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21. The Unpardonable Sin

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed


  • May 24, 2015
    7:30 PM

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The title of it is what Jesus said about the unpardonable sin. Now before we get into our list of texts that you've received as you came in tonight I would just like to say that the Bible presents a picture of God as the great forgiver we find in the bible several analogy of God as the magnanimous as the merciful as the giver of the generous as the loving of the kind I like to share some of those analogies that the Bible presents about God's forgiveness as we begin our study this evening in some one hundred three in verse twelve God says that he will remove our sins as far as the east is from the west. Now how part of the east of the West have you ever stopped to calculate that. Well actually that's how far God promises to remove our sense promotes the Bible also tells us that God promised us to exercise divine amnesia when it comes to our sins because in Isaiah forty three in verse twenty five God promises that he will remember our sins no more. Now an analogy which is very appropriate or present in Isaiah forty four in verse twenty two God says that he will do away with our sins as the sun does away with the fog you know there is fog and then when it gets to be ten or eleven o'clock in the morning fog is gone because the sun has burned it off. That's what God is going to do with our sins. According to Isaiah forty four in verse twenty two in Micah seven in verse nineteen God says that he will take our sins he will cast them into the depths of the sea in first John chapter one in verse nine God uses the laundry analogy. He says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. In Matthew eighteen and verse twenty two God uses the analogy of debt. There you have the parable of the two donors. There was one then all is Lord far more than he could ever pay in a lifetime or many lifetimes and is over Lord for gave him all of his debt. In Isaiah thirty eight in verse seventeen God says that he will take our sins and He will cast them behind his back where he cannot see them as the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter four and verse as three through eight uses the analogy of a court of law. God will justify us or pronounce us not guilty in his court of law. Hebrews seven verse twenty five. God tells us that he will save us to the animals. So we have a whole series of promises in the Bible as to the total and complete forgiveness of God. Now we find illustrations of God's forgiveness in the Bible too. For example one of the worst sins that I have found in my bible is the sin or the two sins that David committed in the Old Testament. Actually there were more than two but the two main ones that we know of are adultery and murder. You know that the Bible tells us in person who chapter twelve and verse thirteen that God boardgame those two horrendous sins of David. Now because of all of these analogies that we find in the Bible when we turn to our beginning text in our list tonight we were surprised to discover that there is a sin in the Bible which God cannot forgive. How is it that we have all these analogies about the great forgiving power. Go out and suddenly you have a passage where we're told that there's a sin that God will not forgive. Turn with me in your Bibles to the passage which speaks about this. It's found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter twelve and we want to read verse twenty eight and then we'll also read verses thirty one and thirty two Matthew Chapter twelve and verse twenty eight. Here Jesus is speaking in any sense but if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. Now Jesus cast out demons by the Spirit of God right now. We notice in this passage that those who are present particularly the Jewish leaders said that Jesus cast out demons not by the Spirit of God but he cast out demons by the prince of demons bills of blue. Now let's go to verses thirty one and thirty two which speak about the sin that these individuals are in the process of committing. Verse thirty one says. Therefore I say to you every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men but the blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man It will be forgiven him but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven him either in this age or in the age to come. Strange passage almost doesn't sound like God this God were given to a thousand generations according to what it tells us in the commandment. And here we find a passage that tells us that there is a sin that God will not forgive in this life or in the life to come. Now what is this sin. And why is it not forgivable. Let's turn our Bibles now to first John Chapter five verse John Chapter five and verse seventeen and it's the panoramas going to get a little more complicated until it gets simpler. We're going to find this verse very interesting concept here. The beloved disciple of Jesus tells us all unrighteousness is sin and there is sin not leading to death. Now wait a minute. That's what Romans six verse twenty three say that the wages of sin is death. It says here all unrighteousness is sin but there is sin which is not on to there. Now what could he mean there is sin that is not on today. Evidently there are two categories of one category is unto death and the other category is not done today by the way that's where some people get the idea that there are venial sins and mortal sin. But we're not buying tonight that that's not exactly what the Bible is trying to say when it tells us that there are sins that are not on today the fact is that this concept of having sins that are unto death and sins that are not on the death actually comes from the Old Testament context you see in the Old Testament there were also two main categories of sin. There were sins that were done to death and ever since that were not done today. Now what am I talking about. Go with me to the Book of Numbers Chapter thirteen and remember the Lord Jesus is a good Jew He knows the Scriptures and so this concept would have been very very clear in his mind. Numbers Chapter fifteen and I want to be noticed if you have the seminar Bible we're not going to read the whole passage but notice Chapter fifteen and verse twenty two what is the subtitle there Lance. Concerning what intentional sin. Basically these things are sins that are committed due to human weakness. They are unintentional. There are missteps they are mistakes. That's one class of sins. Now I ask you if these sins were not confessed what they lead to death if they were not prepared even these sins of car but these sins when they were committed because they were unintentional due to human weakness. The sinner could take an animal to the sanctuary shed the blood of the animal and his sin was forgiven. That's why the sin was not on today. I understand what I'm saying because it was possible to offer blood to atone for that sin because it was not a premeditated scene so the first kind of sin is the sin that we commit due to human weakness. It's not intentional when we committed we say oh I don't know I blew it again oh lord i'm so sorry for what I've done. That bible but there's another kind of sin in the Old Testament. Notice what it says there also in Numbers Chapter fifteen and starting with verse thirty one is the subtitle there are laws concerning what prevents us sin. These are sins which are called in the Old Testament symbols with a high pay and they are intentional since they are premeditated. So to speak. They are committed in God's face. Excuse the expression. People who say I'm going to sin no matter what I'm going to do this and I don't care what the consequences are going to be. There are sins that are committed and there are no pangs of conscience because they are committed. Are you understanding what I'm saying is there any possible sacrifice. All men for this kind of sin. Absolutely not because the Bible says that if we can pass our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. But these are sins which people commit and they feel absolutely no need to repent of them or to confess them and incidentally there's an example of this type of sin in the succeeding context you know what the subtitle is do you notice in chapter fifteen and starting with verse thirty two What is the subtitle their penalty for what for violating the Sabbath. Now I have no doubt that the Israelites at one point or another maybe they got involved in talking about secular things you know and they didn't catch themselves but eventually they did they didn't all know what we've been doing things on the Sabbath were not supposed to and they beg the Lord's forgiveness of the Lord forgave them but if you read this passage you're going to find that this man was in God's place you see the Fourth Commandment say very clearly that we're not supposed to work on the seventh day six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. But if you read this passage this man says I don't really care what God says. He says and I'm supposed to keep the Sabbath. Well I'm going to go out and I'm going to pick up sticks and that's what he does. Now is that a sin on to them. You better believe that the thing wanted it because it's a sin with a high hand it's intentional it's premeditated. It's in God's faith and so there are two kinds of sins in the Old Testament there are sins due to human weakness and those sands people when they come in and then they repent of them they're sorry they can pass them they took the animal may shed the blood there sort of were given on the other hand there are those sins which people don't feel any need to repent of their sins that are committed with a high hand their sins that are premeditated. There is no such thing. Her fight for such a person. Now with this in mind we can read also Psalm one hundred some nineteen and verse thirteen where David is praying to God for God to deliver him from the possibility of committing such a sin. Here David says keep back your servant also from work from presumption was sin let them not have dominion over me then I shall be blameless and noticed this and I shall be given a cent of what great transgression. This isn't any old transgression this is great Transgression Now tonight we want to take a closer look at this second type of the sin with a high hand. The Bible calls it in the New Testament the sin against the Holy Spirit. But before we study. Yes Seon in detail. We want to notice several key principles that will form the foundation for what we're going to take a look at First of all I want us to remember that each one of us is given by God freedom of choice. Notice Deuteronomy Chapter thirty Deuteronomy Chapter thirty and verse nineteen God gives us freedom of choice. Here God says I call heaven on earth as witnesses today against you. Then I have set before you life and death blessing and cursing there for what shrooms lie that both you and your descendants might live you can also write down another verse that's not here. Joshua twenty four verse three. Being where Joshua tells Israel shew ye this day whom you will serve. In other words all of us are given in this world the freedom of choice. Now the problem is that because of sin we in ourselves do not know what the right choice is. Not only do we not know what the right choice is but even if we didn't know we would not have the power to make that choice. Notice what it says in Jeremiah Chapter seventeen and verses nine and ten. Jeremiah Chapter seventeen and verses nine and ten. There's a problem with the heart of man says there the heart is the seat well above all things and desperately wicked who can know what do you know that there's a sobering fact and it is that we don't even know our own heart. We might think we know our own heart but we know because our heart according to this is desperately wicked who only really knows our heart. Verse ten. The answer comes I the LORD search the heart I test the mind even to give every man according to His ways and according to the fruit of his doing so every one of us have the freedom of choice. Every one of us has also by God then given the possibility of choosing the good over the evil. The only problem is in ourselves we don't know the difference between good and evil and even if we did we would not have the capacity or the power to perform the evil and to reject the good this is the reason why God is. Given each one of us. Also all these like the freedom of choice he has given us some aid or some help so that we might be able to know what is good and we might have the power to choose. Now there's a little word that describes that which God has given to every man in the world. It's called the voice of your country the voice of your conscience helps you see what is wrong and what is right and the voice of conscience will tell you this is right. Choose it and do it. Now what is conscience. If you examine the Bible carefully you'll discover that conscience is simply the voice of the Holy Spirit of God speaking in the midst of the turbulent human passion the conscience is the voice of God's Spirit telling you this is right. Walk me in it. This is evil. Reject. So all of us have freedom of choice. All of us have the aid of the Holy Spirit of conscience to give us the distinction between what is right and what is wrong. Now we need to talk about the role of the Holy Spirit a little more carefully so that we can understand what is the Holy Spirit. According to Jesus has three main function. And we want to take a look at both functions right now but with me to John Chapter sixteen and verses eight. John Chapter sixteen and verse eight. Let's notice the first function of the Holy Spirit. It says there in John sixteen and verse eight and when he has come that is when the Spirit has come he will convict the world without sin. So more is at that point out certain knowledge. There it is. Does the voice of conscience tell us that this is evil that this is wrong. Yes or no. Yes So what is the voice of your conscience. It's the voice of the Holy Spirit and now listen to what I'm going to say the Holy Spirit has an instrument to which he shows us what is wrong and what is that. You notice it says here that he will convict the world of what sin. Now let's ask the question what is sin. Go with me to first John I heard the answer that's correct let's read it first John chapter three verse four first John chapter three and verse four says whoever commit sin also commits a lot less mess and see then is what sin is lawlessness sin is transgression of the law. So what does the Holy Spirit do when he whispers in our conscience. He says this that you're thinking about doing is what is sin or this which you have already done is sin and what is sin it is breaking God's holy law. So how was it that the Holy Spirit shows us our sin. By showing us what in other words we can imagine that the Holy Spirit by the way is a person according to the Bible is not an essence or a simple power he is a person he can be grieved he can be sad and there are many characteristics that indicate that the Holy Spirit is a person of the Holy Spirit we can imagine he is a person and in his hand he has a mirror. The Bible calls the logo on a mirror and saw the Holy Spirit comes and he says listen that what you did is wrong you need to repent of it. You need to confess it and what does the Holy Spirit. Show us so that we can see that what we did is wrong. He shows us God's Holy Law For example if we go out and cheat on our lives or we would do that none of us in here anyway. But if we achieve it and I wondered what would the Holy Spirit show us he would show us the command that says Thou shalt not what thou shalt not commit adultery. So our primary function of the Holy Spirit is to show us our sin or transgression of God's holy law and by the way we want a Bible verse. Spirit is always closely connected to the internet not with me to Exodus thirty one I want you to see this because some people say oh no I don't have to go by the command of the Holy Spirit have you ever heard that before like claim to live on one side and the spirit of the other a contradiction between the law and the spirit know the law of the Spirit go together because the Holy Spirit is the one who actually wrote the Ten Commandments. It's not us that Exodus Chapter thirty one and verse eighteen Exodus Chapter thirty one and verse eighteen here speaking about the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai not us who wrote them it says there and when he had made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai he gave Moses two tablets of the testimony tablets of stone. RIDGEON with the lingo I am God. How many persons are there in the Trinity. Dumb question right. But I wanted to make a point. There are three now which of the three persons was the one who actually wrote the Ten Commandments on tablets of stone says it was the finger of God. Now let's go to the New Testament go with me to the Gospel of Matthew. We just read this. Let's read it again. Matthew Chapter twelve and verse twenty eight there it tells us how Jesus cast out demons. Matthew Chapter twelve and by. Just twenty eight cents but if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God How did Jesus go by the Spirit of God Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. Now let's go over to the Gospel of Luke and compare what the way that Luke expresses this Luke eleven and verse twenty. Jesus cast out demons by the Spirit of God Now look at a little different way of expressing it he's explaining what Jesus meant. It says there in verse twenty but if I cast out demons with what with the finger of God Surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. So what is the finger of God the finger of God is the Holy Spirit. So who wrote the Ten Commandments. It was written in letters of fire. What does fire represent. Fire came down on the day of Pentecost fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit told the Holy Spirit with his own finger. Well the Ten Commandments and the Holy Spirit comes with the law that he wrote on tablets of stone and when we come in to C.N.N. The voice of the Holy Spirit the voice of conscience tells us hey what you did was wrong. You need to repent of what you've done. You need to confess it. You need to make it right because the Bible says that shalt not bear false witness. And so the Holy Spirit convicts me of what makes me since I listen to what I'm going to say the Bible says that the law is spiritual. You know one of the problems that the Jews had in Christ's day. They didn't see the law as being spiritual for them the law was simply a list of rules to live up to the law was written on paper looked on and they were always comparing their external behavior with the law they said. I've kept the Sabbath pretty well today or I mean I haven't committed adultery with anybody you know I haven't taken out of I haven't taken on the night but I haven't killed anybody today and so because they're. External behavior was right. They felt that they were in harmony with God's law but you see the law is spiritual the law not only reaches to our external behavior the law reaches into the heart and it detects the condition of the heart. Your motives your intentions your thoughts your feelings. Remember Jesus said Whoever looks upon a woman to come at her has already committed adultery in his art. Whoever is angry with his brother has already committed adultery has already committed murder in his heart. So in other words the Holy Spirit is not concerned only with us collecting our external behavior. The law is spiritual it goes into the depths of our heart and even points out the bad motives and the bad emotions and the bad feelings and the evil thoughts and it brings them to light and I'll tell you that when the Pharisees realize that they saw that they were in very deep trouble because even though they had never actually committed adultery with a woman they certainly had committed women people even though they had never killed somebody they know that at that time they hated Jesus and so they were committing murder in their hearts. So the spiritual law was coming in and was detecting the sin which was in their heart. Are you understanding what I'm saying. So I don't know. Here it shows us our sin inside and out and you can't hide from it. You can hide your sin from men but you cannot hide your sin from God because the Holy Spirit Luella as the voice in our conscience. Shows us sin so that's the first function of the Holy Spirit is to show not show us our wickedness. Show us that we are evil. Show us that we are sinners by showing us the mirror of God's love and saying you don't measure up. Thank God that there's another function of the Holy Spirit. Because if this was his only function we'd be in trouble would be a pretty pessimistic language all the time the Holy Spirit that you did this wrong you did that wrong. Now you need to correct this. Correct that would be a negative right. Who is going to take care of these problems would be our question. Well the fact is that the Holy Spirit has another function and that function is when you have pointed out our sin it is also his role to point us to Jesus as the solution for the Holy Spirit is the representative of Jesus in other words he never not only points out our sin He not only points out the dark side the bad side but he also says hey if you want forgiveness for that sin if you want that sin to be cleansed there's a solution. I can guide you to Jesus and in the blood of Jesus there is forgiveness. I want you to notice that in John Chapter sixteen once again and verse eight John Chapter sixteen and verse eight. It not only says that he will convince the world of sin but He will also convince the world to other things. It says he will convey. What world of sin and what else. And our righteousness. Let me ask you who is our righteousness according to the Bible the Lord is our righteousness who lived a perfect life to give us his righteousness. Jesus lived a perfect life to give us his righteousness. So it says he will convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment and pot. If we have been convicted of arson if we have been brought to Jesus who is our righteousness we have absolutely no reason to feel the judge. Now I'd like to read two or three passages where the role of the Holy Spirit is spoken of as pointing people to Jesus specifically not us. John Chapter sixteen and verses thirteen to fifteen. Here Jesus says. However when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority but whatever he hears he will speak. And he won't tell you things to come and not notice verse forty he will go up by a blow me. To whom does the Holy Spirit point not only point out your sin. He points you to Caesar. He will glorify me for he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All things that The Father has are mine. There are boys that but he will take of mine and declare it to you. Notice also what it says in chapter fourteen chapter fourteen and verse twenty six it says but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all things that I had said to you. So the role of the Holy Spirit is not only to point out sin inside and out but the role of the Holy Spirit is also to point us to Jesus. The solution for sin. He directs our minds to Christ and when we see Christ we see one who has shed his blood for us and we and we say Praise the Lord that there is a solution to this problem with the Holy Spirit has shown me or you know the Holy Spirit does more than these Not only does he point out Mycenaean not only does he point me to Jesus as the solution for my sin. The Holy Spirit does something else. Let's go back to John Chapter sixteen and let's notice verse thirty let's read carefully there is something else that he does. Chapter sixteen and verse thirteen however when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into some true Thank you. There are people up here. Oh OK Let me read that again. However when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into more through how much. Thank you very much. I'll read it again. However when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth. Incidentally this is the reason why in John Chapter fourteen if you go back there with me John Chapter fourteen and starting with verse sixteen not of the very significant words it says they are Jesus speaking and I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper that he may abide with you for ever even the spirit of what the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees him nor knows him but you know him for he dwells with you and will be in you and not in all of the significant verse eighteen. I will not leave you are crimes. I will come to you who says he's going to come. So us now wait a minute How can Jesus come to us the reason heaven. How because he sends His Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit represents Jesus so low to any man on earth who claims to be the representative of grey out there then the Holy Spirit. Because Jesus said that the Holy Spirit is his representative on Earth. He teaches about Jesus. He leads people to Jesus he is called the spearman are true. Now we need to ask the question What is the truth that the Holy Spirit leads people to the point guards then he shows you that you're a sinner. He shows you a Jesus who died for your sins so that your sin can be taken care of and then he decides you into all of the truth but what is the truth let me go I do want to I mean truth is almost kind of like an abstract term. Well that's not it. That's him self had to say about the identity of truth. John Chapter seventeen and verse seventeen. You know this verse you could repeat it from memory I'm sure. John seventeen verse seventeen. The same Jesus speaking in the same context of the Gospel of John where he's talking about the Holy Spirit this is the culmination of his sermon on the Holy Spirit is a prayer to his father but it's in the same context. It says in verse seventeen sanctify them by your crew your While it is true. So what does the Holy Spirit lead you to the truth. But where is the truth. But in the Word of God So the Holy Spirit leads you into oh look not some not most not all of the crew. According to the Bible it's the role one of the roles of the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and the word truth. And incidentally let me say something. The Holy Spirit never works independently of the word. It's as an egregious chapter six and verse seventeen that the sword of the spirit is what is the Word of God see the Holy Spirit works that will sort the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God In other words he's called The Spirit of Truth. He leads us into all truth. But the Bible says that the Word of God is what is true. So he leads us into all of the truth as we find it in the Word of God So what we have found one hundred in one thousand nine hundred forty two. And let's notice what else is true. Psalm one hundred nineteen that the longest in the Bible Psalm one hundred nineteen and birth one hundred forty two noted here is your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and your life is what you are. It is the truth. So not only is the Word of God the truth but the law which is a summary really of the whole Bible according to what we studied in previous meetings is also the truth. So I have a clear in your mind what the three principal roles of the Holy Spirit are number one to convict us of what sin inside and out with the spiritual What with the spiritual law of God Secondly in your desperation you say who will deliver me from this body about what is the Holy Spirit Point you. He points to Jesus as a saviour from sin and then he guides you into all of the truth as its own where as it spun in God's holy word. However do you know that the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit can be resisted. I'm not going to read the verses you have them on your list I'll just make reference to them. X. seven verse fifty one Stephen tells all who are present he says you always resist the Holy Spirit. They do not have the Holy Spirit can be quenched first as a loney is captured by human breast nineteen The apostle Paul says who wins not the spirit. Did you know that the Holy Spirit can be grieved the Bible says or any vision for him verse thirty grieve not the holy spirit with which you were sealed so the only spirit can be good. Greet the Holy Spirit can be quenched the Holy Spirit can be resisted. Hebrews three verse thirteen says that when the Holy Spirit is resists but the result is that the heart becomes what becomes hardened and president of the barbers to speak to the people whose consciences are see here as with a hot air in other words when the Holy Spirit tries to point out our sins. When the Holy Spirit tries to point out the solution for sin in Jesus. When the Holy Spirit tries to lead us into all the truth we can resist because we have freedom of choice. We can quench the voice of the Holy Spirit. We can grieve the Holy Spirit. We can harden our hearts. We can say no to the Holy Spirit. Let me tell you this the unpardonable sin is not one particular sin that you commit all of us are the on pardonable sin is a continued resistance to the voice of the Holy Spirit telling you you are a sinner you need Jesus and you need to follow the truth. When we resist the voice of the Holy Spirit our heart becomes harder and harder. Intel eventually the Holy Spirit will speak and we will not be able to hear. In other words a sin against the Holy Spirit is the culmination of a process of saying no to the Holy Spirit. Now let me give you a couple of illustrations so you can understand what I'm saying. How many of you use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Well several of you do. I have my own incorporated alarm clock. You know what I mean you know it's a kind of wake up at the same time every morning you'd like to sleep in but you can't you know that's that's kind of like me. But what happens if you have your alarm clock set for six o'clock in the morning and when it rings you don't turn it off. You let it ring and ring and ring and kind until it kind of dies off and then the next morning you do the same thing the following morning you do the same thing and you do it for several days in a row. It happens eventually. You know what the alarm sounds and what you can hear it because you've ignored it so much that the alarm can sound loud as ever. But you can hear why because you have not responded to it. Are you with me. The same is true with the voice of the Holy Spirit so you know your spirit is God's great alarm. He says you want us to know it inside and out. The wages of sin is death. Here's no law it proves that you're a sinner and then he says but there's a solution for your problem. You see there is Jesus. I'm on this earth to represent Jesus to lead you to gays and so if you come to Jesus he is sin. He has he has carried the sin of humankind upon himself. He is paying the bill and if you confess your sin if you're sorry for your sin he will cleanse you from all sin and he will cleanse you from all and right then he says also I have been sent to show you the truth of Jesus as it's found in his holy work and he wants you to walk into the truth. Now if you don't listen to what the Holy Spirit says your heart becomes harder and harder and harder until you reach the point where the Holy Spirit screens and you can't hear him anymore. There is a tragic more let me give you another illustration so you can understand what I'm saying. In order for you to receive communication over the radio you have to have a transmitter and you have to have a receiver is that correct. The Holy Spirit is the transmitter. We are the receiver. How much good is a radio with the knob turned to the position. How I can hear you. Oh thank you. Some of you believe it's not. Is the radio station transmitting. But what's the problem what is the problem. The receiver when you hear it's like I mean I want to know what would happen if we took their receiver use it against the ground you know the person who's transmitting the message could be transmitting Kelley's blue in the face and it would do you absolutely no good. Why because the person on the other side is thinking man your receiver has been broken and so you can hear what you say. That's what I'm talking about when I referred to the sin against the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit want to show us our sin once WS to Jesus once to guide us into all of the truth but when I say no no no Eventually it comes to the point where the Holy Spirit twenty mantis message but my ears are so close to my heart is so close that no matter how loud he speaks I can't hear. When I reach that point Bob There's nothing more that the Holy Spirit can do for me. If that tragic scene where God says Graham is joined to his idols let him alone. Apparently we're now let me share with you tonight there are there are three kinds of people who are in danger of committing this unpardonable sin. You say three types of people one of three times the first type is the type that Jesus was speaking to in Matthew Chapter twelve a passage that we rent is Jesus speaking to people who apparently are religious. Yes he's speaking to the religious leaders are speaking to priests. To the scholars to the elders to the administrators. They claim to be keeping God's holy law and Jesus to give these individuals abundant evidence that he was the Son of God that he was the Messiah before Jesus related what we read in Matthew two or you read the context before Jesus taught with the party he cast out demons he healed the sick people they could see clearly that this was the work of the Son of God It was the power of God time and again time and again they were shown this. And yet when the moment came for them to make a decision they attributed what Jesus was doing to the power of the prince of the it's a parable. When you reject and reject and reject automatically who takes control of your life. Satan takes control of your life. Now what is the first time individual who's in danger of committed the unpardonable sin the first type is what I call the self righteous sin. That's the fares. The Pharisees need feel the need for it right then they need to build it feel a need for forgiveness. Then they feel that they were sinners. No but I felt that they were glad they felt that they were righteous. You remember the story of the piracy in the public and they went to the temple to pray. What the Pharisees say thank you Lord that I'm not like other men I passed twice a week I pay my tired after a lot. I'm so thankful I'm not like this miserable publican over here the Bible says that he went home justified by himself when the publican who felt his knee and confessed to sin went home justified by God let me ask you how do you help someone who is ill. But he doesn't recognize it is real. He refuses to recognize it. No matter how many parents they go through the doctor says you have cancer. I don't have cancer come up how do you help someone who doesn't feel any need. That's the problem with the piracy is they were thrilled with themselves they were so patient. There was no way that the Holy Spirit control them their sins because they felt like just there was no way that they could feel that they needed Jesus to forgive them from sin because they felt that they were going to right just and therefore they also reject the truth as its engine. Now the sobering fact these folks that the last church that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation suffers of this disease. What church is there the church of Laodicea. And what bizarre church represent That's the movement. I can hear you all that the Jew The Hindu the Buddha if not a lot of those people make it to the kingdom probably better than we do. Let me use one of the problem with the Church of Laodicea. That's the Christian Church the last church in the world before the coming of Jesus. But you're just as I am Richard agrees with that and I am happy I'm happy I'm close. Word What more do I lack. How can Jesus help the church how he can begin to turn a blind miserable no one can pull or read through it and yet I think it's just the opposite. It feels not all sense of sin. Maybe our genes and therefore it is very close to be vomited from the mouth which is about the same thing as saying that she has committed what the unpardonable sin. So the first kind of person who is in danger of committed the unpardonable sin is the self righteous and those were the ones that Jesus was talking to you think. But of all the signs that I've given you step by step by step you have come to attribute this power to the devil instead of attributing the power to the Spirit of God and if you do that there's nothing more I can do because the Holy Spirit is the only agent that can shorts and he was the only agent that can lead us to Jesus. What more can God do if we don't feel the need of the Holy Spirit. There's absolutely nothing that God can do. But there's a second type of individual who is in danger of committed the unpardonable sin and that's what I call the unrighteous and I say well that we don't or the worldling we might say people would not profess Jesus Christ and now there are several Biblical examples of this. You have for example play a role. Incidentally let me share this with you every time that the unpardonable sin is committed before it's committed there is a great light that God gives. In other words the uncharitable sin is committed in the presence of brilliant light that God gives brilliant information abundant knowledge every time the unpardonable sin is committed it's not because people don't know because God shed his brilliant light in the world and people reject the light there was an example some people have struggled over the idea that there's an exodus that Pharoah hardened God hardened their heart but do you know that there are also texts you have them in your outline where it says that they are all hard. How do we understand this that God hardened girl's heart well we can use an analogy so you can understand you have the sun when the sun shines on ice. What does it do with the ice it melts it what happens when the sun shines on clay it hardens the clay. Are you at right now. What makes the difference between the ice and the sun is always the same but that which it signs of time determines whether there's melting or hardening the sun is a symbol of God's light as it's found in his word he reveals. It's like the Bible is a light unto our path isn't it. The Bible is a lamp it says on sound in some modern one thousand nine hundred by it's a lion it's a light and when God shines. Let up on us. What can we do we can do one of two things. We can either pay attention to the light and have the crude milk our heart which means to accept the truth or on the other hand we can choose to resist the truth and harden our hearts. The sun is not to blame but is not to blame for giving us the knowledge and the information we are to blame for the way in which we react to what God gives us. In Genesis fifteen in verse sixteen if it's about the Amorites Have you ever heard of the Amorites they were they the dwellers of the land of Canaan when Israel left the land of Egypt did they have an abundance of light from God that this people were the people of God yes or no. Oh they heard about the plagues. Undoubtedly they knew about God sending bread from heaven. They had heard that God sent water from the rock they'd heard that all of their old armies had been drowned in the Red Sea They heard all these things they'd heard undoubtedly that the walls of Jericho had crumbled. Israel had marched around seven days and seven times on the seventh day. They knew all of these things and yet what did they do. They resisted they said we will not allow these people to come in to clean four hundred years earlier god at all Abraham the pickup of the Amorites was not yet cool. But when Israel and put the land of Canaan the cup of the Amorites was full they had received upon the light but they have chosen to reject the civilization before the flood is an example of unbelievers who commit the unpardonable sin. Did God give the people before the flood abundant light all the preaching of Noah a preacher of righteousness according to second Peter chapter two and verse five he got out he preached every day one hundred twenty years that God was going to stand up like that they needed to change their life and get ready for the coming of the Lord and what did they do. They mocked Noah. They made fun of him and when no I made the last invitation to have them go into the ark to save their lives they refuse to do it. Did they commit the unpardonable sin in the presence of abundant light. Yes but they choose not to repent of their sins and to claim the power of forgiveness of God then they reject walking in the truth as God showed it to them. They most certainly believe in the New Testament we find two examples you know you have the example of Phoenix the Apostle Paul goes before. The Bible says that the Apostle Paul talked of feelings. Governor he says Listen there's going to be incurring judgment and God is going to judge the world and things really got hot for feelings and he says you know I could hardly stand it any more because his conscience was you know what I can and he says to Paul and I will call you back and I conveniences. He never got called back. He sent away. Good day of grace. It happened also with King Agrippa the story is found in Acts Chapter twenty six and verse twenty where the apostle Paul preaches that sermon to a barber and and and Paul says I give up you're going I know you're going about rebel and what has a grip I say it's just a pulp. Oh Paul all along persuaded me to be a priest almost say means totally lost. It also happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. Imagine God sent two angels to these two men. There was actually three one day when they were ham two of them came to the city and these angels are getting the message that God is going. Come in this direction against the cities and the people of that city have the audacity when these two men are inside the house to surround the house with violence and say bring up those two men because we want to know them and I'm talking about knowing them casually in the Bible. No is a term for sexual says in Genesis one twenty six that Adam knew his wife and she bore a son. So they are saying we want to have a homosexual relationship with these angels and they got more and more violent when Lott said I cannot allow that to happen. They were going to take a lot and they were going to do violence against him. The Bibles they are supposed to angels grab what they pulled him into the house and they close the door you know with that door closed that was the do for side you see the door always closes before destruction. Probation always closes before the Lord comes to execute his judgment so that many eggs. Samples in the Bible of this type of scene are people who pay no attention whatsoever to what God has to say in His Word. They're not interested in hearing the voice of all the spirit pointing out there are saying they have no interest in coming to Jesus for forgiveness they have no interest in walking in the truth. They're perfectly happy to live their sinful lifestyle and if they reach the point where they do it long enough the voice of the Holy Spirit will no longer be able to be heard but there's a third class of person who is in danger of committing the unpardonable sin not only the self-righteous sinner who doesn't feel he's a sinner so why does he need the Holy Spirit to point out since he feels like he's obeying God's law. Why would he need the Atonement of Jesus if he's already perfect is what keeping Why should you walk into that in the truth it is the truth. According to him not only is the second class of individual who is in danger of committing young portables and those who never have any interest or who want a worldly lifestyle and never manifested any interest in spiritual things. There's a third class. And this third class is found within the Christian church so they know how could there be a class of individuals within the Christian church who are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin. Let me explain what I mean. I call them Christians and say not Christians then is that an oxymoron. Not really you see there are many in the Christian church today who teach that the law of God was nailed to the cross that Christians don't have to keep the law because Jesus kept that the law was probably all covered up with a new cover that were not under the law were under great and so the idea. Not among these Christians is to get a read on God's holy law and you know they actually use the Bible to try and prove it. Let me just share with you three perfect which are commonly referred to Among those Christians who say that Christians are not required to keep the holy law of the Romans Chapter three and verse twenty eight. Romans three twenty eight Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of about you not justified by the deeds of the law you justified by what you do or don't do. Make no difference your saying that what all man God just reverses father Paul knew that Christians were going to use this way. So he says in verse thirty one. Do we then make void the law to pay. Certainly not on the contrary we establish the law. That's right do away with God's law because you're justified by faith without works of law does not do away with the law. No it says here we establish the law. Another text which is used very frequently is Romans Chapter five and verse twenty. And sometimes I snicker when I hear the way this one is used it's as Moreover the law entered that the occupants might have bound up in Maine sin or transgression but were bound and greatest abounded much more so when they're sick. There's a lot of great so the conclusion is that signal optional that there's lots of great I've heard of yours that way. They had pollo that people do use it that way. If you're dead. But Chapter six and verse one What shall we say then. Shall we continue in sin that grace may of certainly not how shall we who died to sin live any longer in it. The third text which is used in this is the all time favorite is verse fourteen of Romans six worst sin shall not have dominion over you where you are not under law but under God but under grace. So the idea is I'm not under I'm under grace so I don't think any more the law is not really not important. Is that what Paul is really trying to say you know what I tell people is a keep on reading keep on reading. I don't contradict I say continue read just a little bit further down there through the next verses What then shall we say because we are not under law but under grace. Certainly not why is it that these Christians who claim that the law was done away with a Christ kept us for it but nobody can gain the victory over. Why is it that these people are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin. Let me tell you why it's because sin is progression of the law but if you don't believe that the law of binding anymore you don't have transgression of the law and if there's no transgression of the law why would you need Jesus. Are you with me or not I was once talking with a young man he says he says well I don't have to have the law. I'm under Grant I said to him was that right. As I view reaper he says of course I repent I said yeah and what do you repent of it well I repent of sin. I tell you what it said. You know I am in a corner. He says well you tell me and I said No John I'll tell you. Then this transpersonal. So how can you repent of sin which is transgression of the law if the law was done away with. You see what the devil has done by saying that the law was done away with the law points out your sin and your need of Jesus if you get up get rid of the law you won't feel a need to do because the law points out your sin and when it points out your. Same for the Holy Spirit. That shows you that you need to know Jesus if you take away the law you know take away sin. Because when there is no law there can be no transgression and if you take away sin you take away what you take away the mean that you have orgies. There are several people on your list that committed this and believes Saul King Saul. You can read his story of references are in your list. Judas Iscariot the Judas received lots of light from the Lord. He spent three and a half years with Jesus and yet he betrayed him. Pontius Pilot although he wasn't a believer in a dive in a bar you ever heard of native and the two sons of Aaron the strange fire into the sanctuary. Eight ten. The man who stole the Babylonish garment and did God give him an abundant opportunity to rebut. Sure you do. First you know the reason why Israel's been defeated because they are someone who has committed a great sin of taking something from her and they can with theory. He didn't step forward so about as OK Tomorrow we are going to discover who the culprit is the whole day passes he can still do that for so God says OK now we're going to choose the tribe that the transgressor belonged to and the lot Philip on his right field in step four so about five now we're going to discover which only the transgressor belongs to the latter cast that they fell upon the family. There will be dozens there for about an hour to get a lot of them where it is going who it is and so they discovered that it was taken and now he says I have sinned but boxed when he said I have sinned. It was not a question it was an admission of sin. It's different to what sin then it is to repent of you admit sin when you're caught up you repent of sin when you're sorry. So there are many people even within the church who are in danger of committing this god shows them the light he shows them a new truth he shows them the way and they say now this is too hard this is different than what I've heard I haven't heard this all my life and so they put it to the sign and they put it to the side until eventually they come to the point where the Bible says that they believe a lie you know. In closing that and second there's a law in chapter two it tells us why many people probably most people in the Christian world are going to be lost. Let's go to that passage in closing. Second there's a loneliness chapter two and verse ten. It's speaking about the final anti-Christ and it says that he's going to come with all unrighteous deception among those who perish. Why do they perish because they did not receive what the law of the truth that they might be. Say what you have to do to be saved receive what the love of the true birth eleven and for this reason God will send them strong delusion that they should believe what the lie that we all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Then the apostle Paul says in verse thirteen for we are bound to give thanks to God always for you brethren beloved by the Lord because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification. By the spirit and we live in the true north. Thank the vacation of the spirit and believe in what in the truth. Jesus said that we're supposed to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Some people says Oh it's me or other people say only the truth. Jesus wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. So what is the sin against the Holy Spirit. Very simple it's the culmination of a long process of saying no to the voice of the Holy Spirit when you reach the point where the Spirit speaks and you no longer can listen or you no longer can hear because you shut him out over a long period of time. There's nothing more that the Holy Spirit can do in your life. Kind of reminds me of the story of Gulliver's Travels you remember the story of the girl he arrives at this island where they have a little people and they start crying up for grabs. And he says Rand's big deal I'm going to do we keep on buying right there what happens if you buy an upgrade around somebody it becomes a robot right and he was and he could not escape. That's the way the unpardonable sin takes place. Little rejection every time we reject a thread is another thread until eventually we're bound in our own skin we feel no need to repent. We feel no need of Jesus and we feel no need of walking in the coup. We've learned a lot of truth in this seminar haven't we. Now we have to decide what we're going to do with true. It can't come in one ear and go out the other. Everybody has heard it is responsible for it now I'm not saying. This to scare you. Because I'll tell you there's nothing more beautiful than walking in the truth. Walking in the light. What a privilege it is. It might not be as easy as you think because people will understand your friends who you thought were your friends will look down on you your family will not understand your problem that your work whatever doesn't make any difference. The important thing is to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pray for God's light. Study God's word and in the third place walk in the Word of God as He reveals that your desire tonight to walk in the Word of God in the will of God the Holy Spirit let us pray Father in heaven we thank you for showing us in your holy word what the sin against the Holy Spirit is. Lord we realize that the Holy Spirit is the only instrument that you can use to bring us to the feet of Jesus. That's why the sin against the Holy Spirit means the end because there is nothing more that you can do for us. I ask Lord when you are blessed every person gathered here tonight. Many of those who are here and heard these truths for the first time I ask the Lord that you will give them the courage to step out in faith told me the truth as it is indeed. We thank you Lord for giving us your word in this world are we asking through the power of your spirit you will allow us powers more in revenue. Thank you Lord for answering our brand name in this media was brought to you by audio groups a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe or if you would like to listen to more of sermon believe it is a W W W R U. verse dot org.


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