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2. The Latter Rain

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 28, 2014
    11:15 AM


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we love but what do you want to let what sexy we look at that message ultimate twenty three and introduced the three had the upcoming running two types of rain with the best local former rain on the second one is called the lather enough this is because there's too seasons as it relates the hobbits before Mare is to do with the germination of the sea and this one fell in what month of the year roughly around October November is when the only writing about the last arrangement with more right than the frugal hobbies and this one out around about the time of March and April the latter rain preceded the hobbits and the point that I made was a you cannot have one without the other you can have loads of laughter rain but no formal rain is still hope for hobbits you have to happen before Lorraine in order to get the hobbits as we look at the subject of the last the rain we see that this is the effectiveness of a look at Isaiah forty four list three we service for I will pour water on him that is those feet and floods upon the dry ground I will pour my spirit upon my sleeve on my blessing upon the ostrich off of spring what's happening here this is what is going to avoid having there is this how they edited out what happened here is this is that noticed the Hebrew of the Senate when you may have heard people say to suggest when we talk about on different rules all Bible interpretation one of them is this in the Hebrew is that they write in the first half of the sentence the idea the concept and what you commonly find if they repeat that same local concept in the second half of the sentence but they changed fifty one the makes interesting Bible study you can see was that the Bible right to decide who linked together now we use it the classic example of it we use we do the study on the field-goal only use Roman step before both of them I think it is what we have the wood science and the wood sealed in the same bus using the change but in this bus what was used interchangeably the rice law study is the one walks up in the one what started out for walks on him not this the person second sentence I will pour my spirit upon your see you soon love walked in the woods I used interchangeably therefore in our study were talking about the last terrain I was talking about the formal rain what could we really substitute those words for when talking about the outpouring of the Spirit is a outlook for focus by the outpouring of the Spirit are the end so the rain is not really talking about Ray he is talking about the Holy Spirit amen I'm going to use is the powerful learning horrible Glenn uses the illustration of Ningxia and the rainfalls in nature to illustrate how Ms. Holy Spirit full blown us his administration the greatest it is a great illustration so he's using the work him walk the interchangeable with the word spirit now notice it Zachariah accepted ten and verse one is a key text on how we should relate to these the subject is a fry canvas one the Bible says ask ye on the Lord Ray in the time of the lot now literally what the text from the new rough bomb in Palestine should you follow this sexiest on the only your mama if you don't get a lot of rain when you get a crop when you get paid when your food not you praying for rain in the time of my April that the right income and union reps when people felt that I found the scope printable recordable they believe in is the private fit in the time of the rain pride for the latter rain no less the spiritual application of that in the time period when the last array could bowl why should we as the church did we should pray for the outpouring of what life on the price Lorraine so we as goats just should be praying for the lack of rainfall on Jimmy Brenda Hotz already the reign represents the spirit now is go back in time Pentecost is when the early rain fell collectively Pentecost is not any of the chapters of the book of acts two three four five the early rain fell this began the work of the gospel era thousands of seeds will germinate in thousands of souls accepted the message and dust the world of the Christian church stop it powerfully I meant and Livio radio he kept the book about the men spotted on inspiring reading early chapters of acts and read what the judge did what having you read the book of acts and you thought my if only we can judge would be amazing but I will what was uncle Billy Ray said just before Jesus comes down the last time I will have to rainbow finished with beautiful brain in Pentecost and before Jesus comes the second time we will have to let the rain testimonies for the judge volume eight page twenty one reads the outpouring of the rain starts the outpouring of the Spirit in the days of the apostles laws the form of rain box for glorious was the result but the last the rain will be more abundance will be more abundant more abundant than what in Joel the Bible says we were the best jolt to the twenty three was that what it was used moderately before Moraine was given moderately what is moderately main mission limited have you ever been to a restaurant and you order the food and you are really hungry and young leaders wrestled with what he didn't know how big the portions were in your audit your food and you thought no one of your favorite dishes ahead on the menus you wanted your favorite food what is the no rice and curry green curried red curry whatever Cody was in a brain out the food in this life 's little porcelain arise like this in the car isn't it time you don't bowl on a big marketplace talking about at itself and he trundles me I make a lot available and even when you finish delete the delivered England under light meal and all men understand how much money on this food analysis like going to the patients it felt good with it but I just guess and because I haven't felt myself up like wasted money currently so pneumonia is an opening eventually in a fancy place any less food by funky prices than you did if he waits for a food is letting Montero is measured is not enough that the rain was moderate it was moderate but we made about three thousand invested in a day about how moderately based on today's evangelistic numbers if we get a compared number is not moderate axis or about of these acts five is fifteen the Bible says that Peter and John walking down the road things spiritual and he says he's shot though heals a man on the head around that will shadow healed somebody my dignity was an off of open items is off the screen Krissy went to be a shadow of the lights go out but it looked at emergency light in the corner initial walking through the war does the doctor than those of the capital the visiting student singing songs that keep people happy as you walk through your shadow goes over each bed as you go along and if you'll shadow goes over these bad as you go along the people jump up and they deal I mean you would then come to judge I get him out of there was a testimony time or not you would grab a microphone free to hold on I buy something funny to say I was just in the hospital my shot of the all laws and in the church would nominate is recovered for the guy wow it is amazing that we reason these always saw out all but the real shocker normal the story is is not with moderate that was measured that was like the limited playing of the link you get at a restaurant when you expected to get more like small is only the foretaste of what has become lame man walking John with a brightly single slot limit a layman on the way several the Lebanon in the name of Jesus stand up and walk I mean this is amazing stuff is we have to charge anything we can do just we just met a homeless man only met cripple on the way and as we started on just in passing not like I'm neat not like revealing that the praying and with only weeping for our it will get all you want you won't get it you want to a when you walk as well and you don't want to avoid a fight is so is okay so we decided passing it on it will be amazing we would get suggestions like floating on at Mount Saint Bill IEA I'm now ready to worship them this was the experience of the apostles in the first chapters of acts and withhold that this was the only ready motorists the premise for us is we get to live in a time when we can see the outpouring of the weaponry but as with everything going through the autumn about you but for me is like we disconnected from this and as we study what that is we think about what will the rain is like whoa it seems like object experience is so far away from the fact that will not we can't connect with Matt that seems like the mythical almost it's something more than that white struggle the go-ahead run at all I don't visit any writings based two seven eight ethic people will be healed then miracles will be rolled she tells us the message will close with a power and strength exceeding the midnight cry the Cinematical closes strength and power signal people will be healed miracles will be rolled for discounts any writings to seventy with all the joy of common authoring a loud cry an outcry glory rests upon the people got reading letter three eighty fifty one I saw that we know not what is yet to write on the high places of the to be fed with heritage of Jacob but when the refreshing on about the rental company presence of the Lord the glory of his power we so know what it is to be fed with a heritage of Jacob and Ryan on the high places on the then shall we see the Sabbath in his importance and glory she said we still don't really know what it means to see the Sabbath in his glory we don't really know what it means the unity of the sum spent with a hesitant ride on the high places it would be diverse in the Bible that you are taking the foot away from the Sabbath according to write on the high places presently she said we don't yet know but we will not we think we know what a good Sabbath is he a we don't yet know what a good Sabbath is really good stuff suck collectively to some right or look us over collectively corporately a whole church together be the early Christian church in the book of acts received that authoring often I received the formal rain all the early right collectively at the end of time when the lower crime messages given the lack the rain will be given the glut in time to know we are somewhere here so question question out of the slit that when the early rain came on the judge with ancient Palestine even today if you don't get the early rain and you can't get the way you and I would love there in the book blacks we will not bat when the early rain fell on the judge but when praying that we received the last arrangement you weren't there when the alley right valve public praying for the lack of rain how can we individually get the early rains were parents for the last that we were not in the database so what is the early rain what is the be rightly you and I today the terrain is the book the Holy Spirit must do on our hops today every day each and every day is the only rain in our hearts synonymously sci-fi misfits of definite about the Holy Spirit working on half the day is to use disgruntled son was using at the moment the early rain or attend me the early rain falling on a hot day notice it testimony from an assist CM will be the abbreviation page five oh six as the Jew and the rain I give him us this is the Gemini and then some the hobbyist so the Holy Spirit is given to carry fullwidth for one state to another the process of spiritual growth the whitening of the brain represents will be the end represents the completion of the work of both grace in the soul by the power of the Holy Spirit the moral image of God is to be perfected in the character we are to be what the next to website holy one transformed into the likeness of the Christ so she's also using the imagery of the right of the rifles the Germany unripened so look of the Holy Spirit on the half if the site is the site no this is definitely same typeface in faith Bible sicknesses the last arraignment ripening 's hobbies represents the spiritual grace that prepares the judge becoming of the Son of Man and the point of this the early rain might fool the agents but without laughter writing Christ went out in the rain you can't get the right is insightful for us to understand what the busy readiness otherwise the kind of individually unless the former rain has been given they will be no life the green blade once bring in the early south of the network is explaining from the natural world what happens unless the unalienable network Alexa rank and bring no seeds of infection now that is true naturally how does that apply spiritually how does that apply spiritually what happens than those who come to the time of the latter rain but they have not received the early rain so what happens to them five oh six and seven unless we had daily advancing in the exemplification of the Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the last array it may be falling on Hawks or around us but we shall not dissonance that is one of the most powerful and also ripening in some ways quotations not root what's the point of making the point which automate is this what is the relation in our lives for the early rain and the latter rain the relationship of this just like naturally if you don't get the early rain even when the lasso rainfalls it won't bring any fruits the application of the author this unless we are receiving the early writing today tomorrow next week when the lasso rainfalls on both people collectively we will miss it not only will we not received written receipt although I'm sad we won't even recognize God not upon all be honest with you humanly speaking the lab I struggled to get my head around the particle I rated this is why we do things look so only when the laughter rainfalls almost always falling whether I'm receiving it on the radio I cannot allow hello it but if they know hundred thousand remote and bath I've been in Saudi Arabia and in a king of the lab rat gives his life to Jesus although about that no I can't quite understand that Pa how it is good to play out I noticed to just under the skin in a sense the loud noise folding book in many ways we can relate to in our own individual experiences in church today maybe you've been involved in a movement in a ministry in something and you know without a shadow of a doubt through your personal experience that gone with in Outlook you just know it but then there will other people that when they sought your love that is the work of the devil inasmuch what's a lot but I know God was that it wasn't clear there's no way another people say what ever those people crazy whatever this whenever that in some ways as a microcosm of what will happen on those that are reasonable we some arrest was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit not the right number question is did those in the time of Pentecost know that something was happening in the key thing I think the key to understanding this quotation is if the recognized that it will not recognize the manifestation in the last rights it doesn't mean they will know something 's happening in a regular something is happening you can't avoid but whatever is happening they don't attribute it to the spirit of God okay so did the people know something was happening at Pentecost but something was happening but I may have just said always just a few people being crazy is just this it's just that but they didn't say it's because the spirit was falling they didn't attribute it to the spirit I think that kind of helps me somewhat understand the previous quote that one of arthritis void people don't recognize it it doesn't mean a blind something happening it may just mean that they don't attribute whatever's happening to go this is a score they submit slice will this is evidence there is to be in the church is a wonderful manifestation this is review held November seven nineteen eighteen a wonderful manifestation of the PowerBook but it will not look upon those who have the humble themselves before the Lord opened the door of their hot by confession and repentance that beauty right in the manifestation of that power which licensee of the glory of God they see only something which in their blindness they seem dangerous something which will arouse this is and what do they do they priced themselves to resist it this is the pop but I underline my own emphasis because the Lord was not one of according to their expectations and ideal they oppose the work might feel to you today is this on this list do not be one of those people at the end that when the spirit is falling and to come according to your expectations you oppose it ask for a half humble flexible to move when the spirit what is moving to recognize with spiritual discernment when God 's Spirit is the point that you can be that the three possible behalf and he placed himself in sometimes and not search it seemed sometimes when you're trying to do what's right you can meet obstacles and it almost feels even more of people policing themselves again something because the law does not work according to their expectations they oppose the work that goes notice when Jesus came to study the processes they had talked about them and when Jesus came only a few people accepted when Jesus came from a people ready to meet them I was wisemen we don't know how many the shipments they would tell by the Angels they rejoiced but it really because Jesus didn't come according to the expectations I missed payments many people reject the latter rain because the devil as they expected the cup of a private club in the wood until they may be to send people think that they should be at the forefront of the work when the latter rain comes out in the night before from all the while when the latter rain comes that little one of the hot units on the mindset break the humility the world will be in the work we are ready to be on top of it some will oppose the lack of rain will be people this is my wife's little bit of luck many yes anything that the know how the spirit moves because God does not work according to the expectations they oppose the look don't be one of these people I met in the days of Jesus those of accepted John accepted Jesus those rejected John rejected Jesus both is what Jesus said in Luke sixteen thirty one if they reject only handle Moses all the profits neither will they be persuaded though one thing from the day was that both fulfilled yes or no who came back from the dead Lazarus it is of interest in this comes just after the part of the respondent Lazarus to give the power to Richmond last is a powerful powerful as little power as power by the stooge of the gospel and if the gift is powerful the people in in the sourcing it up in the power what it says that the rich man of mystery in format you go and tell his brothers as well that they may listen and you does is listen it is not persuaded by Moses in the property will be slated one comes back Jesus resurrected Lazarus it conveys the Jewish leaders that he was the Messiah note that was the final nail in the coffin for them to crucify him you just proved his ability by resurrecting somebody showing convincing evidence I am Messiah in Denver right up though Mister shows how close they work to the spirit of God will lead his people testimony to the judge only one one three one eight seven it says God leads his people on step by step he brings them to different only populated the manifest what in the half this quotation it is told me about how the process of being bone the rain fix price on all hots early right the spirit moving on a hot on the basis he brings that the different points calculated the manifest what is in the hot so it's likely that God had laid a question in the hotel cute with me why communities me something about my patients and minimize he brings a different point how can related some manifest was in the hot feel I have both on the relation God I don't lose my temper as file name okay disasters happen or let your problems happen in my work it's okay I ride the storm running a use of it in England because the seller is okay we can handle the problem sound system breakdown is okay with the problem I may get to the point I think you are pretty great patient with life 's problems and is something little happens while waiting in line in the hotel the last for Internet password is unfortunate but in the Allegheny patient was on in hindsight bodies revealing something to me calculated the show with some sun and your one points is about the spellings spoke with Simon Zora one one full law at the next at every advanced point the hot I tried a little cost the professed people of God find their half opposed to describe what is to convince them that they have a look to do to open Cannes if they will not be spewed out of them every experience in life but allows you to happen is that reveal and points out something in your hot in some bondage as you find is happening with you have at least in the city of Birmingham England other know what the context is missing in Birmingham England we have about other fifteen or sixteen judges in the one fifty some thought I was passing and women what would you have or what you have happen with this you have a chest member one such fellow fallout judgment in a faint touch as the movement of the steps anyone along before the being and success often whatever that was what I was so stretched and innocently waiting on more than one check you can sometimes see this one moment that point was that people just welcomed Judge judge is always the same issue that happens is on the site sometime on giving you an in a big example what happened this week 's land one from the problem but the problem is happening because the authority to something so we want from the problem but allows the problem that happened somewhere else with another personality these trying to reveal to us what in our thoughts and if we keep a running total to bring in a statement up our and so we overcome sexy Angel God will bring the website by his blood will bring his what closer and closer to test and approve every one of his people somehow willing to receive as is not so well received willing to receive one point when God brings into another test -based strength from it I miss them back described by directly some cherished idol they'll become one of the compartment wall who they started backwards not back is sometimes enough fertilizer that is leaving us no sacrifice at all surrender this surrender the meal music collection in the old days you wouldn't even proceed either way you have five feet even this late in the delete them from your iPhone surrender the real music collection surrender to me all collection of movies surrendered to me all wardrobe let me take control of that surrender to me all diets but whoa whoa whoa whoa we can hope what I did I can handle the music on this and the classical melodic than the one of you the woman visited a fine serenity movie that's okay I'll get rid of those about me anyway threatening to close the K possibilities for what the web surrender must move no note so that's okay author in a very I have become from the house only see that I will surrender the meal Korea but no luck I give up all those things but I still want to do what I wanted to east that comes when I restrict here they are opportunity to see what is in the half that shuts out to the individuals are tested and proved a length of time to see if they will sacrifice to idols and heed the counsel of a true witness she said that proved a length of time so the work of the early writing and summarize is a welcome one progression we come to a point we ask for victory we accepted we make changes we come to another point with the victory except when asked about the coming Lahore on the point he was victory son Angel on one point or for the next in the point is the points are different single one of us every single one of his points different things is not like they look at this this this and this is difficult less is different for all of us a different pace for all of us who will receive the rain is reading it those who come to every point and stand every text and overcome be the price what it may have heated account of the truest they will receive the right of the physical translation family points those you come to have a point every voice on yet God you know I've done that Annan that I know I haven't done that was so can other people as well we tried by Newman thought why no I haven't done that but I'll check on the none I need a effort the whole check haven't done it in the past but haven't done it if the algorithm that is what has happened on the way of asking me to do it maybe that will write something on the repent acts three nineteen and twenty says and be converted that your sins may be what left it out when the time refreshing so when the present of the Lord and he will send Jesus Christ which was preached to you repent the convention repent when the time of refreshing shall come from the principal noses as they do their repentance and what convective why even though the US and maybe what and then what happens the times of what was on meantime the refreshing to Athos in the blotted out from the heavenly century is when the latter rain comes down to isolate and share the refreshing unless you obtain the big tree over how many ever read the settlement over pride selfishness logo will notice notices since he says that she doesn't say the things that we often made by Disney movies music by what is this you name pride so you know why those sins they are the most subtle sins of all and they are the one that we hide the best life you can be almost named elder in the church and you'll be fine it's his pride and no one knows exactly at times that it is the latter rain the refreshing from the presence of the Lord allow cry that Angel now the question is asked with Alexa rank him to give us the three oldest in the Plaza blathering to give us victory a visit between the quotation I saw that many when neglecting the preparation sold in these all I will looking to find a refreshing enough to write for them to spend the day about that is that a lot of the path of Lucknow why good number the rain comes no cleanup no you hid this reading writing the different ways and up into them today people will say things like you we can't have the feel of everything but when Jesus comes will see him ideas that say the same thing because using less direct terminology yeah we got to be struggling with this and this and this until Jesus comes but when he comes easiest to give his new bodies she says I saw how many in the time and trouble without the shelter they had neglected the needful preparation therefore they could not receive the refreshing but all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God today is the preparation day payment today is that tomorrow is not the challenges of the day and tomorrow may be different gone will bring you on step-by-step to show what's in the hot the passing of time does not prepare us you don't give someone say that time is a great deal and give it a phrase below to run I would say in England is a load of rubbish if you have ever lost someone close to you you know that time is money you could miss that person after five days same way you missed them playing in five years if you going to a terrible relationship and on another whatever the pain you feel now you can have a faith anything is time time does not heal time is being neutral elements you can either use it to us but the change of heart you can I do this easily over time gets more into more angry more resentful over time dwelling on it more and more and more time goes on it was the passing of time does not prepare a split infinitive right-of-way fight about the outing on time is neutral you can use a time to prepare we can use it on the stack and eight leaving a good time to go back time is a it is a neutral element we must be intentional with our time not just stuck it stuck in a rut what progress at rewriting system to think that prepares them I think right is offering a agonizing over the discussion agonizing prayer prevents us and destroy testimony of the message to the latest field prevents agonizing prayer straight testimony I think too much of operators is to casual to formal and to routine agonizing prayer and the straight testimony the message the latest seasons not just you I know which goods faith I so righteousness not just the knowledge of it note too often we have an understanding of the Adventist message I might like it to this friend of the century most of us have an understanding if you set its entry of the basic Elizabeth thank you for fifty seven eighty twenty seven thirty one faithful eighteen forty four most holy place only place lay the second sentence of altar of incense candles candlesticks we can recite it that is like you have made a puzzle that's just like a straight at the puzzle the whole picture inside the swath in our understanding of the latest CMS is our understanding of the averages method is just understanding the framework we memorize that framework but is all inside of you know the message the latest the judge theoretically but the inside picked shock has to become our experience ice also strolled by and I know I think right fleetingly thought that counts in his lapel with the anxiety expressive of the internal struggle fun and great bonus was expressed in the countenance is lots of drops of perspiration fell from their folded now and then that places would like the with the mocks of what information they gain the same song on Bennett's book would settle upon then she describing a group of people in earnest prayer I read that to be honest for me I read that I'm detached from that experience I want that experience sort of the conflict when pressed under the dog is that God allows we give ourselves when his friend the visit evil agency press around pressing dogmas upon people to set up Jesus from the view to the high thing to draw the dot was a Sarandon unless led to distrust God moment the only safety wasn't even the right of the disease as a stump of the dogs that come on us in prayer is psyched in front of where the safety and looking to go up with people and eyes fixed on Jesus knowing that is like that when we look up safety looking up directly right upward where I been up with we can see Jesus where is Jesus he's in the most holy place what's he doing in the most holy place this is the end for us I want to half for us he's looking to give us hope and courage the evil Lane Ingle crowding round pressing Dartmouth sometimes Eli Angels have people who helped them amen sometimes the evil angels get other people to criticize to suggest doubts to undermine confidence the key point on this last point when I say things like that is no thinking you might year not so intelligent the key point when you read a quote like that for your recent essay Lord help me not to meet up with help me not to put valuable to people 's minds help me not to criticize or the people and the use of an agent of the enemy the pulldown some as Christian experience Angels of God but he licensed to sixty nine had shot over his people and of the poisonous atmosphere of evil intervals press around is just one he had but I love this I love this quote it heavily peopled with Clinton continually was being their wing the skiff of the documents and beautiful imagery essays on a come round to the Angels and every now and then as the as the presence of darkness bills being just that we adopt each love Google picture the Angels is gathered around authentic angles around the seventh floor of this building is so you try to come round each try to come in the idiot he wants to come in the neon of this workshop here utilizes the opposite the last workshop they moved that entertainment is like that they move back Basie will work in the electricity was a weapon that the project wasn't working in a lucky one that the name about that same time you want to do something with the sounds of the most and will predict a well-to-do something significant job on this building the paint is good to know talk on the phone and back again is to interview my mind being lasting around the doctors away the image is on you with well being the last thing that wins the staff of the thick darkness of the plane once continued that owners cry at times Arroyo light came from Jesus to encourage them unlike topic countenances only down one of the state and I feel pretty for ourselves the Saints pray during the print release periods of prayer they don't always like it when they continue to pray for the red light comes from Jesus enough sometimes I think that the experience of agonizing prayer is one that we don't like this so that we don't print the full boys haven't experienced that was that of experts in that we display shallow not ever want a spot of agonizing bottom five of the five facilities page two one nine eleven although he has has not entirely lost its power at the time when the danger and depression of the church are great to the little company was standing in the life will be signed and crying for the abominations that are done in the land but more especially will that price arrived in the high of the judge because its members are doing after the manner of the world the earnest prayers on this faithful you will not be in what they will not be made they will not be in my size five the abominations in the land will not call to squeeze and Facebook the abominations of the payment without the sigh and cry for the abominations in the danger is this that within the checks of the small group while praying sign a crime on the half of the judge the danger is that we can also be another group that stopped to make lists all those who in the light of those one is not all would stop making a statement is not what the compile some from the people you have compiling a list of those who are right let me look at present is a note pride selfishness even though it like everything else in the plaintiff not for us to make the lists is not what did the majority Israeli right five three one three six says to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority of cyclists to fight the battles of the Lord when the champions off in this will be out what it was not easy to stand on your own and in is not easy I think some people struggle with more than others some of us have a more individualistic streak to Acevedo mine being different some of us don't like being different from everyone some cultures in this world a more group called to the phone call to the more individualistic cultures depending where you are from and what my wife is hot Japanese by bloody religious one a raise in America and in our marriage we can detect the difference month I'm hot Icelandic Modesto Mauritius but it has Icelandic people to the new three hundred thousand in the whole country they are extremely you have to be delivered not by the world they are extremely independent people like that just independence is then national trait that national tray of paragraph independence my wife is hot Japanese difficult for them the group consensus is all-important was pleasantly might have there's a AutoCAD being different from everyone else bothers me not a I don't I could not care if everyone in the room and do something different on the only one of the point do you think I'll be marketing is fine for me so that I may doesn't bother my conscience one bit if the preference am often what wrong it is a product of my wife even as different like it but I can just is different I can put unnatural as to be part of what everyone else is doing I'm supposed to be when the champions of God off you have to Iraq test comes somersault of Iraqis to seventy did not participate in this with an agonizing of the spacing in different Catholic latest in they will not resisting the darkness of a shopping in the cloud the Angels are going to let these a beloved want they left down and went to aid the misleading wants us these guys that double the scope of the iso- Angels of God hasten to the assistance of those who are struggling with all that power through this leave I know I'm trying to help himself by calling upon voted president but his angels left out who made no effort to help himself and I lost like she's trying to emphasize the importance of agonizing prayer in our daily experience striving rain again soon but so often we I think we get into a point where we just indifferent I would just cruise only reached the plot of of our experience and were okay that countenances expressed the company was the angel of the agonizing struggle was asked in the features marquis of the internal kind was not some of the light and glory in heaven they had obtained a victory and a call from them the deepest gratitude and holy and sacred joy those lessee goes on to cite the numbers on this company lesson somebodies shaken out unless by the way the careless and indifferent to did not join with those who prize victory of salvation enough that the agonizing work did not obtain it and they were left behind in darkness but most of what she says that place is what you immediately filled by those taken hold of the children coming into the ranks in this quotation by the reference on top of my head were told that many people come into the movement the church at the end and manually nothing this is probably the transition many careless indifferent slip by the wayside that place you will be taken by others taken hold of the children coming into the ranks evil Angel still press around the they could have no power MN no power questions I'll be prepared that experience is the intellectual or is it an experience that we need are we prepared for the experience very few are prepared for the disappointment that will come when the majority of cyclists are you prepared to stand alone if need be it's not easy him on your own if need be I heard on those clothes would be honest speak for the truth with great power it had affect what had made this change will make the change the angel said in answer but what really the maybe limiting the people but I have boldness what made the change of the ring refreshing for the presence of the Lord of our cry on that angle this made the change and humbled their hearts receive daily rain left the rain comes and it makes a difference you say this residence people they handle full in the hot they will hold it at someone else they were not both one of their own righteousness they were down on their knees in place of the humility of hot confessing their sins and the sins of others but I highly think it would be it was there was spent the most of the fact that they woman the faithful few MN but let us never be ashamed out of the movement of one that is heavily scored ridiculed out of the movement that has never come to the place will be say I guess I did forget Lois C can I just go along with the crowd grabs never right this is the craftily with the munchkins packrat is only right and when it comes to moral issues the crowd is even unfortunately we cannot shut the crowd is often never write the meaning of the shaking with his abysmal tomorrow I have seen I was shown that it was caused by the strike testimony called for by the Council of the truth when the latest in the sinking is called the latest in message being preached and experienced before of his affect on the hop the receiver I will need him to exalt the standard and poor for the straight to someone look bad to strike testimony that will rise up against it and this will call the shaking among God 's people you see everyone in the church isn't really something I meant everyone was it something some of us resist the truth some will resist the documents those who resist the darkness of the evil one through agonizing prayer on a daily basis those who resist the botanists receive the latter rain those who resist the strike testimony will not receive only looking at this subject of the left the rain the real porn father left the rain study is the lot is the right not merely reign the plan additional fruit without really right on Allah 's today this afternoon this evening tomorrow well the only rate our hots we'll get insight plot is a great grand conclusion of our church without the other ran a hot debate we'll get the new pot of seeing thousands of the date of seeing sick people healed of miracles wrought wheel gets we will receive up to I was visiting and operate is now agonizing enough lyrics bruise now we won't get to experience the left and right when it comes is not eligible please last-minute legal exit speed limits on the given hot women but the best time that Christ will come to thought is always the one with the earliest the Zimbabwean people across a meal to the thief on the cross of the year the easy way out I wanted to people across exit visas look like white unity well-being of other young present and when I see the things they price it in the time I did talk to Jesus and that he ready now another thing I will never happen some people may be well via playing a dangerous spicy game with death and sometimes we use a thief on the cross an example of someone etc. do the last minute had an easy way to heaven on I think it was easy for the thief on the cross you try being righteous when Ms. nails the toenails in your hands you try not being frustrated and angry and pissed off when everyone around he was looking not the fault expense of the thief on the cross was abated with legs for Sabbath they broke the legs of breaking the legs with the speed up that day but there's no guarantee to McAfee maybe this is the speculation is no guarantee that they broke the cease legs he asked he died within two minutes is no guarantee the adjustment is sped up that but all of his death through the following is different they break his legs they bring the cost down they pull the nails out if you know anything about our little nails going in because more paint coming out the million decimal bleeding takes place mucus of the soldiers from amendment wasn't Bill Clinton Genghis Khan and they would always with silks when the arrow came in the department up the Cold War damage on the land and the full the nails out what happened to the thieves who died on the cross when they go to have it to me is on the know to where they go they went to the Valley of human which was will begin that would help from in the Bible and that's what Jesus said the smoke goes up forever and ever there was a dump on the side of the city had done continually as with the bodies of criminals is with the rubbish when limits of the thief on the cross it would've taken him to the rubbish dump to blunt the death if he hadn't died yet another carry him nicely it probably would tie his feet together and drag him on the back of a donkey now let's suppose he was still alive today you'll be with me in paradise while you being dragged along the dusty road and then he gets thrown on the rubbish heap and that's just say because he was a young man he was strong necessary he made it through the first night when the sun comes up the next morning at this rubbish around and of his wild animals eating the rubbish around at this smoke tenant is to come into his feet now the sun comes in beats down on it is possible that the thief did not die on Calvary which he probably didn't it could've taken in one to three days to die may you try being sanctified lying on a rubber sheet and the only thing you having a mind for members today will be of me empowered us what you lying in a garbage he the following ability on the cross at the person who got the easy way out to happen and it the thief on the cross had a very hot trying off the way to the gates of paradise it may have been sure but those of you ever experienced bodily pain you know the five ministers feel like five hours Avenue and had a toothache like time stands still I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out once and it was like in a time stands still you can't get rid of the pain when you're in pain time just tracks best beef yet he accepted you the last minute but I guarantee while he was lying on the rubbish CP probably thought I wish I gave my life to Jesus when I was a kid who missed the want us to go to the experience of praying for the ability right now and having picturing over our trials and sins now then maybe some people to join last-minute appraisal lot LB ten times hotter is not to say people won't come into watch as last-minute hope people won't give the lie for these of last minute I make it to heaven is not set one up it will but only how much hotter under more trying circumstances the development character to have the best time to give a life of Jesus is always this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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