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5. Lord, Teach Us to Pray: Part 2

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 29, 2014
    11:15 AM
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hi this is what does the brain part two were continuing with the tools they need tools already and I had a couple of questions that night I came up to me before I get started that I thought I'd just mention at least one of them anyways and stability to be mentioned in my time here just a minute on the dilemmas that I want to mention is the prisoners in the life is if I pray out loud then the devil can hear what I'm saying and this is kind of a common thing that I've I've run into I don't know where it comes from it seems a pretty prevalent in the Adventist church anyways and you people are fearful of rail mounted his own in a double year I'm saying and then he'll go in you know keep from happening what I been praying for incidents like the quiet because I want to be stealthy and keep the devil stricken dumb or whatever you call it but here's the thing when we pray out loud we are showing the devil why are words that we believe the promises of God and that we have faith in his word and in his power and his ability to hear and answer our prayers and there's nothing that makes the devil trembled more than knowing that you trust God 's word listen is your God that week that he cannot keep the double doing something in your life but he doesn't want him to do is how weak your body is your God is much much more strong much stronger than that so I encourage people pray out loud there's a time for silent prayer but there's definitely a time for verbal prayer because you are showing the devil I trust the promises of God that he will do he said he will do nothing only the double trouble more than that so does the little thought on praying out loud I thought the rest you'd like to be caught up the mean on the delay of the runtime about in our talks in our heads and will start with the middleware prayer father in heaven we thank you for this time we thank you for what you taught us we thank you for the tools that you given to us and your Lord I pray now that you would continue to instruct your children and that you would help us to see beautiful things from your word is a pray in Jesus name and so on let's go ahead and say our Bible text together out loud to do it in unison and it's found in Jeremiah thirty three three and it says all to me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things which thou knowest not very good figures Muslim and impressive yourself so what does this instead of the Christ page ninety four the darkness of the evil one encloses those who neglect the prey is something that is worth memorizing the darkness of the evil one enclosing encloses those who neglect to pray the whispered temptations of the enemy in place and to what set us into this and it's all because they do not make use of the privilege that God has given them in a divine appointment of what so why is it that the whispered temptations of the enemy overcome us because we don't use the appointed gift that God is given to us in a divine appointment of her find overcoming the temptations in our life spending the time of the Lord each morning and so looking at this thanks when the disciples come in the javelin and was one executive has that as he was praying in a certain place when he sees one of his disciples said to him teach Lord suggests to pray as John also taught his disciples as we look at three airports will so far one when we look at is to have a secret place to pray to you Marty bought this for any breakdown in your notes and you now have a secret place we are going to meet with the Lord when you get home on Wednesday morning got a secret place number two we look at having the time to pray now you thought about your schedule and you outline the time a specific time that you may meet with the Lord in prayer on Wednesday morning and every morning after that number three we learn to pray aloud what only God can hear and so were verbalizing our prayers right were saying them aloud one of this one of the attendees came up and asked me what about writing our prayers and testing mother was just the constant is we want to keep online engaged in our prayers and when we do it in our minds we tend to wonder and repeat ourselves to get distracted and flawlessly but is worth seeing out loud or for it were writing it down you gave it wrote down his prayers and Psalms to be right or keeping engaged in our minds as were praying in the act of devotion got some writing out your first fantastic and it doesn't been with an inner flowing talk about learning how to hear or take listen to God 's voice speak to us so these are the portals and looked at so far silver five Silver flying is to present his wife cylinder five is to present his promises Matthew chapter seven were all familiar with this promise Michael says it has and it shall be one given unto you Jesus simply invites us to come and you ask to present before him our requests that the requests that you can request of God our requests that are already outlined in the word of God we call them promises uncle Arthur tells the story about a little boy one evening in his bedroom praying to God and mother overhears the prayer of this little boy and he's praying to God he says dear Jesus please give me a pet elephant sounds wonderful doesn't mean having a pet elephant how extravagantly let me but as you question if the Lord answered his prayer request engagement of the elephant do you think that you would appreciate that pet elephant three weeks after I went into clean up the messes that the elephant makes and why all the food of the eloquent music and fill out the waterpipe with all the water that the elephant needs a drink can you imagine how long it would take the elephant on the walk please give me an elephant and so this mother had a little work to do and she had to sit down with her son and educate him how to pray to God but requests to make but it's unfortunate that many of us in our prayer time asking for elephants it sounds good at the time but Godwin 's answer many of our prayer requests three weeks after we prayed them we would think over more what have I done so we want to as we pray we want to presentence the promises of God in our prayer time together with the Lord now here's a qualifying characteristic in first five versus forty and fifteen the Bible says and this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything what's the next five according to Israel what does it say he was wrestling on this passage and if we know that he hears us whatsoever we ask we know that we have a petition that we desired of him Saddam it's a clear wet week Friday we can have full expectations that God will answer the prayers and we are praying according to what his will according to the promises on his work now look at education these two hundred and fifty seven says he makes it plain that are asking must be according to God 's will is a commentary on members we must ask for the things that he has what that he has what so she says we ask for the things that he is promising this is the thing in our life when we pray we don't even know what the private war because we don't know what the Bible stats if we know the Bible says if we know the promises of God then we can pray in a more educated way and have a better expectation that God will hear and answer that prayer Susan tells us out of right we must ask for the things that he has promised in the other promising don't ask for it because it's not the for you what are we we see we must use an doing his will the conditions met the conditions next the promise is unequivocal if we need the conditions of the promise there's no question that God is going to fulfill that promise so let's get practical here this this this afternoon maybe a couple of practical examples in the book of first refusal you have your Bibles go there with me he went for strictly instructed him to attend the twenty ninth example of this homework 's shrinking Capoten verse thirteen is a promise that I committed to memory and get them help me out restricting said thirteen miles is this there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man what does that mean anything any temptation you struggling is not unique to you that means that there are many people that struggle with identical temptation that you struggle within your life and no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able through satellite detected with something more than you can bear but will give the promise but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that you might be able to what their nonmember the first time I saw this promise I thought this is powerful the Bible says that encapsulated in every single temptation to the says he will citation translating every single sensation is the way of escape as well the temptation also make a landscape that you might be able to marry so this is why do I simply got fairness for previous chapter ten verse thirteen you say that when every temptation that comes my way there is a way of escape so I ask him where his words that way the state this is fraying the promises of God God promises you that whenever temptation comes there is a way of escape and so I claimed I promise and I asked the Lord showed me that way of escape and then I wait in the lead in talking and I listen to that voice of reasoning in my mind that conscience that speaks to you telling you what you should and shouldn't do I'm waiting I listen and God will reveal to you the way of escape because he's promised it she says the conditions met in the conditions are met the promises unequivocal so I can I can put my confidence in that promise you something else that I do just to make this practical convenient with one afraid the promises of the officers he says and it we must ask for the things that he has promised is another project that I did just recently I finished it particularly do it again because it was so enriching in my devotional time what I did I is premises past year for the most part I just finished reason I started in Psalms chapter one and I read a solemn every morning not that it's a little longer than a hundred and fifty days because some of its applicable longer and I want to spend more time on them but I read us all my reticence of the book of Psalms every single day in my prayer time going through the book of Psalms is my pen and and and and and and and and a ruler and I underlined in the book of Psalms and read single promise that I found in the book and there are lots of them I know I didn't get them all but the one that spoke to me so now I had in my Bible I can open up my Bible in the book of Psalms in my eyes will instantaneously go where the promises are in that book Jesus and pray the promises of God that's what we are praying Africa were Prema God has promised so I don't know whether promises are so I know what the solicitor going to Scripture we need to be constantly looking for the promises of God everywhere we go looking for funds is looking for promises and I don't know about you I underlined and in my body whenever I come across a promise by underlining so when I open my Bible and my hide was like the promises of God I know what the prey and this will give you up how weren't in your prayer time bitching and never experienced before because you are afraid the promises of God you praying the promises of God know anything is one step further I want to get really practical here because the thing is is this if we don't know the promises it's hard for us to pray them the best way for you to know the promises is a defined and in the Bible and indeed commit them to memory so when you are in your prayer closet like to bring these promises that you might when you are praying and you can start training those promises that you should never act like a minute prescriptive September thirteenth memory so I can commit I can repeat that in the hour of temptation that comes my way and let me to be just a little formula for Scripture memorize Asian this is something that I use in my personal life and had had benefiting from it this is the memory formula as the wind is from the right patient memorizing the promises of God so the formula is as an equals great and plus are two what does that mean as an means Scripture memory what does it mean Scripture memory so you have Scripture memory equals three and what's freedom free and is mine says never rise and meditate what is it mindset memorized and meditate so stringent memory equals your mindset your determination to get it done runs hard work memorizing Canadian into memory and then meditating on a patent was you can have lots of text inside of your head but if you have not meditated on a passage that hasn't means nothing to you we have to meditate on the passage that you're pulling out of that takes what it means what the promise is that you can apply in your life suspension memory equals mindset memorized Medicaid plus our two arts you is daily review and back review the only way you're going to retain that that promise what you done the hard work up a meeting at the memory is reviewing it over and over and over the Department of State yesterday fastest to talk about how every moment of the day as he goes throughout the day he's reciting reciting deciding residing residing residing so that it stays inside of his mind that he's constantly meditating upon the word of God he lives and breathes the word of God to go throughout the day is a Scripture memory it's hard work but it pays off and it draws us closer to God and it does something to our prayer life like will never imagine we can never imagine happening descriptor memory equals mine sent memorizing Medicaid plus daily review and then back reviewed is continuing to review those passages of these cyber has now here's until that you can use for those of you that are smartphone people and I description type or on a honeymoon and seen his relations to the type or all mercy is couple of you may get you need to spend the money to get the business it's a little bit more of an expensive app is not one of those ninety nine cents or when anyone called after the Hamas they are over here but it's a little bit more expensive it is well worth the time investing into this program you can also do it on your Mac or your desktop in your tablets mobile phones both android and iPhone I have the ad Scripture type or I mentioned yesterday that I have a Bible memorization app on my phone this is the one and so is ongoing throughout my day if I find that I got a couple of minutes of spare time I pulled out my phone and on reviewing my Bible passages and going through them and in another thing that I like to do is in my devotional time as I'm reading Scripture and I come across a promise that I'd love I put inside of my phone my act here and I have a list of promises that I want to memorize so when I'm ready for another tax that Artie worked on the ones that I'm working on it I'm ready for new decks and are spotless the promises that I wanted to inside look at my list and I think another one and I memorize it and goes right into the list of Bible text that need to be reviewed on a daily weekly monthly basis well worth the time investing into the program I used it and I can tell you that it is effective another way of committing Scripture to memory is through song Scripture songs and there's an act that just came out for this from Mountain View Academy called Scripture singer it's free you can download the and don't want the songs on there it's all Bible was put to music some of the songs in on the Suns a little bit of a challenge sometimes too you know musically but but but we're not doing it so we don't listen to this so much because of how beautiful the music is although it is that the as for using Thompson and exit easier to maintain in my line I went to boarding Academy in Arkansas where all four our our devotions in the morning and evening we sang Scripture songs reducing hands and syncretism and to this day even in the time on before I had a relationship with the Lord I would sing the songs into this they are stuck in my head I hear the music I know the words and it comes to my mind the Lord wants to bring into my mind suited to ways that you can memorize these are two apps that will help you actually do that then I would recommend not to get you started the negative couple of suggested text to start with your Bible memorization for scrutiny September thirteen we just read that Jeremiah thirty three three you've argument that the memory cell step one hundred forty three verse eight we've read that when several times in our time together and in John fifteen verses five and seven I end of my year the branches that step has been set up these are the ones that I would suggest getting started and as you know Christ these the lookout for other promises that speak to you and then start compiling a list of promises that you love and achieve but memorize one sounds one three percent elevator sump one forty three percent and not living with one voice reversing I have dyslexia so sometimes I mix things up somewhat for dreamers a painting that now there's the old-fashioned way of memorizing and that's using vinyl cards I can do that as well that's what they used to do back in the Stone Age time I guess we haven't a smartphone is now sweet and smart way that you can also use video cards if you so choose Terry Scarborough decided on a card you don't have the Bible text on one side and the reference on the other side and you can review that way and I talked about how you can take the first letter of each word in writing on the hi so that when you review and you can just look at the first letter in a help new review that passage in a more effective way to let another way that you can do it so the first step that we have ever slowly looked up today at present not promises I commit them to memory without putting aside my hands we got into the hard work that takes to do this so that we can bring them into our prayer life and frame the promises of God as certain of the White House new six to over six believe the promises of God seems a little redundant another well you know you can pray the promises of God but if you don't believe them what good are they going to do right if you don't believe in that promise is not in any way to get if you have faith of their promised and actually fulfilled in your life but that isn't going to do it even memorizing as I could be many good Jesus says in Mark chapter eleven verse twenty four FIC NTU what things do a redesign when you pray what you say believe that you shall refinish that you receive them and you shall have them so God invites us to believe his promises believe what he says and it will happen for you believe in those promises price object lessons page one hundred and forty seven she says this God stands back up every promise he has made similar statements in God stands back up every promise he has made everyone he stands behind she says this with your Bible in your life hands with your Bible in your hands say I have done as thou hast said that fulfilling the conditions of the ones I have done as you said I present my promise as a new ship and it shall be given as you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you the system was intended by both in your head and present the promises of God stands behind every single one of the promises that he has made showing them to him you know my daughter is really good at reminding and the promises that I made for it seems a really good visit to track them inside their heads in an and if you if you had written it down they would show it to you as a love this is what you said you signaling it is better to get a really good that we remind our parents of the promises that they've made Gaza is the love to hear all which house paying attention to my work is done I'm so happy that he's paying attention I needed to invest in it the present those promises new Corrie ten boom is the great Christian lady she did she did what I want is to listen to it with our Bible in her hands she would oftentimes take her Bible and she would open it up to open it up to the Scripture and with her finger she would point to the province and she would show it to God this is what you say God you said this is what you would do please do it for your needs and often resist an amazing woman of prayer you can read her story the hiding place and she's written lots of other things as well but this is what quite England and she would point to the promise of God and it's not a reason of the original to her listeners presently for the drug five page three hundred twenty two the mother of Augustine prayed for her son 's conversion parents briefly against conversion she saw no evidence that the Spirit of God was impressing his heart but she was not what she wasn't discouraged she laid her finger upon the text presenting it before God perfect for presenting it before God as he forgot to his own word and what is only a mother can hardly humiliation her artist and pointed to her unwavering faith prevailed and the Lord gave her the desire of her heart today he is just as ready to listen to the petitions of his people Augustine 's mother support and right on the promise and she said this is what you said I believe in I believe what you said I've done my part to fulfill the conditions now you have to do what you said you would do one of the promises on cleaning as a parent is Proverbs chapter twenty two every six train up a child in the ways you know when he is old he will not depart I can tell you the amount of time cycling the promise of God as my children are young and I'm trying to train them up and I say Lloyd you promise that if I trained them up in the way they should go when they're old they will not depart claiming a promise and showing it to God that God will perform in the whites of my children Augustine 's mother present of the promises of the Lord we should do the same thing so what happens if I don't exercise faith in the promises of God what happens if I don't exercise they knows that the Bible says in Hebrews Hebrews chapter four verse two says for Hans Alanis was the gospel preached promises of God preached the gospel as well as unto them but the word preached did not and did not profit them not being mixed with what faith in them that heard it sucking about the children Ms. Roma want wandering in the wilderness and he says the gospel was preached to them today on the gospel of the time of the children of Israel yes I know everything is in the Gospels reason but he said he didn't do much for them to get on top of them because it thanks with faith for something you know the parable of the sewer going forth to sow seed in the story just by how the scene is the one is the word of God heard the expression the book is in the acorn is a little different here in Malaysia upon the paltry is in the coconut whatever the heck out of any court is how you do things in so so so is the work of God is the scene then the word of God itself has the ability to fulfill what it says it will give I have faith as a farmer that if I put that seen in the ground that seed is going to grow and bring forth for if the same thing with the word of God as I take the seed of God 's promises and I so than in my heart I expect that they would grow and bring forth a button order for that to happen it has to be mixed with what if it's not mixed with faith it doesn't what it doesn't prompt it to add that we've talked about this point in our prayer time our prayer session if it is not mixed with faith it's going to be completely and utterly useless is not going to benefit you in any way since it didn't possibly because it wasn't mixed with faith I goes on and says this in chapter three verse nineteen he says so we see that they could not enter in because of what I believe for the Confederate and it'll be sad one day that many people miss out on the team of heaven because of their missing underneath this poison in your prayer life and it doesn't take much of its destroyed really potent poison it doesn't take much for the killing of an poisoning and an unbeliever is poison in our prayer life we have to present the promises of God but we believe that those promises have the power to fulfill the very thing they said they would do call me believing that promise margarine Iris twenty three and twenty four Jesus said unto them is downcast believe what you say all things are possible to him that what all things are possible to him that behaves and goes on he says and straightway the father of the child cried out and said with tears Lord I believe help thou my unbelief now when you look at some of the promises of God it might seem like it's impossible for God to fulfill them just that respondent rate I believe help my unbelief I believe it but I had a hard time believing it I believe help my unbelief and the Lord will you and he recognizes how little our fate is simply present the promises of God then we believe in the promises of God that's our sixth tool are sent to school is to ask how ask in Jesus 's name does that mean the Bible says this in John chapter fourteen verse thirteen fourteen and whatsoever you shall as in my name he is not in your that will I do that the father may be glorified in the son and for impact these are the same thing again in the next verse if you shall ask anything and my name was the same I would too it doesn't mean the brain uses name as you said this was prayed in Christ's name means what it means what much it means much it means it means that we are too exact his character manifests his spirit and work his works is that so when I say your heavenly father in Jesus name I pray when you saying that phone is a loaded sentence right there but none of us really realized that it's just becoming that ritual that we say our prayers all the time we pray in Jesus name and everything in Jesus name I pray amen and you really can understand what that means which is infringing is his name it means much and doesn't just mean a good name are dead formalism in our prayer you don't pray in Jesus name for some of us have become as much as praying a hell married for a Catholic person is just become it has no meaning to us but she says to pray in Jesus name it means much engines we are accepting this character we are manifesting his Spirit and we are accepting his works show you an example of a prayer that would have been fringes is thinking of moving the juice wasn't used it still being paraded you listening because again it's taking this character manifesting spirit and working his work with this is from a lady by the name of any Scott Stan she was a missionary to China this spring Lord I give up all my own plans and purposes all my own desires and hopes and accept thy will for my life I get myself my life my all underlings need to be dying for ever filming and ceiling with by Holy Spirit use me as thou wilt what now I call Dell in my life and at any cost now and for his every need and use his fingers in a video spring exactly introduces me and you know what she had her head cut off for both her and her husband because of their devotion to God in the mission field both suffered a martyrs death she wanted nothing less than the will of God want to pray in Jesus name simply means when you pray you are same Lord not my will but ninety done and sometimes I'll even see that so I remind myself when I trained at the end of my prayer when I see in Jesus name I pray trusting in Jesus name I pray not my will that money doesn't try to remind myself of what it means to pray in the name of Jesus not my will but ninety done a net keep that focus so that the name of Jesus in my print doesn't just become a dead thing to something that you gone at the end of the beginning of your prayer because you are taught and directed you don't receive in people when they pray I cannot mention this yesterday I've been on Mount caramel when heated people prayed and prayed and attempting to manipulate their God to do what they want them to do so they jump in the scream and the company do all these crazy things to try to get the got to listen to them and do what they want that got to do but when we pray in Jesus name we are submitting insane okay I I going to make these requests not my will but thine be done you know it's interesting where look at this in our next study but when you look at the strategy is in the Garden of Gethsemane he made a prayer request that was not according to the will of the father let this cup pass from me it's very interesting we think about the phrase for something that was not according to the will of the father and we will do that sometimes well meaning to the knowledge that that's what we need at this to surrender as we talked about yesterday not my will but nine be done message of the six versus ten eleven Sendai will be done and more Sprint thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven so when we pray to God first refrain thy will be done then we present our requests with the request give us this day our daily bread juice illness in the Lord 's prayer how was how this works thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven then I present my requests upon Jesus operated cinemas seven as we pray we ask how we ask in Jesus 's name was a deliberate number eight is to be persistent in your prayers be persistent in your prayers stripper says this in Romans ten to twelve verse twelve rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation but it is a continuing instance in a prayer continuing instant in fact what does that mean in the Greek it simply means this to present persevere and not to continually continuing instant in prayer to continue to push the prayer of the throne room of God now a lot of times we get to the point where we can discourage in our prayers and we can drop off but we don't continue to press that prayer home to the throne room of God day after day after day after day in a historians say that between Daniel chapter eight and Daniel Chapter nine there were several years that expired between the suggest in Daniel chapter eight Daniel this season but the Bible says not understanding the Bible says he was six certain days and he was astonished at the vision but none understood and for several years Daniel did not understand that vision and it wasn't till that Prairie Daniel chapter night when Daniel is continuing asking God for guidance that God finally comes years later shows Daniel what the vision actually and he was consistent he was persistent insisting that the Lord hear and answer his prayer request anything to become discouraged because gosling is better than mine which is another great example of this in first Kings chapter eight verse eighteen members one says anything to pass after many days that the word of the Lord came to Elijah the one of the Lord came to Elijah the word and the like think of Elijah in the third year saying goes show thyself unto Ahab 's business business and I will send rain upon the one is that a promise yes or no in what is a life stands behind every promise so God comes relied to this than three nanometers of no rain he says go show yourself to Ahab I'm going to send rain upon the earth so the story continues and there is that no the whole gathering on the top of the mountain there in the province of the element dancing around and trying to get your veil to send fire down from heaven the contest takes place and then after all of their craziness to praise a simple prayer he says this and he came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice that he lives in the prophet came near and said Lord Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Israel that it be known this day that thou art God in Israel and that I am my servant and that I have done all night on the means and nine word fear me O Lord hear me that this people may know that thou art the Lord God that thou hast turned their hearts back again then the fire of the Lord now and consumed the burnt sacrifice and the wood and the stone and the dust and linked up the water that was in the trench and when all the people sought based on their faces and they said the Lord he is God the Lord he is gone how would you like to go to prayer meeting Monday who is powerful stuff in the upper room fire coming out I like those kind printings Bible tells of the next phase some of themselves together in the upper room and shut the building shook because they were praying together I've never been anything like that but I comment that explains saline to praise a simple prayer you can read it proved in your spare time just reading through word by word point by point and you see it's a very simple trick no flowers expressions no complicated sentences the complicated requests just simple and straightforward and as that prayer is prayed alone and fire comes down from God out of heaven and devoured everything that they are in front of them offering the way the water that the stone the dust everything will end people stand there after watching the province of Bill dance around for hours trying to get nailed it when they wanted him to give and then all of a sudden you like to praise a simple prayer boom and prayers answered in a single boy he is God wouldn't it be amazing if we could principal prayers and hear people say the same thing the Lord he is God the Lord he is God the story doesn't stop there what God promised God sent the you sound like you and I want the rain the point of beginning you have to like to pray in frames of fire came down everything was still consumed but there is no rain that came at that point there was still some work to do but Elijah was cleaning the promise of God now listen to this continuously forty one to forty five and Elijah said unto Ahab get the eats and drinks for there is the sound of what abundance of rain is Elijah showing his face this was a great expression in God 's word there is a sound of abundance of rain goes on so Ahab went out to eat and to drink and a half what art so when I do the top of Carmel and cast himself down upon the earth and put his face in between his knees what was he doing stating the position of prayer from himself on the ground but is facing between his knees the Bible says this and he said to his servant go up now look towards the sea and he went up and he looked and he said there is nothing and he said going out in times what's are eight tool that were looking at here persistence eight times says prostrate on the ground and he's praying for God to answer that promise that he promised him that he would send for writing big madness that the fire coming down from God out of heaven was only part of the situations now just pouring forth his heart to God seven times he tells his servant to go and look over to see to see if there was anything coming anything the past at the website some time that he said behold there arises a little cloud out of the sea electric cloud a little cloud out of the seat like a man's hand and said go out and say that a hyper paranoid chariot and didn't mean down that the rain stop the not the smallest evidence that God is getting ready as ever that was enough for Elijah he got on his knees he single go tell a lie so Ahab there's the rain is coming call otherwise you getting it stuck binary anything to us in that in the meanwhile that session was black with clouds and wind there was rain rain and Ahab rode and went to just read persistent boys Elijah had stopped after prayer number three what do I just stopped at the trailer fly what a life and stop at the printers on the brink of God answering that prompts no he persisted God you promised I pray according to your will you have to answer this promise and he kept for a catchphrase and he would stay there more than seven times as necessary so that small plan and I was enough for him since when I went says a province against these one hundred fifty six as he prayed his face reached out and harassed the white what was the promise I will send rain is his new guys and friends favorites out and grasp the process of having and he persevered in Freire until his visit his condition was answered in person if he were to stay there longer than seven times the team did not wait for a full evidence that God had heard him but was willing to venture all I know what slightest token I see a small cloud it's about the size of a man's hand smallest token of God 's divine favor and get what he was enabled to view underdog all they do in their sphere of activity in dogs what was he like you did all of us can do is not just for him is for all of us we can all have this experience in our prayer life but we must persevere we must persevere a foot frame according to the promises of God we can keep pushing that petition called to the throne of God until God hears and answers that prayer but don't give up after a week after two weeks after a month you know it's interesting you Christmas your Mister Elton in America Christmas is to be insisted its way to make but English guilt when Christmas time comes around usually we give gifts to each other I am and when I was a kid throughout the year I would have my eye on certain things I want to and you know my mother being a good mother she wants to give her child things that he likes so I would ask that I have that will see can I have that the city can I have that will see month and I have a different Christmas Lucy Montanez I just been all year long I'm asking asking asking testing testing the weight three months one month by month six months ten months eleven months and twelve month comes and Christmas is there and I see these packages underneath the Christmas tree and letting myself is that when I open up against and I find that just that I've been asking for all year long but it's a something as God is my witness that just means more to me because of how much I was anticipating hitting it for Christmas on your loan understands something that that the more we pray for specific prayer the more we value it when the prayer is answered the meeting example is a book if you haven't read this book you need to read the story it's good reading it's a story called the heavenly man and you never read this book is a couple of the other you and is fabulous I've read it twice I got on my phone so I can read it on the way home it's fabulous book value brother you when he was a teenager started asking his mother questions about God whose Jesus they do have a Bible but his mother to the best of her ability she told him about Jesus and I got some quotes year from her I went to to read to you she says this Jesus is the son of God who died on the cross for us taking all of our sins and sickness he recorded all his teachings in the Bible what you and hears about this in use as a teenager it is not sixteen at this point and he hears us and he thinks how I went to Bible will undermine what if this is in China where I can and his mother said well there's a there's an old and as far away he has a copy of the Bible meeting allegedly so they made the long trip over to where this man is that the Bible and they asked him to see the Bible want to be the words of Jesus the old man suspicious is when it is vital out as you never know it could be a trap but he told unions send this the Bible is a heavenly book if you want one you'll need to pray to the God of heaven only he can provide you a heavenly book God is faithful he always answers those who seek him with all their hearts it's all you had to go off half so he went home and from one hundred days of fasting and often eight was one bowl of steamed rice every day for one hundred days he prayed and prayed and prayed for the heavenly book one day somebody came and knocked on use front door he opened the door there's an evangelist and said I had a dream three months ago ninety days ago coming days did you pray I had a dream three months ago and God told me to give my Bible to you he shall meet in the dream your face your village in your house and how does it back but I resisted that dream for three months got already answered your prayer after ten days God answers prayer facility else was obstinate but you just can't pray Babylon to think about giving up finally it has us comes chance in the most and it revolutionizes his life so much so to the point that he was willing to suffer the most terrible torture at the hands of evil men for the sake of God on this story is so so inspiring I highly recommend reading it and get the time fascinating story about a man of great faith but you persevered he persevered in his prayer day after day after dear say us here we would become discouraged after fasting for ten days and we would pack it in and say what must be according to God 's will it must not be God 's will that I have a Bible the number persevere in prayer the prayer if there praying according to the promises of God then we can continue to press that prayer called to the throne of God until he answers before praying according to so as we conclude this session by asking a simple question what you can do with these eight tools that you've learned in the prayer session together my prayer is that you won't take them home and review them and that you will apply them in your lives and let God do beautiful things in prayer moving van by God through prayer power so I want you to get together again in your groups of two and make that commitment to God in prayer Lord when I get home I want to review this and apply in my life to every computer to spend a few moments of prayer and then I will close the WordPerfect it was maintained in reference as we wait for people to finish the first time we thank you for hearing these prayers that have ascendancy you has a sweet fragrance firm room of your grace father 's vision tells us that you know our frame to remember that we are dust online thank you for your patience with us for some week or so incapable of having the moral courage to stand up against today's pressures Lord I pray that as we've made this commitment to you you would now must obtain these practical tools and apply them in our lives Lord do not give us rest to follow through and I committed that we just need to you in prayer father I pray that we will get to heaven when they sign in we've spent in our prayer closet with you like me your promises in your words become real enabling frame them in our prayers by bless each one of my dear friends here thank you for their sincere desire him praise you raise them off to be a mighty army of prayer warriors for you thank you Lord bless us now I pray Jesus this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain you visit www. on universe .org


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