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21. The Secret to Financial Prosperity

Lowell Hargreaves Michael Hargreaves


Have you ever felt that you simply don't have enough money? Have you discovered you just never have enough money? Perhaps you overlooked one of the Bible's basic principles. Don’t miss this topic to find out more!



  • March 3, 2015
    7:00 PM
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Our topic for tonight is the secret to security and financial prosperity. Let me ask you a question as we begin tonight. Have you ever wished you had more money. Have you ever wished that somehow you could make more because the bills you had were more than income that you had. Well probably everybody wished that at some point or another. Did you ever feel like your body just wasn't worth much. Takes more and more money to buy less and less stuff. If you ever feel like your money your bills are like this big monster and pay the big when it came time to pay your bills all your money disappeared paying bills devoured by the monster the bill did you ever feel like your pocket had a hole in it. The money's disappearing I don't know where it's going but it's disappearing. You ever feel like your money is sort of going down the drain. There is an interesting Jack in the book of how first text at night is a one verse six Market in your notes. Hagi I one verse six the Bible says you have sown much and bring in little you eat but you have not enough you drink but you are not too old with drink you close view but there is none warm in here that earns wages earns wages to put it into a bag with whole. Did you ever feel that way your money is in a going into a pocket that's got a hole in it or the beggar's got a hole in it. We want to find out tonight how to plug those hole. We want to discover the secret to security and financial prosperity tonight the Bible secret. That's right and this is one that some of the world's a wealthy. Yes individuals have utilized to have followed. We find it in the story of Jacob Jacob was Abraham his grandson and you may remember that Jacob and Esau were twins. It was a wealthy family they grew up in. But Jacob cheated his brother out of the birthright blessing and his brother his older two and got so mad he threatened to kill Jacob and so Jacob fled and he did it for me in a Land Cruiser. I mean I'm sure he got a blow out one of the head Land Cruisers back when he didn't flee on a camel or a horse. You know why his brother Esau was a mighty hunter. So Jacob one of the family without leaving any traces any tracks. And this is before the days of A.T.M. cards our A.T.M. machines or credit cards. So he probably left home with almost nothing. Running away from an angry brother. It was during that flight that he had an encounter with God You can read about it in Genesis twenty eight verses eleven to fifteen and it is fear that Wi-Fi the Bible secret for financial prosperity and security. There is a new light upon a certain place and tarry there all night because the sun sets and he took of the stones of that place and put them for his pillows and lay down in that place to sleep. MAGINNIS leaping on a rock for a pillow. Reading on it says that he that Jacob dreamed and behold a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reach to heaven and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it that ladder represents who is represents who represents Christ John one verse if you want to be like that. It's the latter reached all the way down to Jacob and that latter Jesus reaches all the way down to you tonight regardless of how low down you might feel the latter Jesus reaches down to you and you can get on that ladder and begin the ascent to glory. Jacob received a promise from God Let's read it here and behold I am with the end will keep the in all places where that out goal is and will bring the again into this land for I will not leave the until I have done that which I have spoken to the this was the promise that God made to Jacob and Jacob was so touched by God's mercy and goodness that he made a vow and in that vow we find the secret to security and financial prosperity. As you read it from Genesis twenty eight twenty three twenty two The Bible says and Jacob out of our saying if God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go and will give me bread to eat and Raymond to put on so that I come again to my father's house and peace then shall the Lord be my God and this stone which I have sent for a pillar shall be God's house and of all that thou shalt give me I was surely give much and I will surely give the tenth until the bear is the secret of Bible secret for security and financial prosperity returning at ten back to God of everything that God gives to us and Jacob when he made this value was a quite a bore but in a few years he went on to become one of the richest men in that area God bless them with power the than with the with herds with flocks. When Jacob made a vow he was like those. Homeless people that you see pushing their cars on the street he was homeless. But in just a few years he became one of the wealthiest individuals in the whole region. Bible says In Proverbs ten twenty two the blessing of the Lord it make it rich and he added no sorrow to it. How did Jacob get the blessing of the Lord by returning it to God. Did you know that actually it can belong to God. That's right the Bible tells us and Leviticus twenty seven verse thirty and all the cons of the land whether the speed of the lander the fruit of the tree is the Lord. It is holy and to the left or the Bible says all the time gone. What does the word High me or the Word five means ten percent of something and the Bible says that size is holy is only a few things called holy God is called the Holy God name is holy God laws' holy The Sabbath is holy. But here the time it is called a holy. As we read and tied to God we're showing that we are appreciating God's blessings are showing that he is the rightful owner of everything that you can read in James Chapter one Verse seventeen. The Bible says Mark it in your note. James one seventeen. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from where it is from above and come us down from the Father of Lights with whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. Even your money is a blessing that comes down from God it comes to you from God because you see God gives you the strength and your money. That's right the Bible tells us in Deuteronomy eight birthday eighteen but our children member the Lord thy God for it is given. Power to get well. So it is God who gives us the strength the intellect the ability to get well from the start so that means we really don't own anything because it's God that gives us the power to get well. We are simply stewards are managers of the gifts that God has been trusted to ten percent to God to say thank you to God for the all the blessings and to acknowledge that God really is the rightful owner of everything. But that brings us to this question. What was that. Hands are tied to be used for son. Let's read the answer from numbers eighteen twenty one numbers eighteen twenty one says God says and behold I have given the children of Levi all the tents in Israel for an inheritance for their service which faith or even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation that God has given the chance to the children of Levi who are the children of Levi that were the priests back in the Old Testament and God gave them the tribe so that they wouldn't have to go out and find a secular job but they could be sustained in the work of God with the time they could spend full time in the ministry there in God's house in the Old Testament the temple the Church of the Old Testament Well son did that same principle ten ten percent carry from the Old Testament church into the New Testament church. Well yes it did. Let's go read from First Corinthians nine thirteen and fourteen. First Corinthians nine thirteen and fourteen it says Do you not know that they which minister about holy things the live of the things of the temple and they Which wait at the all top or takers with the answer. There you see a reference to what we read in Leviticus briefs live of the time. Let's read on now. They received ten percent of everything that was brought in there like you were. Even so all that means in the same manner in the same way. Even so I ask those who are Danes did the Lord even so I thought that they would preach the Gospel should live as a gospel so God set up this system so those who preach the gospel could live as a gospel as in the Old Testament the priests were sustained by the tide. So in the New Testament the gospel ministry the Gospel ministers were to be sustained by the time. Now unfortunately this has been a little bit at the used in some churches because some ministers have a very large church with some very wealthy members and if there is a famous minister a famous preacher they might be able to by themselves are a bunch of nice houses and properties and the new car every year and some may even be able to buy themselves a twenty million dollar private jet it happens. That's for those churches were all the tithe in the church stays in the local church. So if you've got a mega church if you're a T.V. preacher and all the time stays in your church you get a big salary. That's not the way it works in the Seventh Day Adventists church. We learned the other day that God does have a true church. Seven They have a church you might like to know how the tithe is handled in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. When the tide comes in to the local church for example when it comes in here to this church the tiger's not stay in the church it is sent to a regional headquarters a conference and from there a percentage of the tide is sent on up to the world church to help care the Gospel to the whole world and I portion of the tithe is used to pay. All the pastor salaries in the region are in the conference and the salary of a Seventh Day Adventist pastor is basically a laboring man salary. You can't get rich as a seventh Avenue pastor at least not off your salary if you're wealthy uncle gives you an inheritance then you might get rich but is not off your salary and also in the Seventh Day Adventist Church whether you have a big church our little church US cents they get the same salary. So there's no desire to lower the standard so you can get more members so you get more money. It doesn't work that way in the seventh heaven asserts you have a big church small church essentially the same salary. And if there are some wealthy church member in your local church that has some sin in their life and the pastor you took. If you're the pastor you have to deal with at the end. That's not going to affect your salary because you're not being paid by the local church you're being paid by the local conference. That's how it's set up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church very faire. What did Jesus have to say about the fighting. Let's read this from Matthew twenty three verse twenty three and this is easy to remember two three two three. Matthew twenty three twenty three Jesus said law when to use scribes heresies hypocrite where you pay tithes of mint. An innocent human there are smaller and illuminate the way they are matters of the rod judgement mercy and faith. These are easy to have done and not to leave the other undone. The Jesus as you were doing right about being so meticulous and so careful about paying your tie you were doing right but you missed some things that were much more important you missed judgment. Mercy faith Luke says the love of God. Now look at their hearts but they were meticulous time players than Jesus commend them for that. And apparently the Jews have been benefited by painfully returning ten percent to God or to their church. Have you ever wondered why Jews generally are so wealthy. There must be some financial program that they're following. And now you're discovering tonight what it is. Notice again Leviticus twenty seven thirty. The Bible says all the time is of the land whether the seed of the land or the food is a tree is the law. It is holy and to the law. It doesn't say all the times of the Jew. I've had people say oh chide that's for the Jews. Are the blessings of God only for the Jews. You know it but the time belongs to God Now Father can we give God our time. We don't give you return time. The tide belongs to who it belongs to God So when you return time when you hand in that ten percent you're not giving God anything. You're returning to God what already belongs to him. So the tides are something we return and I ought to ask you is God asking for too much. Tempers it. If I have a million dollars I don't but if I did what would might be a hundred thousand dollars can I afford that. We have I got a million dollars I can afford a hundred thousand if I have ten dollars I do. How much is my tied one one dollar. Can I afford it. Of course God is not asking too much of us and when you think of all the blessings What a guy. I'd say it was the Bible say let's read it all together. The bloodletting knowing the lawyers make it rich and he had no sorrow to do it. Now this is not just talking about riches materially. This is talking about many kinds the rich is rich rich spiritual Well God is not talking primarily about money blessings here. Why are there some rich people that are why there's so many wicked people that are rich. They might have riches but they also have sorrow. Notice the Bible says the blessing of the Lord it makes sure it had no sorrow with it. That's the kind of blessing you lot and your discovering how to get it. But that brings us to the question How important is it to return time. I had a couple one time they came to me after this topic and they said Pastor we don't have enough money now to meet all our expenses. This was in America. They were foreigners and foreign couple they were studying in America. They had their children with them so they were paying the college education they were paying for their the rental of the house they were but all the expenses and they said Pastor every month were going farther and farther behind we don't have enough money and you're telling us we gotta return ten percent to God that's not possible. Show us how we can do that. I said to the couple I said well if you don't have enough money now then maybe you should try God's Ford Milla God's plan. Return the ten percent the belongs to God stop robbing God and see if God will bless you. I had a man come to me one time after this lecture. He said Pastor I came to night to find this the secret to security and financial prosperity. I didn't come to find out. I had another bill to pay. Well the tribe is not a bill. Chive is a blessing the blessing of the Lord it makes rich but Son How important is it to return time. Let's read what the Bible says and Malakai three eight and nine. We're all manner of God. Well it be a pretty theory thing to rob anybody but to rob God would be really bad. Bible said Will a man rob God yet you rob me but you say where in there we robbed the entire then offering and then God says we are cursed with a curse for you rob me. Even this whole nation. How many of you here tonight would like God to curse let me know on how do we get God's earth by neglecting or refusing to return that side back to God with our offerings. There's another text you can add to your notes tonight and that's from again that little book of one verse nine where God says you look for much. And lo it came to Little and when you brought it home I did blow upon it. So when you bring your Sorry home God I can't grow like God when God blows onto your salary how much will be last month doubly not a lab. I don't care how much money you make. You could make a million dollars a day and you would not have enough money. If God blows and if God blows on your income if you blow it away and notice it says why. When you brought home your salary I did blow upon it. He got his wife does a lot of those because of my new house. What's God's house. That's a church because of my new house. Mine houses waste and you run every man under his own house. As you're taking care of your own affairs and neglecting my house and so God says When you bring on your salary think about this. Let me back up just a moment. If your income is blasted by God and cursed by God Will you ever have enough money you'll never have enough money. Question Which will go farther. Nine tenth's for me with God's blessing or ten tenth's for me all for me with God's curve which will go further. Will's intent with God's blessing in the man nine is less than ten. But in God's Plan nine is more than ten yards shakes what is left over after you've paid your time your return your ties and your offerings paid your offerings and he stretches it out over all the bills. What's the promise all together. The blessing of the Lord make it rich and he added no sorrow with it can you please get to see why there are so many poor people. They are robbing God every week or every month or every time they get their salary. And so they have God's curse on their income and God's blowing away their salary. You want to be blessed by God and be faithful. Now some people say well what if I've never returned any ties in my life how would it be possible for me to pay all that back. How can I do that I'll be paying that bill the rest of my life. There's no way you can had your debt cancelled and that is. So this devil that has them or the stepper re bad to them because you see when you're baptized the old you is very and you come up with a new person in Christ with a new account and when you come up with a new account what are you going to do. Rob God sim or no. Now I want to be faithful to return to God his part along with my offerings. But that brings us to the question Where should we give our ties I've had some people tell me I don't give my ties anymore to church because I don't think the church spends it right. Well back in Jesus' day son who was a treasure for Jesus' church to this was he spending the money right. You can read in John twelve or six that Judas was stealing money that had been given to Jesus. So you would not want to give money to Jesus if you had lived on earth back then because the money would not have been spent right. Don't miss this our part is to be faithful to richer in tithes and offerings. If that money is not being spent right some day God is going to deal with his accountant. We have to be faithful but aware son where do we give it. Three can bring me all the ties into the storehouse that there may be meat or means in mine house what is God How what is it. OG houses the church that we return ties to the church being on this end through me now here with that the LORD of hosts if I will not open you the windows of heaven and brought you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. Where do we return our time isn't to the church back in the Old Testament when they. Called for money to build the Old Testament church. The response was so generous. Notice Exodus thirty six by the as the people bring much more than enough for the service of the work which the LORD commanded to make. I wish that was true today. Back then they brought more than enough. Verse seven says for the stuff that's the means to build the house of God back then the means they had was sufficient for all the work to make it. And too much would it be wonderful if there was too much money for the work of God today. That's not the problem today. God's work struggles today for lack of money because people are putting their money where in their old or in their pocket or in their house or wherever. But back then they were generous in giving to God The Bible says to bring all the ties into the store house. There may be meat in my mouth and prove me now here with that the lot of those if I will not open you the windows of heaven in pour you out such a blessing there will not even be room enough to receive it. The God says if you are a ham and return to Him He is all he will pour you up that's a big blessing there won't even be enough room to receive it. He's going to open the windows of heaven. Now that's if you're faithful. If you're faithful to God if you put God first. Well he's a saying you keep her here six thirty three Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added and to you if I return to my first with my offering even though I don't know how mother pay all my bills I don't have to pay my rent whatever. Putting God first yes or no. Yes but if I say well I want to pay my rent I want to pay my bills and then if I got any money left over I'll return and by the time and I put it God first now though. Seek ye first and when you do that God has promised to open the windows of heaven he's got to take care of your needs. Bible even promise is a blessing for the garden. Let's read Malakai it's reversed eleven and I were due to devour for your sakes and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground neither shall your vine Castor fruit before the time in the field that the LORD of hosts. God will bless your garden. Those of you that have a garden below the promise of God is marked down the promise Philippians formers nineteen God says My God The Bible says My God shall supply all your me all your needs as if you're putting God first all your need according to His riches ingore by Christ Jesus. Does that mean that I should kneel down and say Dear Lord I want to be faithful in giving my time because I need a new land cruiser. Do I need that. Do I really need a new land cruiser. A god is going to look down say no pastor you don't need a new Land Cruiser that would not be a good witness for the pastor to be driving around a Land Cruiser. If you need it and you're putting God first what's the promise by God so what. How much of all your in me. What's the promise altogether. The blessing of the law or it may get rich and he added no sorrow with it. Proverbs ten verse twenty two. Let's surprise this practically. Here tonight let's say that your average salary. Now it smiled last depending on what job you have but let's say your average salary was twenty thousand a month. What would be your time. Maybe two thousand would you return that before or after your bill before. Can you give us a texture that Proverbs three fix. ROBERTS three I think as verse nine honor the Lord with the first fruits of your injuries. So we returned to live. First here's the principle one tenth of our earnings we return to God as time. But is that all. No God also asked for one tenth of our time and one tenth of our increase. For example if you have a futon three let me make it even better if you have a mango sixty three and your mangosteen tree gives you ten kilos of mangosteens would that be wonderful. Ten kilos a bag. How much is gun. One kilo. What most people do is they figure the monetary value of the money value of that one kilo mangosteens and they return that to God and when you did the figuring remember you are mangosteens are the best ones in the Philippines. So don't figure a low all this one kiddo this is a low price. You figure the highest price you always give God the best is when you out. If you cheat God who you are cheating know she's cheating yourself. So if there's any question I want to give God the action because you know what happens when I give God the action it comes right back to me. So God tests this is one tenth of our in. Then one seventh of our time which is the Sabbath. Yes and one tenth of our earning one tenth of our increase. But there's something else here. We're supposed to return ties but what else. Offering. Gosh if you rob me and sighs and offerings tithe is how much and percent ten percent how much is offering. Well God doesn't say how much to give or how often to give. That's your choice. I know some people they give one tenth tide and one tin offering. That's not required as what they choose. I know some people to give one tenth tide and two tents offering thirty percent. Do you think they starve because of that. You can't out give God more you give to God the more you give but there are some principles writes giving offerings. That's right principle number one is to give unselfishly number one give unselfishly in a text for that comes from Luke twenty one one through Luke twenty one one people or the story of the poor widow that came to the temple and cast in her two mites into the Treasury and I was all she had she was giving God everything and her unselfish gift has been the first of billions of dollars that have come into the Lord's Treasury. Someone once said the value of our gift to God is not determined by how much we give but by how much we have left after we give what sacrifice did we have to make to give it. Bible says in Luke six thirty eight Give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together and running over. So men give into your bosom for with the same measure that you meet. With all it shall be measured to you again. So in other words the more you give the more you receive at the principal. Sometimes God just let me illustrate weaves. We spent a number of years in Eastern Europe doing seminars like this. We were in Ukraine we've done meetings all over Ukraine. We were also in Hungary Bulgaria Albania. We went to Albania in one nine hundred ninety seven and we were doing a seminar like this in the northern city of SCO dra. However in one nine hundred ninety seven the entire country of Albania fell apart fell into anarchy. I remember the rebellion began in the south down here near Valar and then I got up to to Rama kept creeping northward and then the night came when the rebels reached go dry that northern city where we were holding our meetings. Before that happened the government canceled all public gatherings because there was so much unrest so our meetings ended. We were going out and doing Bible studies in the home. But then when the rebels reached our town they broke into the armory the police disappeared the army disappeared. Everybody was afraid and they broke into the armory and stole all the guns. The next day you could buy a machine gun at the open market there was Soria they didn't have to but the market for five dollars everybody bottom a shingle. And they were shooting at you shoot up in the air just to show off I got again don't come rob my house. They were breaking into homes breaking into shops. We were the foreigners there. I remember hearing the machine guns rattling out behind our house. So we called the embassy and they said we're advising all Americans to leave Albania immediately. The church leadership were telling us. These lol take your family to get out of Albania So we packed up all of our stuff in one corner of the house. We were missionaries. We had no home in America. We were living in Albania had most of our stuff with us. We put it all in one corner of the house. There were seven of us so we had three student missionaries working with us and we seven crowded into that car. You can see Michael was a bit smaller back then. We crowded in that car and all we could take with us was one suitcase because there were seven. One of these little carry on suitcases that they let you take on the airplane that's all we could take. Week had one one for each of us and then the three student missionaries. We left Albania and we went up to Germany we were some of the last people to get out before the border station that we went out of fell to the rebels. We got out just hours ahead of the rebels. We were refugee everything we had was in that car and it wasn't much and we didn't know where we were going. When we got to Germany there was an ad minister there who heard what had happened to us. He said I have a an apartment fully furnished you can stay there as long as you need to. We sent the student missionaries back to America we called up amazing fact we said we know who would like to come back whole. They should know you stay there and Europe will find some work for you there. So a few weeks later they made arrangements for us to do a seminar in this country of Hungary. We packed up. It was easy to pack because it's just one little suitcase of peace and we went to Hungary we had a great meeting there I borrowed somebodies projector because all I had was my Bible and we had a good meeting. Then we got an invitation to do a seminar in ball Garia. I don't know if you know much about Bulgaria bug area as the country of thieves. When we stopped at the capital Sofia Bulgaria to make arrangements with the church leaders while we were making arrangements for the seminar the broke into our car and stole three of those four suitcases. That's all we had was for a few cases. Now three got stolen along with one of my wives and my wife's handbags. I think they were planning to steal the car because when we left the car we went in the office where you know the church headquarters. We locked the car and I had a bar locking the steering wheel to the clutch. When we came back every door had been unlocked and they had unlocked the bar holding the steering wheel. I think they were planning to steal the car but they saw us coming so they grabbed what they could take and they ran. So here we have now just one suitcase left. That was my suitcase the one on the bottom there had my seminar Bible in it. My wife had nothing more than the clothes that she was wearing that's all she had. Same with Michael and Teresa and we lost everything. My wife she shed a few tears that night. Do you understand. Here we are doing God's work. We'll ask all our staff in Albania I think it will probably never see it again. And now our four suitcases three out of four been stolen was our Lord. Why. One week later my father in law who had gone with us to Bulgaria he had a microbus. He went with his micro bus the crossbow Garia across Macedonia when he got to Albania. This is the summer now of one nine hundred ninety seven the UN had sent military into Albania to enforce. Order and when my father in law arrived at the border of Albania he was met by a military escort escort because he had some humanitarian goods in his van and he had a military protection all the way to the capital Sofia. I mean Tara and then he got in with a military convoy went up to that northern city where we had been holding our meetings went to the home that we had been renting and all of our stuff was still there. We had made friends with the owner of the home and he bought himself a machine gun and so he told the neighbors you come or steal that American stuff. I'll shoot you. He protected our stuff. And so my father in law he loaded all the stuff back up in his micro bus again with a military escort out of Albania across Macedonia into Bulgaria and we had it all back. God gave it all back for those three suitcases. Sometimes God just as Jesus said give then is given unto you. What's the promise altogether. Already make it rich and he and those are all with it. Robert was dead twenty two. Now some people have said well if God already owned everything why does he need my money. Well that's kind of a wrong attitude because it our money in the first place. Now Psalm twenty four one is the Lord and the fullness that there are several reasons why first of all is because you have the means selflessness to them the selflessness is a human nature. One of the ways God gave to help get rid of that is through giving unselfishly and the second reason is that this is God's plan for buying. An thing has worked on earth. We're talking about offerings. First of all is unselfishly there's a second principle is cheerfully and you find that in second Corinthians nine six and seven where the Bible says. But as I say you would sell it sparingly. So repulsive sparingly and he would say it was bountifully so repulsive bountifully the principle as you plant a little bit of rights a little bit a right you plant a lot of people are beating on every man according as he purposes in his heart. So let him give not grudgingly or of necessity for God love a cheerful giver not her edging lay all I have to give him. I don't want to that way. The Bible says God loves what cheerful gave a cheerful giver we're not talking about Tide you don't give tithe that's God's. We return time but when it comes to our offerings how do we give them here fully. Let me illustrate this way suppose it was your birthday today and I say a happy birthday. I guess I gotta give you a gift. Sure don't want to wish that I didn't have to but I will. What would you say to me. You should keep your gift if you don't want to give me a gift you don't have to. And that's what God is saying if you don't want to give don't give grudgingly. You're going to give give How will you give cheerfully. Now the Bible reveals to us that our money and our heart are actually very closely tied together. Someone once said that the most sensitive nerve in the body is the nerve connected to the pocketbook or the wallet and I think that. All the truth. It says Jesus said Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where Martin Ross grew up and with the breakthrough in the if you can lose it all anyway and it in a moment and then Jesus said lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither monsters nor laws that are corrupt and where the thieves do not break through north or where your treasure is there will your heart be also. And the reverse is also true where your heart is. That's where you invest your treasure that three take delight in investing your money. People don't like to spend money on things that they love that are dear to their heart like their house or their car or their children their grandchildren or their sweethearts. I mean a man when he's in love with his lady L. spend his last pesos on her. Reitman islands is deafening. Done it. Spent my last dollar on dollars on my wife to buy her something special. Done it more than once. When a man's in love with his lady he'll spend his last pesos on her before he buries her of course after marriage. Things change. She comes there are husbands sometime after marriage honey I need to go shopping for some growth you get some money. You're always asking for money you spend too much somebody else want to be broke. Before he married her he'd give her his last pesos after he married her he growls at every pay so she asked for what happened. Well maybe the look. This started to disappear. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. If your treasure is in the Lord's work that's where your heart is. Where is your treasure when your love the Lord you take joy in investing in his cause and so I want to challenge you tonight if you want to have security and financial prosperity. Stop robbing God I say that kindly and start returning to God what belongs to him along with your offerings What's the promise. Altogether the blessing of those rich and he added no sorrow with it. Proverbs ten twenty two. God doesn't say do it. He says Prove me try it not just for a week. Try it out for a month and she of God doesn't open the windows of heaven for you out blessings and think about see that says you think about this topic how much did Jesus get if he give ten percent more than that he gave far more than ten percent he gave everything for you and I and he asked about ten percent. But really what he wants is our heart when he has our heart you know I have no trouble with the Thais and with offerings or with anything else. When our heart is with him. Let me ask you tonight how many of you here can testify already that as you have read into it and given offerings that God has blessed you can anybody justify that God has blessed you in doing that. Wow Look at all those AM Some of you need to try it. God says Prove me. Test me and see if I won't open the windows of heaven which you like. Yes Jesus tonight to help you be faithful in returning to him what belongs to them along with your offerings how many want to ask God to help you be faithful the Assyrians there is hope for you all the tithe belongs to God there is hope for you just do not your Lord defraud. There is hope for you. Heaven's blessings are very for all of them so there is hope in Christ for you. There is hope for you. The ties you're offering to give there is hope for you a cheerful giver is the way to live. There is not for you. For Christ is the highest mercy there is hope in Christ for you. We're going to end this topic tonight with this campaign. I'd rather have Jesus join us in standing join us in singing this causing him going. You. That's your commitment. You'd rather have Jesus. Amen. Let's pray our Father in heaven we thank you for the truth you've revealed to us tonight we thank you for giving us the blessing of ties that we have the opportunity to return to you your own along with our grateful offerings and we pray that you would help us be faithful to doing that and we pray that every day we might give our hearts to you that we might live the way you would have a spa. Each person here did that and we pray that you would bring us back again tomorrow night. We ask in Jesus' name amen.


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