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1. The Word of God

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 22, 2015
    9:30 AM

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Now tonight we're going to study about what Jesus said regarding the Word of God I have in my hands the most precious treasure that anyone on planet earth could have. Even though today there are more Bibles in the hands of people than ever before in the history of the world the moral condition of the world is worse than ever before in human history and I believe that the reason why is because this book this precious book has been forgotten. It's sitting on the table or sitting on the shelf gathering dust. And people don't really realize or understand how precious this book is this book is more precious than your home it's more precious than your automobile. It's more precious than the money that you have in the bank. It's more precious than the stocks and bonds that you own. It's more precious than the beautiful clothing that you bought in war. It's really a Ranger house. You see all of these things that I've mentioned will last only as long as this lifetime lead but if we are able to find the treasure of God in this book we will be able not only to live on this earth and enjoy the few things that we have in this life but will be able to live eternally with Jesus Christ in His kingdom and so it's very important that we understand what this book has to tell us and particularly what Jesus have to say I'd like to begin by saying that the Lord Jesus accepted the total and complete authority and trustworthiness of the Word of God and I must clear up. By something. When Jesus was on this earth there was no New Testament because after Jesus ascended to heaven many years later the New Testament was written. So whenever the Lord Jesus quoted scripture he was quoting from the Old Testament. It's interesting that Jesus constantly while he was on earth quotes the Scriptures and he accepts them as of unquestionable authority unquestionable trustworthiness please go with me in your Bibles to John Chapter nineteen and verse twenty four. John Chapter nineteen and verse twenty four. Here we're going to notice some prophecies of the Old Testament which were pulp mailed specifically in price. Now I have here I put it on the piano. Just be messianic prophecies from the Old Testament which were fulfilled in Jesus but are all night Lord willing you will be receiving this list of messianic prophecies and basically what this material has is it will present the text in the Old Testament. Then it will present the text in the New Testament. It will give you the date in which the prophecy was given in the Old Testament and it will give you when this was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Amazing prophecies that we find in the Bible which were for real not just John Chapter nineteen and verse twenty four you know the Lord Jesus is hanging on the cross and it says they said there were among themselves. Let us not perish that is let's not pair his clothing but cast lots for it who knows it shall be. And why did this take place. It says that the Scripture might people build which says they divided my garments among them and wore my clothing they care for law. So that was an Old Testament prophecy which was written a thousand years before this happened. It's known in Psalm twenty two in verse eight not as verse twenty eight after this Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished that the Scripture might be people. The old said I FIRST Now this is a prophecy from Psalm twenty two in verse three where it says that that amount of Jesus' would be dry and he would cry out or something to drink. I heard a thousand years before this event took place. Notice also verse thirty six of this same chapter four of these things were done that the scripture should be fulfilled not one of these bones shall be broken this is a prophecy that comes from Exodus Chapter twelve and verse forty six where the Passover Lamb was slain but its bones were never broken. Written fifteen hundred years before Jesus was sacrificed for us and then not at verse thirty seven and again another Scripture says they shall look on him whom they have pierced. This is a prophecy that comes from Zechariah chapter twelve and verse ten written approximately six hundred years before it takes place. One further prophecy which is not on your list but is very interesting. You remember when Jesus was on the cross he cried out Oh my God my God why hast thou forsaken me. Do you know that that is found in the beginning verses of Psalm twenty two and actually the very words my God my God why hast thou forsaken me were written a thousand years before Jesus said them on the cross of Calvary. In other words we find that Jesus fulfilled all of the details that we find recorded in the Old Testament. Now go with me the john chapter. By and verse thirty nine John Chapter five and verse thirty nine. I want you to notice the concept that Jesus had particularly of the scriptures of the Old Testament which is the only Bible that our Lord Jesus. John Chapter five and verse thirty nine. Here Jesus is speaking to the Jewish leaders of his day and he says the following. You search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they which testify of me not of Jesus as the Scriptures testify about who about me that is about Jesus and then let's jump down to verse forty five. Jesus says to these individuals do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father. There is one who accuses you Moses in whom you trust and now notice verse forty six for if you believe Moses. You would believe me for he wrote about me. About whom did Moses write about Jesus. That's why Jesus quoted the Old Testament because he was fulfilling every detail of the Old Testament in himself. Notice also in the Gospel of Luke just a few pages earlier than the passage that we just read in chapter twenty four and verse twenty five there are two disciples that are walking through the town of immediately or near Jerusalem. Jesus has died he has been buried. Their hopes have been dashed and suddenly Jesus catches up to them and start talking to them. I want you to notice what Jesus says to them in verse twenty five. Then he said to them all Polish one and hard to believe in all that the prophets have spoken ought not the Christ to have suffered be things and to enter into His glory and not notice this in verse twenty seven. And beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. He begins with Moses he goes to all of the prophets and all of the Scriptures and he speaks about the things concerning himself. In other words the scriptures of the Old Testament. Our powerful revelation of Jesus Christ and that's why Jesus quoted the Scriptures because he was fulfilling them to the very letter. So he accepted the authority of the trustworthiness of scripture jumped on the verse forty four now. Then he said to them Here Jesus is speaking. These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you that all things must be people real which were written in the Law of Moses and the profits and the Psalms concerning whom concerning me. Jesus says so who did Moses write Jesus who had the property right Jesus right. G.. That's seven verse forty five and he opened their understanding that they might comprehend this. So the first point that we want to notice in our seminar tonight is that the Lord Jesus accepted the scriptures of his day the Old Testament and unquestioned authority on question trustworthiness because people mailed them to the very letter. But now we want to go to our second point and that is that the reason why according to Jesus we must study the Word of God is because in the Word of God we find in other words we're supposed to study the Word of God not to discover that not to discover information on the Pearl. That's searching the Word of God up searching the scriptures is to discover a person the purpose is to form a relationship with someone for the purpose of Bible study of the study of the word is not to learn something but the company knows someone the importance of coming to the Bible is not to know though what we should believe but in whom we should really go with me to John Chapter five and verse thirty nine which we already read but let's notice again a very particular and important detail that we find here. John Chapter five and verse thirty nine. Here Jesus is speaking to the leaders of his day and he says you search the scriptures for and where you think you have eternal life and these are they which testify of me. But now a lot of verse forty but you are not willing to come to me that you may have what life isn't that ironic. Your rate for example the gospels the Jewish leaders I mean they study they knew the scriptures of the Old Testament backwards and forwards. They could quote Isaiah they could quote Jeremiah they know what the rabbis had Sam They had full information. Well they knew the facts of the Old Testament and yet what did they miss they miss the point. They failed to find in the scriptures and so when we study the Word of God It's not enough to discover what God wants us to believe it's necessary for us to come to know Jesus. Where there is no salvation in any other name. So we come to the Bible to learn who love a person. Let me illustrate what I mean how many of you have ever written a love letter. And the rest of you what. I'll bet you're a lot more people who have written love letters than the ones who raised their hand. But anyway let me ask you when you read a love letter from your spouse can you somewhat catch the spirit behind the letter and you understand a little bit about that person or that person think how that person feels about you here. In other words through studying the letter you learn a lot about what the person I mean you're not interested in the letter you're interested in what that person has to say to you and coming to know the person better. You know it's interesting my wife is a very beautiful woman. Thank goodness. Anyway do you know that she still conserved in the closet. The letters that I wrote her when we were going together almost thirty years ago and when I read those letters I think yeah that's me but yeah that's me because sometimes I go when I pick them up I think I write that they have mercy. I can't believe I wrote the thing but then I think it's like you know you know that but I remember what it was like and so the letter is really it's an expression of me it's an expression of her knowing me and me knowing her and that's what Bible study should be all about. You see Jesus is in heaven now. He's acting and so the only way that we can really come to know him is that with love with the Bible and so we want to know about Jesus we have to go through the letters that he has witnessed in His Word so that we can come to know him personally. In other words. The Bible was not given to us with the intent of giving us facts and information. The Bible was given to us so that we can come to know Jesus and by knowing Jesus we can be saved. Go with me to John Chapter twenty and will notice what the Apostle John wrote about his book. John Chapter twenty and verse thirty and will also read births thirty one that's there and truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples which are not written in this book and then each one explain why he wrote these things. Verse thirty one but these are written that you maybe leave that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that believing you may have what life in his name. What is the purpose of studying the Bible is that information or is that salvation is that life in this world or as an eternal life in the world to come if the purpose of giving up her life. That's right. It's forming a relationship with Jesus who you know is the light so that as his life comes into us will be able to live for him. Now another point that Jesus brought out. When he spoke about the Word of God is that the word accomplishes that which it contains a let me explain what I mean. You rate some thirty three and verse six. It's not on your list but there it says that the Creator spoke and what happened and what he spoke was an act or took place in other words it's word contain in it. What actually took. Right For example when he said Let there be light. Those are only words. Let there be light. But what the words say that was accomplished. In other words according to Jesus the Word of God accomplishes that which it's science. Now let's notice some examples of this in Scripture we're not going to read all of these the reason why I gave you this list of pictures because I want you to go home I want you to look up these bible verses and I want you to read them for yourselves but not us and Mark chapter four and verse thirty nine. Mark chapter war and verse thirty nine this is a beautiful concept that we're going to look at now Mark or in verse thirty nine. You remember that there was this comment a storm on the lake and the disciples were afraid that they were going to drown. Then they remembered that Jesus was in the boat and saw Jesus now stood up and he says these words. Verse thirty nine then he arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea Peace be still. Those are words are they not. Let me ask you did the words accomplish what they said. Yes So when God's word speaks does God work. Raj work accomplish what it's saying yes when God makes a promise will he pulp mill that promise yes we will. Back not to the last part of verse thirty nine says and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. So what happens if you have turbulence in your life. Anybody have any turbulence in your life. Would you raise your hand if you had turbulence in your life. Problems like that you want taken care of all there's lots of you that don't have any problem I will talk with you and discover what the secret is. But up we have storms in our lives no more. Now got compound all star because the Word of God promises it. Go with me to Matthew Chapter eighteen verse sixteen. I want you to notice several texts where it speaks about the word accomplishing that which it says Matthew Chapter eight and verse sixteen it says here. When evening had come they brought to him many who were demon possessed and he cast out the spirits how with a word and healed all who were sick how do they cast out the payments whether were so when Jesus said to the demons get out did the word accomplish what it contained. Yes the demons had to get out. Incidentally do you know that the Word of God the Word of Jesus also accomplished the resurrection of that people for example in John chapter eleven verse forty three. We're going to have a whole presentation of what the Bible has to say about life and death what Jesus said about life and then that's it. Well it's interesting in this story of the resurrection of Lazarus had been dead for days. Jesus comes to their own away the store. Then Jesus looks at the entrance of the tomb and you sense. Lazarus come forth then hears words accomplish what they set out to do. Yes they did. There is power in the word according to Jesus and He not only taught it but he also exemplified it in his life do you think there is power in the world for our lives today as well. If we take it to heart and we use it in a powerful manner absolutely. Now Morris Isaiah fifty five I mentioned that once in a while once in a great while we're going to go to other passages of Scripture because all Scripture is inspired by God I know it's Isaiah fifty five and verse. Ten and eleven. On this same point at the Word of God accomplishes that which it states that which it beats it says there and I see a fifty five versts or as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and do not return there but water the earth and make it bring forth and bud that it may get seed to the solar and bread to the eater so shall my word be that goes or run my mouth it shall not return to me. Boy what does that mean it will not return to be void. It means that it's going to do what it says. They continue saying but it shall accomplish what I please and it shall prosper in the plain form which I when I sent it. Is there power in this book are what according to Jesus. Yes And by the way we have power of attorney. We're going to notice in a few moments that you can use this book in the name of Jesus and then your word becomes as powerful as the Word of Jesus because you're speaking the Word of G.-D. not us what we find in the Gospel of Matthew and I want to dwell a few moments on this Matthew Chapter eight and vs eight thirteen. Matthew Chapter eight in verses eight to thirteen. This is speaking about a servant of a centurion who was sick and I want to read actually starting a verse by says they're not when Jesus had entered Capernaum a centurion came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant is lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tormented and Jesus said to him I will come and you him. Notice what Jesus says don't worry. I'll come to your house you know he'll come out of the faith of this individual. Verse eight the centurion answered and said Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my roof but only what me a word and my servant will be healed. In other words always weak and it will be done. Now notice the example that the centurion gives he says on a lesser scale I do the same thing not of first night for I also am a man under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes and to another Come and he comes and to my servant do this and he does it but what is he saying saying I have authority when I speak things happen. So if you are greater than me having greater power thinks than what you wish we can also be a power that exactly what happened. Notice what it says in verse thirteen. Then Jesus said Do this until you go your way and as you have believed so man it be done for you and his servant was healed in that same hour. This is a powerful book this book is good I don't mind. That's why the devil hates this book is because he knows that in this book there is power to accomplish what it says. Now another interesting thing about the word a word of God as depicted by Jesus is that this book has the power to overcome them pave you probably read about the group impatiens upright in the world that will come. Jesus Jesus that's after forty days and forty nights by the way it's found in Matthew Chapter four And Jesus is hungry the Bible says and so the temper comes and he says if you are the Son of God turn these stones into bread. Let me ask you could Jesus have used this power to turn those stones in the bread. Could he have said stones become bread. We just know that we couldn't because he healed diseases by the word. He cast out demons by the Word become stunned by the work he resurrect the dead people by the word. So I wouldn't be any problem for him also to turn stones into bread. How did Jesus and answer that and you say it it is written. We're going to notice or it's the end of our presentation tonight that there's a very peculiar interesting thing about these you know that Jesus never quoted any source of this group. There were zillions of rabbis in his day. Religious leaders are God's chosen people. But Jesus never said Rabbi Shammai So is all rabbi my lil sis. Whenever Jesus spoke he spoke with the authority of God's written word and so Jesus says to the tempter it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God or the devil I don't blame you already have a word when we come back. And by the way that you know that the devil learns the devil is a learner. Quick learner. You remember when Jesus was baptized a voice was heard from heaven that said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased the very next verse Jesus is going to the desert to become now the devil says if you are the Son of God. Immediately Jesus knew that. This with the devil because his father just said that he went with the and now comes one thing if you are this Jesus saying what do you mean if I'm the son of God My father said I was and so on the second temptation the devil says Oh so he likes to live by my word does he. And so the devil takes him to a temple tower and he says if you are the Son of God John born in the south. Psalm ninety one there's a promise that God will send his angels to take you in their arms before you hit the ground. The devil can also quote the Bible and so we have to check out things for ourselves you know what the devil are doing the devil was actually quoting part of ninety one but he was forgetting the other part and I picked out of context is a pretext and you see what they were telling Jesus claimed the promise that if you jump the Angels are going to take you in their arms. But what he was omitting is that that promise could only be claimed by both law abiding and under the All Mighty Wings of God he was saying disobeyed God exhibit yourself Joe and then claim the promise. I don't like writing before you go on a trip and and say More protect me on this trip and then driving a hundred miles an hour in a presumption. That's kind of like praying before you take a test if you haven't studied. I mean that within a presumption it's claiming God's promises in disobedience. And Jesus immediately said yes it's true that the Bible says that he will send his angels but not when I'm disobeying the orders of God Not when I haf myself down with my father having asked me to do such a thing. So he says Well Jesus once again says it is written. Now shall not tempt the Lord I got them the battle took Jesus to the top of a mountain and showed him. All the kings of kingdoms of the world and he says to Jesus and by the way will study this later on he says to Jesus all of these kingdoms I will give up to you if you only bow down and worship. Once again Jesus as it is written and the Devil had to flee from the presence of the there is power in this book who will overcome this. I know what works. When we fill our minds in our hearts with God's word at the appropriate moment those words will come out you know what the problem is many times we don't know how to answer it is written because we don't know where it's written or even worse. Many times we can answer it is written because we don't even know if it's written. Have mercy. But when we know God's word when it comes in at the appropriate moment it will come up out to overcome temptation and the given exam. For about six years by the way I'm a missionary's get my parents were missionaries in South America about twenty years and I had the privilege of teaching the ology in a university town in the city of meddling Polonia I'm sure that you have heard of him in the long view of the meddling cartel. Back then they didn't have a problem that they had a little bit later on after we met but anyway I talked the Elegy there and one day I was in a classroom where two of the students were giving me the hardest time you could ever imagine. I mean they were snickering and they were cocky and you know I look at them you know real serious they would stop and then I would start teaching again and then they were just having a jolly good time the whole ignoring but I would say the group and as they were doing that the anger. From the bottom up. You know what I'm talking about you know are we on the same page here and you don't know about that. Yeah purply pink right. But anyway you know the blood started coming up not the neck and I was about to insult him and pull him out of class and be rude when suddenly I heard as clear as day in my mind the words Father forgive them for they know not what they do. I thought why in the world do these thoughts come to my mind here all of a sudden the you know that in my devotional for that morning that is the exact passage that I had with him. About how Jesus on the cross said Father forgive them for they know not what they do and you know what happened. The blood went river from the hand of defendant down the neck to the shoulders. Now my belly done to my people with Argo and half of the class I called them and I talked to them personally but I didn't like the word of God Well when we couldn't even when we got here when we research it when we know what it has power to overcome and Page. Jesus also told us that the Word of God is like. Go with me to the Gospel of Luke Chapter eleven checker eight Luke Chapter eight. And let's read verse eleven Luke Chapter eight and verse eleven this is the famous parable of the solar. There's more soil in which the seed is planted and depending on the soil the plant either grows and produces fruit or it doesn't. Now notice Luke Chapter eight and verse eleven that they have now. The parable is this. That's C. is what I see is the word go. Now when your privacy. What do you want what's the purpose of planning this if you want down the road what grew you know I planted several tomato plants in my garden this year in the spring for the first time that I've ever planted anything. One of my communal plants did not grow even one for me. I mean it was a huge point I mean big and it flowered and when harvest time came not tomatoes. What a mockery I mean not go out of their plant occupying that soil when they're kind of going to plant the produce. True but anyway the purpose of planting a seed is for the seed to their work group. Let me ask you when you got to the store and you buy that little packet of corn you opened a little ember and there you have the beautiful corn. But when you get that they count the corn seeds the little envelope and look at the corn all the whole new world. What do you have to do you have to take those corn seeds and you have to put them in the ground and then through sunshine and the rain the seed germinates the plant grows and eventually it bears fruit. You know the same is true with the Word of God We just read that the Word of God is like what is like according to Jesus this is a parable of Jesus but the Word of God is no good in a boardgame the Word of God is of no use unattainable one time an individual. I proudly took me into his study and he wanted to show me all of a version of the Bible that he will and I was going to pick out one of them from the stands and all alone no go pick it out because you know it will get all you see one of those Bibles brand new just like you. What's the use of having a Bible in a book on a table or in a book case if the Word of God according to Jesus is see the seed must be what must be planted in the heart the Lord you have to let it come through your eyes and through your ears. Let it come into your heart and that way it'll start growing and it will produce group all the question is what is the goal with me to the latest chapter by elations chapter by now let's notice what the group is that the Word of God bears when we put it in our hearts. Relations chapter five and verses twenty two and twenty three cents here the following but the root of the Spirit. Is what you know how many like love that sounds like something you like one or two on the part of the Spirit is love joy. How many of you like to be joyful like happy people but a lot of peace. How many of you like to put a nice longsuffering that means they've kind of missed the like kind people. Goodness me fullness. Gentleness self-control against such there is no law so what is the fruit that comes into our life when the seed or the Word of God planted in our hearts. All these you know that we. That was just right you're going to have that sound like a Cadillac that you would like to have. Then what do we need to do according to G. The word must be planted in the heart but Jesus also spoke of the Word of God at all. Remember in the first temptation Jesus says it is written man shall not live by bread alone. Physical bread but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God So in other words what Jesus is saying is that like all food represents spiritual food as you need to be fed physically to be physically strong you must be fed spiritually to be spiritually strong. How many of you are hungry right now. Well there's a few. I'm not. Course I will be what I've been after having expended all visitors. Let me ask you Have you ever had the experience where you're just terribly hungry and you come into a place where they're serving food and the food is sizzling and smoke from the WHO is coming up. You can see the food beautiful plate of food and you can just smell that. Who grew you could just eat. Let me ask you how much good does that do you. How much does that nourish you. How much does that nourish me. Listen you cannot be nourished by our role models. You cannot be nourished by just looking at code. I'm not playing well for what it must be you must take the fork put the food on the floor. Put the board in your mouth shoe it swallow it and digest it and then it becomes part and parcel of your life of your physical life. You're not the same is true of spiritual. What happens if we only eat junk food we'll have junk. Hell will be physically weaker. But what about spiritually. What if we had only spiritual junk food then we will be spiritually what have you ever heard the expression garbage in garbage out. That's the principle. Your point garbage into a garbage can and what other people who come to pick up a garbage going take all of the care what you put in comes out. Now let me say that we eat basically through our mouth but we each spiritually who are guys who are you who are our eyes because we study the Word of God through our years because we hear praise of patients. God Jesus spoke of his word as man you know what man is experience in the Old Testament remember Israel there were in the wilderness forty years according to the Bible. How could they survive in the desert forty years. Well the Lord opened up his heavenly bakery and the Bible says that the rain down manna from heaven every morning will take a look at it's a little bit more close later on in this seminar but every day the people would go out and they would pick up the manna and they would eat and they were physically strong. The Bible says that none of them had any disease in the dead they were. Physically in tip top shape and yet after the forty years in the wilderness all of them had work done. In other words things like old man had strengthened them physically for a while but then they die. But Jesus says listen I have a manner that if you eat it you won't die for it and that man is my word. Now what's more important than the sit down and eat are physical food or is it even more important to sit down and are spiritual you know lots of people in this world. They eat from the Bible like the from the play that we're right you know we don't when we get the food we gobbling up and it's back on the road again you know we can't do that with a wife you have to sit down calmly slowly put the food spiritually speaking in our mouth or in our eyes our ears think upon it. Yes it becomes part of a very fine. Now another thing that Jesus spoke about the Word of God is as I mentioned before Jesus never once in the Gospels quote is quote any of the rabbis. That's unusual because we have writings from that period where rabbis were quoting rabbis inside and out. I mean many pended more on the traditions of the elders then they depended upon the Word of God But interestingly in the four gospels Jesus never appealed to the writings of the authorities of his day. He always appealed to Scripture. Go with me to the book of Matthew chapter seven. And verses twenty eight and twenty nine. Matthew chapter seven verses twenty eight and twenty nine and I want to show you the distinction between Jesus and the scribes of his day by the way when you find the word scribes in the Gospels it's referring to the theologians of Christ. These other theological experts these are the experts in Bible interpretation. Notice verse twenty eight and saw it was when Jesus had ended these sayings that the people were astonished at his teaching. What were the people they were what astonished at his duty for he taught them as one having not already and not as described. Why did Jesus have authority of the scribe did not have authority. Go with me to Mark Chapter seven. There we have the explanation for it and that's the reason why there's so little power even in the Christian world today. Because we have adopted the traditions of man instead of the Word of God we try to justify things that the church does by what this the origin quotes and by this theologian sense instead of simply going and taking God at His word. Notice Mark Chapter seven this is speaking about a tradition that the Jewish elders have that you know every time you go to a meal you have to wash four times that was the tradition of the day you know you came in you washed your hands sat down and when you had you would eat your first course because they serve the food by courses then you would get up ceremoniously from the table you would go wash your hands again and you would come and sit down and participate in the next course when you are finished with that course you had to get out and you had to go and wash your hand ceremonially again and then and come sit down and finally when you had your dessert you would get up. You would wash your hands and come back again it was a ceremonial system that had been developed by. By the scribes and by the elders of Christ. What did Jesus have to say about these customs and traditions and practices which were not based upon the Word of God not us. Mark Chapter seven and verse seven. This people I am nursed me with their lips but their heart is far from me. Don't forget this we're going to come back to it in a moment. This people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me and then he says this and in vain they worship me teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. This is serious stuff. Jesus says that when you teach the commandments of men. This is worshipping God how in bay is to worship God with our lips but not with our hearts and then notice verse thirteen making the Word of God of no effect. That means our knowing the power of the Word of God through your tradition which you have handed down and many such things you do. What would Jesus then say about how the study God's word some principles. In closing this week and I'll just mention some of these we won't read them in Matthew thirteen verse forty four it speaks about a field where the there for closure there. How many of you have found fields recently that have a very great or what would you do if you discovered a field in Fresno that had a very pressure and a lot was for sale. Would you do everything possible to buy a field because you know the treasure is there. Absolutely. I'll bet you would sell everything you have. In order to get the treasure. You know what Lord Jesus says that in this book this is the field. The book is The View in this book there are craters. Now let me ask you if you walk in by appeal would you ever know that there are treasures and that you know what you have to do good. If you see a Bible on a stand closed can you know that in that book there are treasures. No what you have to do you have to open the book and you have to be willing to give it all up to buy the treasure that is contained in this book. A second principle that Jesus taught is that we must always pray. All we study God's word go with me to John Chapter fourteen and verse twenty six. John Chapter fourteen verse twenty six. Notice what Jesus says here about the importance of the Holy Spirit by the way. Who was the person who inspired the Bible. Was the Holy Spirit right. So the only person who really knows the meaning of the Bible is the one who gave it and so when we're going to study the Bible we have to pray to ask the Spirit to help us understand what he gave in the first place. Notice what it says in John fourteen and verse twenty six Jesus is speaking but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. Who is it that brings to remembrance everything that Jesus said The Holy Spirit. That's why before we open God's word as we did last this evening now we are free and began our program with a word of prayer who asked the Lord to bless our study this evening. Now let's turn to Luke Chapter eleven and verse twenty eight. Luke Chapter eleven and verse twenty eight very important verse. You see when Jesus was ministering to the multitudes there was this certain lady that had something interesting to say the Jesus actually she blurted it out in public. It says there in Luke eleven and starting with verse twenty seven and it happened as he spoke these things that a certain woman from that crowd raised her voice and said to him what I said is the will that bore you and the breath which nurse you know is how wonderful a privilege for your mom to call you son. What did Jesus say. Verse twenty eight he said more than that. Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and what and keep it you see not only should be will we be willing to give all the find the treasure if necessary. Not only should we pray according to Jesus for the help of the Holy Spirit so that we don't reach the wrong conclusions. In our study of the Bible so that we understand the mind of the Spirit. But Jesus also says that we are supposed to hear the Word of God and what and do it go with me to Matthew chapter seven and verses twenty one twenty six very important passage by the way this is speaking about the end times. You think that we're living in the end times. But what you're seeing in the world. I'm going to share some amazing things in that seminar with you. Signs that indicate clearly that Jesus is even at the door and let me just give you a little inkling of one point which shows me that Jesus is soon to come and will be studying this more in our lecture. Have you seen the tremendous increase in the your call in this world today is amazing. You know you look at the whole cast and you don't find any reference hardly at all to the power of the occult demon possession and things like that. But when Jesus is about to come. Suddenly the whole world of darkness enters into action and there's a payment process people all over the place. Why. Because Jesus has come to come past the airport. So when Jesus comes in it's first coming. There's tremendous increase in the working of the occult world of demons that must mean that of Jesus is going to come soon for the second time. And your cult has grown tremendously. Maybe it's because the devil knows that Jesus is going to come back to set up His kingdom and he feels like that Kingdom is being contested by G.'s. Now go with me to Matthew chapter seven and verse twenty one. Very important past not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Not anyone. Not everyone who says what Lord Martin says Lord Lord are these Christians they must be because if they're not Christians why would they be saying more and more. Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day all this this is the day of the Lord Lord have we not rock aside in your name. Noticed his cast out demons in your name and. Done many wonders in your name. These are Christians. They claim to be Christians because they're doing it in the name of Jesus and then it says in verse twenty three. And then I will be queer to them I never know you be part from me. You who practice lawlessness. And then Jesus is going to give a parable to illustrate what he is going to give this famous parable of the man who built his out upon the rock. You know we have that little song that the children see Wiseman blew his house upon the rock of Wiseman build a rock and I think some of you you know singing the song with your lips. You're not as courageous or value. You're still here. Reward and then there's a Polish man who built this house on what on the side. What does it mean to build on the rock What does it mean to build on the sand. Notice verse twenty four there or whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them. Here is and what and does them I will liken him to a wise man who Bill is out on the rock and the rain descended the floods came and the winds blew in being on that house and it did not fall for it was founded on the rock. What does it mean to be built on the rock. It means to hear the words of Jesus and what and do man that we have the other side of the coin. Verse twenty six. Now everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them they are the sprayers not the doors number what we just read about proper sign in his name etc and so it says now everyone who hears these sayings of mine and does not do them will be like a policeman who built it. It's not on the same and the rain descended the floods came and the windows blew and peed on their house and it fell and great ones. It's all so we have very simple principles. Be willing to invest all you have to buy the treasure in God's word gap the research you have to study. Secondly pray who asked for the Lord God becomes a Holy Spirit who gave the word of the only one who was able to explain so we must pray before we open God's word. When we read or study God's Word we must be willing to do what we must be willing to do. Finally in John seven verse seventeen which I want you to read when you get home. Jesus tells us how we can know whether a person a person speaking is of God or not. Who says everyone who wants to do His will will know all the P.G. whether it is of God or not in other words when we study the Bible we must study the Bible with a sincere heart to know what God's will is. So Jesus had a lot to say about the Word of God didn't J.C. basically told us that as we live physically by the food we eat we live spiritually also by the spiritual food. Here is where we find the real reason why our society is so immoral. Starting from the common person on the street all the way up to the leaders of our country. It's because people are dying of spiritual starvation because they are not consuming the Holy Word of God. May God bless us and help us in the seven or so and we study God's word. We would see that into our hearts and we might come to know Jesus personally and our Savior and Lord and we might grow in our relationship with him and we might be spiritually strong so as not only to live in this life but to live eternal that you let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for sending Jesus to this world to teachers and to die for. Yet how many times Lord we've just put your word aside and forgotten or help us to catch a vision of the importance of sitting down and partaking of a bank with your word. Help us to go to that word and study it and make it part of our very fiber and to implement its principles in our lives. Thank you for having been with us and we ask that you will be with us also in the rest of the seminar we will bring us all back straight week of mild to study about beautiful garden. Thank you Martin for answering our prayer Jesus no just media was brought to you by an audio tapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know if you would like to listen to more so. Please Visit W W W. Tours dot org.


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