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17. Revelation's Gateway to a New Life

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Have you wished you could start your life over? Have you wished you could be a different person? Listen to this important lecture to find out just how this can be done.



  • February 23, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is revelations a gateway to a new life. Have you ever done something and the very next moment you regretted that you did it. Have you ever wished that you could do things differently. If you look back over your past life do you sometimes wish you could be a start all over again and begin a new thought a speak. Well the Bible tells us we can actually do that. That is not only possible it is essential if we want to be saved. It's called the new birth. Let's read it here from John three Verse three our first text a night for those of you taking notes. John three Verse three Jesus answered and said and to him Verily verily I say unto thee Except a man be watched or an again born again he cannot see the kingdom of God So we have to start over if we want to enter heaven. But the one that Jesus said this to us asked the question how. Verse four nicotiana Stephanie Emma how how can a man be born when he is old. Kenny enter the second time into his mother's womb and be born. And that question of how is the question that burden hearts have been asking for centuries. How can I start my life over. How do I begin life anew Jesus tells us how. He says in verse five Jesus answered Verily verily I say unto you accept that man is born of water. First of all and of the Spirit Secondly he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven that of people or again we must be born first of all of water that represent what represents baptism baptism and then we must also be born of the spirit that symbolizes conversion and conversion must take place before baptism. How do we expect. It's conversion. Well the Bible tells us how in John one twelve as many as received Him Jesus receive power. When we receive Jesus our life is transformed. Revelation three twenty tells us how we hold Jesus as I stand at the door which represents our choice. Behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me. We open the door to Christ when we invite him personally to come into our lives to direct us to guide us to be our king and our Savior. We are led to take this step of accepting Jesus when we see his love manifest on the cross. When I see him hanging there dying there my death paying the penalty for my sins. Then I want to give my life to him. In fact Jesus said in John twelve verse thirty to mark it in your notes. John twelve verse thirty two he said and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto me. Have you felt that drawing love of Christ in your life. No doubt you have or you wouldn't be here. As we respond to the drawing love of Christ we surrender our lives then we are born of the Spirit. Not my will but I will be done oh lord but that's not all in being born again there's another part. I was the first part of being born again the second part is to be born of water which represents baptism and we are going to see tonight how baptism is indeed a revelation the gateway to a new life. We are studying tonight the gateway to a new life that is baptism. Jesus instructed his followers to teach and baptize Let's read that from Matthew. It's a twenty eight verse nineteen Matthew twenty eight one nine hundred Jesus says Go you therefore and teach all nations and then what baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. What is that to some symbolize. And how is baptism for us the gateway to a new life. Well let's begin to get the answer to that important question from Romans six verses three and four in Roman six three and four the Bible says no he not that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into His death therefore we are burdened with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father. Even so we also should walk in newness of life. So here Paul shows a true significance of baptism he parallels that with the death burial and resurrection of Christ. We are baptized into His death buried with him by baptism like as Christ was raised up from the dead so you can begin to see the true meaning of baptism it symbolizes death burial and resurrection. We come forth from baptism to live a new life. This is the gateway to a new life for those early Christians. Baptism was the public demonstration that they were accepting the death burial and resurrection of Christ on their behalf. But more than that baptism was also the public demonstration that they were guiding to their old life bearing their past sins and mistakes and starting a new life with Jesus. That is the gateway to a new life and that's why the Bible says and to him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood. Revelation one five. I'm symbolizes that the washing away of sin in fact notice from First Corinthians fifteen verses three and four again we see the parallel the death burial and resurrection. Paul says For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received how that Christ what I pay for our sins according to the Scriptures and then he was what very very and then he watched rose again the third day according to the Scriptures baptism the symbolizes all that death burial and resurrection at that baptism represent to end the old life burial of that life in a resurrection to a new life. It's a parallel of Christ's death burial and resurrection. So we see tonight advantage them is the gateway to a new life you bury your past and start over a new with Christ. People when they accept Jesus want to start over they want to bury the past. It's done in baptism in baptism you start a new life but there's a question we need to answer. What's that. Well that is what is the Biblical method of baptism. There are at least fourteen different methods of practice you might have noticed that in your lesson this is a picture of baptism by immersion That's one method but people say it's a lot of work you get all wet. That's not necessary. All you need to do is have some water poured over you. Other people say well now that's a little bit inconvenient all you need to do is have a little bit of holy water sprinkle on you and some people say you don't even need water you just need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. I heard of one group of people they were baptized or maybe buried in snow. They said that they thought that was the proper way to be bad. They buried him and snow for a little while. Course you couldn't. Do that here in the Philippines. I haven't seen in the snow yet and unusual baptism I heard of was this a man who was baptized in obtaining a rose petals. He thought that was the proper way to be baptized and then I heard of a man who baptized his grandson by telephone still trying to figure out how he did that and probably the most unique baptism I ever heard of was this lady who met a preacher in a grocery store I don't know who was saved more of something like that and when she found out that this man was a preacher or a pastor she said Oh preacher she says I've always wanted to be baptized. Would you baptize me. He says you're sure I'll baptize you or baptize you right here. She said How would you do that. He bought a bottle of Coca-Cola pop the lid off ported over here. Coca-Cola Babb says it's not the real thing. So what is the Biblical method of baptism. How many methods are there biblically fourteen. Now let's see what the Bible says Mark this text in your notes tonight says there is one body and one spirit even as we are called in one hope of your calling one Lord one faith and one baptism. How many ports mean what to say. One navies is four verses four and five that does not mean you can only be baptized one time we'll see later tonight that Paul actually told a group of people to be baptized another time. But apparently there is only one method of baptism that God will acknowledge and the question is what's the method or the method of baptism is determined by the meaning of baptism. What is that. Does it mean it means death and then very ill very ill you see a person is buried beneath. No water representing death and burial of the old life. So in baptism the person is placed beneath the water representing death and very very well you see every baptism every baptistry someone has died and were having their spiritual funeral who dies and is buried. Well that's what the Bible tells us in Romans Chapter six verse six and seven. Here the Bible tells us in Roman six six and seven knowing this that our old man is crucified with him that is with Christ that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve him for he that is dead is freed from saying would you like to be freed from the slavery of the end then you must first die to seen to who dies and is buried. OLD MAN That's the old nature that like to sit in the old you is. Dies to see and is buried and when the something dies what do we do with it. We bury it. Mark this for a new life to begin you must first bury the old life right. For example in gardening if you want to grow plants What do you do with the seeds. For example what is this commodity. How do you plant commodities if you take the pieces and you just kind of sprinkle him out over the ground is that how you plant them. What must you do you have to bear them as in the natural so in the spiritual for a new life to begin you have to bury the old live. You can never begin a new life until you first bury the old one. That happens of course in the step of baptism baptism represents the Bible method. After that represents and burry all what and resurrection you see is not just a spiritual funeral a spiritual grey it's also a spiritual birthday a new start a resurrection. Please notice what the word baptism means it means to dip to immerse to plunge under water that's where it comes from in the OR it comes from the original Greek bad deeds Oh well they would die. Cloth How did they do it. Well I suppose they would hang cloth up on a line and sprinkle some dye on the claw. Is that how you know it ladies you know what do you do. You take the cloth and you dip and all the way down to the color that's where we get the word the Greek word bad kids ill comes from to dip to immerse to plunge under water so even the word baptism means to go under the water and when something dies do we sprinkle it. If you took an animal that died and you sprinkled some dirt on it what would happen now. You could smell it and the reason why there are some stinking Christians is they would never have been buried. I say that kindly of course. So we realized tonight that sprinkling is not the Bible method of baptism the Bible method of baptism represents the first of all and then burry all and then a resurrection resurrection to a new life. Let me show you a picture of somebody who has arisen from the waters of baptism. This particular young man when he sees coming up out of the water you'll notice he didn't even get his hair wet because he didn't have any hair to get wet that behind him is his wife. They attended one of my seven. Our As both of them and they chose to get baptized to start a new life. Here's another picture of the baptism that we had in Europe you can see that this woman here she dies in Bodley is buried beneath the water and resurrected to a new life. That's what true baptism symbolizes. Let's read now Romans six four five any therefore we are burning with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the father even though we also should walk in the life that we enter with Christ into a new life. You want to start a new life. We are seeing tonight how to do that now verse five says for we have if we have been what plant planted How do you plant seeds. You bury them. If we have been planted together in the likeness of his death we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection. And then it says now if we be dead with Christ we believe that we so also live with him. So baptism also represents the new beginning of the new life. Baptism is the gateway to a new life. It's been belies this the Biblical method a baptism symbolizes death and new life very all and resurrection spirits or funeral and spiritual birthday. Let me give you one of the checks to put in your notes tonight from first Peter three verse twenty one market down. First Peter three twenty one we're not going to read it but you can just mark it down. It says the like figure where and even baptism death also now save us not the putting away of the filth of the flesh. In other words it's not like just taking a bath getting wet. But it's the ends or the by. What is the answer of a good conscience before God. You see when the devil comes to haunt you with your past in the past life your past sins when you've been baptized the Bible where you've been buried beneath the water you've been raised up out of the water you can tell the devil look I buried that man I buried that woman this is a new person in Christ you can say that of your just been sprinkled but if you've been baptized the Bible way it's like you have a clean conscience a new start and the devil understanding the true significance the meaning of baptism he's sought to bring in all these other baptisms counterfeits. Let's look at the Bible examples of that ISM one is a man by the name of John the Baptist called the Baptist because he baptized and where did you baptize Well let's see what the Bible says. Here it is advise where John in the Jordan River but where John three verse twenty three and John also is baptizing in the none near to Salem because there was much wider there and they came and were baptized. So what do you need to do the right method of baptism. Much water if John had sprinkled people he could have got all over Palestine with some sort of that's all with his holy water and he got to sprinkle people it would have been easy but they came to ham to the Jordan River and to a certain place there where there was much water and among those who came for baptism was who. Let's consider how he was baptized because he is our example. We're going to read from Matthew three thirteen through seventeen. Are your notes tonight Matthew three thirteen through seventeen and come of Jesus from Galilee to Jordan and to John to. The baptized of him but John forbade him saying I have need to be baptized of you do you come to me recognize that Jesus had no sinful past to burry. He says you should baptize me not be baptized you reading on it says and Jesus answering said and to him suffer it to be so now let's do it now. For thus it become a thousand to fulfill all right just as then he suffered more in other words then he baptized him. Why was Jesus baptized to fulfil all right just as there are at least two reasons why Jesus was baptized. One is to set us an example of the right method of after them to look back to two later. Let's read on and it isn't Jesus when he was baptized went up straight way out of the water and lo the heavens were open and in him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like it and lighting upon him. Though Jesus went up three way out of the water mark one ten coming up out of the water and you can't really come up out of the water if you never went down into the water and then it says a low voice from heaven saying this is my beloved Son in the room I am well pleased Heaven is well pleased when we take this step of baptism but who is displeased. The old devil he doesn't like to see people making that kind of commitment. But please notice when Jesus was baptized he came a straight way out of the water. Can you do that if you've been sprinkled. Yes or no can you do that if you've been poor again the only way you can come up straight way out of the water is if you've been down under the water. John place Jesus for a moment beneath the waters of the Jordan representing. Death and burial. Then the next moment raised him up out of the water representing the wrecked resurrection to a new life. There's another example there's another example of baptism that comes from Acts eight versus thirty five to forty. And this is the example of the Ethiopian unit who was the rich man he was a treasure for the queen of Ethiopia. And we read about him from Acts eight thirty five to forty was traveling home to his home country and he was reading Isaiah the prophet he was actually reading from Isaiah fifty three about the sufferings of Jesus and he couldn't understand what he was reading. God sent the evangelist Philip to help him understand what he was reading. God is guiding those who are seeking the truth. Those who can share with them the truth and as he shared with him the truth he uplifted Christ before him he had a small profit the seminar so to speak right there in the Unix chariot and the eunuch felt drawn to Christ as Philip uplifted Jesus before him. And notice what he says. This is Acts eight thirty six and thirty seven and as they went on their way they came unto a certain water and a eunuch said See here is water what does hinder me for it to be baptized. I don't know if Philip had explained baptism to this man or if he had known about baptism. Whatever the case he said Look here is water I want to be baptized. Notice Philip's reply. Philip said if you believe with all your heart you may. And he answered that I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God So he says I want to show my acceptance of Jesus as my personal savior by the step of that is and I want to bury my past and start a new life with Jesus. Philip says OK you may and then you can notice a watch here a Bible example of baptism. Please notice this Acts eight thirty eight says they went down both into the water. Both Philip and the eunuch and he baptized. They went down both. Both the candidate and the preacher. You don't do that if you're just sprinkling some holy water on the person you don't go in the water together. But that's what's happening here in this Bible picture of baptism both the preacher and the person going into the water together. They went down into the water and Philip baptized him. I can see Philip raising his hand in a solemn benediction to heaven and saying something like this because of your faith in Jesus and your acceptance of him as your personal savior. Today I baptize you in the name of the what did Jesus say when you baptize that is in the name of the Father and of the Son Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost. So I could just imagine him saying that and then he places him for a moment beneath the waters of whatever that place was under the water representing the asset and burial next moment raises him up out of the water representing their ex. I've had people say when you baptize Why do you lay people down backward. Baptism is a symbol of death and burial right. Did you ever see somebody face down in the casket at the wake that would be described as full. They're always buried face up so they're ready for the resurrection when Christ calls them and says same. It's a symbol of death and burial. It's a perfect symbol for a moment the hands are close folded eyes are closed the breath is suspended it's just like as it's a symbol of death. I might mention for those of you that are afraid of water. If there's any Filipino that's afraid of water but I've met people that were afraid of water. If you're afraid of water you don't have to be afraid of after them because it only takes a moment. I think member we had a baptism one time in Europe and there was this young man he was deathly afraid of water I don't know if he never took a bath or what but he was afraid of water but he wanted to be baptized and so he said I want to be first that we had a large mass baptism that particular day and there was a local pastor doing the baptism I was watching and I thought maybe he would pass out before he went in the water because his hands got sweaty and cold broke out in a cold sweat. He was so scared but I as I was watching he was the first one he walked down into the baptism or pool there and they baptized him he came up a look a look so graceful. So I asked him afterward I said well how do you go. He said you know when I stepped into the water all my fear went away. So you don't have to be afraid of water or baptism at least because it only takes a moment. Buried beneath the water then leaning on says and when they were come up out of the water you see the picture. They went down into the water and they came up out of the water that's the Bible way to be baptized and all churches used to baptize the one Bible way even the Church of Rome you can see here picture of the baptistery in Rome in many of the Beatles you will see a Baptist trees because churches used to baptize by. My one Bible message an average church the Roman Catholic Church the Orthodox Church the Lutheran church all of them used to baptize the right way up until maybe I should say the Lutheran because they came later. But it is interesting the history it was not until the Council of Ravenna and thirteen eleven eighty when sprinkling and pouring were officially accepted is equally valid as immersion for baptism. Before that everybody was baptized by immersion but then they made a compromise and started sprinkling. So we understand that baptism is by immersion not by sprinkling not by pouring or any of those other men talked about but in a place where there is enough water to burry the person beneath the water and to raise them up out of the water for the symbolism of baptism to be complete. That brings us to the question how does a person prepare for the supper baptism. This is a picture of a baptism mass baptism we had in India. Some years ago. How do you prepare for baptism. Well there are at least three basic ways to prepare for baptism. First of all number one one must believe you must accept Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord Jesus said it says in activate thirty seven rather Philip said if you believe with all your heart you may. And he answered said I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God So you must have faith in Christ in His sacrifice. But the sin of man and we must receive Him as Lord and Savior. So if you've accepted Christ as your savior you've taken the first step the second step is repentance repent what is repentance. Sorrow for sin and turning away from C. and X. to their kids thirty eight says. Then Peter here St Peter said and. Then repent and be baptized every one of you so before were baptized were supposed to Lot and repent. Repentance is sorrow for sin and turning away from sin that does not mean that you have to be perfect before you're baptized. But we should not be continuing in a course that we know is evil we should not be practicing something that we know is deliberate sin. We must repent. That's the second step. And number three we must obey obey the commandments of Christ. Let's read about that from Matthew twenty eight one thousand and twenty. Jesus said Go you therefore and teach all nations first teach then baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost say to them what. Well it says verse twenty teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. So we're supposed to be taught to obey the commands of Jesus before we take the step of baptism. There are some preachers and there are some churches they say you want to be baptized. Please come right on it will baptize you. Jesus is no first teach then baptize teach the basic truths of the Bible such as the Ten Commandments. There you have the three steps. Believe in Jesus repent of sin and obey Jesus Jesus as if you love me keep my commandments Now that brings us to questions. What about baby baby qualify for baptism. Can a baby repent of sin. No baby doesn't even know it has sin. Can a baby be taught to keep the commandments. You could say no baby not commit adultery. Baby has no idea what you're talking about babies don't qualify. Matt you can read it. Matthew two verses sixteen to eighteen and Jeremiah thirty one fifteen to seventeen. The babies that died during the time of Herod. They will be resurrected when Jesus returns. So babies can be saved even if they weren't baptized as an adult. Jesus was baptized as a baby he was dedicated you can read that in Luke two verse twenty two. We've had some beautiful baby dedications but not baptisms. But how old should a person be before they are baptized. Well that depends entirely on the individual and on their understanding of the faith. Some are mature earlier than others but a person should be able to know the difference between right and wrong and choose the right. Some people are meant to are when they are ten and some are not mature when they are twenty. So it depends on the maturity of the person others brings us to this question son is a Biblical for a person to be rebaptized. Well let's read about it from Acts nineteen one through five and see what the Bible says. If it's biblical or not. Acts nineteen verse one. Then it came to pass that while Paula for that Corinth Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to emphasis and finding certain disciples came to where ever we learned earlier from the Book of the officiant is that there is only one baptism. But notice Jesus tell our Paul tells these people to get baptized a second time he said and to them Paul said and to them Have you receive the Holy Ghost and see believe. They said and then we have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost that these people had even heard about the Holy Spirit. And it's important to receive the Holy Spirit to be saved. Notice what it is Asians for thirty if you like a text for that. Yes And he said into them onto what then were you baptized. And they said and John the Baptist not a John baptized. I don't think going by immersion. Then said Paul John barely baptized with the baptism of repentance saying to the people that they should believe on Him which should come after him that is on Christ Jesus. When they heard this they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus was that their first or their second baptism son Beckett. So is it OK then let's go back to our question is it Biblical for a person to be rebaptized as the Bible allow that. Apparently so yes the Bible does allow that. That brings us to the question who should be rebaptized. Well there are some general categories of people who often choose to be rebaptized number one are those people who are never burry. Maybe they had a baptism by sprinkling or pouring or some other method that's not Biblical and many of them when they learned that their baptism really wasn't didn't count in God's sight. They choose to be rebaptized the Bible way. The Bible method second group are those who never accepted Jesus These are people that maybe they got baptized because bomb told me I should or all my friends were doing it so I thought I should join the group. Later in life when they develop a personal experience with Jesus some of them choose to be rebaptized to show that this is now something personal between me and Jesus and then number three are those who fallen away from Jesus. Maybe they didn't really they fell away from their walk with him. Maybe they went out in the world and lived in the pleasures of sin. I can testify to that third group because I was baptized when I was young and then some years later. There I wandered out into the world grew my hair long I became a rebel. I want to tell you how I was reconverted one of our future topics. I used to have longer hair than some of you ladies. But God changed my life. I'll share that story in a future study. But later I was rebaptized when the Lord brought me back to a recommitment to hear. I took the step or re baptism and it's from that second baptism that I really date my Christian experience. Then of course group are those who were never taught to keep all the commandments of God I had a man come to me one time he says I want to be read rebaptized and he told me how many Sabbath he had broken in his life and he forget how many thousand it was. He said that's a lot of sin and I want to bury all that Sid and start over a new. So he was rebaptized and there may be some other reasons for baptism but those are the general ones and we might mention right here if you're thinking about baptism we do recommend that you take the step of baptism in the commandment keeping church rather than into a commandment breaking church. But that brings us to another question son how important is that ism. Well let's see what the Lord said in Mark sixteen verse sixteen in Mark sixteen verse sixteen. Jesus said He that believes that's the conversion number one and is a baptized number two shall be saved the he that believes not shall be damned. So is it important if I want to be saved to be baptized. I've met people that so I as I talk to them I say we talk about baptism. I say have you been baptized. No Jesus says He that believes in is baptized shall be saved are you save then. Oh guess not. Is this important then. Apparently so according to Jesus that brings us to another question. What about the thief on the cross. He wasn't baptized and he was promised salvation. Far as we know he was not baptized. The thief on the cross he could not be baptized because he was fastened to the cross. And that brings us to the second reason why Jesus was baptized. He was grabbed his number two. For those who could not be baptized there will be people in heaven no doubt who never were baptized never knew about baptism or like the thief on the cross never had that opportunity. However if I have the opportunity for baptism and I refuse to take that step or I neglected to take that step then can I be say what Jesus either believe it and is baptized shall be saved. And you might be thinking Well are you telling us that we have to be baptized. You know baptism is not something you have to do. It should be something that you want want to do. Let me illustrate Here's a picture of my sweetheart my wife twenty seven years. Do you think that I had to marry Sandra. That's her name said or I call or sweetheart did I have to marry her. Did I have to know. Did I want to. Yes I could hardly wait. And it's the same with Jesus. When a person received Jesus this is a personal Lord and Savior and begins to know Jesus personally. He longs to bury his old life of sin and wickedness leave it behind and start a new life with the power of Jesus that is done in baptism baptism rather than being something all I gotta do this. It becomes something I want to do. This because I love Jesus. I want to commit my life to Jesus. Should you wait until you're perfect before you are baptized. Well let me ask you son should you wait until you're perfect to get married. Well if you did that you'd probably never get married. Marriage is not a public ceremony that two people have become perfect. It's the public ceremony that two people have become committed and it's the same with baptism baptism is not the demonstration that you become perfect. It's the public testimony that you are committing your life to Jesus because that didn't work a magical change. No the change takes place before you're baptized. If we had a tank here and we brought in a drunk from the street and we put them under the water and raised him out of the water that's the proper method. Would that change them. They would go down a dry drunk and come up a wet drunk. There'd be no change. The change happens before baptism the marriage doesn't create love in the couple's heart. They are already in love the marriage is the public commitment and so baptism doesn't work some magical change in your life. Jesus has already changed to the demonstration of that saints. Baptism is a beautiful symbol of the end of an old life has been the Birrell of an old life of sin and the resurrection to a new life with the cry that they didn't understand the significance of baptism. And he tries to prevent people from taking the step of baptism. He brings in discouragement problems into their lives to try to discourage them from making the commitment to Christ family turn against friends oppose them all sorts of difficulties you're going to understand the devil does not want people to make. I'm a commitment to Christ. But Jesus invites us to follow him. He took the step of baptism and he invites us to follow Him Jesus says and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men and to me thousands of people have responded to his drawing the love around the world and taken the step of baptism Let me show you some pictures of some of the baptisms we've been involved with. Here's one that we had in the former Soviet Union. We had a couple thousand people attending the seminar and there was a large group of them that took the step of baptism to show that they were accepting Christ. Here's a baptism we had in the Black Sea an outdoor baptism some years ago there in the former Soviet Union. Here is what we had in a large river there in Ukraine over two hundred people baptized in that particular mass baptism. Here's a baptism we had in India back in one nine hundred ninety nine many former Hindus were baptized there became Christians and near the baptism we had more recently five years ago and we had a baptism there were more than two hundred fifty people were baptized right here in the Philippines. Now here's a picture of a baptism we had in America and I want to underscore a particular person in this picture. As you look at the picture you'll see a lady that has a white hair right there. That lady was eighty seven years old are you ever too old to be baptized. Never too old for that. I remember one time we had a baptism with a couple they were both in their ninety's wanted to take the step of baptism and some of you may be thinking about baptism already baptism now that you understand the significance of the step you might like to take this step a baptism or a baptism we are planning about. I'm after our prophecies of hope program. March seven or fourteen either one of those dates we're planning a baptism on both those dates so either one for you. If you're thinking about baptism would be acceptable. Those are Sabbath afternoon so we'll have it in the afternoon. So if you're thinking about baptism we would invite you to consider either March seventh or March fourteenth. Not too far away the Bible says. And now why Perry is that in modern English why are you waiting. Arise and be baptized in washed away your sins calling on the name of the Lord. Acts twenty two verse sixteen. I remember when I was courting Sandra. Somebody said Lo when you're going to ask her to marry you what are you waiting for. And so the Bible says to us what are you waiting for do you love Jesus. Then arise and be baptized and wash away your sins start a new life with Jesus. We're going to invite you tonight to make a decision. Our helpers have a little card they're going to pass like to have our helpers pass that card right now. This card is in title revelations a gateway to a new life and there is something on the card for everybody so if you are baptized you can take a card or some box here you can check if you are thinking about baptism you can take a card. Everyone is invited to take a card because there's something on this card for everybody. As you receive your card you can put your name on it if you need a pen. I believe our helpers have extra pins just wave it there if you need a pen and they can help you with that. We should have people passing cards up in the upper part of our. Theater today. You may have a stack of cards passed to you just take one and pass the rest of them down to those beside you. We're going to go through the card together. The first line says line one I want to be truly committed to cry. I hope that's something that we can all check. That's your commitment you can put a check in that first box and then Box number two. I want to be baptized by immersion as the Bible teaches following Jesus example. If you are thinking of baptism then put a check in that second box. I want to be that somebody needs a pen over here looks like we have a pin here. The third line says I have been baptized but would like to be rebaptized if you are thinking of re baptism. And check that box. You may have been baptized by sprinkling realize that biblically you really should be rebaptized the Bible way. Some of you may have been baptized into a commandment breaking church and you're thinking of being baptized into a commandment keeping church. If you are considering re baptism or there might be a variety of other reasons why you are thinking a real baptism then check that third box and then the last box I would like a personal visit to discuss some quest and I have some of you may be considering bad tism but you feel like there are questions you need to have answered before you feel free to move forward in that decision. QUESTION You can check that last box just be sure that you put your phone number there with your name so that we can contact you and set up a time when we can answer your questions. You have not done so yet put your name on your card and your phone number of your like your address if you are a church member you can check the YES. If not check no. If you check yes then list what church you attend. Currently we have people here from many different churches so just list what church you currently attend and we want to give you enough time to finish your cards so we'll sing a stanza of the song all to Jesus I surrender if you need more time for your card then please take the time while we sing songs. If you have a meaning then you are invited to sing with them. And oh oh oh no oh no no I didn't turn your guard over and sit out your helpers to the aisles. We want to pray for your decisions tonight while they collect the cards will continue singing. It's like him. All right. I know that we have all the cards. There is hope for you by baptism you begin life anew. There is hope for you. All your past sins you can bury too. There is hope for you. Don't hesitate like others do because there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. Immersion is the method can prove there is hope for you other methods have no value. There is hope for you who choose God's command to do. There is hope in Christ for you. Let's pray together. Our Father in heaven we thank you tonight for your call to each one of us to follow Jesus and we thank you for the step of baptism. How it represents death burial and resurrection to a new life. And we pray that you would bless each decision tonight that was marked on these cards and we pray for your strength in each one of our lives Blessed are those who are looking forward to night we pray that this step of baptism Brady would prepare them for that step. And we pray that you would help us to daily follow your plan for our lives. Bring us back again safely tomorrow again. We pray in Jesus' name amen.


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