had he invested in the building of the ark everything that I know well all that he possessed all that he had invested in the building of the ark of safety in holding back to put it all into me to believe what God said all of his heart soul and mind that the world was coming to an and in and he had to do something to help see his family and anybody else that would come know I was not worried about building up his own earthly kingdom now listen to me carefully I don't want you to take this in the wrong way we do need to live in this world with unique properties between the houses we do need car in a job you need all that stuff the list but there is going to come a time in your life where God is going to do anything else the companies he sees no reason for twenty years it only wasn't until the end of that hundred and twenty years and no site selling off all of his property all of his belongings pulling out one one hundred eight and investing in the building of the ark was being there is getting closer to finishing right now you might mean that some data come a time where God says listen now the time to sell everything to give it all to the service of the Lord God for being legally became apparent when things on this world I couldn't invest in the building I so the question is this how you love the things that you have we love the things that we had for honest with ourselves we love the properties that possessions the siege the job whatever it may be things that we lost for but our time and our talents resources and our life need to be invested in building up our so my question to you this morning is how many of you would like to follow the example of Noah and when God calls you to sacrifice whatever it may be that he will willingly say yes Lord I will obey you and I will invest all in the building of the extent of the effect you desire don't do it unless you need yesterday for me in person sitting next to you but I'm willing unwilling when you call me to make that sacrifice to invest all in the building of the ark seat help me Lord to pull up the roots of the desire for the things of this world out of my heart later treasures in heaven Lorna Stengel forty this morning because we're impressed a great example of no one that he is given to us living in a time of wickedness that he was still such a righteous and oh God we are so far to go please help us I pray our characters are so conformed to the world in my social pressures pushing and all around us we are weak but thou art strong finally we stand before you this morning because we are saying please take away the love for the things of this world and give us a lot of things that are God give us a burden for souls is no added burden for souls give us a verdict in the radical in our work for you to go where you cost thank you father for these precious young people here in Malaysia that are making the stand of God created you will remind them of the commitments that they've made in this annual why she would remind them on Wednesday on Thursday on Friday on Saturday when they go back to school whatever it may be remind the more of these commitments and challenge them to follow through not just talk top one in the morning helpless and or I think even Jesus this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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