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20. The Abomination of Desolation

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    7:30 PM

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Now tonight we have a very important lecture the abomination of desolation and Bob before we get into our study I'd like to just say something. How many of you know that little song Jesus loves me this I know for the BIBLE TELLS ME SO. Is that a nice little song that the type of song that we sing in the worship service. Who is that song appropriate for children. You would expect that adults are a little more developed and they can sing something more sophisticated you know bibles and the Bibles the same way the Bible is a very complex book. It requires profound study. It requires dedication time digging searching. It's not enough just to come to church and have a good time and you know have our emotions satisfied. As Christians God expects us to be giants in the word expects us to study the Word. That's what we've been trying to do here. You know I could come and have a story hour here but there are people who can tell stories a lot better than I can. And so we want to come and we want to open God's book and we want our intellect to be challenged not only our heart to be touched but we want our intellect to be challenged as well. Now let's go right into our study this series is on the gospels of the book of Acts. And so as you look at your list of texts you're probably wondering why there are so many texts from easy CULE at the beginning and why we have so many texts from revelation at the end if we're dealing with the Gospels in the book of Acts. Well the fact is that the very heart of our presentation has to do with the Gospels. But we have to understand a sequence of events in the Old Testament in order to understand that part of our message and we. Also need to go to the Book of Revelation to understand the final fulfillment of that heart that we're going to study in our presentation tonight so we must go back first of all to the Old Testament which is the foundation of the New Testament. But with me to the book at me is the chapter sixteen and verse thirty and also verse thirty five easy Kyo Chapter sixteen and verse thirty and also verse thirty five. Here God is speaking to Israel he has chosen people. Interestingly enough no less than twenty three times in this chapter God calls Israel a harlot. His own people are called a harlot. Now that's strong language. Notice what it says in chapter sixteen verse thirty I'm only going to read a couple of Representative texts. God says how degenerate is your heart. Says the Lord God saying you do all these things the deeds of a brazen hardly notice also verse thirty five now a grand old harlot hear the word of the Lord. How could God address. Israel has chosen people more than twenty three times and he kill sixteen and that's not counting Jeremiah and also easy kill twenty three words used several more times. How could God addressed is people with a name such as this. Calling his people harlot. Well if you're really kewl sixteen you're going to discover that the reason why God calls Israel a harlot is because they have mixed with the kings of the nations and they have assimilated the practices and teachings of the nations that surrounded them and so Israel is mixing with the kings of the new. Nations and she has assimilated the past teachings and practices of the surrounding nations. That's the reason why God calls them a highly of all things and I want you to notice that this harlot is described as being garbed in a very special way. Go with me to A.Z. killed sixteen and verses sixteen and seventeen I don't want you to get this back but even for a minute because in Revelation we're going to come back to all of this and in Matthew we're also going to come back to it. Verse sixteen says you took some of your garments and adorned mold by color to high places for yourselves and played the harlot among them. Such things should not happen Norbi. You have also taken your beautiful jewelry from my gold and my silver which I had given you and made for yourself. Mail images and played the harlot with them noticed they've taken the jewelry the gold and the silver actually an easy twenty three that garb or the dress of this harlot is the scribe invented detail. Now I want you to notice that Israel had to adapt and assimilate and as I mentioned all kinds of abominable doctrines and practices from the surrounding nations. I like to go out to easy kill chapter eight and I want to read one particular verse which describes the worst abomination of all of the abominations that Israel had adopted from the surrounding pagan nation is now easy. Chapter eight is known as the abominations chapter and the reason is that God shows easy kill an abomination which is being committed among God's people and he's a kewl thanks to him self all this is terrible. But God says you have seen. Anything yet. I'm going to show you an abomination that is worse than that. And so then God shows Am I worse abomination. An easy kill is terrible he said this is terrible God says you haven't seen anything yet. I'm going to show you an abomination which is worse even than this one and the list of abominations culminating with the greatest abomination of all it's found in Newsweek your chapter eight and verse sixteen. So he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house and there at the door of the temple of the Lord between the porch and the altar were about twenty five men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they were worshipping the sun toward the east. The greatest abomination in this chapter is that God professed people those who profess to serve the true and the living God according to this worshipping right. I want you to notice that God promises as a result to come in judgment against Israel. Let's read Chapter seven verses one and two and discover where that judgment is going to come from because they're practicing these abominations these doctrines and practices that have come from the nations. The worst of which is worshipping the sun. Where is the punishment going to come from not as easy. Chapter seven verse one moreover the word of the Lord came to me saying and you son of man. Thus says the LORD God to the land of Israel on and the end has come upon want upon the corners of the land. Don't forget that destruction is coming upon what upon the corners of the land because of the abominations that they. Our commuting and I want you to notice that there's not going to be any mercy not as once again chapter eight and verse seventeen. God is speaking too easy then he said to me Have you seen this old son of man is that a trivial thing to the house of Judah to commit the abominations which they commit here where they are they all the land with violence then they have returned to provoke me to a nigger. Indeed they put the branch to their nose in their war I also will act in theory but I will not spare nor will I have pity and though they cry in my ears with a loud voice I will not hear them. Now when you see Chapter twenty three this is described this wrath of God is described in a very interesting fashion but is going to give Israel something to drink which is really an indication of his right not as easy kewl Chapter twenty three and verses thirty three and thirty four God's wrath is given to Israel from a cup the cup of the fierceness of God Read it seven verse thirty three you will be filled with drunkenness and sorrow the cup of horror and desolation the cup your sister some area you shall drink and drain it you shall break its shards and tear at your own breasts. For I have spoken. Says the Lord God In other words God says you are going to drink the cup of my want of my rack and my theory because of the abominations that you are committing in Israel. Now it's interesting to notice as you read the book of easy. Feel that because of these abominations God actually comes to Jerusalem to perform a work of judgement before the city is destroyed. Do you remember that in one of our lectures when we talk about Jesus's concept of the judgment that we've said that the judgment takes place before Jesus comes and the purpose is to separate the righteous from the wicked so that Jesus can take his righteous people home and give them the reward when he comes. You remember what we study that here we find another biblical example that judgement and separation takes place before our destruction. In fact an easy cure chapter one we have a very exotic scene where the Bible tells us that God comes in this constantly chariot like vehicle it has wheels like Wheels within a wheel and the wheels are full of lies and there's lightning bolts coming out of it and there's a put on and there's one see that on the photo in a Bob got put on hold there's a beautiful rainbow and some people say man this must be some kind of U.F.O. or something. Well it's thinking and symbolic language folks this is symbolic of the fact that God is descending from heaven if you read carefully and he's coming down to the Jerusalem temple and what is he going to do in the Jerusalem temple. He is going to perform a work where that judgment. Distraction is coming from the four corners because of their abominations. But the question is is everybody in the city committing the abominations of the nation. Is everybody in the city practicing what the nations have given to Israel in the form of apostasy. The answer is no. Much those individuals be separated from the wicked before the wicked are destroyed. Absolutely yes and that's why God comes in easy kill chapter one to perform a work of separation. All this work of separation is described in your chapter nine if you go with me. Your chapter nine and we'll read the first few verses and by the way I want to underline this lack. Don't miss that because we're going to come back to it in Matthew and we're going to come back to work in Revelation as well. Musical chair parade has just described the abominations of God's people. What can I say the abominations of whole not being Egypt and not the Babylonians not the Assyrians not the Philistines the abominations that God's people are committing and the greatest abomination is at the end of chapter eight. They are worshiping what they are worshipping the sun. But there's not going to be a group that is Contrast that to those in Easy to a person sixteen. Chapter eight ends with those who are sun worshippers. Chapter nine begins right now. Those who are sealed with the seal of God two groups those who worship the sun and those who are sealed with the seal of God you say where is this about the Seal of God. Let's read starting in verse one of chapter nine. Then he called out in my hearing with a loud voice saying Let those who have charge over the city draw nearer each with a deadly weapon in his hand and suddenly six men came from the direction of the upper gate which faces north each with his battle axe in his hand one man among them was clothed with linen by the way this is Jesus Christ the high priest was clothed in linen on the day of atonement the day of judgment. Young people were so much as one man among them was clothed with linen and had a writers in court at his side and says they went in and stood beside the bronze altar. Now the glory of the bought of Israel had gone up from the cherub word had been to the threshold of the temple and he called to the man clothed with linen who had the writers think or an obvious sign and the Lord said to. Him go home with a minute's Babyland which Let's continue to go out of the midst of the city in the midst. I'm Joel Rose. Measures a judgment of the Pentagon's are God's people God's people. Now notice first bargain and the right said to him go through the myth of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and put a mark on the car heads where or where it was in the Bible do we have the idea of a mark being put on the Orient in Revelation. So you have to go for musical revelation and vice versa. Understand this of course we're going to go to revelation later on but we have to go back to your first answer. Says put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sign and say all the abominations that are done within it is everybody in Jerusalem apostate has everyone gone astray from the Lord. Is everyone assimilating false doctrine and false practices. No god has a people with him. A people God has a remnant within the larger body of those who propounds to serve him. Is that point clear in your mind comes through clearly here most of the city is a possibly but God has a remnant within the city who sigh and cry because they cannot stand the abominations which are being committed in the city so it continues saying in verse five. What's going to happen is the word abominations here by the way. Abominations that are committed in it what is the worst of these abominations according to the previous chapter. Worshipping God the Son. Verse five. What happens after God's people are separated in this judgment. Oh it says a verse five to the others he said in my hearing. Go after him through the city and he'll do not let your I spare nor have any beauty but it doesn't sound like God using but folks these people had a chance didn't they. God never destroys without giving people the chance to make the choice for themselves. If you choose to be lost and you're destroyed Don't blame God for your destruction because you have the choice to be sane. So God is only fulfilling our wishes. If I say I want to be destroyed. God says I respect your freedom of choice. If God says I want you to be said and I accept to be saved. God saved me because he respects my God is a God who respects our choices now known as want to continue saying verse six utterly sway old and young men maidens and little children and women a lot of this but do not come near any one on whom it is the work and begin my lot. Sanctuary who are the ones that say in the sanctuary the leaders the priests and so on. So they began with the elders who were aware who were before the people who was responsible for this raid apostasy in Israel. Hullo Why are most of the blame for the apostasy of the people it was their religious leaders believe it or not. Now let me say something so that you understand a very important point. There are many leaders in the Christian world that are buying Christians they love the Lord. And they have accepted the salvation of Jesus Christ. They don't know many of the things that we're studying in the seminar. Likewise there are thousands probably millions of Christians in all the churches that love the Lord. They've accepted Jesus Christ and they are saved right at this moment because they're in Christ but they don't know all these things and so that's the reason why we have seminars such as this. Because the day is coming when this is going to take place not in Jerusalem but all over the world. And God wants everyone to be saved. People need to know this is this a message of life or death yes or no. Absolutely. Revelation universalize is this. So in the Old Testament was Jerusalem at the end of time the seal of God in the Mark of the beast are given what I don't know why and what was the seal of God will be saved. Whoever has the mark of the beast will be lost. How important is this message today. It's not an optional thing it is a matter of life and they're not us Jeremiah chapter five and verse thirty one on who primarily was responsible. Let me tell you the people can't get off the hook either. They can say well the leaders made me do it that's kind of like the people who say the devil made me do it that won't work as an excuse in the judgement I noticed. Jeremiah chapter five and verse thirty one and by the way Jeremiah was writing about the same period he's a contemporary of easy Q And he's speaking also about the destruction of Jerusalem. So we're not taking anything out of context. You speak about the same destruction about the same abominations about the same period not as what it says in verse thirty one. The Prophet prophesied falsely and the priests rule by their own power and my people like to have it so. But what will you do in the end. Priests who rule by their own power. Those who claim to see visions but they don't and the Bible says that the people love to have a listen to what I'm going to say as soon as this judgment was finished as soon as God came to the temple. He placed a seal upon all of his faithful children. The Bible tells us that the glory that had come into the temple. Now they act with him. Notice these E.Q. or Chapter eleven and verses twenty two and twenty three easy kill Chapter eleven and verse twenty two and twenty three. The work of judgement in the temple has already been performed and now the glory that had come to the temple in chapter one to perform the work of judgement has nothing more to do there and so much going to depart. Notice Chapter eleven and verses twenty two and twenty three. And don't miss this point because we're going to come back to it again in a few moments. Verse twenty two says. Then the chair will be by the way these are the ones who move the wheels of the chariot then the cherubims lifted up their wing with the wheels beside them and the glory of the God of Israel was high above them and the glory of the Lord went up from the midst of the city. What did the glory I don't know if the city ever went up from the city. In other words I had left the temple and then what they did do it says and good. Now there are that stay for a little while. It's still on the mountain which is on the east side of the city. Now let me ask you what is the mountain which is on the east side of Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives. If you look at a map and saw the glorious Shekinah which is the name that is given to the glory of God in the Old Testament departs from the temple when the work of judgment is finished. Now those are kind of moves up all over the city and it spends for a few moments upon the mount of Olives before according to a little bit later in the book of music you'll be playing it leaves them out of olives and it goes back to heaven. Now the city has been whacked for sake because of its abominations. The work of separation has been done. The righteous are sealed. The wicked are the ones who worship the sun. Now there are only two groups the glory of God has departed from the temple and how much protection does the temple and how much protection does Israel have against the enemy. Now if you can as or who has come to destroy the city they have absolutely no protection. There are but I'm going to shuns lead to desolation. Go with me to Second Chronicles Chapter thirty six. It's Second Chronicles thirty six. I want you to see that abominations we've spoken about but there are abominations lead to the desolation of Jerusalem not a Second Chronicles Chapter thirty six and verse fifteen it says and the Lord God of their fathers sent warnings to them by his messenger rising up early and sending them because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place. But they mocked the messengers. What does this remind you of is there a passage in the New Testament which is very similar to this from the lips of Jesus. Absolutely. In Matthew chapter twenty one and again in Matthew chapter twenty three verse sixteen. But they mocked the messengers of God despised his words and stop and as prophets until the wrath of the Lord rose against his people till there was no not till there was no remedy therefore he brought against them the king of the county and who killed their young man. This is the same thing that we read in these E Q Who killed their young man with a sword in the house of their sanctuary and had no compassion on young men or a Virgin You remember we read this on the agent of the week. He gave them all into his hand and all the articles from the house of God great and small the treasures of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the king and all of his leaders. All these he took the battle and then he burned the house of God brought down the wall of Jerusalem burned its palaces with fire and destroyed all its precious possessions and bowls with scape from the sword he carried away to Babylon where they became servants to him and his sons until the reign of the kingdom of Persia to pull out of this to fulfill the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah in Telco land had enjoyed her Sabbath as along as she lay. Well that's all it she kept Sabbath to fulfill seventy years so what the better you can have her come and do. He desolated Jerusalem. Why did he desolate Jerusalem because of their abominations so this is the abomination of desolation the abomination lead to desolation because the Shekinah has left there is no longer any protection. The Lord is gone so the city is at the mercy of the enemy and it is. Desolation is guaranteed. Now why was the city of Jerusalem destroyed. We need to go to the book of Jeremiah and take a look at a couple of very interesting versus you know that there was a primary reason why the city of Jerusalem was destroyed it was because the great majority of the people of the city were not keeping God's holy Sabbath. So what were the people doing them. What were the people doing keeping God's holy self not just what Jeremiah seventeen says very clearly Chapter seventeen of Jeremiah. And let's read verse. Twenty seven. After he said that if you keep my Sabbaths Jerusalem will stand forever it will never be destroyed. The other side of the coin he says but if you will not heed me to hallow the Sabbath be such as not carrying a burden when entering the gates of Jerusalem on the Sabbath day. Then I will kindle fire it's Gates and it shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem and it shall not be aware that when one isn't directly that led to the destruction of your own soul and the fact that they were trampling upon what God Sabbath if they kept the Sabbath the city would have remained word for ever. Notice also easy kewl chapter twenty. Musiq your chapter twenty. We're talking about that mark on that sign which is placed on the forehead of those who sigh and cry What is that sign or what is that Mark. These eco himself tells us what it is. In chapter twenty and verse twelve Moreover I also gave them my fab to be a what a sign between them and me that they might know that I am the Lord whose sign provides them yet the House of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness they did not walk in my statutes. Now let's jump down to verse twenty seven. First one e. Hallo my Sabbaths I mean sanctify keep holy my service and they will be a fine between me and you that you may know that I am the LORD your God So the Bible tells us clearly that the main reason why the city of Jerusalem was destroyed is because people will worship in the sun instead of observing what God's holy set. So the contrast is between sun worshippers and those who are grateful to the Creator. God by keeping his holy Self. Now the city of Jerusalem was destroyed by now if you can is or was Desailly the because of her harlot and her abominations. But Daniel Chapter nine verse twenty five tells us that God promised that the city would once again be what rebuilt after seventy years of desolations God said you're going to return to your life and you're going to rebuild the temple. You're going to rebuild the city you're going to rebuild the walls and once again as well will be reestablished in their land. It says there and then your chapter nine and verse twenty five from the going forth of the word to restart and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince. There we're going to be sixty nine weeks and we're not going to study tonight the prophecy of the seventy weeks but the main point that I want us to notice here is that God promised that Jerusalem was going to be rebuilt and after the rebuilding of Jerusalem then Messiah the Prince was going to come at the end of this prophecy is that clear in your mind without interrupting the prophecy says the world is going to go forth to restore and build Jerusalem. That must mean that Jerusalem had been what destroy I mean you don't have to have the intelligence of Albert Einstein to understand that that if the city needs to be restored and rebuilt it was destroyed by now if you can answer and then after that after that at the end of the seventy weeks the Messiah is going to work he's going to come now I want you to know this. Hegel I Chapter two and verses one through nine you say hey guys that book in the Bible have mercy. Yes it is. It's one of those little books that's very difficult to find and a guy chapter two and talks about the Second Temple which was built in the Solomon's Temple was one of the marvels of the world wasn't it was just outstanding just a fantastic temple I mean it was. It was something that was admired by people from all of the nations of antiquity and had lots of gold and silver and precious stones and precious world and precious materials. It had many riches within it and when this second temple was built after the captivity. So you know you could never have taken all the gold all the silver the precious stones of precious What etc So they built a fire in a very or temple after the captivity and I want you to notice that there are some individuals who had seen Solomon's Temple seventy years earlier and noticed their reaction verse three who is left among you who saw this temple in its former glory and how do you see it now in comparison with it if it's not in your eyes as nothing. No but I wanted a lot of about maybe the real strange problem. Let's jump down to verse six. One of us is the LORD of hosts once more it is a little while I will say Canon or at the sea in dry land. I will shake all nations and they shall come to the desire of all nations and I will fill this temple which temple the one that was built after the captivity right. I will build this temple with glory says the LORD of hosts the silver as mine and the gold is mine says the LORD of hosts and then here comes the verse that the Jews still today are still trying to explain. Because this temple never reached the glory of Solomon's Temple at least in gold and silver precious word precious stones precious materials it never reached even though it had been remodeled by Herod for forty six years it never compared to Solomon's temple and yet notice verse nine. The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the farmer says the LORD of hosts and in this. Place I will give peace says the LORD of hosts. Now that temple never reached glory greater than the one of Solomon it was destroyed in the year seventy by the right words and it never reached. Apparently my level of glory in that is that is presented here in the book of hey guy is this a false prophecy that was never fulfilled. Absolutely not. Go with me to the Book of John chapter one and verse fourteen. John chapter one and verse fourteen and we're going to really up the motor now because time is flying by so fast. Unbelievable how time flies when we're having a good time. Not us John chapter one verse fourteen speaking about the incarnation of Jesus it says and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Now that word well that is used there is the same word that is used in the book of Hebrews to speak of the Hebrew tabernacle. In other words it can be very appropriately translated and the Word became flesh and tabernacle old among us do well among us. It's just like in the Old Testament you had to show a kind of glory that dwelt with Israel. Now Jesus comes into the tabernacle of flesh and he dwells among us. How do I know that this is the same shit kind of glory because the last part of the verse says and we beheld His glory glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and what is it that made the last temple this second temple at the camp after the captivity so glorious. It wasn't the goal. It wasn't the silver it wasn't the precious stones it wasn't the expensive one it wasn't the fancy material that it was made out of what made this temple more glue. Just like the previous temple Jesus Christ Himself who is the glory of the father walked in its courts. Now let's go to the closing scenes of the ministry of Jesus that Jesus may call after call to the Jewish nation during his ministry. What did they do with his messages the vast majority of them they mocked him. They rejected his message and eventually they led him to the Koran because they would not accept what he was teaching. Now let's go to Matthew chapter twenty one and notice the last visit the Jesus makes to the Jerusalem temple the Second Temple. And by the way this is why the temple is so glorious because now Jesus after the Triumph will increase is going to walk into it. Not at first well Matthew twenty one Then Jesus went into the temple of God. We've studied this before what is the temple called when Jesus was in the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold dogs and he said to them it is written much of how he shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den of thieves here the temple is called the temple of God and Jesus refers to it as right as a man House and then Jesus in the following three chapters makes his final appeal to the Jew easily you know if you read Matthew twenty one or twenty three that will be your homework when you get home tonight you'll discover that Jesus in these chapters had contact with almost every single Jewish denomination of his day with the Iranians with the scribes with the Sadducees with the Pharisees with the zealots he had conversations with all of them most of the conversations. In the temple and yet in spite of the fact that he's making this last call in the temple for them to accept him as the Messiah and to accept his message they reject him. They say we will not have this man to reign over us. And so I want you to notice in Matthew chapter twenty three what Jesus does upon his rejection in the temple. He has some very interesting words to pronounce verse thirty seven of Matthew twenty three or Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her and we read that somewhere else before. Yaffe see this is the last opportunity. Last of all Ethan Zohn. So it's as all Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing. You could almost see the tears in the eyes and you could almost see the pain on his face. You could almost feel the intense anguish that his heart melt when he says oh Jerusalem Jerusalem. What a long and checkered history you have. I just wanted to gather you I wanted you to be my people. I wanted you to to present the coming Messiah myself to the world so that when I came everyone would be ready to receive me. And now in spite of the fact that I've been with you in the temple these last days of my life you still will not have me and so now notice the parable words of verse thirty eight. See your house. It's leapt onto you. Now wait a minute there's a change here. When Jesus went into the temple what was a temple called the temple of God and Jesus says this is my house. But after. They reject his messages in the temple. He says what your house is left on to your desolate. You remember the old testament what happened when the judgment have been finished. Of those who accept that and those who rejected what happened with the Shekinah Glory. There's a kind of glory lifted up and it went and at that it stood where the Mount of Olives and now the city was what will hear Jesus uses the same word. He says your house is unto you desolate and then where does Jesus go. Of course all of this is a coincidence. All of this is an accident. It just kind of somebody threw it all together. This way I don't think so. It's mathematically impossible. Did the Jews repeat the history of what happened with Jerusalem in the days of net you can answer yes or no. Absolutely. Now known as Chapter twenty four verse one. Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple and his disciples came to him to show Him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said to them the Jesus depart the temple it was a kind of glory to part with them. Well yes. Now what is he going to talk about. Verse two And Jesus said to them Do you not see all these things are assuredly I say to you not one stone shall be left here upon another that shall not be thrown down. Was Jerusalem going to be desolated. Yes because they had committed which abomination the abomination of rejecting her Messiah and then where did Jesus it verse three. Now as he sat on the Mount of Olives. Now it's the little guy you know who is sitting on the Mount of Olives after having the part of the temple and left the desolate. Because the people have rejected him by the way did everybody reject him or were there some who were faithful there were some pay so I says Now it's out on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age. So they want to know what the signs of the end are going to be the end of the city first of all and then Jesus goes into a series of things that are going to happen in Jerusalem not time will not allow us to go through everything but I'm going to synthesize what happened in Matthew chapter twenty four starting with verse four all the way down to verse fourteen where it speaks about wars and rumors of wars. There it speaks about famine there it speaks of our pestilence. There it speaks about earthquakes. There it speaks about children turning and their parents. It speaks about crime speaks not sedition. No more like all these signs are described there you know that all of these things happened before Jerusalem was destroyed. There's a book which I would like to recommend all of you together makes a very interesting read. It's called The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus. Actually there are several books in that volume that Josephus wrote by the way Josephus was an eyewitness to the destruction of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was destroyed in the year seventy and Josephus was born in the year thirty seven so he was quite grown up when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed. Various times at the hunger in the city the famine was so terrible that mothers ate their children. He says that people became so hungry that they nod on the lever of their sandals and their belt. He says that poor poor old parents would kill their children to take a morsel of food that they might have found by sneaking outside the wall of the city. He tells us now that was a terrible habit and half dollars in the city parable diseases within. By the way there were several earthquakes that took place between the ascension of Jesus in the year thirty one and the year seventy when the city was destroyed. There were a series of several very interesting earthquakes during that period. All kinds of false Christs and false messiahs arose according to Flavius Josephus. So all of these things that Matthew twenty four mentions were fulfilled in connection with Jerusalem. We're going to notice a little bit later on that there's going to be a second fulfillment of Matthew twenty four because there were two questions that were asked here when will these things be connected with the Temple of Jerusalem and what will be the sign of the end of the world. And so Jesus blends both of them in his answer in Matthew chapter twenty four. Now I want you to notice in Matthew twenty four and verse fifteen something very interesting that Jesus refers to Matthew chapter twenty four and I would like to read verse fifteen after all of these major disasters and pestilences and wars and rumors of wars nation against nation earthquakes and all of these things. He says that this is going to be the sign that Jerusalem is about to come to an end. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation. I spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place. Weber reads let him understand then let those who are in Judea do what we do them out of the question is what is this abomination of desolation that when the people see it they're supposed to flee from Jerusalem to the mountains. What is this abomination of desolation. Well I thank God that we have more than one God because in the Gospel of Luke we are told very clearly what this abomination of desolation was. Luke Chapter twenty one and verse. One e. Look Chapter twenty one and verse twenty we just notice of Matthew twenty quarts as when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Holy look is going to express it differently. He's going to explain what the abomination of desolation means he says but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by other means what is the abomination of desolation as you comparable versus the abomination of desolation is Jerusalem surrounded by what surrounded by her remains then no then its work then its desolation and it is near then that balls in Judea point to the mountains. Let those who are in the midst of R.T. part and let not blow those who are in the country enter her so what is the abomination that is going to lead to desolation. It is the Roman armies that have surrounded Jerusalem. Now you might ask the question what's the Obama bill about an army surrounding Jerusalem let me explain to you a few things that Josephus by the way in the material that you're going to get tonight if you want you have all the references and wars of the Jews and I encourage you to go you know to the Christian bookstore. It's this complete works of Josephus is available in any Christian book store and I just encourage you to check me out. Let's see if I'm telling you the truth. That's what I want you to do. That's why we give you the lecture material at the end so you can go home. So I want to check this guy out to see whether he rather you tell me the truth about. Now I want to stand up here and purposely not tell you the truth. I'll tell you that because as a minister of the gospel it's my role to preach the truth but I still want you to go home and I still want you to check me out. I mean if the variance could check out the Apostle Paul the least you can do is check the let me tell you what Josephus says the Roman standard. You know what a standard is the enzyme that the Army's took or them their emblem and design Sino their armies of legions. That was a very interesting and it had an eagle with outstretched wings in the talons of the Eagle were arrows that either was looking towards the right side and surrounding the eagle was a golden Reed which represented the orb or the circle of the sun. Basically what this standard meant it represented the sun god myth the rock which was the God that the Romans were here as the sun god and we know by Josephus that when the Roman armies surrounded a city in this case particularly Jerusalem the first thing that they would do they would take their standards and they would put them in the ground and then the whole Roman army would menial before their standards to worship the Sun-God represented by the eagle and the golden wreath which surrounded eagle. Now obviously the abomination of desolation in the holy place could not mean in the holy place of the sanctuary because then it would be too late for me. Are you following me. These armies had surrounded Jerusalem according to Luke twenty one and it's an abomination they still have not entered the holy ground of the city. They're outside but it's an abomination. Why because they're worshipping their standards that have an eagle which symbolizes what symbolizes the son I want you noticed something very interesting in the Old Testament story we have a contrast between those who worship in the zone and those where the sign of the Mark of God on their poor. Who are faithful Sabbath keepers. As a sign between God and them. It's interesting that the abomination which will lead to the desolation of Jerusalem has to do also with sun worship. What was everybody worshipping the sun not of a very crucial verse. At this point Matthew chapter twenty four and verse twenty. Don't miss this point. Matthew twenty four verse twenty. Not everybody in the city was apostate not everybody in the city was going to be destroyed. Jesus had said to his people listen when you see this you need to flee. Now you say no wait a minute they see the armies surrounding Jerusalem how are they going to be able to play. Well A.B.S. you'll see verse gives us the insight. That's why I want to get wars of the Jews not only because I want to tell you tonight but there's a lot of fascinating reading in there. For example you'll discover that more than a million Jews were crucified outside Jerusalem. That is an awesome number. Just says that there were so many crosses that people couldn't even wiggle between them. Because they rejected Jesus the Messiah. They had committed the ultimate abomination to reject Jesus as their Savior and their Lord. I want you to notice however that not everybody remained in the city and not everyone was a party there was a group of seven people can be unhappy. One more go with me to Matthew chapter twenty point first money. Actually let's read starting with verse fifteen again so that you can catch the context. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the holy place whether Reeves let him understand then let those who are in Judea plead to the mountain let him who was on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes but well to those who are praying. And those nurse with nursing babies in those days and pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the server. Was there a group of seven keepers in the city. Yes and Jesus's pray that when you see the sign and you have to pay when you see the sign of these Romans worshiping there are some standards make sure that you pray that you will not have to flee in the winter because it would be very cold or the Holy See once again the contrast between sun worship and those who were keeping what God's holy Son. Now you're probably wondering why or how the people could flee from Jerusalem that was surrounded by because Josephus tells us of the very interesting he says that for some unexplainable reason humanly sesh the school was the general of the Roman armies at this point when it looked like it was the right moment to take the city because people were starving in the city it was about the ball so S.P.S. told all of his armies. Let's leave and they elect and when the Jews inside saw that they had that they were leaving they said this is the prominent something. But what is working for us and they went out of the city and they pursue the role and I mean it and they actually killed many of their own soldiers. They said this is a sign that God is with us. What do you suppose the Sabbath keepers did they had seen the sign you know what they did instead of pursuing the Roman armies they went in. Well I don't know about and shortly thereafter Titus came to Jerusalem and surrounded it and this time there was no retreat. The city was taken and everyone who remained in the city was destroyed. Now you tell me if the providence of God wasn't working in a marvelous way. And now we need to dedicate the last ten minutes of our time to talk about the human time application of this because it does have an interim application and the end time application is somewhat similar to the application in Matthew but it also has elements of the first application in the Old Testament. Let me preface what we're going to say with this. In the Old Testament and in the days of Christ we are dealing with literal Jerusalem correct in a literal place. We're dealing with literal standards with literal sun on them and a literal eagle on it. But in this dispensation since the Jewish nation the literal nation has been rejected by Christ as his chosen nation the church is now Israel. Which means that the fulfillment of this the. Why don't film it is going to be watched worldwide and it's going to be spiritual understanding the principle. Now let's take a look at the Book of Revelation this by the way. Does Matthew twenty four have more than just the application to the Jews. Yes because there were two questions What will be the sign of these things and also the sign of your coming and the end of the world. So what has to happen occasioned a literal to Israel and it's spiritual at the end of the world. Now let's quote Revelation Chapter seventeen and very quickly notice some very interesting details that we find here. Revelation Chapter seventeen and we look at this yesterday but I think in the light of what we're studying tonight it would do us good to look at it again. Then one of the first one then one of the seven angels who have the seven bowls came and talked with me saying to me come. I will show you the judgment of the great harlot. Well you know that's going to represent the communists. I'm being facetious of course. I mean could Fidel Castro be represented by this. Why for a very simple reason. John is referring to what to what we found in the link you. I want to show it to you. So let me ask you the great heart it must be an apostate what church did you catch it. You say Is this like music you know. Well let's read it. I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters of many waters of a multitude she controls the peoples of the world does she do the same thing with the Kings as the Old Testament harlot with whom the kings of the earth committed what all their sporting creation between her and the king. We find out in music and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication I didn't read you a text back in music music of twenty three speaks about drinking the why you know what the wine represented here the old custom of literal wine back here. Wine represents false flag false doctrine are false. Verse three so he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten or so how did this woman dress. Verse for the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls having in around a golden cup. Well I'm. Excuse me I didn't hear you. Where was that word. Was a new connection with garnet in the Old Testament. Yes well I'll abominations What are the abomination what must be one of them. Now you say oh wait a minute sun worship the Christian church doesn't practice and worship will come to them. Let's go back and read here. Verse for the woman was arrayed in purple in scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls and in her hand a golden couple our nation and our filthiness on report occasion in other words where did she get Where did she get all these abominations from from doing what you are negating with the kings of the world. She's assimilated their false teachings in past practices. That's the line those are the abominations of her fornication and then notice verse five and on her forehead a name was written. Mystery Babylon the Great. What the mother of harlots that must mean that she has what she must add daughters or children that were born from her at some point. Let me ask you was born for who the children from the mother of the mother of that you're not that's a dumb question right. Must the mother live and grow up and exist for an extended period in order to have children so who exist before who the harlot and then what children are born from her are children going to be just like her. I'm going to teach what she teaches and they don't assimilate many of her doctrines and practices. Absolutely yes and not just once again it's as Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of pilots and of the watch and of the. Are abominations of the you see the word again. Now what's going to happen to this babbling because of her abomination. What happened to the abomination of what this elation but what made a verse sixty so the verse sixteen of the ten horns by the way these are the kings that you fornicates with at the end of time and the ten orange which you saw on the beast these will hate the harlot and make her excuse me I mean here you will make her their soul that is are going to be abominations that lead to desolation in the Book of Revelation. Yes they will leave her desolate and naked and her flesh and burger with fire. We didn't read the passages for music of what degree words because I don't think we can see because we don't have time to cover everything. All I can do is put a lot idea so that you see how to connect all of these stories. That's why I said that it's not enough just to sit down and sing Jesus loves me this I know what the Bible Tells Me So that's what children God expects us to be adults yes. Actually to be champions in the word. He expects us to dedicate time to his word. He doesn't want to come to church just to have a jolly good time raise our hands jump a little dance in the aisles and that's all we had a marvelous experience in church today and when you go what you have left. Excuse me for being so clear but I do love you all. Believe it or not. Where's this destruction going to come from where's this desolation going to come from I'm going to go through this quickly. Revelation seven hundred three said It's that there are four angels at the four corners of the earth and the destruction is coming from the four corners of the earth just like an easy cure Chapter seven verses one and two. Revelation speaks about two groups those who have the seal of God and those who have worked the mark of the beast. I let me ask you what do you suppose. As the seal of God What was it in music. What were the people in Jerusalem doing those faithful followers of Jesus when they were told to flee. What were they keeping so much. What must God's people in the end currently do they must be keeping the Sabbath. That's a seal. Listen the mark of the beast is the opposite of the seal of God there presented its opposite Revelation thirteen verse sixty speaks about the mark of the beast. Chapter fourteen verse one speaks about the Seal got there in Concord went to another. You can also read Revelation fourteen nine eleven there speaks about War two we reached who receives the mark of the beast and then in verse twelve it says here are they who keep the commandments of God So those who have the mark of the beast are in contrast to those who keep the commandments of God who worship the creator. That's why the first angels as worship Him who created the heavens the earth the seas and the fountains of the world. Now you might be saying Well Pastor you're saying then that the observance of the first day of the week which by the way is called what it is the same thing as worshipping the sun. Is that what you're saying. You say that doesn't make sense. Yes it does and let me tell you why you see Christians don't worship the literal Son because we're in the distance nation of symbolic things spiritual application. Now let me ask you some questions here. Some of you heard this a million times before. I'll ask it again. Good to review. Let me ask you who made the sun god. Did God make the sun for worship. So what happens if you convert the sun into an object of worship that is called What I don't like. Let me ask you now who made the first day of the week. Did he make it far worse luck. So what happens if you make it a day of work. There's no difference in one case you're making in an object that is circular every day and you're converting it into an object of worship in the other case you're taking a secular work day and you're converting it into a day of worship but the principle is the same. You're using some people worship that God has not made for worship and that is idolatry and you say you're saying then the Christians who observe the first day of week I am aren't I am are idolators I mean so you say if you are not saying that they're all practicing idolatry. No because I don't know where Sunday came from. You no worse on they came from it came from the ancient Romans. The day of the sun god was Sunday. It was adopted into the church in the days of Constantine the Great a pagan Roman emperor who they were the church. It came into the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church assimilated it claims to have changed God's law. This is the Little Horn of Daniel seven who thinks he can change the times and the law of God and then do you know what this day of worship was passed from the mother to the daughters when they were born in the sixteenth century and the daughters still keep the same day that was changed. Supposedly by the mother. You think it's a serious thing to change one of God's commandments particularly the commandment that says that we're supposed to honor God on his day because he is the creator of the heavens and the earth. Some people say it's not important which day you keep. That would be like and I'm saying it's not important what Which tree I don't need from when God says this tree he means this tree when God says this day he means this day what if your boss said we're going to have a meeting every Monday at nine o'clock and you stop on Tuesday night the boss says no threat no problem. Monday Tuesday same thing you know it's not that way the person who lays down the ground rules of when he's going to meet with us and fellowship with us is God not us. And let me tell you because of their partnership with him. But they're going to say you've got to come you know if we love Jesus God won't have to say you got to come will want to come and when the Sabbath is ending you know will say to the Jesus our Lord could you stay a few extra minutes with me. No not the way it is when you love someone so the Sabbath and Sunday it's a matter of who you know whose authority you accept whose authority you will be. Unfortunately our time is up and I was not able to talk to you about the role of the United States in all of this you will have some of it in the material that you receive in at the end I want to talk to you about the fact that the United States has assimilated not only the Protestant denominations but also our government has assimilated directly from Rome. Many of the things of the Roman Empire our founding fathers are amazing. We're going to talk to you about the one dollar bill. The seal the Great Seal of the United States. Maybe we can do that one of these nights as an Expert Session would you like to come and study that. OK we'll make plans to do it. I hope everybody tonight has made their decision to keep God's holy out of love and out of respect for God that your desire to keep God's holy Sabbath come to his house of worship and honor and glorify him. Let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for giving us such a clear message in your holy word Lord we realize that the Sabbath is such an important part of your holy law. It's the seal in the center of your life the sign between you and your people. The whole Christian world almost has forgotten your holy Sabbath. They don't want anything to do with it. If a simulated this abomination from the mother the mother assimilated from ancient Pagan Rome Christians when they keep it they think they're honoring Jesus because he resurrected on the first day of the week when the Bible says that that makes no difference because Jesus rested in the tomb on the Sabbath. Oh Lord open the eyes of anyone here. Now the more to make my brain do this news. 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