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Christ's Method of Training Medical Evangelists

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • December 5, 2014
    7:15 PM


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I've been praying for proper words to share some thoughts because we're dealing with a subject of such vast importance far reaching implications because we're going to be looking at the secret that Jesus used to train his own disciples and qualify them to lastingly change the world. Christ taught them a method that was so effective that money doesn't even assisted in accomplishing its goals to prove the point Jesus twice said disciples on nationwide tours in the face of mortal enemies without money bodyguards or supplies. Yet these tours generated immense publicity and protection. Furthermore the disciples had to turn down substantial financial support which this method generated. After a look at his unique method will focus on the way Jesus trained his disciples in his powerful method of reaching multitudes. Christ method is not a secret it's known but I believe the method is often ignored because the training has been forgotten overlooked or neglected. But this topic is so comprehensive and so important I want to begin with another word of prayer power heads. Dear Lord. Who sufficient to present the matchless charms of Christ and I pray that your Holy Spirit may fall just as you spoke to disciples by the Sea of Galilee so you'll speak to us today your disciples by the sea. Again at this time together may not be just ordinary time but that our hearts will burn as you speak with us by the way. We will know take knowledge if there is a Jesus who's living in wants to use us to reach those around us we pray in his name Amen. The method to reach the multitude is medical missionary health evangelism comprehensive. It's foolish to ignore this method in our outreach to others medical missionary work is the right arm. It gives the visible three legs which sustain and promote the Gospel publicity protection and prosperity. Without it Gospel Outreach is weak and crippled public and Personal Evangelism is weakened and crippled as well. First it's foolish to ignore medical evangelism in our outreach to others because medical missionary work brings the Gospel publice it's the face of the gospel. Look to look advertising is by far the most effective advertising. It's the advertising that Madison Avenue No that's I don't know do you use that expression here in. In Australia Madison Avenue is the is the term in America we use for where the big advertisements are made Madison Avenue and they seek to imitate seek to create lip to lip advertising. Money can buy media advertising but the most effective advertising has always been free. The skin cancer and cosmetic dermatology clinic where I trained Dr John Chong instilled in our mind that every patient is our next advertisement. Years ago now forgotten almost Microsoft produced the Zune. And they tried to get group excitement they paid money to college students to have Buzz groups and talk about the Zune the i Phone spent very little but before it was even could be purchased it had a ninety eight percent market penetration and it's now studied how can you get that kind of advertising. Well that's what God does in medical missionary work it creates immense public state. That's why it's called the entering wedge. Those who are healed spread the news more effectively than television advertisement. Those who are healed tell their friends those friends become interested in tell those friends who become interested and it is this type of explosive spread that will finish the work in months. We found this with the CHIP program in Wichita. We received excellent television and radio published which cost us very little and our church in Wichita Kansas became known because of medical missionary work. And this is how comprehensive medical evangelism brought crowds to Jesus. Luke tells us that after healing a leper so much the more went there a fame abroad of him and great multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmities. This word of mouth publicity was actually to effect it. The crowds became so big that Jesus had to go to places that were more inaccessible as a result. When we want crowds that convention centers can hold. We'll start doing comprehensive medical evangelism when we want the windows of heaven to be opened so much that we don't have room for the blessings will do comprehensive medical evangelism works at all times and in all places all situations. As medical missionary work that opened Syria to the Gospel at the highest levels in the time of a life shot in the middle of a war between Syria and Israel at a time when feelings were a fever pitch when emotions and hatred were at their peak. Elijah's medical missionary work brought peace. It was his entering which medical missionary work brought crowds to the Apostles it was there are entering wedge. Luke tells us that believers were the more added to the Lord multitude both of men and women in so much that they brought forth the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and couches that at the least the shadow of Peter passing might be overshadowed might overshadow some of them. There came also a multitude out of the cities round about on to Jerusalem bringing sick folks and them which were vexed with unclean spirits and they were healed every one. This was Paul's method by the space of two years all they which dwelt in nature heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Greeks and God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul so that from his body were brought into the sick handkerchief as are aprons and the disease departed from them and the evil spirits went out of them. Yes it's foolish to ignore medical missionary work in our outreach to others because comprehensive medical evangelism does bring publice city like no other work. But second it's foolish to ignore medical missionary work in our outreach to others because comprehensive medical evangelism provides protection like no other work. The people protect the medical missionary from their enemies because of Jesus medical missionary work. The Jewish leaders were afraid to lay a hand on him because of the crowds. Who would defend Jesus. The enemies of Christ had to delay murdering him for years. Christ trial all mention of Christ comprehensive medical evangelism was avoided in excluded because even discussion of it would have prevented this condemnation. Had Jesus performed a medical missionary healing in King Herod's palace he would have been released there on the spot. This protective effect of medical missionary work is true in all times and in all places. It worked for the apostles X. five twenty six as then went the captain with the officers and brought them without violence for they feared the people lest they should have been stoned during the Saint Bartholomew massacre tens of thousands of Protestant citizens were murdered at the command of King Charles the ninth in an attempt to exterminate Protestantism in France. Well while the King carried an awkward bus and himself shot Protestant subjects who sought his protection by coming to his palace gates he hid his Protestant position in his cabinet to preserve his life. Locked him in. Down Under when the administering acid was taken to Australia. Ancient Sunday laws were revived. Some of our members here were placed in stocks. Some of our members were threatened with fines but at Avondale were medical missionary work had been done. The community refused to enforce the laws. It's foolish to ignore medical missionary work in our outreach to others because medical missionary work brings publicity and protection like no other work. Third it's foolish to ignore medical missionary work in our outreach to others because medical missionary work provides financial and involuntary efforts necessary to. Support the work of the gospel. It was medical missionary work that provided for Christ and the disciples maintenance Mark tells us that Peter's mother in law was sick. Jesus came and took her by the hand and lifted her up and immediately the fever left her and she minister done to them. Luke tells us that certain women which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities Mary called Magdalene out of whom we went seven devils and Joanna the wife of chooses Harris choose a Harrods steward and Susanna and many others which ministered to him of their substance. True medical missionary work inspires sacrificial service at all times and in all places. When Paul was a prisoner being transported to Rome and was shipwrecked on the island of my leaders. The father of Publius lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux doom Paul entered in and prayed and laid his hands on him and healed him. So when this was done others also which had diseases in the island came and were healed who also honored us with many honors and when we departed they laded us with such things as were necessary to life his medical missionary work brought huge donations so his ale went out went to meet him and took a present with him even of every good thing of Damascus. Forty camels burdened and came and stood before him and said dice and then hated King Assyria have sent me to the saying Shall I recover of this disease. Now think of it. Abraham sent only ten camels for Rebecca. Forty camels for a life. It was medical missionary work alone that going to cause the wealth of the Gentiles to flow into the church to support the final Gospel Hour age. Yes it's foolish to ignore medical missionary work in our outreach to others when it is medical missionary work that gives publicity protection and price. A parity to the work of the gospel but it's equally foolish to ignore the Gospel in our medical missionary outreach to others. Medical missionary work comprehensive medical work is merely a means not an end it's a path not a destination. Comprehensive medical evangelism brings to view it best. Only a few brief years of comfort in health while the gospel brings to view any turn a plea of comfort and health. If medical missionary work providing a few years of health is good. The Gospel which provides an eternity of health must be infinitely better if providing a few years of health is important the gospel with its eternity of Health and Happiness must be infinitely more important. It's foolish to share the good while we fail to share the infinitely better near health education is cruel since it offers no hope beyond a prolongation of this poor earthly existence. All medical missionary work helps others get more from this life the Gospel helps others get more then this life in the New Testament the work of the medical missionary and the Gospel missionary were one and the same. They were never separated where there was one. There was always the other. The gospel is not just about the future life it is about life. Eternal Life Doesn't Begin then it begins now. The gospel makes the present life the first part of eternal life the only way you can get more eternal life is to start earlier. Through medical missionary work God makes our present life as pleasant as he possibly can make it for us. The thorns and thistles he is reluctantly allowed or for our sake without them we wouldn't feel our need. Without them we'd be happy with this life alone. God wants us to desire something better than this. World can provide that though we can no longer benefit from paradise though we must be exiled from Eden. God wants to give our lives all the comfort it safely possible to give in medical missionary work provides the best possible life now with the promise of a perfect paradise when this is safe for God to give it to us through the Gospel it becomes safe for God to restore Eden to us if God is interested in our mortal life how much more must he be interested in our immortal life. Said John Beloved I wish above all things down me as prosper and be in health even as by soul prosperous through the gospel. The nail scarred hand will wipe away all tears and heaven but that hand begins by wiping tears from our eyes now through medical missionary work. In this life medical ministry brings joy to the sorrowing relief to the afflicted hope to the desponding and strength to the weak. The medical missionary is giving a message from God about God It is a message about a God who cares about our cares. Now it is about a God who wants to give us health now and give us perfect health in eternity and for eternity. Medical missionary work tells about a God who is removing the diseases that result from transgression. But the Gospel tells about a god that is removing the guilt that results from San medical missionary work brings faith in a God who doesn't wait for a future to give us a better life but begins that better life. Today medical missionary work teaches us to trust in his future promises by showing us that his present promises are true. Jesus promised the believer shall receive in one hundred fold now in this time and in the world to come eternal life. Medical missionaries are to go forth healing. But also preaching when the sick are made well they are to see that wellness on earth is a little foretaste of heaven. Heal the sick that are there man and saying to them the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you. When the sick were being healed they learned about eternity who are sick will be healed. What are Kingdom medical missionary work reveals where the inhabitant shall not say I am sick. Medical missionary work is never to be separated from the gospel message neither is gospel work to be separated from medical missionary work. We are to go forth preaching but also healing. He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick and as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out devils freely you have received freely give. At the very opening of his ministry Matthew tells us Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the kingdom of preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. And Jesus didn't stop doing this after he had obtained publicity protection and support medical missionary work wasn't his gimmick it was his modus operandi it was his method. Five chapters later Matthew tells us again that Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people as if mathew wanted to make sure we didn't miss it if we missed it the first time from start to finish. This is what Jesus did. He was a medical missionary this was his work. This is what he trained and empowered his disciples to do they couldn't do it until they were trained and they couldn't do it until they were empowered. He ordained twelve that they should be with him and that he might send them forth to preach and have. Power to heal sicknesses and to cast out devils. Notice the process they were ordained that is set apart not at the end of their training but at the start of it. Why were they ordained. They were ordained that they might be with him. Why were they with him. They were with him that they might be sent forth to preach but not just to preach. There is an important word next. And and to have power to heal they were set apart they were ordained to be doubly trained they were to learn the art of preaching persuading presenting publicly and privately proclaiming the truth of the gospel. But they were also to learn the art of a care treatment and prevention of disease or any other training is one sided lopsided. They weren't trained to do one or the other. They didn't choose between the pastoral track and the medical track. The Christ method was to train and equip them for both. They must have both to fulfill the highest work for their master. Now how can we receive medical missionary training comprehensive medical evangelism as the disciples did. How can we include a comprehensive gospel medical evangelism in our Gospel Outreach to others. How can we include the Gospel in our medical missionary work. How can we use the right arm to find an entry into the hearts of others that will provide life for their souls and multiply converts for Jesus. The disciples diploma their heavenly certificate in their work was power from heaven to do medical missionary work to heal the sick to cast out demons. Where do we get such a training today. Where can we have that same diploma the certificate the power the disciples received. We have a divorce. Just gospel in the church today. We train doctors and dentists and other health professionals to treat the body but we give only lip service to reaching the soul. But is this God's plan is this his method. Is this all he expects from me as a medical professional. We train ministers to preach the gospel but give only lip service to medical missionary health evangelism is this all God expects from pastors and evangelists. If it's not a divorce it certainly is a separation. They live apart. It is at best a dysfunctional marriage. They are not united and it's hard to increase your family. When husband and wife live apart. The power of the Dr has is not received from heaven but from a medical institution. But our medical training is only as good as it trains in Christ method and imparts his power. If we have not learned how to give the gospel in medical training we will actually do a disservice. Continuing the illusion that the Gospel and medical missionary work are somehow separate something that somehow must be bridged properly conducted medical missionary outreach doesn't need a bridge it is the bridge from the secular to Christ. Our expectation too often is that the health professionals will make the money and serve the church by their generous donations. But God has a better plan a higher plan a more effective plan. All we're told all our medical workers are earnestly to use their capabilities in the right way that their may go forth the impression that the Ministry of the word and the medical missionary work are in reality read it with me one united work. This plan requires. Very special training. We'll look at three passages in Luke where Christ method for training medical missionaries has revealed in detail. Luke eight one Luke nine one and Luke ten one. I would like us to notice how Christ trained medical missionaries because his method is the only way we can become medical missionaries. Luke eight one he went throughout every city in village preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God and the twelve were with him. Notice that last phrase the twelve who are say it with me with him. Step one. Jesus taught by example The Apprentice method. We can never be a medical missionary until we spend time observing Jesus the great medical missionary. I can't be like Jesus until I know what Jesus was like Make no mistakes about this. Jeremiah cried out Oh Lord I know that the way of man is not himself it is not in man that walketh the directed steps. It's not intuitive to be like Jesus we have no natural instinct that we can rely on to make us like him. He declares my thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways my ways. Acts of the Apostles says something very very interesting. The reason many in this age of the world make no greater advancement in the divine life is because they interpret the will of God to be just what they will to do while following their own desires. They flatter themselves that they are conforming to God's will. Like the child who wants a squirt gun and thinks this must be what his mother wants because he wants it. We think our wants and desires are God's wants and desires. Often what we think Jesus would do he wouldn't do what we were sure he wouldn't do. That's what he would do. The question What would Jesus do is an important question but it's not very useful. Unless we really know Jesus well enough to know what he would do. Think of the mistakes sincere people have made through the centuries thinking they were being like Jesus. Martin Luther almost died and did suffer permanently from his self-imposed impoverished diet his fastings his flagellation his self tortures for hundreds of years even today priests and nuns are celibate missing the comfort and joy of family because they want to be like Jesus and they believe this will make them like him. In the Saint Bartholomew massacre the French Catholics thought they were pleasing Jesus by brutally killing the Protestants. The pope was filled with joy and thought Jesus was helping him to destroy the enemies of Jesus Church. We pity these people in their darkness and ignorance but we but don't think that misunderstanding Jesus is limited to the dark ages or some extreme called today. Sincere lovely people worship idols pray to Mary break the Sabbath teach others to break the Sabbath thinking to please Jesus. Today many sincere loving and well meaning Christian teachers and ministers are giving horrible advice and it is not limited to ministers and teachers you don't have to go very far to hear people being advised to dishonor their parents' divorce their spouses abort their children dress him properly listen to heathen music with Christian lyrics to worship like pagans. All in the name of Jesus. So let me read the problem again. They interpret the will of God to be just what they will to do while following their own desires. They flatter themselves that they are conforming to God's will. We may think something is important to Jesus that he doesn't care about. We may think there's something he doesn't care about that is important to him. Jesus began the training of the disciples by giving them time with. Now they needed a coins with God or they could never give a correct view of him. Many Christians want Christ to follow them to go with them where they go. They want Jesus to be their disciple instead of being his disciple but in true comprehensive medical evangelism we become disciples who follow Jesus or he goes. This is the found fundamental necessity for all who would do medical missionary work. Yet it is precisely this that is missing from so many training programs. You can become a physician with your M.D. and not know him and not spend time with him. In fact the training can absorb our time and take us away from him. It can even take away our Sabbath time of reflection meditation and rest but don't think you can be a medical missionary if you're not spending time with God If we don't know him we will misinterpret misrepresented and misrepresent him. Our labor will be done with a little faith and be productive of little fruit. There's not some form of word some technique some approach that can be given in the training that will make us all winnings so winning agents those who do not know Christ can't win souls to Him no matter what they say or do. Those who do not know him will harm evangelism said Jesus. Well unto you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for your compass sea and land to make one proselyte and when he is made you make him twofold more the child of hell and yourselves we must begin where the disciples began. He went throughout every city and village preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God and the twelve who were with him according to the S.D.A. Bible commentary. If I'm Matthew the last of the twelve disciples was called in the summer of eighty thirty Luke eight one occurred in the autumn of eighty thirty six months before his crucifixion increasing crowds were coming to Jesus. He had been a medical missionary worker for nearly three years. He was no longer unknown. It was no longer possible for his work to be carried on by himself alone. The harvest of his sowing was great. The disciples later labor was needed all twelve disciples were with him on the second Galilean medical missionary tour. He went throughout every city and village preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God in the twelve who are with him like the twelve sons of Jacob. They were a family. The disciples were different in age and experience it was being with him that united them though they were also with each other. That was incidental to being with him. They went where he went their lives were filled with Jesus. They ate what he ate and when he ate they walked where he walked he set the pace he determined the destination his schedule was their schedule his priorities set their activities while he was attentive to their needs they became more attentive to his needs. They lived his life and his life changed their life. They were with him when he went to bed they were with him when he got up they were with him when he walked when he talked like one hundred forty four thousand. They followed the lamb. Wherever he went they listened to his words their ears were filled with Jesus they heard his prayers they heard his counsel they heard his table talk they heard his sermons they heard his gentle answers to calm the angry hostile questioners. They listen to his answers to their own questions. They heard his use of the Bible they listened to his instruction to the sick the well the Happy to say that they learned from his silence they listened to him saying they listened to his respectful conversation with his mother and his words changed their life. They observed his actions their eyes were full of Jesus like that. Child who watches his mother they watch Jesus they not only heard the words and tones of Jesus they saw his facial expressions and his body language. They saw his Bible study habit they saw his hours of prayer. They saw what he ate and what he didn't eat. Some months ago my granddaughter then three and a half came to spend the weekend with grandpa and grandma and as she crawled into our bed Sabbath morning I was there working on my Sabbath school class that I was going to be teaching and I was on my computer with the Bible and but my granddaughter didn't see the Bible she just saw the computer and she said to me she says my daddy when he gets up in the morning he has his devotions and I said well I'm having my devotions here. But she says my daddy when he gets up he studies his Bible. He had seen what her daddy did and they saw what Jesus did. His hour of prayer what he ate what he didn't eat and observed how he related to various kinds of people the rich the poor the educated the ignorant the leader the peasant they observed him when he was interrupted his plans delayed they saw him when he was to tea going hungry. I saw him deal with hardship privation obstacles and by beholding they were changed where we receive our education is very important because we become like our educators. Universities have a facade of championing freedom of thought but it's just a deceitful conceit a mere pretense except where they teach truth. Truth alone gives freedom of thought outside a truth there's no real openness in education. A student doesn't choose the test questions and doesn't determine the answers to all answers are considered equal on test. All education is by nature religious and exclusive education gives us a philosophy of life a world view with the necessity of rejecting competing philosophies and world views. It doesn't simply give you equal exposure to all world views and you select the one that fits you. That in itself is a worldview. It gives the student an overwhelming world view from peer pressure from professors from repetition the student comes to see a life as he has been taught. Education is designed to mold our minds and thoughts. If it doesn't it's not education quality education indoctrinate motivates it changes the graduate education means spending time with our teachers in their classes we spent time with the authors of our textbook we learn the answers we are taught we learn the theories of those we accept as authorities. It is inevitable that when we graduate we become like our professors. That is what education is that's what education does. This is what educated Christ's disciples and when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were on learned in a man they marveled and they took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus. The English Standard Version calls Peter and John an educated common man. I like the New American Bible translation of this verse. Observing the boldness of Peter and John and perceiving them to be an educated ordinary man they were amazed and they recognize them as the companions of Jesus the companions of Jesus stand out there recognizable are we comparing him to Jesus. This is what happens to common people when they are companions of G.-D.. Since he that walketh with wise man shall be wise. This intimate familiarity with Jesus is necessary for all who would be comprehensive medical evangelists. We must have companionship with Jesus as Jesus ministered to the vast multitude we're told that gathered about him his disciples were in attendance eager to do his bidding and to lighten his labor. They assisted in arranging the people bringing the afflicted ones to the Saviour and promoting the comfort of all. I like that as a definition of medical missionary work bringing the afflicted to the Saviour. They watch for interested hearers explain the Scriptures to them and in various ways work for their spiritual benefit. They taught what they had learned of Jesus and were every day obtaining a rich experience in the training of the disciples the example of the Saviour's life was far more effective than any mere doctrinal instruction. When they were separated from him every look and tone came back to them often when in conflict with the enemies of the gospel they repeated his words and as they saw their effect upon the people they rejoiced greatly. The first step in becoming a medical missionary is to spend your days with Jesus. Let's look at the second step. Luke nine one he called his twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. Step two they were to do what they had just seen Jesus do. They were to be comprehensive medical missionaries themselves. He gave them power and sent them out two by two not to only preach and not only heal but they were to preach and heal. They were not only followers they were to be copiers duplicate duplicate. Jesus they were not only to admire what they did what he did they were to reproduce what he did. The twelve were first disciples followers. They were with him then they became apostles sent the goal of discipleship was apostleship he sent them they didn't send themselves he sent them out together Hemy as wanted to be sent but he had no message. He ran hard. He got there but had nothing to say. We must have a message we don't preach without a message their message was the Kingdom of God. Furthermore we can't be sent to do medical missionary work without power what we must have more than human power. We can't heal without power and a message they had power they could be medical missionaries they could preach the message and heal the sick. There are those who go as comprehensive medical missionaries without a knowledge of familiarity with Jesus. There are others who are armed with head knowledge and facts and go out as comprehensive medical missionaries but they have no power and they have a knowledge of familiarity with statistics with health principals but that's not sufficient. They may even have funding but that's not. Sufficient we must have power we can't be satisfied with anything less or anything else. But you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. It was this that made all the difference between success and failure throughout the book of Judges when there was no Holy Spirit there is only defeat when there was Holy Spirit. It was only a victory of a nail an early judge it is written and the spirit of the Lord came upon him and he judged Israel and went out to war and the Lord delivered. Just Samaras share fan. Well that the Lord delivered the king of Mesopotamia into his hands and his hand prevailed. After years of defeat the Bible says the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon. We all know the rest of the story we are told that the spirit of the Lord came upon Jeff that it came mightily upon Samson I could multiply the references in the New Testament the spirit of the Lord rested on John the Baptist from his mother's womb. It was this that gave him power and this is what all comprehensive medical missionary work must have to make its influence felt in this secular age. What's the difference between the church before the latter rain and during the latter rain is power. Why does this power delay. Because it cannot be given until we have taken that first step and then with Jesus we know him and have received knowledge of him then and only then can we receive the second step. Power and be sent out as medical missionaries. His power will not be given without earnest prayer in Mark nine twenty nine he said unto them this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting. Our angels have immediate access to God's Presence. This gives them the joy of communicating directly with God When we pray. This gives them an excuse to take our prayers and talk to Jesus about our prayers. Bring angels in the more harmony with Heaven and us in harmony as well. What should we be fasting and praying about. We should fast and pray to understand the Bible. We should fast and pray to recognize our sins and we should fast. When pray for victory over the weaknesses that so troubled our lives if we regard iniquity in our hearts the Lord will not hear our prayers and we should fast and pray for the Holy Spirit who is given the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit whom God has given to them that obey Him The Holy Spirit is given to give us power to obey when we disobey we are resisting the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit in obedience work hand in hand. Some months ago after praying to the judge of the universe I almost heard God as if he was saying prayer request granted you know bringing down his gavel request granted requests granted after each request and ever realized why do I ask for so little. Judge is willing to grant me much more his resources are limitless. He likes me to ask he loves to answer my prayers like the joy the parent has in providing for the needs of the infant. This gives God the joy of providing for my needs. Human Kings only demonstrated a little of God's being king I may mention this tomorrow as well. The citizens provide a wealth an honor to an earthly king but the Divine King provides wealth and honor to his citizens. The parent is more fitting representation for the kingdom of Christ from the family resources the parent provides for the needs and wants of the child. And so my heavenly father from his riches provides for my needs and even wants. God is looking for those through whom he can display his wealth. Step One of medical missionary training is intendment knowledge of Jesus from time spent with him. Step two of medical missionary training is imparting to others what we have learned of Jesus. Let's look at step three just a moment. Luke can after these things the Lord appointed other seventy also and sent them out to be to before his face to face into every city and place whether he himself would come to heal the sick that are there in and saying to them the kingdom of God is come to mind here. Our job is to prepare the way for Jesus coming. Step three He multiplies the medical missionaries. First they had learned how Christ did it by observing his example. Second they learned by doing what he did. They had seen him do it. Third they solidified their learning by assisting in the training of others and this is how God will train his final medical missionaries. Step one is for I desire to be right now. Following Jesus learning of him is not yet time for dramatic miracles and healings. We are in the John the Baptist's time he did no miracles but everything he said about Jesus was true. How did John know Jesus. They never spent time together. John knew Jesus through his word. John studied the Bible he studied the prophecies and this gave him knowledge of Jesus and this is how I can spend time with Jesus today but only as I take this step. Will I be ready for step two and receive power for medical missions and you'll send me out when I know him well enough to reflect him properly. Is that your desire this evening. Do you want to be able to present the one who's all together lovely in all this beauty. Do you want his wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent to know what to say and what not to say. So may I ask why. It is the connection between medicine and vandalism. We are the connection. It's not another program. It's Jesus shining through you in your voice and your inner joy peeking through your face. You grasp the hand of Jesus and you grasp their hand and you bring their hands together. That's what medical health outreach needs and only you can provide. If you want to say take me Lord is holy you are so I can be used in your service. Would you be willing to bow your heads with me as we pray Dear Lord. We think we know all about you and we've scarcely been introduced to you. We're thankful you know all about us. You take us just as we are sinful polluted. You know bring us into association with the purifier and that's what we desire already each moment of our lives we want you. And we may be following you reflecting you as we preach the word or as we minister to the sick. I pray that you'll be here at the seminar and help us to be like Jesus to each other and we just commit our lives to you this evening. Give us a good night's sleep and a rest in Christ name we pray. 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