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3. How Jesus Understood His Self Identity

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 22, 2015
    2:00 PM

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But we have a very very important subject that we're going to study. We're going to deal with how Jesus understood his identity and I'd like to begin by reading a passage that we find in the Gospel of Matthew chapter eight and verses twenty three to twenty seven. Matthew Chapter eight and verses twenty three twenty seven. This is speaking about the experience that Jesus had when he was in a boat if you'll remember and the disciples were struggling to keep the water out of the boat in a storm. Let's read about it. Now when he got into a boat his disciples followed him and suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea so that the boat was covered with the way but he was asleep. Then his disciples came to him and I heard him saying God save us we are perishing. But he said to them Why are you fearful. Oh you of little faith. Then he rose and review the winds and the sea and there was a great car and now comes the key verse and the men marveled saying Who can this be. That even then ends and the sea obey him. Actually this question Who is this man was asked on repeated occasions during the ministry of Jesus. In fact once the Lord Jesus Himself asked that question who I am and saying that I am going to Sipe I said well some say that your Elijah others say Jeremiah one of the prophets. Then Jesus said and what do you say that I am and of course Peter said. You are the Christ the Son of the Living God. Time and again throughout the ministry of Jesus this crucial and critical question was asked Who is Jesus not the answer that has been given throughout the centuries as well as in the days of Jesus has been very some people believe that the Lord Jesus was simply a great prophet. Other individuals believe that he was a great faith healer and of course he healed the diseases of many. Still others believe that he was the greatest moral teacher that has ever existed on planet Earth and even the Pharisees believed that Jesus was demon possessed and he was deranged mentally and Albert Schweitzer a very well known probably my most of us believe that Jesus was a deluded fanatic even though he believed that Jesus was a great moral teacher that Jesus did many wonderful things. He believed that Jesus believed that the kingdom was going to come through his work and the kingdom never came and so Jesus was a deluded but adding according to Schweitzer the question is according to the Bible. It is. Jeez. Now there are three aspects of Jesus that we find in the Gospels. Number one we have a lot of material on who he is. That is a self identity of Jesus and then we have a good amount of material on what Jesus did his works and then there is another and sentimental portion of material that has to do with what Jesus said what Jesus taught not what Jesus taught and what Jesus did based on who Jesus is and so it's vital that we understand. You know next year tonight exactly who Jesus was not we're going to study tonight ten great facts about Jesus and we're going to get some of this material mostly from the Gospels. We'll make a few references to other Bible verses but we want to see what the Bible what the gospels particularly have to say about who Jesus is what he taught what he believed and what he did. Our first break back is found in the Gospel of John chapter one. If you'll turn with me there John chapter one. And we want to read verses one two three. John chapter one and verses one through three. This is a passage very well known probably by most of us and it says that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God all things were made through Him and without him nothing was made that was made. The first great fact that we want to notice is that according to the New Testament according to the gospels Jesus Christ is God and he was already in the beginning. Notice that it doesn't say in the beginning became the word itself in the beginning was the word. In other words he already existed in the beginning. In other words our first break back is that Jesus preexisted everything in the universe because he is eternal God God with me also to John Chapter seventeen John Chapter seventeen. And let's listen to the words of Jesus himself. John Chapter seventeen and verse lied and here Jesus prayed to his father and he's praying particularly for his disciples and he says in this high place of the player the following. And now either glorify me together with yourself with the glory which I had with you before then the old one so Notice that Jesus existed before the world was. Jesus was in the beginning and Jesus is God Now I'm going to make reference to some verses from the New Testament that we're not going to read but you can just follow along in the list of text that you've received. For example in Matthew Chapter one and verse twenty three the angel says that one of the names of Jesus is going to be Emmanuel. Now do you know what the name Emmanuel means it means God. Yes and I know that there's one particular individual here who has a daughter whose name is Emmanuel the feminine Emanuel means God with us. In other words when Jesus came to this earth he was God with us but with me also to John Chapter eight and I would like to read verse fifty eight John Chapter eight and verse fifty eight we're still speaking about the first great black and that is that Jesus Christ is the only plan really completely in every sense eternal God Notice John Chapter eight and verse fifty eight here Jesus is going to say I share some very surprising news with the Jewish listeners that are hearing what he has to say. Fifty eight of John eight Jesus said to them most assuredly I say to you before Abraham was I am now immediately we asked the question Did Jesus not know proper grammar. Didn't they know that what you're supposed to say before I am a ham was I once. You just don't say before Abraham was I am. Well the fact is that Jesus was trying to make a point and that is that he is the Great I Am Who let Israel in the Old Testament. In fact he was the guy who was in the in the burning match that was made back to Exodus Chapter three and verse fourteen Exodus Chapter three and verse fourteen this is the experience of the burning bush and here is where we need to recognize that we are all in the New Testament testified to Jesus. You see if you didn't have the Old Testament you would say man that's kind of strange Before Abraham was I am. But when you go to the source of the name I am you know why Jesus used it. Now notice Exodus Chapter three and verse fourteen when Moses says to God when I go to Israel what names should I tell them you have. And here's the answer. And God said to Moses I am who I am. And he said dust you shall say to the children of Israel. Emma has sent me to you and of course the name I am indicates an eternal existence. You see in the sight of God There is no past there's no future there is an eternal present in the mind of God and so God is the great I am Jesus Christ identifies himself as the great I am the God who was in the burning bush in fact the Jews understood very well what Jesus was trying to say because immediately afterwards in verse fifty nine of John eight they picked up stones to follow him because they recognized that he was declaring himself to be God So our first great fact very important fact. Study and understand tonight if she is us was is and for a man not to be everlasting eternal God not a second fact that we want to remember is that Jesus was the active agent in the creation of this world. He was the one who actively implemented the creation plan of this world. Let's go back to a text that we've already read John chapter one and verses one through three. John chapter one of verses one to three and particularly were interested in verse three it says there in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God he was in the beginning with God And now here comes the key verse. Things were made literally him and when I asked him nothing was made that was made how many things were created through Jesus. I read things you might say well all things on earth. Not quite going with me to the book of kolache going it made a collage and Chapter one inlets noticed how many things Jesus made collages chapter one and we want to read starting with verse sixteen. In about Jesus and it sells for by him. Things were created then are in heaven and on earth visible and invisible whether Thrones or dominions or principle these are our powers all things were created him and brought him and he is before all things and I am him. Aren't things considered so. How many things were created through Jesus things whether they be heavenly the things this is an invisible things principalities powers governments you name it all have been created through Jesus Christ. Now you might be wondering why is it important to believe that all things were created by Jesus. Let me explain why you see every single one of us who are gathered here this evening were created by Jesus. Now you probably are saying no I was created by my mother. OK Let me ask you who created your mother she came from her mother right and the one that her mother come from. Welcome grandmother and when her mother come from from her mother and if you go back far enough where you are going according to the Bible you end with I don't know any that's right. Satan Jesus Christ created Adam and Eve Then he created us all. In other words Jesus is the creator of all of us why it's not important because the time would come when Jesus needed to pay the debt for all and only he who created it could pay the price. Well you see one creature could perhaps pay for another creature but only he who created every being in the last man could take the place of every being in the whole vast world and save them from their sins. So the great second great fact is that Jesus is the creator of all and therefore it is possible for him to become the Redeemer of all he can take our penalty upon himself. Now let's get to our great back and that is that Jesus even. He was God in the beginning even though he existed already in the beginning even though he was a target of God The Bible tells us that at a certain point in history when the playlists of time had come God sent forth His Son born of a woman. Now don't ask me to explain the mystery of the Incarnation. I can't do it I mean imagine what God did he took the divine Christ who is eternal God and by some mysterious process that we can never understand genetically he took that divine person Jesus Christ the tried old son of God and he implanted him into the womb of Mary and passed. God became man. We turn to God just transplanted to the rebellious. Planet and thus he became God man. Before this you have been God now he becomes the God man. Let's notice what it says in Matthew Chapter one and verse eighteen about this birth of Jesus's birth was absolutely unique because he was brought about origin which means that he must have been born not sexual intercourse. Now notice what it says in verse eighteen. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows after his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph that is engaged before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband being a just man and not wanting to make her a public example was minded to put her away secretly while he thought about these things behold the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream Saint Joseph son of David. Do not be afraid to take to you marry you. Right for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit and she will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for He will save his people from their sins. Now let us the justification the scriptural justification for this that is happening. Verse twenty two. Now all this was done but it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet saying Behold a virgin shall be with child and their son and they shall call his name Emmanuel which translated is God with us. And so the Bible is very clear the Gospels are very clear that Jesus is not only eternal God but at some point in history he became a man. Now notice what it says in John chapter one and verse fourteen speaking about this same word. John chapter one in verse fourteen says and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father of grace and truth. Notice the. Who was in the beginning who was God. Now it becomes not Becomes Flesh. It's interesting if you examine the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew Chapter one you'll find that he descends from Abraham and from David he has a real human knowledge and if you go to the genealogy of Christ in Luke chapter three you'll find that the genealogy not only takes you back to Abraham and to David but the genealogy actually takes you all the way back to Adam. In other words Jesus came from our line of human beings. He suffered the results of the great law already. He was a real man. He was not a make believe man he was a real human. Maybe not a salute. Chapter twenty four and verses thirty six to forty three. This is a passage that is referring to the post resurrection state of Jesus. Notice Luke Chapter twenty four and let's start reading at verse thirty six. This is after the resurrection of Jesus. It says now is they said these things. Jesus himself stood in the midst of them and said to them peace to you. But they were terrified and frightened and supposed that they had seen a spear and he said to them Why are you troubled and why do the doubts arise in your hearts. Behold my hands and my feet. There it is I myself. Handle Me and see. Spirit does not have it. What's the next word polish and what and bones as you see I have. When he had said this he showed them his hands and he was the and then they still didn't believe it so he said Do you have any proof here. Do spirit eat basically is what he's saying and so they gave him something to eat and he ate in their presence. Did Jesus have a real human body even after his resurrection. According to scripture Yes he was a real genuine human being. Notice also the corroboration that we find in the book of Hebrews. Go with me to Hebrews Chapter two. And that's Paris. What the Apostle Paul tells us here in starting with verse seventeen. It says speaking about Jesus there or in all things he had to be made like this Reverend. Now let me explain something. Jesus was not made with a human nature like for example a drunk on skid row. Who has not been regenerated who has not been born again. In other words when Jesus was born into this world he was born with a regenerated human nature in other words we could say that Jesus was born. Then again Jesus never had to go through a new birth experience when he was born he was born regenerated by the Holy Spirit. You know as Jesus began at his birth where we began when we are born again through the work of the Holy Spirit. In other words the difference between Christ and us is not in our human nature but it is up a point when we are born again. When Jesus was born he was born already by the Holy Spirit we generally have when we are converted to Christ and we are born again at that moment. We are that at the position where Jesus began in other words when the Bible says that Jesus was made like unto His brethren it speaking about those who have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. Those who have been born again. In fact you can check out the word brother the word brethren as it's applied to Christ and His relationship to his people in the New Testament and you'll find that every single time that we are called the brethren of Jesus and refers to people that have joined his family people who have been converted and of accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. So in other words Jesus was born into this world according to the Bible or rather not. But also says in verse fourteen in Hebrews chapter two in as much then as the children have partaken up fresh and blunt he himself a lie lies shared in the out in the same way that he might destroy him who have the power of death that is the devil. So as the children had Russian bride. So Jesus came into this world. All with flesh and blood. So we've noticed three great facts so far about Jesus. Number one he is eternal God. Number two he created every person in this world and therefore he can offer his life in place of every person that he created. Number three Jesus Lisa besides being eternal God is also truly and genuinely a man. Now why is it important for Jesus to be both God and to be man. The answer to this question is found in the Gospel of John chapter one and verse fifty one John chapter one and verse fifty one and here Jesus is speaking to the Annual who was one of his disciples one of the disciples that Jesus called and you'll notice what it says in John chapter one and verse fifty one and he said to him most assuredly I say to you here or there or you shall see I have been open and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man. Yes we have an open and the angels ascending and descending upon the Son of Man what a strange declaration. Now let me ask you where does this idea come from. The Angels ascending and descending upon something you know if the story of Jacob and Jennifer twenty eight you remember that he sinned against as Father by lying to women he stole his brother's birthright and he had to flee from home and he felt that God had abandoned him and after traveling a couple of days he laid down with his head upon a stone upon a rock and he had this dream and in the dream he saw a ladder it was firmly planted and its heights reached into the heavens and God. At the top of the ladder. Let me ask you how many key parts there's a letter out. I always have people say to me that I have some people say it's actually to the top in the bottom because you about if you have the top at the bottom you would have a middle right and say I don't want to rip the parts you have the body and you also have the top where you want to reach to. Now the interesting thing is usually when we put a letter we planted on the earth and then we put it up to where we want to go but the letter of Genesis twenty eight and John chapter one is placed in the opposite direction in other words it's like a helicopter landing. It's not a case of us putting a lot on earth to return to Heaven. It's a case of bog down the ladder from heaven to earth. Intel reaches the earth so that we can assent. Now what does this represent the fact that the latter is planted on the earth and it reaches to the highest heaven. What it means is that Jesus Christ is God with God in heaven and at the same time he is man planted on earth with us here on Earth. In other words he's men with us. That's the earthly part of the letter and he's God with everlasting but in heaven that's the top part of the letter and because he is man and he is God He is able to bridge the abyss between heaven and earth so that we can make it from this earth to have in other words as God He has access to God and as men he has access to us he is the bridge between heaven and earth. It's really sad that many people in this world believe that human priests could lead them to God. The problem with that idea that a human. These can lead you to God Is that a human priest has only the bottom part of the ladder. Because he's a man that in order to bridge the abyss between heaven and earth the person must be a man and he must be God In other words to the divinity of Jesus to describe good and to his humanity. We are the possibility of making it from earth to heaven if he is God He was up there. If he's man he's down here but if he's well he closes the abyss for us between heaven and earth of the next great back that I want to study is that Jesus being a man was tempted in all things like we are as a fellow human being. Now let me just say that Matthew Chapter four presents the temptations of Jesus later on in this series we're going to talk about the temptations Specifically we're going to see that the three thousand patients represent three categories of temptations that come to us. Now Jesus wasn't tempted in every specific temptation that we're tempted with for example he wasn't tempted to watch too much television because of course there was no television but I wasn't tempted with his eyes yet. What's so these three temptations represent three categories of temptations that we suffer as well as he suffered he was tempted in all things according to the by now can God be tempted according to a by God cannot be to go with me to James Chapter one James chapter one and let's read verse thirteen James Chapter one Verse thirty three God can't be tempted the devil who God command prompt him of them. God is not what I think I'm not going to be. How could he be the city that have James chapter one and verse thirteen says Let no one say when he is tempted I am tempted by God for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does he himself tell anyone so can God be tempted no. So what if Jesus had come to this earth as God He could not have been work he could not have been tempted and if the devil had tempted him and he has moved here as God but then I'm going to say it all come on this is just a facade. These are real Pempengco sense because every time that I'm about to get to your turn on your divinity and you know that's maybe because you know I don't have my answer. Jesus had come to this earth as God He could have never been tempted. And we're going to notice that has that has severe repercussions when it comes to words. The fact is that the Bible teaches that Jesus came to this earth and was tempted in all things like we are yet without sin by the way do you know that Jesus was tempted far greater than Adam or than us. You look for example at the temptations of Adam Adam lived in a perfect beautiful garden. When Jesus was tempted tempted in the desert and must have been in a garden where he had no scarcity of food there was no excuse for him to be hungry. Jesus was tempted when he had passed the forty days and forty nights and was tempted when he had a perfect body and I think mine in fondness of strength. Jesus was tempted when the human race had been generated by four thousand years of sea and was not constantly attacked by Satan in the garden. He had access only to the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that Jesus from the time he was. I'm going to study this tomorrow night from the time that he was born until the time that he died twenty four hours a day seven days a week but then it was on his track after him tempting him making his life miserable. Not so with Adam and besides Jesus was tempted to use power that he had but I don't hear for example of the Devore taught devil told elder Finn. If you had a son about trying these stones into bread without me a temptation for other person why not. Because it got thrown stones at the bread but the fact is Jesus not only could answer this temptations were greater far larger than our temptations and let me say even though they were far greater and file larger than our temptations he was tempted in the same human nature as we are. Let me illustrate the point let's suppose. And I don't even know why he uses the example but I want it's a good. Let's suppose that Superman existed. OK We're going to notice right in part by Jesus to have become a man and we have been tempted in all things like as we are. Let's suppose that Superman exist does Superman have powers that we don't know of course if he existed that is of course you can e-mail things with this eyesight sharp can he that does he have the power to make steel of course he does. Can he pull a tree completely off the truths of God He has great powers but I don't have. Now supposing that Superman existed and he appeared in front of this auditorium tonight and he said. Why all of you but so nice to see all of you tonight and then that door was opened and Superman. And he says what I mean what would you say excuse me. Does Superman have powers that I don't have is there any basis for him to say I thought I me you know because he's asking me to do something that he has power to do and I know I do but I mean I saw Jesus Christ John Chapter two and verse six states that Jesus says that we shouldn't add up even if he were out. But my question is if Jesus gained a victory over sin because he had superior powers than me on what basis could he ask me to follow his example. He couldn't ever be unjust. Well I let me say exactly what happened there in the ministry of Jesus and this is the amazing thing. The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus when he came to this earth even though he had his powers as God He chose to relinquish the use of those powers unless his father gave him permission. And the reason for that was so that he could live on this planet like you and me. Now you might be saying wait a minute pastor didn't Jesus cast out demons. Isn't that a greater power than human power. Didn't Jesus healed sick people. Yes he did. Didn't Jesus read the minds of people. He sure did. Then Jesus resurrect people. He most certainly did. So he must have been using his divine powers to do all of these things. The fact is he didn't because the apostles had the same ability. Jesus said the Apostles also cast out demons that they not the Apostles are so you know not the apostle the Apostle Paul resurrected a dead person. The Apostles also read the human mind. You say where remember that Peter Read the mind of an alliance of fire and told them that they had sinned against the Holy Spirit. Let me ask you Are they doing these things because they have because their God No but because the Holy Spirit is giving them the capacity to do that and that was the case with Jesus Jesus when he came to this earth. He made a decision in heavenly Council with his father and that is that when he came here he was going to live like none of us he was going to gain the victory over temptation and one of us. And what's really amazing is that Jesus was tempted in everything like I mention and yet he never sinned not because he used his divine power but because he depended upon the power of his father. Well that's what it says in John Chapter eight and verse forty six. John Chapter eight and verse forty six with regards to Christ. Here Christ fires out a challenge. John Chapter eight and verse forty six Jesus asks the question what each of you convicts me of sin. In other token Poulomi then I am a sinner that I have committed sin. Notice also John Chapter fourteen and verse thirty. John Chapter fourteen and verse thirty. Once again Jesus says that the evil one has nothing in him. He says there I will no longer talk much with you for the rest of this world is coming and here. He has not he has nothing in me. In other words the devil had made a point of contact with Jesus but that was not able to entice Jesus even in part to battle against God's will and it wasn't because he was using his divine power it was because as a man he was depending upon the power of his father. Notice what it says in John Chapter five and verses nineteen and twenty. John Chapter five in verses nineteen and twenty. Here Jesus states clearly how he lived when he was on this earth. John Chapter five in verses nineteen and twenty. Notice then Jesus answered and said to them not to sure the I say to you the son can do nothing. I.P.M. so that when he sees the Father do whatever he does. The son also does in like manner. So the son does nothing of himself when he sees the Father do. He does and then twenty four The Father loves the Son and show them things that he himself does and he will show him greater works than these that you may marvel several times in the first chapters of John Jesus says I can of myself do absolutely. Now why was it important for Jesus to become a man and be tempted in all things as it says in Hebrews chapter four in all things such as we are yet without sin and suddenly somebody says well how can he understand me then if we never sin. Let me give you an illustration so you can understand if you are sinking in quicksand. And you are all the way up to your neck. What would you rather have. Would you rather have another person in the quicksand sympathizing with you. Oh and understanding your plight of somebody standing on solid ground to pull you out of your. I know the answer. Here's somebody that has not fallen into the quicksand. Lesson of Jesus had fallen into the quicksand of Satan with us he would need somebody to pull him out too. But praise the Lord that he's not an axe and sympathizing with me. He's on solid ground willing to pull me out from the quicksand of sin. Now why is it important for Jesus to have become a man so that he could be tempted as we are yet without sin. I sustained that there are three reasons. Number one person John Chapter two and verse six says that Jesus has left us an example so that as he walk we should walk as well. So in other words the victory of Jesus over temptation becomes an example for us to overcome temptation the same power that he had is the power which is available to us and this. It's me to my second point. Not only was it important for Jesus to suffer temptation and conquer temptation to give me an example of how I should conduct impatient. But Jesus actually overcame probation so that he could give me the power to overcome not only an example of how to overcome but also the power to overcome. Now notice John Chapter fifteen and verse five on this point. John Chapter fifteen and verse by you know Jesus says I am the vine you are the branches. He who abides in me and I in Him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing. So as Jesus came to victory through the power of our obvious father in Him Jesus says that if. We are drawing him as the kind and we as branches we can have the same power to overcome which Jesus had. We all know that famous verse of the Apostle Paul where he says I can do something little Christ who strengthens me. Thank you thank you. How is that again I can do most things the crisis strengthens me. Thank you very much. You're on the panel tonight. I can do things through Christ who strengthens me. Extract gain the victory over temptation. That's about the Bible fair notice that it says here I can do things through Christ who strengthens me. That's very similar to what we just read in John fifteen verse five. Without me you can do nothing only part pockets are positively and negatively without me you can do nothing. Paul since we have been I can do everything I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now you say how in the world can I gain the victory over temptation the way Jesus did. Well it's very simple folks go with me to John Chapter fifteen and let's read verses five and then let's read verse seven. John Chapter fifteen and then verse five and also verse seven it says here in verse five John Chapter fifteen the following. We just ran it I am the vine you are the branches he will bite and me and I in Him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing. Notice Jesus says work to abide in Him right. What does it mean to abide in Him one of her seven if you abide in me and one of the next phrase and my right eye in you. So how does Jesus abide in us but I know here's what we know is managed How did Jesus answer the devil in the bout of temptation. Well because the Word of God was welling in Jesus and Jesus says to do well in new means to have my way I would do and you incidentally let me share this with you in the Gospel of John chapter six Jesus said something which was revolutionary really scared the Jewish leaders he said unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you and of course they thought that Jesus was talking about cannibalism. They thought he was actually saying that people had to eat His flesh and drink his blood to have everlasting life and Jesus know that they were thinking that. And so in John chapter six if you go with me there for a minute John chapter six and verse sixty three Jesus is going to explain what he meant he says There it is the Spirit who gives life the flesh profits nothing numbers it doesn't do any good to eat my flesh and then he says the words that I speak to you are spirit and I don't know what and they are life. So in other words if you want to overcome the devil like Jesus overcame the devil you must have Jesus abiding new and Jesus abides in you who he is what who his word so that you can answer them. It is written. Well the lives of many of us are not putting scripture in our art and therefore when the devil comes we're at his mercy. I noticed with me Psalm one hundred nineteen I love this passage here. Psalm one hundred nineteen and let's read verses nine through eleven Psalm one hundred nineteen verses nine through eleven. You want to underline this is beautiful says here. How can a young man cleanse his way by taking heed. According to your word. With my whole heart I have sought you all let me not wonder from your commandments. And then here's my favorite your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not work out that I might not sin against you. So how did Jesus gain the victory over temptation the same way we can by abiding in the word and by facing the devil with the word. The third reason why the Lord Jesus had to be tempted as a man had to live a life a perfect life in human nature was all that he could develop a life that he could attribute to me. Or he could credit America. Let me explain what I mean. You see when man sinned. God said you must die because the wages of sin are there in other words when man's sin his life was stained by sin and therefore he was subject to death. What was the only way in which the life of man could be really well we know that Jesus had to pay for the sin of man. But Jesus had to do something before that Jesus had to live a perfect life so that he could offer that perfect life. In my place before the Bible as the Bible says so that we could be accepted in the Beloved. In other words my simple life would be covered by a simple less like of Jesus as I accept him as my Savior my lord this is what the Apostle Paul Paul's in Romans Chapter four the righteousness which is reckoned or are credited to Abraham and to David and to the people who accept Jesus in other words you not only need someone to pay for your sins. You need someone to stand in your place. Right to stand in your place. You remember the story that we studied last time the story of the prodigal son. What did the father put over the shoulders of his prodigal son. The role and what does that robe represent the righteousness of the Father in other words the father now looks at him and he says forget all of those things that you've done. My righteousness stands in place of your writing in other words he is accepted in the beloved but in order to offer a perfect life he had to live a perfect life. Then he had to overcome every damn patient that came against him because if he did not have a perfect life his sacrifice would be in vain because his sacrifice would be flawed and so he had to live a perfect sin much like so that that life could be a credited to my account and I could be saved so we find that the Bible tells us that Jesus was tempted in all things like as we are and yet the Lord Jesus never seen for this reason he can be my example. For this reason he can empower me to overcome and for this reason he can credit me with his perfect life so that the father doesn't look at me the father looks at Jesus. The next reason why or the next point in our study tonight the next great act about Jesus is that Jesus came to this earth to reveal what his father is really like. In John Chapter fourteen we find Jesus saying to Philip he who has seen me as the one you see up till this point the devil had given God a black eye had given God a bad reputation. In fact in the times of Christ. We're going to study tomorrow night when we speak about our good and evil in the Gospels all the law of the Old Testament period and up to the times of Christ. The people believe that if you got sick it was God that was punishing you person if in fact they can never see the finger of God Whether it's gone was afflicting you with my prosy we could because you were a great sinner. The man who was blind was born blind who see and this man or his parents that he should be born blind. In other words the devil had given the impression that God was responsible for all of the evil and all of the sickness and all of the suffering in all of the sorrow in the world it was necessary for one to come and show what God was really like. But of course God can come as God because the Bible says that God is a consuming fire. He would have had to destroy the sinner if he came in his divine glory and saw the divine glory was covered by humanity so that Jesus could reveal what God is like and not destroy me. And so Jesus says He who has seen Me has seen the Father. If you want to know what God is like all you have to do is look at Jesus because sometimes isn't it true that we think well Jesus loves me this I know but then we were not sure about the father. We cannot think of a father or somebody who sitting on His Throne up there he's aloof you know he's the one that needs to be appeased. He's the one who needs to be an Intersil before by the son we consider him a little bit aloof but the fact is that the New Testament tells us that the Father loves us as much as isn't. In fact he was willing to give His Son because He loves us so much and so Jesus going to show what his father is really like. And tomorrow will amplify this point a little bit more. Another reason why Jesus came to this earth is so that he could pay my penalty for sin. Notice what it says in Matthew chapter twenty and verse twenty eight. Matthew Chapter twenty and verse twenty eight a very important concept in this verse. Here Jesus says just as the Son of Man did not come to be served. But to serve and to give his life a what a ransom for many. You know what a ransom is have to do with kidnapping doesn't it. Somebody kidnapped and the kidnappers asked for ransom. When the ransom is paid you're free it's also the language of the pawn shop right. You take something to the pawn shop and they give you money for it and then in order to get it back you have to what you have to pay you have to buy it back the Bible says that we've sold ourselves into sin in other words a ransom had to be paid somebody had to pay my debt I want you to notice the dilemma that God was in after man sin the devil says to God Listen if you don't punish them with them you're a liar because you said that the wages of sin is death. So if you don't punish him with their You're lying and you're not really just. But then he says on the other hand if you don't punish him and this is going on then you know what God of love would just going in and so the devil put a controversy between the justices and the mercy of God He said if you're mostly brought a man you can be just and if you're just you cannot be merciful but the fact is God showed that he can be both just and merciful because the Lord Jesus came to this earth and he suffered the penalty for my sins. Justice was satisfied because he prayed and at the same time he showed his mercy because I don't have to pay. He paid in my place and so Jesus is just and the justifier of all those who believe in Him He came to give his life as a ransom for many. That's the reason why when Jesus was baptized shortly before he was baptized John the Baptist introduce Jesus as the Lamb of God What happened to lands of the our sins were placed on their head and their throat was slit. And the blood gushed out indicating that the lamb was going to die in place of this and incidentally it was indispensable that Jesus be a man in order to be able to die. Why because the Bible says that God is immortal. What does immortal me he can't die. God can't die. It's impossible for him to die. So Jesus had come it's gone. My sins could not have been paid for but that's the reason why Jesus became man mortal man. So that being a man he could die. He could pay for my sins. John Chapter fifteen verse thirteen. No Greater Love does a man have that to lay his life down for his friends Jesus in Matthew Chapter twenty six vs twenty seven twenty eight. The Bible says that Jesus came to ratify a new covenant so that the sins of human beings could be totally and completely forgiven. Isaiah fifty three says that the iniquity of us also was placed upon him upon Jesus in fact in John Chapter three if you go with me there John chapter three in verses fourteen to sixteen we find a very interesting story here. John Chapter three and verse fourteen and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so much. As the Son of Man be lifted up that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. As Moses lifted up what the serpent in the wilderness what is this serpent raised up in the wilderness what does a serpent represent in the Bible that represents light represents sin so I wasn't there Jesus is represented by a serpent. The fact is that the Bible says that he who knew no sin which is Jesus was made to be so. For us that we might be found. The righteousness of God in him. In other words he who was not a shipment came under the dominion of the serpent to pay for my sins so that I could be considered righteous in the sight of God and popes and the Lord Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane and he cried out three times father if this cup can pass from me let it be so. Nevertheless not my will be done but yours. The sins of the whole world were being placed upon Jesus when Jesus hung upon the cross and he cried out in anguish and it was so powerful his cry was so powerful that the gospel writer even wrote it in Aramaic in which Jesus spoke that he remembered the exact words and they were spot they were registered in Aramaic not in Hebrew. And we hear what we love most about Danny. My God my God why hast thou forsaken me. Forsaken by his own father apparently because the Lord of sin that he was carrying with saw offensive to God the God he had his space from his own son. In other words on the cross of Calvary Jesus was paying the penalty for your sin and for my sins he had to be a man for that and he also had to be God to be able to offer this sacrifice to God in our place. Now let's go quickly to the last three points that identify who Jesus is the Bible also says that the Lord Jesus resurrected. Why is that important. Well if Jesus died to pay for our sins and he stayed in the tomb how could he give us life. How can it then God save us. So I wasn't dispensable that Jesus not only died to pay for my sins but that Jesus also resurrected from the dead and that resurrection is registered in the Gospels and I put on our list here particularly Matthew chapter twenty. Even verses one through seven where you see that the resurrection of Jesus was literal. It was personal and it was physical. In fact Jesus according to Revelation Chapter one has the keys there. And I agree. In other words Jesus has taken away the keys from the battle. He said Give me those keys and what is Jesus planning to do with those keys someday he's planning to use them to open up all the graves of his children all over the world. He said because I live you shall live also. The Bible also says that Jesus is our intercessor the one who intercedes for us before the Father. Let's notice John Chapter three very quickly John chapter three and verse sixteen. Very well known verse John three sixteen at football games you always find it behind the goal posts don't you. Those of you who watch football John chapter three in verse sixteen probably the person who has the sign at the football game doesn't have the foggiest idea what it means but anyway it says here for God so loved the world. Does that include everybody. Yes. Then he gave his only begotten son. But now I want you to notice that it includes everybody but it excludes some one God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son man whom so ever believing in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. He came to save the world. He was sacrificed for the world but he will only save those who believe in him. Now let me illustrate the point. What is Jesus doing now what has he been doing the last two thousand years you know you ask questions that and you kind of thrown for a loop who really want to be with the reaper left here. I'll tell you what he's been doing he's been interesting for us. According to he was Chapter seven verse twenty five as well as many other verses as well. He's been Inner City Press you say wait a minute wait a minute. Inner city for what. But give me paper all sins of the grass The Jesus Papers all sin of the cross. He most certainly did. Then everybody's going to be safe. No because they're in the last two thousand years. Jesus has been serving as our intercessor. We must personally come to him and claim the benefits of what he's done. We must claim the payment that he has made. Let me give you an illustration supposing that there is this bank will call up the bank of the universe. It has enough money in it to pay for all of the debts of every single person on the planet or how many people do you think will go to their bank where do you go. I think you would go in amount of time. There's only one catch even though it has resources in it the paper every single day in the whole wide world you have to go and we have to withdraw the money. Is it possible that many people would not go to withdraw the money and they would still stay in their absolute When Jesus died he deposited in the bank of heaven are not America to save every human being that has ever lived on this earth. He paid for every single sin that has ever been committed. But there's a catch you have to claim the payment that he made you have to go to the bank you have to pray you have to claim Jesus as the interest you have to ask for. I forgiveness for your sins. You have to ask for his sacrifice to apply to you personally and individually. And that's what Jesus has been doing the last two thousand years has been interceding in the presence of the Father for us. Final to point very quickly the Lord Jesus is also going to serve as our judge is that comforting to you. The role of Jesus is the judge comforting to me because I know that the judge is one of us has been over the road who can sympathize with us. He can understand us. He knows us. He's a human being like we are and we know that he's going to represent us fairly. But there's another reason why Jesus the Son of Man is the judge and that is because in the judgment there's not going to be any excuse. Somebody might say well you just didn't know how terrible the temptations were. You know for example drugs and they were so strong they were so powerful you never really know what it was like. And Jesus is going to say none of that. I went over the same road I hung on the cross what I was on the cross they offered me a drug to calm the pain. Gold mixed with vinegar and I was a drug and I said no I refused because I wanted to have a clear mind. So they'll be no excuse in the judgement. Furthermore Jesus has to be God in order to be judged because the Bible says that we are going to be judged according to our thoughts our intentions our feelings and the secret things in our heart in only an omniscient God could be able to discern those things and so Jesus the Son of Man will be the judge. And finally the Bible tells us that a portion of Jesus' self-identity is the fact that is going to come again very soon to this earth. The consummation of our hopes. Your next chapter one. When Jesus was ascending to heaven he said to the disciples through an angel this same Jesus whom you had seen go to heaven will come in like manner as you have seen him go to heaven. Jesus said in John Chapter fourteen verses one through three. Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me. In the Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there we may be also the consummation of our hopes the glorious coming of Jesus Christ. The primary race. It's not to destroy the wicked. The primary reason is to gather his children unto himself so that we can live eternally with him. So the Bible tells us many things about Jesus. It tells us that he is God He is man he is the creator. He was born from a virgin into this world. He was tempted in all things like we are here without sin so that he can help us. Bible tells us that Jesus lived a perfect life for us. Jesus died the death that we should suffer. Jesus resurrected from the tomb so that he can give us life. Jesus is our intercessor. Jesus will be the judge and Jesus will come again. In other words Jesus is our own he is our everything is not merely a prop It is not merely a miracle worker. He is not merely. I'm great man. He's not what many people think he is. He is our Savior our only hope in this world of sin and sorrow and suffering and the sooner he comes the better. I'm tired of living in this world of sin and sorrow and sickness and suffering and death. It's time to go home isn't it with our beloved Jesus. Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for giving us Jesus the greatest gift that a person could ever desire. We know that when you give us Jesus you give us everything. I ask Lord that you will bless every person gathered here if there is someone who has not given his or her life to Jesus. I ask that at this very moment you will come close to them and you will give. You will help them. Who do your power see the importance of giving their life to Jesus and that they might do it right at this moment in their hearts. We look forward to that great day when Jesus will come we believe that it's very very soon and we want a place to be prepared for us. We want to spend eternity with Jesus and so we ask that you will prepare that wonderful place not so much that we're interested in the streets of gold and precious stones and all of the beautiful things we're interested in just being with our beloved Jesus who gave it all for us. Thank you Lord. Hearing our prayer around three innocent reasons why this media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more observant legalism W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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