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The Name of Jesus

Derek Morris


What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus?


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 


  • March 28, 2015
    7:00 PM
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How thankful we are. Our Father in heaven for the seventh day as my brother has said we have been greatly blessed to be together with you and with each other. With thankful for the ministries that are represented here as part of O.C.I. and for the much broader movement that you have called us to preparing our world for the soon coming of Jesus. Thank you for the sweet spirit of Jesus in our midst. And I pray now that as I share from the Word of Jesus that your Holy Spirit would speak to each of our hearts. May we be encouraged with the great gifts that you have given to us and bless your name and thank you in the name of Jesus Amen. I still remember the day that I met Yasmin Sultana. She is just a petite lady. She was thirty one years old when I met her and that was two and a half years ago. I knew something was different about her because she came walking down the hallway in Bloemfontein South Africa. She was literally shining. I was a bit startled by her appearance and it wasn't just the setting sun reflecting on Frank's face over there. The text of flashed into my mind was in Acts Chapter sixty you know the story and it says they looked at the face of Stephen the deacon and his face was shining like the face. Of An Angel. That was the text that came to my mind as I saw this young woman walking down the hallway towards me and I thought I need to meet her I need to know why she is so radiant. And so I did I walked up to her I introduced myself. She said My name is Yasmin and I didn't want to be impolite and say why is your face shining. But that was the question on my heart. She shared with me that she was born in the city of Kolkata India and grew up in a in an orthodox Muslim family. And I thought I need to know what happened to her that she has come to know the Savior and her face shining with the holy light. So I asked her I said yes when could we meet later today. We made a plan to meet at supper. I brought my laptop with me I have a recording it's on the laptop I use this morning. I have a testimony it would not have been something I could have imagined but I heard it that night with my own ears. She grew up in Kolkata her parents had a business. They were relatively successful for some reason that she only can now ascribe to Providence. Sidney talked about the providence of God Early in your life. She can only say the providence of God that her Muslim parents would send her to a Christian day school. It was not a school where she learned about the Bible. It was called St Augustine's day school. They said the Lord's prayer every day. And they had a play once a year about Jesus but that was all she knew about Christianity but she attended that school. But everything would change when she was sixteen years old she had been taught to pray who are Arabic prayers five times a day. She was told You don't need to understand what they are saying. She spoke Bengali but you pray them in Arabic you just need to pray them you don't need to understand what they're saying. And she was also led with the teacher through the reading of the Koran. Starting when she was eight years old she would stop and say what does this mean what does that mean. And the teacher would say you don't need to understand what it means you just need to read through it. So there was this longing in her heart for more. When she was sixteen years old she finished some of her high school studies and they had several weeks of holiday before she would continue her studies before going to university and she and some of her friends decided that they would go shopping in the city of Kolkata. Now she had never been outside of the city before. In fact she was even escorted from her home to school and back home in the evening so she was a fairly reserved young woman sixteen years old. But this day she and her friends were walking along on Park Road in Kolkata India and she saw a sign on a building with their friends. It said revival. Now she had no idea what revival meant but underneath it said free lunch. And she turned to her friends and they said you know we could save our lunch money if we went to this meeting and then we could watch a movie this afternoon so they did. They went into. If the road near the building there on Park Road and the man was talking about ancient history and she said I really didn't understand what he was saying but but then they had the free lunch. He began to open the Scriptures Nell. She believed that these were sacred writings and she even believe that Jesus was a prophet but not the last and greatest prophet and certainly not the Son of God but the teacher he he began to show her from the Bible prophecies that had been fulfilled in every detail how Babylon would be destroyed and never be rebuilt or how tyre would be demolished and it was fulfilled according to the prophecy and she became interested. Well when the lunch was over her friends turned and said Let's go now let's go shopping. But but Yasmin said No I think I'm going to stay and listen to the teacher. And so they all left but she stayed. She was a good student. She was taking notes actually listening to the teacher and she stayed all afternoon and at the end of the afternoon session she was walking out of that place. There were about a hundred people there and as she was walking out someone greeted her in the lobby and said thanks for coming. See you tomorrow. And she said Tomorrow I thought it was today. Oh no they said it's all week. Well Yasmin went home she went to sleep she woke up the next morning. Her friends contacted her and said Shall we go shopping again today. She said I think I want to go back to the to the meeting. They said you just want more free food. She said well the food was OK. How do you describe the hunger in your eyes. No I'm so glad that Jesus said blasted i those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled. And then she went back. In fact she went all week and the teacher talked about the Bible and talked about Jesus and she took note carefully all week she listened. It would have been possible except it was this break in her studies. At the end of the week the teacher said we're going to have a quiz to see if you've been paying attention. Would you like to guess who got the highest score on the quiz. Yasmin and I'm so glad. What happened next. And I want to appeal to you as leaders if you ever give something away. By the way thank you for the CD I will I will listen to it. And thank you for this beautiful book on Revelations hymns too if you're going to give something away give us something that matters. Don't give away some little trinket some little prize gives something that could change your life. Would you like to guess what the teacher gave to Yasmin. He gave her a little red Bible by the way the teacher was the pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church there on Park Road in Kolkata. He gave her a little red Bible she wanted to tell her parents but the Spirit of God told her it is not the right time she took it home. Unable to share with them her joy that she had received this Bible. But she began to read it and she read some words that changed everything and when she shared her testimony with me it. Change to me too. I have never been the same sense. These were the words that she read in that little red Bible the Word of Jesus in John Chapter fourteen beginning with Verse thirteen. She kept going back to that little red brick building on Park Road. It was actually the Adventist Church. She went every Sabbath to learn more. Her parents had no idea she was going. She never lied to them. They thought she must be going for tutoring because she was doing so well in school. But she read these words that changed everything and whatever you ask in my name that I will do. But I never noticed why. I've heard that text before I grew up in a Christian home. And in fact I grew up in a home and at the end of our prayer we would say in Jesus' name amen. I like to never never thought about it in Jesus' name amen. I never understood the incredible gift of praying in the name of Jesus. We just said in Jesus' name amen. But but she read it and it said whatever you ask in my name that I will do that the father may be glorified in the Son If you ask anything in my name I will do it. And the testimony that Yasmin shared with me shocked me. In fact I had to go back to my Bible after I heard her testimony and say I don't think I really understood what it meant to pray in the name of Jesus and so I went back to my Bible. I said what does it mean. I just thought that's what Christians do when we say our prayers we say those that are in Jesus' name. But what does it mean. Well I discovered what it doesn't mean so any I discovered to pray in the name of Jesus does not mean that we use the name of Jesus like some kind of lucky charm. You know we just kind of say something in the book in Jesus' name. Some people think that's what it means. But there's a story in The Book of Acts you can read in Acts nineteen where some Jewish exorcists they decided to try to cast out demons they didn't know Jesus personally. They had no living connection with Jesus but they thought they could use the name of Jesus like a lucky charm and seven sons of the Jewish chief priest Stephen. They thought they would try to you know the story. So so they they can there's a man controlled by evil squared so the seven sons together finding courage being together even though they have no living connection with Jesus they say in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches we command you to come out of him and the demon answered and said Jesus I know and Paul I know you are who you are and the Scripture says that that demon possessed. Man left on them and beat them. They ran away bleeding and naked. Seven Brothers learned a lesson that day and that is that in the name of Jesus is not just because some kind of lucky charm that you use some kind of powerful word disconnected from a living connection with Jews. I learned that's not what it means to pray in Jesus' name. I learned something else. I learned to pray in the name of Jesus does not mean that you can pray any selfish prayer and as long as you say in Jesus' name you'll get it. You know what James said and James for you ask and do not receive because you ask amiss to consume it on your own life. All God I've got to sell this car. Help me to sell it for more than it's worth in Jesus' name and by the way I want to buy another car. Help me to buy that for less than it's worth. In Jesus' name all kinds of selfish requests. And and should we expect if we say in Jesus name at the end that those selfish requests will be fulfilled. Is that what it means to pray in the name of Jesus. I feel that I've found what it doesn't mean what does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus and then I found this text in Matthew chapter twenty eight do you know the text but maybe we need to hear it again Jesus is about to ascend. Matthew eight twenty eight twenty eight in verse eighteen I want you to notice. When Jesus says He says to his followers all already has been given to me where in heaven and how much authority all authority and what what's the next word in verse nineteen. Follow me now. How do we go. We go with authority whose authority we go in the name of Jesus. How much authority is given to him and we go in whose name we go in Jesus' name. You seek to go in the name of Jesus and to pray in the name of Jesus means that we take our stand under his what under his authority. That's the only explanation. When Peter and John go to the temple to pray and a beggar says. And they say silver and gold. Have I not but what I have I give you. What's the next word in the name of Jesus. Standing under his authority in the name of Jesus. Stand up and walk. I love the next verse. It says he reached out his hand. How could he be so bold to reach out his hand. Answer. He's not standing in his own authority. He's standing under the authority of of Jesus in the name of Jesus. Stand up and walk to pray in the name of Jesus means that we take our stand under his authority. We go in Jesus' name. This Muslim girl's testimony she's not yet a Christian but she reads these words What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name. You know I think the early Christians didn't understand fully. Really I think they did not understand startling. You can ask anything anything in my name and I will do it or the father may be glorified. I think they didn't fully understand and so the same gospel writer who recorded the words of Jesus in John fourteen also write these words look with me in first John Chapter five this is really important to pray in the name of Jesus not only means to pray standing under his authority I mean something else. Look with me first John Chapter five verses fourteen and fifteen. John who wrote the gospel and recorded the words of Jesus that yes been read. John also wrote this verse John five fourteen. Now this is the confidence that we have in him that is in Jesus that if we ask anything what to say next then your Bible. If we ask anything what according to His will He hears us. Verse fifteen and if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of him. We have prayed in Jesus' name standing under his authority. Hear me now standing under his authority and surrendered to his surrendered to his to his will. And so you're praying for your brother and you say God I'm praying that you would give your peace to my brother. Is it God's will to give peace to my bro. Absolutely it is. I don't know about his job. I don't know about the course of sickness that my friend may be going through right now but I do know that he wants to give us peace. If my friend is under the attack of the Evil One can I ask God to send holy angels to help my friend can I do that in Jesus' name. Absolutely I can. And lest my friend will fully resists the protection will be given why. Because I prayed in Jesus' name standing under his authority and surrendered to his. When I'm praying in accordance with His will we know we have the answer that we have asked because we prayed how in his name. Well this young Muslim girl she said you know. If I need to put these words to the test. If Jesus really is who he claims to be you know C.S. Lewis was right. Jesus does not give us the option to accept him as a great teacher. He does give us that option. I mean he's either a madman totally out of touch with reality who claims to be the bread of life and the light of the world the way the truth and the life and that no one can. He's either a madman he's a deceiver who knows what he's saying isn't true but he's trying to fool us to believe it or he is who he claimed today the savior of the world. It isn't we can't always a good teacher. We're at that option she said is he really who he claims to be. I am going to have to put these words to the test. Whatever you ask in my name that I will do that the father may be glorified in the Son So this was her first prayer in the name of Jesus. You might think that this is a. It's a silly prayer though I doubt that you would come to that conclusion because I'm so glad Jesus meets us where we are right. He's not going to say Well that was a very very good prayer. If he was playing games or just trying to fulfill a selfish desire you'd say well no that's not a book but what if she's earnestly seeking to know from the father if Jesus is who he claims to be. This was her prayer. Now it's called here so none of you are wearing the kind of sandals that Yasmin would wear but maybe you have one of these little leather sandals. I call them like like a flip flop sandals you know with a little leather between your toes you know what I'm talking about. Which she would wear those and they would always seem to break and one little thing breaks it falls off your foot right it doesn't stay and they will always break so she said I'm going to pray this prayer and this is her prayer I have it by her own recording she says. Lord help my sandals not to break in the name of Jesus. So first in the name of Jesus you say that's not a it's not a very good career. But you see she just checking is a she. Jesus are you who you really claim to be. She had tears in her eyes when she shared that with me she shared her first prayer help my sandals not the break in the name of Jesus. She said that was fifteen years ago my sandals have never broken says Now I know some big ole Hallelujah never have to buy shoes again no no I'm not saying you will never buy shoes though it is true that during the wilderness their shoes never wore out right. Remember that how long was that. So so odd. Just telling you that God can show us that he is indeed not just a good teacher but Jesus is who he claimed to be the father is glorified in the Son. This Muslim girl prays in the name of Jesus and her sandals have never broken since she is two years and right now you say what she did know that right away right. No no she didn't. The days pass and her sandals were intact and she said I'm going to pray again. You want to know what a second prayer was maybe you say I don't think this is very good prayer either. She was a quiet student she didn't comment in class but she prayed one night. Lord she was studying for a biology class. They were learning about meiosis and my toe says Do you know what Miles is on my toes. Anybody meiosis and my toe says I was hoping you could explain it to me afterwards. So she studied about it she prayed this prayer Lord help the teacher to ask a question tomorrow that no one can answer. That's an interesting career and then have the teacher come and ask me Do you know the answer. That was for prayer in the name of Jesus you great man. Next morning she went to class the teacher was instructing about meiosis on my toe says he asked the question no one could answer and no Yasmin wasn't O O O O O O. You know anxious student she just sat quietly as always and the teacher walked right up to her and said Do you know the answer. She said Yes sir I do and gave a perfect answer to the question. The teacher was very impressed. Yasmin was a good student but do you think she was thinking as she walked out of class that day. I'm a good student. What was she. Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus for letting me know who you are. She kept going to the church and finally she said I want to be baptized as a follower of Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the savior of the world the Son of God So she went to one of the elders any elders here anybody an elder of the church here. She went to the elders. She went to one of the elders she said I would like to be baptized as a follower of Jesus and the elder said oh no you can't be baptized you are a Muslim girl. Why that would cause a lot of problems. You are welcome to come here to church but you can't be baptized. How do you think she felt them. I'm so glad the story didn't end there. I'm so glad the Spirit led leaders. She went to the passions that I'm going to talk to the pastor. She went to the passage to Pastor I believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God I want to be baptized in the fall of Jesus and the pastor said yes man you pray for one week and I will pray for one week. And if after one week you still completely convinced that you want to be baptized I will baptize you. So she prayed for a week. The pastor prayed for a week. They came together again. She said Pastor I'm absolutely convinced. I want to be baptized he said I will prepare you should prepare for baptism. She wanted to invite her parents but she knew it was not the right time. But she was baptized in that little church where she first come for the free lunch as a foe. All old Jesus she was eighteen years old now and then the day came that her parents found out. Would you like to know how they reacted. What do you think. Her father stormed into her room took a little red suitcase there threw some clothes into it closed it up put it in her hand and said there was no place for an infidel in my house. I pointed to the door. The mother tried to intervene. She said Where was she going to go and he said My decision is made. There is no room for an infidel in my house. And Yasmin took a little suitcase and stepped out on the threshold of her home and the door closed behind her. What would you suggest she do now pray. How should she pray in the name of Jesus. Standing on the threshold of her home banished as an infidel she prayed Lord where shall I go in the name of Jesus. And then the thought came to her mind. Where should she go. Go to the church going to church. What I'm going to share with you next is truly miraculous. But it should not surprise you because when she went to the church chuck the pastor was waiting for her. Now that shouldn't surprise us because I read in Acts Chapter nine that the Lord speaks to Saul on the Damascus Road he said You go into the city it will be told you what you must do and how you will suffer for my name and then. Saying Lord goes and visits a man named The what was his name and a NIOSH and says I want you to go and go to this address he gives him the G.P.S. coordinates you go to this street to this man's house there's a man there named Saul he's my chosen servant and and and and I said I think he got mixed up here. There are now in my chosen servant you go you pray for him. You know if you lay your hands on him and pray for him it shouldn't surprise us that the God who worked so powerfully in the New Testament days could work so powerfully today. And Yasmin went to the church and the pastor was waiting for her. If he had an envelope in one hand with a check for twenty five thousand rupees. If you don't know how much that's worth you can Google it later. Twenty five thousand rupees. It was the amount needed for her to start her studies at Spicer memorial college on the other side of the continent all the way from Calcutta India. Thirty six hours by train to the city of Poole in India in one hand he had a cheque in an envelope in the other hand a train ticket he was waiting for. Is our God and also God. Yes and with tears in her eyes caused a testimony and she said My God is so good. Is it good that she said you have to understand something. A young girl does not travel across India unaccompanied alone. She could be molested. She could be so. All into slavery. She could be killed. You just don't travel across India by yourself. But this young girl eighteen years old with a little red suitcase with a few clothes randomly thrown in by her father she got on that train and she traveled all the way across India for thirty six hours and she was not afraid because she prayed. She took her stand under the authority of Jesus surrendered to his. She arrived at the train station in India at three o'clock in the morning. I don't even like to go to train stations at three o'clock in the morning. There are weird people. So at three o'clock in the morning in train stations. This young girl gets off the train in Poona and everybody scatters going to their intended destination. If she has no idea where spice a memorial college is it's actually twenty kilometers away from that train station. What would you suggest she do right now. And how should she pray. She prays in the name of Jesus there on the platform. And what I'm going to share with you now should not surprise you. It happened in the Bible time. The tall slender man walked up to her and spoke to her in her mother tongue. She is Bengali. She is now on the other side of the continent in Poona but a tall slender man comes and speaks to her in her mother tongue. And says Where are you going my child she said I'm going to Spicer memorial got what he said I will take you. She follows him out of the train station. Have any of you have been to India. You know what an auto rickshaw is looks like a scooter. Use the old ones were a person right. But the new ones you got a scooter on the front and like a double seat on the back you know. Well he took her out and put in her bag there on the seat invited her to sit on his auto rickshaw gets on the front. So it's driving out into the darkness it's now a little after three o'clock in the morning. She's not afraid. I drive through the darkness and finally arrives at the campus of Spicer memorial college. She said if you drop me at the front gate I would have had no idea where to go. But he drove in the campus and stopped at the front door of the girls' dormitory. Here you are my child. She studied there for the next seven years. She received every academic award at the school she finished a graduate degree there at spicing memorial college many times. She went back to the train station at Poona looking for that tall slender man and he was never there. He was only there that night at three o'clock in the morning because a young girl prayed in the name of Jesus. Now you know what I wanted to ask you don't you. What do you think I wanted to ask you. I wanted to ask her if she thought it was an angel. That's what I wanted to ask. Do you know what I decided. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter whether it was an angel sent from the courts of heaven or a messenger from Poona the God went to at three o'clock in the morning or maybe two forty five and said Get up now go to the train station. Because my daughter just prayed in the name of Jesus is any less of a miracle and then I asked was where was he sent from from Damascus. I don't know I still happen to think it was an angel and I think it's kind of cool to imagine an angel riding a scooter I mean this is kind of outside of the box you know. He was never there just that night at three o'clock in the morning. I wish I could share all of her story if you'd like to hear all of her story. Naomi is going to give you a card so you can download the preaching book if you click on contact you can send me a note and I'll send you the rest of her story. But I'll tell you something really amazing and with this so close. If she'd been there for in her second year. No word from home and finally one day she heard an announcement over the P.A. system now you know we all have our own cell phone. This is back in the day when they didn't have their own phones and they didn't even have phones in the room. If you got a phone call back then maybe it's two in the Congo today still I don't know but you know if you are on the campus and you get to talk to the administration building you have it's all of a do they do that anywhere still but it was that way back there. Yasmine tilt tugged at the administration building you have a telephone call she thought. Who knows to call me. She picked up the phone she heard an Arabic greeting papa. Quiet papa. It was her father. He was coming to that part of India. He wanted to stop at the school so he came to the point to train station. She met him. He came no words of endearment. He did bring a little package from her mother. He looked at the school talked to the teachers. He was perhaps thinking she was wasting her life you know and saw how well she was doing and respected by her teachers. He wouldn't stay there on the campus after two days he left but. But then there was some sporadic contact. The third year he came back again. He said I'm coming back to your area. Can you reserve a room for me. He stayed for two weeks. Friday she was with her father. She realized he would be with her over the Sabbath. She turned to him she said papa to her Muslim father who threw her out. Three years before papa would you like to come to church with me tomorrow. Quiet. Finally he said OK. She said Can you imagine my joy the next day in church. My Muslim father sitting by my side at the time came for him to leave. She went with him to the station. In their culture the way you show respect to your elder is you stoop down and you touch their shoe and then you touch your head. Saying good bye to her father she reaches her hand down and she's on her way up for the first time in her life her father throws his arms around her and embraces it. Be safe he said. Do you still believe in miracles. Still most of them are still praying his Arabic prayers five times a day. Some time passes. Yes months old you have a telephone call. Please come. The administration building. She goes it is her mother. Yasmin your father is sick. He wants to speak to you. Father gets on the phone. Yasmin Will you pray for me. She said Papa I pray in the name of Jesus. He said I know. And Yasmine they are separated by a continent prays in the name of Jesus for her father and her father was healed. Now I know we always have to pray not only standing under his authority but also surrendered to his. So we always say Father not my will. That is not a lack of faith. That is what it means to pray in the name of Jesus. It is not a lack of faith to say Your will be done. But the Lord says I'm going to show your father that the father may be glorified in the Son. I'm going to show your father to pray in the name of Jesus is to stand under his authority. The story's not over yet it's been is a professor at the university and some of you who know Zambia's Riverside Farm helped start with a university. She's a professor there now. Her face still shines with the holy light. Praise God for anointed Christian teachers Amen. Can you imagine having her as your teacher she loves Jesus with all of her heart. And if what you said is true Sydney that there are many who have not yet confessed Jesus that the miracle has already started in their heart. I think we're going to hear some conclusion to this story. But if you'd like to hear the rest of the story take that little card. Click on contact and would you continue to pray for this young girl who changed the way I pray. I can't pray the same anymore. I mean I still pray in his name but I don't pray in Jesus' name. I pray in the name of Jesus and I just offer that as a gift to you tonight the incredible privilege we have. To pray in the name of Jesus standing under his authority and surrendered to his hands. Well let's pray the Lord God I think you know that even though many of us have walked with you for many years you still teach us your spirit. You promised you would lead us into all truth. We have so much more to learn. I thank you for teaching me through this young former Muslim girl. Of the great privilege the great gift of praying in the name of Jesus to take our stand under his authority surrendered to his will. And Lord I don't know what people are dealing with here personally or in their ministries but I prayed by the unknowing king of your Holy Spirit that you would give us wisdom and boldness to pray in the name of Jesus. And tonight we want to pray for Yasmin. We want to pray for the Sultana family in Kolkata and we thank you that the miracle has only just begun. May we continue to expect you to work in supernatural ways to bring honor to the name of Jesus. And as we close the Sabbath. I just want to thank you for such a blessed day. For the songs we have sung and the testimonies we have heard and the word that we have heard that's touched our hearts and I pray that as we go to our rest that our strength would be renewed I pray that the deliberations the decisions of tomorrow would be blessed by you. And that this wonderful ministry would continue to see the showers of your blessing until that glorious day when we see our Savior face to face is our prayer with Thanksgiving in the name of Jesus Amen. 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