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Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • April 9, 2015
    7:00 PM
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blessing to be with you today and really the word plants the seed right. that is the same word of God… bar hasn't asked the Lord to be with us as we get into the work tonight father in heaven. Lord were thankful for your word. the Scriptures say that you send your word and it brings healing. you set your word and healed. then we ask that your word would bring healing to us today and to our hearts and would embolden and empower us were tired after working today. yesterday, but it's a good kind of tired and we ask that you would boy our spirits up. we come in Christ name. amen and amen, let alone look at Daniel. chapter nine with you health evangelism over the last few years. in all, since really a aside, Pacific Union when we started there in San Francisco, long ago and as ready mentioned, I guess a small part. I had the play was trying to challenge the Pacific union with the rather inflammatory sermon with that. that would be my last big appointment for ASI and then Layla said, would you would you join the board was they didn't do that as I was on a couple of those already than what you overboard, but we went to San Francisco was amazing there in San Francisco. I think it shocked me actually to see what happened, and I still remember a young man that was talking with me and he said to me, why are you here. I urge you have something to do with the size of the not really God got us here is that this is a place were people get hurt. this is a place for people are injured. no one in the sex of the job is often a good course. we were in a on August the building out for not every studio in it and I didn't really realize that though my students that showed up at wrong side of the building and I was trying to explain that the Doctor Natalie and Doctor Bevins, but anyway, I figured on the wrong side of the building, and this man said, this is a place of darkness, and the drinking a couple days later and he said this was a place of darkness. I can't believe that no one has been hurt and you turn this place and your team into a place of light, so we praise God for that. amen it all. I've been working with the lifestyle counseling and coaching booth with Karen and Henry microliters and rest of our team from Weimar and then some folks that have have joined us on this, like working at. we might here we have so many folks from. we marched this in my booth. at least, so it's it's it's we work together very well, but as we talk to people you know, we see them right. the end. and they come with a lot of gratitude and they ask you why are you doing this and I've are different answers. Wells because they want to get back in a week. we were gifted to Bill have education this and that we want to get back and then others say was because of what Jesus did. I think these are great answers. I like the one about Jesus. your member at acts chapter ten verse thirty eight, where it tells about how Jesus was anointed God accepted tenders thirty eight. God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost will hunt him down. he was anointed. how did you know that he was the anointed one. well, because he went about doing good and healing, and really I gave more evidence that adults coming down a voice from heaven, or a sermon. it was those first three chapters of ministry that our really show you know who the Messiah once, but there was another reason that he went about doing good. sixteen times in the book of Matthew says that it might be fulfilled the move. it talks about how the spirit award would anoint him and that he would heal the brokenhearted, and the recovery of sight to the blind, and all those different things and then you remember how John's disciples were wondering whether or not this was the Christ or another would come in and Luke chapter seven. in verse twenty two Jesus answered and said to them, go, go your way and tell John what things ye have seen and heard how the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, so in other words, there was a promotional elements as one hell back then says that they blazed abroad. what have you ever noticed that he is with you people usually don't tell anyone I was Y said that I'm a mess like setting someone out for disobedience is after him, and just then he'll give you wanted towels so me know. I don't think many people listen to that command. of course it had to do with his time in his hour that needed to come while I look at the night though is is is this idea why wasn't that Jesus did this he did it. not only because he loved, but he did it to fulfill all righteousness. there was a plan that God has ordained. I had a time a prophetic plan and that prophetic plan as well. I talk about tonight. all of you add this to know about this plan go like this to your neighbor and most of you will have five fingers right help or four fingers of one phone and you want to look at those five points tonight because my contention is that this prophetic plan that we see in the twenty three hundred, a prophecy which many of us know about from from the book of Daniel is not just a prophetic plan. it's also a practical plan for evangelism and how revive your church, your life and those five points will be the boys we govern our brief time together those prophetic points for fifty seven. the command to rebuild the Temple or the sanctuary and then twenty seven A.D., when the Messiah came, and was baptized and then thirty one when he died and thirty four when Stephen was stoned and then finally eighteen forty four. there needed to be a restoration at the very beginning of God 's sanctuary. this was all idea of the prophecy that a sanctuary needed to be restored in all I was thinking about the first time, the safer it was mentioned in Scripture, and it actually was. in Genesis. Genesis chapter three and verse twenty four, it says that he that is, God placed chair of being to keep in the world there. keep means the car. another words, like you used to work as an emergency room nurse and worked with the paramedics and we would intimate people and we would put it chilled down someone's throat and why do we do that to keep the whale and when someone was burned when he is to work with the burn team. we want to get that done as rapidly as possible, because if the swelling went up, it would would cut off the airway when we got back to down, we could keep the layout and this is the all idea they are Genesis chapter three, persuade, for he placed the workplace is to dwell or tabernacle maturely he placed cherubim dare to keep the layout, and thankful that God keeps the way open. and as we've minister today if we give people a breath of the Holy Spirit and with a word or a D they say there is hope in this world for me. there is a God of care from it for keeping the way open this is why God wants to restore a sanctuary system or assays were not you wanted to restore the sanctuary in the prophecy of Daniel because the sites were literally was a center of healing of four was a center of healing and what really brings this out is when you look at the book of Leviticus Leviticus is in the center of the Pentateuch. the first five books of the Bible. it's right in the middle and it is actually the center chapter that I want to consider with you. chapter sixteen. so right in the midst of the Pentateuch right in the middle of Leviticus, chapter sixteen annual essay here. I think you have a graphic showing as I asked the structure. I will look at that with you briefly. you're right in the middle of that classic structure of Leviticus, chapter sixteen. you have the day of atonement that is chapter sixteen. the ultimate day of cleansing but notice was leading up to it kept them clean Frank Chapter 11 clean food, chapter twelve, cleanliness, after giving birth. check the thirteen the dermatology department. please scan jet, the fourteenth clean up my persistent leprous homes and chapter fifteen bodily discharges of development and cleansing. but then it goes down further donating blood, sexual immorality, loss social laws and that it says look, the land will vomit you out of your unclean and that it talks about a clean church leadership, and then it's all based on this idea of a clean family structure, clean homes, making clean churches that change the world by what they buy what they drank all to the glory of God. the apostle Paul summarizes it in first, it is ten thirty one by saying what therefore, whatsoever you me whatsoever. you drink whatever you do, do all to the glory of God to both the Old Testament and New Testament are testifying to the need of the sanctuary being created, you know, we did hear the last few days of the Alamodome. we created a sanctuary space in the Alamodome by God 's grace, all kinds of local churches came together and as they came together. there was a big huge church in the Alamodome. someone asked me today where you from us and were all from the same place, said where's that I said where all people of faith. we all are the saying goes, what tell me about the Seventh-day Adventists. this is a sanctuary people use. I never say something like this in the Alamodome with one of the folks that know please. I was putting up some of the slides. today this afternoon. this is a never seen something like this is a sanctuary the Facebook your pathway to health you go there one of the videos is of a lady who just is sobbing as he talked about all the things that happened to her throughout the day, but basically what he's saying is you created a sanctuary space, I've entered into it, you know, you look at the sanctuary, and it was a lot like a home, you mentioned in the front door. there was a fire. there was a pool of water than you intended to the next area compartment and there was a lamp and then there was a table to eat and then there was incensed and the you then go back and the back room as the you don't don't do the back room at someone's house. they met seven very special occasions and it's as if God was setting off twenty seventh essay to write a place of hallway, a place where you can find home a man not so we've been doing the last few days, the Alamodome of the church. working together as a body made up of smaller churches, and I believe brothers and sisters that what we see in the Alamodome today is what should be seen in every small church around the world and research should look like what happened in the Alamo. we should be cried. remember the Alamodome so first off on our list. we had sanctuary space is created, but there were five points. two in our prophetic tonight was AED twenty seventh and thus would price gain and, of course, was the Messiah be anointed would without a red accepted Denver 's thirty eight how God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power. while you know, because he went about doing good and healing more than just his preaching was in this stage and I say this as a preacher, but it was the acts of people that change people 's lives. and when Jesus did. they recognized that this was the Messiah. this was the anointed one, Holy Spirit power enveloped him, because he loved righteousness and hated lawlessness. therefore, he was anointed with the oil of gladness more than all his brother and that Holy Spirit came to and throw him know there's great needs physically in the city of San Antonio, there is obesity. there is diabetes is many things that we've seen today. today we had someone come to lifestyle on my team texted me his wife and discovered she was a diabetic at the vision center. he discovered he was a diabetic and they said you know what we really need in the city or to be at your diabetes undone seminar on Wednesday night. can you say amen to that. and Christ was allowing help. we were child's play compared to try stripy but sometimes the old city we can come as close as we can imagine we can at least identify the problems with a nice premises. Jesus is of course instantly healed to this is for the untouchable. he reads those. no one ever reached. he he said to the lovers come near when they had to try out. I'm unclean. he healed people that no one had ever gotten to people here waited for actually days to come and get get an x-ray, but people because of that society waited for you. here's even come and be seen. the price physical healing ministry reach the entire town. that's element number two, number one, was what criticized for a space helmet number two physical acts of healing it out, just voting up. I had a feeling has brought thousands of people to the Alamodome price raise someone from the dead, when Christ healed people know what it says it says will notice some ministry of healing describes the problem. Jesus face we saw little bit of it on our first day. it's kind of an indictment to us knows this quote from the book ministry. it says that there aren't so largest scale did he conduct his work of healing and teaching that there was no billing building in Palestine, large enough to receive the multitudes that thronged him. anything that is what we need to see today, when you see a little bit of it. I budget while the people drama. one day it would've overwhelmed the Alamodome. it's kind of an indictment to us. I was listening to a pastor said I starts on the belt as you start so I thought what you want to balance up to you certainly told me all the reasons they wanted him start the road than this quote around the corners, as you know what if Jesus is with us, we'd never have a building large enough to hold the crops. amen. even though there were proudly never neglected someone on a one-on-one interaction as well you would think the people in Christ Jesus, but his crowning miracle you know I was raising Lazarus from the dead, you'd think they were about to rejoice, but they set out to kill him if I was the brightly lot. they hasn't been easily, offer medical care in these big cities. she has a little taste of what it means to try and do someone good and all the hoops that you have to jump through it often think what happened. what would happen if Jesus came to one of our medical centers are almost say Loma Linda anywhere in the first day he healed everybody. I think everybody be very nervous when he got on the plane to go to Porter hospital. I hope there's no jobs. there is no jobs there. pretty soon no one could pay for their vehicles of their homes. not that anyone has a mortgage in these days, so number one, a sanctuary center was set up number channel physical healing. when I'm at number three. next thing was a motional healing the next picture we see is of Christ on the cross, and there he has died for you and for me, and you know how Isaiah fifty three refers to this again and again in the New Testament the old. he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. he was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. these are all emotional words we look to the cross. when we look to the cross we see the Christ, not just the physical healing, but all also emotional healing am ever thankful that these seminars, or this album does go to be covered up with our art is good to be followed up with, meeting emotional needs. I wanted people I referred to the depression recovery seminar but you know I'm a make a prediction. at least I hope I'm right. I oh, then all of our churches are somewhat overwhelmed with the response. it's kind of is maybe the most regionally but I hope that they are just only lounge because next time when we go to another city. then the churches will say, wait a minute, we better get ready to help. and then there's rampant depression in San Antonio suicide rates begin the spike in two thousand thirteen. they have a task force right now studying what to do with the mostly stock distraught young people that they need help in this area. there's a connection. they seem between depression and diabetes, and they have all these less than sound a lot like the list of the new star program. proper diet, proper exercise, proper water all these different things that go through the list in all my rebuild list, I realized that no one really can do those words and I hear lots of evidence that say, you know, we should just do stuff for the committee without mentioning the gospel too much. keep God out of the picture when it's a something people can do what you ask them to do with how Holy Spirit, review, if you need that power yourself, house, a man and I like this quote from ministry viewing apart from divine power. it says apart from divine power, no genuine reform can be affected human barriers against natural cultivated and cultivated tendencies are, but as the sandbank against the torrent. not until the life of Christ becomes a vitalizing power in our lives can we resist the temptations of the sale is from within and from without. I think we need to remember that you do health evangelism and you call it disinterested benevolence. many are not to mention God. that is the ultimate form of legalism. you're asking people to save themselves by their work has been working for you recently, MN hobby thing we need a baptism of the Holy Spirit and a fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, self-control, faithfulness, all those things we need self session Friday with people take them to that chaplaincy booth as well as were finishing up our seminary in one of the things I discovered a few years ago I thought was interesting and it reminded me that if I see you here of the music. when we retreat people with depression recovery programs in a war putting music before them. that is assisting them years ago, Fox Bible was discovered, and they discovered a Bible of blocking that had it actually was his Bible along with notes in the Bible and others. the dissertation written about it. I like to read those kind of things on the book of Chronicles, and this is a study of music and block you know is is such a organized musician, a key component of music that makes it beneficial is order, the order of the music from Baroque and classical time periods causes the brain to respond in special ways. researchers say this order within the music is much like math and and the mind will respond better and as I was watching all the different choirs in all the different music groups. I heard some flutes playing and I have and I heard the choirs from a fine front and they were outdoing each other and then they were in this section and that such a manual smatterings of your rule is no nervous and and and and and and Seventh-day Adventists and secular crowds of the day, man, you don't have been different things were happening. no one really knew what to do. you know, but you know what was happy when it was the that listen to the study classical music affects the brain organizational abilities through its melody and rhythm. the rhythm raises the level of serotonin produced in your brain did you know you are doing that when you are singing, and they were purportedly serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and when the brain produces serotonin tension is east and who now the more rigorous the order of the music researchers find the more rigorous. the more serotonin released and when I heard these choirs today when I are the special number today. I was thankful to have good interest in music. it was raising the mood of people who were listening. I was getting happy people next to me there up there and cleaning that near these moves they go, man. this is different than the music and the other boombox on front to drown out in their little zone, but you guys overwhelm them, and they finally turn their boom box off so music was was a huge factor, but general. what I speak of the most appealing. we looked at the sanctuary is a place of feelings and physical healing. we now look at emotional healing. the alternate chapter for emotional healing. I think is Isaiah fifty three. some years ago on the depressed recovery program. one of her counselors, Paul Conniff showed us a kind of a way to break down Isaiah fifty three, which I was so your writing on the screen. Isaiah fifty three can be broken down into components and we actually put it in the seat, because I'm counseling and notice what you see in Isaiah fifty three you see someone who's been abused by authority figures, who's been abandoned, who feels neglected, who is beaten for something that's not his fault was tempted to self medicate all these different things, and as I counsel people over the years, I've often gone down through Isaiah fifty as they circle you can identify with on this list. I don't almost from Isaiah fifty and then once they circle it. I seldom that it's from the Bible and that there is a person who went through everything they went through no one understands, like Jesus, he's a friend beyond compare medium at the throne of mercy. he is waiting for you there. amen, so the centerpiece is this emotional healing. ominously, another picture here, by the way of the sanctuary music 's system. their index. it shows how an ancient site for the new were the musicians were placed in this dissertation definitely replaced you have the women's court to the right and then you have the inner sanctum of the sanctuary to the left there and right in the middle just before the altar of looking both ways were with acquires whereas I thought about the choir placement today. this was an excellent placement. this was indeed a sanctuary place. notice what box said about the music. he said this in his notes in his Bible. second Chronicles five, twelve to fourteen word describes that sanctuary music. he says, in devotional music God is always present with his grace. what was really healing people was God 's grace. that's what was raising their serotonin levels. they met anything you want a single bit more tomorrow. knowing these things was a result of that emotional healing that price by that run on the cross of you know, it brought a healing stream, but the prophecy of Daniel mine says that he would be cut off in the middle. the wiki was cut off for you, but it says he would confirm a covenant with many but in the middle wiki be cut off. the question is, how can you confirm a covenant how dedicated ministry. it was cut off Hebrews chapter two verse one into or maybe one to three says this. how silly neglect so great a salvation which was first shown to us by the Lord, but then confirmed and asked by his disciples and how are they how did his disciples confirm it. those who heard him set by doing signs and wonders in other words, the way that confirms the common it was they did the same thing that Jesus said it created a site for a space. he then said physically healed people. he immodestly heal people and then he was cut off, but they didn't miss a beat. what happened in acts chapter one resurrection happen amazing that the ultimate medical miracle. and there was emotional healing in the upper room accepted to. they were preaching about the resurrection and the Holy Spirit was poured out on men and women, and they ranged the world together as a fulfillment of jolt tools product use property accepted three. there was healing at the gate beautiful or a man wanted to get into the Temple. now he can get an accepted for that miracle still is focused on prayer asked after five they brought everybody to Solomon 's porch to begin healing them. they did. he may brought them all together asked up to six accept the six look at the story just briefly at step six with three just a couple of verses in chapter six verse one now in those days, the number of disciples was multiplying there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists, because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution that you have a Hebrews and have the brakes they weren't getting equal treatment. this was maybe not going on as it was it was called for an death would happen. they called on the deacon to carry out the Ministry of social gospel. you might collect anything then did we did. we have a lot of people today. the downward to that seem to do that yesterday notice what happened as a result of her seven then the word of God spread when he made the word of God spread because of Meals on Wheels got the word of God spread and the number of disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests world beating into the faith you see what happened there. as a result of what Stephen was doing all these other leaders of other religious entities begin to join the movement and use a mentor that and what an amazing thing, you know, sometimes people at the wine you do these things and all I can say what let's do sing a couple Christmas songs. we got the disclosure might and I say let me show you the Christmas proxy, and I saw them Daniel nine. he came created a century spacing. he healed physically heal emotionally. but then when he died his work went on because the others who believe that they began selling his work and there was a social healing that K and that's why Richards does this legal year living up to everything Jesus did physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially feeling people can use a method of agency that Daniel nine. prophecy is more than just a prophecy of final PowerPoint slide. it's a practically applicable narrative that helps us know exactly what to do and what we have actually done sometimes in our churches. as we just preach the Protestants of the math adds up my love for Matt Damon Bollinger band is more than the math. there is interacting on a personal level. what if we look at every single one of the prophecy that way. what if our evangelistic campaigns when prophecy by prophecy, looking at every angle where we did physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually, minister to people, what have I been on was turned upside down hey man we been involved today than then. ministry and God is shown what can happen and I believe it's in happen in every single church. I have one minute left and twenty six seconds. that is unfortunate because I'm not done with drops of the most important point. the admin movement. we just briefly say this year will be at the moment is supposed to do its will to take those first four sections of the prophecy sanctuary, physically healing emotional healing spiritual healing and guess what it's supposed to do is to do it all over again at the end of time. that's why the eighteen forty four movement of Adventism originated there was a great evil, but came to the church ally called the worst evil, you know, it was physicians and ministers, medical Mister Gates and and ministers not working together in what I saw today and yesterday I saw doctors and I saw ministers working together in what I saw. I saw the beginning of a mighty movement that was foretold at the end of our prophecy. amen. the devil is trying to fight against this movement. he's trying to diss unifies is actually calls for disunity. this is not the time for disunity brothers and sisters, if we saw anything today. it's the it's a call for what we had. we have enough to do without arguing over things. the world is dying for this message. it's dying for your involvement. it's dying from my involvement. it wants to see ministers and physicians working together. he wants to see the worst evil reverse, and it will be saying years ago and this very city. there was a battle in the famed Alamo and as I drove down the street today and saw the name of Davy Crockett and Jim Boolean remembered my little knife when I grew up when I thought about that. I thought what does the Alamo teach us today. you know what it teaches us people in that Alamo. they knew they were going to die, but they knew there was a cause greater than they themselves so they held out every single one of them died they were executed, but guess what happened as a result within months, people signed up, and they joined the Army of Texas and they threw off those that were coming to trying confidence. how many do you want to spend and be spent for the master to die for the cause doing the right thing. the unit will come to God 's church and we can go home now? this media was brought by audio course, a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more. you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www.. audio person or


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