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Everything depends on the right action of the will, especially our salvation.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI


  • July 30, 2013
    7:15 PM
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Like to invite you to turn with me to Revelation chapter twenty two Revelation chapter twenty two. On our first two nights I emphasize that Jesus's birth is taking on of our humanity in our fallen humanity living a life from the beginning to the end without thinning and then dying our atonement our atoning death and his resurrection from the second death. All of these things he did so as to bring redemption to the whole world and he has provided this redemption according to the Scriptures without money and without price. It's a free gift is it true. Yes it is. Where in Revelation chapter twenty two. I want you to read very well I will read verse seventeen. Revelation twenty two and verse seventeen and the spirit and the bride say Come and lead him that here they come and lead him that is athirst come then Whosoever will let him take the water of life freely. Now you need to notice in this verse that there is only two action words to predicate two verbs. Whatever you want to call it that's of any consequence in this verse and the two verbs in this verse are come and take. Do you know that this is all that God requires. Come and take and I can read it to you from six B.C. six Bible Commentary ten seventy one paragraph five. Now notice what Ellen White says here. All that man can possibly do toward his own salvation is to accept this. That patient and then she quotes Revelation chapter twenty two verse seventeen. All that a person can possibly do toward his own salvation is to come and take that fit. Now all of the words that follow are so precious in my sight anyway in my heart that I just have to read them. Watch what it says no sin can be committed by man for which satisfaction has not been met on Calvary. You cannot commit a sin that satisfaction has not met the requirements of your a thing that Theon. Isn't that wonderful. It goes on to say that the cross in earnest appeals continually prefers to the sinner. Thorough expiation And so what Jesus did at the cross of Calvary offers to the human race everyone all the time. Thorough expiation it blows me away and all that Jesus is saying here is two things you need to do come. In John chapter six verse thirty seven it says there that if you will come to me I will never cast you out. You cannot be a castaway. There is a lot of people who seem to feel that they are so simple they cannot possibly come to Jesus and Jesus makes this promise. I know how sinful you are I don't care who you are. I don't care where you've been I don't care what you've done I don't care how miserable you are today and there are probably some of us here today miserable over something and I don't care what Phin you will commit in the future. Come come. Don't let anything stop you because if you can come to me I can save you to the uttermost that Hebrews Chapter seven verse twenty five. It says God can save us to the uttermost if we will come to Him through Jesus Christ. Who ever lives to make intercession for us is not a precious promise. I'm just going to read on. I've got to go there. You know I have a wide margin Bible and I've got a lot of Spirit of Prophecy juxtaposed against different verses and this is John chapter six verse thirty seven where he gives this promise. Now watch what he says cling to that promise. John six thirty seven cling to that promise and you are safe. I present this assurance to Jesus and you are as safe as though inside the city of God Now friend. If you were inside the city of God today would you be safe. Do you know where that city is. Well it's in heaven. Now how safe Could you be more state anywhere else. You couldn't be any more safe than that. And God says right here the promise is right here if you should take this promise and cling to it as if there is no other promise. You are as safe as if you're already in the City of God is that a promise or what. Yes Now turn with me to Psalms Chapter One hundred and sixteen Psalms one hundred sixteen King David is somehow getting a picture of all that Jesus has done for him and he is so overwhelmed with the idea of what God has done towards him or his salvation that he begins to think in his own mind what can I do to repay what God has done. Now have you ever thought of doing something to repay what God has done. Well there's not much you can do is there a look at it in verse twelve this is Psalms one hundred sixteen we're looking at verse twelve and this is his question What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me and do you know what he concludes. Look at verse thirteen. I will take the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord. You know there is no way that you and I can do anything to make God happy. Can you imagine what that would be what would it be. There's no way to do it but God has gone out of his way and he's made a sacrifice that is infinite. We can't even understand a thing and he did and he's produced a redemption a plan of salvation that will save your soul and mine and the only thing that we could do to please God is take the cup of salvation. That's the only thing we could do to please God and it would please him greatly don't you think so that it come and take it and God is pleased. Now does that mean that there is nothing more for us to do in relation to the gift of salvation. Oh no oh no. At the very least there are some decisions that need to be made you know I've been talking and someone came to me the other day in and said well you're not saying that we don't have choices do you know I'm not saying that we don't have choices as a matter of fact that's exactly what I would like to speak about today. As a matter of fact we need to take the choice to come you can come or not come. You know you can take or not take. And it's a choice. We say that salvation is by faith is it wash or salvation is by faith alone. Now our faith or lack of faith is also revealed in every decision that we make. Did You Know That. Yes when he was in the garden she came to that tree. God said to even to Adam both do not eat from that tree because in the day that you eat there. You shall surely die. So one day he wanders away from her husband she gets near that tree and there's a serpent in the tree and he's got some other idea. And he says to Eve DID GOD SAY that you shouldn't eat from this tree. She says Well that's right. He said I should meet on the street. Well do you know why he said that he said that because when you eat from that tree you shall be as gods. Now what he said was a true wasn't true. But listen look at the situation. Eva had everything she was very beautiful and she had all that she could possibly need. She was very happy. Everything went great. She couldn't advance any more than she was because she had everything already except for one thing she wasn't God and so thetan came over there and presented the one thing she didn't have and said Wouldn't that be an advancement. Wouldn't that be climbing a little higher. And she thought really that's true and God is withholding this from me you know that she had a choice to make and you know that the decision she made revealed whether she had faith or unbelief and why did she have. She hadn't really. That's right we have a choice whether we are going to worship and day or whether we're going to worship on Sabbath isn't that true. Sure and which Joyce would reveal true faith. Do you think. Well doing God's will. It's just that simple right. You and I have a choice. Well ladies you have a choice as to what kind of clothes you're going to wear. You can wear immodest clothes or you can wear modest clothes which of the two would reveal that you have faith in God. Yeah we have a choice we could be reading a novel a romantic novel or we could be really reading the Bible. If you have faith. Which one are you going to be reading and if you choose the Bible you're revealing that you have what faith. That's what it that's what it is trying. That's what I'm trying to get at. Yeah. Faith is revealed in everything we do and the Bible says Whatsoever is not of faith is what really. Yeah that's what it says in ministry of healing one hundred seventy six paragraph one. We need to understand the true force of the will. This is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or the power of choice. Now watch everything. How many things. Everything depends on the right action of the will. Now turn with me to the parable of the Prodigal Son this is what we're doing this week. We're studying together the parable of the Prodigal Son this is in Luke Chapter fifteen and we've already gone as far as Luke fifteen verse sixteen and now we want to be studying the prodigal as he is forced to make some choices by the way the prodigal son got himself into a mess you know that don't you. And if he was to survive he needed to make some pretty intelligent choices some really hard choices. So where we go look at verse eighteen now where in prodigal where he in Luke Chapter fifteen we're looking at verse eighteen. Look at the first three words in verse eighteen. What does it say I will arise. Look at verse twenty now the first three words what does it say. And he arose. Now I wonder if anyone here is old enough to know that some things are easier said than done. Did you know that it was easy for the prodigal son to say I will arise and return to my father. After all look at them now. If I'm in. But you know that in his head he must of thought like oh how am I going to be received I insulted my father and I committed treason against my family and I blew all the money that they gave me and I don't know how I'm going to be received. And so he has a choice he knows what he would like to do. He knows what his wishes are. But but how am I going to be. So it's one thing to say I will arise and go to my father it's quite another thing to make the decision to actually get up and go. You know there's another thing that I think everyone will understand here. The road to hell is paved with good intentions everyone knows what that is. Do you know what it means. What does it mean. It means that there's going to be a lot of people who are going to wake up in hell figuratively who had always wanted to change course. They just never got to change course. So the question this evening is what does it take with our good in chain intentions to change course. What is missing. What are good intentions. Action. Yes give me another word the will. That's exactly right and what is the will to be decisive it's to make a choice and to act upon it. That's what it says if you went to desired ages page forty eight forty nine it says there. And I'm just paraphrasing it because I don't have it here but it says the desire to do right is good as far as that goes. But if we stop there it will amount to nothing. The prodigal son had to do something more than wish and hope and desire to arise and go to his father he had to put his will on the side of action he had. Had to get up and go. He had to make a decision and if he had not made that decision he might well have perished there of hunger or whatever else because it was not enough to wish and to desire to go to his father he had to make a decision. Is it important that we make decisions are the decisions we make important our friends. Every decision reveals whether you have faith or not they do turn with me to first Kings Chapter eighteen First Kings Chapter eighteen this is the story of a light year I like the Tishbite. This is at a time when Israel is at a low ebb spiritually. The king on the throne is a man by the name of a Hab and he has a wife by the name of Joseph Bell by the way how many of you have named your daughter's Geza bell. She's got a reputation you know and that's who she is and she's a strong minded individual and she's not a Jewess she is the bail worshipper I don't know which tribe maybe the Bible says but I I don't know right now. In any case she's a bale worshipper and she's strong minded and she influences her husband who is an Israelite to worship Vale but because he is the king then obviously all of Israel is influenced by the king and almost the whole nation except for seven thousand who have not bowed the need to bail our bail worshippers. Elijah is concerned God is concerned Elijah and God get together and I don't know who got the idea but somebody thought what if it didn't rain for three and a half years. Do you think we get their attention. And so God said I think so. So he says to Elijah I want you to go to a Hab and I want you to tell him that it will not rain and there will be. No do for three and a half years so Elijah goes to the palace to get that by security. He gets right into the King's faith and he says no do no rain for three and a half years turns around walked out and by the time a larger Ahab gets his senses back together again. Elijah is gone and he searches for him for three and a half years but he can't find them. Friends when God hides something you can't find it. You won't find it. Now that's how it was. Well at the end of three and a half years obviously the earth the earth is parched. I mean really cracked and broken. There hasn't been even any dew for three and a half years. Everything is terrible the animals are dying people are dying and they're coming to the place where they're desperate I assume. And God in their lives or get back together again. And God says to Elijah go tell a have it's showdown time. And so he has a have bring all the people of Israel that's what it says all the people of Israel. I don't assume that all the people in Israel could climb Mount Carmel and be there but I assume that the most important where there is the priest of bail and the profits of bail and probably a lot of military and the King was there and a lot of other people. There was a lot of people up on Mount Carmel and Elijah is by him self. He needs to succeed or he's toast really is in trouble if he doesn't succeed here. But he doesn't seem to be afraid now. When he gets there he puts his finger right on the issue and we're looking at verse twenty one. This is the first Kings Chapter eighteen we're looking at verse twenty one. And Elijah came unto all the people and said how long haul ye between two pinions. If the Lord is God follow him but if they fail then follow him and the people answered him. Not a word. Now why did the people not answer him not even a word. It says in the verse you see in there because they were halt between two opinions. They were sitting on the fence. They didn't know on which side to get off. They were worshipping bail but they were Israelites. They shouldn't have been worshipping bail but they had been duped into worshipping Dale and now here comes someone who faces them with this fact and they're like What are we going to do what are we going to do with this thing that we confess the thing do we change our allegiance. They don't know which side to get off. They were indecisive indecisive. Are you decisive you make choices and the choices you make are they the right choices. Have you ever made bad choices. You know there are three Elijah's in the Bible right. You know that this is the original idea. He's the first one to come he comes when Israel is at a low ebb spiritually he was sent of God to bring a revival that would end up in a reformation of Israel and they would have been serving the Lord again. There is a second Elijah that came also at a time when Israel was at a low head but he came to do to prepare the way for Jesus to come and what was his name. John the Baptist said who he was now the third Alija Where do you find him. Yeah the end time. You can find him in the Bible in Malakai chapter four and he's come to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and hearts of the children to their fathers not amazing to me. I'm a long time not known what to make of that text because what in the world is turning the fathers hearts of the children have to do with with anything in the end time. Well friends have you noticed I don't know if you listen to the news at all. Have you noticed what the world is doing to the family. Do you know how important families are. Do you know that families are being destroyed today. The whole world seems to be bearing down on destroying families. That's what that's what the devil wants to do. So I assume it has something to do with that. But he has a message Elijah has a message in the last days turn with me to Revelation chapter three I suppose you know where I'm going. The three Angels' messages of Revelation fourteen and the message in Revelation Chapter three to the Laodicean church. As far as I'm concerned are interlinked The belong together. They they cannot be separated. They're the same message. Yeah we start with verse fifteen in Revelation three this is to the Laodicean church the last church in the last days. Notice what the message is. I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot so then because you are lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth because you are neither cold nor hot. What does it mean not to be cold or hot. It means there halt between two opinions. They've got one foot in the world. They don't want to leave the world because if they leave the world to miss out on all the fun that's out there and they've got one foot in the church they don't want to leave the church because they don't want to be lost and they're stuck between two pinions. We want to go to heaven but we don't want to go to heaven so much that we can quit sinning. You know I mean a lot of fun things apparently. And I tell you a story when I was twenty five I began reading the Bible. I was reading I thought from cover to cover and I was going to make a decision I told you that already I was going to make a decision about the Bible after I'd read the whole book I thought I was. Do that you know I would I would judge whether it was what it claimed to be or praise the Lord I'm not the judge of the Bible within a couple of weeks I was so convicted that the Bible was the Word of God that I knew I knew this was the Word of God and salvation was intrinsically and in twined with the Word of God but I was twenty five years old and I remember getting on my knees and saying Lord I believe I want to be saved. I love the Bible but I'm only twenty five years old so like you say you call on me later. You know that God spoke to me that time not audibly obviously but he spoke to my heart and he said You will not have another chance. And I thought what in the world. What do you mean I won't have another chance I'm only twenty five years old I can surely live till I'm fifty that's quite a bit of time is another twenty five years at double my age already. I've got lots of time. And God said You will not have another chance. And I kept arguing and he kept saying the same thing. Well it came to my brain that if God is God and he's smarter than I am and he knows the future and he says I won't have another chance then maybe I won't have another chance. And so he's telling me that I must make a decision right now or I am forever lost. That's what I got out of it. Now I didn't want to be for ever law if I wanted to have some fun but I didn't want to be forever lost. And so I had to make a decision and I decided to give my heart to the Lord when I was twenty five years old and you know friends I have never turned back. I have never turned back. Praise God I am so grateful and it isn't because of me. The Lord is so good at keeping us you know. Yeah but what did he mean by saying I wouldn't have another chance. I mean what was he saying I didn't know a few months later. As you know I was working in the nickel and copper mines in Sudbury Ontario and my partner was from gaspé here and we were a good team we were doing very well. We were drilling a drift. Now it's called a tunnel in your head but the underground lingo is for drift. We were drilling this tunnel nine feet by ninety two or three meters by three meters and we we were in a hard granite Hard Rock in granite going with this drip towards a nor body. We got to the ore body and we crossed the ore body forty feet so the ore vein this one specifically was forty feet wide. OK and veins always run on an angle like this underground and so we came in at a certain level. And we were going forty feet across. Fourteen and a half feet high and then we would go the full length of that vein. However long it would be at that level and then when we had mined all that out they would bring in the long haul machines they would drill two hundred fifty feet up two hundred fifty feet down and then they would blast the whole thing and mine it from underneath that was you know as simple an explanation as I can give you that's what we were doing. Now the problem this is called the filth. Stop. Now the problem with this still thought we were in we were doing was that the the ground was not safe there was soapstone in it. Now generally in our body as a solid or solid mountain and granite is solid mountain but soapstone is not you know what soapstone is right. That's the rock the Eskimos use the car because it's very soft. Folkestone comes in boulders always and it is always quoted coated in an inch or two of mud. So if you're drilling and you drill past the center of a boulder and you blast what's going to hold up the other half of the boulder up in the back there. Well nothing is because it's surrounded with mud and so where it should. I've been forty feet it was forty five and fifty and fifty five and it was going like this and where it should have been fourteen and a half feet high it was fifteen and twenty and twenty five feet high it was going like this because the ground was so terrible we were putting expanded metal. We were using extra long bolts were trying to hold everything up so that it doesn't come down on our heads you know. Well anyway we came to the point where my partner and I drilled through the ore body back into the granite that was the end of the stove and we blasted and went home. The cross you have came in. You look at the situation over and they refused to go in there it was too dangerous. We came back the next afternoon. My partner and I we walked up the muck pile and were looking the situation over and it was like What are we going to do. We were the lead ship it was up to us to fix it and to secure everything so the long haul machines could come in and there it was just amazing how dangerous the and I'd never been in a place more dangerous than that. Just then my partner said look. He said I've got a computer printout did you know we had computer printouts in one thousand nine hundred eighty three we had computer printout back then. Yeah and he said he was reading this thing and he says they didn't pay us for enough bolts. We put in more both then they paid us for last month. Well I said let's go down and count the bolts that we put in last month and that's what we did we went off the muck pile and we counted the bolts all the way to the far wall and we're standing there and then we're talking about Jesus we're talking about the end of the world we're talking about the Second Coming of Christ and he has a lot of questions. I'm I'm a new Christian reading the Bible I can't help but tell everybody about it I'm not a seven. They had that advantage by this time but I'm excited about what I'm learning so I'm telling him about it then and he's very interested by the way he became a seven minute film. So yes someday I should tell you that story it's a very exciting story. Anyway as we're standing there and as we're talking about the Lord a huge rock came down right where we had been standing on the muck pile just bang the size of a Volkswagen. And we have both been flattened like lives there. We had been still standing there but we weren't and praise the Lord. And so my partner who had presence of mind he said to me he said listen if it begins to rain rocks in here because there's pressure. And the thing is in danger of caving in and he no sooner said that that a rock fell beside him and another one here and another one there and another one there and he began to run and he's running and I'm running. And as I'm running behind him and he's running a lot faster than I can anyway I look back and I can see the whole thing is going to come down and then there's wind and there's dust and everything is flying by me and I can't seem to be running fast enough I thought I'm done I'm done I can't reach that little tunnel that we were running for but I did. I can prove it. Yeah yeah. We got into that little tunnel and the whole thing folded in. So the question remains if I had forfeited God's protection if I had taken myself out of his hands when he said You will not have another chance. You have to make a decision today where would I be today. I can't prove that I can't prove it but in my heart and in my mind I feel like I would have died at twenty five years old and my partner with me. We both would have been Facebook under there. Yeah I believe that because God told me I would not have another chance. And I've never come so close to dying as in that in that place underground and it revolves around what one little decisions are decisions that important do you make decisions or do you just float through life. You know whatever your mind says you do whatever comes out you you watch or you read or you taste or you do you make decisions. That's the question in Philippians four verse thirteen. There is a statement Macon made there it's not a question. It says I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me is not what it says is that a question. Now it's not a question it's a statement the question is it isn't can I do all things through Christ that strengthen me. The question is will I. Because the promises made. It goes back to what I've been saying all week have you have you noticed how God's promises are ridiculous. It's like I can do all things. It doesn't make any sense at all. If we had any faith if we had any faith we would look at this promise and say Thank You Lord. Nothing shall be impossible unto me. Matthew Chapter seventeen verse twenty. Nothing shall be impossible unto us is it true. That's what the Bible says. All friends have faith and make your decisions two to harmonize with the promises of God It's just that simple. That's what it says. Yeah yeah. Have you ever heard somebody said Say I can quit smoking anytime I want to. Well friends that's not a question a lot of people quit smoking all the time I suppose you can quit smoking too. The question is not real can you quit smoking. The question is will you. And it revolves around one little question. And for you as a Seventh Day Adventist Have you ever heard a Seventh Day Adventist say Oh I've always wished that I could be a missionary. Well why are you a Seventh Day Adventist if you're not a missionary. Not really what's the point of being a Christian at all if it isn't to seek first the Kingdom of God to enlarge it and the righteousness of Christ to adopt his character in our characters so that everything is added unto us and everything is added unto God. Isn't that true. Yeah yeah. So the question is not this is not a question the question is why aren't you a missionary if you're not. It's because you never made the decision to be a missionary. It's just that simple just that simple. If you see in it the devil make you do it. Now now his job is to tempt you and he's very very good at it but he can't make you see and if you see and it's because you have decided to see and if you do well that God force you to do well. Why no god has all the grace in the world God has all the power in the world as well as all the encouragement you could possibly need and he'll stand behind you if you want to do well there is no devil or it is no man in the world that can stop you from doing well but it's your decision your decision. Turn with me to Joel Joel chapter three. Joel chapter three one of the minor prophet this but it isn't that hard to find if you go to a Zeke you know you can go to if you kill then Daniel then Hosea and then Joel. So it's only three books in from from it is equal or in Joel chapter three I'm just using this verse as a kickoff verse and. Because also I have three fear to prompt the quotation in my margin and I don't have to write them in my notes. So we're going over here now you know that the Book of Joel is a book of prophecy right. The Book of Joel points to the last day that always points to the last day of the whole Book of Joel is about the day in which we live today and it's always pointing to the last days and the issue there of course is the outpouring of the Latter Rain in the last days it's a fantastic book and I appreciate Pastor Paul sharing with us from Joel today was it today. Yes I think so this morning. OK Look at verse fourteen in Joel chapter three multitudes multitude is in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision apparently there is coming a time in the last days where every individual in the world will be asked to make a decision. You can go to Revelation Chapter thirteen and see over there that there's a beast who demands to be worshiped in this world you can go to Revelation Chapter fourteen and find that there is a God who says no way you're not going to worship the beast because if you worship the beast the wrath of God will be upon you. And so in the end of the world every individual is going to be called to make a decision as to whether they will worship the beast or worship God The problem with all of that the problem with this scenario is that some people don't make decisions do you know that there are some people who don't make decisions they have been so long making a decision that their that their decider is rusty it doesn't work every time they're having to make a decision. They look to the person next to them and say what would you do if you ever heard little kids say Hey what should we do. No What do you want to do. Well I don't know what do you want to do. Well somebody is going to have to make a decision or we're not going to do anything but the problem with that I mean it's not so bad when you're kids because kids. There mold the bowl but when you become older and you have not made any decisions wives if you allowed your husband to make every decision in your life. Husbands if you allow your wife to make every decision in your life what are you going to do when you come to that day when you are called to make a personal decision and it isn't safe to follow husband wife children pastors anybody else for that matter. The Lord is calling us to read the scriptures for ourselves and decide for ourselves how we will relate to God and there's a lot of people and there are pay the churches all around are filled with people like that are they not. We can come to them and knock on the door and give them a Bible study about the Sabbath and it's just like. I mean even very famous people how many of those famous evangelists out there in the world that are not Seventh Day Adventists have been approached by said that they have an ad that is presented with the Sabbath truth. They know that it is true but how can I leave my church. I mean what will happen to me if I start keeping Sabbath I will lose all my reputation and my wealth and my whatever whatever. And as if anything in this world is important enough to hang on to there isn't anything in this world important enough to hang on to is there. Now now friend studied the scriptures for yourself. It's wonderful that we can have a camp meeting and I can stand here and I can influence you by the things that I teach you. But friends are you sure that what I'm saying is true. Have you studied it out for yourself. Are you going to say well he's such a good storyteller that he must be right. Well I'm not right because I'm a good storyteller and I may not be right. Do you know for yourself. Have you studied it for yourself. Are you making decisions. For yourself. Do you know how important that is. Oh me. There isn't anything I think more important than that. Let me read to you three quotations. This is Volume four of the testimonies four fifty four Paragraph one volume four four fifty four Paragraph one without decision that is without being decisive and individual is fickle unstable as water and can never be truly successful. Now would you like to be successful. Be decisive. Oh well what do you mean. I mean I've prayed to make mistakes you know. You know there are people who are afraid to make mistakes. Why shore. It's scary to make mistakes because we look bad if we make mistakes. We would like to think that we are so intelligent that we don't make mistakes. Well there is no bigger load of bunk in the whole world. There isn't an individual in the world who hasn't made mistakes and you will make mistakes yet do you know that God is not afraid of you're making a mistake as a matter of fact there are some quotations that I really ought to get this quotation from Ellen White. She says God has allowed my husband and I to make mistakes so that we could learn by the mistakes that we made. She says that God allowed a prophet to make a mistake. Really. Yeah. Now God is not afraid of our making mistakes. Tell me now how many of you have been to school any have you given grades one and two and three. Did you have to learn math in school in grade one two and three. What does a teacher used to teach math now because we're so many I'll answer the question myself. She uses or he uses math problems. Do you know that there are some individuals who go home to think up of problems for you. Sure it's amazing. Terrible but it's not terrible because there is no other way to learn math if you know that if somebody doesn't give you a math problem how in the world with you. Ever Learn to add or subtract or divide or multiply or anything else for that matter you have to have a math problem. Well friend this is the question how many times in grade one and two and three they had to get all your math problems correct. If you ever make a mistake. Yes you did there's no doubt about it. OK so how much does it matter today that you made mistakes in grades one two and three in math. Well it doesn't matter a hoot you know today how to add and I hope so anyway you know today how to add and subtract and multiply and divide and maybe some of you even know how to do calculus. Well that ain't me but it doesn't matter. I can get along with a little math that I have. And all those mistakes that you made in the lower grades don't matter anymore. And God in heaven is trying to teach us to live successfully and the only way he can teach us to live successfully is to give us a life problem. And he does it he. Man that is born of a woman is a few days and full of problem. Yeah yeah. As the sparks fly upward Is that what the Bible says. Yes problems are guaranteed to us. It's wonderful because we're going to learn a lot through all of these problems. Don't be afraid of making a mistake by making a wrong decision. Friend you are going to make a wrong decision that you're going to learn great things by those wrong decision. The biggest mistake you can you can make is to be indecisive to make no decision. That's the second quotation this volume or again of the testimony three forty four zero indecisions soon becomes a decision in the wrong direction. There it is better to make. They then could be indecisive. Yeah better to go forward. Then there can you imagine sitting on a chair here on the platform and praying Lord please guide me and then you think in your chair and you pray Lord you're not guiding me and you stay in your care Lord guide me and the Lord I can't guide you you're not moving. Media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you first if you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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