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God Revealed

Steven Grabiner


Why is the cross so important? Who is behind the idea of the cross?


Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International



  • September 6, 2014
    11:00 AM


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him. he turned me to first Corinthians chapter one where Paul talks about that as you explore this idea and Christian writer has said that to remove the cross from the Christian would be like launching the sun from the sky. take away across the Christian would be like plunging the world into darkness. why the cross brings us near to God reconciling us to him with the relenting compassion of a father 's love the Lord looks on the suffering assignment. in order to save the race from eternal death and excess costs in the lab cross of Christ. it's vitally essential. it's the heart of obsolete what makes us a community of faith like to ask a question, why, what is it about the cross. that is so meaningful. why is the cross so important what really was accomplished at the cross and what happened when Jesus gave up his life and so to begin to get our minds thinking, let's just think for a second card asking a question. what is really so important about the cross where does it fit into your understanding is set was crossing for now if you want to status was learning your mind might already be tuned in a certain direction as an status quo. the study was on law. okay, so we think about the cross. one thing for its across the lawn action that's intriguing. what do you mean by that why is home that is good if we so afraid we think for a minute about the meaning of the cross. okay, he's the penalty for breaking the law is really essential concomitant image that we think about when we think about that and there is a credible legal metaphor right. the Bible uses many different metaphors to talk about what happened when Jesus died so that you know that's really essential for Kerry, he can still be just he can maintain his justice in the righteousness affiliates and at the same time can bring justification for humans to us again. legal metaphor Sherman will okay, it also is a revelation of love and that's what my sermon title is this morning. God revealed them back together word pictures that come from the Scriptures. yes okay so. it also reveals what things like, so we think about the cross. there is a legal aspect bears the revelatory aspect, there is with quality, great controversy at aspect in which he talked about what's really going on the evil ascendancy in any other word pictures in Scripture we think about cross Katie became sin for us, and identification, his willingness to suffer with us to lay down as as a picture that they sacrificial metaphor right brings us back to the Temple is elegantly about an illegal metaphor if you're not, we got a great controversy sanctuary showing us what real selflessness is all about victory after victory. now that's that's another really good metaphor that there is this the injury that takes place types of errors, there is the trio nota bene always brings death and then there's the cross as a tree which brings life to its conservative was at work to reconcile such, I that reconciliation is another Bible metaphor that talks about what happened when Jesus died as if we take these different metaphors and there's more, and we apply them to the human condition. it's amazing how the different metaphors applied to different parts of human experience. for example, oftentimes uniting struggles with guilt. yesterday we get when we need forgiveness for that, so they need. in addition, the legal metaphor of here free from guilt that helps. sometimes we feel separate alienated from God for the reconciliation metaphor helps their sometimes we feel sleazy enslaved to sin so that image from freedom and victory helps their highlighting music is really important as we try to do in the engines. we try to meet people and share with them that we are more than one way to communicate about what got you why. while any, you know, craftsmen, a tradesman has more than one tool in their toolkit physician has different modalities that they're going to look at and try to bring feeling a carpenter has more him or write notes on your hammer, everything is a nail. but we need different tools and is the same thing when we meet different people. people are going to respond in different settings, different aspects of what Christ did across and sometimes if it's the legal aspect and sometimes it's the relational aspect of reconciliation. sometimes it's the adoption, Becky, we've been adopting and we need to learn to use across from all these different images in a recent MRI understanding and be we can communicate that effectively to people that people that are suffering from different things different aspects different human parts of the human condition. the model describes us as as being sinners. he described this as being no more things it describes us as being alienated. the Bible also describes us as being blind and ignorant about who God gifts and illustrate your passage. first, drinking, chapter one verse eighteen and see what this passage tells us as we redirect about the cross about the death of Christ on the cross, which is really what we're talking about here, and what it tells us what a guy. what's the meaning behind this tremendously important body data, wonderful but great controversy of anyone doesn't have a copy of an e-mail issue one ninety nine, page six fifty one, an applicant says the cross of Christ will be the science and the song of the redeemed through all eternity in Christ glorifying you and I will see Christ crucified Revelation five throughout the order these the Lamb slain to receive honor and glory and power, riches, and blessed song drowns I mean I win when there is no more sinners suffering in their views. no more alienation and there is no more separation, our real focus is going to be highest on what Jesus Christ accomplished why let's looking out the screen is just one little background. there is a change in the church in Corinth there are different groups. some people say what they are following the policies on their following features are Peter, and some claim of Christ and Paul's like why are all these divisions in first Corinthians one verse seventeen. Paul writes for Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel, not in cleverness of speech so that the cross of Christ would not be made blind. rethinking for the word across the message that you can't get not simply the act of reaching rich is foolish, but the content of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God and Paul to support his argument" person questioned the book of Isaiah in verse nineteen, I will destroy the wisdom the wise and the cleverness of the clever, I will set aside where is the wise man wears his prime. where's the debater of this age hath not God made foolish the wisdom of the world. verse twenty one for safe and the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God. God was well pleased to the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe again. Jane sent again to the foolishness of preaching, not just the active preaching at seems foolish to this world as we look at this and we think about this lots of questions that come to my mind first when questioning the why, why does Paul tell us that the story of the cross is foolishness to the world. what is it about that story. it seems from that might be a hard question for this setting because known to us, it's really not so foolish right, but the rest of your life house in LS. the cross was for centuries. it sounds like a man throwing his life the way that he resists the young man in front of life in his early thirties had a vision was able to to harness huge popular support in the midst of that is like this kind of talk, it seems like a waste. so Paul refers that Galatians three, verse thirteen, and will look at back at another sound, but the whole idea that this person that's on the cross is being cursed is doing some study for the sermon, and I found a really interesting that there are things there are writings, Christian authors early Christian authors who are writing in an apologetic sense what rights against a Jewish man one right against a supposedly Christian one right against Muslim and they all refer to Galatians three thirteen Christ being first as this huge stumbling block for believing that Jesus really is the Messiah is really important and he had to the heart object. really, it's an affront to sell reliance and self exaltation self sufficiency is meant to be balanced. they are nuance that really leave the cross is a tremendous upfront to the human notion that I could really just small things, given enough time and enough resources. really we can't solve the issue that we have to deal with which itself so getting it seems like once. indeed, the saving power here in the cross. it's interesting and graffiti. the earliest Christian in nature. the earliest image of the cross is not a nice icon in a church somewhere. the earliest image of the crucifixion of Christ is not a nice painting. yeah, learning the great masters. the earliest Christian image of the cross is a piece of graffiti. graffiti is either from the first to the third century exactly sure what it was made infinitely inscribed in some plaster and the data on the past plaster to have a picture of a man being crucified is across the man, and if they hadn't enhance and we don't and then inscribed underneath it is Alex Minnis worships God, so some slave in the first second third century wanted to unlock a fellow slave and the way he does it is the insignificance of graffiti and what's the graffiti. this guy worships someone that was crucified. this is insane. now it's even more interesting that although the later somebody else came and wrote down another piece of graffiti and said Alex Minnis is faithful to his God, so your website criticizing another person belong to direct different views of the you know this is really the truth really worshiping someone dying on the cross access on verse twenty one, particularly firstly, one for seeing as you know, we don't outlaw English list in God 's wisdom the world through its wisdom did not come to know God. God was well please do the foolishness of the message for each save those to believe for the first lesson here is when we get from this passage that was behind the cross, God, for know it in the wisdom of God. this is God 's way and it's in God 's wisdom that this crazy idea that somehow the death of another person on a cross could impact people 's lives could save those people that really is a pretty wide foolish idea to human wisdom for the first ten years. we think about the cross we think about the lesson across is that who is behind the Netherlands as Kevin mentioned earlier, the cross is a revelation to office about the neck, God thinks very differently than we think that the cross. in addition to all the other things that it is clearly shows us something about God. what does it show us about when there's twenty one again and look at verse twenty one prescriptions one verse twenty one. God was well pleased to do something what were you saying so. the cross is a revelation about God and his revelation that God is, what kind of a gone Satan that he is saving the ways they is, to our mind foolishness that you are human pride in God 's universe in his wisdom makes a plan and the plan is what humans think, is moronic. that's really good to be the way that I can save you now possible. in fact, that record that he is. we weren't brought up in its notes and see if not those that believe is not insane rights to those that believe it's why, what if that were where's that sentiments of continue reading the twentieth frame DJs ask for signs and Greeks search for wisdom notices really caring with all his Jews and Greeks. he's just talking up a whole world really to be Jews and Gentiles and Jews seek after sign it. instead of the Jewish history. think of God rescuing the children of Israel out of Egypt, and he brought them out with a mighty with his right hand and with a strong arm. now, the idea of God working in the history of Jewish nation is all about Scripture. they expected. this is what possibility we can deliver me and you seeks after saw the Greeks. they want with. they want something that's going to make sense. I do want to see an ortho to make a logical appeal to me many continues. verse twenty three but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jew was a stumbling block. how does the Messiah will surely be underneath the cursor .org and explore that another sermon. how can that be the selling block into the Gentiles foolishness verse twenty four, but in those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ is Disney Christ, what Howard. with this two important lessons in anatomy and pullout. first of all, we've already seen that behind the cross is not the cost is a revelation of God to human. for, but the other thing we see in this verse is one who is the tangible revealer of God, Christ@ so again we look at the cross, we see that if you want to know what God is like where you look, you look to the life of Christ as the policy noted Jews insistently want to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are being saved Christ sees the review of who Ghanaians and what is he revealing about God as a Texan power and wisdom. we have a problem with this in our culture. what do I need rethink of power. how do we usually know how is power manifest in our society as well. in southern United States in southern money to buy adjectives generally under the ridiculousness of yell with the nonoffensive were thinking we have a worldview America and America is with our role in the world stage or leader of a very graphic, you know, I asked I asked if they beheaded two American soldiers. her affect and to American home news journalists horrific situation questionable for visceral response. thank you Carsten. let's show some more. demonstrate our he's crossed the frost shows us what real power is like an real power is self sacrificial. the cross reveals to us to God is that we see God through Christ and the cross revealed on our and that is self sacrificial love and remedy thinking I have any sympathy with Islamic terrorists taking place. I think the act was written. this, but we moved to have a view of humanity that transcends cultural boundaries, nations, and we need to view the world to the lenses across Christ redefines how Howard is demonstrated and powers demonstrated through the cross of Christ is not how Oregon is what the wisdom of God, the one more little meddling parts if I can have the owner. we often say that the Jews misunderstood the first coming of Christ because they were looking for what, what were they looking for the Jews looking for a related discipline. if you know what you take care the Romans in your they really blew it because they realize that he was going to die, but we do know that when he comes back to going to do what is really getting into the Romans so went right. we're looking for this power is it possible that we really misunderstood you things in relation to the second coming. is it possible that we really don't looking reduction that we hold through the lens of the cross, but I was very clear when Christ comes, he is his enemies are to be destroyed. don't misunderstand me, but what second-year the heart of the when that happens with us into the heart of God 's people. when that happens and we think the disciples would have cheered the Romans got interview with each year. if somebody else got there can the cross reveals to us what God is like the cross reveals to us that through Christ we see the character of God. the cross reveals to us that how words we use listed in our world is inserted in the Scriptures, and that power from God 's point of view is self sacrificial love and that's the real power and authority something else that the cross reveals to us in writing that God in his revelation is totally accountable for me. most people in this world, when they asked how were they feel like they don't have to answer anybody's questions, you back a little bit ago. I think Samina back politico. there was a World Cup rate member. he knows that the phase. this ranges corrupt organization. it was an interview the president of the thought were there, asking him about some of the questions about the organization 's response was in prison a few I don't have to answer questions. too often people think, or is a sign of being home real power is being totally open, transparent and accountable everybody that's what's happening at the cross customers stating their frustrating answer the problem of sin, not revealing who we anything burning the norms of society and he wants to norms in my own ignorance. he wants us to learn from the cross in the education writer and a white wrote these words, page two hundred and sixty three. all have been suffered in Christ's agony. but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in unit handling when Jesus saw first year as the revealer of God being start or end with the nails in his hands and feet. the cross is a revelation to our dull senses you are very dull senses of the pain that permits nearing inception and has brought to the hard cop was across review when we send God 's purpose, eggs, God suffers, every departure from the right. every deed of cruelty, every failure of humanity reaches ideal brings grief to him start the cross, forgiveness across reconciles us to cross cleanses us across the downside across Nexus one with God, but the cross also shows us the heart of God in relation to send an knife in and suffering in this world is painful to our Creator, there is a motivation for changing your life there is a motivation, including without that when we go our way and we think we can be the only thing we can hour and we think we have our own wisdom. we are creating pain in the center of the universe. the heart and grateful that we don't see all the pain in this world aren't you being just to hear these two men that are beheaded her invisibly knew all the suffering in the world. it will tell us, but every day Nazis all originally goes to every times of these crimes. they are easy with every one of us, and every person we meet in their sorrow, and that is part of the revelation of the cross. this is what possible a self sacrificial. he's compassionate and his love is everlasting, which was certainly not like that and heal your life to him and share that with other people. it is different metaphors and as I said to the next copy monthly study different images of the cross… let this one be nonwhite behind that like all of them. the cross tells us about God that he suffers he suffered in his son and his longing for this world and suffering to come to an end. his longing for your heart and mind to be fully entombed with you. let's pray together bothering the add-in thank you for the tremendous picture of who you are in the life of Jesus Christ. may the raise from the cross to spell the darkness. the misapprehension. the misunderstanding we have. if you are that we may reflect to others. your tower character Hassan Mercy and rights as a father you will be standing and roster churning in a Jesus name, a unit of this media was brought. audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more. I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www.. audio verse .org


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