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The Sacrifice of Surrender

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • March 7, 2015
    11:30 AM
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You know some people say they wonder why we do certain things in the worship service but each part of the service has a sacred element to it and which we have the opportunity for our hearts to be drawn out to the Savior and then when we sing his praises we must sing as if we truly believe that we are standing in his presence and if we believe this the songs will never grow old though. Amen. We must believe that as we return our time when we return our offering that we were giving back in an act of worship that which all recognizing that all belongs to him amen. And so therefore our worship through giving is sacred. The children's story. You remember that Jesus sat upon the seat and brought all the children to himself and he blessed them. When we have the special music it's not focused on a entertainment or audience base but we are recognizing and within our hearts worshipping our Heavenly King and then and when we open the road of life we recognize that Jesus is in the midst of our presence because Jesus is the word Amen. Therefore our worship when we have faith in Christ explicitly it becomes the most wondrous highlight of our weekly man because we believe and it's not about how entertaining it is. It's not about how glamorous it is or how everything would suit me but it's how that it would suit him. And if we have that in our hearts and in our minds than the worship experience becomes one as if we were standing before Him in heaven and we are thankful. Morning then we have the privilege to come every Sabbath to worship it's not a routine. It's not the same old thing but every week is a new experience. Jesus Amen. I want to share with you this morning and invite you actually to two things briefly. Number one our revival series that began Wednesday night we will have again a revival series today at four thirty. So if you have that opportunity to come I invite you to come we have some extra books and we had a wonderful crowd on Wednesday. And how do you if you were there you were blessed by that. And how many would recommend others to come. They haven't come and praise the Lord Secondly I'm going to be conducting a class for the GRO Michigan and Mischa to and it's a training class on how to give Bible studies how to reach out to others how to witness you have an opportunity to go and sign up on the door of Becky's office. You'll see all the information there but I want to encourage you hear more about that we're going to talk this morning about the sacrifice of surrender. How do you ever realize that to sacrifice to surrender all to Jesus as a sacrifice is a true yes or no. And so we're going to look this morning at the life of a gentleman that you all know I'm a neighbor ham and this is a very powerful passage and we're going to pull a lot of it. I'm not even going to come close to exhausting all that I could say about it. But I want to just point out some of the key things that I think a very powerful guy I think will impact our lives also appeared together and asked the Lord Jesus to be with us this morning. Father in Heaven Lord we come before your throne eager to open the right. One eager to experience your power through the written word and we pray this morning Lord that your spirit would descend from Heaven that you would fill our hearts with your presence Lord that our hearts our minds our ears and our Bibles will be open this morning to receive your word and your instruction. And oh Lord Today we pray that you would convict our hearts that we would not just common with a dear old deaf ear to hear some more information so more gargling but more that we would hear the power that is in your word the power of having faith in Jesus this morning. So we ask for your blessing and we come in Jesus' name amen. It was a story of a man who was a minister and he was a brand new minister in the town that he worked in kind of like myself and he was at the church late one evening and because he had no car he had to take the bus home back and forth every night. And so he got he got on the bus and the driver he gave the driver his money and then the driver gave him back his change I'm sorry my leg it was really badly and pardon me a moment. And he gave him this change and when he got back to his seat he noticed that as he looked at the change that there was ten cents one time too much money in his hand. Now for most of you who have ever gone to Meyer or Walmart in you stood very very long time in the line and you get out the door and as you're going out the door you see the line to the community or not to you but the customer service center and there's about forty people. When line correct. Never had that experience. And you look in your hand and there is a ten cents too much. What is our natural reaction. Oh what's a big deal. Well I what's a big deal I mean Meyer brings in millions of dollars probably every week. And here they give me ten cents too much What's the big deal. I don't really want to stand in that line for a long time to return just ten cents on that he would have that for so many think wait a minute pastor I would have I would certainly do that right. I would certainly go back I'll be honest. Well that was the thought of this young man he his first thought was to put it in his pocket. But then the Holy Spirit began to convict his heart of the Holy Spirit said no you need to go and you to give back that dime to that bus driver. So he sat and he waited until it was his stop and as he got off the bus he said to the bus driver sir he gave me ten cents too much and the bus driver said yes I know. He said you know he says Oh yes. He says Aren't you the new preacher in town. At that church down there. Well yes I am he said. And the bus driver said you know he said my wife and I used to go to church many years ago about thirty years ago and he said because of the cares of this life and because of various circumstances we stopped going to church. And just one week ago today my wife passed away. We've been married for decades and he says it was a wake up call for me but I need to put God first in everything I do. And he said before I came to your church I want to see if you were an honest man. I'll see you this week your young preacher came off the bus as the bus drove away. His knees literally buckled underneath them and he had to grab the lamp post to keep from falling he said Dear Jesus please forgive me for I almost soldier son for a dime. The sacrifice of all the surrender over the sacrifice of surrender that all points and in all places of our lives. This is the will of God for you this morning. Joined with me in your Bibles to Genesis Chapter twenty two Genesis Chapter twenty two. Complete surrender at all times and all circumstances. How do you believe this morning that it's important. How many of you believe that it's important enough to let it be the theme of your life this morning. And how many of you are letting it be the theme of your life this morning. Genesis Chapter twenty two are you being ruled this morning by the sacrifice of surrender. Genesis Chapter twenty two we're going to take a look this morning at the life of Abraham. Now there's a number of verses your I'm going to read through them. We're going to just read through the story we're just just grit our teeth and if we can't read eighteen verses of scripture in the church we're in trouble right. So we're going to do it and then all right. I hope you'll follow with me. I don't put the verses up there for a reason. I want you to open your Bible say meant all right but I do put the reference for those of you who you know you have to hear eight times. So OK. First one. Now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham and said to him Abraham and he said Here I am. And then he said take your son your only son Isaac whom you love and go to the land of Mariah and offer him there as a bird offering on one of the mountains which I shall tell you. So Abraham rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey and took two of his young men with him and Isaac his son and he split the wood for the burnt offering and rose and went to the place that God had told him. Then on the third day Abraham lifted his eyes and saw the place afar off and Abraham said to his young man stay here with the donkey and the lad and I will go yonder and worship and we will come back to you. Keep that in mind. So in her hand took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac is son and he took the fire in his hand and a knife and the two of them went together. But Isaac spoke to his father and said my father and he said Here I am my son. Then he said look the fire in the wood but where is the lamb for the burnt offering and Abraham said my son God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering. So the two of them went together. When they came to the place which God had told him and Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood in order and he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar upon the wood and they were hand stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven and said Abraham Abraham. So he said Here I am. He keeps saying here I am. And he said Do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to harm him or anything to him five Now I know that you fear God since you have not withheld your son your only son from me and the neighbor. Hand lifted his eyes and looked and there behind him was a ram caught and affected by its horns. So Abraham went and looked took the RAM and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son and Abraham called the will. The name of the place the Lord will provide as it is said to this day in the mount. The Lord of the Lord is shall be provided. Then the angel of the Lord called to Abraham a second time out of heaven and said by myself I and sworn says the Lord because you have done this thing and you have not withheld your son your only son blessing I will bless you multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sands which are on the seashore and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies being your seed all the nations of the earth will be blessed because you have obeyed my voice but it not be said about the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lansing that it is not a Bible reading church Amen. Now I want you to notice a number of things here. This story is a complete story of the Gospel coming can say Praise the Lord for that. If you look here we end verse one. God speaks to Abraham and he says Take Now your son your only son Isaac whom you love and take him up to the mountain and sacrifice him God not just it doesn't just say take your son but he points out your only son and the son whom you want from your love. Imagine brothers and sisters if you woke up one morning and you heard a voice and it spoke to unit said Take down your children or your son or your daughter and go up on the mountain wherever if you can find a mountain in Lansing. As sacrifice them on that mountain. I think you were going crazy. I mean you think you are losing it but you know there's something very distinct here and that was that Abraham knew clearly the voice of God How did he know the voice of God because of the intimate relationship that they had. And when God's Voice spoke to Abraham that morning like he had done many other times there was no mistaking who God's voice was humming statement there. And we want to know God's voice that that well. Yes And we want to know when God speaks to you. So he said take his only son now what about the father. God had only one want one son and the agonizing idea of that he said Go take him to sacrifice him was how do you think it was a painful thought Abraham. Yes And God said the one whom you love. God knew what was enable him to heart for son Isaac Yes. Then he says whom you love. A glimpse of this is a glimpse of how God felt about his son. Yes Then he said he went on a journey to a far away mountain. Did Jesus take a journey from heaven to earth for our salvation yes or no. He took us a journey didn't you. The Bible says a journey for three days but then it says He looked up and there was they were far away off there was about another half a day's journey from where he was to where he would sacrifice and to Jesus not spend three and a half years on the earth yes or no. Isaac carried the wood on his back up the mountain. Jesus carried the cross up the hill to Calvary of course Simon did it part of the way Isaac was willing to be sacrificed without a fight and if you read this. Book paid to write some prophets a beautiful book. It says in there that Isaac felt privileged that he could be the sacrifice for God It was an amazing Abraham a trained him and Jesus was like like a lamb to the slaughter any open not his mouth says the book of Isaiah fifty three. Then they saw a ram in the thicket just at the right time. Jesus intervene for us just at the right time yes or no. The reserve ran that he saw when he saw the rand. It was caught in a thicket by its horns and to Jesus not also work out of forms. And then the rand became Isaac substitute and G.'s S. it was I want substitute How Many People Have you ever heard say all the Old Testament doesn't reveal anything about Jesus. Build test. They don't know what the Gospel was what the book of Hebrews tells us that they heard the Gospel and Abraham understood the gospel from this experience probably more than you and I do today. Now do you notice the parallels between the two yes or no. But there's only one difference. One difference in the story. You know what that difference is very simply. The angel stayed Abraham's hand to prevent him from killing his son. Yet for God No one was there to save his son from there. They were taught about their Abraham and his old age and past but had also failed many tests of faith throughout his life and in his very old age when he should have been finding the right. Just and solaced as an old band. God save the most severe test for Abraham to his very last days so that Abraham could rise to the level of faith that God intended for him but not just for him not just as Abraham have to pass through that test but guess who else you and I just as God say the greatest test of faith for Abraham at the end of his life. So God is also Sayed the greatest test of faith for the final group of people who will stand upon this earth before Jesus comes. What do you think yes or no. So if you're going to sleep are you awake this morning. It's kind of hot in here isn't it. Maybe we should turn down the heat make open some windows make a little cooler in here. Now I want to go back to the story here. OK let me go back up to verse two and he said take your son your only son whom you love and go up to the land of Mariah and offer him there as a burnt offering Now listen to this on one of the mountains of which I shall what I tell you. Now let me ask you when God said Get up and take your son and go to God tell Abraham all the details in that moment yes or no. He didn't tell him all the details. He said there will be certain things that I will reveal to you along the way. When the time is right and you know Abraham obey at that point yes or no. He'll baited me. But how many of us are unwilling today to do something for God unless we know all the details. We're not comfortable with it unless I can know everything and I can analyze and see whether or not it's going to work and see if it's going to if it's going to. A range itself to suit my own desires. I've had Saints tell me before. Not at Lansing but in other places. All we can do that. What if this happens or what if that happens or all or whatever. What if this doesn't come through. We need to know everything about it before we can make a decision. But that's not faith that's knowledge. And God doesn't always require us to walk by knowledge but he requires us to walk by while by faith. Abraham had seen God who weren't previously in his life and he knew that God would direct him in the path that he needed to walk. We usually are willing to do anything unless we know everything about it. That's what our culture has bred into us. Don't take a risk. Now there's a certain element of balance there with counting the cost and so forth. But when God gives a direct command he means it right then yes or no. There would be no element of faith or favor and everything. How many are walking by faith today. Or do you try to control all the circumstances of your life. During the next three days as Abraham was journeying to that mountain of which he didn't even know where it was but he just knew the general direction as he was journeying for three days. I mean of God ask us to do something painful. If you have to do something painful kind of you would rather do it right away and get it over with. Some of you might not you know sometimes they say how do you get. All of a habit and people say I will just taper off the ever heard people say that. Well if you taper off let's just do that once you have a habit ha be I to be right. So we taper off just a little bit so we get rid of the age and what do we have then. We still have a bit don't we. And if I get rid of the A I still have what I still have a bit I'm going to get rid of a little more and I get rid of the BE that what I have. I still have it. It's better to just get it over with right. Abraham is journeying it would have been just easy for him to say go and do your sons ten and do it but no Abraham had to have the agonizing experience of going for three days on a journey with his son Isaac right beside him with no one else on the earth. Knowing the experience that he was about to have to endure and over and over again it rings in his ears. The son your only son whom you love. God do you not know how much I love my son. How can you ask me to do such a thing. Surely this is not really the voice of God If you read in the book pay charts and prophets you find that she says that Satan was there whispering in his ear the whole time. Surely God would not require this of you had you not read the commandment Thou shalt not kill. Do you not know that God doesn't require human sacrifices. How can this be the will of God. Turn around and go home. You just hearing voices. The man didn't even wake up his wife because he knew that she would try to prevent him from doing it. Silence. What do we do when God is silent. You know God is often silent. When he gives the command and he's waiting for us to obey they've found that to be true. God gives the command and we say Lord is this really from you. Oh yes it is because he it's written in His Word. Yes it is because his word doesn't change. Amen. Yes it is God doesn't go back and forth. I am the Lord I change not he doesn't change. So when there is silence after the commandment it's because he's waiting for us to obey and patriarchs and prophets tells us this wonderful book if you don't have it I'll get you a copy of it tells us that he thought earnestly that the angel would reappear to him and give them some kind of comfort in the situation. But he could find no relief. He must agonize and he must wrestle with God in silence. And sometimes brothers and sisters. God calls us to do the same. I'm not the one stopper promise. I just dropped it. So there they go they go to Radio and we're told that the trial this trial that Abraham went through was more severe than the trial that was brought upon Adam. Can you imagine why. Because with Adam there was no suffering or agonizing involved are you with me. But with Abraham he knew that he would have to suffer the loss of his own son. And yet Abraham and God were both willing to do what Adam was unwilling to do and that was give up their most prized possession. This morning we're going to be evil like Adam. We're going to be like Taber here. We're either going to hang on to the most prized possession of your life or the God of heaven because for all we're going to be like Abraham who was modeling Christ to give up all for the redemption of humanity. You see before becoming the father of the nations what it what was the promise of got Abraham. You would be the wild father of many nations and with that comes the age and honor and glory. Yes or no. And so therefore in order to protect Abraham from becoming absorbed with pride and many other things Abraham would have to go through the experience that God went through in losing his son to say mother. Think about it for just a minute. Abraham would need to have an experience of drinking from the cup of the suffering of Christ. You see God's glory in the claim of Lucifer was that God sits up on this on the throne of glory and God never suffers God never has to deal with pain God doesn't know really what we enjoy or what we experience and etc But you see being God has a glory but it also has great work. The pain and suffering. And Abraham could not experience the glory of being the father of nations without drinking from that cup that Jesus invited James and John to drink from under you can say Amen to that and see the sacrifice of Isaac impressed upon Abraham and his mind like nothing else what the reality of the Gospel the reality of the Gospel and in Christ God the father losing his own Son God the father laying everything on the culture so that man would not perish. And let me tell you what dear friends it is until you and I today take everything in our lives your children your spouses your possessions Every your positions you are your whatever it is not until we lay everything on the altar of sacrifice to Christ that we can truly experience and join in as the Apostle Paul says the sufferings of Jesus. So he says I don't want to suffer but you don't realize that in the suffering there is great joy there is great peace there is great contentment and laying down all that you have to the feet of Christ and say it's all yours. My most prized possession that you have given me. It is yours to take at any time that you want. It is until we have that experience brothers sisters that we will be able to stand in the final days of Earth's history and go through the trials that are coming. Are you with me. Now you wait this morning. And Satan has conditioned this culture and this nation. I love this nation but he has conditioned this nation to go through anything except discomfort and self-sacrifice it indulges the flash and embraces the passions and says you don't have to lay down anything. You can have it all. God says no you must understand what I went through for you before you will be able to go through anything for me. And that was the test of faith that Abraham was called Abraham took Isaac to the mountain if you look in verse five it says he said to his young men stay here with the donkey. The latter and I will go yonder and worship and we will come back to you. Powerful verse. You know why. Because it is often the greatest acts of obedience that God calls us to walk alone in which is the greatest acts of obedience that God calls us to walk alone with our friends cannot help us. Our family cannot help us and God. Abraham went up the mountain alone because he was an old frail man and if he did take in those servants they knew the promise of God had made to Abraham about Isaac being the promised one and then they have tried to stop what God had called him to do are you with me. There may be those in our lives. I will try to prevent us from doing what we know that God has called us to do. God has called us to keep the Sabbath. God has called us to pay time. God has called us to be a church every Sabbath when my friends and family want me to be of the places God has called me to a leadership position and my spouse doesn't want me to because they want me to be with them. Whatever your situation may be God calls us to complete surrender and we may have to walk that walk of obedience alone. But God still calls us yes or no. But not only this will give this man just listen. This is the most power. It's just so amazing. Stay here with the donkey. He's walking alone but then he says the lad and I will go yonder and worship you and I will come back to you as our recess. Did he say I will come back you know he says what he says and we will come back to you. How is that possible. When he do that he was to sacrifice his son. How can we say then we will come back to you because he had faith in the promise of God yes or no. He believed that by his circumstances he believed that God would deliver what he said. I think it would be the son of promise he might have to be the son of sacrifice but he would also be the son of promise and Iran had faith that he would not come back down that mountain alone. Do you have faith in God's promise. Do you have faith to see through the darkness even when it seems like God is not speaking even when it seems like God is not listening. Even when it seems like God. It's promises and commandments are in contradiction to each other they don't contradict each other but sometimes the swelling of darkness in our minds can make it seem that way. Do you have faith to obey God regardless of the circumstances. And trust and believe that his promise will carry you all the way through. That's powerful. We will come back down this mountain. Hebrews chapter eleven tells us we just read it from our scripture reading it reads that Abraham had faith that even if he slayed his son God had the power to resurrect him again. Who can say Amen to that. Well my son my parish I believe in the power of the resurrection of Christ Jesus said If you believe in me go you may die in this life yet you shall live. Do you believe that this morning. Do you believe this morning that when your loved one dies you can put him in God's hands. Do you believe this morning that when you are spiritually dead. God says I can raise you again. I believe that this morning. Now draw down to me with me to verse twelve overs and Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the Lord called him from heaven so Abraham Abraham so he said Here I am. And he said Do not lay your hand on the lad and listen to this for now I know that you fear God since you have not will. Well your son your only son for me. Did God know already that he had that kind of thing. I mean God knows all doesn't he. God already knew. So why then would he put Abraham to the test. Now this applies to our lives. God already knows if you can pass through the trial but yet he still brings the trial. And why then would he say. For now I know that you have passed why people have mocked this story skeptic's they said What a ludicrous book to tell his son to tell Abraham to take his son the sacrifice of our told God to go jump off a bridge. I heard someone say that the video I was researching the sermon and we tell you this morning that it wasn't simply for Abraham. It wasn't it wasn't for God it was in part for who I am. Yes for Abraham very simply Abraham had to know that all his faith was put in Christ and then Abraham had to know that he had had that experience not just in the thought not just in his heart not just in his hopes but in reality. And guess what. So do you and I So do you and I. Secondly it wasn't just for Abraham but it was for Satan. You know why because Satan had been sitting there accusing Abraham before God about his lack of faith previously in his life. God said I'm going to give him the greatest test. I wanted passes that test. I don't close the mouth of Satan. And the great controversy. And then I can bless Abraham to be the father of the nation. God could point to Abraham I could point to the job and said Here is a man that will serve me on this earth and a world of sin and wickedness and brokenness. Here is a man that will serve me that will follow me that will trust in me that will obey me despite his circumstances or despite any personal loss to himself. It was a demonstration to Satan to close his mouth that there is truly a man on this earth whom Christ dwells fully within. It was also for the universe who was looking on. You could title the sermon and the universe was looking on because at this point and the great controversy we're told in the book a picture of some prophets that heaven and the angels did not fully comprehend and did not fully understand the plan of salvation that God was beginning to unfold to humanity. They didn't understand it all and this demonstration of Abraham would bring to them an understanding and an unfolding of the great redemption that God was giving for humanity through Abraham giving of His only Son that very son of prominence all the world would begin to understand what God himself endured the pain the suffering the loss. And though God spared Isaac and didn't. Just bear Jesus because Jesus had to die. We had the promise that the promise that Abraham believed in that he could resurrect Isaac from the dead was fulfilled ingeniousness when he resurrected him from the grave. The son of those true son of promise who we can say Amen to that today. And because he lives we can live also. Abraham was alone on that mountain when no one else and all this world was watching but the universe was looking on. And that is why brothers and sisters. When you if you and I want to understand the final generation would go through. If we want to understand what they will experience we have to look to Abraham Amen. And it is in this final generation that God is looking to you and I know that when we are alone and by ourselves that our faith would be explicitly in Christ and that we would be obedient to Him even when no one else in this world is watching because the universe is watching and the universe is watching your life to find and to see a revelation of the glory of God The redemption. The whole universe is studying this world they're studying your life and they want to learn more about the redemption of humanity and they see it through your life as God completes the work of the Gospel in your life. So all the universe can see you know it's very interesting because in the book of James chapter two it says a verse twenty three and Abraham believed God and it was imputed. Two him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God Why was he the friend of God because Abraham reached the point in his life. It wasn't this this climbing of a mountain but he made the decision in this life that he would trust God with all that he had and he would lay on the altar of God all that he had because he recognized that that's what God had done for him and that was a mutual friendship. Abraham gave all that he had got to God God gave all that he had in his greatest possession of Christ to Abraham. And they were friends because of it. They explicitly trusted each other God could trust Abraham and Abraham could trust God God in this controversy wants to trust you and he can only trust you if you completely trust him. So why then look at this. The Bible says in the book of James also it says was Abraham not our father justified by works when he had offered Isaac up on the altar. See just how the faith wrought with his works and by works his works were made perfect. You know it's very interesting that many people would say well you know what works are not really necessary in the process of salvation because we're not saved by works were saved by what faith. And when Abraham believed it was accounted to him for righteousness and that was enough. I would have to say that that is biblically inaccurate. You know why. It's true it's true in part. But listen when Abraham believed God looked into his heart and he saw all that he believed and was that enough for God yes. No I mean he God God himself could have stopped there. So the faith that Abraham had was enough for God. But then why the works the works were not necessarily for God but for MU but for Abraham and everyone else. Are you with me because the Bible says we are judged by our works. God doesn't need to see our works to know that we believe because God knows the heart. You see he can know if we truly believe or not but the works are to shut the mouth of Satan in the great controversy and they are for all the universe to see that the true conversion of the Gospels taken place in my life. Man that's amazing. So the works are not for God they're for you there for me or for Satan and for the universe. That's why we need works and that's why it's important that in every aspect of your life you are completely surrendered to Christ not just in your heart but in your actions. That's why how you conduct yourself as a Christian towards others is important. That's why when people see you they see Christ shining through you. That's why it's important when you're by yourself and no one else is looking. You recognize and understand that the rest of the universe looks on. That's why it's important that what we eat and what we drink and what we wear and how we how we dress ourselves and all these things become important. And a great controversy because the rest of the universe looks on. And Satan is ready to accuse you before God and God wants to close his. Now I mean you can say Amen to that. You leave this morning God wants nothing he's been you to listen to those yapping for more than six thousand years and God wants it to end but it can only end if the gospel is completed in your life and you are restored to the image of God and all things are about to close here I want to show you this point. It says in the book of Patron profits the sacrifice required of Abraham was not a loan for his own good nor solely for the benefit of succeeding generations but it was also for the instruction of the sinless intelligences of heaven and other worlds. The field of the controversy between Christ and Satan the field in which the plan of redemption is wrought out is the lesson book for the universe and that's your life and that's my life because Abraham had shown a lack of faith in God's promises. Satan had accused him before the angels and before God of having failed to comply with the conditions of the Covenant and as unworthy of its blessings God desired to prove the loyalty of his servant before all of heaven to demonstrate that nothing less than perfect obedience can be accepted and to open more fully to the plan of salvation he revealed the plan of salvation to the universe through Abraham's life. And today he wants to he wants to close the great controversy through your life and through my life. God wants to demonstrate to the world and to the universe that he can restore the image of God in man and he's doing it through fallen humanity. We may be called today by the Word of God to acts of obedience that may go against all of our now. Natural affection which we may be called today to come out of the world by ways that will provoke the hatred and envy and jealousy of those who are around us. And yet even those who are the closest to us. But in all these things our allegiance to Christ shall be tested and it shall be determined by your lying. Who is the victor of the great controversy and who is the god of this world and it shall be up to you today. And it's interesting to know that many times when God finds that his people are willing to make the sacrifice that he demands of us and of this that he often does not require it at their hands. He often takes the willingness for the deed. What do I mean by that. God required the sacrifice of Isaac. But then when he knew and although everyone else knew that Abraham was willing God interposed and became Christ became the substitute. He does that for us today. But he lives within us so that our lives are to be in perfect compliance to his will. This morning you must know that in your redemption within this great controversy and the face of Satan's arguments and his his battering of God's character. They God took a personal loss to save you God. So the personal pain to redeem you. He allowed his reputation many times and still today to be drug through the mud because he knew that that's what it was able to take to redeem you. God was willing to lay it all on the altar of sacrifice for you this morning to be known to you as your friend. And today the same God who has done this for you responds with the invitation for you to do the same for him. What more could he do to for you to know that you can trust him. I don't know. I think God has gone above and beyond the call of duty what do you think. And will you now withhold some earthly possession some earthly relationship to not be called the friend of God and God would call you this morning to lay all on the altar of sacrifice to make the decision to be fully in his hands to lay all to lay all on the altar today media with blood by Adil a website dedicated to spreading God's word. 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