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True and False Revivals, Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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I would not open the word of God and would not go into class without prayer were in classes with reunion booklet and then shaken or sealed for the more powerful class is a class that we need to do some training people and injured his right father in heaven I want to thank you for the opportunity of coming in starting your word we could be any one of a hundred places today but here we are here as a group of youth and adults to pour over the Scripture to fix our minds on your word may your eternal truths fill our hearts now and forever and prepare us for in time to know Jesus and live with him forever in Christ's name and what you traveling on a train and train is going from the meeting in Minneapolis Anchorage Alaska and had gone the training night and incident free dark and haven't been able to guiding yourself it all by the scenery as you travel and will further you travel the more doubtful you become you wonder am I on the right training after all and they begin to wonder you needed to get some news reports I wonder is there a breach out will be infrequent in the morning we going over originally tumbledown will viciously need another train head on on on on track and will it crash and relate with this writer forgets the destination Minnesota stop twenty miles thirty miles forty miles of destination they got to get out of the train and walk to all these things going through your head will your knowledge of the train 's safe arrival at the final destination affect what you do it certainly will if you know that I trained easily leverage your regular before I give you know the trains they get his head on Roche donated a lot of desktop before if you know the transmitter to make the destination but you could stop attestation diddle event that stationed on another train going in destination you would do that your knowledge of whether the train makes it through to the will determine whether you stay aboard the train even has ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches the train may go through a storm the train may go through a valley the training they may have on ice on the window seat dancing apparently the train may have an overarching engineer the train and a few people in the and better serving your coffee it made me so many assaults and three as far please say it isn't going to strangely drink coffee using the train and she leaned that it out of that old I am over there the train may even have a car that plays the music and they religiously as explained in a certain way in one car in history citizens into the dream a NASA people go to school where certain things interested you wouldn't wear cooled off the train sightseeing off the train and on the train that have jealous the envy and criticism but if you know that alternate way of training is going through to the end the crash and it's not going to stop he forgets the final destination you are in Singapore the train and that's what I want to study with you today how is this train going through the Santa Fe unfinished church survived will God call out a few more from Adventism to form a separate body does the Bible teach a remnant within the remnant is that found in the Bible with a church split up into small groups and will ultimately happen where are we headed well if you take the material please enter to session three page three session three page three and you'll notice that God has two methods of purifying his church and what was I share in this session is that God is learning is a message different needs ever used before and method rather different things every as before to purify certain and not trust history God is always hear about to refine your search by calling out a faithful few let's go back for example to the days of Abraham your writing Edward Abraham to see what we are section three page three got called out the writing and Abraham Abraham from idolatry and got city brand it's time to move it's time to step out it's time to leave idolatry behind Abraham stepped down next Abraham became the father of a nation Abraham had sons and Isaac and Esau that he had an Isaac 's sons Jacob and Jacob had twelve sons made in the twelve tribes of what Israel is some of you don't have a dirty look on with somebody that does its wells they begin twelve tribes of Israel and so I call you writing in the nation of the Israelite Egyptian bondage so this is calling out this calling out throughout history got caught on a Brian history got called out the nation of Israel but that hasn't Israel apostatize what was God 's next move got called out what New Testament believers from Judaism some guy calls up New Testament believers and juniors so first because of Abraham then God calls out the nation of Israel they are his chosen people his select few that God calls out New Testament believers from when Israel apartheid system but that after the New Testament church continues for a while and you have united union of church and state in the days of Constantine the great apostasy and what does God do when there is the great apostasy in the dark ages God calls out for a while the reformers is to it so God calls out the reformers are the missing so God is always calling out God is always calling out God is always going out cause of Abraham calls up the nation Israel cause of New Testament believers reformers God 's method of purifying his church throughout the ages has been rather than leave in the bottom those who are loyal and faithful when the larger body of hostage sizes what has God done he has called out and in fact if you look at Protestantism and there is a Reformation alien that Reformation the Reformation ultimately needs a Reformation and so God calls on a faithful group of Bible students and they become the Seventh-day Adventist church that is the leave that they gathered up the general rules of the teachings of the reformers and that these chandlers have formed a lasting advent movement but here's a question will got caught a small group of administering with the I sure hope that we apostatize now as you think about it logically if God 's method were this calling out his supposed I wouldn't call a group out of the unfinished church and that's what offshoots do offshoots shoot off the salon shoes leave the main body and they say here are the errors in the main body here's the heresies of the main body here's a liberalism in the main body we need a meteor so they break all abortion law but time would last the same thing would happen to them and they would become apostates and they would be a small group that is what denomination and time would last what would happen that group would be apostate and it would be a group that we got out of there so God has a design is in time he is using the word shirt she said that I looked at section three page three left income the name for church in the Greek language is actually see anything that with me actually see a act means out and Clay Seo means call so God 's church is called out by Dennis Argos called out by now God is always called out of body in the last days God 's method is not calling oxygenating out so the difference in the last days is this always God has called out a small group who would remain faithful injured again now he shakes out the worldly liberal aliment and his method of purifying the church is a shaking out not calling out we find that in the book of Hebrews so please take your Bibles and turned Hebrews chapter twelve him him I will have a church that appears as fair as the moon is bright as the Sun 's Solaris is an army with banners and warnings on asylum God will be charged according to Ephesians that will not have spot or wrinkle or any such thing Hebrews chapter portable first zebra 's minute book of the agency rejected twelve verse twenty six and twenty seven let's look first at verse twenty five degrees twelve verse twenty five seeming you do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape who refuses it was felt on earth shall we escape if we turn away from the mistakes and have whose voice then shall the earth what in God 's voice is shaking the earth Sinai when David sentimental law this is thinking about a lot is whose voice I shipped to Europe now he has promised yet once more I shake not only the earth but also have at Sinai God shook the earth when he spoke any wrote the ten Commandments on his finger with tables of stone was at that time the world 's leave Israel was brought to the test of obedience to the will of God when Moses came up the mountain they were dancing around the golden calf so it was it was a test between what God said and what they did was a test between obedience and disobedience was a test between loyalty and disloyalty now verse twenty seven now this yet once more indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken as of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken may remain so the things that cannot be shaken what happens to them they remain what happens the things that are shaken what happens there they removed the reason we are not interested in all sure this is because they do not remain patient all we are interested in those things when they are shaken remain therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken we receive anything that cannot be shaken loyal to Christ faithful to the word of God recognizing that God is going to have a corporate people a church that will not be slid up in independent add-ons but God will guide these are through just as the meaning allows on the argument is now just as the waves are high in the days of Noah God sees it was upon that aren't getting it through the store anybody who says they knew that the only way to be a loyal faithful Seventh-day Adventists is to become partisan small-group shot off because they are the faithful ones these meeting you into a deception because the Bible says that which cannot be shaken remains that our civil rights comment on this if you'll notice session three page three selected messages volume to the box in the right hand side box in the right-hand side of the page the last quotation in the box the church with three together the church may appear as about to fall but it does not hope weight of the church may appear as well about the flow with some liberal elements later the church will there are either not understand were not ostriches and recognize the church may appear is about to follow but what does it say that's not what it does what remains while the sinners of science are well suited out the chaff separated from the precious we this is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless his native England and what is the difference between the shaking in the sixty four suppose I have a jar here mean that you are I have walnuts and beans it's a particular jar walnuts in beans okay if I shake the girl makes that if I should let you know what's the matter will not submit to go to the bottom and the beings in the top right so the shaking occurs as God allows this message of truth in the indictment of the Holy Spirit to sleep through a churches men and women are on their knees are seeking the Holy Spirit latter rain but some of otherworldly elements occupy your mind and attention some are grasping this call for repentance of their opening their hearts and crying out to be prepared resume gunning others are absorbed and occupied with the trends of the world so that shot represents the church is shaking shaking shaking it will show what brings the shaking souvenirs and shaking the design of the church with his separation now let's suppose that I put holes in the top of the jar and the holes working enough to let it be through and not big enough to let the walnuts through the shaking occurrence of the separation with me the same thing occurs with the corresponding leaving of the jar of the beans so today is a great shaking the second-place in the unfinished church there is worldly trends are sweeping through the church at times as doctrine is not totally in harmony with what Scripture teaches but yet there are those that are seeking God through those that are earnestly on their knees praying in the crisis breaks with the national son-in-law those who are already separated in their heart mind and lifestyle will be it will be you see for him though they had a time of crisis but until that time the week and Harris thrown together what Seo the harness will support the stairs cooperatives in your own heart and some people you may think of it haters they turn out to be meet some people you may think to be me they drove to be there and you may criticize them for what they were monthly but the criticism your heart is the cancer that destroys spirituality in your life the shaking will occur as a separation from within but don't take your the sixteenth when the crisis comes we'll reveal what's in the heart already the crisis does not determine what's in the heart of the crisis reveals within our excellent crisis that breaks will bring the church for purifying look at the great destiny for God 's church in Ephesians Ephesians here is the destiny for Dutch Church so the message of the shaking the surfing is not depressing message and I'll call message because God is going to shake and shake and shake and guys finish of the Pacific insistence that until God himself purifies the church he wanted to know is that by allowing certain events to your Ephesians chapter five we look there Ephesians chapter five verses twenty five and twenty six husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church what did Jesus do regarding the church Jesus did what he loved the church so yes in my heart understanding how the church 's liberal churches will appear up at Haiti is from my voiceover might pay a time writing critical messages I am writing against the preaching against destroying the very thing that Jesus was all for me let while it is critical of the bride price that Jesus loves as the Bible says Jesus was one that Sakshi and what he's a senator that he might sanctify and cleanse praise God Jesus is anything like what is your I think you and that's as when the washing of water by the word that he might present it what's the reason present the church to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but it should be holy and without blemish so Jesus is going to get the job done praise the Lord Jesus I get the job done will Jesus cry whose garments are not soil would Jesus have arrived without wrinkle spot recently would Jesus have a loyal drive that is only totally silly level of imidazolyl ring on after the world Jesus is in a wonderful drive but he is going to get the job done don't jump off the train before getting the final destination because the animals on the ship are not housebroken me know his will and his little sink at times on the ship don't jump into the waves and enough of the sharks let God do what God says he can do he can go to church he didn't hereby asserted and he indeed is going to do that know what the agencies that are going to bring about the shaking and who will be shaken out page section three page four therefore classes that we should shake it out first will mean each class will be shaken out then we will study those glasses the first lesson in a shakeout number one the world would the world second classical music shaken out the conservatives will show that the Bible was there drop us a what we mean by that term the world sources that will help the Liberals second was that it allowed service for the people that are self-confident and don't think their liberal or conservative I think I'm only going to position it out first the liberals second conservatives certainly the people that are so self-confident and I think your liberal or conservative direct lineal and fourthly the self-centered and don't think their liberal conservative or self-confident initial cells in the goal remains those around Jesus then those are in Jesus they are neither liberal nor conservative they were in Jesus they are neither self-confident there in Jesus but not self-centered was when Jesus but let's look at those and we shaken out and let's look at some new shaking is taking place in the New Testament times as a man by the name of the mess that we shaken out we find him him in second Timothy chapter four in verse ten his name was famous he was with the apostle Paul he went on Paul's missionary journeys he saw sold one for the kingdom of God Esau Paul making great sacrifices for the kingdom and a second Timothy chapter four and verse ten the apostle Paul talks about Venus it was a targeting us walked away those the time he was no longer walk with Jesus of the time it ended with Paul there was a time that is the deepest charges back on full visit time of the attractions of this world took him away from the preciousness of soul winning second Timothy chapter three and verse ten fourteen this has forsaken me why can enforce a few blog having loved this present world being the will this present world where is your heart where are your affections what do you think about what's the most important thing in your thought patterns the way you know whether you're genuinely converted or not is when you think about most of what he loved most you love the word of God the love to pray the Jesus fill your heart totally oriented fashion or some Hollywood star or some sports figure the question is not is the Christian in the world the question is in the world is the world Christian summit with this what is nothing wrong for the boat to be in the water as long as it's not a lot of water the boat is nothing wrong for the boat to be in the water Christians are in the world and I still problems in the world occupies our time and our attention to seeing all of us are going to have times in our lives where the were some aspect of the world grips us were something becomes predominate in our lives lives of those points that we kneel before God and we say God I'm a human being on the human being I will face challenges tests and temptations but I want you to know the one number one in my life Alan wake makes his faceting statement about this first-class deliver world-class she says that he'll find here the box on the left volume five page eighty one those who have stepped by step step by step yielded to worldly demands it is fascinating to me the line which the issues those let's step I spent you do not go from full all first that she lies seeing to open over worldliness in one step the devil is why is incoming and subtle so his strategy is to get us that taking one step after another step after another step after another set he takes it one step at a time a young woman sometime ago young woman early twenties told me a fascinating story she had been working as a nutritionist in a hospital she had a new job offer for a pharmaceutical company to work for that company the vice president took her out to eat and invited her to this lavish dinner and they suddenly want to hire you and were willing to pay you some place to start between eighty and one hundred thousand dollars a year no small salary costs he will be able to have stocks in the company we think your young woman with promise we think you have great possibilities and so we want to do that for you and he said to her where to offer you the job she was a Seventh-day Adventist that she thought and prayed about it she knew she had to bring up the issue of the Sabbath with him so she did and he said no problem at all you can have your sabbaths off but he said you know we do have just a couple sevenths in year two three four seven wonders a big convention in a shell and we will expect you to be there but I'm sure your pastor would sign a letter allowing you to develop how does you sent us here because really it's not a problem you have represented a look at limiting the quality of these new here and she said I'm awfully sorry but I cannot accept a job offer and he said what do you mean you're making a measly thirty five thirty eight thousand here on often ninety two hundred thousand I told you to have your sabbaths off and she sits there I don't mean to be arrogant she said for me it's not a matter of two or three sevenths in here for me it's a matter of conscience if I would heal him of that point I would heal the other points that ultimately lose my faith and in no job is willing to lose my faith you would think that that man would want to play like that he looked her in the eyes and said I'm awfully sorry but I can't offer you the job she walked away fully contented when she told me the story she was upset about it alone she said I know I made the right decision because it's not worth it step by what's what's that sentencing those who have step by step the first step becomes that it is difficult then the next step is easier the next that is easier the next step is easier until those with step-by-step individual demands and conform to world customs will not find a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to do urgent insult threatened imprisonment and death in this time in this time the goal to be separated from the dross where in the church sold the shaking will come when at the time of the crisis and those with step-by-step today and he will did to worldly demands will be shaken out there second group to check it out farther superficial conservative class areas and you'll find it here in the number two top right this is from great controversy basics twenty five the superficial conservative cost whose influence is steadily retarded the progress of the work will renounce their faith and take their stand with its about enemies toward losing to these they won't be leaving waiting attending cool is this superficial conservative glassware that those elected elders in a what plans is there theologically conservative it is so conservative that the charges become a social call the Salvation Army we love any help please don't bring anybody else in the gosling are twenty eight members with forty two members if we are we are the chosen field like the doubters like Tomas you know you have the church board meeting hate camping is impossible than before he was meeting twenty two years ago and only respond and I know that when we meet in another window into the air in the deviance is this visit have lamented out this element of conservatism this element he'll take the risk for God 's element that you don't tour is so passionately for God 's element that says that they're holding back to work hearts are open to see the community whom the Holy Spirit is working on they simply are content with the superficial Christian experience welcome to judge every Sabbath Julio challenge me on the Sabbath on faith that would like to I can't not like those liberal people don't bother me on Tuesday or Wednesday night I dislike on every Sabbath when is one thing we deemed all of the river claimant with a picture of Jesus is coming again and superficial conservative glass holding back the work of God I pray God will give us a generation that are sold out for the guy I have not had a nice loyal committed faithful sold-out urgings to reveal in their own lives the love of Jesus Christ who were not critical of others but who are passionate in their own life about sharing the gospel because it insists the supervision conservative class what happened to them they're gone why because after all all the they were physically in the church the hearts are really out all the time anyway on the church Sabbath morning and be faithful in my ties by watch twelve hours of TV a week and maybe study my sadness lesson fifteen minutes that's a superficial conservative bus their religious experiences superficial I want to be one of the world-class step-by-step and yield worldly demands neither do I want have a superficial Christian experience that is so shallow that the roots are not being that when the sun comes up and we destroy the vision of a class that singled to statement by all prayer heart I'm not going let cells will too bad for them let the supervision conservator on study Day by attending marketplace class and is already not know anyway second first Caribbean ship timbers well presented in jeopardy and was well maybe the ones are going anywhere and was the first of those on with her exhibit is the right place for us to have the incentive Denver Auxerre why study less advanced the more study nominees recognize that none of us had any stones to throw anybody else studies like this still going to be self-righteous and arrogant negligently on your knees seeking God when I look at myself there is no way that I will make it through the crisis ahead why look at Jesus there is no way that I won't make it through the crisis has first Corinthians chapter ten were looking very first Corinthians ten and were looking at verse twelve word says therefore let him peace and take heed lest he do what all those that think he stands meticulously thought on why excess testimony to the church trying six sixteen page one hundred those of that great light and precious privileges without improvement will under one pretext or another blog from us when they had greater life they think they understand but I don't think you are a full mail I flew here from Orlando Florida Orlando is the home of the orange in America shares that distinction with California and I've learned an interesting way to select oranges in Florida you have these oranges and these are intros let us how was thousands and the owners of the orange rose like Tropicana orange juice and so forth they go out and they'll take trucks out there and what about orange figures like these oranges opened by the tons of the truck the truck takes them back to an air-conditioned warehouse with his conveyor belt now let's suppose that oranges couldn't talk of this is not found in the Bible let's suppose that are interested talk and so the oranges are out there on the tree is one oranges it internationally as high as you in the truck drives up the automatic paper is in all of these oranges are stacked in this talk they bring it to air-conditioned warehouse and they think the artistic business Disneyland for the oranges in the same primers towards what I'm talking about Disney this is Disneyland this is one of the air-conditioning is so an important on the container the house for there are their asses off and on his phone it is further they are also available as they are not the oranges are going along and this is the resort are wirelessly doing they shall grade a D&C the sea oranges are the smallest ones it is going on is limiting conveyor belt thereon still holes are big enough for the CR invisible through a too small the oranges of offer that you go a little further in their souls think enough of and be oranges the fall through but too small to be a oranges for over and over seven hundred arches of talking around the orange trees a commissioner of internal revenue something to the conveyor belt the running and passing along is assisting with the arches this is wonderful this is a they come around the corner and encumber the whole Windows CE oranges the seasons and this is a precious and be easily being is amazing too bad for those little seas they went through the shake it out too bad for them and then when the bezoar around the corner and there is a hole big enough for the beings such as long as it will be used as orange juice Tropicana and will and may say to those leaves in those cities those are the little guys those of me knows they only studied a little bit every day and know that much of those little liberals of good using our what she was Larry is about evenly a Avenue go right around the corner and there's only one eighties as a whole we interviewed over is only enough room here on earth they are elves had different currency and her holes for you the solution is for the owner will have to hold you in his hands he never comes over the weather persons a liberal when they're conservative how everyone uses charms which I really want is a way to world would anyone use whatever so self-confident whenever that person is in the hands of Jesus our lives are transformed and changed angles and shapes us it is an endless he fills our hearts and minds of his word he strengthens us the crisis ahead there is no need for you to face the future with the basin with absolute confidence in Jesus Christ because it is by Jesus through Jesus because of Jesus there is no way to revision there is no way we do know that other is with a critical viewpoint we rather fill our hearts and minds with a lot of grace and goodness of Jesus no notice was finishing up the world with the supervision of a self-confident that are the self centered the self-centered those whose religious experience center is around the self early writing says bottom of page for the mighty shaky has commenced and will go on and all will be shaken out who are not willing to take a bold and yielding sample through the sacrifice of dinosaurs in other words results the lives of their lives they're going out nowhere the agencies that it was the shaking we turn to the next page this is critical this is fundamentally different hardware class now you see in the last days the ICs of the wins and below in the last days take your Bible please turn to Ephesians chapter six in the sees him every man of the highest visited flowing everywhere you're looking thereof the book of Ephesians and that the Bible says in Ephesians and you're looking there chapter four verse fourteen is actually Ephesians four verse fourteen that we should no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with free meaning to talk to want to blow everybody every wind of doctrine this material is not in your booklet even write it under his feet if you want your notion of stage right at the end one page over every wind of doctrine and some of the incident below there are seven wins and a blow on the church before it on the world before Jesus comes it will be the world wind of lawlessness that's little means it's a blog with lawlessness building the icy breezes of formalism DC suburbs icy breezes formalism is one of the church today the church becomes formally cold as the icy breezes of formalism is everyone in a fiery wind of fanaticism that dabbled in some churches organizing window formalism definitive missing some of the fiery fanaticism there is definitely as the deadly pestilence leading breezes of Harrison Hillary Sutton is that they need to carry on the winds pestilence it's definitely the deadly pestilence laden breezes of Harrison there are the gentle sounds of waves and one of South Korea's a self-righteous deal brings in more projects to visit every wind of doctrine the icy wind of formalism the delegates of people I him firing with him this is how we have a life will get the Holy Spirit way miracles signs wonders and the fire when it confesses a legal way from the character development like Jesus and studying the word is a deadly pestilence he braces and harassing Harrison will come in there's a gentle satire is just as little jet deliveries consciously the dust storms about never traveled to Oklahoma with a dust storm blowing the dust envelope what happens is also knowledge insinuating doubt isn't real sanctuary in heaven hunting maybe God used multiplied millions of years to bring the world into existence down down down down I'm maybe the Bible is more culturally conditioned dust storms about individual outing in a sample of their foundation so you got the icy breezes of formalism in a fiery wind of fanaticism that the deadly pestilence we hate laden breezes apparently the gentle zappers of latest significant dust storms about you have the whirlwind of lawlessness I said that thirty six and twenty six right okay one more negative than right bases of the perfume laden breezes perfume only brings the perfume just blows me and in your eyes with those perfumed blues and raises a pleasure you smell the sensation of pleasure and intoxication when that's all you can think about it and mesmerizes you these are some of the wins of any dwelling now notice here are him fascinating Bible passage one of the agencies of course the shady okay number one and someone you looking on page six section three for the physical it was a shaky number one is false I want to return a second Timothy chapter two of you have not seen this before in your Bible is quite fascinating second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen to seventy the more I study the New Testament twice that of the apostle Paul in the things that produced a shaking in his day the more I see that those be repeated in our day the second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen through seventeen and eighteen women read and I think that transaction sensitivity to fourteen to nineteen remind them of these things charging them before the Lord not to strive about words to no profit the ruin of their heroes be diligent to present yourself approved of God worker who does not need to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth but Sean profane and vain babblings for they will increase to more godliness in their message will spread like a cancer I'm many essentially deserved this sort I want to talk to you about the heresy of Hymenaeus and thought leaders that are many heresies that will challenge God 's people at the end time but one heresy is the heresy of Hymenaeus and Pelagius do you know what the heresy of Hymenaeus and Philippe this is that will challenge Seventh-day Adventists it will be one of the test but thousands of them is sure to be a very similar heresy dynamics of allegiance that is very fascinating looking at experts who have strayed concerning the truth so what happened in many of since the leaders what they do this right now what was the specific doctrine the faceplate on and what was the principle behind that saying that the resurrection is already past and they overthrow the faith of some side many of us and so we just said something about the resurrection when they say about the resurrection is Artie passed is the resurrection yes so when they write about the event yes because there is a resurrection right so to write about the event will run about the timing don't miss this now so the heresy of time many assistant elitists has to do with what tightening timing I'd like to suggest to you for ways or three ways of which the devil can use the deception of Aeneas and fully tests that comes into the church today the issue is not over the event is over time so creation across the coming of Christ if you knock out those three things over the issue of timing you destroy the faith of what Adventism is all about it becomes a Sabbath keeping movement similar to seventh Day Baptists okay we give you some examples okay what the devil attack his creation the cross and the coming of Christ Friesen needs and he will introduce through sophisticated incredibly subtle arguments the heresy of Hymenaeus and Phileas heresy has to do with timing now let me explain a few this way the fundamental issue of how many essentially just was not the resurrection because they believed in the resurrection they just believe it already occurred so the fundamental issue was the time in the resurrection they had to write him wrong time sometime it becomes critical if you can knock out creation over timing issue into the knockout some of the issues on the cross over time you should looking to knock out the second coming of Christ in a timing issue you will effectively undermine the essence of what Adventism is all about the limited example yet here here's Harrison and I will be cleared on stating these his heresy because sometime do something I take a personal take one sentence is a markedly said that they did before after the incident in the class okay here's the timing issue the heresy goes something like this yes God created the world but the seven day creation are not literal days and God was the first cause in the world but this earth is millions and millions and millions of years old and the creation week was not seven literal days see the advantages right titrated world but the timing is lost is all that's the best they are for many his beliefs and what you take that position if you took the position that there is no seven-day creation what does that do to the staff how can you have a seven state memorial of creation when there was not in effect no creation what difference is the seventh day Sabbath make and you call the whole ten commando with the finger of God into question so once you accept the long ages of creation we can look at many other reasons when that is a heresy and it doesn't stand up but just from this one standpoint it calls into question how can the Sabbath be a test that in time as a memorial creation creation to advise over millions of years so that becomes heresy of the municipal is nothing across here's another heresy that has the wood framing that has been with across it is all finished across nothing more after that that at the cross the complete plan of salvation was finished now it is true that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was complete it is true that you can add nothing to the grace of Christ was a lacrosse but it's also true in this editorial testament in a dying planet living brings is also true that unless you happen Christ as our high priest applying the blood of wedding right out of the cross his cross is not sexual to the salvation of all mankind Leslie applies it to believers accept the benefits across the so you can introduce a heresy by failing to recognize the truthfulness of the high priestly ministry of Jesus and its validity is your Jesus is just as much as recently as I so timing issues become critical that this coming of Christ sure and that is really Jesus is God but he may not come for another million years these once a million thousand years there is no since it is coming soon our agency wealthy that where the urgency of the coming of Christ when he did the other thing you undermine the Sabbath on an issue of timing you undermine the country 's Ministry of the of the in Jesus in heaven initial time in your whole concept of the proclamation preparing people for the coming of Jesus mutual time so heresies will Shelley says yes notice to your left-hand side session three page six box on the left including from first and before verse one Phillips translation very fascinating to me Wakefield translates this the spirits as expressly that in the after times are lastly some will desert from the thinking that my system for certain doctrines inspire my devils subversive doctrines inspired by devils testimonies ministers page twelve when the shaking comes by the introduction of false theories so much as that one of the agencies the shaking as well false what series these surface readers anchor nowhere like sifting sand testimony five five page eighty the days are fast approaching with any great perplexity and confusion safety including Angels roles will deceive it possible there a lot they'll be gods many an war spanning every wind of doctrine will be blowing God calls us to be mainstream media 's lack word first passage I got a shakeout the second class dwelt by miracles and here's a very troubling statement see writing a number to miracles but here's a troubling safety vitamins volume two page second selected messages page three second selected messages page three ninety and then back on page fifty three of those two statements together Satan will work his miracles to deceive you see that a number to left-hand side he will set this power as supreme he will make people sick who makes people say he makes safety makes these people sick then suddenly remove from them using their power they will then be regarded as healed so isn't that just like the devil with his he leads them to make poor choices like it said that he removes that have a shower so then what happens they think their natal the last statement is one of the most troubling statements all the writings of Ellen White these works of apparent human will bring the seventh day Adventist to the test I did not read write those words is read the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Alan White says that one of the things that is to bring administer the test are feeling false to the full handout that some when you have spiritual lethargy in the church and formalism and cold but you have hearts that are longing for genuine revival but you don't have any basis of anchor in the word of God the devil often changes his strategy so on the one hand in work to make the church cold to prepare arrest for the false revival of counterfeit neurons and so at Venice not incurred in the word not filled with the word at times looks at the counterfeit NASA she says these works of apparently labeled Branson abandons the remember God can work there remember God will work miracles remember we can expect marvelous things in the last days but we see North America we seek the Lord God we see not the gifts of the spirit to exalt ourselves but the fruits of the spirit to reveal the character of Jesus and we look at the gifts of the spirit as God 's ministry vehicles our ministry gifts bring gifts of the Spirit are not to exalt ourselves they are given to us by a loving God to do ministry to reach a lost world for Christ but may I ask you a question why would God you must kiss of the spirit if we don't hunger after the first sister would that not simply hardened our hearts in egotistical pride anything gifts of the Spirit are for the purpose of witness and ministry to reach a lost world why would God give the gifts of the spirit to a church that has little compassion for the lost if you want to see miracles get involved in solely if you want to see miracles get involved in Bible sites if you want to see miracles to allow particular reason for Christ where he has to work through your life giving you those gifts of the spirit to accomplish their purpose that's the window lost CD is a distortion to have the idea that I can get a guest of the Spirit are manifest in this local congregation inside this church since we can add a fight and exalt ourselves so we have a feeling of sensational euphoria the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit is a new ministry to reach a lost world for Christ and Dennis longing for renewed religious experience can often be deceived unless they understand the content of that experience is based on the word of the living God ask you another question that I don't want you to answer but I want to think about if the service consists of forty three minutes of music and seven minutes of the sermon with a five-minute illustration of Bible text tacked on at the end is that the kind of service that prepares people for the true or false revival there is a lot of thinking doesn't that there is a lot of thinking is the function of the service to make people feel what to develop holiness in the hearts and minds of God 's people to prepare them for the coming of the Lord questions that need some thinking okay what is easily taking secondly miracles really persecution the bottom of page three conversely six oh eight as the storm approaches a large class whatever costs are what you profess faith in the third Angels message are these nominal Protestants know they prevent Satan the third Angels message but it not been sanctified through obedience to the truth abandoned their position join the ranks of the opposition so as the storm approaches what happens there is a large class according to this reference that will ultimately lead why because this is a reasonably enough anyway so what course is a shaking false doctrines false miracles persecutions and of course there is the message to the Laodicean church and will finish with this section today of this section by looking at the message the latest in just thirty minutes before this aspect of Glasshouse will close know someone says early writings page two seventy I asked the meaning of the shaking I have seen him show it would be caused by the slight testimony called for by the Council of the true witness to the Laodiceans this will have its effect on the heart of the receiver layer is this written testimony have its effect upon who will those people at my church they need to strike testimony I can't wait to go back to really get into the event with Mississauga what is the spring Festival mystery testimony is not lovingly putting his arms around me and say Mark noticeable I will love you want to tell you about it as Jesus putting his arms around me insane you know you are little too critical of the other brother that's what this recasts myself notice where the street hasn't has its effect I asked the meaning of the shaking I've seen him shall be caused by the straight test a counselor for witnesses let us against Jesus is the true witness this will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver you lead him to exhaust Standard & Poor's reproof so first there is a message it affects our hearts fan that we see to exalt the wholesaler in my life and I share the truth of God 's love is racist forgiveness is Howard 's life-changing power some don't want apparently rise up against it this is what was shaping among God 's people I'd like you to take your Bible and turn to Revelation chapter three relationship history I wish these things the lacing message I pray that God will take these next few moments open our hearts that God will do something right here today among us that is different is fresh the spirit will come down among us I believe the next two minutes some and someone's voice on Rosalie touchless the Gazans are somebody to guide since as a leader today Revelation three verse fourteen the angel of the church of Laodicea write ninety to deliver legacy legacy is interesting it's a cross of Hara less hierarchical messages where the great mineral Springs came out in ages past they still cannot today the water is very hot it carried by aqueducts across the valley to Laodicea it became lukewarm when you see a population of a hundred and fifty thousand people I first began to go there it was not yet excavated nice I wandered over the Brown's latest CSO the ruins but now the University of Louisville he is excavating is a marvelous place to go to today and am latest to have popular fifty thousand with the CIA medical University it was no renowned for its medical University medical University features specializing ISAF and produce and how ridiculous would with him they came from all the world to get off their I secured at the University the medical University legacy of second legacy was a fashion center and that they produced garments Elizabeth Harris the London of its day and garments would die for any woman that was high society fashion she would get garments from the garment industry legacy thirdly the thinking was that any indignity coins there was so wealthy that when witnessing was destroyed by earthquake in sixty sixty one sixty two eighty it was outpost of Romans the Romans that you are one of our outpost will rebuild the city plaintiff since I forget we got enough money of our own we don't want any money from you and we won't take so they were the legacies were proud they were wealthy they were affluent it was a graceful center you can go there today and there's a hippodrome hippodrome would see probably twenty five to thirty thousand within the chariot races they have the rulings of the stating there where they had the Playhouse Theatre set about two thousand eight ten thousand and you can snooze it will a source will be playing there the actress will be there so when you think a legacy when you think you should be thinking about the medical University you thinking about sophistication you thinking about intelligence you thinking about the money you thinking about sports you thinking about it a sex center is cheated morally twisted spiritually one society that evening as legacy you thinking about a complacency life is wonderful life is great to see you thinking about American culture and thinking about suburbia America had us thinking about complacency as being as you are thinking about me have what we need we have the word of God we have it is currently with everything we need is a you are thinking about this self-sufficient smug complacency that settles out over me over you we think of where the city when I think you were thinking of us are glad to see what I think of those people over there think about these people sitting in here within our smartness in our complacency and our lack of fervor and our lack of passion that's when thinking about that as we says these things to the faithful 's news CNN and then means Soviet he is the one who makes the declaration and Soviet is the faithful and is the true us he is the one that is truly witnessed of the condition of our hearts in our complacency in our pride in our arrogance are lustful thoughts are critical tongs in our selfishness and greed he's a true witness Lisle faithful he so gentle with us he shares with your desire with his arm around us notice he's the beginning of the creation was that mean the beginning of the creation of God why is the latest in message of the beginning of the creation of God the word in Greek is RK it means beginner the first was the creation of God the one that was the active agent in the creation this phone and called worlds into existence one gets the Laodicean message because he is the only one that can work the miracle of creation in our hearts he is the one which creates something of key is the one attention change our complacency we called the all-powerful we asked him to re-create us inside it says I know you were severe enough article official Hartlepool because you are cohosted one of my mouth you say I'm rich I'm spiritually rich I have the three angels message I have any need of anything but you don't know what I want to do with you you set your clothes but you really ratchet he said he reached that you really miserably important so you see maturely behind I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire genuine state works I want to be rich in my word Washington know me and my righteousness he says I stand at the door and knock and you open the door number and unable to overcome the all-powerful Creator speaks and tenderest tones of love to you and me this afternoon and the all-powerful Creator says I recommend your life whatever you are today I want to make you over again I want to change attitudes in your heart our change habits in your life I will work a miracle inside of you I am the all-powerful Creator Jesus asks he says the Laodicea this message is filled with hope because if you've been struggling on your own and even trying to live that righteous life that you have been able to do it I should try to overcome those attitudes which have been able to do what she can try to overcome those habits in your life that you have been able to do what Jesus is limited to what you could never do just like I worked a miracle of creation just as I spoke the world came into existence just like spoken rhythms parted with living green just I spoke in the sun and stars appeared to sisal and fruity entries appeared I will speak the word through my living word your heart will be changed and made over again making a generation of young people you want today the latest in messages from a legacy messages for you losing messages call every single day would come to him might allow him to re-create us Barry Lynch wants to fill our house so his levels from lives finally thank you little demons in hell caching is other hand Jesus we thank you sometimes the law power the can bus roared it amazes us how great you are we don't need to see what's coming to need enemies not in our hands from because the living Christ worked a miracle in us so that we stand time presents to give us a discharge becomes ours 's guns on his righteousness becomes ours is becomes a type toward a negative one we asked the Jesus drew this medium was removed by I see very very you would like to present you would like to learn more about the time you guys seem to have more of you angry with me when you are you are or and in WW .com


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