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5. The Beast and the Little Horn

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed

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A lesson we are going to do a review. First of all what we studied in Chapter Two Chapter two is parallel to Daniel Chapter seven. You'll remember that yesterday we studied about Neb you can as are the same age as it's called. My head was composed of what I call the breast and arms were made of silver. The belly was composed of neurons. The legs were made of iron and then you have the peat the ten toes. You still have iron in the peat Yes. Does Rome continue in the plague. Yes well manned it is placed in the feet and what is that added element in the clay and then finally we have a stone that becomes a huge mountain that the setting up of Christ's kingdom. Was that study last night clear in your minds. Yes it's nice to have it in written form isn't it. Say the premier series that I've done on Genesis on the sanctuary and oh a little over a year maybe a year and a half ago I did a series called What Jesus said was just basically a lecture there were no copies of lessons where questions and answers so this is a little bit better method than I've used previously here but I like it because it gives you a chance to go through the material before hand and you're much into it much more in tune with what we're studying now. In Daniel Chapter seven instead of miracles what do we have we have beliefs. And I'm not going to study every detail about the Wii because that's really not necessary and I'm going to tell you what the lion's wings mean and what the heart of Amanda. It's given to the lion represents and did all the poor wings of the leopard. What I want to see whence and how they are parallel to Daniel two. Now before we do what does the head of gold represent. Madeline what do the breast and arms of solar represent made or Persia. What does the belly of bronze represent griefs. What are the legs of iron represent role what do the feet mixed with iron and clay represent the divisions of Rome and the clay represents what the fact that it wasn't only they weren't only political kingdoms they were political kingdoms that were mixed with what religion with the religious power in other words you had a combination of church and state. When the Roman Empire was divided. Now I want to know if the Daniel seven follows the same sequence. If you have a lion which is equivalent to the goal you have a bear. Which is equivalent to the seller. You have a leopard which is equivalent to the bra and you have the iron which is equivalent to the Dragon Beast or the terrible nondescript beast. And then instead of ten tiles you have what we have ten hearts and instead of the clay which represents the religious power in Daniel seven What do you have them only on you and me and then this stone in the mountain in Daniel Chapter seven you have the Son of man that comes to his father to receive the kingdom and the time comes when he sets up his everlasting kingdom on Earth. Do you see how Daniel seven follows the same sequence as Daniel chapter. Two but using different symbols and adding information that we did not mind in Daniel Chapter two. So clear in your mind this is critical because we're going to talk about the identity of a little horn tonight especially And there's a lot of speculation about who the little horn represents but there's no need to speculate. Because once you realize that then your servant begins to fulfill in the days when Daniel lives and it continuously fulfills one step after another culminating with the starting of a crisis of a lasting Kingdom. You can know exactly where to look. One of the all time. In history. Are you with me because you can see the sequence of powers and where each one of them fits within the pull of history. This is called a historic moment but it's one of the principles that we study about when we talk about how to interpret symbols we talk about the need to look for the meaning of symbols in the concordance and in the marginal margins of your Bibles. We analyze how important it is to study the structure of the chapter passage that you study you know I don't know whether you've noticed but we're implementing all of those principles as we study each minute. See there are laws of biblical interpretation of prophecy just like when you're going to do science when you're going to do scientific experiments you have certain laws that you have to apply when you study the Bible there are certain laws that you also have to apply and if you don't you're going on a wild goose chase. And many people today are going onto a very wild goose chases because they don't use the biblical methods. Now let's notice the key symbols of Daniel seven. It will go through this quickly because we've discussed some of these things or want to be represent more like kings or other kingdoms. Did you notice in verse seven in verse seventeen it says that the more B three. Present for Kames. But then when it talks about the beast it's the Fourth Be still be at war. Kingdom. There's no such thing as a king without a kingdom because a king without a kingdom is not a king. Right and some of the parties represent the workings and the respective kingdoms by the way we noticed also last night the dog says the never going to you I that I don't know but then he says and after you will arise another kingdom. They had a ball is not only now if you can answer it never you can as or as the king and his work and His Kingdom. So when they were refined beasts beasts represent kingdoms that clear in your mind. Number two what do the waters represent. I could give you many verses in the Bible. I hope you looked up Isaiah seventeen a verse twelve or compares the nations with with this rule are many watts but anyway the waters represent people multitudes nations and walk and talk. So whenever you find a reverend in privacy you know like for example we're going to study the prophecy about the battle of Armageddon. Never heard of the battle of Armageddon. It speaks about the great river you break has been drying up and many people are strong they say well you write these goals to Iraq so someday that river which is not that great river is going to be dried up so that the Chinese and the Japanese can come across it and attack Israel. Now that sounds plausible. It's a sensational way of interpreting prophecy but it ignores one fact and that is that you're dealing with symbols. And in Scripture lodgers the lodge where the harlot sits and by the way the name of the holiday is Babylon and the river that Rand through Babylon was the Euphrates in other words the harlot is sitting on the great waters of the river Euphrates. But the highlight is not only a lawyer sitting on the waters in Revelation seventeen says that the law does not represent multitudes Nations times and peoples. So in other words you have to use the rule that ladders when they are used in property. Represent multitudes of peoples. How many of you understand what I'm saying Raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying. Praise the Lord you don't but you'll catch on. Or else you're too lazy to raise your hand. It's been a long day. Number three what is symbolized by the we in the military I mean they are a military invasion of the other can enter into Jerusalem is described as a dry What is a dry wind of the desolate heights his chariots like a what. Like a little wind. By the way what is a whirlwind. That's when our winds meet. And then you have what a whirlwind. By the way when the four angels let loose their winds of Revelation Chapter seven. You have the devastation of planet Earth you know what is called accumulation We'll talk about that later on. So wins represent what warfare. So these foreign nations are what they are at war. Multitudes are at war. Number four what do horns represent. Panda horns are ten what ten kings or what. More kingdoms. Who shall arise from this kingdom now you need to understand something about horns horns do not mean the same thing. When you find horns in the Bible they represent divisions of kingdoms or king of a kingdom. I understand I want to say for example what is body dying away and we're going to find that there's there's a huge gold that's better than dying away and it says that it has a horn on its head at this he goat and the horn represents its first king which is Alexander the Great. See when there's a horn it distinguishes the King from the kingdom. Point represents divisions of kingdoms. So what this is saying is that the pen horns are divisions of which kingdom the Roman kingdom of God working. Are you following me. Number five what does a literal day symbolize in prophecy. I have laid on you a what I pay for a year in prophecy a day is equal to or year whenever you bring about a period of time that is referred to in days the days mean years and you know when you really think of it. The sound of the prophetic periods in that cell even without reading the specs for music. The sound has a symbolic labor doesn't it for example. If I'm going to leave for Arsenal for three and a half years and visit some other country I don't say I'm going to see you in time times when the dividing of time. Or I don't say I'll see you in one hundred sixty days for a while see you and two thousand three hundred days evenings and mornings. Oh I don't think don't worry but I'll see you in forty two months. You see when the but I don't want to talk about little time. It'll say for example in James Chapter five that Elijah cannot have and so they will run not rain for three years and six months. As it says in normal everyday terms but in Scripture whenever you find a day that they represent you you need to keep that in mind when we talk about prophecy and we need to apply that principle. Now let's take a look at the literary structure of Daniel seven into how many parts is Daniel seven divided. How many how many parts. It's divided into four parts. See there's there's one through four. In that section of the letter. Now do you remember that opening night when we talked about how to study Bible prophecy that we said it's very important to understand how our passage is organized how it's structured the sequence that it presents and we mentioned that many times chapters run not in a linear fashion but they run in cycles. You remember that well the fact that Daniel seven has four cycles. Let me just put it here on the board. Verses one through fourteen Let's go to point number one it won't work right on the board. Nurses were under fourteen described Daniels What do you read those words as you find it describes the totality of the vision the lion the leopard the Dragon Beast ten horns a little horn and then it speaks about the Son of Man coming to the Ancient of Days receiving the kingdom and giving the kingdom to the saints of the most high the whole reason is given in the first fourteen versus. So verses one through fourteen present total mission. One is that all but then you have to say about the vision now. So notice versus fifteen to seventeen if you're turning your Bibles with me we'll take a look at this. Daniel Chapter seven. And verses fifteen to seventeen. Itself here. After Daniel has seen the total vision I Daniel was grieved in my spirit within my body and the visions of my head troubled me say this is the reaction to the vision his trouble is me I came near to one of those who stood by and asked him the truth of all the all this story told me and made me known what reinterpretation of these things. So in verses fifteen or seventeen. The angel is going to provide a brief What a brave interpretation of the vision. Did you know many of you got interpretation in that way. Man amazing just amazing stooge. I try to make them. I don't call that kind of make it a little bit more difficult when you're not you're sharp. Now a lot of us seventeen goes here comes the explanation. Not great which are for our parking. Which shall rise. But the Saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever or even forever and ever. If that's an interpretation. All of Asia. Yes. How expensive is it. From beginning to end. But does it provide all kinds of explanations a detailed explanation of the vision. No it simply says that the primaries are working and I have to let it go I was about to set up is what is everlasting to God saw in verses fifteen to seventeen actually stepped into a can you have a brief what you have a brief interpretation of the vision isn't going over the same ground as his wonder Porky. Yes but now it's been what. Explain. But then you'll still have questions about the mission even after this brief interpretation. Yes No that's what we find in versus eighteen to twenty two actually verse nineteen to twenty two. Then I wish to know the truth about the fourth beast which was different from all the others exceeding dreadful with its teeth of iron and it smells of bronze which devoured broken pieces and clamp of the residue rivets and the ten horns that were on its head and the other one which came up before which prevail namely that on which an eye is an amount which spoke pompous words whose appearance was appearance was greater than his fellows. I was watching in the same horn was making war with the Saints and prevailing against them until the Ancient of Days came and a judgment was made in favour of the saints of the most high and the time came for the Saints to possess the kingdom. Let me ask you this. Does that question Daniel. And at the same place that the vision and the interpretation of the vision ended. Yes it ends up with what would be everlasting kingdom. So the third section which is versus nineteen to work. Murtha's nineteen to twenty two is a what. Here's a question made by whom. By God I knew he says now he is at an age when I go back a little bit I want to know about the kingdom I want to know about the ten horns. I want to know about the little horn and I want to know about the son of man who comes to receive the kingdom could you add some like that is what Daniel is asking is this clear in your mind so how many times have we found a repetition basically that ends with the everlasting kingdom. Three times up till this point you have a tunnel vision. Then you have a brave interpretation then you have Daniel's request for a clarification when he goes back to look for at least the ten horns the little one and we have all our thinking and then the fourth passage is verses twenty three to twenty seven. Rare the angel explains Daniel's what. Explains Daniel's question. Because you'll notice that in verse twenty three it says that he sent. The point. Beast shall be working so he's going to explain starting where Daniel asked the question and then notice verse twenty seven where it ends. It says then the kingdom in the domain of the greatness of the Kingdoms under the whole a whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high is kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him. So how many times do you find a basic repetition of the elements of the vision of that which I present you pine for repetition. Once again the very. Then a brief interpretation of a vision. Daniel's questions about the poor at least ten horns a little on an everlasting kingdom and then the explanation of the Angel about the poor beast the ten horns a little horn and the everlasting King that clear in your mind. OK now let's go to the next section of our lesson the stages of the fourth beast kingdom. How many stages does support these town. How many stages. Three This is very important. Notice Daniel Chapter seven and verses twenty three and twenty four this is the last explanation by the angel. Last he said nothing. These child be a part. I'm here. What Kingdom is that historically in its own right the same as the I AM By the way did you notice that the legs are made of iron and this Dragon Beast has I.N.T. if you know you have a link between the fourth beast and the legs of fire the fact that the legs are of iron and the teeth of this Dragon Beast army a liar and so it's dealing with the same power shots as the core. These job working among the earth which is Rome which will be different from all other kingdoms and shall devour the whole plant and break it in pieces and let me ask you something that's this right and have the ten horns. When it first arises to power. No. It doesn't. Does the Dragon Beast rule by itself without horns for a while. Yes how do we know that. Well let's reverse twenty for that panel lines I can have kings. Shall Rise from this kingdom. Does the kingdom exist before the canned ones come up from it. Yes. But now notice the last part of those twenty four and another shall rise after them is a little horn on the head of a Dragon Beast when he first rules are the ten horns on the head of the Dragon Beast when he first rule No you have three stages you have a stage where the dragon drools alone. When that Dragon Beast sprouts what ten or and then among the ten comes what little harm. Three successive stages. If there is any indication in the prophecy that there's going to be a two thousand. Here parenthesis between one stage of the kingdom and the next stage of the kingdom. No because the historical method the reason why God gave us the historical method is so that we can know where we are in the process of prophecy at any given moment there are no gaps. The line is followed by the bear. The leopard follows the bear. The Dragon Beast follows the leopard then the ten horns come up on the head of the Dragon Beast. Then among the ten horns comes a little heart. That's the way it works. And then of course we're going to notice when we get to Revelation thirteen where this little heart has how many stages of existence. That's two stages of existence. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. So it has three stages right by the way do we find the same thing in Daniel Chapter two. What were the legs made out of iron. The the ten toes of iron is another third element that is added afterwards. Quite so you know I don't like the ten toes that have my own and then what is that Clay. In Daniel seven you have the dragon believe it sprouts ten horns in the midst of the ten comes what only the horn that was the little horn in Daniel seven is the same as the clay in Bengal too. Now let's go to our next question number two actually. The fourth beast represents the Roman Empire so Rome must have had three distinct consecutive stages of existence. OK let's identify the little or no. You've got to be pretty easy to identify the little whore. Well let's look at the characteristics. So the problem is that many people just simply speculate about who the anti-Christ is going to be. It was a long time ago in the early nineteen hundreds of people said the anti-Christ was probably Benito Mussolini. And then of course when Hitler was conquering Europe during the Second World War They say certainly Adolf Hitler has to be the anti-Christ. And then a little bit later you heard some speculation about maybe Henry Kissinger might be oh I don't know whether you ever heard better not known I don't read many of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Well even blocks went by Christians who said that Khomeini might be the anti-Christ and more recently Saddam Hussein. Just because just because an individual is a nasty person doesn't mean that he had by Christ you have to interpret prophecy in a disciplined way. You go to the Bible you look at the characteristics you look at the history and then you say who the anti-Christ is that we'll know for sure. Rather than just speculating. So anybody can speculate and say well it's this person over here and everybody's at home wonder why I never knew or you know the most novel interpretation just make a little digression here that I've heard on Bible prophecy if you don't Dale Chapter eight you have this saw this way. A RAM and the Ram has two horns. And suddenly you see this he goat that has one horn. And he got come it comes and he smashes into the ram. And he takes over domain and I heard one Protestant minister on television and I heard thousands of people that were listening to him and they were saying amen hallelujah what a tremendous interpretation about it the idea was that the right arm represents the United States and the two horns of the grandmother Twin Towers. They hear God because the Bible says that the eagle was flying through the air and it didn't touch the earth. That was the American Airlines plane that smashed into the twenty one questions all of this is wonderful I never heard anything like this before but it's speculation. Because it doesn't come from a study of inside scripture. It comes from outside scripture it is called a private interpretation of prophecy as the Bible calls it. So we must allow the Bible to explain itself no matter how much it hurts. Because for some people what I'm going to talk about and I it hurts. Because either they're in the system that is described above. I have friends that are in this system. But believe me it's not a reflection on any person there are two children of Christ and they have a church. Children of God that love Jesus. But that doesn't mean that the churches they belong to are teaching the truth. And the Bible says that when people discover the truth the first thing that they're going to want to do is what is come out from where the truth is not taught. Now let's identify the little horn. From inside the Bible number one the little horn a rose from the head of the porch. Everybody agreed on that. The five least represents my power. Rome so the little horn must be Roman. Raise your hand. You understand I'm saying. Come on don't be lazy. Raise your hand even if you didn't understand. So the LEO must be Roman right. Characteristic number two. No little boy in our rolls. Among the ten hard maternal and represent the nations into which the Roman Empire was divided not what geographical territory did the Roman Empire cover what is known as Europe today Western Europe. Thank you very much that's true. The Tannoys represent the nations into which the Roman Empire was divided. So the little horn must have arisen where in Europe incidentally that makes it impossible for Saddam Hussein to be filled with rockets and we've got Saddam Hussein lives in Asia. He doesn't live in Europe. And there are many other characteristics where he doesn't fit either. He is ruled much more than three and a half years. If you take this time to be literally like most Protestants do today see they don't apply the principle that time is to be understood in symbolic terms they take everything literally. Even though the Bible teaches that we're supposed to do you know we're supposed to treat these things the symbols we're supposed to see what they mean the meaning beyond the literal. Now number three know little or no roles. What. I act or the tender heart were in place I only Donna. We read it in a way if there isn't a little one shall rise after them after the ten. Now listen up. The Roman Empire and its division was completed in New York a year or so or seventy six. When a barbarian invader whose name was over the Acer. Deposed the last Roman emperor after this individual there were not emperors of the Roman Empire anymore His name was Romulus. Got to love the name is in the know there and you can read this in any history book on ancient Rome. They'll tell you the last emperor of Rome were wrong about Augusta last who was deposed in the year for seventy six yes. Is when the ten kingdoms of Europe were complete. The division of the Roman Empire was complete or seventy six which means that we must expect that this little horn power will arrive. Act on what day it must arrive after four seventy six because though they are going to rise as an actor the pin horns are in place are you following me. Now number four. When the little horn a rose to power it up rooted what three of the ten horns three of the ten kingdoms. This means that the little horn must step up unloaded three of the ten kingdoms into which the Roman Empire was divided. Now there's all those original ten divisions. The Little Horn had to up brutally and by the way Daniel seven clearly says that he tore up these horns by their roots. What does that mean by their roots. It means when you tear up. A tree by a truce that is whack. That's it it's finished. Like the fig tree remember where Jesus looked at the picture he had cursed in a dried up from its roots. So when I was I was going to plant up three kingdoms and these kingdoms were going to disappear from history is what Daniel seven is saying. Number by the Little Horn would speak what pompous words or great words. Brought forward some versions say against two against the Most High. And who's the most high. I'm number six. The little horn would be what different then the previous ten or I don't want to miss that point a little on would be what would be a different kind of kingdom than the previous ten horns. Number seven the Little Horn would make what are against the Saints of the most high who are the saints of the most are those who are true followers of Jesus right. Those of Us Saints of the most high. In other words it would persecute God's people. Number eight the Little Horn even thought it could change gods or times and along or to look for a power to change the times what does it mean to change the time who started that very briefly last night. It means trying to change the sequence of events events that God has established in this calendar and to establish a different kind of calendar. Now you by me and by the way we're just barely touching the surface here. I wrote a twenty four page document on the changing of the times I studied this intensively I exhausted all of the Bible texts that used the word times in a prophetic context. It's amazing the more I studied how I discovered there were times when I was used in the context of Prophecy means prophetic events in other words what the little horn things you can do is God says that that purpose is going to develop one way and the Little Horn says that property is going to be that way. And then it says here that he would also think that he could change God's word God's a law which Law the Ten Commandments. Ten commandments we have to look. Our power who claimed that he could change God's Law Number eight. Well that is not great. Let's read the note the word Times refers to God's calendar of prophetic events when the disciples asked Jesus after his resurrection if he would then restore the kingdom to Israel. Jesus replied It is not for you to know what times are seasons which the father has put on his own authority. The law in this verse refers to the Ten Commandments in some way. The little hard would claim the right to change God's holy law. As far as I know Saddam Hussein has never done that and Saddam Hussein is not into the study of Bible prophecy so he hasn't changed God's calendar of events at all. Neither did Hitler know Mussolini. But there is a power that did do this. That came from the ancient Roman Empire. Number nine the little horns rulership would be limited limited to a time and times and dividing up time. Now what does this mean. Time times and a dividing of time. Well the word time is used to refer to years for example you remember whenever you can answer went out of his mind it's indicting a chapter four. God didn't say seven years will pass over you he said seven what seven times will pass over you. Times refers to what two years. But listen to what I want to say. Read in Hebrew and the Old Testament is written in Hebrew written in Hebrew the word times is used without a qualify number with it it's the do needs to time. In other words when having a fine times with all the number next to the word times it's assumed that it means to you and by the way there's not a scholar in the whole wide world who would even quote. No matter what denomination they belong to. All agree all the ones that I've read agree that this is referring. Time is one year times two year two years and the dividing of time is happy here. In other words you're dealing with how many years three and a half years. Now let's do something here. You have three point five years. This period is also spoken of as what. It's also spoken out we're going to see this in Revelation Chapter thirteen in a moment. It's spoken also as forty two months. And it's also referred to as one thousand two hundred sixty days. These three periods are the same. You say how do we know. Let's multiply for a point five years. And each year has. How many dates in the Bible a Bible year has three hundred sixty days. I hope you looked up the references that I gave here. Genesis eight three and four and Genesis seven you have not your homework if you didn't do it you have to look up the text in the parentheses do not only put on the line. This will prove to you that the Biblical month has thirty days and that the biblical year has three hundred sixty days and by the way at the biblical year has been sixty days then the biblical month must have thirty days. Its And it's you know under number nine now three hundred sixty days for each year. Times three and a half years gives you how much. One thousand two hundred and sixty days. Now about forty two months. Forty two months each month having How many days thirty days gives you how much. One thousand two hundred and sixty days. And so in poverty when you're buying time time to leave I have time. When you find one thousand two hundred sixty days when you find forty two months it means the same period the same prophetic period. Are you understanding what I'm saying Good. And prophecy a day is equal to what a day is equal to or year and so we're dealing with one thousand two hundred and fifty years but a little longer. I'm telling you Pope there's not very many powers that Elizabeth I only know one that has been around for that long. You look at any of the modern nations. They don't go that far back. There's only one power they go that far back. And we're going to notice that in a moment. Now so far so good. Raise your hand if you're with me to make sense. What are we doing. Biography has to make sense has to be simple it has to make sense you can't just stand up and and say this means this and this means that how come. Well because it sounds good. Oh because such and such an authority said it now you have to allow the Bible to explain itself. Come within say the Bible is its own interpreter This is a very important Protestant principle doesn't matter what church you belong to if the principle of the Protestant Reformation. So ask. In Latin scripture alone it means that Scripture interprets itself from inside. You don't impose an explanation from outside. Now let's go to the beast of the little whore. Oh and I want to put what we raised this and I'm going to put on the board. Apparently you have a lie and we're going to put a parallel between Daniel seven and Revelation thirteen you have a lion. You have a band and you have a leopard you have a Dragon Beast that Dragon Beast sprouts ten horns. Then you have what a little horn. And let's well let's leave it there for now. OK. Not Revelation Chapter thirteen. Let's read verses one and two you know. Name me. And then again and again laughing now. He left feeling the pain in me already. Thank you. How many of you have in verse two. How many do you have one believe. Yes but you have several different beasts mentioned. Oh thank you very good or whatever or malign and where the leopard and what I am going to have horns of the dragon out dollar back with me to Revelation twelve for the dragon this person introduced. Revelation Chapter twelve and verse three and the most sign appeared and haven't the all the great fiery red dragon having seven heads and what ten aren't so many want the game has killed more. OK now what I want you to know this which is very interesting here is that in Daniel Chapter seven you have a lion. But Lebanon. Do I get it done in Revelation Chapter thirteen. Order is reversed. Now let me ask you this when it was John Wright in the Book of Revelation what kingdom is ruling when John is writing Revelation which is what went right and are you all agree what empire St John of Patmos to exile. Well there's nothing in the period of what we were as John is living in the period of the dragon and he's looking backward. Raise your hand if you understand what I'm saying see perhaps it makes sense. When you just look at the text. Look at what I'm saying. Son I went there I was living here and John is living here. And then you'll therefore see these seas these beasts as future whereas John sees these beasts as what has passed but they are they still the same beasts. Yes Now let's not us Revelation Chapter thirteen is it a lie and in Revelation thirteen yes there is. Is there a day or more certainly. Is there a leopard. Absolutely Is there a Dragon Beast. Yes. How many horns does the Dragon Beast have Dragon Beast has ten horns and in Daniel Chapter seven when the little horn come from it came from the head of the Dragon Beast. Now the question is What does the beast come from where does the beast receive its authority from from the dragon. Now let's put here beast the little horn receives its authority for more from the dragon because it comes from the head of the dragon and in Revelation Chapter thirteen the beast receives is what the beast receives his authority from his authority from the dragon so there's a little horn as well as least the same power doesn't represent the same power. Yes in the sequence it represents the very same power are you following me. Yes So I review it again. Let me review it again. This is so important this is foundational for practically everything we're going to study in the seminar is understanding what we're talking about tonight is that a lie and involve prophecies is aberrant both promises. Is there a leopard in both prophecies is there a dragon based and not bought by posses their ten horns on man of the dragon in each prophecy but end of Chapter seven. What comes from the point based a little on in Revelation thirteen. What comes from the Dragon Beast the Dragon Beast gives the beast his authority and his power. The lid on them is the same as the beast. Now not only do we know that because of the sequence of powers but we also know it by the characteristics that The Beast has a revelation thirty do we have many of the same characteristics of the beast that we saw about the little horn. Sure let's not have the answers to this section the beast and the little in the Little Horn Yes. Well any power can give any another power their authority and of their own if they wish but not the same power that Dragon Beast. Is the Roman Empire the ten horns of the ten divisions of the Roman Empire and then Rome with its ten divisions gives it all its power and authority to whom to the beast the beast is the power that receives the throne and the authority from the Dragon Beast all that's what we're looking at we can identify the beast and it goes in all the characteristics then the lesson the lesson says very clearly if you read all the way through the end what power is represented here but let's let's go to the beast in the little horn a careful comparison of Daniel seven with Revelation thirteen one through ten shows that the little I represent the same historical powers the beast. Notice the similarities. We've studied number one already. Do you want to have powers in Daniel seven is important. Lion bear leopard Dragon Beast ten horns little horn. Notice how the order of the same powers our order is the same in Revelation thirteen one two leopard bear lion dragon ten horns and beast. You will notice that the lion bear leopard beads are the rivers are going to Revelation three to thirteen burst through and I would explain the reason why. But the drag and ten horns beast are in the same order as the dragon pan horns a little on of Daniel seven did you notice that in other words lion and leopard I reverse order but when you get a dragon turn on cement on an dragon ten horns and beast there in the same order because in both cases they are alike. Near future you can see my point now not of some other interesting details. Number two the dragon gave the beast his what his power his throne and great authority. Number three the Beast of Revelation thirteen made what with the Saints and all. Again that is the same thing that the little Honda. Sure the Beast of Revelation thirteen opened his mouth in what blasphemies against God Is this the same thing the little one did in Daniel seven. Only now it's called blasphemies in Daniel seven it's called what pompous words here the pompous words are identified as blasphemy. What I blasphemies by the way Jesus was accused of blasphemy by his enemies because he claimed to be God and because he said he could forgive sins. So in other words the little one must be a power who claims to have God on Earth and who claims to have the power to forgive sins. Are you with me. The Beast of Revelation thirteen was what given authority to rule for Allah. Point two months is that the same as Time times and the dividing of time they most certainly is but now I want you to notice that an additional detail is given. Do you remember that last time. Last night I mentioned that the feet of iron and clay have two stages of existence. Remember that by the way I hope you'll come Saturday night because Saturday night we're going to study Revelation twelve Revelation twelve runs parallel to Daniel seven and to Revelation thirteen. It's amazing. It gives many more details that are not found in Daniel seven or Revelation Chapter thirteen. And we're going to notice in our study of Daniel of Revelation Chapter twelve that this last power the little horn power or the beast power has two stages of existence. It has one stage that is in the past but it has another stage in the future. In other words what this power did during the twelve hundred sixty years in the past. It will do worldwide at the end of time because there. At one hundred sixty years of giving up according to this prophecy among the ten horns but at the end of time the Bible says that the hole was no wonder after the beast. Do you think it's important to know who the beast is so you don't wonder after it how you're not talking about academic issues here we're not talking about having knowledge. We're talking about issues that have to do with salvation because the Bible says that there will be only two bombs at the end of time and I believe we're very close to the end of time to advance those who follow the beast and those who follow the law. So we need to know who the beast is so that we make sure we don't follow it. Now notice number six at the end of the forty two months the beast was to receive a deadly by the sword and would be led into captivity knowledge double bind the soil and what captivity but after a period of time the deadly wound would be healed and all the world would wonder after the beast. Now where are we supposed to look for the little horn. We'll take a little aren't has already ruled. As the law and already ruled. Are we supposed to look for some nasty individuals that are sort of the Jerusalem temple for three and a half years way in the future. So the problem with that interpretation is you know the Roman Empire comes to an end and you have a two thousand year gap before the little harness but as we've noticed in our study these powers rule in an unbroken sequence Have you seen that gaps with no interruptions. So in other words when the Roman Empire is divided into ten kingdoms. Do you expect what you expect a little hard to arise and let me tell you something which might surprise many of you and that is that all of the Protestant Reformers whether it be Luther or John Calvin or John Wesley or all writs willingly and some of the lesser known reformers might lengthen etc Every single one of them without exception believed in the interpretation that I'm sharing with you tonight. Every single one of them. But today you would have to look like for a needle in a haystack to find a Protestant that would believe what I'm teaching you tonight because the interpretation of this prophecy has been shifted and I'm going to talk to you in a few moments about who shifted. This is the amazing thing. Now let let's look at what power copy of this. And once again I want to underline folks this is what I'm going to say is no reflection on people Jesus loves all people and many true children's of Christ in every single church in the world. Many of them are even more loving than many Seventh Day Adventist. I'll just be open and honest with you. But that does not mean that the systems that they belong to are systems of truth you have to separate the systems from the people who say well how can we do that. Well can you love the sinner and at the same time a present can you love people and hate the system that these people. Yes you can and I love you tonight no matter what denomination you belong to. Doesn't make a difference I'll give you a hug even if you're a New Ager. If you're an alien because I believe you're supposed to love one another but that doesn't mean that I agree that what you believe is true. Now let's notice the characteristics that we've analyzed and unfortunately I'm trying to share with you one hundred and thirty pages of research that I have done in just about fifteen minutes that we have lived. If any of you would like to have all of the evidence the corroborating historical evidence well documented I mean with one quotation right after another from. Sources of the church that we're going to talk about now you want them to get this material just will make a list. You're welcome to have one hundred thirty pages for a very nominal fee of course. Nominal like five dollars that's all like a good deal part in thirty pages then you can't beat that can you. Selling at a loss I don't know what's a loss to me is a game to you. So I'm happy. Now it's not just the characteristics. Number one let me just say that there's no doubt whatsoever that the power being spoken of here is the Roman Catholic papacy. All of the characteristics fit. Let's notice the reasons number one the Roman Catholic papacy derives from the Roman Empire did it not and actually took its place. All historians say this there's not a single exception. Its headquarters are where you know its language is Latin it's legal it's called the supreme pontiff which is the very name that was given to the Roman emperor and even Roman Catholic writers if you get this mature. There's an abundance of quotation from Roman Catholic scholars where they say we recognize that most of the practices that we have in our church come from paganism. Roman Catholic authors admit that they say they're in the Times of Constantine these practices came in from the pagans and the reason why we adopted this practice as were some of the pagans would feel comfortable in the church not Protestants and say that Catholic scholars had some quotations for example from Cardinal Givens and Cardinal Manning no relation to Brett Manning of course where they say it is so either they don't hide it they have made it so the Roman Catholic Church is Roman in more ways than one. Number two the Roman Catholic papacy didn't rise to power after the Roman Empire had been carved into ten kingdoms by the invading barbarians. In fact historians will show you and I have about seven or eight pages of quotations from different historians to corroborate this fact. They'll tell you that the papacy actually came to rule over these kingdoms. Number three the Roman Catholic Papacy did arise among the ten kingdoms into which the Roman Empire was divided because the Roman Catholic Papacy did arise in Western Europe they did not which was by the way the very capital of the Roman Empire. Interestingly enough a number for the Roman Catholic Papacy did approve three of the ten kingdoms and I wish I had time to do to amplify this point if you do get the material I invite you to read it there are several pages on this so fascinating story of those ten kingdoms there were three kingdoms that were considered heretical by the church they taught heresy. They believe that Jesus was a created being. They follow the teachings of theologians whose name was Arian who is the father. By the Jehovah's Witnesses because they teach that Jesus was the first creation of God We believe the Bible teaches that Jesus is ever lasting God is the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace. He didn't have a beginning. He is as eternal as his father. But I was taught that Jesus was the first creature of God And so it was necessary to uproot these three kingdoms and through the influence of the bishop of Rome as the pope was called back then the hello lie were uprooted in the year for ninety three. The vandals where we get our word vandalism from were uprooted in the year five thirty four in the last kingdom which was a very strong Kingdom was difficult to up root was the Ostrogoths and they were up rooted by by Justinian the general of the armies of the empire. He up rooted in the year five thirty eight and the interesting thing is none of these kingdoms have a trace. After they were uprooted. In fact a couple of years ago I had the privilege of visit visiting Robonaut which was the place of The Last Stand of the Ostrogoths and all you find there in rather not know what even give you an idea that there was such a thing as I asked about the Kingdom is a muscly on where their king was buried but the interesting thing is even his body isn't there because his body was taken out by several centuries later after his death his body was taken out and discarded. Nobody knows where it is so all you do all you have there is the muzzle Leah with an empty box. That's the only memory a memory that you have of the asker got the king of no memory of the vandal Kingdom non-member memory of a heaven. They totally disappeared from history up rooted by the bishop of Rome. Well I don't want to get into a debate about Christology right knowledge of them you say what the Bible means when it says that Jesus was the beginning of God's creation. The word means that he was the beginning of God's creation. It doesn't mean that he was the beginning of God's creation or the first thing that God created. It means that he was the beginner of God's creation. He initiated God's creation. When you look at the way at the Greek word and what it means in the original language language it's not speaking about Jesus being the first creature of God It's talking about all creation having its origin in him. I didn't study what I'm saying now you know we could talk about the Trinity. How can three people be one. Well let me ask you how can a husband or wife be one. Does the Bible say that when a man and a woman are joined in marriage there are no longer two but one. Jesus as I no longer talk about a lot but one. However Brett and Laura are managed by C two but Jesus said there was no one but the Trinity simply means that there are three persons in perfect unity. So probably it would be more proper to call this doctrine the doctrine of a tri unity rather than the doctrine of the Trinity because there are three persons in perfect unity. They have the same powers they have the same mind they have the same purpose. They always work in perfect harmony and let's not talk any more about the Trinity because we have to get through this. OK number by the Roman Catholic papacy does speak blasphemies against God because it claims that the pope is God on Earth and I have several quotations. For a moment Catholic scholars and from popes. When I say we occupy on this earth the place of God Almighty Leal said we occupy on this earth the place I'm going to mine and there are scores of statements that I have where the papacy claims that the biker of Christ the Word biker means the representative or the substitute of Christ on earth is the pope and of course you all know that the Roman Catholic papacy Cain claims to have the power to forgive but to forgive sins. You can go to the confessional and the priest will absolve you from your sins. What is blasphemy according to the Bible. It's when somebody claims it was a human claims to be God and when he claims to have the power to what to forgive sins this is what really irked Martin Luther. Besides the selling of indulgences the buying and selling of organisms and by sea and by human power by the way the Roman Catholic papacy the pope insists on being called the Holy Father though Jesus said Call no man your father on earth he permits people to bow before him and kiss his ring. It used to be that he had they had to kiss his feet and this is interesting because Peter when Cornelius knelt before him Peters I don't you know stand up I'm a man like you are even angels refuse to let anyone bow before them. Yes we're doing selling of indulgences you know there was a famous man called Petzl who was in the district where Martin Luther lived and what they did they would sell in order to build the Basilica of St Peter in St. Peters in Rome they were raising money and what they would do is they would write a note where people's sins were totally forgiven if they paid a certain amount to build the basilica and there was a man who was selling indulgences his name with pencil and he would say the moment a coin in a copper rings the soul from purgatory Springs and was this a come on now you can buy salvation by paying money to board the bus or make up. Besides he said human beings can forgive sin only God can forgive sin the Roman Catholic Church claims that when the pope speaks Xcode Piedra is infallible My Bible tells me that there's only one who is infallible god the Roman Catholic pope the rock history has claimed to be able to depose kings and set up games. We read last night that only God has the right to set up games and to depose kings the Roman Catholic Church claims that the pope is the absolute judge on earth the Bible tells me that Jesus is the only one who can judge. So on several counts the Roman Catholic papacy feels this detail about speaking blasphemies against the Most High. Number six the papacy was different. And by the way still is that the previous ten kingdoms because it was and still is an amalgamation of what an amalgamation of church and state. When the United States was going to set up diplomatic relations with the papacy in one thousand nine hundred nine by the way. Interesting how times change. You know when Truman was talking about setting up diplomatic relations with the Vatican the Protestant churches went up into an uproar and Truman said let's just not bother to do this. But when Ronald Reagan went to set up diplomatic relations with the Vatican which by the way is a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state. The question was How can the United States form diplomatic relations with the Vatican. At the Vatican is the church and the argument was well know the United States would only have diplomatic relations with the state part of the Vatican. But the fact is you can't separate the state of the church part because the pope is the leader of the church and state since the papacy it's a church state it's different than any of the other kingdoms other kingdoms or political kingdoms the papacy is a religious political system and by the way the papacy wants to join church and state in the United States and it's make great inroads in bringing about this union of church and state. Number seven the Roman Catholic papacy didn't persecute the faithful people of God for twelve hundred sixty years through a mechanism such as the Inquisition. Historians have documented anymore Roman Catholic scholars have admitted that millions were slaughtered by the church handed over to the civil power simply because they disagreed with the teachings of the church. This is documented in history and you say well the Roman Catholic papacy has apologized the pope apologized. Listen he did not apologize for what the church did he apologized for what certain of our brethren have done in this document I have I have an analysis of about twelve to thirteen pages on what the pope had to say in his apology and if you read carefully what he says it's really not biology at all what the church did slaughtering millions of people burning them at the stake. And their only crime cost confiscating their goods and throwing them into exile simply because they didn't agree with the church. I've been in palaces of the Inquisition in the Dominican Republic and got by in Colombia. Amazing to see all of the equipment that was used to torture people to get a confession out of them. This power did persecute the Saints. By the way the true church during this period was the church that was clean it was the church in exile it was not the institutional church. We're going to find that in our study Saturday night number eight. The Roman Catholic Papacy did attempt to change God's prophetic calendar do you know why most of the Protestant interpretations come from today. The idea that this is going to popular in the Middle East in the temple is going to be rebuilt and there's going to be a personal anti-Christ it's going to sit over there for three and a half years and you know well the scenario comes from it comes from a Jesuit priest called RIVERA You see after the Protestant Reformation after Luther and Calvin and the reformers were using the prophecies of Daniel revelation to say the papacy fulfill these prophecies. The Church of Rome had to distract people's minds from that view of prophecy that was being presented by the reformers and so they said how can we do this so Ribera came up with the idea well you know we can insist instead of saying that the little horn of the beast is being fulfilled now we can say no no that's an individual is going to arise in the future hasn't arisen yet. And I can prove historically that these ideas that Protestants are teaching today came directly from the Jesuit Priest Francisco Rivera of Spain which Protestants are teaching about the Roman Catholic Church created to arrest the Protestant Reformation. Another priest whose name is Bill Carter invented a different scenario said none of these promises about the little harm the beast that was our hope with the Roman emperors way back when it was a man who lived how did sixty five years before Christ is nameless Antiochus Epiphanes saw this Anti-Christ propositional more popular way in the past are going to be fulfilled in the future. Then the papacy has nothing to do with Bible Prophecy. Are you following me. In other words the Roman Catholic Church. Just change the times and Protestants have followed the law. That's why protestants are looking at the Middle East that's why the devil the devil stirs up the Middle East because the more you start it up the more people look over their political necropsy when prophecy is being fulfilled in Iraq and they're looking in the wrong place. Now Number nine the Roman Catholic papacy does claim to have changed God's holy law by deleting the second commandment that says you're not supposed to worship images. You look at Roman Catholic catechisms the second commandment is gone and they have to divide the Ten Commandment into two. Don't covet your neighbor's life and don't cover covet your neighbor's goods so they have to divide the tenth commandment not to covet into two to end up with then because they did it the second one and of course later on we're going to talk about how the Roman Catholic papacy claims to have changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. Amazing claims to have changed once long wish I had time to read you statement after statement have twenty pages of statement from the statements from the Roman Catholic Church themselves from priests from cardinals from scholars where they say our church changed the day of worship from Saturday and Sunday and of course Protestants follow along and that also thinking that its people when it comes from a different source. Oh I have no idea percentages but probably it's ninety per ninety five or more percent big one Sunday and five percent or less they go to church on Saturday. But you see observing the Sabbath is not an issue of which day you go to church because the Bible teaches that the day of worship begins at sundown on Friday and ends on Sunday on a Saturday and you're not supposed to do. Many of your secular affairs during that whole time period so it's not a question of going to church and then going out to play golf or going to church and then going out to go out shopping. That's not the issue. See that's that's not keeping the seventh they holy the Sabbath holy that's keeping the Sabbath from nine to twelve holy and the whole Sabbath day is holy and I don't want you to think that all God imposes this this and God gave us the Sabbath because he wants us to be happy. He wants us to have a whole day where we can unwind and forget our things and we can remember all that you know I don't know about you I need to leave and I work out of that day than any other day but it's permitted because the priests work twice as hard for God said. That's why we work. It's per minute OK Number ten the Roman Catholic papacy didn't rule for a period of one hundred sixty years. Exactly this is what I want to say it was in February of five thirty eight that the Ostrogoths were finally defeated. Then it was found right then seventy ninety eight the general birthday at the conclusion of the French Revolution went into the Vatican arrested Pope Pius the six and took him and he died in exile in France. February five thirty eight the February seventeenth ninety eight. He leads into captivity will be taken into captivity. He led God's people captive he was taken captive and even killed at the start of the French Revolution you know about the guillotine. They destroyed the nobility and they destroyed the priesthood of the prelates. During the French Revolution This was literally fulfilled. Number eleven the Papacy did receive a mortal world during the French revolution in this man but you know when I wrote this. A fascinating series of quotations for example her Malakai Martin a Jesuit priest who's dead now he died under mysterious circumstances. But he speaks about two hundred years of inactivity that have been imposed on the Roman Catholic Church by the major secular powers of the world because in the French Revolution the state removed its support of the Roman Papacy that there being one does not mean that the papacy was going to disappear. It means that the papacy could now no longer use the civil power to accomplish its purposes and in the French Revolution the civil power was removed. Princess no more will you use the civil power to accomplish your purposes that's a deadly one and the deadly wound will be healed when the Roman Catholic papacy will once again be able to use the civil powers of the world to persecute. Because the Bible says that its deadly wound is going to be healed and it's interesting you know you look at you look at what happened in seventy ninety eight when the pope was taken captive. There was not a country in the whole wide world that wanted to have diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Everybody stood back I have bunches of quotations from historians with material Well no we don't want anything to do with that power. How different it is today do you know that the Vatican has more diplomatic relations with more countries in the world than the United States does. About fifty countries or the Vatican has diplomatic relations with them the United States. That's amazing and of course you know it's power for speech how it's grown tremendously Carcassi certainly being fulfilled. Well I'll leave the last section we're going to talk about this what we do with Daniel eight maybe next time as we begin we'll we'll touch upon the judgment of the Little Horn. Let's do our quiz very quick here among a lot of material covered tonight and I encourage you to get this material. Maybe Jane if we could do a last. Jane are you back there. Maybe you can get a sheet of paper where people can write down their names. They also want to get this material so you can read the whole fulfillment of what we talked about tonight. Let's do our quiz. Question number one true or false. The beast and the little horn represent the same power to repulse the Beast of Revelation thirteen of the Little Horn of Daniel seven represent the same power to her parts. Number two Daniel seven is divided into how many parts. Daniel seven members said the meting materials are repeated the number of times. Number three the fourth empire had how many stages. Remember we said that the fourth empire has a certain number of things with number four. Two or false there is a gap of over two thousand years between the ten horns and the little or two or vaults but there is a gap of over two thousand years between the fulfillment of the ten horns of the Little Horn. Number five. True or false the anti-Christ is Saddam Hussein. Now if you put false you're going to say why not ask you why can he not be the anti-Christ. Yeah I mean first of all you've got to be up front as well. Does the fulfillment after fulfill every single characteristic. Yes and only the Roman Catholic faith of secrets all of them especially the time period of one hundred sixty years old. No one power in the world that you can say goes that far back and dominated the world during that long period. OK Number one is what to do. Number two the answer is what or who are number three the answer this number for the answer is false. And number five the answer is yes. How many got one hundred percent Graeme's loan lar what a tremendous group of students this media was brought to you by audio groups. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more servant Visit W W W R U. verse dot org.


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