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6. Christian Perfection - Romans 8

Benjamin Ng



  • December 29, 2014
    2:30 PM
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the Sprint father in heaven thank you for the rest that we've had thank you for the food in our stomachs I pray that you please consider to be with us now as we open the Bible to study and I pray that as we look at the book of Romans that you help us to understand what is written that and help us to see the harmony of what it's teaching to us from these chapters we pray in Jesus name amen okay let's go to Romans chapter seven this is the first time years studying Romans Chapter seven and eight the reason why a light to go through this is because there are many that teach out there that Romans seven teaches us that it's okay to cut you to send and still go to heaven okay and let me show you will will stop very and and then we will come to the front to help us to understand that's okay but basically Romans is Romans chapter seven is giving us the full allegory of how the law of God and obedience to it of course harmonizes with our saved condition or righteous condition but many people say look this is Paul writing when he was come but it costs twenty four less unreal but some of us twenty four okay the model says O wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from the body of this death was twenty five I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord so who is the one that delivers us Jesus Christ alone but Dennis says what so then with the mind I said the Lord God but with the flesh the law rough said so in my mind I love God but you know what I still can't stop sinning and people say oh the Paul send in his convert of space so if Paul said it's okay to continue sending but it's okay for us using so allowing to go through is this chapter as quick as I can and the women try to go through some of chapter eight until we get to the point where we are clear with our on-site in so let's find this one okay Romans chapter seven verse one know ye not brethren for I speak to them that know the law how that the law has dominion over a man as long as he was living so the thing thou shall not kill applies to a dead man now right what is that okay I don't know how is that why we can't do anything right so they can innovate try having you can't know either they tried to comment below right is a possible they just can't do anything so the law only has dominion over that I say it only applies to a person when they are alive okay plus two for the woman which hath a husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he was liver but if the husband be dead she is loosed from the law of her other husband okay so a woman usually people call with the man of Roman settlement article woman from some as balance of the larva has been right as long as he is one alive this long is nullified is gone when what happens when event okay that was over all right so then blissfully so that if while her husband live us she be married to another man okay she shall recall what adulterous but him for a husband was her husband one on the right is instead she is free from the law so that she is no adulteress though she be married to another man okay if he is alive and she goes off with them she is one but if he dies and she goes off within she's what he's innocent to three in so bus full suitable and went for the musical wherefore my brethren ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ that you should be married to another even so to them who is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit unto God now listen carefully not listen read carefully look at verse four and I want you from this fax to tell me these following questions are pretty fun questions of is the woman us to say I know you had out of prophecy okay a woman of hours of the judge but that's not what Roman nobleman represents us you mean all of us right all very good so this is Christ the Alban on Knox they must call you tell me why this is Christ is it always is Christ the point of Madonna where you will left all right who says right away the usual okay with all my brethren ye also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ that you should be married to another who is another the left of the right the left usually marries another even sitting whose raison d'être was that of K fatal okay so Jesus is this guy that's us Austin who's this battle is not so clear you okay yes five okay four when we were in the flesh the motions of sin which will apply the law didn't work at all members to bring forth fruits unto death okay one brings back in the Bible sin right now what is sent tell me transgression of the law so one wall always great seeing you coming now shall not commit untreated adult so why why we committing adultery to be married with somebody but but you will be married soon was this Jesus right you know many people committed spiritual adultery they wanted neither this man but once we might also listen to the invoice five when we went in the flash the motions of sin which will apply the law and welcomed the members to bring forth that why why because we were breaking this law that we should be breaking keys are old husband but what is this called its the motions off Boston is a thing as last half of the difficulties okay let's go to backtrack a bit bus full with all my brother and he also become dead to the law look in order to marry Jesus what must happen to this guy he must die okay he cannot be a live and we go with Jesus right this person must time with my brother and blissful he also are become dead to the law by the body of Christ so how do we become dead to this law Elsa Jesus okay I'm assuming now there are two ways to become dead to the floor this law is not dead not not not by this lesson right there are two ways to make this law not affect number one get rid of the low no such law exists anymore okay number two kill him these data I don't will get back the way whatever so jealous on my my my budget so far this should always to make this law no effect number one you destroy the law number two we kill him which option I'll be looking at so far what what what which option wasn't you have to kill them right but you see many Christians many questions because this is the thanks mom and Senate in a sense right many Christians they don't like to kill him they like to get wood of the deceiver so in bus for it says wherefore brethren you also become debts of the law by the body of Christ that we should be mad to another fall when we were in the flesh must live the motions of sins which will widen the hole they working on members to bring forth fruit unto death what brought fruit unto death emotions else in the is another name match okay plus six but now we are delivered from the law we are delivered from what the law no question this is all good yes we all agree this law is good but in most success now we aren't the only led from the law that being said where in we walked down one night something that house to see the being that where in we were held that we should serve in the newness of spirit and not in the boldness on the left side and just in case for a minute you think the law is bad but so what shall we say then is Lawson of course not God forbid nay I had not known sin except by the law for I had not known lust except the law had said thou shall not cover the novice eight but sin taking occasion by the Commandments sin taking occasion by the Commandments did what rollouts in the all manner of concupiscence full about the law sin was what that is in a visiting is when we need components as a way of components the phone is not on both of his own lusts desire for what is forbidden okay so by sin taking occasion by the common one of me all manner of lots why because we wanted this we can't you know why what's the problem he is still alive so that's one possible shin is a Lawson is about no but what was the problem since of occasion by the come monuments so essential demonic double in what way it wanted me all manner of concupiscence pulled out the Lawson was that I look at this verse nine for I was alive without the law once one of Kaman came sin revived tonight I so want one time that I was alive I had to husband and I was happy when the law came as is often not commit adultery sin revived boom because the law and I want iodine what is this resistless husband that must die Adam it's the motions of sin the flesh what people don't realize although Paul is using people and these two represent people in a sense this is also lots is also his thoughts and are designed aforesaid Paul is try to say is you can't be married to this desire is for sin the flesh emotions of sin and also the married to Christ that is set the other the law forbids it using this illustration to show you the goodness of the law and not widespread because you see many people 's argument is look if the laws that we should discover the long run and a funny thing this fall follow the libelous nine file is aligned with optimal ones without below normal outline when the Mountain King said when I die this am again maybe you never were growing up in a Christian home and nearly know about the Sabbath is that the Sabbath go out and do whatever I could on the Sabbath I don't know what was then the solvent commodity killed me know socially good with a long know what are we to do list you going to step full and the content the commodity which was ordained to line I found to be there is a size that you want the cloud very good it's the life but it became death why do you like the law in this landlord says thou shall not kill is good for you the Virginia life in what way how does it give you life protection right how does this law allows an appeal cause death if you are guilty of breaking the small right in the condenser the above moderate so look and come on which was ordained for allies I found it to be done for sin taking occasion by the come mom and deceived me and by its slew me know when this guy he sees you run a for Jesus he gets jealous so he goes to the authorities and he tells a and is is using the longer she still lives in me which is gone off with him she does at the she uses the law he uses the law against Goetz recounts that this is our actual life breathing life plus you meet everyone of us this is what spinoffs the motions of sins the flesh this event must get going most wealth wherefore the law is holy the common holy and just under he reaffirms it there's nothing wrong with the law if you must the team was that which is good made death unto me what was good tell me what was good along what was then this which is good made destiny God forbid but said that it might appear sin looking death in the by that which is good that said by the come monuments to become exceeding sinful so this fuss and took a hold on the law and use that law which is under the hood and use the kiln in other words you don't was seeing him who kills for us right he takes a long killed us how does this guy get killed reporting us in this chapter already who killed him him him him us full with my brother and he also become dead to the law by who we become dads of this long we have to kill him right who kills him Jesus Christ is as either as a matter of who fills in for us okay he will take them all and you'll slay us with or with us Jesus and killed and who is this person flesh the motions of only Jesus can help us we can't help ourselves why funny book it would figure from a human perspective really negative economy motor as well right we can't do it why because when found by the receiver for ground-level any questions of all this is a clear okay plus forty four we know that the law is spiritual but I am once carnal sold under sin another one for flash and motions of sins carnal was sold on the sin you know this is talking about the dilemma of a Christian Athos who once Jesus but who also once the carnal mind send the flesh emotions of seven zero plus fifty four that which I do I allow not for that what I would do that do I not but what I hate that do I get confused no clear so we know what is right we don't do it we know what is wrong commutative wide because was sold on the as long as this guy is alive no matter how powerful Jesus and those of us running off with them the law still managed to catch up with us until the sixteen inch and then I do that which I would not icon sense under the law but it is what good so when I do that which I don't when I say I should be doing it on him saying unsinkable as good you know why because in see I know it doesn't matter what you do you know it's wrong i.e. with me the people didn't know it was wrong life example of an I didn't know that motoring was wrong to want to run wanting to carry on life as normal in automating we know what we should do we don't do it and what we know we shouldn't do we do it and by that we already will come to NASA we know that the Lord is good crosswise on conscience condemning us for the CBI I get to the sick of chapter eight eventually with us that was sixteen right now the seventeen now then it is no more I then do it but what sin as well as bending you see this is what we call the old man off carnal mind is either the motions of sin is not me doing it it's this guy in the and I can't get Jesus help until except for the fact that he needs the and do a don't the La Mesa plus eighteen for I know that I just saved me that one okay sorry for I know that in me that is in my flash and that's not this flesh okay now this flesh in this flash as well as what no good thing for to will is present with me but how to performance that which is good I find this we have no policies and we have no solution for doing right so long as we have this lesson of life in its impossible as many people say this is the dilemma of Paul he was writing the situation and yet we relate to that of course all flesh are carnal mind emotions of sin we relate to this and so we see this is all just like me give you can do it I can't do it the sooner and then he repeats himself was nineteen for the good that I would I do not but the evil which I would not that I do now if I do that I would not it is no more than all more no more I that do it but what send that dwellest in so when I'm doing that which I would not is because Jesus has no power because this guy still alive to see that folks as Christians the only way that we can have victory is we have to fuss kill that old man of sin the flesh Wells you will never be able to do what you see how he knew that plus twenty also he was twenty one I find then a law that when I would do good evil is what presents with for I delight in the Lord gone off of inward man questions the light in the logon up in one nine eight blogs I see another law in my members warring against the lore of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the lore of sin which is in my members these are not constantly we have this conflicts quick we want to be good and kind with heart that is all there is axle in a mine on the family back in full why cause of this guy he's still alive still alive bus twenty four men's best when he proclaims old wretched man that I who shall deliver me from this body of this death I thank God who now you know that the only way we can be delivered from this is through Jesus Christ but then he says what so then with the mind so than with a minus of the Lord God with a flushed Lauridsen and it seems like at the conclusion around the chapter eight follows on from this this is a solution that will see very clearly less one of chapter eight before we continue other any questions about Chapter seven is unclear this is where so far we haven't women on much money at women figured out how to fill the sky aches of the Jesus to do it but what does that mean right for me must do nothing going on chapter eight verse one there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit so that some wet as a condemnation come from here what condemns us well okay not send it along okay there is no condemnation hey does that sound like this guys that if Reno condo right if you don't have any condemnation of me the law is not condemning you it's still that but this guy is bad you're free to marry Jesus there is no condemnation to them who walk off the flash welcome knockoff of the flesh and myself who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit so in this guys alive you walking off the flesh okay if you said you walking off to the spirits okay so somehow the key in killing this person is we have to learn to walk off the spirit must suit for the law of the spirits of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death so what made us for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus what is the longest road of life we don't know yet somebody known of the soul of the same as walking I should really put all the woods down sorry walking off the spirit is the same as the law of spirits this is using the woods of far right the law sin and death which was what because he exists it is up to the right so the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free to the law of sin and death for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flash okay God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flash so what happened Jesus came and he killed together with me to stay with me right that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in all school walk not after the flesh but often the spirit of the solutions of us is still we have to walk up to the spirit not after the match so that the righteousness of the law can be fulfilled in us that is called Beth called imputed righteousness sorry I should put it up there is anything that arrow is pointing to the imputed righteousness Christ came to give us into the righteousness why because we couldn't do it so Jesus had sitcom just like you and me in the match what does that mean he had listened an existing Internet it doesn't mean that sin we would think until you run off with the other map decent gift to kill him so Christ came and live the life that he wanted awesome is an and when he lifted he says you taken the computer but what imputed righteousness justification none of us can be justified so Christ lived a perfect life and just as you take take my life and just replace it with your together we have to walk off the spirits plus five for the better off that we don't know what the Spirit is and what is mean to walk up the street we don't know that you write must fight for the letter after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh but they that after the spirits the things of the Spirit same thing still we still don't know right the flash on one side the spread on the other side and is as of the sixth to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is what life and peace so you know what this guy is a condo I the fly know that this bus husband is not of another person but it's right here is right here you cannot set of God and have a carnal mind is an impossibility impossibility bus seven why because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the Lord God neither indeed can be so then they that are in the flesh cannot please God as long as you have this person alive you can not please God it must be killed the only way that it can be killed Jesus Christ yet the walk in the spirit of us nine but ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit if so be that the Spirit of God what was well into now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his so give me another and less nine that give me another phrase that helps us understand what it means to walk in the spirit okay the spirit must dwell in us right I'm running all these things down because of all the same thing walking off of the spirit is the same as the law of the Spirit of life okay is the same as the Spirit dwelling in us the all great the same thing right I see some of you get inside you had a really good lunch is the one folks who really wanted because this is what will give us the key to unlocking him because realism plus ten and if Christ be in you the body is dead because of what sin but the Spirit is life because of what righteousness so tell me how can we be righteous have this imputed righteousness what must take place less than Christ in us is the same as a spirit in us is the same as the law of the Spirit of life is the same as walking after the Spirit so when we have Christ in us this is in the spiritedness no-hit awash in a seven foot of his authority this last session Tommy just thinking back really last session just the fifth session and before lunch how can we know Christ and the wood of the bed is what the seen realm of the seed remains in you and you cannot send deal of the word of God is compared to us this one of the spirit what is a softball all every morning you wake up this man wakes up with me with me at all says yes and I how often and how did he die what you have to use one of the easier looking through all this falcon finally it makes sense now doesn't it because in order to kill this plus and Jesus to help us because he is the blood faith is depending upon what the word only and this is only way you can kill the old man of sin the only way that's how you walk in the spirit that's how the Spirit dwells in you is is how Christ dwells in you let me show you this layout a little bit more Linda John fifteen John chapter fifteen how can we have Christ dwell in us this is a very famous chapter maybe my not another reference but I'm sure you know when a stock reading it John fifteen this one assignment I am the vine and my father is the husband every branch in me that there is not fruit he taketh away and every branch that they are through he pledges that that it may bring all for no one is much wasn't much cleanse if is no heavy scene finds plenty of pruning okay thank you you don't become all that they lay Babel fruit you want to collect cuttings of trials and iLife and yes exercisable faith but when you do guess what you have offered as well Leslie now you are clean through the word which I spoken unto you must oh Bob I think in me and what also look how can we have Christ dwell in us we must abide in him okay how do we abide in him we don't know you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine no more can ye except ye abide in me plus five RI and the vine ye are the branches he that Abydos in me and I in him the same thing as false much fruits without me you can do nothing have you seen any practical way that we can slip abide in him you doesn't know but got right it does seem still subjective abide in Christ okay how right we still don't know the six if a man abide not in me he is cost for pleasant bronze and is whether the and men gather them and consummate the fire and a button okay John tell us tell you about giving us about the right how do we abide in Christ you told us we don't apply to you and you is like cutting us away and throwing us into the fire I don't want that money selling us the faith the result the seven if ye abide in me and lots my words abide in you you shall ask what ye will than it should be done unto you as a practical how do we abide in Christ on his loads must abide in us that is how you kill defenseless the old man you spend time in the would've gone this long no mental medicine if not the me tell you as far as it used this on the west in one thousand not me right is an impossibility to get a bill to keep God and as no not an accident that faith comes by hearing the word of God is the same way that you can about the exercise of faith and grow in faith this is why many people say they spend time in the word of God for this to continue sending how is the way of God is not abiding is not remaining in the we have to grow was Christian economy are you growing in your faith I give growing in the knowledge of what the word of God says is not in a million faith right you might be growing older and as a result it makes you more mellow auto hasn't made me more mellow at school is hot and benevolent that years ago I could've been running you don't know grow out of those who are you growing in the knowledge of the word of God or is Daniel and Revelation still a mystery to you in any of you growing in the knowledge of what Jesus Christ has done in all those parables at all those encounters that he had with different people is the knowledge of the word of God growing in your life is not you cannot grow in faith symbol so when you go back and even reading your Bible and you know what looked if you devotion is not looking for you change it right is broken fix it is that simple whatever you need to do except please memorize Scripture in alliances of the some who will not build overcome send consoling him Rice Scripture you need to know this is a sentence I want anything but this is many many avenues of growing in the would've gone out is the knowledge of the political growing in your life my question if not this guy will for ever remain alive and this is why subdivisions look of a lifetime you asleep that night and wake up tomorrow is back and actually got and you know people go well then don't you get tired of fighting spiritually okay some though not economic victory by all gets high to fighting it every time I went into battle and I lost a true with you get out of that but I'll tell you every time you are you going to battle you when you come with the next battle but Jesus Christ my leader he will lead us bring on right you'll get tired of fighting the good fight of faith every single time you have this atlas is a six chain number three is stronger in faith everything that is what we need to experience this Christian victory after victory of the victim but not to the point where you get self-confident and all don't don't don't go up I have victory today not even get started out taking off this on I don't need it anymore this muscle is not getting our right now you still go in there with apprehension with gutless but then you come out with victories right it's built into devotion time and this is where I failed to mention my meditation noticeably we shortchange us of when it comes to meditation okay you know when a pleasant place for right I am impossible so you know when you see people play possible and they shoot without double the dislike of rights one of the imagining of imagining should the ball and hit the ring but bungling that would imagine no one of imagining should the law and what go right through don't even bring right all you know we put Anthony and you make a smash that yet is going to go right down there and really not right that we imagine is only imagine that even though you don't know how to play the sublimation and I offer you look at the TV is all you get up is a bit like the layout dislike him with the famous evidently a Malaysian right meets only right please is imagining like that's just like me you have the monopoly like that imagination is like that but you know when it comes to spiritual imagination we imagine us all to fail all the time the been visiting since you much consistent and feelings some people even dream about and what some people praying they are thinking about this to me I know this because I experienced them and that's why you have to just focus on the word of God and so some of us you need to repeat that what in your mind about both so much that you're imagining enemy twenty one imagination Flickr just imagine how many of you got right-handed Yamagata present in nearly all of us right so I thought you look under the one month you don't run with you I'll give you a million ringgit will give you practice right you might exactly like how you would okay so you might as well enjoy this what you prove to me that you can do I quit my job right of the owner do anything at this office stopped practicing right but you know what you got a shower and you go grocery shopping I do all the stuff that needs to be done right you know one when you want to the most cellulite right will be doing imagine a unique you want it so bad that that's all you can think of you know we have something much more valuable than a million ringgit with mentions of gold streets of gold waiting for us to imagine I genius of victorious but you'll inherit it had all humans in your life of sin because even holding some right what's moving you see a guy is Google going to start imagining that running what is encompassing all parties if filling your mind that it might guide your life and what you should what you should say and you know what biologically in our brain this really happens okay in our brains we have these things called dendrites of Yoda anyway getting medicine always close and the biology release is called dendrites the court during the along pathways and I'll bring and this is what makes forms are habits okay we have this then virtually spend right now when you when you first little kid at the left over right on the loop loop left of a right repeat right and say that your mind or even say it out loud but you can get to this point where you don't even think about it right can anybody get high the shoelace and have a conversation at the same time you write this is normal is abnormal the other said that the company of your music now write us on the line because I've been gradually been rightly so think we'd do it without thinking about using a pestle Paula and once these dendrites up on the evidence of the vessel of okay if you don't use it you did a mean a hotly shoelaces not because I don't have any shoes with laces and laces but it's look them up even though you don't do it to get smaller but it never disappears you know you love to my public with you ability to write with the right hand will always still be there together just because you haven't committed sin and ten he has the ability to commit that sin is always instilled going to be there that's why certification is the work of a lifetime you can't say the every day is a fresh dates of beginning sooner but I tell you there's no greater feeling than to get to the end of the day when you look back you think thank you Lord Pope is helping me through this day I can commit in the next league God please help me claim of us is that it affects all expects you to do it fully today so I've been saying that since I learned about it Jude and I'm an independent party line is that he be public I can meet up at the outlining of it expected in a book as you go through Christian journey and what happens sometimes you have a momentary lapse when you pick up the right-hand subletting nor happens him okay okay the only because the desire of that one million ringgit is all much in Yuma I is that even though for a minute you let go is okay okay regroup zero forming new habits forming new thoughts forming new feeling this is how the wood of God begins to change cannot happen straight away and Jessica LaSalle is the lowest thing earlier in this question you sometimes it takes months sometimes it takes weeks sometimes it's eight euros and the one God is slowly forming new salts and feelings and you that's what it means to walk off the spirits because ultimately the word of God abides in us will produce action that is action walking walking walking with you so I'm hoping more and more you see the importance of the Word of God the foundation of our faith which is Jesus Christ and his work but some reference and I hope that will will lonesome make this practical and I like claim the promises okay it is unlikely but it's only now shall kill volume of appeal expected to do it unbelievably hot humid and then let your imagination imagine an overcoming insert your name and overcoming them not one that continues to phones now overcome imagine not to be self arrogant because Christ said you can a man and we boast in God not enough cells glory in him this is what it means to have righteousness by faith and the righteousness that comes by faith and by faith alone which is the one of the countless close and it will open up for the Q&A father in heaven thank you for your work thank you for your Holy Spirit and most of all thank you for Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life for us and is willing to exchange that perfect life for us since Lord help us to be willing to surrender it alone as we spend more time in your work may change us may have revealed to us areas that we must come up higher in as well and then again give us the strength that momentous changes once more so father help us every day to put that old man of sin for them that we might live justified and sanctified life and we pray in Jesus there are a media was brought in by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I like to know more about our universe is more certain and www. .com universe 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