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Present Truth

Frank Fournier


We are still here 171 years later. Why? 


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



  • April 25, 2015
    7:00 PM
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I'd like to invite you to turn with me through Isaiah Chapter sixty. I think Chapter sixteen. I suppose you read a lot in the spirit of prophecy and Ellen White uses the term present truth a lot you know what that means. It means that at any given time there is a truth or special pertinent to that time. Now if you were to boil all the truth that we've been given as a people if you were to boil it all down to the one truth that is most important to us what would you say. I mean have you got that all jelled in your brain do you know what it is. What's the most relevant information that we you and I could be given to the people around us or that we should share with each other to keep this thing bolstered up. Do you have it in mind. Are we preaching it or are we spending a lot of time putting out little fires that the devil starts all over the place to keep our mind from focusing on what it is that we should be focused on. What about women's ordination is that an issue. Is that present truth. What do you think. Or is it a smokescreen. One about evolution that some people have snuck into our denomination. What about spiritual formation or the emergent church or contemplate of prayer or the one project or conspiracies without end and we could go on and on. Now don't get me wrong there's a lot of doubt I'm speaking about right now that are heresies but are they so important or are they more important then what God would deem to be present truth. That's the question this morning and I'd like to get started now on this thing as you know us. My whole church the whole world as a matter of fact is headed towards what we would call the mystical war of Armageddon. Now I believe that this war might well have been fought a long time ago. Except that as Seventh Day Adventists we've been super passive as a church. The Bible speaks of us as being lukewarm lacking this intense desire to glorify God's name to glorify God's character or this intense desire to go out and wind us old because there are souls perishing all over the place. Well let me tell you something. Prophecy predicts that there is coming a time when we will not be so pensive in the future. There is coming a time when we won't be phlegmatic about this thing at all. We're going to get aggressive about this now in a little book called early writings on page sixty nine. One of mine. How can I say one person who's the greatest mentor in my life as to what preaching is all about. Used to say this if you're going to read one chapter on The Spirit of Prophecy on your knees it's of this chapter so let me remind you again this is early writing page sixty nine and it's the chapter on the shaking and it is a very very interesting chapter and then you may not have read it lately but I really would like to encourage you to read it if you haven't I don't want it in this chapter points to the future and everything in the chapter is future to now. OK whatever is happening in this chapter is not happening right now. So all this is your church and she takes the Seventh Day Adventist Church and she splits it right down the middle. Well no not that I would be right. She splits it into two groups and it probably isn't right down the middle. OK and of the first group she says this. I saw some with strong faith and agonizing cries pleading with God So that's one group in the church this is in the future now. There's a group of Seventh Day Adventists who are pictured pleading in agonizing with God and she uses words like this pale countenances deep anxiety internal struggle large drops of perspiration and then she says the evil angels crowding around them are trying to shut out Jesus. Their view of Jesus because that's our only hope right. That's where we get our only strength. Then she looks at the other group and she says this The other group is indifferent and careless. Now obviously there's an issue here and both groups are looking at the same issue but they're having different responses. The one group with strong faith in agonizing cries are pleading with God for something the other group look at the same issue and they are indifferent and they are careless. This is the future this is the Seventh Day Adventist Church and she divides the wise from the foolish the sheep from the goats the gold on the draw for the weak from the cares whatever it is she's doing here. She's dividing the church right there. One are agonizing for something. Whatever the issue is the other ones are indifferent looking at the same issue. Serious now we go on in the next page which is to say that the early writings and she says the angels lead the careless and indifferent ones and they go to the help of those who and then he read it to you those who are struggling with all their powers to help themselves. Now that's interesting because there's a saying and sometimes we do the same. You know there's a saying that goes that God helps those who help themselves. Well that's true but I think we misapplying it we misinterpreted this thing a lot of time and who How is it that we help ourselves I watch carefully how. It is that we help ourselves. They were struggling with all their powers to help themselves by calling upon God with perseverance. Friends Prayer is the key and it's true and all you have to do is study the life of Jacob. Now you know who Jacob was and you know what his name means he's a usurper. He's a cheat and he got through life successfully in a sense because whatever he wanted he got. He was very calm and he was driven. He wanted something he went for it except he didn't use the Lord's ways very much not at all not affect right. And so he had a huge problem because the thing he wanted was right. He wanted the birthright and he wanted God's blessing he wanted to be the priest in the family he wanted the spiritual anointing of God All these things are wonderful but he always went at it the wrong way. Because carnal nature wanted it you see. Well anyway you know all the trouble he got into with his brother lying to his father cheating is Brother conniving with his mother and all the rest. Finally he's running he has a conversion experience he ends up with his uncle Laban and there's cheating both ways here. I don't believe in the house. Finally twenty years later he sent back home. Now I don't know how old Jacob is at this time I always figured he was about sixty years old but some people who study deeper than I think he may have been even as old as ninety years old ninety years all he's wanted God's blessing he's one of God's anointing is one of God's birthright he wanted everything which was right we always approached it the wrong way because he was not born again. He was driven by his carnal nature. So here it is ninety years old maybe seventy maybe eighty whatever it was and he's into an amazing struggle with a man who puts his hand on the shoulders and they start wrestling him to wrestle from midnight to the breaking of dawn. That's a long wrestle match I'll tell you what. So for five minutes and you're done. Not even five minutes two minutes right. He was a strong guy and he got what he wanted. Always. Well when he finally wakes up to the fact that he's wrestling with Jesus he lays a whole bunch Jesus and what was his prayer I will not let you go except you give me two things. You deliver me from my brother and you give me a new heart. And what did he get. He got a new heart and his name changed from usurper to one who prevails with God and man this is the key and this is the experiences Jacob's time of trouble maybe I suppose I don't know exactly but this is what's happening with God's people at a certain time in the future. They're going to lay hold on God they're going to get what they want but we haven't. What is it that they want. Well if you go to the next page in early writings two seventy one it speaks of their getting a victory. Now wait a minute you and I have had victories in our lives right. Some of us have quit smoking some of us I quit drinking some of us have quit pornography some of us whatever we gain some victories because today we're saying that they are going to and there are a lot of things we don't do anymore. But these people this is not what we're talking about here these people are aiming at a victory that denomination Christianity Today has yet to have a cheap. So that means that one of these days one of these days we're going to wake up to the fact that we're coming short of what God is expecting from God's people. This is what it means. And when we see it we will agonize and we will not be indifferent to whoever there is going to be two groups in the church. Now the title of this chapter is the shaking. That's what it is. OK And the reason there's a shaking according to page two hundred seventy early writings it says these people who are agonizing get the victory. The standards go up in their lives they speak the straight truth according to page two hundred seventy and the indifferent ones rise up against them and there's a huge civil war within the church and then the indifferent ones are shaken out at this point. The Holy Spirit is poured out upon those who gain the victory whatever that is. OK now I've come to a very special paragraph on page three two hundred seventy. Listen to this carefully. This is really important. Page two seventy paragraph three. This is a chapter we all should be reading on our need. I saw that the testimony of the true witness who is the true witness Jesus is and where they he gives his testimony where he was called The True Witness. The Revelation Chapter three Sorry Revelation Chapter three verses fourteen to twenty one so this is Jesus. I saw the testimony of the true witness has not been half heeded the solemn testimony upon which the destiny of the church hangs has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded. Do you see that this is a pivotal point in the history of the Senate they are going to church a pivotal point and it says here that destiny of the church and by implication yours and my destiny also hangs on one passage of Scripture. This is amazing to me because God is so kind God is so good that he's willing to boil down what the future holds down to one passage of Scripture not only just down to one passage of Scripture but really down to one verse in one passage of Scripture because it is. In this Revelation Chapter three verses fourteen twenty three to twenty one he gives us the problem what it is we are halt between two opinions or we are neither hot or cold and then we come to verse seventeen and it says that but we think we're better off than we are so we don't realize we're wretched and miserable or aligned and make it this is the problem then he says verse eighteen I counsel the I've got the solution to the problem you're facing. Here's what you need as a people and he gives us the council right. I counsel the two by this word by is very important. It points back to the time when Jesus said somebody will sell all that they have to get the Pearl of Great Price or the treasure that's buried in the field this is the same connotation. This is what this is pointing to. I counsel you to buy and use an exchange here and it's going to cost you everything you've got. This is what I say I counsel you to buy gold is the symbolism of gold here. Faith and Love faith that works by love this Nations chapter five Verse five or six verse like water. Yeah that's what it is. He says what you're lacking is the faith of Jesus. What you're lacking is is a copy. Love unconditional love. And I counsel you to buy of me wide Rayman the righteousness the gift of God's own righteousness we can have it by faith. We can't produce this thing this is the thing we need to understand this is a gift from God his own righteousness is available to us. Then he says I counsel you to buy what I said that you may see spiritual discernment because we're heading into a time of trouble where every trick in the book is going to apply to be applied against us and we need to be able to discern truth from. Also it so this is what God does for us and if we lightly disregard this testimony where are we going to end up indifferent and careless. Well friends I think we've been indifferent and careless. That's what it is here right. The Fallen testimony upon which the destiny of the church changed has been lightly esteemed if not entirely disregarded. Amazing. Now here is the deal. Jesus moved from the holy place of the sanctuary into the most holy place of the sanctuary one hundred seventy one years ago. That's a long time. His purpose. Daniel Chapter eight verse fourteen unto two thousand three hundred days that's the end of that prophecy. Eighteen forty four to two thousand three hundred days then shelled us heavily sanctuary be cleansed and he intended to cleanse the heavenly sanctuary by cleansing purifying to himself his people his nomination and he intended with all that to make a demonstration such as has never been made in the whole human race. And he waited until the last generation. The weakest generation that ever existed on the earth and he would make that generation she was me he would make that demonstration with that generation that was his intention. This is his intention but he has been waiting one hundred and seventy one years and we've never bought into it. As a people all you know the doctrine we know the intent but we've never cooperate so we're still here in order to do that is in order to bring us to the place where we are purified as we should be. He sends to us three angels with messages Revelation Chapter fourteen. Now if you take Revelation Chapter fourteen you know it's divided into three parts right versus buying through twelve is. The three Angels' messages. When these three Angels' messages are received and understood and internalized they create one hundred forty four thousand verses one to six or one to get it right. And once they are created of course then the last part of Revelation thirteen is the harvest he sends forth his reapers and he reads the wicked on the one side to be destroyed he reads God's people on the other side to live forever with him in the kingdom of heaven and on the earth made new very wonderful. Yeah and all that is to be accomplished by the three Angels' messages. Well I tell you what we need to study the three angels method it's amazing to me now cause I was in here this morning it was here last night just a few months ago Kyle went up to to Europe and he had an air sign meeting in the division presidents and union presidents in Chapter prep I mean conference presidents and besides all the inside people had a wonderful meeting and then after work many of the leaders were sitting around in a circle talking and one of the leaders said I don't understand what the three Angels' messages have to do with our identity. How is it that I said that they had been as we've got these three angels in the front of the church is on the outside of the church is on our signs everywhere. We identify forever but as with the three Angels' messages and I don't understand what the three angels have that have to do with our identity and Kyle saw grow up. Well Franz we don't have to go accusing people in Europe of not understanding what the three Angels' messages have to do with our identity. Do you know what the three Angels' messages have to do with our identity. Could you explain this. I bet you we could go to any church in almost any church in the land and most of the people in our churches will not have a clue how to explain it. We don't know obviously then because we don't know we haven't been able to cooperate with God because we haven't understood the three Angels' messages. Now the three Angels' messages talk about the hour of his judgment is come Babylon the Great has fallen and the mark of the beast and when we do when evangelistic fear is this is what we preach and then Ellen White says But you're missing something from this whole thing right. What is she saying. Justification by Faith is the three angels message or the thirteen joules message in verity there is a hidden in the three Angels' messages thread a goal that helps us to understand that the righteousness of Christ the gift of God's own righteousness is involved in these three messages. And if we understood it we would be changed. We receive the gift of God's own righteousness. How would you like to be like God in character. Wow this is what forms one hundred forty four thousand in Revelation Chapter fourteen is the three Angels' messages. Yet once they are formed the Latter Rain is poured out upon them. The Mount cry is given the whole world is one revelation eighteen verse one the whole world is lightened with the glory of God's character. Wow Yeah so when the whole world is enlightened with the glory of God's character what do they see. They see God's goodness. Do you know that not everyone knows that God is good. In the book Christ object lessons for fifteen paragraph three says this It is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is interested in the world it is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is enshrouding the world because people do not know who God is and you can't blame them if you look at the world. I mean how many Jews ended in during a second world war I would say is God as God even exists six million Jews or you know perish through the Holocaust. Obviously God doesn't. This doesn't exist or he would have helped us. So just that they are not that religious by the way. Yeah and look at the world today the way things are happening as well you heard Louis Walton yesterday describing how things are here. Just this week just three or four days ago I happened to be on Facebook and I saw I saw ISIS cut the throat of thirty people right there in the video it was gory I was so sorry I thought I couldn't sleep after the world has come to the place where it's amazingly cruel. Well where's God in all of this that's the question that's being asked of course. When I was a little boy I don't know seven eight nine years old I was that they are New Year's Day party at my grandmother's place my grandmother on the corner store and she had a lot of candy and a lot of ice cream or whatever. I used to love to go to my grandmother's. She liked me and I couldn't go there without her giving me candy and whatever because she owned the store you know. Anyway every New Year's we met there all the family and we had a big big supper together and it was wonderful. So there was a lot of uncles a lot of aunts and the women who were in the kitchen cooking and all the rest and I had one specific uncle. Now my brother my my my my father and his brother are very two sisters two brothers married two sisters and my father's brother my uncle was there and his little girl was really really really sick she was just the baby maybe one eighteen months old or two years old or something and she was really really really sick and all of a sudden he threw conniption. He lost his temper and he began yelling and screaming and that there could be no God God could not possibly exist if there was a God in heaven my little girl wouldn't say. Over the way she's suffering. And I'll tell you what I'll never believe in God again. And you know he never returned to church again. He never was religious. Again if you ever was before I don't know you know now here I am I'm seven or eight or nine years old this is happening before my place and I could not meet the logic if that little girl was sick. Where was God anyway why should a little girl be sick as sick as she was. And doesn't his logic isn't it logical does it make sense. It made perfect sense except for one thing I knew that it wasn't right. I knew what how did I know I can't tell you how I know you know I'm French Canadian French and this whole hospital was French and so we were speaking French and you know if you speak French and you mention God You call him bones you know in other words a good God and you never refer to God without using the word good ever. So I grew up now I'm seven or eight or nine years old whatever it is. And every time I hear the name of God I hear the word good he's good and so this thing has been improved upon my heart upon my brain and even though my uncle is having a conniption over there in the corner and he's saying that God doesn't exist my brain says I can't meet the logic but I know he's wrong. I don't understand what's going on but I know that God is good. And so whatever happens in this world I have this foundation. It doesn't matter what happens I can understand it because I am too damaged as a human being but I know that God is good and that's what's happening in the world. There is an apprehension of God because if you look at what's happening in the world they can't be no god or there is a god is not a good one. I had to turn to Isaiah fix the Isaiah Chapter six The ever gonna start with verse two and this is a. They're a little passage to Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one and the whole world is lightened with the glory of God's character. Parallel passage this is what this is talking about. Verse two for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people this is coming and it's building and it's getting darker and darker and darker in the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth and it's getting darker and darker and darker. But and I appreciate that there's a bug here. But the Lord shall arise upon the end of glory that is the character of God shall be seen upon and then God gives us a charge. God gives us a commandment. God tells us what he wants to verse one. Rise and shine for the highlight is come and the glory that is the character of the Lord is risen upon the get up and shine. Because now I've given you my character righteousness by faith. This is what this is all about verse three. Notice what happens when this happens and the Gentiles shall come to the light and the Kings to the brightness of Die rising and if you go to verse five the last part of Verse by the abundance of the sea that the whole world now shall be converted unto the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee and so this is still future and this is at a time when gross darkness covers the people. Is it beginning I can tell you whether it's beginning or not but I tell you there are some wonderful signs happening among us in this church that we are beginning to shake a little. It's not enough it's not enough we haven't come to the point in time when with strong faith an agonizing cries were pleading with God for the character of God to be seen in me needed Christ object lessons for fifteen again but this is paragraph five No the last rays of merciful light the last raise the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of the care. It's character of love. That's the last message at Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one. Yeah let me tell you something it will not be given primarily from the pulpit. It's going to be in our lives. It's going to be in us. The righteousness of God we're going to lay hold of this thing by faith standards are going to go up everybody is not going to be happy with this thing. Now Christ object lesson again for fifteen paragraph five The children of God are to manifest His glory that is his character in their own character. They are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them that I'll bear in mind this was going to be happening throughout the whole world. God is going to strategically placed one hundred forty four thousand. Whether it's symbolic or whether it's literal I don't know and I'm not here to argue that point but he's going to place in strategically these people all over the world so that the whole world is lighting with the glory of his character the love of God will capture the imagination of the people because the persecuted Seventh Day Adventists are going to return love for evil. Good for them. Can you imagine the impact this is going to have on the world. I mean Jesus was one man and he's impacted this world more than anything we can understand even to this day. Well one hundred forty four thousand people just like Jesus all over the world. The impact is going to be amazing this is the thing that's lacking with us we're not like humans we should be. Yes And so there is going to be a reaction. Here's where we get into prophecy a little bit in seven B.C. nine eighty three Paragraph two when the earth is lightened with the glory of the angel of Revelation eighteen the religious elements of good and evil will away this is another midnight cry we hear. I cried. Matthew twenty five and then in I cry points to the time when we began to believe that Jesus was coming at a certain date. Eight hundred forty four right this is the other night cry where God separates the we the foolish from the wise and wise from the foolish. OK When the earth is lighted with the glory of Revelation eighteen the religious elements of good and evil will go away and the armies of the Living God will take to the field to the mission field if you please. Now when I hear this here's what goes through my mind. In Daniel chapter eleven verse forty four but with me to Daniel chapter eleven verse forty four and you can you can disagree with me if you like it's OK because I'm not always right as a matter of fact I'm more often wrong than right but still an odd word in Daniel Chapter eleven we're going to look at verse forty four and you understand Daniel Chapter eleven the last verses of Gen Daniel Chapter eleven are not yet. How should I say fulfill. I was going to say they're not yet understood what some people think they understand them and some people don't know whether what you understand about them and this is neither here nor there because a lot of prophecy is not understood until it's all built OK but look at verse forty four and keep with the train of thought that I started here. OK. The whole world is light with the glory of God's character and there's got to be a reaction from the opposite side and this is where I think is that the reaction is pictured in Daniel chapter eleven verse forty four but tidings we're talking about the King of the north here right. And he feeds the king of the south and there's all kinds of stuff. Then he goes on and it says but tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and to utterly take away many to destroy. Now there is a reaction to the king of the North whoever he is and you know in your mind what you think the king of the North is and you're probably right and there's a reaction because something is happening out of the ether and he doesn't like it and he reacts with fury against the thing that's happening that's coming out of the ether. What is it that's coming out of the ether. Well turn with me now to Revelation Chapter seven Revelation Chapter seven now in Revelation Chapter seven got orders for angels to do something what it God ordered for angels to do. Oh back before Windows right now. Sorry that's not true. They end up holding the four winds of strife. But that's not what we think them to do. If you look at birth too. I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to her the earth and the sea. He sent them to destroy the earth and the sea. Do you see that the picture here is of a God who says The time has come I'm coming. He sent his angel just like in the hill Chapter nine the six men were the destroying weapons in their hands to wipe out the world. It's finished it's all done. Destroy the earth and the trees and the sea and everything that they did do it and when he gets here when the Angels can hear God's people are NOT feel God's people are not ready. Something is wrong so he says Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait wait don't do it don't do it we've got to feel God's people. Did you notice who does the ceiling near the back adverse to Leith and I saw another angel defending from the wear from the ether. That's the ceiling angel comes from the East having the seal of the Living God. And then of course he cries with a loud voice to hold the women what is this about. Who is this angel that counts. Can I read it to you this is out of early writings. Page one hundred eighteen actually is Jesus but what. Then I saw the third angel Revelation fourteen verse I mean Revelation fourteen. The three Angels' messages I saw the third angel said my accompanying Angel fearful is his work after all is his mission. He is the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares he is the angel that is to seal or bind a week for the heavenly Garner. Where's the ceiling Angel is the three Angels' messages in Revelation Chapter fourteen. Once their work is received understood internalize they form one hundred forty four thousand which are sealed and you remember what they look like right. They've got the name of God in their foreheads. Verse one. They are not corrupted with the deceptions which is called women there but we know that the symbolism for women in the Book of Revelation means church and they're not corrupted with the false doctrines of the false churches there are without guile in their mouth they follow Jesus wither soever he goes and they are without fault before the throne of God We are sealed saddled into the truth both intellectually and spiritually. This is who they are and this is the work of the thirteen joules message and this is coming from the east and so when this work comes from the east and the end one hundred forty four thousand are filled with the Holy Spirit because they got the character of God in them the whole world sees it and the people are flocking to the church to God's people to Jesus. And there's a reaction from the king of the North with great fury goes after us and he pushes back. And here is the precursor. Two The Battle of Armageddon. OK so now we've looked at the two. One army there's two armies here. God's Army and the devil's army. We've seen what the Lord's army looks like and how they are to prepare for the battle that's coming and like I said it's a mystical battle it's a spiritual battle. It's an inner struggle which when we got the victory we've got the power. All right now let's look at the other army Satan's army. Turn with me to Revelation Chapter sixteen revelation chapters sixteen and you know the seven last plagues fall in Revelation Chapter sixteen. But beyond that verse thirteen and fourteen I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon representing Satan and spiritual as them. An out of the mouth of the beast and you know who that is and out of the mouth of the false prophet you know who that is for they are the spirits of devils working miracles which go forth unto the kings of the earth and the whole world now is interested in this in this little phrase right here the kings of the earth in the whole world. It was what was Walton last night who made the connection. He says the kings of the earth equal the whole world right in the Revelation Chapter seventeen. So here is a point that proves his point right. But before I'm done tonight I'm going to go just a little different or do you want to add something. I'm really not going to contradict. I'm going to add something more it might surprise you might not I've no idea. Oh well at least right here we see that there is a connection with what he said last night and I'm here to agree that it is not OK and then he goes on to say to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty and I read that right. Yet for they are the spirit of devils working miracles go to fourth of the kings of the earth and to the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty verse sixteen. And he gathered them together into a place called In the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. So here we have it now. Have you heard lately that the Protestants have dropped their protest. You know are they a little immature. I mean how should I say not immature but premature Thank you. That's what I was looking for. Are they a little premature or is it time to drop the protests. Friends listen to what's happening now is that all the religions are adopting a mystical approach to religion. They are adopting Jesuit mysticism or eastern religions and they're all getting together under one head is our prophecies that point to this thing. Oh yeah and it's happening now go with me to Revelation Chapter seventeen we're describing now the thinkings Army first one look at the last part of verse one. OK I will show unto you the judgment of the Great who are now this is a woman of your repute and we know that a woman in Revelation symbolizes the church. But if she's a whore she's not a very good church. Right so this is what we're looking at here. I will show you the judgment of the Great who are that fits upon many waters and I'm focusing on the words What does the word mean symbolically. I hear a lot of stuff I hear nothing actually. So I'm going to have to show you and you may have been right in what you said but I didn't hear you. Keep your finger right here. Go to Revelation Chapter thirteen Revelation Chapter thirteen we're looking at verse two and we're looking at the symbolism of sitting. Look at the last part of verse two and I want to read the whole verse but it says the dragon gave him his power and his feet and great authority. The symbolism for the words. Here is authority. OK now if we go back to Revelation Chapter one we see the woman fitting on many waters. What does that symbolize many Waters' people in tongues in kingdoms and all around us this is in verse seventeen of Revelation verse fifteen of Revelation seventeen yeah so she gets her power from her people. Hey this entity has over a billion followers you know. Right we know. OK And there's plenty of power there because if a billion people armed up and decided they were going one direction they could tear anything apart they want if they aimed at General Motors they'll tear it apart if they all decided they're not buying ships anymore. Whatever. OK Go now with me to verse three and we're focusing on the word fit here. Very three so he carried me away. Into the wilderness and I saw a woman see it and I'm not as where she's sitting upon a scarlet colored piece full of names a blast for me having seven head and pins worn so she's sitting on a scarlet beast. Now this entity is both is to fall. It has a spiritual component and it has a big component in B.S. if you go to read Daniel Chapter seven you know represents kingdoms are kings right. So this entity the spiritual entity which is the woman is sitting on the political entity getting its power from the politics of it and we can see if we go back to to the dark ages in all then there was that there was a spiritual entity who used to use its political clout to get all the other nations around to use their armies to attain it. And it's coming back this is what this is pointing to. It's got power the same power it had during the Dark Ages. Now go to verse nine. I'm trying to hurry because I'm running late verse nine and here is the mind which has wisdom. Heads are seven mountains on which the woman said What is she doing and she's sitting again. OK well the mountains represent symbolically kings and kingdoms. That's what they represent. Right so here we go. This entity is sitting on seven kings or seven Kingdom what kingdoms are they. Well it's easy enough to know because the Bible interp interprets itself there are seven kings in the Bible Babylon Persia Greece table Rome taken wrong people are all the United States of America and one war which you know is it atheism or is it Muslim Islam one of the you know seven kings. That's who they are I can't tell you which the last one is because there's a controversy and not I'm not one hundred percent of it myself for sure. Now go to Revelation seventeen verse twelve and thirteen I'm trying to herd the ten alarms which you saw are ten kings and there were twelve and spoke of that last night which have received no kingdom as yet but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Verse thirteen and these have one mind and shall give their power and strength unto the BE WHO are these ten kings. Well we saw last night the interpretation according to the accountant is this is a global picture tanking coming in the future. No powers yet but I'd like to share with you a little quotation and it does not detract from what he said because the end is the same. Let me read to you something after Ellen White quote this verse five of Revelation four seventeen she says she calls this for upon her forehead. As the name written that mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots the abomination of the earth. Now we know who this is speaking about after she says this directly after she points that entity out. She says this What is it that gives its kingdom to this power that is the great whore Revelation seventeen. What is it that gives its power to the Great Whore it is Protestantism. A power which while professing to have the temper and spirit of the land and to be allied to heaven speaks with the voice of a dragon. It is moved by the power from the knee. So the stage is set. God's people are sealed. They have the name of Christ their own corrupted with a false doctrine there without guile in their mouth. They follow the lamb weather so wherever he goes and their faulty faultless before the throne of God They are filled with His Spirit and because they are filled with His Spirit they go on do you fence him finally to get aggressive to do evangelism. OK Now Satan's Host is ready also Satan's Host is empowered also. The world is with them the spiritual realm is with them to participate. Protestants are with them and they have the principles of the seven King. Because if you understand the Book of Daniel you know it's all about who is in control. And Satan has invented these and the are driven by certain principles and so all of this the whole world very Revelation seventeen verse fourteen these shall make war with the lamb but the lamb when I got almost anticlimactic is just so simple but the lamb when you say that my name is not there you see. If your name is not there. Who is it that when Philip singlehandedly. Yes I know of course yes because without him we can do nothing and he can do anything. And why is it that the Lamb wins there's two reasons and it's right there in the first verse fourteen for he is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings that's reason number one. He cannot be defeated. He is God You can't defeat God and it blows my mind away because how is it that the devil even thought he could why didn't he give up the battle a long time ago it doesn't make any sense to go against God because you can't defeat him. Well Francis I think for a minute God has decided that he is going to fight the enemy through his people and his people are fallen and there are simple and they are weak and are faulty and they're sinners and the devil has never had a problem defeating God's people and so he's thinking it is head I've always defeated them I will continue to defeat them I can't be God but he wants to fight through them. I have got this thing wrapped up because I've never lost against him except he's going to lose against the man amazing the rest of the verse says and they that are with him are call and they're chosen and their faith. Or you call. How many people are called all are called you know the Bible says so. Go to Romans chapter eight. Forgive me for dragging this out I got to hurry. Where in Romans chapter eight but you've got to see that you've got to see this. Romans chapter eight we're looking at verse twenty nine in Romans chapter eight. For whom he did it for no good God for no. In your four knew everyone knows everyone right. For whom he did or no he did also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son for thirty more over whom he did predestine them he also called he called everyone. So are you chosen. Who has God chosen. Let me read it to you straight. Fundamental to Christian education. Two fifty one paragraph two. However sinful however guilty you may be however guilty you may be you are called you are chosen you are called you are chosen God is called everyone God has chosen to call everyone. Well how is it that in Matthew chapter twenty verse sixteen it says many are called but he were chosen. How do we how do we bring that together. Friends. It's very simple. All are called all are chosen but all are not free. The calling is sure God wants you you are chosen come on here what are you faith that's what he needs in this day and age. Last verse a second Thessalonians chapter two second testimony and chapter two and you probably recognize what this chapter is all about. It speaks about the son of perdition that he opposes and exalts him self above all that is called God and then it goes on to say versus I don't know what ten to twelve but that he does not believe the truth and that he does not love the truth that in that chapter in it speaking about that entity which is really the king of the north right. But I want you to know. Notice that these passages are Contrast that with the next two verses which we never read verses verses thirteen and fourteen but we are talking about God's people now we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brethren. Beloved of the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through the sanctification of the spirit and belief of the true where on to he called you by our Gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Can you see it. All are called by the Gospel. I am not ashamed of the gospel for the power inherent in God to save him that belief. There in is the righteousness of God revealed the gift of His righteousness saves us all are chosen through the sanctification of the Spirit. According to this verse but not all are faithful. Not all obtain the character of our Lord Jesus Christ why. Because Revelation Chapter three percent Dean says we think we are rich and increased with good in need of nothing. We compare ourselves with other denominations with other people and we come out saying we have the truth and we're fine. We're not fine. And earlier writings to sixty nine points that out there is coming a time when we're going to wake up and we're going to find that we're not fine. Jesus has been the most holy place for one hundred seventy one years attempting to purify a people who will not buy into what he's trying to do. What in the world is it going to take to wake us up and you think you want to hide all the oil. This media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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