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The Invitation That Changed My Life

Don Mackintosh


Join Don Mackintosh on his journeys of forgiveness! After reluctantly accepting an invitation from a friend to join a prayer meeting, Don was challenged and forever changed! 


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • September 11, 2004
    5:00 PM
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him he finished that story will I is is is is the okay I'm sorry about that post of doing business as quickly as the delivery of my dad I got things straightened out I went with my mom I went back home I was there and when I got home the delegating the task so long as there is really starting to take care of her she had three better news is you and I got things straightened out my dad and I were kind of dialogue within a phone call came from Chicago on my leg is where the owners and that is a problem you know when you start to follow more than that to send people back in July I get you up threatens the Chicago I went back down to Chicago and they said will was going to like this I've accepted Christ visit you had is a nice person here's oh five and Microsoft person I have the greatest amount of leads about all the club the thing that I was weak and I went out of the closet was losing all these things that was always on parts of Chicago but I didn't know existed and health and were gone places and and they were all talking to me all five of these people was very thing when they were altogether they all would be very bitter they would talk about you know how it couldn't believe in God and listen that entity identify themselves by what they didn't believe it but when they were sent on the Internet is something and this was the odd thing they were all different ages these guys down Chicago's hangout with they were all ministers sons as they are due to their fathers one of them was my love was likely or four years older like ten years older than I was interested him one guy was showing me wife's you know what you think I had been visible in twenty twenty five thirty thirty five probably at times and was so I was working in selling those goal is really getting it both of the other cast iron as before unless my mom 's house my dad 's house I went and I got the job I got the job is that flight Arizona helicopter and Butterworth Hospital I've been accepted for their physical everything else knows like wanting to live on the edge you know everything else you know that person and I finished his job hunt down and on and on with these people to go back to orientation on business five guy who is liable and when you have less is now as soon as you really got sick of it after well and I was losing some of them he dropped the atomic because traveling is to include so they can can't caps as a Catholic after talking to say no thanks but I do know that those are trying to test something like and that is pain in my back well blue everything could crawl out of the so I went home and I look to the parliament I laid there and try to know that this is her like a great but don't get over it how about that couple days later silver so long ago so I went home I will definitely as I go back Wednesday says Joseph was a little intellectually that suddenly playing with my history is as far as you want him that we have learned last time on everybody wanted to do a complete series of mechanism problems unlike okay yeah is an enormous house wife but you know how is any chance that we can just forgot that he was ahead of time is feeling on this now we can't forget all that is in the night of the fund and the VA working on their grade PA is definitely a regular missing problems there you know man is the film NFPA comes and goes slacker subissues here right and you know this and that you have any pain now assistant in prison I was really tempted Cynthia 's world famous philosophical and an administrator of the window anyway but Gloucester shortly found that I had back and they told me we can hire all I got jobs all over Florida tells that I had taken in the kingdoms on his go home to my mom I think it is a request for the Harris and they found I was like I mean I would say I was let out now so I'm laying on my back and my mom starts taking care of me with my back and everything ever before wonder then my dad came in and started taking care of me sometimes bringing something and if we certainly have discussed as well my glossary the longer either the psychiatric hospital working as a nurse I had him having nice if you had a pediatric case within the annuity that has resulted in the fifth analysis is the liquid out at night you know son news I have to compliment always be able to cover Bill Renner Grand Rapids is always the new prison reform they were all covered with a unusual of the London Palace is finally licensed again Elizabeth and the Republican 's again will talk about later I you know anyway so anyway I was in her film roles on witnessing the end then I was so now I've become a precedent but I have made clear my parents that I was not obvious on and the light of a ill try different things out I still know what you know and so in my bandwidth you know this and then willingly discussing these people said in a United Methodist you still have everything on him I know everything I say you know you bought vacation Bible school I think I will forward to the same practice is just around any myself so I was always looking one that Andy and there was a slim girls they know they were trying to witness me and invited the Christian reformed church with different placements of Denali I think probably that is going on around me I'm sorry to those that long so that some of his feelings got psychiatric help when I was asleep and service possible night about survival Daniela had the Bible and implement manipulations and a host of evasion I am not really the failure by Laval so I have no clue silent will him in ways that Goliath said that Hezbollah operatives are now proud of you will say he would write precisely for me so we started this conversation with my setting them identify with the needs of the psychiatric nurses who is considering the idea I was seeing the godliness that if I was the messenger is elliptical square there is an original but I was really numbered woods and then I was like I told him at will and doesn't work as well as we'll talk about a Abdullah is the download link is great in this relationship of getting results with my dad although we hadn't really have had little time going to talk to live this campaign is under this camp enough my friend Brandon presented in their living somewhere in California Brent and I was listening to download metadata element and all there is no then you will darling I wanted in the online van Gogh I can okay until is ongoing there was in the same room and then nine twelve of the guys were in this room you know and the funeral of the Hendrick meanings in different things but by then I was still a distant walking along the trail one day in the sky comes long ago I was not afraid of the waning light of Christ then outright the start of months back down undo that he says this is a you sure you're not afraid that your New Zealand right him wrongly thought about how to play this is only seemingly different vote as well as Raytheon 's personalities like a real person body of the territorial wondering there is only half the cellulitis only as long as you like I'll known as I don't like I got as always I will do one hundred and ten thousand and twenty fifth overall and eight and is is and was in this is what we need to learn how to play you I will believe the generally negative birth we're going to jump start their lives a little off as you say will pay whatever he is a citizen they went around with Rosalyn is a nationally laughing at an asking website for my son as they landed healing God 's praise God he made everything that you bus company for you I will try between you and God night and we were both thinking and reason for all this you know just to learn the losing and when you wake me driving my heart all of the contacts on the hungry cyclist that definitely do that this is not exhaustive as the files visited as you say it was just so if you set a better something than grants the Lord Haskins is ask him to forgive that sin on the basis of the idea one night and so we did that and I said let's go places in the relationship I is there anyone in this weather was anger he wants for this one he wants to replace in the right thing it always will identify for our self praising God are you telling me fling able in the others so then that annual Turkey because we've been better for many years there's a lot in Southern California when I very long list Mary along with Tama University in and then hand-picked killer question is not visiting and brainless guy needs us to repentance the fastener and rejoicing investment than action action something he can do something content new allow a so I want to pray this prayer Lord what is limited now you have to credit for anything who is to take care of the latest is a great way to jumpstart your profile believable and I pray I don't think it worked I don't think they were forever but I think they didn't just started getting into that these are the only requested so I don't think that I and I is less than what he wanted in Augusta for your father to love them and if you forgive me I was completely sick devil because I want to be made well I was hanging on October the US is never coming here there was on my list until you smile at him and him will him will will the Lord bring this eliminates all in the meantime is listening to what I said what troubles you him around I guess there is said yes really I had familiar business is because I'm not alone knowing that as a dismantlement address and only a little more so I can only learn so I was out there and I wanted down there the influence of my list I wasn't explained to God that he has really messed up dissipating and knowledge so I was in the TV section camps out on the big government never does the TV section thereby the TV section and I was going to her lips about this online on this trail all the selling there's help me I jumped out of the drilling of the morning and as I said on this I is in pain and I definitely feel I can as I is you guys I will get away from anyone and anything that is said and LB Islington sleek gazelle that I was there and I got away from the lady was a little neutral well you know and the experience parts of the help messenger so I is and is are the Special Olympics and so I like him around another way to wait is over you know so little actually walked around like some burger marker thank you for mispronouncing configured so that I will cancel it within this life you elegantly designed and just found out this little hill by the still camera site will at the house I finally is guided and I realize I heard testimony later by you my favorite is definitely invigorating I willingly on anything they got down there is a great guy and in London those are selling like those runs in a unlikely disguises so sorry I went from again by the course of time I will place the following is only partly eigenvalues are on the do it without without a lot of you know so I diligently to the gym again here I said okay then I don't think I can really talk to some serious case of what's similarly Cummings and outside his so we did a little is a reason whatever they sweep easily when outside as you is limited that really want to talk a long time about this is wondering what is June mom painted the house that color is not because we want in our strong I just as annoying as the Council of management and Okada you are thanks to conferencing okay him him six lumens of his nationality so I goes back in and sits down I come back in Seo that really find out there is not what I want to talk about please have outside not to find a Ross I now and then you say I was human mom on that car we we we would like to talk to you feeling okay is required one color never really because you forgot I was having a hard time so I struggle with and I went back out in this towing is a very hot sample of amniotic pacesetter figures about what is going so I want to the circuit is likely in finding him a look back again finally got there then we were invaluable on roadways in their e-mail is really not a pretty picture you get twelve guys in the room the others to with lots of things in Iraq so we were all there and we were there mostly asleep on my bed for me were surrounded by twelve disciples and whatever you were was the time now is trying to say glycated things I haven't done this and I was really convicted that I wrote down the list when new neurologist Doctor and I was sleeping I will concentrate every offense leaving the snorkeling snore like a steel chain father is and is not a polemic it owns major sleep apnea you know me Nancy that is they don't stuff I don't know is just as strongly as I would like to thirty one it's enough to have my data back what is there I have talked to in this day will pleasantly than the color of your jaw and him will and noted I really needed to you my son will have to end the garden room in which you are you hearing I was going to Minnesota and is and then I'm not as if you don't take care of me when you shave his harder later on guys around and also when my wife and I went vacant land is something that is no data that is relevant place in my bedroom can someone I does one tell you him will him down for value you love you I forgive you for any and everything you want to have remembered then I guess I'll be right in crime then we hung the first time in years and that's only lonely feelings only a will the other guys that it is a prayer group they went on and is there was little celebration is says that companies in the way home and campaign for that they will attack and I found arguing my family home a friend Bruce a vaccine and will represent his industries like an oak tree and put his hand on my shoulder my bachelors has us likely already for their lives in an way house I wouldn't and tell you that just because you have that has experienced those municipal but communicating with the middle of the begin and know when you don't belong there him other things that have no belongings my sister I flew down to Florida for someone tell her I'm sorry to tell her I was sorry to start being felt like I was because of this and then I want to explain why this one until I was in July two thousand American women turn on the blog that started flushing the toilet was hard for her now my sister and I finally broke through after couple years my brother same thing in the picture I showed you my dad has a dedication second child was the first time that I just sent you were not going to allow my dad have privileges the father should have grandchildren so I can't tell you that bitterness is easy thinking lately relinquished on one of what I can tell you is that by God 's grace and completely turning it into and so on side dollars worth of vinyl in my casual dad telling you all filling my gas about everything but I have someone help don't consider my life model and you really anyway except that I have some small way and represent my costs annually and imitate me as I cried I was thinking you look and test everything I said in a case go to the Scriptures most of your home there is anything you can cancel him currently in the process that we can offer the comfort wherewith we did everything we got through everything that God is wonderful to share with people who are struggling with getting out of town so that we might talk about the comfort wherewith we recommend that you hope that the testimony of all of One Life health some way to you thank you for


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