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Prophetic Vision

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 24, 2013
    11:30 AM
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What's very interesting I have a call from Chrystia Guerin was actually here she's in her last year of foals and she had an experience selling books here and it was connected to one of our church members so I quit studio to come up to the front and she's going to share from this Mike this is actually an experience going to my student had this summer and he and we were in Chowchilla but she was in charge I wouldn't have a SHE way and she was knocking on doors and she met the family and he showed them in the back of market but we show them that we work with their famously vibratory Gardner story she said that to them and they got really excited and invited her inside and she told him that she was that they had been tested and they got really excited they Friday we love Seventh Day Adventists were not that they haven't but we love them when you went to the door or your friend went to the door and they said the Seventh Day Adventists. Yeah that's amazing. See I really think if we don't get that a lot of doors that we don't get that a lot all the time but I see the family went on to tell her that when family members had cancer they were thick and they left the Adventists because that their doctor who worked in turn back and she said you do. Why why is that. And they told her that every time they would come in to get a check up or whatever it was that the doctor would pray for them and to see how they were doing he would not only minister to them physically but spiritually as well making sure that they were good and she asked the doctor and they said our doctor Dr got home. Why don't we have anybody here by that time adjust the central do we have Dr O'Meara doctor on can you stand up. It's a blessing for her to see that we are manipulating people. All acting out and doing some resting wherever we are whether a doctor or a teacher in the sharing Jesus with people and it makes such a big difference for that family you know they love our church because one person has a doctor ministry and in the medical field and they ended up getting attached to K. so that was it's of letting it be that our work here wherever we are and we are playing we can share the gospel with others and praise the lord thank you so much Kristie. And here's something to remember a church family any time you're witnessing. No matter how far you get with that person if this journey that God has that person on and every time you wind minister in some way God is using you to take that person one step further and they actually bought a book too as well as our literature in it. So thank you so much for being a servant of the Lord and by the way that's the highest compliment you can receive Amen. Remember what Jesus says what. When you come into Heaven what are the words that he says to you. Well done good and faithful servant. And I want that to be said about me do you want to be said about you. Amen amen. What church family were going to be jumping into a Bible. And we're also going to be having a unusual kind of sermon today and we're going to be getting into some things that I believe God wants to use to strengthen our faith. Praise the Lord. So if you have your Bibles or i Pod or i Pad or whatever it is you have and I was telling this to the people at the convention. Praise the Lord the Bible is the only device that doesn't mean upgrade right. In fact it upgrades the user and it's time to pray for an upgrade. Amen. All right let's pray church family. Father in heaven thank you so much again for Sabbath morning and right now we just want to bask in your glory. Thank you so much for your faithfulness. That's around you for your mercy and his new Have every morning. Lord we just thank you for giving us insight into your plans into the things that you have for us. And Lord we want to be better Christians because of what you have done for us. Thank you Jesus in your name we pray Amen. All right George found the name of the sermon today is called the what the prophetic vision and by the way I was just thinking about this I was actually at a convention a few sabots ago and what they did for Sabbath morning they actually had a court trial like where were you. I was actually at a convention. It was called army Bible camp and they had a court trial Sabbath morning. They actually had a judge and they had three prosecutors there were all the pastors and what they did is they question Seventh Day Adventists on their beliefs and they invited whoever wanted to to come up front and see if they could answer the question. However the prosecutors were allowed to badger the witness. I think this would be good for us to have one Sabbath morning when you go I think and you know who we think would make a good judge. Scott went right. OK well we'll just keep crying about that. All right as I said before the name of the service called the prosthetic vision. Now I'm going to ask you a question church family I want you take a good look at this verse found in Proverbs twenty eight verse eighteen when to start by asking you a question what does this verse to me and after you read it please raise your hand if you would like to take the challenge. What does this verse mean wearing sort of the court trial yet you guys are raising what does this verse mean. OK Really really I want to know if you're wrong you're in big trouble but go ahead. Whether it's a revelation a real revelation is revealing something and so where there's no revelation the people have no restraint they're cast off there's no restraint. I'm not happy if you keep the law. So if God has revealed to you the truth and this church or what's in the Bible you're going to be very happy if you follow what has happened. OK Good try merely very good. I'm not saying she's wrong I just said she did she did well for trying. Anybody else but I mean that's not the right one. What's the right birth twenty eight eighteen. Where is that verse found twenty nine eighteen. That's part of the tests part of the test good you're passing the test passing the test is very good. I appreciate a congregation like that and there's all sorts of test you don't know about. I tell you what do you think you were going to correct me too. OK Anybody else. What does this verse mean problems twenty nine verse eighteen where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint but happy is he who keeps the law. Chris Nelson All right Sherry Nelson I can hear you really good. OK. When people do not accept divine guidance they run wild and whoever obey the law is joyful. OK They're good really good anybody else. One more person Proverbs twenty nine verse eighteen. OK Very good. Journey to the last hope for this congregation. Oh Lord help me. Well my version says where there is no vision the people perish but he that keeps the law happy as he so vision in Revelation is if you don't have a goal in sight and you have nothing to work towards and by keeping the law it gives you a purpose and a goal to work toward. Very good all of you I believe you are absolutely correct. Here's the thing to understand about this verse is very interesting verse. I was preparing my sermon earlier in the week and the Lord really led me to this verse in it since this where there is no. A revelation the people cast off restraint in other words the word revelation and some of you guys date is the word vision or prophecy. In other words where there is no prophetic perspective it leads to lawlessness. When ever the prophet perspective is not kept before the people in other words where we are living in Earth history why we are living in earth's history and what God is calling us to do in this time versus tree is that if that is not kept before his people we will cast off restraint in other words it will lead us to this type of apathy or complacency about our spiritual lives and so here God is wanting to admonish his people and he of leading them to always keep before them the prophet and guidance that has been given to His people can you say amen to that already or may take a bottle of Revelation Chapter twelve Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen. We're going to understand more about this movement God has called us to be a part of and we're going to make sure that our answer comes from scripture about this particular movement right now. Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen. And by the way if this is Matthew chapter twenty four when false prophets rise up they actually bring about lawlessness. So genuine prophets will do quite the opposite which would be what to say keeping and obedience to God's law. Let's go to Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen are we all there look at the Bible says right here this is describing the situation and the devil's motivation behind the whole mark of the beast scenario Revelation twelve or seventeen and the dragon was enraged with the who the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her work offspring who keep the commandments of God. Now the testimony of Jesus. Jesus said this about himself he said in John Chapter fifteen I have kept my Father's Commandments and still at the end of time the Devil aims his sniper rifle upon those who are like Jesus. They have the same mission of Jesus. They are keeping the commandments and they are trying to reveal to the world the father's character. The Bible actually describes in Revelation Chapter twelve. Satan Satan is the dragon. However you also find in Revelation Chapter twelve when Satan is using deception. He is depicted as a serpent but when he is using force he is depicted as a fire breathing dragon and so at the end of time when Satan is targeting the remnant or the rest of the offspring of the woman he portrays himself as a forcible dragon or God protect him as a forceful dragon why. Because he is seeking to do by force what he could not do by manipulation. In fact take a look at this right here in Revelation twelve or seventeen. This is where that phrase the remnant comes from. You have the New King James Version right there and the dragon was in rage with the who the woman and he went to make war with the rest of offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the work testimony of Jesus. What two characteristics. All are part of the rest of the offspring. They want to keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus in battle with the King James Version and the dragon was wife with the woman he went to make war with or what remnant of her seed that is where the word remnant comes from the New King James version just translated as the rest of the offspring or what's remaining which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. So where Satan or whose faith in targets them oath. At the end of time our voles who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus. That's extremely important ladies and gentlemen because if we're looking for a group running God is calling us to be a part of. They must possess those two characteristics or they're not the remnant. They must keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus. Why the commandments of God These people are seeking to be obedient to God And so the devil is targeting them. They are trying to be like Jesus. Why have the testimony of Jesus while the first quarter we better ask ourselves is a common question what in the world is the testimony of Jesus. Praise the Lord the Scripture interprets the scripture Amen. Take a good look at Revelation one thousand verse ten and this is John writing right here and I fell down and is free to worship him and he said to me See that you do it not John came to the end of his vision with his accompanying angel he was sold one way he began to fall down to figure this angel the angel said no no no don't you do that I am by fellow servant and by brethren that have the testimony of Jesus. What we talked about the testimony of Jesus but what he says worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the what. A spirit of what prophecy. Now notice this when you go back to Revelation Chapter twelve verse seventeen The dragon is angry with those who keep the commandments of God and have the what genuine spirit of prophecy. They have a legitimate prophetic understanding. Now that's important because any time God did something big in the Old Testament he would always send a profit warning and right before God three The children of Israel out of Egypt he sent to Moses. Right right before the children of Israel were about to go into captivity he sent to jail. My right before they're about to be freed from captivity he sent Daniel the Prophet right before Jesus came the first time he sent John the Baptist any time God is about to do something big. He always sends a what a profit in fact when you take a look at First Corinthians chapter twelve. If we are looking for a body of believers that are following the truth ladies and gentleman part of the gifts of the body would be the legitimate gift of prophecy. And if that body of believers does not possess the legitimate gift of prophecy then that's not the remnant. Does that make sense yes or no. We're not talking about individuals we are talking about a movement. If that movement does not have a legitimate gift of prophecy ladies and gentlemen then the whole structure falls apart if the linchpin. Part of what God would be doing in these end times he would be perfectly guiding his people and if that will make does not possess that gift then that's not the movie you want to be a part of but when you take a good look at the Seventh Day Adventist Church it is not a perfect church but it fulfills every criteria of the remnant. It would be a worldwide movement. It would have a legitimate profit if it were to be attempting to keep the Ten Commandments and upholding the Biblical standard. If one of these criteria fail the whole structure falls apart. Are we tracking yes or no. It is that important for you ladies and gentlemen to understand if one of these things are wrong the entire structure falls apart and this is what we need to understand whether or not the Seventh Day Adventist Church does meet this criteria and that is the genuine gift of the Spirit of Prophecy around the eighteen hundreds. When there were a group of people who were speaking after the Lord God began to give the most unusual startling visions to a young woman at the age of seventeen. Her name was Ellen White one of the remarkable things about this woman is that she is considered the most widely translated author. There is some dispute between her and a communist writer right now I think is Vladimir something and she is considered beside that they are definitely the most widely translated woman author and is contending right now for the spot of being the most widely translated author in the entire world. She had a thorough going to education that what she wrote over ten thousand pages have guided the Seventh Day Adventist movement. She wrote books on health books on family books on religion books on spiritual growth books on how to be the best person that you can be for these times that we are living in can you say amen to that. These both have blessed so many people. And what's so remarkable is this is that these books have not just touched the Seventh-Day Adventist Church but they have touched the entire world. You know a lot of people ask the question is there going to be another prophet. Well George chapter two verse twenty eight tells us there's going to be prophets in the end times. But look at how life is right here. The abundant light has been given to our people in these last days. Whether or not my life is spared my writings will constantly what stake and their work will go forward as long as time show work. RATH And that's extremely important to understand. She is saying that even though her life should be taken those writings will continue to speak all the way to the time of the Second Coming. Ladies and gentlemen there's no purpose and I've been trying to look for another prophet. If we're not being faithful to the light that's already been given to us. Can you say amen to that. But when she says right here my writings are. Kept on file in the office and even though I should not live these words that have been given to me by the Lord will still live and will speak to the people that was written about one hundred years ago more than one hundred years ago ladies and gentlemen. And those writings continue to shape this church and God has blessed the church to make it the fastest growing movement in the United States today and this is not to add any glory or to give us any pride but God wants us to understand that when we're looking to be part of this movement that is taking the gospel to the entire world. This must play into the equation Numbers Chapter twelve verse six. You have a story of Moses and Moses was he was attacked you could say or spoken about by his sister and his brother what were the names ladies and gentlemen. Miriam and Aaron. And do you remember what Miriam was saying about Moses. What was he attacking about Moses and his wife because she was what she was dark skinned. Now why is that very important because when God deals with mayhem he curses her with leprosy that made her skin white as snow. God was telling or if this if most this is why it's going to be a little too dark for you then you're going to be a little too white for this campus and she actually had to leave the camp for seven days struck with leprosy. God intentionally allowed that to come upon her to teach her a lesson. They were questioning Moses prophetic leadership. God said this about Moses in Deuteronomy thirty four verse ten. Since then there has not what a risen in Israel a prophet like ooh Moses whom the Lord knew face to face pay attention those key words not arisen. You find the exact same thing said about John the Baptist. Jesus speaking about John the Baptist he said this. Surely I say to you among those born of women there has not been one greater than John the Baptist. In fact John the Baptist had another title he was called The Messenger of the word the Lord the messenger of the Lord and when I said some remarkable things about her writings right here those who boldly assume that they are prophets in this they often reproach of the cause of Christ. My work includes much more than that name for this name signifies I regard myself as a messenger intrusted by the Lord with messages for his people. My commission embraces the work of a prophet but it does not end there. It embraces much more than the minds of those who have been sowing seeds of unbelief can comprehend. Now this is very important. You find similar language being said about each particular person. Moses John the Baptist in a light I'm going to ask you a question right now. What do those three have in common. Moses John the Baptist and Ellen White. Yeah we know their profits but a little bit more than that. Joe magpie Oh OK Very good they all point to Jesus and they weren't Jesus real prophet OK Anybody else. OK they were messengers of the Lord OK Anybody else. They were all called Ok tell me something that I didn't say so far. If they were very good very good you can see what you can set. They came about during the time of change for God's people. God used Moses to lead the people out of the children of Israel out of Egypt. God used John the Baptist to prepare the people for the second for the first coming of Jesus Christ. Now what is so remarkable is that Ellen White came during a time when the Adventist Church was coming together and deciding how do we proceed from here. Gone to use these leaders as beginners of powerful movements that would change the world. But you want to as well. What else do you have in common. All three of them never saw all the promises fulfilled. Moses led the people of Israel to the promised land but himself never when John the Baptist prepared the whole all of Israel for the first coming of Jesus Christ but guess what he himself didn't witness a single miracle except for the dove. Ellen White preached about the second coming and got the whole church stirred up about the Second Coming but she died before she could see the second coming. But what is also very interesting is these three also lead God's people to a greater understanding of the sanctuary. Moses. The things you worry on earth. You have G. John the Baptist's pointing to the Lamb of God then you have Ellen White's ministry also pointing to the heavenly things she way step by step. God was leading his people back to those truths that we need to understand for these times. What is so interesting about a Like lot of people say well what's the purpose of this profit. I never want to bring back people back to the word can you say amen to that. She was the lesser light to lead to the greater life and by the way a false prophet would be shooting himself in the foot if he was trying to exalt the scriptures over his writings. Why would he be shooting himself in the foot. Because the Bible would expose him he would be shooting himself in the foot. This is very important to understand ladies and gentlemen if we are looking for a legitimate gift of prophecy they need to be uplifting the Scriptures. Amen. Number two they would point people to Jesus for salvation. Teaching of the righteousness by faith message found in Scripture false religion. Will we leave people outside of that understanding. Number three they would be really impressed truth of revelation already revealed god would be. Using these writings like a telescope to look at the stars not that there are new stars but to bring us into a greater focus of those present truths to call us to holy Christian living. God would use these writings to refine his people to think the finest people to lead them into a closer walk with him and this point isn't for us to understand ladies and gentleman. People say wait a minute what about the Bible verses the Spirit of Prophecy. I just need this I want you to understand something that is in German. If the Spirit of God inspired this woman we are not rejecting the woman we are rejecting the Spirit of God to us. I mean this is just common sense. When we are rejecting and we just say well it's not important I have the Bible. Ladies and gentlemen it is the Spirit of God that inspired this woman and if the Spirit of God inspired us more and then these messages are meant for us. And in rejecting that we would be rejecting what the Spirit of God is trying to do for us but continue to help us better understand present truths magnifying those truths that are found in the scriptures to shield us from error that would come into God's church in the last days and unless you think you're smarter than Satan ladies and gentlemen you need these writings. Amen. Because I'm not smarter than the devil and I need to understand God's words in these last days and this lesson I like to point me to the greater light is what I need for my spiritual life. There are some particular peculiar points about a light during our ministry say during her ministry Elegy white Well more than one hundred page hundred thousand pages a total of more than twenty five million words. The text most often referred to no white writings of Matthew five fourteen to sixteen. She mentioned that two hundred sixty four times the text refers to Christians as the word light the word world one of my favorite hands was when peace like a river with song that by the way it is well with. My full Ellen White's favorite dishes were big corn souffle tomatoes and macaroni. Not the craft kind of macaroni though. And tiny mustard greens cooked. Ellen Ellen wife last known mining of the letter entitled The victorious life she wrote this letter June fourteenth one thousand nine hundred fourteen and you may read it in her book testimonies to minister. This letter is a mess and overflowing with whole and assurance for Christians can you say amen to that. She was a lover of animals do you like animals. So did she also write role that she knew how to feed and treat animals with affection. She abort any practive that brought pain or discomfort to animals and she had firm words of dis approval disapprove for anyone who misused a horse or abuse a cow and that includes cow tipping Amen. I know who's responsible OK. Grace White actually she was the granddaughter of Ellen White stated that Mrs White was a point person. Never did we feel under a strain or stress in re presence. She had deep blue grey eyes that were kind and alert and she looked at us with love and lays and John with the Spirit of God was in that woman. That would definitely be the fruit of the spirit right there. Jesus came to define mark of whether to know what a prophet was genuine or false but what he says right here pay attention in Scripture. Be ware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their what fruits. That's important pay attention to what Jesus is saying right here. You will know them by their what fruits oftentimes if you're not aware of what a CD is and it is planted. What eventually will reveal what kind of fruit that is. If seeds are planted and you don't know what kind of crop that is. Yes What do you have to wait for telecoms. Maybe I'm just saying this one and I think I said it wrong I apologize forgive me. Time time reveals something about this Jesus is saying it is when the fruit is there that you're able to see whether or not it was good fruit that's important ladies and gentlemen because when you take a good look at some other so-called prophet you find many times they will impact the movement within they are doing their prophecy to you but a genuine biblical prophet will actually have an impact upon the entire world. Well if you look at the Ministry of Moses even Jethro nobody knew about what Moses was doing but if you could go look at John the Baptist you have listened to me and that were coming to him King Herod when if you can go look at John the Baptist parrot him pilot and other Gentiles wanting to know more about God through the ministry of Jesus or one of these prophets so a genuine biblical prophet will have an effect upon the entire world. Now wait what I'm going to show you is going to be super powerful ladies and gentlemen and that is this prophetess messenger of the Lord. Adventists profits through the process will be SR why this is why E.G. why E.G. Why Auntie Ellen you name it this woman has been addressed by many names and titles that a new language could be formed with all the disagreeing. Adventists have known her through her writings through her many books and sermons do studies into the fruits of our labor. But another question is how did and how does the outside world perceive her writings. What happens when sincere honest non Adventist folks come into contact with Ellen White God sends prophets to his church for many reasons but what about someone who was more than just a prophet. How does the world see someone like that. Ladies and gentlemen what I'm going to share with you are individuals who came across her writings who are well respected. In this world of education of academics in the medical profession who were so blown away by those writings it change there will be all right by the way he is considered one of the most respected archaeologist in all of evangelical Christianity. He has more Ph D.'s than you can count on your hands and your toes with Americans and perhaps the world's foremost archaeologist in the twentieth century here in this Ph D. from Johns Hopkins University at the age of twenty five Ph D. at the age of twenty five and during the next twenty years he received twenty five honorary doctorates from colleges universities and seminaries a Protestant Roman Catholic and Jewish faith. He wrote more than eight hundred publications on archaeology the Bible of Eastern subjects in the one nine hundred fifty S. one of his doctoral candidates at John Hopkins the late Albert Johnson introduced Albright to Ellen whites writings. His curiosity piqued the famous archaeology undertook his own investigation of a life's work in kinds of L. might and in his book from Stone Age to Christianity. All right names Mrs White as one of five individuals whom he considered to be authentic prophet during the past two hundred and fifty years. I actually had lunch with a Baptist pastor about a few weeks ago and he was talking to me about archaeology in apologetics and he said his favorite archaeologist was William Albright and I'll thicken myself all I got from them for your brother. This was Florence the Strat Meier does anybody know who she is. She was well known she is still well known in the educational world for advanced concepts about curriculum development about education. She was actually invited to speak before a group of teachers and this is what she said. Not an Adventist. Recently the book education biology White has been brought to my attention written at the turn of the century this volume was more than fifty years ahead of its time and I was surprised to learn that it was written by a woman with three years of schooling the breadth and depth of its philosophy. Amazingly it's concepts of balance education harmonious development and of thinking and acting on principle. Advance educational concepts the objective of restoring a man the image of God the teaching of parental responsibility and the emphasis on self-control on the child or ideals that this world desperately needs. But what she says in her speech this is why I do not necessarily use current terms in fact she did not use the word curriculum in our writing but the book education in certain parts of important curriculum principles she was concerned with the whole Warner the whole learner the Romani is developing a mental physical and spiritual powers. Today many of our stressing today many are stressing the development of the intellect but feelings and emotional development are equally important in our changing society the ability to act on thought and in terms of principle is central. It is this harmonious development that is so greatly needed. Yes though generally in the Gaza today I am not surprised that members of the S.D.A. church hold the writings and this is why in great respect and make them Central in developing the educational program in their schools can you say amen to that. In fact this was a he was a director of Japan's Education Department. All of Japan's education department and not really intend to print maybe a character you know me I didn't know that name. OK That's right. OK Professor of Japan Canada University and when we had amused Tokyo's Museum of Science and director of social education but the Japanese Ministry of Education recommended education to parents teachers and students. He called it the most profitable reading in our understanding of new education and if you don't speak the rocks will amen. Education written with the inspired kind of Ellen White has for fifty years been a well known book which has rendered the greatest possible service and joy to students teachers and parents of the world over. When I was studying at the University of Illinois it was my privilege to read the book in its original language. I was profoundly moved by the book at that time and it has been my desire ever since to recommend it to educators in Japan it is my sincere joy to hear that the book has finally been translated in the Japanese language. Can you say amen to that and that what is so funny is the story right here. The minister of education out of southern European country which remain unnamed has been studying at Teachers College Columbia University. He had come to the U.S. for the best in educational policy and program of his newborn state. Upon his return to southern Europe he authored a work on religious and moral education. It was written in the Serbian language. Watch what happens. Published by the State University Press and acclaim by that institution after work best book on religious education that language now watches when Adventist Church leaders in Serbia read the book they recognize it immediately it was a translation of a little white education with an introduction written by the Serbian minister of education. Eighty percent of the new book came directly from Ellen whites writings the brother plagiarized or put his own name on it and got famous because of it. The rocks will cry out right. In fact Paul Harvey was going through one most trusted journalist he never became a Seventh Day Adventist although near the end of his life he was attending the Saddleback church Saddleback seven damaged church in Arizona in one thousand nine hundred C. Paul Harvey American Broadcasting Company News commentator and United Feature syndicated columnist wrote a sixteen page article I need some water. Article purse featuring Ellen White. It began Once upon a time only years ago there lived a young lady named Ellen White. She was frail as a child completed only grammar school. Actually she never finished the third grade and no technical training yet she lived to write scores of articles and many books on the subject of healthful living. This was in the days where doctors were still bloodletting and performing surgeries with unwashed hands. This was an error a medical ignorance bordering on barbarism. Praise the lord thank you brother. Yet Ellen White wrote with such profound understanding of the subject of nutrition that all but two of the many principles she espoused have been scientifically established and by the way this was several years ago and since that time those two have been dealt with. You go onto an Alawite website and the first thing would probably come up is a bunch of anti and wingy website and I'll tell you this the majority of them will come by former Adventist. I would say that one more time the majority of anti Ellen White websites will come from former Adventist generally speaking most people if they have a disagreement with those writings I don't care to spend long hours writing about Ellen White. However these are the top five. The arguments that are used in anti-war rides around town why Ellen White websites Ellen White was a plagiarist. She did not believe in Justification by Faith. She's above the Bible as you claim to be above the Bible. Her visions were result of a temporal lobe epilepsy. Ellen White's prophecies fail and ladies and gentlemen these things have been refuted over and over and over and over and over again. Primarily the one thing that has been used by some people are saying wait a minute she was a plagiarist. Well ladies and gentlemen here is something to understand the seven P.M. is church actually hire a lawyer now we know about that story and that lawyer checked out those writings and declare her innocence a plagiarism. But what we don't know is how the Roman Catholic warrior was affected by starting out those writings. Look at it then I'll try to read past the infidel Remick a prominent and respected copyright attorney in Washington D.C. Notice his power in one thousand nine hundred one in. It's a newly reborn plagiarism charges. The General Conference legal office the Office of General Counsel use privately donated money to hire a MC to research the case law and the literary evidence to see whether Mrs White was guilty of plagiarism. Literary privacy or copyright infringement. REMNICK a Roman Catholic spent some three hundred hours reviewing cases and reading the literary evidence in addition to examine the critic's place he sampled what he call a great cross-section of her books even read the great controversy all the way through on legal matters he concluded. If I had to be involved in such a legal case regarding the charges of plagiarism piracy and copyright infringement against and why I would rather appear as defense counsel for L. and Y. than for the prosecution. There simply is no case. The truth stands Amen but what is so remarkable is what it is right here the bottom line is what really counts is the message of Mrs White not merely the mechanical writings or words clauses or sentences and this is what theologians I am told distinguish here between verbal inspiration and clean airy inspiration to many of the critics have missed the boat altogether and it's too bad too. I personally like what he says. A Roman Catholic had been moved deeply moved by those writings and I have been changed by them can you see how the media and I think I am a better man today because of them and I wish that the critics could discover that can you say amen to that. Ladies and gentlemen the Spirit of God Does this work and we don't have to do it and this is extremely important I remember one time I was trying to convince his brother to make a decision for Jesus and I was like I just can't do it. I spent weeks trying to work on this and I realize I can't do this one day he called me up and says I'm getting baptized. I said you can baptize. He's like yeah I want to get baptized. I said what. And he says I was reading a wonderful wonderful. On steps across and show me who Jesus was and when he showed me who Jesus was I couldn't deny this inevitable truth and I want to follow him. Can you say amen to that ladies and gentlemen. Praise the Lord. In fact this is what one guy wrote who was at her funeral this is White early manifested some of the gifts a profit not a sin to be honest by the way with the formation of the Church of the Seventh Day Adventists. He made it. She immediately developed an influence and that influence was maintained to the hour of her death a period of seventy years. Besides unusual talents as a preacher she had organizational and administrative powers. These were all given to her church it prospered and grew until it grew spread through many lands. Universities were founded medical schools hospitals and schools for teachers and missionaries. Mrs White was a remarkable woman. Had she lived in an earlier period of the career Christianity and escaped the bigots and the fire she would most certainly have been canonized. She was of the flesh of which things are made. This came from someone who was not a Seventh Day Adventist. It was so blown away by her ministry. Born or group this was actually released in two thousand and five and want to consider the most widely respected research group in Christian you can say facets and tenets they came with this survey and this is what they found pastors in the age of forty. Meanwhile more than twice as likely to mention books on prayer talking about the most influential authors only half as likely to include the Purpose Driven Life and just one sixth as likely to place the Purpose Driven Life purpose driven church in their top ranked volumes in fact while one third of all pastors are over forty. Mention at least one book by Rick Warren. Just fourteen percent of those under forty did so. The under forty pastors champion several authors who were not ranked highly by all the church leaders these authors included business consultant James calling seminary professor timeline or nineteenth century Seventh Day Adventists. I can't. Ellen White and Pastor John or can you say amen to that. Ladies and gentlemen back I got a text message from some of you and there were up and out non-denominational churches and show me the bookshelf and there right there is a Spirit of Prophecy ladies and gentlemen these seeds are planted all over the world and as we share them it will lead them closer and closer to Jesus to the times that we are living in. God is calling our hearts to be open to what he is going to be doing especially in these end times one hundred sixty five a German sociologist armed guard family published her doctoral dissertation in one star Westphalia. It dealt with Seventh Day Adventists in a light she said in part. She was without fear of men. Courageous and consistent she struggled within the movement to solve the many problems she she solved the problems which the church did not fix except expect to see solved in many decades. Simon was unable to find adequate scientific explanation for Ellen White's visions and remarkable experiences she held the opinion that Ellen White had been a Roman Catholic instead of a Seventh Day Adventist. She might very well be canonized in due course. In spite of her strong static union with God She rarely lost ground of reality. On the contrary she tackled many practical questions in life. Undoubtedly it was the established fact of her mystic vision of God which worked as a powerful radiance on her fellow believers enabling her to be their leader without holding an official office in the church. She function as a messenger between God in the churches through who are the members had a part in the Divine Being. This explains the strong position E.G. White has one among Adventists in spite of the high position E.G. White never fell for the temptation of their founders of various movements have done where they claim to be elevated themselves above the weaknesses of human flesh but was a servant and did not claim the honor that belongs to God The Seventh Day Adventist still live on in the spirit of E.G. white and old only so far as this. Parentage lives on to the Adventists have a future. Can you say amen to that ladies and gentlemen the Spirit of God is the one who is behind this. If that were so interesting just take a good look at this we need to go look at what the Book of Proverbs is saying that anyone who speaks the word of God brings health to the flesh but what if if the path of the just is like the shining sun that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is like darkness they do not know what makes them stumble. My son give attention to the words to my words. Incline your ear to my things. Do not let them depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh. Proverbs twelve eighteen. There is one who speaks like the piercings of authority but the tongue of the wise one promotes health problems thirteen or seventeen. A Wiccan messenger falls into trouble but a faithful ambassador brings one hell progress sixteen verse twenty four. Pleasant words are like a honeycomb sweetness to the soul and Hell to the bones. Ladies and gentlemen when you take a good look at our world today there are many so-called health movements that are happening it has become a phenomenon on T.V. how movements are really radical right now. Has anybody ever seen one of these crazy food documentaries where five people. But did you know right now these health documentaries are shooting among the top when it comes to D.V.D. rentals. People are interested in how these documentaries have come out. There are people who have been blown away have changed their lifestyle habits and have been saved by just following some of these health revolutions. These documentaries have been promoted proven promoting Food Inc dive King Corn that Ficken nearly there which is about juicy forks over Knives. You have these over and over again these are coming out and people are trying to discover better ways of living because they're real. Rising the way things have been going. It isn't helping them. Now what is so remarkable is that Ellen whites writings when God gave us those writings it not only blessed the church but it began to see the world as well. Are you saying what do you mean by that. Here's Paul Harvey again talking and essentially what he says right here look at the O. line. We accept the wisdom of such advice so completely that is difficult for us to realize how revolutionary worth theories were almost a century ago. This is amazing because what you are looking at is some amazing things and you'll find out that Ellen whites writings are actually tied into many of these health revolutions this is actually the Oxford encyclopedia of food and drink in America. Originally published in September two thousand and four. It covers the significant events inventions and social movements that shaped the way Americans view prepare and consume food and drink. Entries range across historical periods and the trends that characterize them from the extravagant feast of the Gilded Age or to the diet fads of the ninety's this early updated new edition captures the shifting American perspective on food and ensures that this title is both the most authoritative and the most current reference work on American cuisine and this book lists this man as a very influential influential man that is not Colonel Sanders. That is John. Harvey Kellogg he was an Adventist at one time until he apostatized in the church. But look what this says about him. No single individual influence American eating habits during the early early twentieth century. More the new Dr John Harvey Kellog. He was revolutionary in his medical advancements and we're going to find out his little secret. And back with what this natural. When health perspective website says John Harvey Kellog deserves more than any other person to be called the father of natural health. David Paulson actually interviewed him and about the year nine hundred thirteen he reported a conversation that he had with Dr John Harvey Kellog a number of years earlier introductory to the following statement. It should be mentioned that in the late one thousand nine hundred three John H. Kellogg M.D. was recognized as a world leader in several areas of medical practice. Dr Kellogg asked me in New York City twenty two years ago if I knew how it was that the Battle Creek sanitarium was able to be five years ahead a medical profession. I do not know. Then he told me he said that when a new thing is brought in the medical world he knew from his knowledge of the Spirit of Prophecy the writings of Ellen White whether it belonged in our system or no not if it did he instantly adopted and advertised it while the rest of the doctors were slowly feeling their way and when they finally adopted it he had five years to start on them and when the other on the other hand when the medical profession was swept off by their feet by some new fad if it did not fit the light we had been received. He simply did not touch it. When the doctors finally discovered their mistake they wondered how it came that Dr Kellogg did not get caught. Ladies and gentlemen when you begin to see this you can begin to realize these writings have influence even the modern day natural health movement climate you know climate chaos. He was you know he's a biochemist as you can see he was an American biochemist and I and I don't blame you for not knowing more about him. But what is so interesting is where this leads. He was an American biochemist Nutritionals and gerontologist and professor of animal husbandry at Cornell University. Nineteen twenty seven one thousand nine hundred sixty three he was very revolutionary on his books about health at a time when his own colleagues were mocking him. All the Cornell bread books and other notes on nutrition. This is what he says about the spirit of prophecy that revolutionized Hiers research in the first place her basic concepts about the relation between diet and health have been verified in an unusual degree by scientific advances of the past decade. In the second place everyone who attempts to teach nutrition can hardly conceive of a leadership such as that is Mrs White that was able to induce a substantial number of people to improve their diet in the third place. One can only speculate about the large number of sufferers during the past twenty past century who could have been improved could have had improved health if they accepted the teachings of Mrs White. Finally one can wonder how to make her teachings more widely known. In spite of the fact that the works of Mrs White were written long before the advent of modern scientific nutrition what we see is no better overall guide is available today. Now what is so remarkable he had one last doctoral student one last doctoral student who studied underneath him who he led and shaped into the study of nutrition and it was none other than Tikhon Campbell the author of The China Study. And the China Study kept the bestselling book ranks for several months. This man was his last doctoral student and he led him into a study of natural health and healing because he himself was changed by those writings. In fact what is so interesting. He is the primary presenter in the book forks over knives which hath the Spirit of Prophecy fingerprints all over it. Amazing Race and gentleman in fact what is so interesting is that these this book has influenced people from Bill Clinton all the way to Mike Tyson as well to go vegan. And essentially this was the primary findings which is basically what you read in studies on councils on diets in foods people who ate the most animal based foods got to work most chronic diseases. People with the most plant based foods where the healthiest and tend to avoid chronic disease. These results could not be ignored. And there are certain individuals that were in press and inspired by those writings and I'm going to take up a little bit because I know we're past our time. Nathan Pritikin He was also somebody who was well known in the health world because during his time that he was understanding how he came across those writings as well and none of these people became Seventh Day Adventists but they were so touched by these magnificent writings on health it revolutionize their own research then laid the foundation for the modern day health movements that we have today this was an interview he had with some Seventh Day Adventists. Mr Pritikin your ideas of nutrition and health are quite similar in many respects to those of Seventh Day Adventists are you aware of the average Adventist health writings many of which are more than a century old. Look what he says. You mean the writings of Ellen G. White. Yes what we call our health message is largely based on or counsel I have read all her books dealing with health topics have you for abuse. Would you care to comment comment on the concept she presents which we Adventist unfortunately have not observed as closely as we should look at he said. I feel that if you Adventists have all the teachings in these books you would have been a much healthier group I think that the Adventist dietary plan is very very close to our nutritional recommendations. It was marvelous that this woman was able to write all that she did without any real scientific background. Well of course we believe she was inspired. She had to have been inspired. I don't know how she could have gotten this information herself. She certainly did a tremendous job for her time and the good he says as Adventists we believe that God is the creator of our bodies and that we have not just evolved and that our bodies are priceless and wonderful mechanisms. Only a master mind could have planned all the intricate workings of it. The body is a wonderful machine that no one understands completely and look what he says when he sums it all up right here. Nathan Pritikin said of the Pritikin diet one thousand nine hundred nine I think if you want to get to the originator of. A proper diet. He says you have to go back to Ellen White. She laid the guidelines that are in force they are not being adhered to as strictly as they should be amazing. Do you know he had one student also Dr John McDougall. And if you know anything about Dr John Google you'll know that he wrote many books not a Seventh Day Adventist but he was so influenced by Pritikin he began to study and research of health and nutrition that led him to write many of these books including the starch solution that has revolutionized health concepts in the world today ladies and gentlemen. And look what this is Have you ever seen this documentary that's Sick and Nearly Dead about a man who was actually very overweight obese and diabetic. He actually went on the juicing diet I believe was for fifty to sixty days and that documentary records everything that he went through. What is so amazing this man is not a Seventh Day Adventist but he had two forms of inspiration to come across or to make this documentary. Dr Joel Furhman and Dr or not Dr Bell who's the young man that's in the corner. Jacqueline Dr Joel Furhman number one quotes from my Adventist studies than any other entity group in all his studies of natural health and healing and Jacqueline was not a Seventh Day Adventist but he was the son of a Seventh Day Adventist. You know I know that I do memory a former senior pastor what was his name. Keep small again. His mom attended Kieve mulligans church and he would see her every single Sabbath in the back and occasionally Jack Elaine would show up there too as well. And this laid the foundation for Jack Elaine to start going to hell and starting out these concepts which led him to become a health guru that revolutionized the Jew thing for this world. In fact what is also interesting do you know what that is ladies and gentleman. That's not cardboard What is that ladies and gentlemen. Yeah it's a guardian burger. You mean a guard in Burnaby for now many of us don't know where the garden burger comes from it just kind of magically appeared in the potluck one day right it was not developed by a Seventh Day Adventist it was developed by a man by the name of Paul winner and Paul winner is a partner with Paul C. brag a Bragg's amino right and in his biography he actually writes how he began to study health and begin to even produce the veggie burger. And this is exactly how it stayed on in his biography on his Web site take a look at this. Paulina I really haven't had any health problems since I was seventeen when I was about sixteen or seventeen I started reading books on health and nutrition like Paul brags the miracle fasting and Allenby right that's exactly how he writes on the website. Ellen De white in this quarter was a writer for the Adventist Church. I started realizing that there was a real connection between what you put in your mouth and what you did not put in your mouth between your health and how you felt. So I immediately change everything about my diet. Ladies and gentlemen do you see how we can connect with the rest of the world and the health messages designed to lead people and point people back to Jesus can you say amen to that. There's another pictures just took place last year when I was actually honored by the government of Brazil. Because of all the stuff that she talked about of healing of family of religion about finances in every facet of life even the Brazilian government honor her and put her air picture and information about her in one of the prestigious Brazilian universities do you know what operation white coat is some you know what operation white coat is but what is it. Let me tell you a true story I actually got this book not too long ago it was called sixty government documents the government doesn't want to know about is actually documents that were read declassified recently that's all where it was just a book about declassified government documents and that was what took place one day. I've got the book didn't we have for several months. I decided to pick it up and the first thing I read was a declassified document about Seventh Day Adventist. You know I did. I closed the book and I was like who's watching me. That's what I really thought I went online found the rest of the document what it was was a congregational hearing a document that was recently declassified and it describes human experimentation that was done during the Vietnam War and what it was was that the US government targeted Seventh-Day Adventists for two primary reasons number one because they were patriotic and number two because they were extremely healthy and they tested vaccines on them. Biological warfare and they tested fevers and all sorts of things on them. There was over twenty two hundred of them that were tested on ladies and gentlemen some of them never came back the same. They never came back the same. In fact what is so interesting these were some of the things that are no longer in existence because all of the testing that was done on Seventh Day Adventists right here and what this is very this is very interesting for us to understand because this is not talked about a lot of times in the church ladies and gentlemen but the contribution that was made during Operation white coat has led to several things not of that in our world today. In fact what one doctor says right here possibly twenty three hundred seventy Adventists Army veterans who served as White volunteers the effects of the program that we said have been felt from the remote jungles of Latin America to the desert sands of the Middle East to the reaches of outer space. So the doctors in the book for God and country. Operation white coat ladies and gentleman. When you begin to see the effect that the health message has pat upon Seventh Day Adventists it did not just affect this world. It affected me in not just only affected Adventism but affected the entire world itself and this is the contribution part of the ministry of Christ. Would that he were not only been preaching truths but he ring healing to this world as well and we. Find that encapsulated in this message you have individuals like blue zone in the recent sort of way of health studies. You have people with National Geographic that are looking at Seventh Day Adventists and saying what is so different about these people. Why are they living longer. Why are they being more consecrated. Why is this church going and it's not because of who we are. It's because of who Jesus is. Can you say amen to that. But God is blessing us so we can be a blessing to this world. Amen. And this is the time that God is calling us to spread this message to lead people to a closer walk with Jesus to a closer walk with Jesus and this message comes ladies and gentlemen because I believe God is calling us to start studying those writings again to take a good look at those things and say Lord where is this an area in my life that I could improve on. Maybe I need to commit myself to start studying more. Maybe I need to just start reading and spending more time with Jesus and ladies and gentlemen you will find your own life begin to be transformed by what the Spirit of God does it is the Spirit of God It is the Spirit of God that is behind us ladies and gentleman and we were laying aside. We are rejecting what the Spirit of God is trying to communicate to us in these times. God is calling us. He is calling for us to make a commitment a commitment to him to be open to His ways and it's only through his way. Ladies and gentlemen that we are led to heaven Amen. These are the times that God is calling his people to consecrate themselves in focus in study to really come and just to repurpose and say Lord help me to find out what you have for me in this time. Help me to shape my life to what the Spirit of God wants not what I want. I want your real lord not my will. Amen. Ladies and gentleman over and over again God is opening up special opportunities for his people to make a change to bring health and healing to this world that people could be led to Jesus and now is this time this is the time that God is calling us some to say how do I use those writings simple principles ladies and gentleman. Always with prayer Amen. I read those books you'll be blessed by them when you're reading them always beware the contex always be aware that the conclusions must wind up with Scripture if they don't. Not understanding things right. Study with scripture and as you're reading these things in spare parts you search about in the scripture and see the beautiful biblical principle expanded always allow these things to interpret themselves and discern the meaning. The principle behind these writings the reason I bring this up ladies and gentlemen I believe God is calling us to be balance. There are some who don't want anything to do with these writings they're missing a blessing. But then there are those who on the other hand who are you'll be using those writings and causing more negativity for these writings. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to be balanced. But what she says right here let the testimonies Ellen whites writings speak for themselves. Let individuals gather up the wherry strongest statements given for individuals and families and drive these things because they did not they want to use the whip and have something to drive. God wants us to use these writings in a way to attract people to Jesus. Can you say amen to that. You might have been somebody who had a bad experience but ladies and gentlemen take a good look at what the prophet is saying herself right here. But that's not the way she wanted those writings to be use not as a hammer as a whip. And I just apologize on behalf of any Seventh Day Adventists that has abused those writings to a new God is calling us not to neglect what his spirit is saying to us. God is calling us to discover Jesus once again to see him for who he really is and your spiritual life will grow ladies and gentlemen. Your life will be blessed as you do these things. God is calling you the Bible says quench not the spirit despise not prophesied. Don't despise it. The Bible says believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established. Believe this prophet and you show what do you want to prosper ladies and gentleman how people want to say Lord I want to start again. I want to start reading these things and I want you to bless and raise your hand if that's your desire. Praise the Lord God will bless you. Let's pray Father in Heaven if we know ourselves to be weak people God the Father we are praying that our hearts will be open to the Spirit of God that we wouldn't reject what you are saying to us but God as we grow deeper and more with you lead us God step by step to heaven. This we pray in the name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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