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5. The Woman of Romans 7

Benjamin Ng



  • December 29, 2014
    11:15 AM
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father in heaven the police continue to guide us this will double quotes as we look at the Scripture that he would please speak to a half of your Holy Spirit help us to grow in faith more and more and to understand this topics of justification and sanctification are about to look up we pray in Jesus name amen okay I just wanted to go through this will quickly with the justification yesterday and out of this one attach some quotes so that justification also sanctification little of that real quick okay but look of this is a really interesting quote that we have to try to grasp online around an foot for this into something practical yet the faith I live by page one one six paragraph two she says this the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed that the righteousness by which we are sanctified is what imparts a the first is all title to heaven the second is off fitness for heaven okay so this one engaged in righteousness and imparted righteousness imputed is our title found is about to get the second is our fitness okay now what is a need to impute versus imparts no imply I think is a bit more clear let's say I impart foods you every day right knee to eat his food on imparting on the awning on giving its use every day imputed righteousness is this let me give you a timeline of our life okay we moan we die and since all the since we could we have committed groups IRS specify simple okay we live a life of sin all life on so we met Jesus okay whatever race that is and we also got to forgive right what he does is she impugns his righteousness on us and at that very point in time when we also forgiveness it's as if we have never sinned okay and so his righteousness his life that he lived his expense upon us back that's a but we can't do it we'll confess our sin right if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins so everything is washed away and now it's like wearing that robe of righteousness it's almost like putting on a costume and we look exactly like Jesus and God looks at life like we've never send all our life because he doesn't see also the multi- season he sees Jesus so he shoots on us his righteousness what we do nothing exactly and of course confess often right so did we do anything worthy of getting this righteousness no and thus this is human centered upon us back to the within specification is something that imparted to us everyday okay his righteousness that must be given to us every single day of our life right I just want you to see that as we go through these quotes so this is justification a specification faith and works page one eleven paragraph one there are conditions to our receiving justification and certification and the righteousness of Christ I know your meaning but you leave the wrong impression upon many minds I guess she was referring to somebody who is talking about this topic while good works will not save even one soul nothing going to let us a bus yet it is impossible it is what impossible for even wonderful to be saved without good works that's what I call balance good works will devastate you however if you have no good works you never be safe to say God saves us under a law that we must honestly we would receive seeking we would find and know it we would have the door open to what's but what we have there and yellowing on the line is exactly what I'm try to point out in case it looks that essays us but faith that produces those good works that will save us is impossible in wonderful to be safe without those good works even though it doesn't does not does not save us okay this is how faith and works go together is there some kind of danger computer thing we must have faith and works plus monthly mean yes I love when you have to be confident all works why look we not the end of the day I go home and you know my wants and then wanted to say that I look somewhat as he tells me while you did this you did this in the spotlight since what action no we have to do still go back to the mirror and look about that that mirror that reflects our our own character and what where we fall short we ought to be concerned with it but realizing the vessel changes but the next time we walk out do I have to be wary of the articles is something that's in all human leaves in the back of my mind whether we like it or not you know but the fact that we are able to overcome it it's a result of our faith and that's it it's a simple method depends on the phone would be just and find I have to thought about your behavior you know why because you don't think about so no no the problem literacy judges they don't know know was not a valid wretched miserable poor blind and naked infallibility suggested they don't know that they're bad and that's why we have to point that out and then pointed to the Savior the reason why this ways because of lacking in your devotional life by me gold tried in the fire that's faith right a note white raiment which is what the righteousness of the saints anointed eyes with eye salve of any season which is what political the reason why people are bad because of studying the Bible we have to show them because they don't think that thereby that's why we have to talk about from but is not the food that Susan is a food that will now then realized I I am sure on many things as a Christian and I have to go back to the wood of the sooner so from a personal standpoint how do we know oh no we need Jesus Sonora right one of the narrative okay what is the never is the Lord God right and what does the Lord do in this world it only tells you when you fall in short the NZ police mental USA good job folks the thing within the speed limit it was it was neither know the police not only pulls you over when what Don something wrong right at all the guys but that's the basis by which you will understand that you know what I have done something wrong change right nuclear scan until the police mentally over and stopped for speeding of us we just go on and on thinking its okay to do that when it is so that is a cooperation between the two women go through these votes or I will be clearly clear faith I live by faith one paragraph to what is justification by faith it is the welcome of God and laying the glory of man in the what the DOS and doing phone man that which it is not in his Iowa to do for himself when men see their own nothingness the effort had to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ is God has to knock you down before you can build you up because we have too much pride and self-confidence that you can do so so justification by faith what is it it's the work of God in the what the glory of man in the docs look there's nothing stop thinking that the problems and issues why if elected on the gone anymore is a so the first work that must be done is really what forgot to humble us and help us to do that and then as a result we see that you know what I'm weak and useless you know many times we don't learn what we don't realize a weakness in the uselessness and nothingness until we've gone through like some major crisis in a life as an adult wake up until that point certification my face I R high calling two one four paragraph five of sorry view it if I don't write out the whole paragraph Alyssa Jesse despite all the this this reference okay our high calling page two one four paragraph five specification is a state of holiness without and within being holy and without reserve the Lords not informed but in truth every pure ingenuity of thoughts every lustful action separates the soul from God for Christ's can never put his robe of righteousness upon a sin to do what to hide his deformity there must be a progressive book of triumph over evil of sympathy with good a reflection of the character of Christ we must walk in the light which will increase writes onto the perfect day this is real substantial growth which will finally attained to the full stature of men and women in Jesus Christ and on some reading this I'm reminded of another quote that I know is there somewhere she says on we are not required to the work of a lifetime inundate out when you see this then must be a progressive welcome progress of being a part one hundred really want to emphasize of progressive world of triumph over evil in other words what no one even when they're born again they do not in that instance affects in a sense of what I will never have a full in anything ever again because why gone she will deal with my Temple for us struggle struggle struggle struggle appraisal of finally gives me that three minutes and that it makes you realize of been item keeps up on it it becomes a struggle against totals are disposed on the right and you get married and that goes back off with a few struggles it only and he's helping his role on the indulgent don't get me wrong electronic excuse in win when you struggle the one simply a whole life that's not desktop mistakes and monitor Valium but when you sub lesson you overcome it and he shows you another sitting in life and his trouble of that initial is another stimulant a struggle that annual comp that's what I'm thinking about what he says progressive welcome of triumph over evil economy is not struggling with the sum of fifty years of your life and you know from day one you must've from the fifty four year fifty in your guilt one you want to go to charge you fifty now you are not talking about that I'm talking about where he allows you to make it mistaken this a lot because he hasn't dealt with you and then he shines a spotlight on that now he wants you to do this through someone gave you message oh so will you will you read a book on economy and then we struggle with it because it hasn't been a habit of your life and you overcome that by God 's grace but it needs another spotlight on in this area killing zero that's progressive what of trying over the we must walk in the light which will what increase and grow rights are unto the half a day this is real substantial growth which will finally obtained the full stature of men women and Jesus Christ so we must have a measurable way I was seeing hearing things a change in my life principle transportation but the state of holiness every impurity of fault muscle fashion separates us will from God so you know whether good or evil comes from unlike will going to see how to grow in faith SDA Bible commentary volume seven page nine oh eight paragraph thirteen the true sign of certification those who dishonor God by transgressing his long made whole sense of occasion but it is not but it is all that value and just as acceptable as was the offering of Cain obedience to all the commands of God is the only true sign of specification disobedience is a sign of disloyalty and apostasy look how do you know that you are being sanctified obedience to all the commandments of God it is the only true what sign it is on the basis of salvation is only the true sign of sense of occasion roaming the grounds of God is not a specification do not experience justification needed to go back to the drawing board as an fundamentals of Christian education page four three two three there is no certification aside from lots aside from what the truth the love how then how essential that it should be understood by everyone was to be understood by everyone but the below there is no specification aside from the truth what about then how essential that this to be upset about everyone so that we can be what sanctified right faith and works page thirty paragraph three every transgressor of God 's law is a single and non- can be sanctified while living in what known sin look if you don't know that you are living in sin guess what you're not sitting dog owning the act of it is sitting yes but God does not hold you accountable for that said if you don't know it is sent there are many people that ever the Sabbath every week but it also because I don't know but you guys know so become since they realize so every transgressor of God God 's law cannot be sanctified will lead while living known to the fate the Levine page one one six paragraph eight there is no such thing as instantaneous sanctification suicide the vacation is anyone daily walk continuing as long as life shall loss transportation is like marriage you never graduate from just because you had ten years of faithful marriage doesn't guarantee another ten euros a faithful marriage right just because you have been living sanctified and pleasant life of ten years it doesn't guarantee that you can relive us in spite of it life tomorrow it's been daily work and that's while talking on our devotion yesterday that sometimes it's so easy to get caught up that all God and since that even though I skip my devotion right against less self secure about our own spiritual state it's okay to skip once in a while you know that sometimes we measure like a bar right I know this much holiness today identical but still holding it only look at our walk with God like that and then but what would the new holding on to do it for one whole day load back up as an no justification is a work that we must do every day since anyone can't see how long as long as life shallots you never graduate from this this level are all the same playing field no matter how short a time even Christian about how long the time you've been a Christian right crisis object lessons pay sixty five location is a workaholic and one law is lethal the judge volume one page three four zero sorry that I go to fuss in the previous one crust of the lessons sixty five sorry again estimates for the judge volume one page three forty certification is not the welcome of a moments an hour or a day it is called an annual growth in grace continue growth in grace this is why our fitness for heaven 's something that must take place every day of my life the person who's running a race that trained the train nearly every day is an Augustine when arrest the bodies we got to know when to push the bodies to train same with the Christian journey were on a race that withholds run one seven and every day we train righteousness is imparted to us as an everyday event is an everyday event there are those that will go on holiday no come back up over there weight limit of another's boxing they have to be no set age of weight range write soon to compete but when you're over that they don't like to complete you have to fight vigorously to go back down under that weight sometimes and only the global God is not so easy to just walk into Satan 's domain and the like we feel like it just a moron for one size don't think that sink in let's go his prey so easily know when we stray and it's just like how you know Jesus when he was a little boy twelve years old his parents they lost them right but how long have they been gone before they realize that Jesus was not that no they lost them all one day soak them three days to find and that is what it is like for us sometimes we lose Christ and we'll walk with them for a week don't think you can make that up in a day it might take you weeks or months to get back Christ in your heart to see the you might not do for David of fifty three days of crying and mourning and cheers of soul-searching find Christ again to work that must be done every single day of my life so how do we fight the good fight of faith how do we run this race let's go through a few illustrations with you this morning I would meet a Ephesians chapter six Ephesians chapter six elderly looking at Homero God Jonathan is off now okay this is chapter six and lets the inverse twelve Ephesians chapter six and verse twelve slot music whiteboard here for a minute 's analysis looked fully Russell not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places as a result wherefore taketh you the whole armor of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand stand therefore having your loins good about with what to focus what we call that is about all okay that's the fuss piece of clothing or on the warehouse to put on right with the second having the breastplates of what righteousness verse fifteen and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace so the shoes of one of the gospel truth of gospel bus sixteen above all taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall build to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked is a shield of faith verse sixteen Bella sixteen the seventeenth and take the helmet of salvation so that's another one helmets of salvation and the sword of the spirits which is what what about sought of the spirit a Renaissance clear is one of the Bible right and a loss leader not least was eighteen praying with always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit and watching there on Sue with all perseverance and supplication for all saints pray as much a loss but it's certainly not the least thing that we should be doing so here is the armor of God my question is what is all these things one is the belt of truth anybody know how to put on the Bellatrix what is that what is truth to come out of the noon of the Bible text that's only what the Isabel of truth will text Bible text does anybody have a Bible text the fellas what is the belt of truth of what is truth John fourteen twenty six Oscoda John fourteen okay so the Bible says Jesus Evans him I am the way the truth and the life no man the father but by me so job fourteen six and has what Jesus Bottomley this practical public put on Jesus John seventeen something is going to some an arena for me real quick on the felt I unilaterally and constantly else that does another title the available one is that I was okay I look anytime you see Jesus you can rightly convinced that the Bible and it is always in the mildly convinced millions of Jesus as well okay because Jesus is the one right and what is also the Scripture and the Bible tells us about Jesus in John five thirty nine so really that available to synonymously with one another so when we put on the ballot through the Bible was the breastplate of righteousness what is righteousness was righteous can you think of anything less John chapter two verse one first John chapter two verse one is many things that are righteous my little children these things when it's you and he said not in any man sin we have an advocate with the father who Jesus Christ the righteous so what is is is righteous how do we put on Jesus what else is righteous in order not recession that we had a yesterday I told you something that was righteous durable faith notice righteousness by faith of how we got righteousness would've gone a cable where sounds a hundred nineteen one seventy two we went in yesterday to see the Son of Man is big enough of the Psalms a hundred nineteen one seventy two lights home shall speak of I was for what no wrong misquote for all die come moments are righteousness will be what we find that the Bible does it is always gone and we find that written in the Scriptures shoes of the gospel gospel was wonderfully good news what that is the Scriptures is not just met him a good job okay that's really good news for the whole gospel is really you you even find gospel in Genesis three author Adam Mason God made them coats of skin is good news Genesis three fifteen he set on a dependency on patient between you and the woman between the Aussie literacy that's good news is a whole Bible as possible shield of faith what's the shield of faith how do we have faith Romans chapter ten and verse seventeen the auto that text Romans ten seventeen or less although their real quick so then Thomas Y hearing and hearing by the word of God the Bible is the do see a trend here that they can place a patent is taking place in the helmet of salvation we also saw text yesterday on this as well there is none other name under heaven whereby men might be saved whose name is that as Jesus but if all you have in time to see Jesus you see what the Scriptures look when you're talking about the armor of God it's all really point to one thing just one the Bible and Jesus says in John five thirty nine since the Scriptures for in then you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me Chrysler speak who is the way the truth and the life you want to have life you have had Jesus you want to have Jesus you have to have one month to see the but not just the model you must have faith in the Scriptures believing that God loves you and he knows what's far less good so then we begin to be descriptors is like God yet you really do know better even though the struggle because I've done this all my life and I taught me to do this but a whole experience really comes back down to our time in the word of God just like that tree yesterday you can't see its roots you can't see the routes of entry data ever see anybody seemed that reason five three oh five foods undergoing significant holy tree out of the of the ground gives you know anyone do that on yet another bad roots absolutely right the natural law right what we do when you when you see a tree with that fruits and bad leaves finalize our on our vitamin water on all at UV light not enough a ladder we would try to do everything right we dig around and we tried Paul Stoffel look no one can see your devotional life but they can see the fruits right to conceal fruits but I'm telling you if you're doing this and this in the quietness of your own room in your closet no one seems when you come out everyone will see your goodwill you'll see the change in your life because you be doing that right even practicing in what way when you read Bible stories in the Bible see how David committed sin receive for his repentance so deep in the place of God help me to have repentance like new mind you practicing your thinking about this story not the charges of the word of God in your mind you hiding it right when you read the story of Joseph in and he said to pot of his wife what he said which is a calm lie with me you said what how can I commit the Grace then again so God when he left the jacket he ran away underneath himself God help me to run away from sin just like practicing bestowing the rich treasures of the word of God in what way were you thinking when you read about Joseph running away from part of his life Tommy definitely coming what are you imagining in your mind some is part of his life in your mind lying down or she sitting all she's like the bad online account where she rushing your mind some help on sensors electronically review gets only better than anyone else have a different place in the living room anyone else to see how our imagination so different I measured her lie on the couch like grapes that come Joseph economy the imagined Joseph with a magician Egyptian haircut already met up of a role in the same patient awarded in addition had publicly you see the end of the Bible stole your FF FF will look when puzzle slide was saying this morning take your imagination grasp each scene and take it scene by scene you cannot imagine how how willful the imagination it comes a Psalms chapter one invest especially less to get consensus on this one Psalms chapter one spotting in the swap on our own even among China didn't imagine bad things okay like his wife is half naked on alone imagine that but I want you to your paws on these things and let your imagination take you with what you mean you know I love I love reading the end of second Samuel Webb when David and his mighty men talks about how this guy slew three hundred men this one took like a hit abroad and he had a spirited took his spirit he killed him with his own spear luckily because I'm a family wedding that allowed to be a mighty man you know it's amazing how how Samson he took up about the jawbone of a donkey anti- killed seventy people to imagine these things is amazing how David was hiding the cable to a dual with his army fall under the right to think about these things some chapter one verse one Blessed is the man that walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly no status in the way of sin is not set in the seat of the scornful lots is their life is and what the lore of the law and what it is Lord does he merits a day or night what's the fuss religion you think of when I said would meditate Buddhism right set and add a closing your eyes one of the doing I don't know but the Bible tells us to meditate on the Lord of God day and night in Ottawa and meditate means the match on the news you won't appeal like when Joseph was sitting in prison I feel silly yes he will realize ultimately as along to your friends no he says that in one sense of the wood to Leon Ryan sitting there and this guy forgot all about you wanting imagine with me Joseph is brought to the call of pontiff of Pharaoh now a father told the dream right and the federal exultant he makes and what Prime Minister of Egypt via could imagine the call room for a minute tell me other than Pharaoh who else is that the other ministers okay boo-hoo imagine to sit there and wonder about it from the losses in the clawback in pharaohs throne room with Joseph and Sarah Salzman wife Sandra is going to going soldiers dealing with all the soldiers will be that local would fail really had a net in general was that the file right you know who else is that stand behind their she also had a drink the cup down one forgot about him I want falsely accusing again they see before their own eyes Joseph is now about them what you think of thinking revenge is coming right just imagine a think about it one while these are the desire of ages how describes how Jesus will slap in the courtroom and when he was head it was about time that Peter denied Christ again and it describes Jesus face full of love and mercy and forgiveness can you imagine the poem the love you imagine of a light all I told you that you deny me right before I think your imagination go wild you have to love to ponder to meditate upon the word of God not just to my devotion and Frank Buffett know your devotion must go beyond the confines of your room or whatever you are reading the Bible and ponder upon how often what it sounds one of us to say and I does unleash a week of Monday night no but we know what would you like to welcome you finished it all in your known devotion under the elevator anyway the one thinking about it thinking about the movie you watched the previous night the thing about your computer the way to go front of one front what are you meditating on because all of us meditate on something right and the Christian that continues to meditate on the word of God no matter where he goes he will medicine the cause that what is his faith his life and he has no room for anything else and that's why movies are so dangerous in other savings it's all a thousand words right how about a thousand pictures running side-by-side rollout a billion lives in the Bible becomes so distasteful to do when you pray you see Captain America flight across your imagination right and people they don't delight in the word of God to look at as a duty is not that the line that such whole if I want to go to heaven I have to do this is not how one devotional life should be the word of God must so consume all life White says if you want to choose you want to choose recreation she says the only top of recreation that is suitable for Christian need auditors there is only one I'll say one thing that she she says if you can do this in a recreation that has been created in order to find time for secret for it in your recreation you are able to have ran the dastardly digit can you pray what you want in a movie it's an can you pray while you're playing your games on your phones and tablets no means is not suitable for and so when you know our phones have become assaults of meditation you know why one of the busstop right when a Malayalam while in the toilet whenever I have free time it's always pull on the phone now is in it what are you doing it for you able to meditate on the word of God Danny and nine zero and if you don't look as human beings we have to study we have to look right if you are studying something that is going against God 's law shouldn't do it but there's nothing wrong with studying medicine is that this one was studying accounting is not causing you to send my studying accounting right can you meditate on God 's word while you're studying this on this item is out of the question of the saucy argument of doing no we do not but my question is when you finish her studies was the first thing you think about the power from food and needing to ease and need to sleep but what else are you meditating on unless you think you're sleeping all day long look at us is that Christ but the first thing that usually comes to mind is what the source of joy the source of our comfort is also what we love to do it health system the stress and unwind from a long day of work or studies that is our meditation an illustration that comes to mind is summoned that I've heard how about when it builds the nest authors build its nest and lay this eggs and chicks are hatched the motherboard has to go and what did she finds the ones as soon as she's done she comes back and when you've done your studies you've done your work you have the will one study but when you can then you come back to let a be the source of your meditation throughout the whole day when if you have that free moments I do not come to focus on coding of crunching numbers or studying then know that frequently is not enough just the regional Bible in the morning you have to take God 's word with you everywhere companies of first John sorry I forgot how much time we have left the gun every one of the primary not yet okay first John chapter three sorry did a serviceable and endless night for us John chapter three verse nine John chapter three verse nine how can we live live a victorious life I'm telling you it has everything to do with these two things the Bible and pray first John chapter three verse nine the Bible says whosoever is born of God does not want off not commit what sin for his Shiva made up in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God Journal of the wood cannot is even if you try you cannot this connotation is an Yugoslav law process if you are born of God it is a good possibility you cannot stand now tell me apart from being born of God in that bus that what aligns with what it means to be born of God in first John three nine what else he is a application what it means to be born of God thus the results but something that tells us what it means to be born of God this season remains in him you see that this seed remains in him what's a seat the word of God you're right the media model sexual quick look chapter eight okay you're right Lou just a Muslim in a parable about the seed and the full grounds the chapter eight verse eleven says now the parable is this the seat is what it got so nearly concerns about Joe and Simon 's official text look in order for us to be born again the definition of that in that bus in first John it means the seed remains in you the one of God remains injured so many times when God does not remain in us and as a result we set the shoot we forgot the word of God oh we don't know the what of God we haven't been spending time in the word of God remember it the word of God must remain to the fact onto the point where it will change you to see the eye discard some people 's emotions yesterday he read the Bible you go to want to come back the next day he read the same phrases in Pasadena as you forgot what you read it in remain with you you cannot keep something and remember if you don't the sudden you know that has to have some meaning to you really keep up with many people 's emotions it never grows another helpful to have victory because they're not allowing the word of God to stay within the heart what else is the seat what else is the seed Galatians three sixteen Galatians chapter three plus sixteen what else is the seed a popular one of God okay Galatians chapter three is often Corinthians asked Romans for second Corinthians Galatians the DSM trouble remembering Galatians Ephesians phobias gluttons very easy living to value of Americans they always say this general of electric power company General Electric power company to GE PC go eat popcorn acetylene but I don't know why I just I was wrong about one of his native phrase in those look to pick up all right so GE PC Galatians chapter three verse sixteen the Bible says now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made he saith not and to seeds as of many but as of one and to thy seed which is who Christ I told you where ever you see the Bible you see who Jesus so you know when you take the Scripture with you wherever you go you taking the word of God you really taking Jesus because he is the one so that's where I the change of the mother 's lawsuit A1 but do you take Jesus with you everywhere Romans chapter thirteen it says put on Jesus that was part of the theme of a lot for this you put on Christ and make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof Romans thirteen was fourteen and a we have to put on Christ wherever we go Christ is not a part time occupational Christians is a full-time commitment right the reason why men and idolatries because their life is not the first thing in their mind another woman has taken their place is the reason why we send is because Christ is not the first thing in our mind the world it's so when you begin the process this is how we build our faith is in our devotional time but it is throughout your life when you walk outside of the four walls of your house you realize what sort of faith you when you encounter people when you encounter situations when you encounter conflicts right then you will realize what sort of faith you have any of you already know what sort of faith you have in this time to go back and start to meditate on the welcome day and night let this be the salt 's of all our joy and comfort let us learn to love what is in here and on the things of the world but you know in the beginning right it doesn't come without a struggle Romans chapter eight for the carnal minded and the vegans gone but is not subject to the logon identity can be but also says what spiritual things are spiritually the same right line and the spiritual lineup totally opposite to one another and that's what justification must take place because of you are truly justified by a God can give you a taste in the enjoyments of the spiritual things do you know when God destroys the wicked he's doing them a favor in other because no single would find enjoyments in heaven it would be a whole chapter in Revelation chapter six when Christ comes the wicket in August saying to sue the rocks and mountains fall on us when Jesus comes there like mountain fallen off of another wish that myself or anything but then when they see Jesus alike for Muslim hiatus on the phase of illness upon the throne from the rest of the line but do know that Jesus does not change when he comes W group that says I wish I was dead and Adobe and other business as we have waited for you is the same and is just like what the sun with two elements Clay and what what happens when the sun hits click that hardens and what happened when the sun hits wax melt singsong to differ crisis change the book is changing a hot and that can only take place in the one of the nothing do see how essential and how important this book is to us this really is the bottom of all my preaching is a view adjustment under this newbie alright it up no problems whatsoever at least not with your faith in of problems in life right is Cain killed whites is able to see his righteous because of all the problems which we worried about visiting this morning right to innocuous translated to know what he understand you with these people let that be God 's problem for us let us make sure we learn to walk with God every day every day not one day Muslim 's and then will see growth in grace then we can expense righteousness by faith then as we are claiming these promises and allowed the women got to change us in the fruits will come automatically so long as a root something right in the water source is good of course which Jesus is not living what this is how we can begin and really it's the only place we can have fossils of righteousness suspensions any questions fully close the session on him on the phone of the sorry don't understand must what is the substance within the puffin is justifying righteousness and in I don't know how to offer that one of sorry okay is there any other questions what about you and I will later any other questions if you yes you of course so video that it'd enough okay so with the question was you know though if they'll shame how is a time when I was watching off work and I went back and I suspend five minutes of this I was less than a minute I went off for him she we be studied more than five minutes absolutely but you know what you got to grow and start somewhere you know I let it go on the uncle Toby what about still spending five minutes today on Moscow one fifteen euros of beginning this devotional walk with Christ underneath a letter grown but I wouldn't suggest to say today I mean look I know Jason made an appeal for spending out with Christ but honestly if you're not used to that it becomes torture because why we end up when looking at all watches it all okay can I go you and I mean look devotion is just this at least that is the main one has gone to say to you today and honestly need about five minutes praise the Lord if if God is not speaking to let all the nuggets of targeting one a Catholic honor for a while you not speaking to me today I get worried really because you learn something from God every day so for me really immediately audio devotional life and it only takes about ten minutes appraisal but you know as you go in a relationship on sorry five minutes is never enough skimming more time to be more right but correspondingly little faith would like to love growth with Christ and so no I don't put a time limit on it this is how long it took me to reach one sentence that the whole of but I don't put a limit on the phone we had another had here as well awesome am sorry for him and vehicle exhausts everybody else downloads another judge invited Leo that has a faith because leaders will always let you know Manilow is legitimately on the flesh will always let you but be the change that you want to see in the church and you know what you have that faith people will cannot help but to see that faith and of your trust at the buffet and will change others around so you on this they show that you are faithful and that God put you there for a reason the mission you be the change don't complain about the change that is will there be the change you want to see much of an look honestly sometimes it takes yes for the come to fruition but if God called you that Michigan also you will and I said in the and I will read this one in the will I want to buy all you and you will and in and number faces on the wood of and nowhere does it say what for a you and you absolutely a is a ICW and now the and he is a you will you as a you and I discussed them another thing I seen people that have been developed to get drunk you see people that have had to go through rehab as a people have to just take counseling I've seen people one of others you don't do drugs but he never took any of those he never went through rehab all counseling but by the grace of God using the ticket I got in the only one is so silly but you know last year 's veto Robbie is easy seven September eleven happened overnight he threw everything away he changed out of the conflict my faith is not my test with all accountable by the Utes and taking years but his was one day he changed around to give up everything he quit his job site physiology are not I don't know but I believe it still comes back to some foundation that must be laid upon by the word of God which she did have when he was younger so in a you and you and he is a you a you I find it difficult to live in a well when it comes to me were talking about physical like substance right though the phase pot where it begins this year and a half the fact that you have a desire for change is always a good sign that the fatal although Google book of the work Holy Spirit and what God is looking apart does that will begin straightaway absolutely does a change of mind begin straightaway absolutely if not why would you even want to put your drugs in the first place but in terms of not denying the fact that there are substances that linger in our body are aliens even does caffeine that lingers in your body right or home loans that rush through that from certain things cost around what we call withdrawal symptoms right and that's where it takes sometimes a bit longer but the fact that you have a desire for change to me shows that the word of God the Holy Spirit is already working on which out of nothing became true faith this is whenever I see healing Wetherbee spiritual physical and the Bible always instantaneous no kingdom because of the management of the heaven that is reason with them the minute the name and came up out of the water to seal the Jesus and Mount Mark one was forty two says associate spoken immediately the leprosy departed we don't deftly don't see that sort of healing in our day today but it will come again in old books that Christ did will be manifested even greater measure when the latter with one out before good folks think about it wealthy lookup times up somewhat of restful and that you was not a heads father in heaven thank you for being with us so far I pray that you continue to guide us in our quest for truth and the quest for understanding what it means to live by faith alone I pray that you help us to begin and would've gone to me that face grow up in our hearts and produce the fruits of righteousness that all the world may see a note that there is a true and living God that this woman is a father may you please you to guide us throughout the state we pray in Jesus and this media was brought by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. audio source .org


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