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Soil of the Heart

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • April 3, 2015
    5:00 PM
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Good gracious Heavenly Father Lord we are so grateful for another Sabbath another chance to turn our thoughts towards you and put aside the cares of the week and Lord as we look at the things here that you've laid on my heart things that we should be about and how we should be spreading the gospel and be workers for you. And so Lord I just pray that the message here is a message from the Lord. Hide me behind your cross. Let it not me my mere opinions but a message from you and we ask these things in Jesus' name amen. So I titled this presentation here soil of the heart because really at the heart of the matter it's a matter of the heart right. Everything revolves around the heart and as we look at this year we're going to you'll see. Start by asking the question why are you here. Why have you come here tonight. Anybody have an answer. Your wife made you. Curiosity. To worship. Right that's where we gather we come together to worship right to learn. Right. Because is there not a battle going on right. So really this is like training day training battle battle plans and here really tonight you've come to learn how to be better soldiers right actually in fact learning you can learn how to be better farmers right. Isn't this our weapon. A two edged blade. That cuts to the heart right. We sing the song I have my hands on the gospel plow. So the question is What are you planning. I gave the answer when we plow into hearts right replanning hearts. And we're going to look at this analogy of farming and how it relates to our spiritual walk. And the first thing the farmer does is he plows the field right. And in fact each one of us have two fields. You have a field that is your field of influence. All the people that you come into contact with right and then you have your own field. You have your own the own your own soil of the heart and it is your free will. That's our God given gift of free will it's your free will to let Who or what into your garden. Right. It's our choice. So the Bible tells us in Jeremiah four three to break up the fallow ground and so not amongst the thorn some version say break up the fallow ground of the heart. And so not amongst the thorns. So there is no there's a preparation right before we get to that act of planting. There's a beautiful quote in Christ of the lessons where she talks about the soldiers of the C. S. and she says the source of the seed have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart to heart work really good about talking about the gospel right. But that real heart to heart work there is a need of personal way. They were for the souls of the lost in Christ like sympathy we should come close to men individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life. Their hearts may be as hard as the beaten highway and apparently it may be a useless effort to present the savior to them. But while logic may fail to move an argument be powerless to convince and you felt like you've been in an argument right. When arguments powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed in personal ministry may soften the stony heart so that the seeds of truth can take root and then a preparation because I would have to think how many I want to I want to share. I want to share the Gospel and we just start planting. But when you think about this analogy there's a science to the Gospel right just like there's a science when it comes to farming. There's a season there's a is this the is this the seed I want to start with here. Right. Have I prepared the soil. Do I know what the condition of it is. These are the questions that we should ask and really the plow. The gospel is the central theme of the Bible and look at what the central theme of the Bible is it's to what restore the restoration of God's image in the souls of men. So our act of sharing the gospel is to restore the good God's image in the souls of men and then what a beautiful thing because that's what's going to end the war. Right. So when I heard this quote I just recently just a few years ago heard this quote interesting quote We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of the medical missionary work. I mean I've heard that quote. All right a few Yeah and you just heard right now right. Testimony of the church. So were all that I heard this in a sermon by Rico Hill who runs the beehive ministry and man is a powerful sermon it was just this little church in Arizona and a friend of mine said hey this guy's preacher you got to come listen to this so I went and there was a powerful sermon and he brought this point out and in the end he gave this call and everybody came to the front I want to be American to share and how hard is it to be a medical missionary. It's not that hard really. It's not that hard. Look at this right here. But more importantly still is the art of preparing food so that it is both healthful and appetizing this art should be regarded as the most valuable of all arts because it is so closely connected with life. It should receive more attention for in order to make good blood. The system requires good food. The foundation of which keeps people in health is the medical missionary work of Good Cooking. So if you're the cook at your house your medical missionary. Right and since then I've really got to take this to heart and said now to be a medical mission a star star can around the sill Baghran Here's my medical mission. It has all it has garlic. It has some charcoal and some clay in here but a little booklets that I can share with people. Right and it's not that hard like Francis is anybody here have a little sore throat or tickle in the throat you know you've got a sore throat. Anyone else you know that couple there. There's another little bag. So this is now going to maybe make this thing screeching around the back of it. There's a lack of it. Thank you. And who's the other person there. Back there you can passive act. So this is just a natural cold and flu remedy that I made out of garlic ginger white onion horseradish have an air of pepper and that's in brag rappel cider vinegar so it's got a little kick to it I'm not going to lie. So it was too intense for you. Take it with a little bit of water but I take it straight. I've gotten used to it and I learned that from this guy here Dr Scholtz. This is herbal tentacle catalogue and I was buying the super tonic from him and then I was you know for twenty four dollars for the two ounce bottle and I said man this stuff but it's like just food I should just go to the store and buy the stuff and make it and then I started doing that and shared it with friends and family and it's a great little thing that I have everywhere I go I have some I can give to somebody. Right. So Dr Scholtz he wrote this book there are no incurable diseases. I just say that at Loma Linda University Medical Center and he has this quote here The basic principle of natural healing is is that we will never be smart enough to outsmart God or to know exactly how the human body works. So instead of getting in the way of what the body is already trying to do or worse yet thinking that the body's actions are a disease like fevers and headaches and suppressing it natural healing is instead a healing system based on a belief in God a belief in nature and a big dose of common sense. And as I've studied natural remedies and natural healing it's amazing really how simple some of these things are and really the HELP message right because that's the right arm. It starts in the soil. So the health message really starts in the soil and as I did last couple years I've had a really amazing opportunity to apprentice with a gentleman by the name of Lynn Hogue and learn gardening from him and one of the biggest things I've learned is about the soil food web. How many of you aren't familiar with the soil food web right. It's just dirt right. But really the soil needs to be a teeming symbiotic ecosystem of beneficial bacteria protozoa Algy's fungus all sorts of stuff there in the soil that are breaking down the organic matter in the soil and then feeding it to the plants. And we've gotten away from that and we in this country for instance where mass farming right and we use chemicals to grow our food. We would not be able to farm in the ways that we're farming today without the use of chemicals. We're totally not following the Bible our way and letting the land rest every seven years rotating crops I mean there's a little bit of crop rotation happens but a lot of times we're just decimating the soil and adding chemicals to keep it going. So one of the first things that you want to do when you come to the garden is test the soil and Lynas travel all over the world he told me everywhere I've gone. It doesn't matter where he's gone he said. All the swells of the earth are out of balance. Even in the Amazon jungle we think is the jungle. Everything grows here. The soils are out of bounds. Interesting one of the most interesting facets of the soil food web is this little fungus called micro riser and it is a fungus that cannot live by itself it has to have the root of the plant to live it live symbiotically with them. Hair that's a room here or there and then the white spidery stuff is the mike rise of fungus and it actually grows its tentacles right into the very cell structure of the roo and feeds off a little sugar off of that root and then gives that root moisture and nutrients and minerals. Some of which only make it through that pathway so the mineral could be there in the soil but if the microns of fungus isn't there it doesn't make it into the plant. So all these things are very important and one of the most interesting aspects of the micro riser is that it creates a network of communication between like species. So for instance you have a row of lettuce and a beetle comes along and starts nibbling on this end plant and that plant's going to react by putting out enzymes and things to try to ward off that predator right. That message has been communicated to the whole row they've never even seen the beetle and amazing. It's kind of like the Holy Spirit isn't it. That thing that connects us that we can't see that communicates messages between us right. I don't maybe never thought of the Holy Spirit as a fungus. But the one thing that I've really enjoyed coming into the garden is all these analogies all of a sudden it's like opened up all these things and while I'm learning about the character of God in this process here's a tomato plant with and without Mike riser that's the kind of growth you get when you use this you get a lot more growth out of your plant and a lot more fruit because of it is very beneficial. Now let's say this tree represents my belief in the south because that's what these these plants they grow into and grow into trees and into beautiful. Parts of the garden of our heart right. And my in-laws are Jehovah's Witnesses so one day they said as I was coming back into the church and they saw me reading my Bible and and getting interested in God religion again. They said he had attended Bible study I said Alright stop I'm sorry and I said you bring something to the BIOS I said OK and that's rare for Jehovah's Witness right. They want to be the teacher but because it was my mother in law maybe she went to see what I would bring so I said all right and so I went home and I said Well when you do I'm going to bring the Sabbath and I wrote down every scripture and I read you know ten commandments twice removed and put it all together and sat down with them and laid it out I can't manage in a way they're not going to leave in the south after this perhaps they think it worked. You know it didn't work it was as if I took a branch off my tree just snapped it off and just walked him over the head with it like a sword fight ensued. And you know not a swordfight of sharpening iron against iron like literally a sword fight. And as a queen mimic what's going on here I would away from that experience all frustrated and I realized that every truth in the Bible has its origin has a seed of beginning and it was that the right seed to start with. Was it the right season to plant that seed. Had I prepared the soil like all these things. After learning from the garden I thought back on this and thought through this this event that happened and I've changed my approach now and now I'm prepared now for the Sabbath. It's all about just letting her see it's important in my life and in my family's life in the life of her grandkids and I'm praying Lord let that prepare the soil for that topic to come up again right. Christ is our exam. So if the good seed is the Son of Man and we are to follow his example no matter what our age no matter what our occupation is we are all called to sociate right. We're all called soci or called to be farmers of the gospel. So the question is What are you growing. What happens when these seeds that are in this book implant in the heart what grows from that fruit. Yes but what is represented by the plants. Because they're beautiful too right. Here's another quote from Christ article essence beautiful book I love this book how you know Christ is true from nature. Use examples and the analogies to share these things of the people look at what she says here. Every seed brings forth fruit after its kind so the seed under the right conditions right you've prepared the so you know what season it is and it will develop its own life in the plant received into the soul by faith. The incorruptible seed of the word and it will bring forth what a character and a life after the similitude of the character and life of God Amen amen. Because what's the purpose of the Gospel what's the theme of the gospel. God's care to restore the image of God in man and man. So when these things plant we plant the seeds of the truth in our heart. A character is growing and we have a season after season to nurture that garden the garden of our heart and. Work with it right. God is the gardener of each of our hearts and he's asked us to join him in this effort of gardening really right because we all want to bear fruit. And what is the fruit if you turn in your Bibles to Genesis Chapter twelve. This is the call of Abraham and the call of Abraham is the call of each one of us. So here is what the fruit is. Now the Lord had said to Abraham get you out of your country and from your kindred and from your father's house unto a land that I will show you and I will make of you a great nation and I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing I will bless them to bless you and curse them that curses you and you show all the families of the earth be blessed. So what's that for. When we called to be a blessing. The fruit is a blessing is it not. It's a blessing to those around us. That's what it is the Bible says taste and see if I am good right. And the fruit is a blessing it's a blessing to those around us they take their fruit and they say wow this is amazing and I want to know about it. And guess what's in the for the seed the seed is in the fur and so when we are blessing to those around us and they start question why is this person being good to me when I was bad to them. Whatever it is they start to question that and then right there you have an opportunity to share with them where this came from. Right. And isn't that an example of memorization the get out becomes a living thing in your life doesn't it that that seed becomes a living part of the sharing of the gospel. The greatest evidence of the power of Christianity that can be presented to the world is a well ordered well disciplined family. This will recommend the truth like nothing else and it is a living witness of its practical power upon the heart upon the soil. Amen and you think about your own family. Everybody here can think about their own family and sometimes your families are the hardest ones to get along with. Right. Because Satan knows that he knows this and he has the family is under attack is it not. The Bible also says that ye are the salt of the earth. But if the salt have lost its savor wherewith shall it be salted. It's in there. It thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under the feet of men and I remember reading this text and wondering what does that mean what is the what is the Savior. I mean here's a soul that's lost its savor their salt that has lost its savor this is Morton's it has no savor this is sea salt and the Sabres there and what I came to the garden the garden I realized wow maybe that's what the Bible is talking about because what's in the sea that's not here. There are ninety two minerals that are nearly perfect balance to ninety two minerals in our bloodstream is not Bethany nearly identical and I we had a booth at farmer's market last summer and I would bring that back out and all the evolutionists and you know atheist would say oh yeah see it's because we're from the ocean. And I nod my head and I let him think that for a moment longer and then I say but I didn't say that you were like the sea. I said the sea is like your bloodstream. What do you like. Well my Bible tells me that you're made of the dust of the earth and so you're like the dust. You're just dirt. And they go what. And go yeah if you actually approach agriculture from a creation standpoint and you see that all the swirls are out of balance then you say what are we balancing them to us. We're balancing this world to us and when you do that plants become fully mineralized and that food becomes more like what God created to be a man so I'm going to play a little video clip here and this is a video clip that I cut together for Lynn's gardening seminars and I think you find this interesting. Pretty neat. So this is here his book that I got from him the first time I met him and I started doing this I was so excited I'm like Man Oh let's do it right. Ellen White method I'd never heard of that before. Have you heard of the online method. I get it's getting around. So one of the first things to do obviously test the soil here but here is just a little diagram of the Ellen White method. And there's the quote from the. It's selected messages page three twenty eight. She says I ordered my hired man to dig a deep cavity in the ground and then put Rich dirt and stones than rich dirt and after this put in layers of earth and dressing until the hole was filled and there's a few other places like that and it's kind of a gray. Not a lot of detail there but and this rock layer it's actually a layer of rock three to four inches thick and it wasn't shown to her in the dream that the angel that showed her this method didn't explain to her why to put this rock layer there she just did it and it worked. And it's not until now really that I think we really understood what is happening in the soil. Basically at about eighteen inches down is where that rock layer is and the microbes that live in the soil at that depth from the surface to about eighteen inches down are living with their right so there are a robotic and below that they're anaerobic. So by putting this rock layer right at that precise depth you put in insulation barrier between a robot can anaerobic life and you increase. The electromagnetic charge in the soil and you basically create a little biological fuel cell and that electricity stimulates the life of the planet stimulates the life of the microbes in the soil and White said that all life is electrical and your trees will fruit the second year not the sixth year the growth is amazing you saw those those sequoias there in the beginning of the video. Right that was a suggestion by a forestry service guy who planted you know thousands of vets of course giant sequoias and thought hey why don't we try planting on this map it and then said sure when I was trying and that's there the Placerville church ever drive by you can see those trees they're still there. And the growth is is absolute phenomenal and has a whole series of pictures all through the years of how how quickly that one tree grew it was one tree the almight method for trees the forestry service method. Now obviously the Forest Service is going to go out and do this every tree they plan right and they plant thousands and thousands of trees they have this quick little tool it's in the ground make a little bit of the tree and walk away. That's that's how it's done. But when you take the time to prepare the soil just like that quote from the advocate said God will bless the diligent worker and how she said that we need to take more look at the soil and understand how to prepare it right. There's another quote where she says we should approach agriculture agriculture from scientifically so to employ every means of science to this to this act right and our ministry we've taken that and we said OK so here's a little science looking kit that we made for the home gardeners for three hundred twenty five square foot garden. It incorporates the sea salt and a bunch of beneficial microbes that are in these other flats that are garment right. So so our salvation because all the soils are in need and this is how to grow nutrient dense food by starting a microbial revival and mineral Reformation kind of a mouthful. But it works. We want to revive the microbes in the soil and we want to reform the minerals that are there and bring them into balance and then actually Lynn I was so enthusiastic just so excited about this I went home and I said man I'm a do you know on white bed and so this is actually my backyard in paradise and I dug this three foot hole in my backyard and it's an eight by twelve box but it ended up being and the tomatoes that came out of this thing I was not ready for. And. I had all the pictures on my computer in my mind on the way down here I was at instant slides and I was that was one of the things I wanted to add and the graphics card in my computer went out and I was like God so I had to trade a fortune I could I had was able to turn it back on at least save what I had done over to Scott's computer here but these plants were so big and I wasn't ready for a loss at the plant because it was just like you know falling over because it was just so big and I grew a sun bunch of sun gold cherry tomatoes in the back eggplants and peppers and ginger I grew ginger there no bigger and I did ask around Paradise known and even tried range into that I found and grew really well. But those cherry tomatoes were absolutely phenomenal my my daughters would wake up in the morning and say dad his greatest hits. My goal is to make records. No no we wanted those tomatoes. All right so we go out there and they'd be picking the tomatoes first thing in the morning because they knew that they were good so I started learning about all these guys that had been doing this research and this guy Dr Maynard Berets the first guy to do research with sea salt in the garden he had a hydroponic farm in Florida that he was experimenting with all different types of delusions of water in the garden. He started his study looking at the sea life and he would travel around them. He traveled all over the world with fisherman and just examined everything they were pulling out of the sea every type of creature point out he's cut them open his look and never once they find cancer. Never once did he find heart disease. Never once we find any of these issues that we when creatures have right and he said there must be something unique about the sea and so he started studying the sea and he had the Navy gather him samples from all over the world every every ocean around the world. He had these samples brought in and study the samples and he found that everywhere in the world the sea is the same. So no matter what pollution is being dumped over here next to Mercury whatever Mercury is one of the ninety two minerals that are in perfect balance in the sea the sea only has this capacity to hold that which God put there and the rest of it just falls out and lands on the bottom that's why you don't eat the creatures that crawl around the bottom of the sea. Right. Shrimps and the and the lobsters and such and he so he founded this company called Sea agri and they harvest sea solids. They're in on the on a stretch of beach in Baja and so here is their website. See angry and this guy here in the top right corner Don Jansen ended up buying Maynard morays farm as a student made an array and learned learned all this stuff from him but his farm continued the research and he came from a family of cattle ranchers. His dad and his brother were huge cattle ranchers multi multi million dollar cattle ranching operations brother thought it would get more cattles more cows to make more money and the thing just got really really big he went there to help him one year he said yeah we made two hundred fifty thousand dollars a multimillion dollar operation they made two hundred fifty thousand dollars or so. He started they had this herd of buffalo because their family like the buffalo they didn't eat cow and so they had this for her to fifty Buffalo and tourists would come by they want to see the buffalo and there always be off somewhere else in the pasture and no matter what kind of grass they wouldn't they wouldn't eat any cut grass so bale hay anything that was cut these buffalo are so picky they just want to live grass in the pasture. Well some would suggest And do you see solids in the pasture that they were just growing wheat there in the pasture and so he's not or I was trying to buy the fence so he spent a little bit of salt on the on the ground will the grass that grew up out of that's all the cows in the Buffalo are over there and they're on it. That's where he sprinkled over there and they go find that spot and he spoke of there they go find that spot they could smell the new to the nutrients in that grass and they desire that first right. So he started looking into this and his eye color. It's really interesting and he started looking at wheat grass and actually I got these two sides here mixed up I'm going to skip forward here. So he said looking at wheat grass and started analyzing that we grasp that he was watering with the sea salt and guess we found out we crest will take up all ninety two minerals out of the sea. So it is one of the few plants that will become fully mineralized and literally in this article that I read the new acres magazine is doing an interview with them. Then they asked him So this is really interesting. So this week grasses full in their eyes and he said yeah you could basically survive on eight ounces of it a day eat nothing else and have perfect health. Now there's a story in the Bible of somebody surviving on the grass for seven years. Survived on the crest right. And regained his sanity because of it. I mean really gaunt took the king never can as Or someone who was completely living a lavish lifestyle was not he was the king and God made him lose his mind and send him out and he wandered around like a beast of the field eating the grass of the earth and it went through a seven year Quince I mean literally that's what was happening with networking as a right. And so let's get back here to the slide here. This woman I. So I read her personal testimonies of surviving the Holocaust and with more on me in the hurdles and with more. OK She started up a number of health retreat type areas and grass was her claim to fame here OK. And she is a famous quote from her as the food you eat can be either this the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. That not true right. When she was a child her and her mother and her grandmother hid out in Germany in the wall in a wall in their house and the Russians were there and going to the town and they had to stay hidden. It was just raping and pillaging happening outside and they were just inside all day at night the grandmother told and to go out into the yard to pick as many blades of grass as she could she would do that they should come back in the wall and they would sit there in the wall and just eat blades of grass. For months this happened two months I think in the war and they never got sick. They were not malnutrition when they came out of a situation which a lot of their friends that were hiding out work and later on she came to the United States and she drove a cart for her uncle delivery now. I carry some milk delivery or something in the cart fell over and broke both her ankles and they swelled up gangrene set in they started to turn black. The doctors and I think are enough to cut your legs your feet off and you know we're going to walk again. So she had her care the people she was staying with she said push me out into the into the front yard I want to get some sunshine today so they push on they go off to work. She'd climb out of her chair and she had everybody grab she could reach and the next issue go put me over there because it's a little sunnier over there and maybe even should be off and she'd eat all the grass off the ground and her feet healed up and so she said there's something in the grass. I mean her. Of animals right on this stuff right. And so I've often thought man if you if you were to grow one crop if you were to not be in this is a this is a key point here. If there's one thing that you can grow in ten days you have a crop. So house and we varies on here because you never know when you might need them right and when you when you when you wrote this when I did a grass juice bar at so-called cat means last summer and everybody came by the people who'd had we grass was discussing a regress and go yeah Where'd you have it. They said John would use all right well if you notice John the juice is just grown a mass of sprouts they just you know just in sprouts they're not given anything to eat or nothing. I've grown this week grass and dirt and I fed it sea salt and the like were I tasted and I have the skill and use of their you know on the ground it will cope with it and everybody was like wow this is amazing it tastes amazing because there's all those flavor that or that full fully mineralized flavor there really good stuff so we grouse. So this is where we're going beyond organic really. Right because organic really is not telling us anything about the nutrient level of the food is it. And there's a lot you know I hate to eat organic if you have a choice between conventional an organic eat organic right. But organic doesn't say anything about the nutrient density. It just simply says I didn't use any poison to grow this food. And of course there's all the natural means of farming and things that come along with it but oftentimes when you go to test stuff the organic because of the restrictions is less nutrient dense than conventional sometimes. So we need to start asking ourselves you know what what's nutrient dense really this is just a picture of my. We moved this last year and so I. Don't have a garden in the ground I started container gardening I learned a lot about container gardening and for instance using a clay pot works better than a plastic bucket because it breeds a little bit and even using a bag is even better if you can get these these fabric bags from the from the nursery and the roots will go to the edge instead of hitting the wall and then running around the container they'll hit the edge or put out a bunch of feelers and not breathe at the edge of the bag and so you get twice as much yield out of the same volume of dirt using a bag than a solid wall container is my horseradish through potatoes if you grow potatoes in a thing like this you can keep burying the potato plant you'll get more and more potatoes out of it that way. I read I read an artwork I got one hundred pounds of potatoes at one plant and so I started and I didn't get quite one hundred pounds but it was my first time I've been growing my lettuce in gutters. Just room to the side of the garage. My landlord in mind only poked couples there and so you know here's here's just a little look at organic versus conventional lot of people are are tricked into the fact that if it's cheaper it's better and so you got to pay more for again right. But really we shouldn't we should we should go beyond that and stop asking what's the price and start asking what's the nutrient value because that's where who cares the price really right. Was the nutrient value because literally you got to eat thirty peaches to get the same nutrient content as one peach from one thousand forty nine. So where's the value. You know by thirty peaches where you'd buy one peach that's nutrient dense and pay more for it. When a full stomach starvation situation America is eating a ton of food a year literally a ton of food. Good one thousand nine hundred sixty six pounds. The study was done in twenty eleven. And look at the increase just from the fifty's in the fifty's people were eating about one hundred one thousand pounds of meat a year now two hundred seventy in two thousand and eleven seven pounds of cheese now thirty one pounds of cheese a lot of cheese ten gallons or so that's up to fifty three gallons of soda. So you see where we're consuming more and we're starving or worse our bodies are starving of nutrients right. Burgers got some teeth there. And our kids are at the most risk right we're starting to see diseases in children that we didn't see before and it's totally based on the double whammy of not having the nutrient density in our fruits and vegetables and then consuming a lot of processed unhealthy foods. So this was a little in photograph and then flashed through this for sake of time here but just looking at the different recommendations that have been recommended used to be about half the plate was recommended fruits and vegetables that went to a quarter and now they're saying it's back to more like half a plate but at the very bottom of this they had this little banner here. Eat nutrient dense foods and I was like oh that's interesting. This is according to a new study half of each meal should be fruits and veggies. They are dense in nutrients and generally low in calories and then help you fill up healthily well but then the question is are those fruits and vegetables nutrient dense. That's the question because there's been a decline in the nutrition are true. I started looking at I just typed googled in the decline of our food right and there's a decline in agricultural biodiversity based on the choices we're making it what's most popular lettuce in this country. Iceberg around the we're growing at least. Let's that's the most popular where you go to like Europe and things and it's the rule that was in the more bitter greens and those are those that have more fido nutrients and they're much more healthy for us right breeding the nutrition out of our food. This is article was talking about white corn and how it is less nutrients than the rest crops yield expanded but the nutrition is left behind. Today's food produced ten to twenty five percent less iron zinc protein calcium vitamin C. and other nutrients. The studies show. Research from Washington State University analyzed sixty three spin rate wheat cultivate cultivar growth. It's sixty three spring we varieties grown between eighteen forty two and two thousand and three and found an eleven percent decline in iron content and sixteen percent decline in copper twenty five percent decline in zinc and fifty percent decline in selenium. Here is one the decline in nutrition of food in the U.K. And you can see over there there's the percentages of all the decline. I mean look at calcium forty one percent decline in calcium. And that's the most needed element in the soil is calcium the most abundant element needed and so is calcium and it's the most abundant element needed in the body right. I mean every knows that drink milk as I say they're not only calcium but they're lying to us because milk is actually leaching calcium out of our system not adding to it and I say oh no your bone density is great we are your bone density is actually getting more dense because your bones are made of calcium and what phosphorous and so the calcium is leached out of the bones to deal with the acidic situation is brought about by the milk and it's replaced by phosphorus which is much. Further down on the periodic table so it's a heavier element so your bone density is getting more dense more heavy but then they're getting more brittle and most of the time when when you know you hear of somebody breaking their hip they don't fall and break their hip their hip breaks and then they fall. That's typically how it happens and this is all brought about by the mass agricultural practices that we've been taxied over the last fifty years. Fruits and veggies not as nutritious as fifty years ago. A carrot had more nutrients fifty years ago than it does today. Time magazine says eating veggies not as good for you. On and on and all these articles were mentioning this Dr Donald Davis from Texas University of Texas who did this study. Dirt poor have fruits vegetables become less nutritious industrial farm foods have learned Christian content fruits vegetables yielding fewer nutrients in the past I mean it was headline after headline article after article right all talking about the decline of our food. Eighty percent of foods tested show a substantial drop in calcium and iron seventy five percent have a large drop in vitamin A fifty percent have lost considerable vitamin C. and riboflavin. It's just getting worse and worse. The nutritional value of food at risk fruits and veggies a lot less nutritious and then I came across the study right here from the University of Texas and this is the guy that started all this up by doing his study where he compared a bunch of varieties from one thousand fifty to one thousand nine hundred nine and he looked at thirteen different nutrients and showed how they were all in decline. Like here just broccoli fifty nine percent decrease in calcium. I mean it's and I found chart after chart after chart like this. And so it's very important to figure these things out. Right I mean that's why we have a health message and really the health message does it starts in the soil because when you have a decline in minerals you have an increase in disease. Right. That's just what's happening disease comes as a as a result of mineral deficiency. So I found all these charts vitamin D. deficiency sixty seven percent of Americans are deficient in vitamin B. twelve fifty percent of vegetarians and eighty percent of Egan's are deficient vitamin B twelve to retake about of the twelfth of July and I didn't for a while and I got a massive staph infection in my left leg my doctor said it's because you didn't your vitamin D. levels are two ninety eight it should be at twelve hundred. Why man. But I eat you know nutritional used in this and I say yeah that nutritionist gave you. So taking a supplement for some of these things is important and actually this via gesture right here has cobalt in it and they found that COBOL is the precursor to buy them B twelve and vitamin D. too. So you can actually get vitamin B twelve into your plants. Yeah they said oh it's only something you didn't meet right. Or from a supplement you can actually get it in your pants if you have a war president. So understanding the soil and understand how to grow nutritious food is I think more important than anything we've got going right now. Kerry remains this guy did a lot of research and study in the area of health and he used the Bible as his reference. Right. He was measuring people's energy levels and what they ate and he found that every time someone ate an unclean food as described in the Bible there was a drop in energy. And now the drop in energy. And so he would tell people he would say just just give me a list of what you're eating. He wouldn't he wouldn't prescribe a diet and then he would just start eliminating things. And he watched their energy level just go up. He started doing research in agriculture as well and he actually he is his main focus there that quote their god is the basis of life life is the basis of energy energy is the basis of matter he was really into looking at how does matter become energy and energy become matter and when you approach agriculture he was actually more concerned about balancing the charges in the soil than he was the biology of the soil. Very interesting individual. He started a laboratory called International ag labs and this is the lab that Lynn uses. So if you do a soil sample you send after your soil sample to international ag labs they analyze it they give you a recommendation and they're approaching this all from a creation standpoint the recommendation that they're given is how to balance the soil and match to the human system. So just looking back just a little bit this guy Alfred Ferdinand when Tesla's bricks was the first scientist to figure out a way to measure the density of plant juices and this was this little device that he would float in a beaker of the juice he wanted to test and and depending upon the density of that liquid that that float would bob up and down and give you a reading there at the surface. Then along came the urge to coral Abbey and he was the first scientist to actually take those findings and make an instrument called a refractometer to measure the density of plants and down below is are our common refractometer today. It's one of these right here. And so you can take an apple. Like this and you take a lil slice this apple and this is the way we should be shopping right. Go the grocery store and we see that we got over there and we're like we do testing. And we've got a eleven and a half eleven and a half apples. Six is poor ten is average. So we're between average and good that's a decent apple I'll buy that you know. Yep that's a pretty good apple and actually God designed to reflect honor and in each one of us but you can't because you can taste these things. The reason kids don't eat tomatoes because they have military value. Most of the tomatoes I've been testing out of the store the tomatoes are testing below for like two thousand furries day the tomato doesn't start tasting like anything until it's a five. Six It's really good. You get up there. Well it's an amazing tomato. Those those cherry tomatoes that I was growing in that Ellen White bed bricks that are twenty two. They were literally like candy. They were so sweet. So we can taste these things and you just type in bricks and you can get all these charts and actually you can see down there this chart was originally developed by Dr Kerry remains so Kerry Reims was the first guy just to take the research that preceded him. The answer of the refractometer and put together a chart because this was just being used for making one. That's that's why this came about so we could find out. Oh man is this is the sugar content ready to crush the grapes yet I mean that's that's why that came about. But then he applied it to all these fruits and veggies and you can start testing the stuff in your grocery store. Right they have to. We all have a knife on their belt and they all have to open anything us a little bit a watermelon. If you ask him to say I need it I want to taste this before I buy and they'll do it. I know because I know my mom is a shop that we used to bug me. She'd always be like Can you open a watermelon. Just buy it. But it's it's an interesting thing that that these laboratories have been starting to pop up now and so here is the website for international ag labs and they got the form right on there you can print out and send in your soil sample cost about fifty sixty bucks to get your soil analyzed and get a recommendation. Dr Kinsey He also started a lab Kinsey lab is the lab that he started and this gentleman is a Christian and he is approaching agriculture from a creation standpoint same situation. Just this afternoon we stopped by this house here and because we saw this on the Internet said what these guys are going to six thousand pounds of food on a tenth of an acre in Pasadena. Right in a neighborhood like a school right here next to the school across the street and this is their backyard and fascinating family here I'm going to play this little video and you guys can see this are pretty neat and so you know I show that because I always get all but I live in the city. I don't have enough space to garden like these guys were forty thousand square feet recently leased little light started a podcast on education and I just actually did an interview with the farm manager from Fresno Cademy David over Miller and it was we were using we use the book of education for the backbone of this podcast. And the second chapter there is the Eden school and this is a quote from that chapter. The Garden of Eden was a representation of what God desired the whole earth to become and it was his purpose that as the human family increased in numbers they should establish other homes and schools like the one he had given. So really that's why God placed Adam and Eve in a garden in the first place was to teach them about him and it hasn't changed. Satan realized that and he has taken us out of the garden practice in the cities and it getting us to just forget about nature forget about this sort of thing and our schools really I mean I mean have you heard that the agriculturists to be the A.B.C.'s of education. I've heard that and. But we look around and that's really not the case is it. Sports have become the B.C.S. really. And schools there have been certain schools things are starting to happen and I'm praising God that that certain things are happening. The fact that that David was even hired at the president and Mr Kennedy they had no nothing there at all no agriculture whatsoever. They tore up the football field to put up a farm. He repurposed the goal post cut one side off left the one arm up so that he could put his little wind meter up there. Amen right. And these kids are going to are going to learn and they've got you know you can learn how to be a mechanic and work on the tractor. I mean there's all those aspects of all this. It's a multifaceted thing and they're going to have animals and all thirty have forty chickens or something he said. And. They're building it right now so if you drive my president you want to check it out at the Paradise school this is actually a paradise at the school our offices in the home ec room. We no longer teach all that I guess. Cooking is no longer useful our right and not to be critical. We're so thankful for the space we really are and things are happening even at our school this is our eighth grade teacher David Dixie and for the last three years this field to the side of the school was meant to be a baseball diamond for twenty years they've been talking about putting a baseball diamond there. It's never happened so Dave three years ago said well let's play some over there. So he got his classes eighth grade class out there and had them do the math to figure out what the acreage was divided into however many plots there were students they each had their own plot they were had to do the math to figure out how much seed goes down per acre. They're out there casting a seed they're going this is like in the Bible. And he said Yeah you're right. Let me tell you about the sore in the sea and he goes through and he tells them all these he has Bible class out there in the field. They come to the end of the year to prepare the soil he brings oxen and they have a flower and they're out there with oxen in a plow literally. They come to the to the harvest and they're out there with size cut me down. Threshing by hand separating the wheat from the chaff. Grinding it in a little electric grinder grinding in a grinder and baking a loaf of bread in a dutch oven right there in the field and the kids are amazing there are three girls that they made a decision for baptism right there in this field because of the life lesson that they learned about the character of God is amazing. And so and I asked a day he's a really unique individual said you know the culture is supposed to be the A.B.C.'s of education not in Iraq and here is just doing this and it's beautiful to see how the Holy Spirit is working there because we know that there's an enemy amongst us right and he's also a seller of the sea and it's our duty to not let him in the gate of our garden right now because the seed that Satan is sowing is not like the seed that God's given us although all he can do is mimic God Satan seed is altered in a way right it's genetically modified so that when it's planted poisons can be sprayed on it and nothing grows but the seed that he planted there. And tears grow in our heart and I know this by personal experience growing up in the end this church and I allowed satan into the garden of my heart through the movies and the music to the entertainments of this world and it planted seeds within my heart that eventually choked out the truth and I left the church while going to our schools. I'm going to P.C. I'm like yep I'm out and go to the beach and that's what I would do on the weekend I'm going to the theater that was my church. I mean I was just soaking in as much as I could I was a movie Pollock and I never thought I would come to a time when I didn't watch movies a lot of movies I want to make a move to Hollywood to to get into the business. My brother moved there before me and be an actor he said fortunately never made it because who knows if we ever got him out right. But you make it to be famous and known in making money and so my brother and I we both worked in television production for about ten years. In reality T.V.. The very bottom of the barrel and really came to a realization that this is not what God wants for us. And Brandon our friend was witnessing to us and he sent us a video not to say that all videos are evil right it's how they're used he says a video and three of them we watch these three videos that he sent us from Walter bites total onslaught series What's this one. And we're looking at this stuff and instantly I'm like What are we doing. We came back on like you know we do our work on this reality T.V. It's like just teaching America to you know war against each other and dangling the carrot of money and get your friend to win the prize and we thought and this is it right. God God's got something more porous cover we want to do well before we ask that actually we said God we're going to we're going to work for you we're going to make a Christian movie. So we started writing the script. We're going to write the script for Sampson because it had the most action right. And this guy was seven dreadlocks just whipping around and we had all these scenes all fleshed out and then we share that with a friend of ours and actually my cousin I'll share this with him and he goes that's very interesting. Have you ever heard of the testimony of Ivor Myers said no and he handed this escape from a black hole. And we saw that we went wow look at this guy he came out of the out of the world he was he was a hip hop artist and he came out of that and he decided to become a Christian hip hop artist and then you realize he's really good at just putting Christian over certain things and putting a label on the entertainments that Satan has come up with. And he left that he became a pastor and his brother both of pastors and really what this is amazing. So then we started asking OK God what do you want us to do and the youth pastor in paradise actually was Scott was talking to a church he was up there visiting and he said he met me with Rally one. You're leaving Hollywood Scotts telling him all this stuff is like well when you talk to the kids why don't you show me a movie and tell me how it relates to an old movie which all the men you know who talk about God after watching a two hour movie and so he said why don't we just talk about Hollywood in general he said yeah put together anything whatever and so we said All right so we started doing some research what's the effect of television on the brain you know all these hypnotic effects and we put together this presentation called Battlefield Hollywood and we showed up and we gave the thing and he was kind of like all right I wasn't expecting that. But from there people started to hear about it we started traveling around and we created a whole ministry that there's four of us now for families that are involved in our ministry and we do it full time. We don't have any other jobs or rely on the sale of our of our D.V.D.'s and our web store to support us in the support of donations that come in and it's been there to tell you my life has been way more exciting the last six years seven years than it has ever been working for God and and the stuff I've been learning about agriculture has gotten even more excited about it. I've had the opportunity now to travel around myself I just last weekend gave a gardening demo in at the foot Hill Elementary School there just south of P.C. and Lynn actually came over and help me with it as well his granddaughter which at school so when he heard I was over there is I gonna come over as a woman have you talk about how you learn the Ellen White method then and so it was a real treat. So really here's here's here's the ending. Guard Well the avenues to the soul right are avenues our eyes our ears our mouth what we touch. OK those are the gates into our garden right. The watchman guard those gates and then here we have a call right. The call to farm. Hosea ten twelve says so to yourselves righteously. It's reap in mercy break up your fallow ground for it is time to seek the Lord till he comes and rain and rains righteousness upon us and then so it is high time that we accept that calling and if something's impacted you here and you feel like that you know our Lord I don't know what this is what this means or where this is going to go but Lord I want to work in your farm you can just stand up with me and we'll have a have a word of prayer here. Because that's that's something the Lord is calling each one of us to try to work in his field because the the the harvest is ready. But the workers are few and so they we all work to that name Amen and then dear gracious Heavenly Father Lord thank you so much for the things that that you've shown us for putting us in this environment here on this earth for putting Adam and Eve in a garden. And. Sustaining us from the fruits that come from the earth and Lord let us understand more about the preparation of the soil the preparation of the hearts of those around us. But let us pray for those souls as you are the master gardener you're the master lab that knows the underside knows the condition of that person's heart. They can give the recommendation that can bring the healing in and it can help prepare the soil so that when we present the seeds of truth Lord they could take root and say Lord I just pray that each one of us takes to heart these things and we go away from here with a with an excitement and excitement that is just beyond our understanding. Because Lord this is where we're living in the last days is the most exciting time of Earth's history. Let us not be asleep. Let us not be distracted by the entertainment of this world let us let us enter into you. Our work in a powerful way. We ask these things in the power from the images. Amen amen. So come tomorrow we start at nine and Sabbath school starts at nine. And Scott is going to give the sermon my brother's and give the sermon he's not a preacher but it'll be a good sermon and then we have some presentations in the in the evening that are looking at how Satan is using the entertainments of these world to to send us a false message about God's character. Thank you for coming. Remember this media was brought to you by Adil purse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you verse if you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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