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Major Depression: Insights from the Bible

Allen Lloyd



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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okay afternoon welcome we will go ahead and start since my wife says it's on time but I might be a tad ahead of some of you by minute or two this afternoon were going to be talking about depression and some biblical insights in this long different than what I normally given depression I'm Doctor Neil medley and we have authored the depression recovery program that many of the some of you may have heard about it's being given in a lot of different venues throughout the United States with a rather high degree this is a objective studies and rather high degree of success in most of the time I'm speaking about depression I'm giving the studies the scientific studies behind how our program developed and why we include this in the program etc. and so it's very scientifically based in part of the science is the spiritual component is well but this talk is going to be a little different because of the subtitle that was assigned and that is the Bible and psychology enzymatic taking a little bit different Wesley Morgan be looking at some biblical insights and I will also talk a little bit about science the Bible tells of a man who was tall and byways are an advantage to being tall if your man zero since nineteen hundred the tallest person has won the presidential election and all but one so it's hey it's emerging as one of the best predictors actually of who will become a president and of course that's of course if it's if it's men so there are some advantages of being call if you're a man and scientific studies have actually shown some other matters as well besides just being a possibility for the NBA stunningly handsome the Bible says if you take a look at the original language they're not just good-looking but stunningly good-looking I is very managed to be a good-looking wealthy now I know some people that have one of these attributes I know of you who have two of those attributes that is very rare to find someone who has all three and even more rare to have the fourth attribute of the Bible tells us well-liked by the general public know there are some Hollywood people who have those three things but they might be well-liked as far as a Hollywood following on the set but the people who actually know them and of course we deal with a lot of Hollywood individuals in our depression recovery for depression is rampant in Hollywood by the way by the very ones who are smiling and making people laugh on the set it is quite rampant among them but those people who often have those first three are actually does by Hayden by those who work for them and by those who are surrounding them in family environments etc. the Bible tells accurately that this man had all four of those that and so why wouldn't he feel just great in fact he had another attribute it's even just as impressive the Lord anointed him to be the first king over God 's chosen people Israel he was not just a king of any nation he was the cane of God 's chosen in Israel I know a lot of people who think that they just had one or two of those things there is no way they would feel bad high and I found all four of those things they would these set for life Oracle legally happy and fulfilled but you know what they are just as wrong as those who look at the Bible and say Saul would obviously have he was set up for that because our emotions and our feelings have very little to do with our attributes that we are born with genetically or actually have very little to do with how intelligent we are or even how successful we are from the worldly perspective there are some additional great attributes this all happened he demonstrated racist spirit for those who conspired against him during the process of and this was pretty remarkable he could have easily gone after that group and had some sort of punishment the punishment actually could've been done for conspiring in a very unethical way relay in and on a theocracy way of life God had appointed this whole process and he could have easily put the death penalty out there but maybe not the death penalty to be gracious maybe life in prison or maybe young taking away their houses and properties in those type of things there was no penalty for these individuals they demonstrated a very gracious spirit he also scored tremendous victories against the ammonites and the Philistines Israel's enemies who threaten the peace and welfare of God 's people and so I ask you again why wouldn't King Saul feel just great he had as it seems at least at the time hi everything well whenever someone suffers from a mental illness we have to ask and there are causes of depression and back depression is becoming Surgeon General calls it an epidemic in our society today there are more depressed people in America today than there ever have been in the interesting thing about it is worth living in a society where there are more fun things to do than ever before in human history more conveniences than ever before in human history if these fun things in these convenient things were actually treatments or even preventatives for depression what can we be saying we should be seeing far less depression we should be saying depression on the lowest scales ever recorded in human history that actually were saying as much larger scale is only have to ask why of course this is one of the reasons why are depression recovery program developed I actually did an extensive literature search and research on the causes of major depression and it turns out the brain is pretty resilient you can have one major cost depression and still not experienced it you can add to the pending three different categories of causes and not experience it it's not until you get the fourth category the depression comes about we know of three obvious ones first one against his conscience by only partially obeying the commandments of the ballot is this alluding to there is a scientific in fact this is research in the last fifteen years on depression studies show that when the frontal lobe goes down in circulation and activity depression than often results first the frontal logos now then the precedent or another mental illness and I disorder or something else now and one of the ways in which the frontal love can be suppressed as by going against your conscience protection particularly in a habitual manner not just once not just whites and I'm realizing you need to turn around but it's habitual and then the frontal lobe goes down actually deal by the way does not in and of itself suppress the frontal love if you have feelings of guilt particularly if it's appropriate guilt it's actually a sign of the frontal lobes and in fact what they used to do with individuals when people were overridden with guilt they would actually surgically remove the frontal lobe of the brain frontal Levine and this is what would happen people would undergo this procedure before the procedure they would ask what would you do if you borrow lots and lots to watch the individual would say well I would I would pay for that watch or gather some things together to replace the one after that surgery is performed they were guilt ridden about some other things that they were just asking the question what would happen if you borrowed Watson in law school an individual would smile and say sincerely from their heart will that I would borrow another this is that there wasn't the guilt that was there and in fact one of the things he mentioned guilt I wasn't going to go into it in and a whole lot of detail but guilt appropriate guilt is a very important change agent and this is one of the things popular psychology tells us that all guilt is that back I was giving a talk to large large group of people in neck with or is actually the largest Seventh-day Adventist church in all Eleanor and her place was packed a huge balcony and things I was giving a talk on this but on the frontal lobe of the brain and I was talking about things that suppress the frontal lobe things that enhance it etc. Eddie and I was there in the back and the people were filing out than they were quite moving you can talent and were asking a lot of interesting questions and their there was a Harvard geologist he was trained at Harvard he lived in Ecuador is a multimillionaire that was there and he came right up next to me could speak English obviously since and he was interested in the response and he couldn't see any negative response yet and so he finally had to say what he thought was going to come forward and Acer doctrine and when I think you've done a tremendous disservice in Hudson well am always wanting to learn tell me what I could have done differently he says I think you have made everyone feel guilty now I of course he equated that with a disservice for my purpose was not to make everyone go guilty my purpose was to enhance their life significantly and by utilizing this information their life could be enhanced as I explained that to him and also went into some more explanation but the first thought that came into my mind was praise God because the spirit when the Holy Spirit comes in according to the Bible the first thing that he dies as to what one is a convict a convict is someone who's declared guilty so if we tried to get rid of guilt and Mrs. vessel one of these pop psychology things that that comes out there that guilt is that people will not go through all sorts of extremes and steps and not feel guilty this is where all the self-defense mechanisms come in and all of as I have here so they don't have to feel guilty cousins I think Jill is bad for the now if they don't do anything about the guilt it is that they can do some bad things down the road but yellow if it's appropriate guilt gives us the opportunity to change and the first step of change is to actually get good information that makes us appropriately feel guilt or inappropriate guilt is a bad thing and an absence there for another discussion but in some case going against his conscience frontal lobe suppression number two stressful life events with multiple wars and his knowledge of the monarchy would eventually be taken from his family and given to someone else he how I stress in his life it wasn't near as good a time as when Solomon was canning or when David was much more stressful time when Saul was king there was multiple wars and then this information from the profit of the kingdom would be taken from him and saw not only understood what Samuel was saying but continued to dwell on this and particularly he was dwelling on what he thought was unfair even it was fair the monarchy was nearly taken from he said this is just a little thing it wasn't that big in fact I hope a ninety eight percent a year taking the two percent that I didn't do and taking the kingdom from me and he kept dwelling upon his perceived unfairness of the situation and by the way when we get it when you get envelope of the look of the thought processes saw Morgan talk about this tomorrow we talk about emotional intelligence I saw was not thinking accurately and whenever you think and accurately about something particularly from a selfish perspective that will also suppress the problem in your thoughts actually improve frontal lung circulation but he was dwelling on the distortion aspect of the odd in response to this address now he couldn't handle that stress a little differently they could've actually enhanced his problem not all stress is that in fact it's how we handle stress that's going to determine whether a frontal lobe is enhanced or suppressed back something is also not self into it eight I high self-esteem now Doctor Parks talked about the misdirected aspect of self-esteem when words led and she just quoted I think I thought I heard one or two a whole plethora of good medical science out there showing us that's all the steam high self-esteem particularly seniors help others better than yourself is not good for mental health and you would think for the question this would be the opposite a lot of people think depression and low self-esteem minute I think that because one of the hallmark symptoms of more severe depression his feelings of worthlessness feelings of worthlessness and there is a difference between self worth and self esteem and insult but what happens first how they get into those feelings of worthlessness his first high self-esteem and then that self-esteem is wounded we call wounded cry and when the pride is wounded man it tends to go to another extreme which is also bad and that is the feelings of worthlessness now after I had run this was actually one of my first outpatient depression recovery programs that I had run in Ardmore Oklahoma and we had seen significant response in fact beyond what I anticipated when we first started in principle depression recovering I thought we might get close to where medicines were when all these principles and I had no idea we were going to get far better than any medicine on the planet or any combination of medicines I was a tremendous response I still wasn't sure I thought well you know maybe this will be in this group I'm not sure it can be repeated group after group I we had the whole hundreds at that point in time we did a little follow-up program in the follow-up program was to try to enhance their frontal lobe function was actually the study of Daniel the first six chapters and then and by studying the Word of God reading and analyzing it enhances frontal lobe circulation so we were our fourth follow-up program we were going on once a month we came to session number four Nebuchadnezzar 's writing of his conversion story and Nebuchadnezzar was very impressed with Daniel in chapter one and in Windows with Daniel chapter two with his three friends and Janet Daniel chapter three but he was not convert and what had happened before Nebuchadnezzar could become converted anyone his pride had to be laid in the dust and by the way how the Lord do that he put them through depression recovery program and his pride was so severe that it wasn't just the ten day program or wasn't even an eight week program of the seven-year program he had to get them out there eating green vegetables on their straight out of the ground he had to get him on the circadian rhythm the white dark cycles had to be there there is there is actually some good evidence when we look at Councilman he was being fed omega-3 and by the way who was eating Daniel R actually I gave away Nebuchadnezzar Daniel was the one still caring for this can have some flax tank and in Saudi was I he was going through this depression recovery program and then the cognitive behavioral therapy the accurate lots had to come in Nebuchadnezzar 's pride was late in the DOS and now you could tell he was obviously down because there was no coercion in the story before he would always coerce people that he thought they ought to do certain things and there's no coercion just a story and by the way that another foundational principle of depression recovery freedom as part of that people again and depression often feel trapped etc. but again solves the aggression caused by primary probably out of four we don't know that forth was a circadian rhythm had we don't know whose genetic at all and there is obviously some other things that could've been going on the recruitment of medical hit etc. but she normally have half or to get severe depression and Saul had easily three causes three different categories of causing depression by the way crime do you have a reservoir car written by a cognitive behavioral therapist what your counselor never told you and it actually goes then to the seven sins that lead to mental illness in the first sentence mentioned that leads to mental illness is prime and in that book it tells you in fact we have a book available at our booth if you want to take a look at a more detailed is different test for all seventies it's pretty interesting with but in this book he goes into how to know whether you have symptoms of crime trying to be noticed craving attention never wondered why him through industry was taken off why the piercings in all these places why all of this underneath it craving attention crime underneath it using for compliments needing to be important detesting the idea of being submissive loving the idea of admitting to wrongdoing strongly opinionated being argumentative demanding your way wanting control over others flaunting your individual right refusing invites being critical yet resenting this is being over sensitive and finally thinking you have excellences you don't have emotions if you have one or more of these you have the cognitive distortion of magnification will go on without more detail and you are going to be set up for significant emotional problems and so pride needs to be taken care of in the correct manner but once all underwent the recommended therapy for depression we feel that any humor Missouri where he underwent the recommended therapy healing feel that but as this gentleman pointed out for a while however in time with the three causes still active in the third cause wounded pride becoming even more prominent he would slip back to fear and depression so although therapies were helping him at least temporarily the causes were still there and less depression would come back and of course it became worse because now was being done even under therapy at times and that also leads to concern him around all our great man with wonderful potential you continue to live the selfish life never completely obeying God and never giving up his cry for more than a few days he actually went for a few days at times the truth would come to him he would understand that he would submit to it was short lived he would not continue in that realm one time when you talk solid desire the blessings of God notwithstanding is less than his commandments he finally went totally against his conscience by consulting with a double service awareness when the Lord did not answer him away Saul thought to my when it's another danger point we were demanding things are way in the Lord to answer in our way it's dangerous I noticed one of the seminars here is living happily ever after in a more extreme example of sorry couldn't happen to one of my employees who was working for us years ago but there was a a religious man that was dating her accident were both members of our church and she wasn't too sure about now continuing on this relationship and he was have very strong desires for the relationship to continue and so seeing her reticence etc. he prayed this prayer as he was going on a hill going down a hill and railroad track was in front of him he could see a train coming any pray this prayer Lord if you want us to get married allow me to get there before the trade balance he got there before the train did and he explained the divine intervention to his girlfriend and they bus ended up America is all about now that you know that is a more extreme example by the way America does not go as clear signs it wasn't towards plan approved for those two together but I'm numb alas I it is often weak like these little places and the man's ear in our own way install was going at it as well and when the Lord didn't answer him the way he thought he should then he goes way off on the other and in order to get a answer and so beware that there are times in which we are all tempted to do with things like this longer term it is addressed with enemies closing and how this will have it solves satellite by suicide wonderful potential and Batman tremendous potential life ending by suicide here's the here's someone else who suffered from severe major depression I said in my heart go to now approve me with murder therefore enjoy what pleasure last opposite of depression I saw was saying I don't miss install now this is another prominent individual with a very high IQ say I see these people doing it and I have smiles on their faces and they thoroughly appear to be enjoying it and so let me try and see what it's like in whatsoever mine eyes desired I kept not from them I withheld not my heart from what any joy anything that would cruise pleasure Solomon was there to experiment and try we only tried alcohol there is evidence he tried opium it was around at that time I eat we know he tried the her pornography side of things except his was the life variety and not necessarily the magazines etc. weren't really into therefore I want hated life for all is vanity and vexation of spirit that's worldwide in fact in the same categories as therefore I want about the cause my heart despair now there's something that is that's important for us to understand here these things that Solomon was partaking of actually transiently improve dopamine levels in the brain I knew if we take a look at substances on a chocolate and how that affected you know there are people are addicted to chocolate what gender do you think has more metadata relations at the time I got anyone want to guess what percent of the female population in America is addicted to chocolate is forty percent if you take a look at the definition of addiction ten percent and so it's not just a female issue but when chocolate consumed the dopamine levels go up in the first time you can send talk like they actually go up higher than where the mood levels are supposed to be there your mood levels of us to be between happy and sad but I go up above the happiness scale and even after the sugars are the system the dopamine levels can be up there for a while this is what people get the addiction makes them feel less depressed and only taste good it makes them feel less depressed what happens is those dopamine levels start to fall and resume a small little bit below neutral the next time the talk was concerned that comes up not why close not quite as high but then the and without further and pretty sad the individual who's caught in the cycle of addiction no longer does it to get high because now there occurs a way down here in between there below where people should be feeling below this the typical sound level and I do it just to get the dopamine levels of the neutral and in between times there is this feeling of significant sadness and there are some things going on in their life there wondering why in the world world there they are feeling this way now mass different the devil 's choices are that way different anonymous choices when you watch in fact if you're in a cycle of addiction like that of pencil lead to more addictions etc. and this is what is the reissue many people get addicted to the rock music things video games entertainment Hollywood TV when these people and their cycle of addictions they can watch a beautiful sunset it will do nothing for no dopamine surge whatsoever when I go out and watch a beautiful sunset the dopamine levels go up nice and high not to the series euphoric levels like when you're under in addition but they go up a very high level you're talking about it if there's people around you you're enjoying it your thinking about what God has done and they don't get down they stay up there for a while and they continue to go so both groups get their dopamine levels high the question is how are we getting on and are they these dopamine spikes and surges that Solomon was into and where had led him to the point where his heart was in despair about conflict encourage as many envied the popularity abundant Lawrence Solomon thinking of all men he must be the most life happy and you know you'll see this in the Hollywood scene you'll have individuals and we have treated them that the rest of the public him a tremendous athlete and think that of all people they have to be the happiest they have wealth and abundance may have a private jet anytime they want to take them wherever they have attendance wherever they live in beautiful mansion and may have every thing it seems this world has to offer and did so but amid all that glory of artificial display the man and the is the one to be what most pity if they could just see these individuals when they don't have the cameras flashing they would realize of these people are indeed pitiful solvent his countenance is dark despair all the splendor about them is like to have a mockery of the distress and anguish of his thoughts as he reviews his misspent life in seeking for happiness through the indulgence and selfish gratification of every desire by his own bitter experience Solomon learned the emptiness of a life that's the in life its highest good seats and earthly things its highest very gloomy and soul harassing thoughts troubled him night and day for him there was no longer any joy of life for in the future was dark with the spear Solomon Linda severe major depression unfortunately that helped him to turn his significant depression this is what we've seen in many individual cell has its significant major depression and then they'll come to a true depression recovery program it will be the impetus to totally change your life around and give them the new perspective in the accurate thought Solomon had severe depression the other thing that helped him was the worth of a profit worth of profit came and told him that the kingdom of God we went from him and given to someone else that woke him up and then he started reviewing is that life in these things and he decided that he was going to instead follow God 's principles in his life and that's when he ended up writing the book of Ecclesiastes all of these ways whether the chocolate whether the entertainment Internet whether it be these video games weather is the the the type of music that leads to addictive types of things particularly syncopated rock 'n roll rhythms or whether it be cocaine etc. all of these are false ways of altering the way we and one thing we need to keep in mind you can never get enough of what you don't mean you need any of these addictive things in order to survive your some people it is one of the addictions is dramatically increasing in our society today is sexual addiction and some people actually mistakenly believe that it is their most important need and I felt as a possession of the call care patients and assign many death certificates I never had the pleasant cause of death lack of sex it's not a cause of death is not even in the top one hundred causes death is not a cause of death it's not there most important need is not even in the top ten needs etc. but yet they have this in their the quotes it's their need it's not something that they quotes me you can never get enough of what you don't need because what you don't need never satisfied in many ways individuals that if they just do it now finally will be satisfied when I won't want to do it anymore and they don't realize where this cycle that efficiently this is the recent report has given last year I'm glad CNN gave it some pump was sitting the next time you're deciding between ice cream and cake by partaking a trip to Europe accepting a new job or keeping your old one you should remember two things first him as prudent and the desire to become happy or at least happier than you are now second there is a good camp the decision you make will be what wrong Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert summed up our failings as white people have a lot of bad theories what we think is going to produce happiness and the decisions that were making are often the wrong this is and this is why I often drive in the mentioning I just after you've been around a while and soon these things develop one of the ways in which you can it's almost prophetic way the ten Commandments are not just God 's will for our lives they are prophetic in regards to our future happiness those who don't follow them tend to run into significant problems with their happiness that they don't have any control points in those who do follow them and living some very happy fulfilled and satisfying existence our culture implores us to buy bigger newer better things but research shows stop is not by happy by and large money buys happiness only for those who lack the basic needs once you pass income of fifty thousand dollars more money doesn't buy more happiness Gilbert says that in mind Siegel said we should pass on my lottery tickets find small things we can do every day to bring us joy whether it's going for a walk cooking a meal or reading a book well as I mentioned depression is increasing in the last successive generations continue to go up music all is the midlife crisis is not because it frequently occurs by age twenty five in fact it's one there's one in four chance a female graduating from high school in America that will all rings one in four chance in this is an situational depression is not breaking up from boyfriend was not because their parents gotten worse in schools that situational depression this is major depression when there is no obvious emotional traumatic event that brings about and this is why we have to take a look at the causes this is just briefly the ten categories of causes that we researched out genetic is one of the world 's will have ten hits here are ten wells the brain the world is largely I hit number one in hit number eight is all talk about their also somewhat caught up on his number two and number one all-time people come into my office with depression and they will tell me I've been cycle psychologist and psychiatrist and I've been to many doctors in the problem as I was born with a chemical imbalance and not I will have to take this medication for the rest of my life what they're saying as I have the genetics that is the chemical imbalances bring Iraqis you know research shows that even though you may have every genetic flaw can bring about major depression you will never experience it unless you have other causes of genetics by itself does not cause depression now it's important to recognize that can be one of the categories and while I was speaking to a large group of psychologists and psychiatrists in Germany there was a whole group I was the only non- psychiatrist I'm an internal medicine physician who is a whole lot of research and treatment mental health patients but I was the only non- psychiatrist on their presenting in the person I was presenting reform in his plenary session was going into the genetics of depression of course trying to find that you know another gene or maybe how we can counteract this bad genes etc. there was kind of a hoop laundry room the idea is that we can just find the precise genetic flaw then we can make a pharmaceutical agent that might counteract this and then might help the individual to well I know this fate my presentation was lifestyle and depression so I guess I don't mention since there was aluminum hoop laundry room I want to throw out a lot of cold water on by one of the thank Eisai 's depression increasing or decreasing dramatically increase as I said I'm figured as much is going to the United States as well I send if depression is dramatically increasing and the reason is due to genetics that means that people with major depression a remarkably more reproductive than those who do not have major depression and I looked at man I laughed and they shook their heads you know what the research shows people of major depression are less reproductive it affects their reproductive ability actually when it gets pretty severe and the other thing is when I have depression are not as likely to even if they do have a good partner to actually do reproductive events and so it does dramatically reduce reproductive and saw anything for just taking a look at the theory of evolution and genetics what should we be seeing based on less depression in fact a few generations it should be wiped off the plan if it's just due to genetics but obviously is not the reason why is increasing is not because the genes increase is because the other things on the hit list are increasing developmental hit this has to do with how we arrange and what type of environment we were raised and then even how quickly we mature that the quicker than the Tory level off particularly in girls the more the greater risk for anxiety disorders panic disorders the question etc. that's one of the concerns with the with menstrual period starting girls aged eight etc. which is occurring in commonplace when I reported this to an yesteryear fire lifestyle this have to do with whether on a regular exercise program physical exercise helps the brain and actually improve serotonin levels norepinephrine levels etc. circadian rhythm this has to do with our sleep wake cycle and we actually do matter when were getting right light early in the morning and going to bed earlier study shall in that circadian rhythm is important for the brain the addiction hit we talked about that one already nutrition this is a very overlooked area what we eat does get turned in the neurotransmitter it is vitally important in regards for mental health and whether remaking of dopamine are no epinephrine order or serotonin or another of the neurotransmitters are the seven that hit her toxic hits there are toxins that are more prevalent in certain areas of our society this is one of the things about fish faces particularly clean faced by the way unclean fish are not high in omega-3 clean fish tend to be higher in omega-3 so much higher than others and fish are high in omega-3 but unfortunately there also a hundred years ago they were great but now they are the highest source of mercury in the food supply and Mercury can actually cause a problem with the rain and can also lead to depression this is the that hit that most psychologists are familiar with the social hit however this is an overblown hit depression leads to social problems but it's not often a social cause that brings in about sometimes it is and this is why we administer tests to try to find out is a social cause or is a social complication in fact severe depression just about everyone tends to seek isolation and that's a distorted thought as well they think it's the best and well I like depression and so they try to minimize those events and so the way to do that is to get isolated and they don't realize that's not the reason why they ran and depression this is why we need to find the actual cause and so many times I go to a psychologist and this is assumed to be a problem and so sometimes there turned against the very loved ones can help them out of the situation I be kind of the social manipulation is being attempted to improve their depression was not even a social cause the nice medical conditions easily like thyroid conditions on the best low vitamin D levels low B12 levels etc. on these can also and in combination with others leaving depression in the tenth one is the frontal low hit on it I talked about in fact no matter what the underlying cause and yet is indeed prescient we tend to see a dramatic suppression of the frontal lobe this is a pet scan this is like your Doppler weather radar and appear the eyes and this is the back of the head was easy the sides of the head and is you see in a depressed individual there down in activity through the entire brain but the biggest difference is there in the frontal lobe of the brain this is by the way the same brain after it recovered from depression notice the dramatic improvement in the entire brain circulation but particularly there in the frontal lobe of the brain and this is something that I think we need to talk about more the secular psychology world ignores the frontal lobe of the brain almost virtual in fact if you were to read are two chapters depression the way out on the frontal lobe you would know more about the frontal lobe than your average PhD psychologist or your average psychiatrist and I'm I'm serious because this is an area of the brain and all other studies that they tend to overlook the reason why they overlook it is because the secular neurology textbooks how is the see of spirituality morality and the well and I don't know what to do with the spirituality thing I have because of the close association between psychology and agnosticism etc. and so they can believe in a lot of time and area this that's not really dealt with or talked about and why do you radically improve it I is through spiritual things in fact this is a nice tidy this was actually published in a secular journal strong religious faith help speed recovery from patients depressed with higher intrinsic religiosity scores and more rapid remission in patients with lower scores intrinsic religiosity means that you actually leave in God you actually have a faith asked forensic religiosity just talks about church attendance maybe doing a religious activity like the rosary or something like that patient recovered from depression seventy percent sooner with every ten point increase in religiosity assessment score external religious activity had much less of an impact and that's actually the American Journal of psychiatry we talk about our program three foundational spiritual principles and in fact I should mention you are program although it's being done in many churches are outpatient program throughout America it's actually starting to take off even in the non- apparatus around the Baptist Church is ordering up the medley depression recovery program in record numbers the Mormons are doing it as well I biked out we have developed a and the spiritual principles that we put into the program and they have to adhere to these three spiritual principle otherwise they're no longer able to put all the depressing report hours Anderson's notification remove and what spiritual principle is true we talk about accuracy in all non- distorted thought and a pursuit of truth and you know the interesting thing about truth it really should be the basis of which we make all of our decision even in a court of law like America when a important decision is to be made let us what is it to be based on that strike that the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth that is what our entire judgment to be based on it's not a based on who we want succeed in that courtroom is not to be based on whether we like this individual or what can a happen to that individual after his work in this individual pay for it I have lots of money they can quotes pay for it help this poor guy out or etc. vastly based on any of those things is to be based on truth and when we make our decisions based on truth and when we discipline our thoughts and to talk about tomorrow emotional intelligence by why all of you will have the opportunity taking EQ test tomorrow in your score and EQ tests will actually determine how successful you will be enlightened much more than your IQ test scores and so you'll be able and then we'll talk about how we can improve it unlike IQ IQ can be improved a little bit but each you can be dramatically improves no matter what your score is at the beginning don't get too discouraged because it is something to be improved upon but one of the ways we improve it is talking about accuracy and Trudy Robert Christ when he came and win the crown of thorns upon an pilot asked him why are you here and he said for this reason was I born for this cause came I into the world what he said to bear witness to the truth anything is every one that is of the truth hears my voice the foundational reason why he came with truth and the Bible says that crime that God cannot tell what alive is a free moral agent he could if he wanted to truth about oneself and he would rather be wiped out his existence be wiped out then for him to sacrifice truth in any way shape or form and so truth is a foundational principle is very important to God and niacin also should become very important to us the second foundational principle is that of a pop a lock self-sacrificing love in fact there are a whole group of studies coming out on altruism this is what the secular world drop a line out tourism sometimes of these studies on volunteerism you want to take a look at some scientific studies of the two terms you would search out volunteerism and altruism one recent study showed that those who do five acts of altruism a week are significantly more successful and live much happier lives now that doesn't seem on the surface to be true altruism and self-sacrifice and when you're doing something for someone else with no thought of ever getting any benefit whatsoever that wealth resumes there is there is nothing in it for you in doing that I and those individuals actually lead happier lives and are actually the resistant depression and mental health problems and by the way he puts crime not also put that principle of he was more willing again to be wiped out eternally than for him to sacrifice any principles of agape love well I thought I wanted self-sacrificing love altruism if we can look at his little differences in altruism is talking about acts of kindness with no thought of anything you adopt a long-winded deeper principle is the thought behind on the third aspect is freedom award could have prevented sin from ever coming into the world could have prevented the devil from forming etc. by just taking away the freedom or putting in state there like he does a mandatory like he does and in other creatures that they don't have envelopes but yes freedom is a foundational principle and this is something that also one freedoms are tampered with etc. it tends to lead to problems and of course often freedom is counteracted by force and this is where we are not also can of course lead to greater mental health problems Abraham Lincoln aptly stated force is all conquering but its victories are short-lived and that's because it goes against that foundational principle for is among the stars of our solar system signed by the reflected light of the sun so as far as their teaching is true to the world 's great thinkers reflect the rays of the sun of righteousness every blame a thought every class of intellect from where the light of the world one of the reasons why put this out there I called a lot of secular author it is some of you write a book repository over two thousand scientific references have a thousand scientific references and rest of the way Outlook and sometime I criticize by people because I'm holding these secular authors but you know often undergoing studies specifically the gold standard prospective study they are actually through those studies revealing her words letters come from there actually revealing more of the light of the world they don't realize that but let's not be afraid of truth and accuracy no matter where it comes from because where it really comes from a matter if it's from a secular author or not is from Chrysler investigation we pursue with it since your purpose to arrive at truth we are brought in types would be unseen mighty intelligences working in and through all the mind of man is brought in a canoe in the mind of God the finite with the infinite the effect of such communal body mind and soul is beyond as quite a statement from that classic book education page thirteen and fourteen then the same again thinking about the scientific aspect of the front all of the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine for disease what's the very best medicine for disease influence of the Spirit of God heaven is all health the more deeply heavenly influences are realized the more sure will be the recovery of the believing invalid segments of the mine prevails everywhere nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation nine ten the diseases from which men suffer start out in one it may be that addictive habit that develops that then produces a physical disease I made the the way they're thinking about things that than producing dramatic suppression of serotonin all levels which then can lead to not only problems in their home with breast cancer etc. perhaps I'm living home trouble is like a canker eating the very soul and leaving the life forces remorseless and sometimes undermined the Constitution imbalances the mine their erroneous doctrines also as that of an eternally burning hell on the endless torment of the wicked that by giving exaggerated and distorted views the character of God produce the same result on sensitive lines for where this story is use or teachings and theology what can happen mental illness can result I don't know if you remember I Susan Smith Aaron Carolina where she drowned her children there in the leg lied about it first that was some African-American in common and kidnap your children etc. but then I found them there in the late bad and the evidence clearly pointed to her doing it and she finally confessed did you hear why in her sincere testimony might hang their why she didn't she was having marital problems and she knew her and her husband split up it would pay a tremendous install on their kids and she also knew that her kids were drowned in this way they would be in a better place maybe in heaven and so they're getting ready for significant turmoil in their family relationship so why not put them this is what I erroneous views can do that I can tell you many individuals one not long ago as my fourteen -year-old girl her mother died from a car accident about a year before she is a prominent feature entire public school teacher and her father was a principal there on the local schools and she did a significant suicide attempt page fourteen and I had to take care of the medical perspective in the intensive care unit and so I have asked your wife fortunately we save your life why did you do this I wanted to see my mom and I wanted to be with mom was the school principal was there and I told her very clearly I said you know what the Bible teaches about where you would well when I say mom I know you are then in the gray annual event in the same place your mom is in the grave and you would know nothing you would have been a tremendous deep sleep awaiting the resurrection you would not have seen your mother the only case in yes that that's true and that's what the Bible teaches and she says she says if I would know now I would've never even attempted this thank you for telling me that while her father comes out of the room after I send this and says Doctor med well thank you for telling my daughter that I want to do now I don't believe that way but I'm not going to tell my daughter anymore and I think I think what you said was Gordon's early here so you know again these these teachings these erroneous teachings can lead to some significant behavioral and emotional consequence the story music area robberies the same result the infant also made the most of these unfortunate cases attributing insanity to related but this is a gross libel and one with they will not be pleased by the religion of Christ so far from being the cause of insanity is one of the most flat most of factual remedies for it is a what type of server the nurse called Susan and sometimes we don't recognize how Paul and Silas were taken against their will be thirty nine times in the cat of nine tails totally unfair totally unjustified than their feet were put up on stocks that were made in your regular dirt but yet what was happening there with a crying uncontrollably imprisonment same morning that a happy look on their face and they were singing praises to God why is that their thoughts had much more to do with how they were feeling of what was actually happening life in those thoughts were true thought in way of offering when you feel thinking true thought they were thinking fantasy thought that they want to be through they were with some beautiful woman that's what pop psychology will tell you to do and that is actually very transient way of making you feel just slightly nervous that you are worse things down the road they were thinking true and accurate thoughts and those accurate thoughts had a powerful influence upon a house sooner than ours there is a narcotic that we can get there isn't a benzodiazepine dose of Xanax we could gather the reduced naphtha and Paul and Silas with a significant payment thereunder going one of the causes of decreased file love activity is ongoing occurrence of going against one conscience of what one knows to be right other causes include a low-carb diet regular viewing entertainment television Kaiser pretty convincing not pretty convincing very convincing anyone objective observer of the wall of entertainment television and how it suppresses the following MTV suppresses even that much more frequent sexual arousal outside of marriage relationships and lack of regular exercise the problem such as analytical thinking and the study of problems this is why we incorporate the study of Scripture is part of our frontal lobe enhancement program for people I would be present in your yesteryear there used to be games that people would play in the evening to enhance their fellow those games are almost gone if there is any mental games and playing anymore if not all of you and its temporal and the temporal lobe is the memory of them this is where Trivial Pursuit on those type of things even concentration is a mental is a temporal lobe game not a frontal love game and I would encourage you why have some enjoyable time with your friends play games where the frontal lobe is actually involved where there is analytical thinking involved in sometimes you can get analytical thinking early on some you may wonder what some of those game is Scrabble actually the frontal low game in light anymore I wanted value can even buy anymore think you'll get it on eBay actually we got it on eBay just the last few months brand-new set never been opened in the game called glam unblinking now how I'll think of it here in a minute I need help with my temporal now that is minded compatibility is an mind compatibility MI NV mine compatibility and it is if a game level frontal lobe enhancement is actually an enjoyable again zero play as well well before we close this a couple of examples he himself wanted a journey into the wilderness came and sat down hundred or three he requested for himself to see my blank anyone know what's the blank so that's right that he might die instead is enough oh Lord take away my life that was Elijah he smiled because he wanted to save his life and then he ended up becoming majorly depressed by the way the Lord put him through depression recovery program to angels came and set him put on an exercise program he wanted to be in the cave where there was no light and dark cycles a large-cap doing things to get them out of that cave I get them into the fresh air out there in the sunshine and with all those strengths after that was done it wasn't those spectacular events that help them out it was cognitive behavioral therapy you like to have some distorted thoughts that had to be straightened and then we can go into that more MRIs are a couple of the order are running a little down time let's say his last example therefore now Lord take I beseech the mind blank for me or is better me to dive in the lab who is that Jonah another example when Elijah was repressed along the island Lord asking for words that's right what do us down here by the way that's a very good question ask someone what are the reasons what do us down here particularly is there anything in your life or your been going against conscience in what you know to be right as well as some of the other investigations that we talked about self-examination to see if you departed from God 's plan for your life and taking the necessary corrective action can restore optimal mental health when Jonah was the press what are the Lord say with his thoughts then said the Lord do as thou well to me that's right angry and of course angry can lead to anger can lead to anxiety etc. and often our anger is emotional reasoning it's not legitimate not based on true things although Jonah thought his anger was the Lord demonstrated was not rational or loving Jonah had more sympathy for a planted for a hundred and twenty thousand human beings this reveals another follow problem selfishness a lack of empathy and a lack of love for people as well the treatment that was utilized for King Saul I told you how work temporarily what was at treatment on the right kind of music does help traditional classical music is the only music has been shown prospective randomized studies to help prevent and treat depression both subjectively and objectively as with all other types of music by the way cams list of hymns and qualify as as this is well in some music can be part of it him and that isn't good news and bad news is there is much we can do marketing for development the good news as the other and hence we can modify most cases the question can be carried in five months or less even if hardening the number one slot and I said sexy intense program like our ten-day program it's often taking care of this ten days this is an interesting statement on through the lack of Tylenol through it but the enterprise of gaining everlasting life is about every earthly consideration this is even more important in recovery from depression orderly salt of Jesus there must be a knowledge of what human nature and a study of what the human mind if we really want to lease all we have to study that much careful thought in fervent prayer required to know how to approach men and women upon the great subject Hebrews twelve says no chasing the press present is joyously grievous this is what people go through with mental health problems are grieving nevertheless afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness under them with your exercise by wherefore lift up the hands which hang down the feeble knees make straight paths for your feet less that was his line be turned out of the way but let it rather be what letters rather be healed and so this breathing as I mentioned with Solomon 's case the questions led him to turn around by the way of Solomon can turn around every individual with major depression his was of a very severe right and this is what we say natural means use in accordance with God 's will bring about what supernatural result in fact there is a problem with international results when they occur in a consistent basis this is the problem we've been experiencing depression recovery program were measuring it in very objective ways the before and after results in the longer term results and what is happening is the people that look at that data say that it's dull I live from what they've seen in other trials that it is unbelievable I am so why it produces some some doubt there in this group a psychologist psychiatrist in Germany is talking to they had that down as they were seeing the results and they said weight as well the charges you're not dealing with this major depression you're dealing with resistance depression many of our people all sorts of drugs medication coming to us as the first line using coming to us as a last resort and so this is the most difficult types of tree and when you see that type of improvement you're just wondering about it so I actually had to get out my pictures I felt my next presentation on all show them the actual hydrotherapy treatments that were going the contrast on the third was going to her job the light therapy job how we are dealing with the new the subject of truth and afterwards they were convinced that some of the same German psychiatrist came out last depression recovery program to see what was going on so they can do it in Germany and Switzerland as well good news what a difference and of course this is the difference they were really wanting to leave them to us to not only improve health of body mind and soul to improve health of body mind and soul for eternity what's our hands and then we'll open it up for some questions afterwards father in heaven we thank you for the interest that you have in our body mind and soul and we thank you that your truths in your work and your love can still be today a potent soother help us to recognize the value of accuracy and fall helpless without you your self-sacrificing and health help us also the value your freedom we love you because you also espouses these things about we pray that we might be able to tactfully share this information with others and bring us back tomorrow to learn more about what you would how must be emotional to become truly emotionally intelligent Jesus in this media was produced by audio burgers will preview ministry view my CD generation we would like to listen to more great music in this presentation or if you would like to learn more about you see this in the NYC web .org also find great with you on your verse board and head of 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