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4. Saving Faith

Benjamin Ng



  • December 29, 2014
    9:45 AM
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father in heaven thank you for this very again the deacons lost for the gift of life thank you for bringing us yet again to study your word and I pray that you and please be with us help us to continue to understand in a deeper way what it means to exercise faith I pray Lord that you would guide us through this time grace us with thy spirit we pray in Jesus name amen okay today what I want to do is in this session look at saving faith and we only know that when that give you another few examples on the Bible okay about how essential faith is to our salvation and is interesting as our sitting there in the morning devotion we are thinking about righteousness by faith when you think you know what but any quoted again in Hebrews eleven oh seven right and the we looking at righteousness but like I said many times we we miss out faith which is so important which is so essential for us to be safe while let's go to Romans chapter ten Romans chapter ten starting in verse six and read all the way to verse nine Romans chapter ten starting in verse six and today yes we put the finishing touches on the importance of the more of God 's for obedience and everything but in Romans chapter ten verse six the Bible begins by saying this but the righteousness which is often what they speak up on this wise say not in thine heart who shall ascend to heaven that is to bring Christ down from above oh who shall descend and name that is when Christ again from the dead but once they then though blood is nine the even in thy mouth and in diehards that is the one of what faith which we preach that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in nine parts that God has raised him from the dead thou shalt be one say how always saved according to those last two buses or even a net loss votes plus nine how shall we be saved fast with thy mouth and what you believe in I talked to look the only way that we can be saved is once again through belief faith and you know if you have that faith the Bible says we will what concepts with our month to see the butt of a status is what saith it but what is not in the even in by mouth and in the hearts that is the word of faith so somehow faith has also got to do with application of us confessing all speaking from a heart and that's why Nola was a preacher of righteousness because when he had faith the faith led him to do things that were already in his heart right even though he didn't understand and that's not something that am really ones through many of these kinds that we thought about and even the parts of those highlighted this morning and no one is safe we looked at Abraham stay right there we looked at a few things about Abraham I should be Genesis twelve and Abraham were no guards combined in Genesis twelve was once a busy notice yes I don't I sure okay what was the come under God in Genesis twelve one hundred meter country rightly got house revealed kindred everybody right so he knew the come on you know why you see that wasn't what was the reason I'll negatively impregnation of a theatrical to do so he knew why are I put that way came to Genesis twenty two and he wanted and offered his son Isaac on the mountain right did you know that yes and some say something Bozo obviously neither right so yes even you know the reason why no good zero she had no idea why God wanted to do this accept the come I was glad he does have to do it issue that he does have a reason yet he still obeyed face it does not need a reason to act but as Christians we need to reason in other many a times we refuse to obey a few funds we have a clear reason why many of us like that God tell me the reason why before I do it no Abraham could assault known set of you know I'll look like pagan people they offer the children not for sacrifice to another bad right given the wrong message of who you are to go to have many reasons not to open what was become unclear is what only he acted upon that your printer for me this morning I hope you been applying what you belonging God is struggling with something a heart God help me to change not because of something that I can do but because you want that it can be perfect the claim that promises more like that that's what it means to frame I think right you got to allow these lessons to begin to change your life but you are in Romans chapter ten as we just looked at were reminded again faith is the very substance that saves us and nothing else meets another text at sixteen thirty to thirty one acts sixteen ask Jeff to sixteen versus thirty and thirty one at sixteen versus thirty and thirty one this is when Paul and Silas were well called as prisoners and they were sitting in a jail cells praying and singing with one another and God shook the whole prison right and the prisoners were free and that God was about to kill himself because the prisoners got free and run away his head would be on the chopping long run than Paul called on the don't don't don't overall gear right and in most twenty nine the common though the Gospels down the form of any else's question in verse thirty and brought them out and said says what must I do to be saved can't what must I do to be saved was a question and sometimes we cringe at that sort of question but it's true there is a pop for us the play was thirty one and they said what believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and valve shall be saved a nuthouse that was all the event that all he needed to the believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be safe so once again face it is the very substance that saves us and nothing else John chapter six Moses of a working away book back with book by book John chapter six and verses twenty eighth and twenty nine John six twenty eight and twenty nine a builder John six twenty eight and twenty nine the Bible says this then said they unto him what shall we do that we might look at the works of God Jesus Onset is sense of them this is the work of God that ye believe on him whom he hath sent that was the NL of any RCA in your self this question since appeal that was made this morning God what can I do how am I able to do the work that you want me to do no I'm making this out is what I want to do now God how am I able to do that God I had a similar all my life but I really want to change how am I able now to be patient and to be mild-mannered and to be gentle how can I do that how can I overcome the sins of my life Jesus is what we have to do believe that's it just you enough resources of will recall beating the dead cat economy beating the dead cat like is this clear enough about faith the puzzle now works are necessary in what way weather looks come in into offing is just a revelation of whether you have faith or not right that's one of the tree yesterday that was planted by the rivers of waters and sums up the one but the file is there anything that faith is a passive state in a display right but they don't realize that faith is active it's the most substantial thing and the only real foundation of the Christian Christian can it is a very false the driving force behind the Christian that enables this Olson even to write the reason why you have any good thing in a hot today nothing has grabbed hold of something and would've gone the fact that your patient is not because you whole family was this the quiet patient group it wasn't something that a family fortune about what God made you patient and your faith has been growing he realized that anything good James just once as every good about the gift is from what from about right so anything good in us is because faith is the active agents but is working in our hearts but then how do we harmonize those statements and that revelation was blessed are they that do his company Revelation twenty two Revelation twenty two and plus we find a request fourteen Revelation twenty two and verse fourteen because you know this is where we begin to emphasize the law but we we can emphasize in this way but not forget faith okay if the sometimes is easy to forget faith we emphasize the social text Revelation twenty two verse fourteen the Bible says Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates and to the city we harmonize these things isn't a prerequisite in order for us under the heaven we have to do this once it's on a yes anybody else you read about it here this so what was a figurehead and I know you seem confused you know talking the quality right so as a prerequisite that we have to keep clouds of God and all does not enter into the game of yes or no if SCF okay so most of us say yes I do know what I agree with you but remember really without it we were able to keep qualities because of what the faith of Jesus they would I defeat these the cross he was not given the clouds of play with me because I didn't have the times show his works but he was same by what grace through busy and can you see faith yes I know will come with me in the Bible some lock is the following and letters from the sudden and while in my studies if is you you know what I preach before for Cullinane about the mock chapter two can you see say because space is emerging that saves us but this almost seems like phase of the mystery of Selena walks in our mind and autism but in longevity in most one okay and again he entered into Capernaum after some days and it was noise that he was in the house and straightway many were gathered together insomuch that there was no room to receive them no not so much as about the door and increase the ones of them and they come in to him bringing one sick of the palsy which was born oh four blissful and when they could not come nigh unto the confidence they uncovered the roof where he was and when they had broken up they let down the bed where in the sick of the palsy lay now let's read BuSpar together when Jesus soul their faith you see the when Jesus sold their faith he said of the physical police on thy sins be forgiven what did Jesus see faith okay but a popular faith what did Jesus literally seek to live in the let the men down from the roof what else can the general half of phase one of a single of the action it all sounds so no-confidence so he led them down the roof what else is in the Bible to the Bible was that easy was that they do think the roof open anything else okay that he or he said that the type that come in through the house through the ball through the window right I'm sure Jesus could have than most seeing something through the windows I excuse people shuffling the middle middle and move right the soul he saw the assistance peaceful action this action ascends save them knows the revelation of the thing you cannot be same without that option James chapter two let's go then you know many people say that we must have faith in Wilson got on the phone received James to write but you have to read this carefully let's go to James to unless read again that lesson we read yesterday 's post twenty James chapter two verse twenty how does faith what it says what what wilt thou know over a man that faith what without books is that right now if faith without works is dead that means the absence of walks shows the absence of what they you know what you have no does the action itself save us know than enough so really when you go back to Revelation twenty two is a you see how easy the theologies can get to the point where you dismissal up blood so that it into his lungs of Abraham Reich the key of life right is action itself they must know it often would you see how easy is to preach something different I told you the beginning that is yes we keep quality was a right is it actually saves us right no one disagree with but even sitting in three sessions of my yesterday click but you see many of us have been thinking that way too long you are saying nothing we knew it saves us the only thing that we can do is one of the site but you know what you don't lose quality loss why some you don't do his quality lots one the survey got known about that is what he is saying no works okay faith without works is dead right so when it comes to James two fourteen along a succumbed to the less faulty James had to do list for the model says what doth it profit my brother and though a man say he hath faith and have not works can faith save him on several courses no right but then we come down to less eighteen J a man may say thou hast faith and I have lots show me thy faith without my works without thy works and I will show you my faith by my works is a possible know it's not because you see note this is where the man is making a false profession because you go back to verse fourteen right it says what what does it profit my brethren though a man what say he has faith but have not works can a man say he has faith in the Lux then he would listen listen to my emphasis can a man say he has faith in the work led Linnaeus in again this is my emphasis cannot say he has faith in the works of course you can say anything I want right the minister sorry I know this is why many people it's a it's these people that save everything overlooks an out-of-state stop judging me it's so easy to say and stop judging me by my works how do you know on the right right just because I don't do this is because I don't do that sometimes he these sorts of people and bring on this huge issue about being judgmental with me this is able to say I have faith I say I am saved the sooner this is the big issue that really confuses a municipal goods and other spectrum right one side is all about looks the upside is all about faith but you can't you have to have both you can't have true works without faith and you might think that it is so but you know what people point out all the time that how about that the non- Adventist the non-Christian right argument these non-Christians in us as so generous so kind so loving they seem to have let the fruits of the Spirit Daihatsu now you don't invent me make that the claim that this was better to find non- Adventist right and have been established as a so mean and so right phone number but when it comes to the slow how do we harmonize that the situation those are non- other safe we don't know him and we don't know what needs Romans chapter two and is the text that is a look at question you know that was thrown out yesterday are only administrative thought Eleanor was not an understatement I was just a flippant on the Sabbath all I really want to show you this text Romans chapter two and verse thirteen fifteen this is the text of the non- Christian on non- Adventist event of Romans chapter two starting in verse thirteen the Bible says this for not think it was a little odd jobs before God but the dualism of the law shall be what everyone give me what would justify made righteous okay so look the dualism of the law shall be made at women Romans is a book of all about living by faith as well okay what he says while the dualism of the law just like how Abraham did what yesterday with others he did what to sacrifice his son Isaac was a long desk because God said Abraham offered his son Isaac was a gallant and even though it is breaking off was right to the joy the law shall be justified Abraham he was righteous but his face wasn't perfect to that act and Genesis twenty two below the dew is a law shall be justified now Bush forty four when the Gentiles which have not the law civil of the Gentiles to the one hundred non-Christian non- on this right they don't have the law do by nature the things contained in the law these that don't have the law they are a law to themselves okay so all these Christians on soaring all these non-Christians out there they don't have a lower brother don't even want to think about some but by nature they do the things in the low is that these who don't have a law made meeting these Gentiles it is a law to themselves in what way less fifteen which show the work of the law permits and where in the hot there what conscience also bearing witness and is also meanwhile accusing all this else excusing one another what excuses them all excuses them notice of that what excuses or accuses them their thoughts and all costs that you are right but what really in our mind that accuses and excuses us as our it's all conscience right does everybody have a conscience and the slowness on you your evolutionists cannot explain with a conscience came from no one could explain the Clintons came from but you know what you don't have to be a Christian to have a conscience everybody has a conscience and so that's why when it comes to those that are non-Christian on non- Adventist they are able to be in heaven because there are some in the world although they have never even heard of the name of Jesus they are doing all the good that they don't the media 's right to the Kwanzaa Bible is little video I lost it when he said this again there are those in the world that have never heard of the name of Jesus okay the non-Christian but they are doing all the rights that they know in their mind to does everybody have a sense of right and wrong do you have non-Christian friends did have a sense of what is right and wrong yeah do they believe we should kill you everybody believes that you need to be Christian to believe that killing is bad because the question was the difference is anonymous if they can be saved and we can be safe with the defense cousin Alyssa says than what you wanted to be a Christian and non-Christian can be said that you know the advantages this we have what we call the Bible and this is the reason why even though some people have such twisted thinking about evangelism you know the drill site while I sat in the non-Christian can be saved and you know I see my vacations take for example he's not Hindu friend K and he's such a great guy he's doing everything that Hindu religion has taught him either he saved us on probably right because he defended that he knows to do okay under the last week well what you want to share the gospel of them in a set of also that many rejects of any law claim of evil is available people also use whenever I think about it was the flight is fully measure he was a author you imagine the loss that nothing in what is right I should I care the gospel within because this is what I call your conscience there are some people in this world the thinking killing people is good and I don't kill somebody I have and you know what God might judge them according to what the good they knew that the residuals I don't know okay but if you want to live the best life Alyssa if you want to have the most abundant life on this you need to give them the gospel in this is why we as Christians continue to share the Bible because this is the best news better than any new Snoop Dogg in the world this is why health message even becomes salvation of the people Isaiah sixty six six says very clearly as a sixty six says very clearly that those that we those losses were getting all in the mouse and abomination end of the consumer find no wine because they knew what was good James four seventeen let's go there will quit James four seventeen and this is the standard by which everybody is just and well James chapter four verse seventeen this applies not just to the Adventist not just the Christian but every costs and living on the builder James up the folder seventeen the Bible says this that holds a ham that no one is to do what good and do it not to him it is what sin sin is not just the transgression of the law sin is also knowing what is good but not doing and you know in the world if you know what is good and you don't do it you know what happens your conscience begins the body right in all mum says song no computer game while you are studying during the week it's in on the computer you disobeying woman that you played it again initiate a garage door open the hot sauce honey really fast it was happening Bill Clinton's as condemning a human being and that knows to do good and doesn't do it it becomes so that I will let everyone have an element of faith yes because we are not safe I'll work Smith saved by to the Christian 's faith in the wood of God to the non-Christian 's faith whether in our because you know what is another name for the contents is called the Holy Spirit is called the Holy Spirit told me to Hebrews Hebrews chapter four and verse twelve he was just the floor and most well the show you that the Holy Spirit is also a conscience for the Christian is one of God and of course the Holy Spirit was not negate the fact that we need reborn of water and the spirit right but then to those that don't know the one of the hottest is the Holy Spirit Hebrews four twelve for the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword guessing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a one this song of the thoughts and intends on the heart the one of God is at the center of your poor annual intentions and what about really do that no one of God he is competitive as well as a sore right in Ephesians six seventeen is the sword Ephesians chapter six of the seventeen it says and take the helmet of salvation and also the soul of all the spirits which is the word of God the reason why the word of God is able to discern our thoughts on our intent is because the Holy Spirit is working through those pages this event estoppel would have gone alone that does not every time you see the word of God you always see the Holy Spirit wakes they walk in hominy one of the plus and that doesn't have the word of God that is not Christian never heard about the Bible before to everybody is given a measure of the Holy Spirit slot you know in Genesis six when no low was told to by God is in my spirits are not always fundamental anonymous on the phone to know because of Nola didn't have the Holy Spirit become a flood to be lost with everyone else I it was all the other people but the Holy Spirit does not start so long what advantage do we have every way because we have a better way of life we have a God who made us understand how weak we should walk in upright he knows what's best for us she knows that man should rest one day a week you know that we should be eating vegetarian diet event in a is what they are on the path of that and you appreciate you talk a lot of fat in the blood because not maybe with a lot of fat in the blood no ESA leading me wish you defend the blood up right and if not you know what you don't eat meat the right-wing that means you know you what you need you can't go down to the love the gunny drive there and owner of beef noodles is not eating meat the right way in the fat block and if you know now you know Leviticus three seventeenth if you know what is good and you don't know it and as a cult salvation else wants to realize that the helpless about the way the Bible study around the faith is built upon one word of God own Krishna because three seventeen write about legal together right so I initially from the pen of inspiration some of favorite quotes on faith taken from wind and currents of the personality volume two page five thirty nine five this is some of my really favorite quotes that I like about faith alone out once I can assure you every quote on faith and begin a long time but speaking from minor cuts and personality volume two page five thirty nine paragraph five he says this I find that I have to fight the good fight of faith how often how often every day I have to exercise all my faith and not rely upon feeling I have to act as though I knew the Lord heard me and would onset me and lastly do you see what she said that I have to act as though I knew the Lord showed me and would on Simi and listening she had that sort of faith that even though she didn't feel it she still believes that space is not a happy flight of feeling out what the reason why underlying this is because it's almost sounds exactly like what I told you yesterday faith is expecting would've got to do what it says and what depending on the wood of God to do what it says that facility says it is simply taking God at his work that's all believing that he will fulfill his promises because what he said he would know I hate it when a parent Seo wanted to do this because assets of distant right but you know what they would become the authority that's why I love White says for the first big twelve years of the kids life the parents is linked onto them if I feel I give me the reason arguments you but whatever you met over any thoughts right faith is taking God at his wad believing that he will fulfill his promises because he said he would look you have to look at the word of God and it will be fulfilled the metal what when and how you feel about your circumstances and how bad a position herein in the he says things like I have not seen the righteous suffer hunger right so when when you thinking as a husband with wife and three kids challenge with some counterintuitive my door however this was hardly alone I don't know petrol food of the type of provide for the family remember the text got said output like the right Matthew six thirty three seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and in what all these things shall be added to what is righteousness to do right is getting us out of doing right yes then you got to take him at his word I believe he will fulfill his promise he will provide for you and the family don't worry how we make the words of God practical God 's amazing grace two six five we ought to faithless she says oh how I wish that I could lead up people to have faith in God they do not feel that in order to exercise faith they must be wanted into a high state of excitement okay you know sometimes we we associate off a too much with emotions people realize that I'm always on the something they think on God is not with me because I'm in the down situation all they have to do is what you believe God 's word that's all you have to do in a in a just as they believe one of those words hey don't you believe one another's lives which we believe us in one another's lives what we do look of God she has said at and he will perform his work it's that simple commonly rely on his promise because he means all that he says say he has spoken to me in his word and he will fulfill every promise that he has made can you say that with me one two three he has spoken to me in his blood and he will fulfill every promise that he has made you believe that God set up on will do it the only Hebrews it says that she couldn't sled by any greater than upon himself to know why because is what is so powerful to perform it I just depends whether you think God is try to deceive you about right do not become restless be trustful God 's word is true at as if your heavenly father could be trusted in other words what you say is many times we don't act like God can be trusted and we take the whole situation into our own hands we try to work it out for a self act as if you can trust a heavenly father everything he says is what true so realize that is not God that needs a change of mindset of how we look at the word of God needs to be changed do you believe that there is a hellfire coming do you believe that is a Sunday welcome you believe that that's on a lawsuit to be instituted of United States of America this partisan judges of the money doing how is your faith changing because with notebooks there's no one it's easy to professors and he believed he believed deeply in show me the Jubilee class one got a strong essay you act as in your heavenly father could be just the Bible commentary volume six page one zero seven three nine faith is not the ground of our salvation but it is the greatest blessing of databases allow salvation is what grace which faith grabs hold of okay the eye that sees the idea that he has the feet that run the hand across that state it is the means not the end in Christ gave his life to save sinners why shall I not think that blessing it on a fuzzy thinking Christ died for us so we can baptize about that he needs us of how we feel go figure it out yourself it's like he's walking with us always about the people and the more all alone after that no quite the contrary and Christ gave his life to save sinners why not why shall I not think of blessing my faith grasps it and thus my faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen thus resting and leaving I have peace with God through the Lord Christ Jesus Jesus Christ the city had a question so is for example what she's saying is if it we claim the promise of God and will it come to in spite of even though I might be unfaithful like Abraham had a gun but eventually had what Isaac Wright will his promise still come to absolutely in what way less than a promise in the Bible that will be headed out of town will happen one day when all we do definitely it doesn't have any lights on the deathly happened later on in your lifetime and it is ugly like when you studying the new Jerusalem see Satan and all the wicked but not using it at motel of the button do we want if enough of us now yeah and you know if it takes yes and yes and yes okay so it were a prophet like Joseph and we had a dream and vision from God and he tells us clearly that our brothers and about else was how long did it take letting to be fulfilled LDS he was a part of his house about twelve euros then at the very least it was another two and not for euros imprisoned another was how many years of good food seven one of the brothers come down and writes easily over twenty of course it is a condition attached to the problems but when it comes to him as result of visions that were given like to Joseph was a dependent on his faithfulness of course it was if he had affair with one of his life-giving QB stand before Pharaoh even death right zero another know until then because it is unfaithful to see that but you know Abraham C Ashley exercise faith why because his body was already dead by the age of eighty six you know that so useless consider not his own money to anyone at anytime at seat and that's why went when he came to the situation with Sarah said what God has restrained me from bearing it still took a miracle for Abraham 's body to come back to life to see the cell when we look at these promises of God 's words promises that will be fulfilled absolutely we are plot is not whether they will be fulfilled in our because that Abraham could assess their reason with God God Eisenach is the son through which you promise there will be many seed like the stars of heaven that can be counted right she could've stopped himself from obeying the CFA so you have a question why did he allow his money be resurrected even those on the right woman as you have faith it just wasn't something she didn't have missed us at that moment he stumbled and he listened to his wife no a look the seagoing owner this is one of my all-time favorites I love this quote please give you have to take a picture this one it is anyone I want around was the gospel welcome page two fifty nine paragraph two listen to this show faith in true prayer house strong they are they are as too honest by which the human 's appliance delays hold upon the power of infinite love analysis faith is what trusting in God believing that he was lawless sauce and knows what is for our best good dust is that of our own way it leads us to choose his way look this gives us a bit of insight about me thinking when when we don't act on think faith is believing that God what was so anything he gives us in the Bible is not for all it's for all good do you believe that I'm showing you think badly of you have how can you think that your parents hate okay maybe there are some medical open of bad cold right they might think that with an account with the runaway whenever it is but in all the normal average kid they believe that their parents will write no matter what they put on the table they will even write you won't need on CQ the table thinking my parents upon a poison I'm not going into the limousine anyone think that way with advanced lower height this is why it so harmful for kids to choose and put parents second engulf us because we know we know that our parents love us but do you know God loves you infinitely more and that am briefing he has put in here is a love letter to you everything from those relationships to your diet sample right everything he's given to us is not because they don't and let me try to describe this mindset was sometimes we we we think that God is testing us to see three one seven so you want to see how much we can take a hot right I was we can stand before you like a litigator says okay our .co cake uncle to heaven notably if I got cited as the oldest pressure on awesome to see whether we really wanted on all know is like those fraternities that put you through all this make you one naked through the school drink a hundred bottles of beer do you really want to come into opportunity we think about all that was sometimes succumb to get a lot out of the will of God to get heaven economy and we had this twisted thinking about God it but faith is believing that God and knows what is far less good and you know as a result of you have this mindset it is easy instead of choosing our own way and reasons to choose his way in-place a lot of ignorance and excesses was in place of a weakness is strength in place of our sinfulness his righteousness our lives ourselves out already as faith acknowledges his ownership and accepts its blessings truth rightness purity are pointed out as secrets of life success in this faith that puts us in possession of the every good impulsive aspiration is the gift of God faith receives from God the life that alone can produce true growth and efficiency you know when you realize that God knows best and he really loves you so you know what got I really don't know the palatal club is because is that venison need coffee you know that so many I even see much of them is entitled to go on my coffee on Sabbath and try to hide from me so sad because if un- me enough from the middle when the ignorant and you see something like that coffee and tea drinking is sent on a reaction is to it we like it we try to reason away on coffee makes me more alert Houston performed cost me to get up from my welcomes of sleep and I can go to school and go classic work and try to reason things out only and honestly look on not a scientist I can't tell you exactly how coffee will I have not gone at the lab and tested it on and management with a hundred plus subject see what really happens on and on all other but anything go to the websites and you see the coffee is good for you as a divine research that you can find research that wine is good for you right at all these things but when we say God I know you love me and you reinvented it comes in conflict with what you're thinking and feeling and practicing faith will tell us God I'm ignorant I really don't know I'll accept it was why cause I know you love me and then you what as a result it is so easy to grow as a Christian I thought applying everything without question you don't always express of Abraham in Genesis twenty two window voice came to Abraham and he told Abraham to go sacrifice his son on the mountain right you know I will like to know what she writes she says Abraham went back to the tree where he met the three men walking along the way even without scoring and then you know one of them was Jesus and he stayed back with with Abraham and the other two went to Sodom and Gomorrah to save lot right he went back to that treaty waited and waited nobody and were told that the voice that spoke to him and not wanting did not come back to him at all until she had the night raised up over his son and then the voice itself Abraham now I know that you can understand the reason why he did it anyway as you knew that has gone Lofton if you are and how is what you want the only thing he was a delight was the only thing that she might think he's crazy and would like to just one and not sometimes what we have to do when it comes to the practice of political you might never find the reason why on the side of the boat should that be the reason why it stops you from obeying absolutely no wine because faith believing that God deeply love to the discounts apply those things that you've been holding off on because you been waiting for also a reason or I will know the results the end from the beginning right was faith and feeling sorry manuscript release volume five have to say because of the audio don't have visual manuscript releases volume five page two oh six three oh paragraph three that is to release volume five page two oh six three faith and feelings should not be confounded together they are as distinctive as the east is from the West in the darkest hours it is then that we should exercise faith and not suffer off feelings the dominoes but press off phase through the dark clouds the throne of God and claim the blessing of heaven when should we exercise faith don't we just let in the darkest hours when we should exercise the win all phase grasps the blessing and the blessing of Allah 's for all faith has got hold of it and went off phase brings the blessing down to us the dark clouds scatter and divine rays of light from Jesus alumina darkness then it is no more faith it is what really the evidence has come and it is faith a feeling that has swallowed up think that interesting okay let me thought it paraphrases look the only time that we can exercise faith is what is in all trials in the darkest hours okay that's only half the exercise faith this is not how we build faith will benefit but this is how we exercise faith it's only in the darkest hours but you know what when your faith clings to guarding you won't let go when you like Abraham you know sorry Jacob is a gone another legibility blessedly and he blesses you through those dark hours you lost a job at keeping the Sabbath and you lost your job for a whole year to get in you can find another job and it was trying but you refuse to blame God is a God some go to church I'm still going to follow you at the end of the year you get a job music praise God I decided for which I think Braylon is all got it for me that's not faith anymore that is what it's feeling and it's really interesting how she says that she says feeling swallows up faith by my noble you don't need to enable insulting so when your file disappear faith this appears with the exercise of bonus doing was a when trials come than we put enough away when trials come they don't build your faith you know that many people have this wrong understanding of I need files in order to grow no old trials do is reveal what sort of faith you have okay all trials do is reveal what's sort of faith you have they don't build your faith the beginning example when a soldier goes out the wall busy building is you training now when he goes up the wall no it just reveals whether he's trained and helped economy if you don't know how to hold your sword and law because it of any such sites like Honeywell you thought you these in addition is enough of course not because of the flight it just reveals whether you been practicing is not right that's the trial you have to be the Souljah in times of peace you take a wooden thought it was different if I want to write it go I think the real sonnets of public record will you strengthen your stamina right know how to hold your salon put on the online run and run with it and see how long he can run for whatever I don't know what you need to do right but in times of peace that's when you train a wall in times of peace this is where you have the Bill Johnson when the trial comes your faith will be revealed what sort of foundation you were building upon the sooner so how's your face today you won't know until you go through trial and will not be revealed at least in men and women around you you will not know until the trial comes as so what we try to do now is diligently helping to build to finish to grasp the promises of God sorry I don't know how long it's going for our deal of time the session is not an old it's overrated I think he sounded like okay so are you understanding that when it comes to faith yes it doesn't it the notebooks don't save us reveals what some think we have is a nationally revealed in times of trial when innovation is in its patient when you make them wait right and then telling him so the person who hates waiting I want to be punctual not always but a very best-selling to be punctual and I don't know when something twisted and bent out of shape when people like him but that's when your faith is revealed right honey don't listen his loving because you see them every week in the patch in the back is a happy Sabbath that when you know the know when you know the loving okay situation needing to go through to know whether Muslims do not try waking them up at one o'clock in the morning and say I need help with my cock of time tracking see whether they'll come through those audio that your faith is revealed so next session we look at how we can build off a unintelligent again that women go through I know how we can use a sword like the devil do those things that need to be done right so but somewhat a precedent you will find me astray father in heaven I thank you for giving us a measure of faith I thank you that you given us tools by with which we can fight against the devil law I thank you that you are more than willing to bless your people that you love us with endless love help us Lord to always remember that so is of faith reminds us of that it will then become easy to choose your way said Abbas to follow your footsteps that you have outlined and the question but to believe him to be trusting in you the father please you to build off a conservative guidance is how to continue to exercise this thing given to us we remain please is a medium Rod is my body over the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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