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Pants On Fire

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • September 21, 2013
    11:30 AM
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When we bow our heads for a word of prayer and let's ask Jesus to bless us with the Holy Spirit as we worship Him in the hearing of God's word. Father in heaven we just thank you so much for this time. And Lord we just thank you that we can be still before the king of the universe. God thank you so much you lift our burdens from us and thank you that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and we have our Savior who right now is interceding for us. Jesus would you please visit us this morning and bless us with your presence. Thank you God for the promise of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name we pray Amen. The name of the sermon to day is called pants on fire. Pants on Fire. You know when I get to do some traveling often times I get to visit different countries and I start chuckling when I take a walk through the city and the reason why is because I get to see some of the laws of those countries being born or raised in America. You're so used to American law or American law legal facets of the justice system that when you go to another country often times their understanding of justice is quite different then your understanding of justice. Anybody ever being or bring to Singapore. OK now I've been to Singapore and one of the interesting things about Singapore is there are harsh penalties if you spit you out on the street which would include several times you are being caned. Do you know what a caning is that is when you are strapped to two chains and they take a cane sugar cane and went up your back multiple times that it is fairly clean. You can imagine. Why but I was looking online and I found unusual laws in different countries. This is one unusual law in Australia and it says this although children are not allowed to legally buy cigarettes they can legally smoke still in Victoria it is illegal to wear hot pink pants after twelve noon on a Sunday in Bermuda. Women may not wear skirts shorter than eight inches above the knee. In Bolivia a woman may legally be a prostitute However she cannot philippic customers on the street or any public place in Brazil so CORBA passionate kissing in public is illegal in Canada any higher than twenty five cents cannot be paid in pennies. In Montreal it is illegal to swear in French. There is no such bar to slang in English in China in order to go to college you must be intelligent. That is actually a law. Denmark it is illegal to start a car if there is anyone under it. Restaurants may not charge for water unless it comes with ice and lemon. In Finland Finnish police do not issue tickets for illegal parking. They just let down the person's tires. In France it is illegal to call a pig Napoleon. In France it is illegal to sell dolls with alien face if they must have human faces and it is illegal to land a flying saucer in a vineyard in Germany a pillow can be considered a passive weapon in the United Kingdom it is illegal for members of the parliament to enter the House of Commons in full armour. It is illegal to drive a car. All without first sitting in the front seat. In New Guinea it is illegal to call a baby Monica. In India children as young as fifteen can be jailed for cheating on exams. It's true in Iran it is forbidden to eat eggs on Sunday in Israel. It is illegal to pick one's nose on the Sabbath. I wonder how many people would be jailed here in Japan it's considered in certain areas it's illegal to wear purple unless you are in mourning and in a Paraguayan duelling is legal providing both combatants are blood donors. Saudi Arabia a woman can divorce her husband if he does not keep her supplied with coffee. The Singapore chewing gum on public transport is a crime punishable by a fine or a prison sentence in Sweden it is illegal to train a seal to balance a ball on its nose. And did you know in New York it is illegal it is considered punishable by death to jump off a high rise building. I double checked the sources too and I thought why in the world would it why would somebody potentially get the death sentence if they jumped off the building and the reasoning was because if they were like a parachuter or some kind of base jumper or whatever it is and they land on somebody and kill them then there that would be considered a crime because in New York there is a lot of skyscrapers and there are a lot of daredevils that tend to go there. But it's unusual when you think about law and justice how in certain countries certain areas of the world what is considered. Just as for us may not be justice for them and what is justice for them is not considered justice for us and in a world right now where there is a lot of understanding and a lot of I should say Discovery on what is considered justice. Ladies and gentlemen God is calling us to examine biblical justice can you say amen to that. And I appreciate the sound of school quarterly. There is so much that we need to learn especially about communication. AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN. Right. Ladies and gentlemen God is trying to lead us closer and closer to him and he wants us to become more and more like him. Very interesting story Jesus gives us a parable where he is describing a parable about justice. Everybody take your Bible Let's go to Luke Chapter eighteen Luke Chapter eighteen. This is an unusual parable Jesus gives. In Luke Chapter eighteen and member we learn what is the purpose of a parable. It is to reveal truth to those who are seeking and to conceal truth from those who are seeking to accusing a seeking of accusing Jesus. But we're going to Luke Chapter eighteen and we're going to understand more about this parable. Luke Chapter eighteen. Luke Chapter eighteen. Very unusual parable Jesus kids probably all there. Amen. All right let's begin. Then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to work. Pray and not lose one heart. Now the reason why this parable is so unique is because right in the previous chapter Jesus is talking about end time events. All of Chapter seventeen is about end time events and what's going to happen to the world and you. Or Jesus incense this parable. Because he wants his people to understand that they need to grasp this parable by experience. If they want to make it through the times in fact look at the very end of the parable in verse in verse eighteen verse eight one three Jesus is right here and you can be pick up really quickly. It's an end time parable. I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes. Will he really find faith on earth. Here we can see that this parable is couched in end time language. God inserted this parable he inspired the gospel writers to record what he had said in those sermons because it was a message that was meant for us during these times. In a world that's falling apart ladies and gentlemen this parable is extremely important for us to understand. Going to Chapter eighteen verse one one more time. Then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray and not lose what. OK What do you think this is parable about it's not just about prayer it's about work how we work. What about prayer. How we always ought to pray and what's the second thing not lose sight of a interesting if you go on to the King James version of this and that you would faint not. I did a little bit of words that you have found out something very interesting about the word fate. It actually has to do with collapsing when someone who has just run out of energy or someone who's been worn out and so what do you think the thing about this parable he's saying look I'm giving this parable because I want you to know that you always need to pray and you would not collapse during these times does not make sense you know. And so Jesus gives this very special parable for you and for me and by experience we need to grasp what this parable is all about and what does it have to do with justice. Let's continue. Then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to work pray and not lose what hard thing there was in a certain city a what a judge who did not fear God nor regard man. Now there was a widow in that city and she came to him saying to get justice for me from my new adversary and he would not for a while but afterwards he said within himself though I do not fear God nor regard to man yet because this window troubles me I will what Avenger lest by her continual coming she was very interesting to and who study Bob points out this part of the reason why he's answering the request of this persistent widow is because he's afraid that she would walk to him wear him out. The Greek actually fifteen in Greek language gave him a black eye. Now I'm sure this justice this judge wasn't worried about this woman just not going out but it had to do with his reputation and he realized that he needed to help this woman out not because he cared for not because he regarded daughter men but simply out of selfish motives and so he grants the woman her request. Let's continue in verse six then the Lord said here what the unjust judge said and by the way what is she asking for. She's asking for justice from Lou Who is she asking Justice who is she who is she trying to get justice for for herself. But who is she asking I'm going to set it right. Who is she asking to get or that justice. OK Tell me about the judge what adjective is used to describe him. Notice if she's asking Justice from new in on just judge and all the judges she could have gone to she's getting justice from a man who the Bible says was unjust. Quite an unusual situation. Yet this unjust judge simply because he doesn't want to get worn out. He says all right I'll give you what you want and then he said something very interesting look what he says. Then the Lord said here what the unjust judge said and show God not avenge his own elect who cry out day and night to him though he bears what long with them I tell you he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes will he really find what faith on earth. I want you to pay attention to something unique about this parable. It almost sounds like jesus is just describing something that took place on a Judge Judy case. This will need some help. We don't know what happened to her husband. Perhaps it was the adversary that did that that took her husband now they might have been that she lost all her fortune and she being a widow was to not have rights in that society to get the money that was due to her so she decides to take it up with the court cases. She goes to this judge and this unjust judge has a reputation. He didn't care about God nor does he care about men and she realizes the only way for her to get justice from this enemy from this adversary is that she's going to have to persist with this judge. She has nothing left. So she goes to him and she says Please get me justice for my adversary. And he's like well I'm not sure I'll think about your case I'll put it back in the file. And she says No please get me justice from my adversary. And he's like well we'll think about it and then she keeps persisting over and over again keeps coming back day after day and she's demanding justice from her adversary. Quite an unusual parable. Yet when you take a good look at this parable ladies and gentlemen God is not comparing himself with this unjust judge. Rather this parable is a parable of contrast. Often times Jesus would contrast things to bring out something in an even greater light and here uses a situation where this unjust judge because of selfish motives answers the prayer of this persistent widow and he bent eventually brings out the point that God isn't just that God isn't like this unjust judge God really cares about people and he will answer the prayer of this woman. God will answer the prayer of this woman quite in the usual parable. If you think about all the ways that Jesus probably could have worded this parable to describe not just to continue praying and not lose heart it's like why in the world would he use a court case. Quite interesting but when you begin to examine certain aspects of this parable all of a sudden you begin to realize wait a minute the story is much bigger then we really think. Here this woman apparently is coming to this man for help and her prayer is me justice from my new adversary. Did you know in the Bible we have one main antagonist. Do you know what his name if his name is Lucifer even the Bible says in first Peter that he is our adversary your adversary No no the devil walks around like a roaring lion. Ladies and gentlemen do you know what the devil's name once what Lucifer. When was he called Lucifer. When Jesus is describing Lucifer What does he call him in the Gospels. Does he ever call Lucifer. He's talking about this for a but what does he call him in the New Testament. He calls him the adversary calls him Satan What else does he call him. The dragon son of perdition he's called the accuser of the Brethren he's called the devil. He even says he told the Pharisees you're like the you're like your father though who the devil he did not stand in the truth you know it's very interesting and that is this. If that Lucifer's name in Hebrew meant Light Bringer not like Barry means actually Light Bringer translated light bear a light bringer is somebody who brings light. I appreciate that illustration by Brian snark. But what's very interesting is that in the New Testament Jesus doesn't refer to Lucifer as Lucifer he calls him the devil. Now what's very interesting about the devil the word devil I was looking at this during a study about this all day yesterday. In Greek It's comprised of two words the oath and growth and what it means is one who throws at one who's throwing something. Now I want you to think about this. Lucifer the light what bringer. Now when Jesus is referring to what is he called the one who is flowing you know God calls people by their name and oftentimes their name is who they are. Who they are is based upon what they do. Lucifer used to have a high and holy position in heaven where he used to bring light to the world. God's great orator the Bible says He walked up and down the mountain of God He stood in the great presence of God closer than any other being more like God The Bible says He was full of wisdom. The feel of perfection was upon him. God could not do any more greater than the creation of Lucifer. He was somebody who was created more like God than any other being and because of his rebellion his character changed over and over again. Tell what he was identified as was the one who was not bringing light but the one who was throwing at the word thawing oftentimes applied to spearing. Spearing Greek translators would just use the word slander or slander or one who used to bring light now became the slanderer Jesus identifies this being primarily by the word devil land or slander or the one who with when during God's character and philandering. God's people. Ladies and gentlemen what this parable is about. It is a parable about statins accusations against you. Satan is accusing you before this entire universe claiming the right to destroy you because you are a sinner because you are somebody who was broken last consistently. He claims the right to destroy you to obliterate you. In fact when God meant to go resurrect Moses. No was there to oppose him Satan was there saying he belongs to me. Ladies and gentlemen the devil is after you and he is accusing you before the entire universe he is bringing reproach upon God's name because of your sins because I'm I think he is the great adversary and as we get closer and closer to the end of time ladies and gentlemen this is going to intensify but when God's people are going to be put more and more on the stand right now we may seem like a people who are needed just among other people but situations when they change where we will brought be brought to be more prominent and there we will be exposed exposed before the entire universe. And there we will see a clear difference between light and darkness and faith in and in the agency that will bring about such a way where you will experience injustice like never before. If there ever was a time we need to understand that parable. It's now who's cute little kids are these ladies and gentleman. God wants us to understand something in this parable and that is this we have an adversary and he is after each and every one of you and his greatest desire is to see that you never make it to heaven. Often times we live our lives as if there is not an antagonist. I believe in the element of faith Amen. But I also am realistic about the situations that we are living in. Ladies and gentlemen there is a great controversy surrounding us and the enemy of souls is after you and I say this all the time during my prayer meetings and that is if you think you're smarter than the devil you've been outsmarted by the devil. Amen The second you think you're smarter than this being. You've already been outsmarted by him and he is. Purpose is to see that you'll never make it to heaven. And here in this parable Jesus captures this parable for God people at the end of time because there are coming moments and experiences where we will be tried like never before. And God wants us to remember the persistent windows prayer and that what she would not see crying out day or night until justice was brought to her from the adversary the devil is after you. The devil is after your kids. I never forgot when I first became a seven damaged Christian and I thought to myself wait a minute there really is a bad guy. Yes there is and his goal is to see that you never grow up. But you never make it. In fact what is so interesting about Lucifer and his history is you could say his actions and his works upon this planet that his works are such in a way designed to communicate the worst kinds of lies to his people to God's people. I love what I might say is right here she says if Satan endeavors to affright their souls talking about God's people with the thought that their case is what hope with what is this in regards to it is in regards to that you can never change that you can never grow into the image of God that your case is hopeless and I don't know about you but I have experienced that multiple times in my life where I reached a point where I thought to myself maybe I'm just that person God can't change you ever thought that before. When you find yourself constantly back Friday when you find yourself. Getting the point where you're just like God I just don't have a spiritual energy anymore and they can consume He says it's because you're hopeless your different your taste is an unusual case gone actually can help you in this time I checked out the word affright the word affright simply means to make afraid pretty simple right. What would you say is right here Faith and endeavors to affright their souls with the thought that their cases were hopeless that the stain of their defilement can never be washed away. He also to destroy their faith that they will yield fully to hears what temptations and turn their allegiance from who God Satan is bringing this accusation over and over again to you and by the way Satan doesn't need to lie always when he's talking about your sins. He can tell the truth they can tell you the truth. But the truth doesn't always sound nice and here he is he is standing before God's people seeking to accuse them before this universe. He wants to make sure that you know that you are guilty. Filthy sinner. We have an adversary who is against each and every one of us to make sure that none of us make it to the heavenly place and he will do whatever he can to his deception through our own pride. Through all the failures of the past he will do whatever it can to make sure that we are Rob of that beautiful place that is waiting for us. That is Satan's desire it is not survivalism for him he is purely psychotic at this moment with his angels the Bible says he knows he has a short time. Everybody take your Bible and we're going to actually see this played out and go to Zachariah chapter three. That chapter three that writes in The New Old Testament. Zachariah chapter three starting with verse one are we all there a minute then he showed me to Joshua one of those who are high priest This was during the time Zachariah the prophet Joshua was the high priest he was the one who stood as the top minister of that area. His job was to take the sins of Israel and present it before God in the things your way so you can imagine someone who had a position like that ladies and gentleman was not an easy position by the way who is the high priest here. OK men when we talk about this don't ever say you know Kanda right you only have one high priest and what's his name. G.'s F. of continue. Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the WHO before the real. Don't forget that phrase angel of the know so where is Joshua standing before who the Angel Boy let's continue and faith in standing out is what right hand to what opposing Does anybody have footnotes. What does the word Satan by the way it should say in your footnote. Accuse a deceiver or anybody else. He was actually the word adversary who was standing at the right hand to accuse J. Joshua Satan this is very interesting because now you can see something powerful right here. Satan is standing at the right hand of God and rule of the opposing Joshua the High Priest noticed this. He's intentionally attacking him he is accusing him before this world he is calling out and if it isn't anything this man is not fit to minister this person does not deserve a place here. He should not be in that position. He is the accuser of the brethren. The devil takes the long list of Joshua sin and. Look what he did here. Look what he did here. Look what he did here over and over again. And can you imagine what Joshua the high priest must be feeling at that moment and I love what God says next. Let's continue and the Lord said to faith in the Lord What now let me ask you a question what did Joshua say he didn't say anything. Can you imagine just shaking and the Lord turns to the devil and the LORD rebuke you said but continue the Lord was chosen Jerusalem what rebuke you is this not a brand plucked from fire now watch verse three and Joshua was called with a filthy garment and was standing before the room. Notice if the bible starts out by saying look here is the devil or think I deserve the right to destroy him he is a sinner do you still think he is guilty of his transgression and the Bible points out that the angel of the Lord will stand before him. The devil takes off and Joshua realizes he's standing in what kind of quoth their filthy clothes but then the Bible points out what are the facts who are still right by his side. THE ANGEL OF THE LORD. Let's continue. Then he stood he and he answered and spoke to those who stood before him saying take away the what filthy garments from him and he said he I have removed your what iniquity from you I will call you with rich robes and I said I love how that I don't think that put a clean turban on his head right. So they put a clean turban on his head and there were some fixing near the AMEN AMEN. All right so they put a clean turban on his head I watch if they put on the clothes on him and those who enjoy the Lord who is by Joshua side every phase lays And John this is a powerful lesson for us to understand and that is if during the process of saying. Some occasion Jesus does not leave our side can you say amen to that. Even when faith is right there ready to destroy us. The angel the Lord is standing by. And even when Joss was realizing the filthiness of it's gone as the Bible says the angel of the Lord is still by and then even at that moment when the think of acacia is doing its work. What's happening. The angel of the Lord is still by his side. Ladies and Gentleman think of occasion as a work of a lifetime can you say amen to that and you have somebody who's interesting for you confidently and as long as you keep Jesus in the proximity you can not be lost can you say amen to that and ask if you're in that process. You maybe somebody here today though ladies and gentlemen. Who hasn't overcome you maybe somebody who's not even struggling but you're beginning to recognize wait a minute I am messed up. Guess what the fact that you are here right now and I believe my whole heart the fact you are here right now is because they are somebody who is interceding for you you may be somebody who has just broken God's laws over and over again and you realize that when you have no spiritual energy and Satan is saying he's mine. The fact you are here today is because God is still ministering for you and now you maybe somebody was recognizing God I am messed up I'm trying to change. I keep failing but I recognize my thing and guess what the angel Beloit if they are right by your side and you know maybe in the faith when you are starting to overcome those things in your life guess what Jesus is still there too. Can you say amen to that. During the entire process of sanctification from the very beginning to the end God does not leave our side and as long as we keep him in that proximity we cannot be lost. God will do the work that he started as I was reading this I was blown away with the idea and I was starting out Christ object lesson. Ellen White brings this point out over and over and over again that the adversary is the enemy of thought and he is constantly thinking the right to destroy you because of your sins. But the prayers of this woman represent the prayers to God that he would continually. I love these words intercede for us. The word justice in the when that parable where the woman is praying Lord give me just as the word actually is vindicate to make innocent so what this woman is pleading for is essentially innocence in the case do you both love God's grace don't you praise God that His Grace is what we deserve or not what we need. Amen. Grace is what we deserve a man is not what we need it's what we desire. God gives us what we deserve. Anything Amen to that. I thought I heard a couple of events. Oh come on guys. Isn't Grace what we deserve. If God gave us what we deserve what would happen to each and every one of us. You would disappear and so what we wouldn't be here anymore right. God doesn't give us what we deserve he gives us what we need. And ladies and gentlemen what God is exercising on behalf of Josh what is grace to his heavenly intercession is an intercession of grace. He is essentially giving Joshua not what he deserves but what Joshua needs and what Joshua needs more than ever before is intercession. And this woman in that parable. It's somebody who in a time of injustice was praying against the enemy of souls and they's in general we cannot forget that we are in a great controversy and we need to be praying against Satan's power. We're really good at praying against other people and we lost sight of the real antagonists behind the problems the real terrorists in this world. We need to pray against this power in our life because as long as he has property in our life ladies and gentlemen he has power and we need to let Jesus drive him out of us. Can you say amen to that. And just like Joshua was in this process of think of occasion God drove Satan away from that place and God will drive Satan away from your heart. As long as you are pleading for him to do that work can you say amen to that. This woman was crying out day and night for intercession and more than ever before we need to be praying again Satan's power in our own life before we can be delivered out there we need to be delivered from within. This is the greatest sin in here it's not with out there it's in here and God is calling me to pray and asking him to continue with the intercession that he is doing for me. Ladies and gentlemen do you have somebody who you can call to really pray for you give somebody like that. Did somebody in your life where you're just like oh God answers this woman's prayer I don't know what it is but he just answers this woman's prayer. You have somebody like that you know something like that. I know a few people like that it's like whenever that person prays God answers it's like you never want to be on the wrong side of that person right. I have somebody like that somebody in my life. She like a Christian mother and me and when this woman prays if I got answers or prayers I'm just like why why can I have the same experience teach him you know. But imagine asking Jesus to pray for you. Do you know what intercession is asking Jesus to pray for you now would you want the prayers of Jesus. How many people want the prayers of Jesus I do. Ladies and gentlemen what this woman was asking was for intercession. And what God's people need to be praying for is the prayers of Jesus that they would be answered in our lives. When I feel like I just can't pray anymore I say Lord I need you to pray for me I have no spiritual energy left in here. I can't keep going up and keep doing the same things and that is where intercession comes into play. You know I was looking down over and over again at all the beautiful prayers and promises that God was dating. I was looking at the story of Luke Chapter twenty two where Jesus says to Simon he said indeed Satan as what I asked for you Satan was claiming the right to destroy Peter because he was one sanctified. But he made us we putting your hands in just fifteen you out. Well look what he said. I have prayed for you that your faith should not work fail do you know when Peter was in the boat the first time and he did you know they they cry out for help. Jesus says you have no faith. The second time in there in a boat you know what Jesus tells Peter when he walks out he a little faith. The third time Peter talks about his faith is right here and says Peter I'm praying for you that you don't have unfailing faith when you read the epistles of Peter you know Peter says he's praying that you may have precious faith. Peter went from no faith a little faith to unfailing faith to precious to a precious faith. Ladies and gentlemen we have a God in heaven if we cry out to him he will intercede for us when we have no more strength. We're starting a lot of this woman's Champaign first when you think like wipe the spirit also helps us in our weaknesses. All we do not know what we should pray for as the OP I'm what the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be untrue. Other ladies and gentlemen you want to know the greatest prayer warrior in our church is the Holy Spirit. Would you like the Holy Spirit to pray for you when that guy prays guess what. It's our fault even his words the Bible say can be harder but he will pray for you if you want to. I need those prayers don't you need those prayers when there's no more spiritual strength I need to pray for me. I need his intercession a lot what the Bible says you know Romans eight thirty one who shall bring a charge against God The bucket is gone what justifies Who is he who condemn It's Christ who died and furthermore is also living even at the right hand of who by the way who tried to be at the right hand of God or Satan and what was he doing accusing Jesus kicked them out of the norm or to a man who would make intercession or or anything. I meant that I love what verse twenty five this is my baby verse. Therefore he also was able to claim to know what on her most souls who come to God through him since he always plans to make intercession for them. Ladies and gentlemen if you need a prayer warrior we have a prayer why haven't name of Jesus and we want to say to the honor most he will reach into the template. And pull you out. Understand you cannot overcome. If you come to me and can you say amen to that. He will say to the uttermost those who come to him. Ladies and gentlemen we have an interesting we have a prayer warrior who's even right there in the proximity of God and when we're praying for vindication like this woman was what we are playing for ideas for Jesus to do what we can do to overcome those areas that we can overcome to restore our faith when it feels like God from the one of the ladies and gentlemen. God is calling us to cry out to him for him to say to do the work we can do to go ahead in your life that you're struggling with. Perhaps it's just keeping the family. Yes what Jesus can help you do are just reading your Bible every morning. Jesus can help you perhaps even just talk and just what somebody who is willing to talk to God right. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. 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