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A Love Date with God

Siegfried Roeske



  • May 16, 2015
    10:00 AM
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What a privilege it is to be in the presence of a Holy God. When I come to church many times I have to picture the cosmic picture in my mind I see Jesus. He says You pray I listen. And lately the last few years I try to picture Jesus listening when I talk to him he has taken on human nature glorified he's in heaven he's looking down an adamant hope this morning and he sent his angels the Guardian Angels For one they never leave my star on here College angels here. And besides the one that doing the praying for the patients in the hospital very close to those patients you know and it's a wonderful thing to be in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. And as was mentioned Sabbath school and everything that was done so far you know it's all about Jesus. Genesis two versus one two is really very familiar text in Genesis chapter two verses one two three. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made and rested on the seventh day from all of his work which he had made and God bless the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from Allah's work which God created and made the solders and family Arbitron institutions that all of the human race from perfect paradise. So these two love gifts God in a special way has been designed to reveal his character that character of good will serve. This and all the wonderful virtues they begin in the family and they're nurtured in the family and they begin in the saddle and are nurtured by God's holiness on his beautiful gift to the human race. Someone has said that if you want to understand the Bible on the back of a book with that title look for Jesus. I loved that. Venter has all the prophecies that were pointing to him his love his sacrifice all those wonderful things. Now this morning I say if we want to understand the Sabbath we look for Jesus. It goes beyond which state goes beyond technicalities it goes to the saving issue. The love of God for the human race. There are some others God's appointed love they are the human race. Regions five. Jesus' relationship to the church is represented by a young man a single young man who leads as father and his mother. The authority and controlling figures in his life he leaves all those and finds a bride and then a new relationship and very personal one of love that you shall be one flesh. Having said that I like to read it at Regent's chapter five thirty one and thirty two. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife and the two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Now here's an interesting point creeping in Genesis has to precede the preceded by leaving. And as a father and mother while they may be loving and kind and wonderful I think there's a deeper lesson there that when we join Jesus we have to leave other lovers who are not in harmony with this program of salvation and love but the big point in this text is this one here is father and mother who joined with his wife the two shall be one flesh. But then comes the really the big one this is a great mystery that's for sure how two people from two different worlds I was born in East Germany my wife was born in Canada. How do you come together and have a love and a happy family. It's a mystery how that can take place but here this is a great mystery but I speak not Obama has been and why I do speak about Christ and the church. That family is used as an illustration of why the greater lesson I believe myself that this earth is the only place where this family I mean husband wife and children and I think their family and so Satan's charges regarding the character of God and Satan knows it well and he has created havoc on this planet with a human family. Right now there is great turmoil in understanding God's intention of oneness there is a special one. That can take place only under certain circumstances that God wants to have the ideal and we should always strive for the ideal even if we do not always reach it this is a great mystery. I speak regarding Christ in the church now in Jeremiah three fourteen and I don't know if you've studied this. Probably you haven't but in Jeremiah three verse four of the Old Testament you know it's not all legalism it's not legalism and all but it has some of these beautiful thoughts of the New Testament you know they're building on the all that's all the Bible they had in the New Testament is the Old Testament. Here in the Jeremiah three Verse four it says God speaking to his backsliding people he says backsliding children see the Lord. I am married to you. How interesting. And international version says I am your husband and Paul says he is a bridegroom and the church is the bride. Jeremiah three fourteen I'm sorry. Me Did I do the verse Jeremiah three fourteen. Right and then we're ready to talk some more about bringing back and verse twenty also show us why treacherously departs with my husband so I had you dealt to me all as a result of the Lord is crying because his bride is attracted by other lovers and not allowed herself to be bonded. My favorite term lately the last few years in our relationship to Jesus is born again Peter followed the Sabbath school teacher mentioned Jesus Peter followed a little ways off so he could still manage his own life he did not want to be. Close in the presence of God because his light was out a homily was Jesus to a certain extent but he was drawn step by step into this close bonding relationship as we consider the deeper meaning of Sabbath this morning we want to keep in mind God's overall purpose and desire to draw you and to draw me into a bonding relationship. Now this morning we like to look at two major points and one of them we dealt with quite a bit two weeks ago by not they didn't get into what I like to get into today but I would like to review the Biblical facts to show how the Sabbath is grounded in God's Word which is the right day. But I'm going to try to keep this short. Then the second part that we like to spend most of the time on is to explore the deeper meaning of the Sabbath from the perspective of bonding and get to some nice old fashioned approaches that we have discarded too easily without going a little bit deeper and see its real value. Now for their meaning of the Sabbath is really its best truth. I like to think that the meaning of the Sabbath is a larger proof for his existence and his keeping than actually which days of seventh day but I think both are very important to build on each other are like like the proverbial saying the test of the pudding is in its eating. Genesis two one two three. I read it already for scripture reading this tablet was created by God at the very beginning of the very first week of time God said. Some of the side by three special and distinctive acts as an example to the entire human family. Number one you know the birds as I would like to just comment on each one briefly. He rested. He didn't rest like the ox and the horse. There's a reason why God rested and I picture this you know God had a baby on Friday afternoon there in the sand in the earth he shaped Adam he must had really fun because father and mother enjoyed having a baby. Some find it difficult to have one and I tell you what it's an agony. Others it comes to you you know it sometimes and wish it wouldn't have happened that way but God must have enjoyed shaping our time there he must have had fun with all these things because he knew what he was going to make and he was good he knew the product would be wonderful in the image of God and sal be good to see him so in some way God could see him so in that one of opening a vessel maybe fifteen feet tall when he stood up and I don't know thousand pounds he didn't need to lose any weight because he was very well shaped. But then I was thinking what an excitement and I met a baby God use Adam to have the baby. If you read what do you think God must have found value must have enjoyed that experience. Well out of this is going to be fun not going to put you to sleep but when you wake up the price value and so we don't get the ribbon fashion Ed I don't know how he stretched Arabian and visiting Peter but their god is a miracle worker and so that's what he did and then finally. They paid he was born God must have loved that baby I don't know you know if you created in this big but but then God is great to you but he must a treasure that beautiful young lady and said You know I wonder. It was getting afternoon and evening there wasn't much time they had to go. Maybe in the shadow of the trees to rest in the night. I wonder what God did it for Sabbath already enjoyed the babies and I've already said I'm going to rest so we can fellowship and figure out what happened yesterday because you never know for sure what happened now. I don't even know how you came about it you don't know how you came about but you know when you were asleep when this happened. So he had to explain a little bit about the burns and all these wonderful things that happen. I think God God had had a lot of data that the human race right there the first day it must have been a wonderful satisfying experience for God. God rested he blessed What is a blessing. His Rose accused of innovation is a blessing to me is a promise of a divine presence. We prayed this morning God bless this service so what do you want. We want something we can explain it completely but I know what we want and we want his divine spiritual presence and we want to send said in a nervous system we want it sent in our minds and our hearts everywhere and we experience God's holy presence right here we are praying for his divine presence. You want to trip and he said God please bless the strip so what do you want. You want God's presence. It doesn't guarantee you know. Excellent but should you have an X. and B. and H. God said with you that's what you want. Because when the gods with you in the ditch in a safe and secure for eternity no matter what happens to you. God's divine presence to me is salvation. God's divine presence is a blessing that is promised to his children to have that you have everything that God can answer. So God bless the Sabbath What is he done. His promises divine presence and are equally not something that we're going to be here and that's OK I believe that God is present on the Sabbath like he's not present on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. Now God present every day but you know Jesus that the Holy Spirit before he was baptized what happened a baptism he received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. God's people had the Holy Spirit lead them depending on what happened because they received all this you and I have the guidance of the Holy Spirit now every day. But wait I'm going to be that's going to be a star mother worries parodies can take this country by storm. I was going up through on this earth but the power of heaven and those who are open are going to be transformed. You know so are God's divine blessing. Number two and number three God sanctified What does it mean to say well you know the definition to set aside for a holy purpose. But whatever you say goodbye some people say well there was no command in Genesis to keep the Sabbath. What more do you want than God's holy example. He comes from heaven to act it out before you do have intelligence can you figure it out. You know many things people say why did God say this why did you say that you know why not. Instead of answering all those sayings questions he gave us a brain is not a lot better than than lining it all up would you check it at all. God has given us intelligence and when we look at the example of God and. Those three specific Powerball sayings he did in creation he rested he blessed designed by more war do we need I think that's all that we're all the Bible would contain a boddhisattva descend upon me. I don't need any more. General I always say how often do I want God to repeat something when I am in school and I say Monday when I have a question or let me interrupt you did you know the first time and that may be the only time I say it. General I pretend this with a man who trains talk for Hollywood and the time he won the Senate seat training a dog you give a command. Only once if you don't want to want to ruin the dog because he's going to wait till you do you repeat it five times. He's as you say it once and then you make it happen. And he knows you mean it the first time and I was very hot I was going to have to tell me remember or you know got to remember he didn't forget. And that's when you know people are saying I mean that's one of the only things in the Bible God says remember and they say oh no he didn't mean we were he meant forget God says Remember forget cranes on Monday remember Rose you just said we should forget it this is not dignity you know but sin will do that sin. Well actually blindfold because the perception of truth and you know there were no Gentiles there was no no sinner in existence back there. The Sabbath was a crucial part of God's perfect plan for perfect world for perfect people and. It's a universal plan. Well we'll move along X. is twenty. God said Remember the ten commandments. Six days out on a with all the work the seventies I was a lot like on connecting it to creation. Wonderful I'm going to move in and faster is a kewl twenty twelve and twenty to sub it was signed between new and you and I can see it now by the time we're done this morning is a message we will understand how it's a sign it's a sign of bonding between God and me. It's been assigned for God's people to all generations and will continue to be a sign. All I need to say one other thing about sanctification. When you sanctify something here in Genesis. Sanctifying something imply a future use and future usefulness. Marriage is sanctified when you are married you don't walk your own way one and you know China and one in America know this sanctification implies a usefulness of beginners or dinners sanctified you know people are saying if I set aside forty users that we weigh and Prize future usefulness in itself. Then we go to the sign between God and then then we go to drunk if I fifteen grams again and hear things remember that you were a slave in Egypt and that the knowledge that on God even when I reach down there and found all symbolizing Satan shot his arrows and my hand is solder bleed I had to pull back and shook up those arrows that are blood dripping out of my hand I can see that picture and say I have to send the airforce in and so you know the trees grass up and soften Fedorov and he reached back down again found that the same thing. Ten plays ten paces to soften him up with the mighty hand God said Israel free from the slavery to Pharaoh. Now that is very significant. It's really one of the foundations storm in the entire Bible and there's a symbolism that for us what slavery has god followed you in and has fallen be in sin puts us into slavery and subjection and God is not as it were a religious town and finds that you found me very nice Germany you know and they reach down there and pick me up and say you didn't let me go and he came again and again finally softened up and cleared it up and took me down and set me free. The Sabbath is a symbol of freedom from slavery to sin. Doesn't mean their birthright you know sells doesn't mean we never make a mistake but it does mean a set we're living for Jesus. And we're not living in sin the world assumed he was for the Sabbath and righteous by faith. The churn a visual and it cadence and finally but we never ended the rest that God wanted him to have. Why not you know what he was yes because no one believed they could not believe that God could do it so they try to do themselves to get a cadence cross join in they got beat up terribly. Now here's a big question for us. Do you think they believe that he was paid for you Do you believe Gladys last recovers reading my heart was really blessed that no matter what no matter where God will never give up on you if you don't give up on God It has not been so determined by your children it doesn't then no matter what the children there but if they do stop that is wild and woolly. Your love will be. Just rolling for them you want them to be ready for Jesus. God's love is so thin they just about each one of us and he is willing to forgive us if we are we just really need to open our lives and willing to respond you know that's very encouraging. Jesus will never reject anyone no one will ever be saved because of a perfect light in themselves or need a will to be lost because of what they have done is because they have not accepted their blood on Calvary's cross they have not been washed in the blood of the Lamb they have refused. And Jesus is in tears to watch that happen because it's not necessary. So the Sabbath is a wonderful symbol here in Hebrews for then Jesus kept the Sabbath. Well he is the creator and was the symbol of His creation is redemption. Paul kept the Sabbath the all the gospel writers kept the Sabbath. We talked about a new field a Sabbath then John the Revelator in Revelation says the last great conflict and I'm not surprised. We'll be over the Sabbath issue worship creation of the shared lordship salvation forgiveness all wrapped up. I can see why a single A dead and will take those people who are committed to him trying to discourage him and get them on side track I can see there and the last showdown will be over the sadness of the loss of me. So that's a revelation. All the Bible writers were Sabbath keepers. You know that's a good one I like them and then my last point in this area as they're fifty I say sixty six verse twenty three. When we get to heaven. One of the dramas. Well we do gather up and hope the great avenue hope will be fulfilled in heaven. Well one Sabbath to another from start to sob of this strange woe worship the creator the Redeemer the loving Lord throughout all the ages of eternity. What a wonderful thing that's going to be. OK We'll get to the Point number two how we're doing. Well I need to move along. We spend a lot of time often about which day is the Sabbath. You know seventh day and so on and proved from the Bible but the next few minutes I would like to look at the bonding on the Sabbath then meaning of a date. I think all of us here I hope will love into this world. A mother and father loved him. Now sometimes you say there are some babies or accidents and sometimes before God There were no accidents. God doesn't see any accidents. Who transformed every one of our weaknesses he transformed a lot. You will not if you weren't loved by your parents to be here if you were not by God to be here. So so there is this direct connection to the nature of an update in Luke ten twenty seven it says this that I shall love them all by God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength. It was all in your mind. What why have I got the time or anything and I like to say totality involves the five senses now. Husbands and wives you know my my wife gets uncomfortable to talk about this but I don't know why because it's a great it's a great escape. Next to Jesus is intimate relationship you know as a why isn't it I mean the beautiful righteous loving dignified passion of my husband and wife in the bonding experience and I don't mind talking about that more but I'm just into it it's really a wonderful gift to the human race so totality five senses how do we apply to the Sabbath. Well in Isaiah fifty eight more than every that tax and then we'll talk about it as in fifty eight you know the text if thou turned away from the service from trampling on it from doing valued pleasure on my holy day called The Sabbath tonight Holy has a lot on the ball. Shug on here I'm not doing that I don't waste not finding their own pleasure nor speaking their own words then shut out the light I stop and along I will pause you can write a book on high praise of the earth and feed the heritage of Jacob thy father for the models of the law to spoken and the heritage of Jacob is eternal life is a new land that God has promised. Whatever is worth doing what ever is really important to do is worth preparing for my first point. The preparation principle that is greatly neglected today by many people in the world both in their physical intimacy situation in the world for sure and but especially in the spiritual realm. And now I would like to share with you personally personal testimony. My parents were not perfect but one thing they instilled in my life. Especially my dad he was a worldly person. He was a soccer team and when he was converted he brought the same passion into his relation to the Lord and I want to tell you I'm trying to copy my dad because I think he copied treatment of Jesus and he inspired me. I only knew him for two years he was in the war until forty five. He died forty six actually. He died in forty eight I was just a little boy. But those two years have shaped my life to a large extent. Why don't we keep the Sabbath in mind all week. Friday is called the day of preparation in a very special way. To a large extent. You get out of life and out of a situation what you put into it. So Friday is to Sabbath like foot washing is to communion service. It's a preparation and if we do not keep Friday for its intended purposes we will never be able to keep Sabbath for its intended purposes. Now we'll get a blessing on the Sabbath. Sure we do I give a blessing on Wednesday night I get a blessing when I teach in class in the mornings. Yeah but that's not what talk about the Sabbath blessing isat is best in us twenty four hours we have the blessings you know maybe space more akin to important and they're good too but the preparation principle what do you mean while you're preparing for Jesus. How important is that now I remember dating my wife you know a girlfriend who's now my wife is really important. Everything was really important to talk more. Then as we get into it but the preparation principle. What's this point of preparation. Well what's this point about Christmas. It starts in some places in October. What are those people's thinking. Christmas is a day. Oh yeah they're businessmen they know what it brings for them but how about the rest of the family. My wife makes the Christmas cake of that person it was all the nuts you know. Six weeks two months ahead of other things I've done way ahead but better than Christmas. I think they're ready. I think of the reading. People don't talk about my wedding day to talk about my neighbors or what business they have claimed all year their wedding only took a few hours in church I was there. You're not taking the receptions Oh OK took four or five hours then claimed oh you're oh this is sanctifying power of the holy movements that spread themselves out into all of life is not intriguing. Yeah that's what the Sabbath is supposed to do. But how about this preparation principle what does preparation do this big one. Students I would say in class. Write this down this will be on the test preparation. Bill's expectation no preparation no expectation there is a divine psychology in this preparation. Labor leads to arrest some people say oh Wilders guy said Friday man hacked big bashing here and Daschle then I say all of that here and there. Yeah I like the excitement of Friday afternoon. I have dear mother Joyce I'll tell you about them in a minute I have a bunch of George and I have to get them all done. Before sundown and then read this. Sunsets and Zama begin for I don't know. Because we have built expectations. Labor leads to rest cure if you like resting when you have labored so this whole idea you know what this is what it is your activities in the preparation not just wasted legal estate performances your activities have Jesus in mind and he connects you to the object of why you are preparing. But Mother we have company. Yesterday we went to a company that So mother cooked a food yesterday. Well what did you have in mind when she was through the potatoes and she was doing all this work. She had company in mind saying and hoping that the company would enjoy it and it would produce fellowship and of a bruise a kind of bonding. Not anything like Husband wife. Because the whole family is involved in the preparation the children for their part in it. They should experience the anticipation of Jesus coming. I do the copy you know before I go to Jesus and you know what I don't want to see any street when I pulled the copper back ingredient I want to have it just neat it looks like one smooth surface. Yeah I do the same with the lawn I wash the cars to Jesus so that when I go and look around it's all nice it's not special. I get a sense of specialness that's called holiness and sometimes I do get the cars washed we have two cars and that's what happened. Too much stuff it takes too much work. Tell me why did you clean your castle Well mine is not the train saw Jani. Well go go to church in my car. So yeah a little pride I said no no no it's just mine is clean but he is not too bad I need to do a better job of yours too because I love you and also when you are as clean as mine but there is a point in our purposes perjury per prisoner things are not so common because there's a deeper meaning and magnetic force from heaven you know sort of speak. Everything we do in our preparation is for Jesus and everything should connect us to Jesus. Now then I have a list here for example. Screening. Now you know about the therapy of being clean and the hospital here I asked one time why do you have to have it so cold I always freeze when it come to the hospital. All of the several ski it kills the germs too not just you. So no when I go there I just put a jacket on because there's a strategy behind that and it's a good strategy but the therapy of being green. There are some people who grovel live never feeling green. You see you can't really enjoy the Sabbath when you're guilty you cannot really enjoy the rest of heaven when your sins are not made of the feet of Jesus and that's part of the SOB the purpose of the service is cleansing a church. God pours his blood on us to give us a sense an appreciation of being clean. We can leave being clean because our faith reaches up to Jesus I see it I see it please put your neighbour on me because only you are perfect and only your part you know Kareen and I want to do community service. There's a beautiful old Selby and being green is the physical I do it's a good up to showers you know I'm going to go my head or I don't know. Not too much you know but I feel so good being green and spurn surely it is it is you that your sins forgiven its energy to know Jesus accepted you and are wrong for bright as it was covering you because you know G.M. has power in that you know in Germany I better not get into this but we had our weekly bath for boys our weekly bath with that we needed are not in the summer time. Half a mile down the way it was a lake and my mother would say boys have you been to the lake yet. Friday afternoon you know. So we get our bath in the lake. Bob. Other times we had this with Tom you've heard about those one thousand three legs. You get a bounce company and no running water there was a community Pompey limp in their army barrack for ten years. It was good discipline no central heat no insulation on the building at all it was an only Barack just one piece of wood on top of the roof. So in the morning sometimes we had to chop the ice out of the tail. The running water to tell you about that. We took two buckets went through the community pond filled the bucket and then we made running water splashed out while we were running that was our running water. And then we had a burger stall because we had no you know no way other than heated and heat the water put in the tub. So you imagine we didn't have time to do it four times. So we all use the same water and the German problem said one good book Lee in the other you know I was thinking about sand you know that you want to please the hands you use I'm Sanda Robin they go clean that's the way I grew up but it was good to have those baths even then it's difficult to love in this old environment and if I was the audience. No meaning in Nebraska and I still have my cyber suit on six o'clock in the evening suppertime so I walk up this long path. Door open it was hot in the summer he comes a little boy six years old the prince brand he come stashing Now I knew what he had to desert because half of these were all evenly spread it was stomach and his chest chocolate cake. That's a good one and so he came running with his arms out like this. Brother I said What am I going to do. I don't have money for dry cleaning are just a poor you know the teacher so I had to love him of course you have to love him. How did I love him I loved him like this push you know back in squeezing on the shoulders really hard when I wanted to shake up a little bit and that's all I could do and I thought I did. It's difficult to have the heights of love in a soiled environment. So we were told that it would be well if we had Sabbath clothing are after special. I as a boy never felt dressed properly either going to church with muddy shoes because binder twine her shoelaces you know binder twine in the Midwest and I had to sit next to this dainty little girls. There's a popular in the dressers and I try to hide my shoes under the bench. You know like yes because I knew I didn't look right. I thought about it I grew up I would look properly I would have tested looks right on me so I have a psychology hang up so I was just a fancy I sent Man I can't help it I have a psychological hang up. I grew up as a child I was unacceptable. You know we used to be. SPENCE to church. The training pants if you were in the gym route you go like this and then straighten out and then he never comes out. Denise toes keep sticking out so I never felt acceptable. You know and my mother finally one day she got hold of some parachute silk and I like to think you're American I should rethink you coming over there and rescuing us from Hitler and then also for leaving the parachute silk behind because my mother bought some of the Persian silk I don't know where she got it but she was quite handy she would make us some nice shirts for both of these are districts and silk. Can you imagine. Ragamuffins in a country climbing trees and barbed wire tearing up bands and all of this and modern shoes all the time and probably not in a Phase two and here and so she put us in those dainty beautiful white silk shirts. I can feel it. Yet on my skin I felt like a girl all I almost primetime gender Jane if you don't know that I have those think so two shirts on Sabbath but you know what I felt like a million bucks. It was special. It doesn't mean we have to be fancy. It means special special whatever it is and so I grew up with some of those savage Jews are only one Sabbath day so must have a shoes does most have a suit I don't wear to school I will wear it sometimes when a father cries at a bank where there are some other nice you know. Importantly Yeah I bring asparagus others into that with my growth. Whenever putting out clothes I feel a certain way and then you put in the old dirty jeans and a little boy and you. Totally different than when you put a nice clean suit on and the tire doesn't have to be a tie but you know nice clean dress out of dress. He will act differently. Close to half the power over us but the point is for Jesus it is special. Whenever you put yourself as you are creating an atmosphere of one love so love can be free and doesn't get stopped every which way by by that owners or by this organization or by dirty dirty then and even the clothes. Ah it's a special day for special love. Then I think about the cooking in the baking. You know what nothing good ever happens on this planet without eating then I WANT TO ME AND I LOVE IT people go to eat first. But not wonderful. You know I was saying about potlucks. Or average park they're something else. The name part like it is totally misleading. Carlos having to add in this feast meal I mean all the choices and all the fruit bowl ring now maybe you haven't been begging like I have when I was a boy my mother and I cleaned up rather steamed up from door to door when we were in the cattle train in the winter time in December. Going from East Germany the rest of Germany we went from door to door begging for half a slice of bread so when I see others food in America you know I love all the good I have to watch you know so far so good that I am fighting with a couple pounds when a big you know I mean my wife says I don't forget it but this is not a religion or a loaf of bread and it goes and why talks about that we don't have to. Fancy But you know nevertheless it is special she says and sad that we should try to get something special for the kids. Oh I think it's OK to include mom and dad for the kids to you know their acts like a kid many time anyhow so they just have something special that are something special. It's a sad time of day it's a celebration and you know what I don't like I don't like people calling them lunch. You know where I come from lunch is what you take to the farmer in the field and knew many can't dig a hole. What are called what avenues do I call Mother pieced their salaries. I love those other things you know bring your friends you know the kids can bring their friends your friends your brain or maybe your brain stranger sometimes that would be wonderful too. And you sit down you're still in your Sabbath clothes you know what that Sabbath meal. It's almost a type of worship. It's kind of the afterglow when you come from the church. You have heard of one of the CERN the music you're inspired and you get together you're all still looked like a million dollars And you're also together and you're all nice and kind and clean and here you have a beautiful banquet a little foretaste of eternity. When we get there when the first thing Jesus was that they were Israel and you're back up and you point out that long fellowship table and marriage supper the lamb we're going to eat the thirsting we get that way. God has created us that way all right. Yeah that's why he gave us a taste buds and a stomach and teeth and so on. So we should prepare as much as we can on on Friday during the week why is that big what you're going to bake and cook what you're going to cook. Why so that the wife doesn't have to lose my mind trying to make that meal on Sabbath so she can rest and enter into God's rest too and so it's not so hard. Some things of course have to be you know refreshed like salads I mean in the snow. But nevertheless the. Idea of preparation and the preparation cooking in this cooking part is for Jesus and the company of course that you have your single body too and the Jesus people they send him to you but you know it's for Jesus' sake. Everything we do on the Sabbath is for Jesus' sake. The Sabbath is Jesus' love gift he gives himself and he wants an environment in which it is easy to do that Friday night all secular communications are put away and mostly so I was there. Newspapers T.V. radio are necessary A.B.N. religious Asian Of course you know and we bring all to Jesus communication with you and Harold you're being a good Christian bloke's place in Christian music. Yeah it's all Jesus. In an R.V. in Isaiah fifty eight it says you know like a wedding reception not speaking your own words. Now that's a big one in a love relationship or words. I everything you know not everything works out a lot but I didn't know why. Sometimes I get kind of quiet at the beginning I didn't want to say the wrong thing I don't want to lose the girl said something stupid you know and you know to call an old yellow so I sometimes didn't say much until we got to know one another you know better all the time and then now I don't stop talking she sometimes tell me how to give me a chance to say words you know. So now you know we love each other you know because we give permission to each other to communicate the communication and sobbed Friday night our conversation all families have this understanding from my mother and dad goes way back. If the kids get off the track or mother and father get off the track with a conversation because your words reveal what's in your mind and the mind should be focused in. Love relationship you know I'm going to have to invite her intimacy into what I was thinking about all the troubles in the world and I work a very good mind has to be has to be brought into the love relationship on T.V. and when they heard this interesting thing you know what the greatest sex object Yes and why I thought that is interesting. So I started reflecting on it I said I believe that I believe that the state of the mind is the greatest preparation for Jesus too and so in our family we have given permission to each other to say Honey we're getting off the topic this is not Sabbath conversation that's what the Bible says not speak in your own words you're going to love Dave or you know what are you going to speak nodule pleasures whose pleasures are you after. Now human nature we think about our own pleasure I've thought upon it's kind of nice as you know loving in all this are you just thinking about your own pleasures that is not to love too long is a good thing but a sharing because what you give away will come back to you. So the conversation on the Sabbath needs to be Jesus. Now how do you how does it work well doesn't mean you just see Jesus Jesus you know you talk about how Jesus' guidance for that week. Joy around while Jesus healed your child do you remember how Jesus did this you know biology has led you together you know like God's guidance in your life and the mission work what Jesus do in in China right now. Fantastic I heard about him going in there running to ask of the child that just from my soul. So thousands of nurses are coming to the to the hospital there that nobody you know bright and another one who said we want the winner to same people around that one hundred one. All these other things of God working and it's nice to talk about them because they build you up. Don't discuss things on Sabbath. Well how would you like this. Yes here's a wedding and there's a reception and guess what the bride groom is talking and telling all about his old flame see had there we said we're going to take over you would say that's a big insult of course as an insult on Sabbath it's God's staple and the bonding with each one of us and we talk about other lovers. Yeah they are lovers in the world of cars or money or taxes on houses. He came a million miles probably more than that and he travels fast as you know but he comes all of this turns to bond with God in a special intimate love bonding relationship and we talk about other lovers. The trivia of the world destroying the bonding experience. The words we speak are important and my parents really drove that into my mind and my wife and I like to still live by that. Not speaking your own words and not doing your own pleasures. Whose pleasures I'll be after some people there are some young people maybe think the Sabbath is to pursue your pleasures. No six days are your pleasures. God has promised to help me through six days. One day he says now I've been to your house for six days. You're invited to come to my house. Here we are. But there's no village that has got a special it's not just two hours in church it's twenty four hours there is a building up love. He doesn't just go bang you know. Love takes time to unfold a beautiful role you got to be patient. And then it takes time to fall back on you know I was dating a girl she was Ivana Lawler and I drove a thousand miles actually that was a distance from Canada and that you have a date with her for a couple hours to three hours and I took the newspaper along because I was afraid it might get dull you know our conversation is post a lot that's a joke. We only had this little time you know we had precious things to talk about. That was no room for that kind of trivia. Anyway I need to come to the town Sunday. Yeah then Friday night I have to say this My family always get together the house was clean bass would take in I put in clean clothes and so on because it's just so we sat down to have worship sundown version of my dad was so particular. What's the edges of the Sabbath. The first hour on Friday night is as holy I says All right here it says the same quality of holiness of God's divine presence. The entire twenty four hours. Oh holy unto the Lord and so my father got the family together sometimes there was friction between a mother and father. Well father didn't have to look at other kids regularly Elsie sometimes maybe not as understanding as he should be he should be happy and so on you know of course you do that. But anyhow I remember that but I remember my dad being so committed to having Sunday worship at sundown the whole from a big family of ten children to died several were gone but nevertheless still a big family and he would sit down and be sane. And my dad would get the love letter from Jesus from the Bible you know and read and then pray everybody prays Friday night everybody. Big circle from the oldest to the youngest I was the last to know it and sometimes I've been in mischief during the week that wasn't very hard. That comes easy you know. Two little mischievous boy and I didn't feel like crying and he came closer and closer going are you know brothers are praying and you know I was allowed one whatever I can see Dad I can't right now I know my dad would not understand that. So I said What am I going to be a hypocrite. No I don't like to be a hypocrite I'm not a good hypocrite so I'm going to pray. Well what you're going to do you're going to confess this is your chance to clear the pressure go ahead and do it and so I can do most things and you know I got up on prayer take circle family circle happy Sabbath I would really again I found I that's one thing I did I did believe God is forgiveness earrings and I felt refreshed. Thousands claimed that there was a screen and then the high risk in the no wonderful wonderful time. Well so I was longing to church and Sabbath school I could tell stories about that too but that meant then Sabbath dinner I talked about that already. Sabbath afternoon maybe a little rest. This is being discouraged to sick and so on. That's all there's something that we could do and then I saw this evening take a little walk before sundown with another family come back to our lives. Sing again read the Bible again and with prayer. Just one prison break I had a savage night and asked the Lord to help us to take the blessing of a Sabbath into the coming week and thank him for the wonderful experience that we had the same all over here. Moses do you see this down there now. This came down from the mountain up to forty days with God He didn't have to wear a button like somebody I saw went on that said Jesus lives here he was shining he was glowing with light and love and holiness. Then you and I and we do this and I believe it happens to you and me to spend twenty four hours in the presence of a loving Savior. When we came down the mountain people look at us and say What have you got you've got something I need your glow with the holiness with the mercy of a good is a love of Jesus that's witnessing power all day of rest and gladness and they also read reproduction you are a day for love and they don't raise affection from Earth to saints of new grazers ever gaining from this day of rest. We seek rest remaining in ages of the breath. That's right. A loving father in heaven thank you for the saba thank you for that wonderful gift because the sound of the Lord we think is really Jesus the gift to the human race and we thank you so much for loving us also the years and today on the Sabbath day two so we pray teachers to teach us how to open our lives and how to give and how to receive and to be a blessing to the world in this media was brought to you by audio prayers a website dedicated to spreading God's word through every sermon audio and much more if you would like to know. Do you call if you'd like to listen to more Senate seats this is W W W. Tours dot org.


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