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Nothing Shall Hurt You

Frank Fournier


Everything that happens to a Christian is the best thing that can possibly happen to him.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • July 29, 2013
    7:15 PM
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How do you turn with me to Romans Chapter three Romans Chapter three. I promised you a couple of stories or more misleading. What I'd like to do this evening is be very very practical. You know Christianity is not all theology but theology is meant to teach us how to be practical as Christians. Now when we talk about righteousness by faith whose righteousness are we talking about. Yeah God's righteousness Christ's righteousness not our right because we don't have any now. Anything we try to pass off as righteousness or human goodness or good works is according to The Spirit of Prophecy defiled defiled because it goes through a corrupt channel even when we're true believers. It's amazing. There is only one righteousness and there's none of it in this world except in Christ and in God. Now how may we have this right with this. God's own righteousness. I mean try to wrap your mind around that. Whose righteousness that we want. It's God's own righteousness and as far as I know I had to turn to Romans Chapter three as a matter of fact we talk pastor Arnette that right now matters Arnette matters. Yeah he spoke on Romans Chapter three this morning I hope you caught it in my mind went to Romans Chapter three also when I was thinking about God's righteousness. It's HIS righteousness. Can you imagine having God's righteousness in verse nineteen in Romans Chapter three. Because now we know that what things so ever the last day is by the way the law can't do anything else but say you know that. Talk to us. That's all it can do. It says that every mouth may be stopped and that all the world may become guilty before God And so when we get close to the truth the law which is a transcript of God's character the closer we come to it the more faulty we appear in our own eyes because the contrast is so grave and so if everyone in the whole world would get close to the law of God or the character of God they would find themselves what guilty the whole world. That's what it says here. Therefore verse twenty because this is true by the deeds of the law there shall no pleasure be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin. But now friend praise God that there is a but now but now and notice when also now the righteousness of God without the law that is without what the law can do without what you can do to keep the law but now the righteousness of God apart from the law is manifested being witnessed or that is being approved by the law and the prophets. It's a beautiful picture as far as I'm concerned. Do you know that you may receive the righteousness of God and that you can so live your life that the law will approve of the righteousness you have because it isn't your right. It's the righteousness of God. Verse twenty two even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ. Now that's always a strange phrase in the scriptures as far as I concerned. We can have the righteousness of God by the faith of Jesus Christ. I thought it was by our faith. Why no it's not. Do you know that your faith is not acceptable to God. It's polluted. Like everything else about us our plate is polluted and so God responds to the faith of his son. They entered into a covenant together and they covenanted to save the human race. And now Jesus trusts his father to do his part and that is to give us his righteousness. And so the righteousness we receive is by the faith of Jesus Christ. But it goes on even the righteousness of God which is by the faith of Jesus Christ unto all in upon all them that believe. And so we have faith in the faith that Jesus has in his father and he goes all the way up the chain and we may have what God has promised because Jesus first of all believe that he will receive it on our behalf. We may believe that we will receive it also for there is no difference. It's a beautiful message it's fantastic. Now at the risk of oversimplifying all of this I think I can safely propose that righteousness by faith simply begins by believing what God says. Would that be true. Is it even possible. Well now I know it's possible it's possible. I don't even I should even address it that way. Do you think of the people in heaven people in heaven who do nothing theologically who simply had a very childlike faith in every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Does that make any sense to you. Makes perfect sense to me that's all that God is asking isn't that practical very practical now. I spent a little bit of time this week. Every time that I get to a promise in the scriptures which seems like it's over the top it seems like it's not even possible. I mean yesterday was that yesterday we saw a John Chapter fourteen verse twelve that Jesus said the work that I do shall you do also and go. Greater works than these shall ye do if not a promise. I mean does your faith wrap itself around that and are you doing greater works than these the works that Jesus did. This is what real faith is all about I just keep going back to the century and who said to Jesus I am not worthy that you should come to my house speak the word only in my servant shall be healed. And it says in the text that Jesus was amazed. Now it's not like you can catch Jesus by surprise but nevertheless Jesus was amazed because he says I have not found so great faith no not in Israel. Now who is Israel. I was God's chosen people. You know God's true church in the day and Jesus came down and he scanned the horizon trying to find faith in Israel and he found it in a pagan Roman soldier and he was like how does this happen. Why should it happen. If Jesus came to your church today would he find that kind of faith if he came to this camp meeting would he find this kind of a friend. That's the kind of faith and it's not. How should I say I was going to say it's not rocket science it really isn't rocket science it's just plain simple. Believing God's word. Now we also read Romans chapter eight verse thirty two with is that he has really given us all things. Do you believe that you have all things. What would you do if you had all things. If the birth is true shouldn't we by faith act accordingly and act like we had all things. Well we do have all things now what we what would we be like what. How would we act if we had all things. So act accordingly. Demonstrate your faith. Now well anyway to receive the righteousness of God leads us to the place where we should act like we have the righteousness of God Does that make any sense. I have a little quotation here from the Spirit of Prophecy. You know what you would think I took it out of context and but I'm not this is a Spirit of Prophecy quotation that I like to use in the lifestyle center and watch what it says it's almost unbelievable. This is second selected messages to eighty eight paragraph zero. Second second second selected messages to eighty eight paragraph zero if the sick and suffering. You know I'm addressing people in lifestyle center. If the sick and suffering will only do as well as they know in regard to living out the principles of help they will in nine cases out of ten recover from their illness. Now what kind of promises that. Isn't that amazing. Now someone will say well why don't you have the sick and suffering. I don't know anything about health principle. Well I want you to notice that the quotation doesn't say that God says well it doesn't say anything about what they know. It says only if they should do only as well as they do no. Can you see here that everything is not all that we reap what we sow because there is a God in heaven who interferes with intercept or intermingles. He works with us. That's what I'm trying to think he does. Can you see it. If the sick and suffering will only do as well as they know that's all I got is requiring he's not telling them how much they need to know he's telling them if they will do as well as they know in nine cases out of ten they will recover with. At an individual came to us straight from the hospital. He'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer pancreatic cancer that's a death sentence. They gave him something like thirty days to live a little bit more or less I don't know it was around between four and six weeks to live and he said well if he. He got himself out of the hospital came straight didn't dally didn't even call us didn't say anything he just showed up. I'm here. I got pancreatic cancer I've got one month to live through something. When I came back from somewhere I don't know where I came back and the man was there and when I walked in to see the lifeguard Yeah I saw him there and I thought you know who let him in. You know there's something we can do for some people but there are some things we cannot do and we can't work miracles and there is no doubt this man couldn't he could barely walk couldn't drive his car to more couldn't work couldn't anything. He was dying. Seven years ago. No cancer today at all. It doesn't even make any sense. But he stayed for two sessions and all that I understand is that he did all that he knew to do and in nine cases out of ten they're going to recover he says and it's true it's true. Now it's amazing to me. You can't cure cancer in eighteen days it doesn't make any sense. People come to us. Sometimes it happens in eighteen days. We've seen it happen with CA Murray when he came you know he had prostate cancer he stayed three weeks he went home and discovered he didn't have prostate cancer maybe he didn't have it to begin with I don't know but as far as I know he went away without it in any case. Yeah but I tell you and I tell those people who come to us if you will come to this program don't hope to find a miracle in eighteen days the LORD wants to teach you to change your lifestyle to harmonize with. His will but if you will go home and stay on the program nine cases out of ten you will recover. That's all that I have now. Some people come to get ready to die understand all of that part and you know I'm not God I'm not going to play God and I can't tell who's going to get receive what from God but I know what God says. Can we believe it. Now this principle do you think it extends you do you think you can extend it to other aspects of life. I mean could I think you know let me see if I can find a quotation here. If I have marriage problems but if those who have marriage problems will only do as well as they know in regard to living out the principles of a happy married life. They will in one cases out of ten recover their marriage. I mean could I do that to a quotation like this. Supposing I have financial problems. Supposing I have questions about education or ministry or anything else for that matter. I believe there is a God in heaven who gives those promises and His promises are true. If we only had if we only had faith to believe what he said. And faith is not a matter of fact Ellen White says faith is so simple if you look above it. Yeah somehow we think this is you've got to do some kind of mental spiritual gymnastics in order to get God to do something for you. It isn't that way. The gift is given and God is scratching his head wondering why we don't take the gifts that are given. It's just that simple. Now we're going to look at one of the hardest bible promise to believe that I know. OK I'll have you turn with me to Luke Chapter ten turn with me to Luke Chapter ten. However I'm going to throw another Bible I promise that you because you know. The problem is so I'm not having you turn there. Who can tell me what Romans chapter eight verse twenty eight said I think you all know it but you forgot three words. It started this way for we know that all things work together for good. And can I tell you this evening that we don't know all we know the promise we can recite the promise it in the Bible we have it in our heads. But do you know that when something bad happens all of a sudden we don't know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. I had I had a doctor friend the ophthalmologist come to visit us in Zambia and he was eighty two years old. He had done cataract surgery plenty before but that was six years before and he wanted to do cataract surgery then it's quite a story and I can tell you the whole story he did do cataract surgery my wife helped them and they did a fantastic job well anyhow. One day he heard me preach on Romans eight twenty eight and we had lunch together afterward and he was as angry as well and that's what they say right kind of a cliche. Yeah he was angry because he said that that is one verse in the Bible that is not true. Now how would you like to stand up and tell somebody. There is one verse in the Bible that is not true. Well he was serious about the thing he was angry because that verse was not true and he could prove it because he had been in a concentration camp in Japan for four years and he said nothing good ever came out of that. Well friend the poor guy he didn't understand that if you don't believe the promise you navigate the promise he didn't understand that and so here is a promise of God he didn't believe and for him it was not true. That's just the way it works. The By the Bible offers us all kinds of promises but they're they're not guaranteed if you don't believe them. That's how God operates. You know. Now my daughter one time called me up I was in town of gassing up my car my cell phone rings and it's my daughter from Whitehorse Yukon and she is crying crying crying crying God doesn't love me anymore near my prayers any more he he he you know I'm trying to buy a house and all that time. Every time I go to buy a house the deal fall through and you know that was three or four houses she had tried to buy and every time the deal fell through and she was crying and angry and I said to Julie don't you know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. No I don't know it because that may be true for somebody else but it's not true for me. Well I said if that's for sure it's not true for you Do you know why because you don't believe it. So anyway she hung up. So I went home and as a dutiful father I wrote her an e-mail a sermon on all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and she called me back two or three days later and she said Dad I said yeah. She said I repent and today she has a house and all that all is well. Yeah it's hard to believe that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. It really it really is hard to believe it. And do you know that this verse this promises it many places in the Bible. I had to turn to Luke Chapter ten. I want you to see verse nineteen where it looked Chapter ten we're going to look at verse nineteen Jesus is speaking to His disciples and by inference he's speaking to you and me were his disciples aren't we all the promises that he made to His disciples belong to us. Verse nineteen See if you can believe this. From it. Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and watch this now nothing shall by any means hurt you. That's God's promise to his disciples. Is it true do you believe in. You've never been hurt. You never stubbed your toe you've never hammered your nail. Oh yeah you've been hurt how many people have not been heard I'm not even going to ask for a sure hand. I know the answer. We've all been hurt somehow. What in the world is Jesus trying to say except that he sees the big picture and he says wait a minute wait a minute the devil's going to throw all kinds of things that you. I am going to catch what he throws at you. I'm going to take what he throws at you and I'm going to turn it to your advantage. All things will work together for your good. Nothing in the end shall by any means hurt you. Go to go to Job Job Chapter five Job Chapter five and we'll see another verse like that. Verse nineteen in Job Chapter five. He shall deliver the in six trouble yea in seven. There shall no evil touches me. Now what's the symbolism for number seven. Perfection. How many troubles is seven trouble well that's a lot of trouble isn't it. In Job Chapter fourteen verse one it said Man that is born of a woman is is of few days and what full of trouble. Now friend if I can promise you anything today I can promise you trouble from the day you are born till the day you die you will have trouble as a matter of fact look at verse. Seven they were still in Job Chapter five yet a man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward that is naturally we will have trouble the Lord cursed the earth for our sakes. We must have trouble. That is his design because trouble teaches us things that other things cannot peek. We will have trouble but friends What will God do with all this trouble. He's going to use it to our advantage if any. Yes he will. Psalms ninety one Psalms ninety one. Now I can't exhaust all the verses which show that all things work together for good but I do want you to see a few of them Psalms ninety one is about the seven last plagues I suppose you know. Look at verse ten in Psalms ninety one. There shall no evil be faulty This is during the time of the falling of the seven last plagues there shall no evil be Fall be neither shall any plague come nigh died Welling. Well why not. Various nine says so because I have made the Lord which is my refuge. Even the most high and die of habitation if you will abide in the Lord. Nothing can touch you if you know that mount a blessing and I don't have the quotation here but not a blessed thing page seventy one says if we are abiding in Christ that means we will be in Him He will surround us if he surround us nothing can get to us but through Him and nothing gets through him except by permission and if he permits anything to get to you then it will work together for your good. One of the things right. Supposing now you were called to go to war you don't want to go. War is messy we can see that you just you know turn the radio on and all the P.T.S.D. that's happening in you know and all the suicides that are happening in the Warrior. As you know in America especially terrible. You don't want to go there you want your mind messed up with do you know and you don't want to see all this death and you don't want to get killed either so you don't want to go. However the Lord's and the manger of the night before you're to be deployed and he says to you Listen God sent me I have a message for you and the message is this if you will go to Afghanistan you will go to war you will be there three years but I promise you that in three years you will come home without a scratch. Now tell me what kind of soldier would you be. Yeah all you would be brave you would be courageous. You could throw yourself into any situation because you know if you believe the promise that you will go home without a scratch you'll be decorated from the top of your head to the soles of your feet because you are so brave a soldier right. Well to me. That's what we're reading about this is what the Bible says that God is with us and the devil cannot go one a hair's breath beyond what God allows him to go and God won't allow him to go anywhere except it will work together for your good. If you love the Lord now you know I don't want to be imbalanced in all of this do you know there are some things that don't work together for good. Oh yeah everything that comes at you from outside of you will work together for good because God will take it and turn it to your advantage. But the things that come from inside of you can kill you or you can decide to turn your back on God You can decide to throw away a life and dissipated away with sin you can and you will destroy yourself. Did you know that that doesn't work together for good. Oh no no no. Turn to Luke Chapter fifteen the parable of the prodigal son. Luke Chapter fifteen looking at the parable of the Prodigal Son where I think we're at verse sixteen now we're moving along today we're going to get past one verse. Luke fifteen looking at verse sixteen the poor prodigal is in a pig pen and verse sixteen it says he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that this wind did eat but no man gave unto him that's what it says and what do I say I say praise God Our man has finally hit bottom he's come to the end of his rope. He can't get any lower socially. He can't get any poorer he can't get any hungry or he can't get any skinnier. His clothes are rag and he thinks that I haven't and he's tried to help himself and that didn't work and he tried to find help from a neighbor in a far country and that didn't work and the Bible says curse it is the man that trust in man. Now do you think that this was a negative experience for that young boy. Yeah it was a terrible experience. But what is it that God the Father in the parable or God is using to bring this young man to his senses this very thing. Is it going to work together for his good. It will Yeah and he didn't even love the Lord. That happens a lot too because God is working in the lives of all kinds of people. Story as you know my wife and I went to Africa in one thousand nine hundred seven. We spent a year in Zambia. We spent two years in the SU till we came back to Zambia in one thousand nine hundred ninety one and I became the president or the director of Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. And we asked my wife to to manage the clinic we had a clinic we had a doctor and all these workers and she had also a four wheel drive pick up double cab full of medicines which in which she used to do. Bush Clinic that's what we call Mo bile Bush Clinic. When people there are some people in some villages so far away and the only way they could get out if they were sick was to walk out and they might have to walk out a day or two days or three days. Now that's a long way to walk out if you're sick or if you really need help. So she she would go in with this pick up and she would go into these places where they were and she would pull their teeth and deliver babies or she'd bring their the pregnant ladies home to deliver them when they were ready to do so she wouldn't immunize their kids she would wait and she would feed them. There was a lot of famine in the land people were dying in and she was keeping a record of everyone trying to keep everyone alive it was a great work well this is all background. OK this is this is one thousand nine hundred four now this is we've been there six years at least. I forget a lot. In any case. We are going home. We're going home on furlough back to Canada and we have an airplane to catch and we're a little bit late and we're rushing out the door with our luggage. We got to run to the airport and as we're going out the door a runner comes to the door with a note for my wife and it was a note from her best friend they were working together in the bush clinic but the note was not very nice. The note was saying that my wife is too hard and her workers are afraid of her and she's not doing a good job. And whatever whatever and I kind of feel like if this lady had come to speak to my wife face to face personally that he probably could have buffered some of the things he said he probably would have buffered them but but you know it's easy to hire to write a note and when you're not looking in anybody's eyes you can write what you want at the moment. In any case and so it was pretty hard letter. OK so my wife took the keys off her belt and she wrote a note of resignation. And she put it on the table and we left we went to Canada for three months now here's the question what if. Happens in the heart of a woman who's been wounded but there's been no opportunity for conflict resolution. There's been no opportunity to resolve this problem. All she can do for three months is think about it now. Is it healthy for people to just think when they've been hurt. Now now. And so my dear wife who you know I hate to tell this story when she is here because she doesn't remember the stories the same way I do remember her memory's not so good. I mean but you know her her self image has never been that great. And now her self image has suffered a blow. And so this wound is beginning to fester. I wouldn't call it depression I've never seen her really been depressed but it was going sour somehow. Well after three months we fly all the way back to Zambia. I am in charge I say to my wife go back to work everything will be fine. And it's like No way. You know I don't know if you know people can be like that right. Yeah. So she wouldn't go back to work there she is sitting at home so I call her team together we have a meeting. They're all excited because we're back to ready to go back to work everything is wonderful but my wife said no way I am not going back to work. Well now she's sitting up in our house and she's a very active person naturally just because there is not going to cut it this isn't going to go even worse than before and I'm getting worried about this thing and so one day I find myself on my knees I'm pleading with God for some kind of wisdom in this thing. How do I handle the thing and I have in my hands a little book called walk from the mount of blessed thing. Page sixty one is going to have to take a note of death from the mount of blessing page sixty one. Take a note you were going to need it. OK so if I throw them out of nothing page six. And it says there that which you look upon as disaster is the door to the highest benefit. Did you catch that. That which you look upon as a disaster is the door to highest benefits and I'm like No really I mean all of a sudden I get a picture of what's going on here and the Lord is telling me everything's going to be just fine and preparing your wife to have a tremendous blessing and so I go running to her and I said to to my wife I feel like I know what's happening. The Lord has had to cut the legs out from under you because he's about to give you a tremendous blessing and he said Yeah right that's what you said you remember. Well I said it's true. Hang on don't do anything foolish. Tremendous blessing is coming. Now I've already said this was one thousand nine hundred four. You know what happened in Africa in one thousand nine hundred for World News. You should know you're almost all old enough. Yes you're right I got it by someone you know. Rwandan genocide the Tutsi the Hutus and the Hutus attempted to genocide the Tutsis to kill all the Tutsis there they managed to kill eight hundred thousand people with machetes. Yeah and by the way another million died after that. Now that we don't hear that part of it so well. But we know about the genocide there. And so as that happened my wife said I am going to Rwanda and I said great. Go to Rwanda do something this is wonderful and so she made her way to the United Nations office in Lusaka the capital of Zambia and she met there the receptionists I assume that's how the picture is in my mind that the receptionist and said I want to go to Rwanda. And this receptionist said What are your qualifications and my wife says well I manage a clinic and I pull teeth and I and I deliver babies and I dispense medicine and I immunize kids and on and on and decide that I can speak French. By the by the way those of you who speak French you can speak to my wife in French. Yeah and the lady said wow we need you in Rwanda right now you're just the kind of person we're looking for. Go upstairs and see the bottle and I don't know why it's upstairs was it up there. Yeah upstairs OK. She went upstairs to see the boss and he said I want to go to Rwanda and he asked the very same question What are your qualifications. She gave him the very same answers and he said no no no no your certificate your diplomas your degrees your paperwork. And she's like well I don't have any and he said Don't even bother to apply. We can't use you. So she stepped out the door and she did what any self respecting woman would do. What do you think she did. Yeah everybody knows what she did and thought her self image. Shrank just a little bit more. God wasn't opening the door for her he was no good you know whatever whatever. In the meantime these Ruan these are trickling down now from Rwanda through the air into Zambia and they're coming to the ad drop it now the man who is running the ad office is the Canadian from Alberta his name was Alan Fowler and he called me up one day and he said listen he says I've got all the room one of these coming in on the I need to establish a refugee camp but I'm all by myself. Do you have anybody who can help me over there and said I said I do and so I asked my wife if she wanted to go and he went to help. Allen followed to establish a refugee camp but when she got to him he said listen I will help. Do you to establish the refugee camp if you will help me to get to Rwanda and he said Oh sure. OK So they did a fantastic job of establishing a fab wishing a refugee camp they did a marvelous job this is wonderful. And then Alan Fowler announced that it was his turn to go on furlough to Canada and so he took opportunities when he was gone for two months he ran the refugee camp. Everything was wonderful. But when he came back she grabbed him by the shirt I assume. And he said to him Listen I told you that I would help you to start a refugee camp if you would help me to get the Rwanda and he said serious serious. OK So then he went and got on the phone and called the adult director in Rwanda. Now you don't know but there's a miracle in this all by itself because invariably one thousand ninety four did not have cell phones. You might have had cell phones here I'm not sure but in one thousand nine hundred four there were no cell phones in Africa was all landline. The problem with landlines is there of course there are copper and copper is expensive and the thieves would steal the copper lines up the telephone poles and they would sell them back to the telephone company who would put them up who would steal them and it would put them up with steal them and that's how it was going to get up to get a phone call through all the way to Rwanda. That's amazing it really was but he got through to Rwanda. And he spoke to the agile director there and they said send her yesterday we need her right now. So Allen goes over to my wife and he says you can go. They want you right now. And by this time she's becoming skeptical. And she said to him What did you say to them. And he said we said. He said I told them that you're a practical nurse and that you speak French fluently. She said Alan I'm not a nurse but you're practical aren't you practical but I'm not a nurse. My French is anything but fluent. So she got on the phone and she told these people the truth and they said we'll have an executive committee meeting we'll let you know. So one day goes by. No phone call. Two days go by. No phone call three days four days five days six days a week goes by nobody calls two weeks go by and nobody calls. And again she's feeling like God isn't going to open the door. I'm no good. He can't use me anymore and her self image is shrinking more. Well friend they actually did call back. I don't know how long it took I don't know how much time went by but they called back and they said listen we've been looking all over the world for qualified people to come in to help us in the refugee camps. We can't find anyone because it's so dangerous here people are afraid to come and with that great endorsement they said you can come. So she made her way over there and when she got there she was asked to follow a couple to two German nurses for a couple of weeks or three I don't know how many. And she was to learn from them what they were doing. She would take over from them was quite intimidating for her because she's not a nurse. You see but she followed them around. Now I have to shorten the story for the IF because of the time element here. At a time it is over. She is in charge of Agra the interim president they made her interim president but she's the last president they had over there. Yeah she was in charge of ten of three doctors and nurses. She trained to dentist. She had sixty six community health workers. She had a catchment of twenty eight thousand people in the refugee camp she had to make sure they had blankets and food and medicine and whatever else they might need. Established a hospital in the refugee camp they established three orphanages and the only school for a million people now obviously a million people didn't go to school there. Before it is all over she was the director the interim director for the Mohun go refugee camp. Now I say all of this to say this. Ask her what is the best experience you've ever had in life. And by split second she can say the experience I had in the refugee camps in Goma with Zaire. How did it all begin with a little note. The little note was not the end of the world all by itself but it became a huge disaster in her heart that which you look upon as disaster is what. It's the door to higher than if it is it is it true it's true. I promise you another story. I hope we have time. In two thousand and two in the spring I was asked to move from being the O.C.I. executive vice president to being the president of Eden Valley Institute in Colorado. When Wayne Atwood called me Wayne that was some of you knowing that when he's in Quebec doing a wonderful work he said you know I'm young and I have a young wife young family just they had one baby at the time. And this business of running it into a true institution is very stressful and you know would you take my place would you be president and said instead of me and I said no. Well he said Would you consider praying about it and I thought yes I will pray about it but I ain't coming. Well there's a problem with that of course I don't know about you but when I pray it's serious I can't approach God and pray and not be genuine about my prayer and so I began to pray and I wanted to be honest with God Now I want to be genuine with my prayer and so I ask the Lord would this be your will I sure hope it isn't but it will be here Will. And little by little the Lord indicated that I should be the president of Eden Valley. Now you know I was leaving what I thought was a cushy job. I mean I was the vice president more or less the plain pastor over seventy or more institutions in thirty five countries I got to travel and I didn't have budget problems and I didn't have personnel problems I had no one under me. I was just troubleshooting and fitting on board and doing weeks of prayer and spiritual meetings and what a wonderful life it was that three times the fight that I was getting at Eden Valley. But you know when the Lord calls. What are you going to do. You can't say no and please the Lord and so he called and I went to Eden Valley when I got to Eden Valley this is the fall of two thousand and two. The institution was down and the morale was down most departments were in the red. Things were not so good but within six months we were in the black. Praise God it's not anything that I've done. It's not anything that I know to do I'm not a business man and in this strangest sense of the word I am not. But the Lord reports he does that he does you know when you answer the call he will bless you in the call for three years in a row we raise stipends that this institution by a hundred dollars a month for every worker there so that in three years I had raised the Titan by three hundred dollars for every person working there. Things were wonderful until. Until I prayed a certain prayer I said Lord please glorify yourself at Eden Valley Eden Valley had a heyday you understand the place was full the retirement center was full the lifestyle center was full the education program was full it was like a busy little city. Everything was going good. They started all kinds of places even overseas and it was just a going concern and I had lost a lot of ground. And so my prayer was Lord glorify yourself. Eden Valley knowing that he could do it he couldn't do it I knew he couldn't do it unless he humbled me and so I can't create a prayer that the Lord or glorify itself when he couldn't do it unless he humbled me and I prayed that he would do it do whatever it takes so that you can actually glorify yourself here. Well I found out later in early writings and I think it's page one fifteen in early writing it says they're Do not ask God to humble you humble yourself beneath the mighty hand of God because if you ask God to do it it will be too painful. Yeah that's a paraphrase. Yeah but I didn't know until I asked the Lord to do it and as soon as I prayed that prayer everything went south. Now let me tell you something. Everything went south south south. No really. We had a retirement center there and you know the kind of people go to a retirement center or people you know a lot of old people do they die. Sure my turn coming it's true and when they would die usually it was not a big deal to replace them. And some left for some other reasons but we could not replace them they came to the place where we were losing three thousand dollars a month. You can't go on and on and on losing three thousand dollars a month in one of your D five. And so we we had to close it down. We even closed down the route the lifestyle center for six months because nobody would come and then we got the bright idea because Ellen White says the A B. and C. of the agriculture the A B. and C. of education what we need to do is do agriculture this is what value is always been known for anyway that organic agriculture led to agriculture. So we invested a quarter of a million dollars We had the money we had a half million dollars we invested a quarter of a million dollar on farm equipment and we were going to I had a cracker jack farmer I thought we would do a great job of this thing and the lard would laugh and needed the first year we lost one hundred thousand dollars the second year we lost one hundred thousand dollars. And so it went until there was no more money left. Now how many people can appreciate failure you can appreciate it. Yeah I hate failure. I don't want to fail in all of this. Nobody wants to fail you know. But it began to look here like I was going to make a huge mess of Eden Valley it was brought by you. They website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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