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12. The Devil's Door!

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


How can we avoid opening this deadly door and giving Satan access to our lives? Listen to this lecture to find out more about this important subject!



  • February 18, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight. That Devil's to law or not knock. It was on the weekend of March twenty two and twenty three nine hundred ninety seven that thirty nine members of Heaven's Gate call joined in a mass suicide was the largest suicide in American history. Because you see they believed that root then they would enter a higher level of existence. Here is what J. Gordon Melton the said about the Heaven's Gate called he is the editor of The Authority the authoritative encyclopedia of American religions. He said in this case day the Heaven's Gate called they had a positive motive a great place to go he says. So why hang around here. Great place to go where did they go. That's a good question. Here's another thought. Another statement from James table or cult expert at the University of North Carolina. He said This group is completely different. These people rather calmly followed suicide as their exit in a very positive way to a higher level of existence a higher level of existence. They defined death not as the enemy of life but as life itself. And I got a question Is death of life or is death death. Is that what happens to a person when they die or is death the answer this to a nother life in another forum in another place. Is death the entrance of the next level is death a friend or is it enemy is an enemy the Bible tells us in first Corinthians fifteen twenty six. The last enemy that should be destroyed is that arc that in your notes are first text tonight earth Corinthians fifteen verse twenty six. Death is what. An enemy but notice the Heaven's Gate cult. They define death not as the enemy of life but as life itself. They call death a life. Why did they commit suicide son. Well you see they had opened the devil's door and instead of turning out to be the gate of heaven it turned out to be the devil's door. What is the devil's door. Virtually all cults have opened the devil's door. Both world religions have opened it. Many individuals have opened it and many Christians have also opened the devil's door. What is the devil's door before we can answer that question we need to answer the question what is a cult. Do you identify a cult. We need to know because there's a lot. Exactly estimate there's five thousand cults in America alone. There was a cult in Jonestown Guyana some time ago where over nine hundred people joined in a mass suicide. How do you identify it called what is it about the cults that makes them so vulnerable to the devil. How is it that they all open the Devils door. What is the cult from the Christian perspective a cult is any group that does not accept Christ as Lord and Savior and the Bible as the foundation of faith you will see that in our study this evening. How do you identify a cult. Tonight we're going to give you four ways to identify a call to your want to mark these in your notes because we don't have this in the handout. Four ways to identify a cold number one calls follow a human leader rather than Jesus. Cults follow a human leader rather than Christ in the Heaven's Gate cult is a good example they were following a human leader Marshall Applewhite a choir director they ended up committing suicide as Christians who should we follow. I follow Jesus Jesus said in John fourteen versus ix. I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father but by me. If you want to go the safe way follow Jesus face to follow Jesus it's not safe to follow a man. Jesus said in John and verse four and when he put forth his own sheep he goes before them and the sheep follow him for they know his avoidance of the question of course tonight for us is Who are you following. Are you following Jesus. Don't follow man don't follow us we're made man we make mistakes. You just asked my wife to tell you. I make mistakes and so does her son. Cults follow a human leader rather than Jesus. Sometimes when we do these seminars I have people that tell me if God says it is God's word says that I want to do it but I have other people say wow. Yeah I know that's what the Bible says but I'm going to go ask my pastor what he thinks or they are following them. Now don't misunderstand me it's not wrong to ask a pastor I have people ask me all the time but you should not follow your pastor any farther than you can be sure that he's following Jesus and following the Word of God. Cults follow a human leader rather than Jesus the Bible says the Lord cursed that be the man that trusts in man and makes flesh is are my Jeremiah's seventy in verse five follow Jesus that was number one called follow human leaders rather than Jesus number two cult follow human deeds scenes rather than the Bible called following human teachings rather than the Bible. As Christians we are to follow Jesus Christ. All Living Word and the Bible which is the written word Bible says and Psalm one nineteen one o five Your word is a lamp and to my feet a light into my path. John seventeen seventeen Your word is truth we need a lamp. We need light we need truth that we don't fall into some sort of hole trap or deception. Number two cults follow human teachings rather than the Bible. The Heaven's Gate cult is a good example of that you're looking at at a photograph of the classroom of the Heaven's Gate cult. This is where the cult members would sit and you notice that the two chairs up on the tables that's where Marshall Applewhite will sit and teach. But there are two chairs Marshall Applewhite the cult leader sat in one. Do you know who sat in the other the ghost of his dead girlfriend. That's a fact. Marshall Applewhite left his wife ran off with this other woman. They started a cult the Heaven's Gate called. She later died of cancer and after she died Marshall Applewhite whenever he would give an instruction to his cult group he would put a chair an empty chair beside him where the ghost of his girlfriend would assist him in teaching. Wouldn't you love to sit in those classes and listen to the Guru himself along with the ghost of his girlfriend. Well I should mention they actually study the Bible. They sure weren't following the Bible. Cults follow human teachings added in the Bible and many Christians are making the same mistake today they're following human teaching rather than the Word of God. Maybe for example they know that they should obey God that there are ten commandments in the Ten Commandments but they give all the. Human reason than excuses why you can't keep the commandments of God or example the fourth commandment. There's a lot of human reasons why you don't have to keep that one coat. Follow human teachings and I know many Christians they don't think they're in a cult but we must follow the Word of God not human teachings or traditions. That was number two. Let's go to number three now number three Colt urged group conformity these are the four ways to identify a cold number three cults urge group conformity and the Heaven's Gate called again is a good example. Before they committed suicide they made a video of their plans and those who watched the video said you could hardly tell who was who they all dressed alike. Flowing black shirts baggy black pants brand new black Nike tennis shoes. They all had a short haircut. You could hardly tell who was a man who was a woman who was young who was old. They all looked alike. Group conformity. Are there Christians that make that same exam. Make that same mistake group conformity. I have people say oh preacher Are you saying the whole world is wrong. If everybody's doing it it must be OK if everybody is doing it. Then you can almost be sure it's not right because the majority have never been right but everybody does it that way. The issue is peer pressure the devil uses the pressure of our friends our family our associates to keep us from obeying the word of God really it's mind control the devil knows if he can control the minds of the leaders then he can control the masses. The Bible says there is a way that seems a right and man but the end there are the ways of themes. Right because I've always believed that it's right themes right because everybody's doing it seems right because my family my friends my church is doing it but the end there are the ways of death. That's right where was that text. Proverbs sixteen twenty five put it in your notes tonight think about no no is day was no. Those who followed no or the majority or the minority. I'm sure that the world back in Noah's day didn't think too well of know they probably called him a fanatic. They might even said that he was starting a sect or occult don't join that boat church. No it was a fanatic was no cult leader. No it was simply obeying the word of God It's always amazing to me when people set out to obey the Word of God their friends their family so be careful you might be getting into some sect you might be joining some cult. Be aware it's not cultish to obey God If God's word says it we ought to do it. If you had followed the crowd in Noah's day the majority what would happen to you you would have drowned in the flood. Because the majority missed out the majority were outside the ark and that'll be a lesson for us today. Colts urged group conformity. Here's the point that I want you to remember tonight. Mark it in your notes. You cannot follow the truth and follow the crowd too if you follow the crowd you can follow the truth. If you are of all the truth you're going to end up in the minority. I want the truth don't you. The truth will do what the church will make you free. Cults urged group conformity go on now to number four. Number four cults are deceived on the state of man in debt and this one is the most obvious because he's the New Age cults actually repeat an age old lie. There is no death. Man is a god. Knowledge of self is salvation and it is on this point. Deception about the state of man and death that holds open the devil's door. Here again is our statement from James table or this group is completely different. These people rather calmly followed suicide as their exit in a very positive way to a higher level of existence. They defined death not as the enemy of life but as life itself. Sounds like they were deceived about death right. When you define death as life you are deceived about death cult are deceived on the state of man and the cults believe that when you die you don't really die. You live on. Do you know Christians that believe that same thing. Have you heard of Christians that also believe that when you die you don't really die. They say if you're good you go to heaven if you're bad you go to hell or purgatory in the cult so you go off in the cosmos somewhere we're not sure where but you go off into the cosmos the destinations are different but the belief is the same when you die you don't really die. And this belief that when you die you don't really die actually turns out to be the latch or the devil's door or the door knob if you please to the Devil's door are the Dead related. If they're living on in some form then can't they communicate with us and we with them. Who are the voices that speak to us from beyond the tomb. Are they friendly voices or are they dangerous voices who are the spirits of spirits. Can it be dangerous to converse with the spirits of the dead. Should we open that door. What does the Bible have to say about the spirits of the dead are they living on somewhere. Are they conscious. What did we learn yesterday. Let's read all together Ecclesiastes these nine five Boileau days old I know not in any way how much of the dead know nothing. That's what the Bible says. Father do the spirits of the Dead ever return to visit the living. I had a lady tell me one time that the spirit of her dead husband would come and visit her every week a week to the appointment of her deceased husband the ghost of her husband would come back and visit her. What's the Bible say if you missed every Texan I don't miss this one text job is seven verses nine and ten. I hope your market somewhere. Write it on your hand if you don't have a place a piece of a word or write it up. Seven verses nine and ten says as the cloud is consumed in vanishes away so he that go it down to the grave shall come up no more he shall return no more to his house neither shall his place know him anymore. What's a Bible say is he going to come back to his house. The Bible says he shall return no more to his house so do the spirits of the Dead ever return to the living. What's the answer. Answer is no. But let's add another evidence another text so a man lies down job fourteen twelve. No man lies down and rises not till they have been to be no more. When is that when Christ comes back that the resurrection second Peter three Pinner of elation six fourteen they shall not awake nor be. Raised out of their sleep. Job seven said he's not coming back. But Job fourteen clarifies until when until until Christ returns the heavens shall be no more that's the resurrection was study that in a future lecture So Mark this according to the Bible the spirits of the dead do not return to visit the living. Let's add another text. Job sixteen verse twenty two. When a few years are come then I should go the way from which when so I shall not return. So when you die you're going to come back and visit the living. Not according to the Bible the Bible says what to say or those living that they will die but the dead know not anything. Since the Bible is true since the dead do not return to visit the living since they don't come back to their home since the dead know nothing question who is coming to visit us claiming to be the spirits of our dead loved ones who would want to deceive people would want to deceive people when they are at their lowest point emotionally when they've lost a loved one and their grieving would be just like the devil to do that. Who deceive the Heaven's Gate cult or the devil into committing the largest suicide in American history. There is an interesting tax that you should put in your notes tonight. Second Corinthians eleven verse fourteen says it says and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light or sun since he can transform himself into an angel of light. Do you think he could transform himself into the appearance of one of our dead loved ones. Absolutely. Or do you think one of his demons could do that. Exactly in fact it looks just like your loved one yours. Good relative. Let me tell you a story. There was a missionary couple working in Africa some years ago. They had a little girl they pride and joy of their life. But while they were working in Africa as missionaries this little girl got a tropical disease and she eventually died. And the heartbroken parents they couldn't go back to their homeland for the funeral they had to bury their little girl in Africa two weeks after the funeral. The mother was sitting in the kitchen one day still grieving over the loss of their little daughter when suddenly the door of the kitchen opened up and here came a little girl she had her arms open she said Mama Mama I'm not dead I'm not dead as the mother look at that little girl he looked exactly like her daughter sounded like her daughter the voice was the same all her emotions told her this is your daughter looked exactly like her but that mother knew the Bible. She knew the Bible says it did do not come back to visit the living. She knew the Bible says it did don't know anything and so that mother said to that little girl she said in the name of Jesus Christ depart my house. And she said before my eyes that little girl suddenly turned into a demon and then disappeared. The devil is out to deceive the world. I will say is in Revelation sixteen fourteen for they are the spirit the Devils the working miracle. Though here we have our four ways Number four Colts are deceived on the state of man and then unfortunately there are some Christians that are also deceived on that point is you know that in America alone eight million Americans claim to have had a near death experience and so they thought they died and then came back and lived again. One thing we know they might have been near dead but where they did. That did know how much they don't know anything did you know Marshall Applewhite the founder of the HAVEN'T is gay called had a near death experience when he was a mosque little. He went up through the tunnel of the light and the shining being said is not your time today I go back and live again. And when he recovered from the procedure in the hospital he fell in love with one of the nurses there left his wife. They ran off together and started the Heaven's Gate colt got started out of a near death experience. What happens to people when they die. Well we study that the other night and we Last night I think it was like let's review. We learned last night that may find man is immortal. What about the soul. Well we saw that the soul is also more tall easy Keeley pain for the Souls that see in the shell. We learned last night that our hope after death is what next is to be the resurrection when Jesus comes back let's review that again from Jesus. John five twenty eight and nine Jesus says Marvel not at this for the hour is coming doesn't come yet but it's coming in the which all that are are where. Where are the dead in the grave shall hear his voice and shall come forth come forth from where the graves they that have done good to the resurrection of life and they that have done evil on to the resurrection of damnation will study those two resurrection Saturday night. When we talk about the millennium the very first lie that the devil ever told mankind was actually about the subject of there and there was his first line might it also be one of his last line. I think though only Let's go back and look at that first lie ever told this is three. One the five in here is talking with the devil and doesn't realize it. Are there people today that are talking with demons and don't know about it let's say so. Now the serpent symbol of the devil the devil is using the medium of the serpent the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and he said unto the woman Yea God said Esau not eat of every tree of the garden. Who's the serpent. Does he know he's talking to the devil. Do people today know they're talking to devils. Probably not and the woman said and of the serpent We made of the fruit of the tree of the garden. What are the food of the tree which is in the midst of the garden. God has said you should not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you had ever seen anything that I did she have any idea what death was. No idea what death was. Notice what the serpent said to eat this is the first lie ever told mankind. Genesis three Verse four and the serpent said of The Lowered who said this the serpent said to the woman ye shall not surely die. It might seem like death but you are really going to go on living. Do you know why people are afraid to go out to the graveyard on a dark night. Along about how lowing Maybe because everybody knows those people out there on the graves there are dead but they're not sure really. And so people are afraid of the dark in the graveyard. The devil said you will not surely die. And reading on her God did know that in the day there. Then your eyes will be open and these will be as gods knowing good and evil. If if you eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil you're going to go on to a higher level of existence. Say you will become God. Notice the lies first lie ever told you shall not surely die. You've got an immortal soul leave you can't die. And then in verse five he says you shall be as gods you'll go to a higher level of existence. Isn't that what the cults are trying to do. Go to a higher level Heaven's Gate cult they killed themselves so they could go to a higher level. Question is at the soul of the righteous goes to heaven. Have they not gone to a higher level of X. existence. Yes and if so then we might desire death because through death we go to we go to heaven if that's really what happens. That's not what God said would happen. I had said of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that shalt not eat of it for in the day that it is there now so surely Genesis two verse seventeen please notice God said You will surely die devil said you will not surely die. Somebody is disagreeing with a God who was it. Here is the big question tonight who lied who lied. God said You will surely die. The devil said no you're not going to surely die. Who lied. Think about it. If the soul is immortal then the devil did not lie. Do you see where that takes you. We begin to question the Word of God It was the devil in Eden the serpent that preached the first sermon that the soul is immortal cannot die. God said You will surely die. And what's amazing. Almost every world culture and religion has accepted the original lie of the serpent. You will not surely die. Egypt since Babylonians Greeks and Romans Buddhists is that the Saudis like Freemasons all have one thing in common they believe in the immortality of the soul when you die. You don't really die. Did you know satan worshippers also believe in the pagan doctor that the soul is immortal cannot die. And now many Christians also believe in the pagan doctrine that the soul is immortal and there's a problem with that when you have all of these pagan religions and Christians believing the same thing. Something is wrong with their i'll believe in the same doctor let me show you a statement from a preacher published in Reader's Digest magazine secular magazine but they had an article entitled There is no death written by a popular preacher in America. In the article he said this. You don't really die at all. It may seem like death but you're really keep on living and no more afterward than you did before. Who said that. Isn't that what the serpent told me really needed. Isn't that what the Colts are tempting to do. You know more after you die than when you before you die. That's what this preacher said that doctrine lays the foundation for spiritism spiritualism. There's a statement from a spiritist spiritual ism says the dead know more than the living are what the Bible say that contradicts them. I'll right away the Bible says for the living know they shall die but the dead know how much they know anything and then the Spirit who is actively called the Bible and the serpent that into the woman isso that surely die. Genesis three verse for in this as in many other Bible passages the devil told the truth and the Lord is in error. Here the spirit zealots that is the devil told the truth and God lied. The Bible says God cannot lie and the devil is the father of lies. Spirit says it did no more than the living the Bible says I don't know anything. So we have to choose who to believe. The spirits are the Word of God. Spiritual of them is defined as the belief or doctrine that the spirits of the dead communicate with the living is especially through a medium. Here are some of the things associated with spiritism spiritual ism. New Age reincarnation extrasensory perception E.S.P. magic occultism astrology witchcraft Satanism. That's all associated with spirits is of a spiritual ism and I want to add one more to what that Sun plotter. Harry Potter. Also she was spirit of the modern spiritual ism was actually born in the high. The deal cottage nice real New York in New York and it was actually a haunted house and when the fox sisters moved into this on a house they were terrified of birds because they heard all the noise of ghosts running up and down the stairs and they were very afraid. But they gradually got used to all the noises even put carpets on the floors to cut down on the noise and then one day as they were getting used to it they call. Out to the spirit one day one of the foxes just called out to the Spirit do what I do. She snapped her fingers and immediately there came a whole bunch of snapping back. And gradually they began to set up a means of communicating with the spirit world. And do you know what the very first message is that the spirit then was. Here's the message that came from the ghost of that haunted house in the mid eighty's and fifty's. It said we they said we are all your dead relatives and friends. The Fox sisters opened the devil's door. Who are those spirits those ghosts in that haunted house. They were none other than the spirits of devils the working miracle revelation sixteen verse fourteen. Later they set up this marker stone at the original site of the hides Ville cottage in hides Ville New York and if you look at it you can read the what writing it says the birthplace of modern spiritual ism upon the site stood the Hydes real cottage the home of the Fox sisters through whose medium a ship communication with the spirit world was established when Martin eight hundred forty eight players noticed the large letters. There is no death. There are no dead who else said that. That's what the devil told even the beginning that's what the Spirit just believe that's what the occult just believed that was an eight hundred forty eight. In five years within five years there were thirty thousand spirits of the stick mediums in America alone communicating with the spirits of the dead. The devil's door was wide open. That was the big. I think of spiritism back in eight hundred forty eight. There are two very basic claims to spirit them. Number one spirits one of them claims the dead are not dead. And here's the statement the fundamental principle of spiritism is that the human body survives bodily death. Human beings survive bodily death and that okays in the under conditions not yet fully understood. We can communicate with those who have gone before those who have died. That's from a book on the spiritism we are looking at the Devil's door you're beginning to see what it is. There is the second fundamental teaching of spiritism spiritual Islam. This is number two. Spiritism claims that the dead communicate with the living. And then you have a statement from a spiritist who says there is no death in the graveyard. I have frequent talks with the dead. I cannot doubt that people live after death for I frequently talk with them. That's from a Sir all over a lot. What's the Bible say. I mean they still die but the dead know nothing no not since the dead don't know anything then who is Sir Oliver Lodge talking where he started here at the Devil's working miracles revelation sixteen verse fourteen. But what about the story father the Witch of Endor or how many of you heard the story of the Witch of Endor. All right many of you have you can read that in First Samuel twenty eight. I'll give you the background. Saul the first king of Israel later in his life is king he faced an enemy army and so he went to God for direction and God would not answer Saul because Saul was living in disobedience to God and since God would not answer Saul Saul got mad at God said. Either God is not going to talk to me I'll go to the other source. He went to the Witch of Endor or no question do which is work for God no. And there in the cave of the witch a vendor or she had her seance and apparently the spirit they came up claiming to be Samuel came up didn't come down. Notice what one commentator here one commentary says about this experience. It was not God's Holy Prophet that came forth that the spell of the source or the incantation. Samuel was not present in that haunted the evil spirits that supernatural appearance was produced solely by the power of Satan. He could as easily assume the form of Samuel as he could assume that of an angel of light when he tempted Christ in the wilderness. So you're looking here at a bible example of how when a demon can masquerade as somebody who has died the Spirit said this all tomorrow you're going to be with me. Where was Samuel was he in heaven. If so than Saul was headed to heaven the next day when he died. We know this all is not going to be save the Bible makes it clear where was Samuel in the grave and so the spirit this was actually a demon masquerading as Samuel the Spirit tells all tomorrow you're going to be with me going to be dead. And since God had forsaken the solid the devil had him in his hands of the devil the devil can predict future events for people who are in his hands. He can predict when they'll die as Saul did die that next day. But as the Bible teaches on the subject of death let's read once more Ecclesiastes nine five all together. Well they didn't know that day so I but that is not anything that's what the Bible teaches. Know something. We should clarify tonight. Angels are not the spirits of our departed loved ones did you know that angels existed long before man was created. There were angels already in existence so angels are not the spirits of our departed loved ones doings of ever appear to human beings. But the answer answers yes but another questions do they appear as the spirits of our departed loved ones. The answer is and that brings us to our third question and how do they appear. Here is the answer either as an angel or as a stranger. If it's an angel from heaven they can see there as an angel or as a stranger that's why the Bible says. I will says Be not forget full to entertain strangers for thereby some of entertaining souls unawares. Where was that text. I was Hebrews thirteen to mark it in your coat. If any news all appears as one of our departed loved ones one of our dead loved ones then what kind of angel is that that's a fallen angel we call that a demon. If it's an angel from God They come either as an angel or as a stranger. So what is the devil's goal or have you guessed it yet. The devil's door is communicating with the spirits of the dead. You know people that are doing that. They open the devils a door here is an amazing statement from a book called The great controversy. This book says many will be confronted by the spirits of devils personating beloved relatives or friends and declaring the most dangerous heresies. These visit tends to appeal to our tenderest sympathies and will work miracles to sustain their pretensions. We must be prepared to withstand them with the Bible truth that the dead know not anything and that they use us the PIR are the spirits of the devil. Can you see why it's important to know the Bible. What's a viable say altogether or the Seychelles. I bought the dead know not anything we have found four ways to identify a cult and I number one cold follow human leaders rather than Jesus. Number two cults follow human teachings rather than the Bible. Number three they urged group conformity and number four Colts or deceived on the state of man and death and we have tonight learned what the Bible teaches about what happens when a person dies. The Bible teaches number one the dead are asleep. Psalms thirteen verse three fourteen verse twelve John eleven eleven first read in fifteen fifty one fifty three tax at least death is called asleep the dead are in the grave John five twenty eight and twenty nine X. two twenty nine and thirty four. Then we also found the dead the Bible teaches the dead know not anything where was that text. Ecclesiastes it is nine five and six and him and number four the dead do not return to their home. Job seven nine and ten and job sixteen twenty two. When you believe what the Bible teaches what do you do. The devils you shut the Devils door. I want to do that don't you. There is hope for you who shut the Devils door. There is hope for YEARS ago Hugh trusts no more. There is hope for you. God's Word you now adore. There is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you just don't. But leave the devil's law. There is hope for you he said You shall not surely die. There is hope for you and on the Bible you rely on it with hope and cry for you. The Bible says in John eight thirty two what to say all together. You know the churches and the church shall make you free. Would you like to ask Jesus to die to help you follow the church that you haven't discovered. I do want to ask him to help you follow the treatment of your hands. Let's end our meeting by singing This him. Does Jesus care and I will invite you to stand with us as we sing this here. Sing along with us if you know it was a good lawyer grows and is done with my sorrow good bye. Why did you know I did. He cares for you first Peter five seven. Let's pray. I do have a leave father tonight we again thank you for the Bible to guide our thoughts to guide our faith to guide our footsteps. We all the confusion in the world we want to base our faith on the Bible help us to follow the truth is we have to learn from your holy word shield us we ask from the Devil's deceptions and again we pray for those who have lost loved ones comfort them. Tonight we ask in Jesus' name amen.


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